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L.A. Dawson is the author of articles, self-help books, and novels. She is also an inspirational speaker and resides in New Jersey with four happy canine friends. @authorladawson |


ur fast-paced world is more demanding on our bodies than ever. Work hours have increased, forcing us to arise in the dark and return home after sunset. Less time for exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet means a stressed body and brain. As an athletic person who suffered neurological Lyme disease with paralysis, followed shortly thereafter by a traumatic accident, I had to draw upon all that I knew about how thoughts could help positively change health. I did not invent the law of attraction or mind-over-matter theories, but I lived them daily before Lyme disease and my accident. I became more conscious of these afterward and believe they were essential to my recovery. Thinking positively about my health and refusing negativity in any part of my life, combined with exercise and meditation, have played a big part in restoring my health. When people share their catastrophic health stories with me, I empathize, but say a positive mantra in my head: My body is completely healthy and functions perfectly! If they continue with their negativity, I excuse myself because negative does attract negative, and I do not want to get caught up in that. If you are physically or mentally vulnerable, it is especially important to surround yourself with happy, positive people. Their positive energy is contagious and being in their presence is a source for well-being. You can use your mind to neutralize what may exist physically, to positively affect the outcome. This way of thinking can change all aspects of your life. From personal experience, I have tried different things, and nine of them are in my daily repertoire to maintain good health. I practice each with a smile in my heart and a positive outlook.


Instead of complaining about all that I have lost, I choose to be grateful for all that I have. I spend time speaking aloud all that I am thankful for whenever I realize I have gone beyond a limitation.


I reserve time for meditation with calming and essential oils. Lavender oil and amethyst have a peaceful effect on most people. Breathing mindfully helps quiet the brain from the day’s worries.

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I say my mantra for perfect health throughout the day. I intend to attract only positivity in every aspect of my life. My diet reflects the colors of the rainbow, comprises variety, and avoids anything to excess. I exercise with the correct adaptation for any injury or limitation I might have. I supplement my diet with essential vitamins and minerals as well as plenty of sunshine! I practice Earthing by walking barefoot. Studies show this has a positive effect on our mental and physical health. I believe with every fiber in my being that I am healthy and happy. I am thankful for the greater good and hope my positivity can touch someone’s heart today.

For me, time is not the enemy but rather my ally. Perspective is everything and creating a good habit will take 21 days at least. Wrap your head around this timeframe and jump into the pool of positivity that absolutely will lead to a healthier you! Social Life