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Genetic Advancement Sale - February 25 - 27 • 2011

Come and fuel your program with the very best of Snowmass genetics being presented for sale. Learn the secrets to breeding selection and fiber excellence from Julie Skinner and her 30 + years of experience.. shared in depth for the first time with hands on seminars. Make “THE MAKING OF CHAMPIONS EVENT” your destination of choice. THE MAKING OF CHAMPIONS IS; • Dedicated to providing world class alpaca breeding stock. • Committed to sharing and providing innovations in the global alpaca industry • An event in a warm, welcoming, and authentic environment • Devoted to providing a great time for all!

New Breeders Bar

Information that you cannot do without. Get the attention you need as a new breeder and the information that can help you achieve your goals in your breeding program. Various experienced breeders, including Julie Skinner, will be available to discuss all the topics that you need more information about. If you have specific issues that you have not resolved, bring them to the panel and we will help you find a solution. We look forward to seeing you there. A Special Offering at this years FUTURITY 2011 Snowmass Alpacas is so pleased to have won Breeder of the Year at the Futurity Show and Sale and to have helped two of our clients achieve the same goal. Now we’d like to offer the same opportunity to our future clients. All alpacas purchased at this year’s auction that meet eligibility requirements may be shown in the Futurity and the Small Breeders Challenge at no charge to the buyer - compliments of Snowmass Alpacas.

Schedule of Events The Making of Champions Genetic Advancement Sale will feature seminars directed toward presenting insight and tools for becoming a more successful alpaca breeder.

Friday, February 25th 10:00 am to 5:00 pm: Seminars: Julie Skinner’s Hand’s-on Presentation 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm: Seminar: Taking Photographs to Merchandise your Alpacas 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Seminar: Jared Johnston of Selle Design Group discusses marketing and web related strategies. 5:30 to 7:00 pm: Fiesta Welcome! Icebreaker and dinner.

Saturday, February 26th 9:30 am to 11:30 am: open pen alpaca viewing (please note that pens will CLOSE at 12:00 pm to relieve stress, allow for them to eat & drink before having to walk the stage. THANK YOU!) 9:30 am to 11:30 am: One-on-one with Julie and Don 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm: Lunch 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm (approximate): The Making of Champions - Genetic Advancement Sale

For more information on any animals please contact: Snowmass Alpacas 270 Rapid Lightning Road Sandpoint, ID 83864 (208) 263-3300

Julie Skinner: (208) 290-1588 Don Skinner: (208) 290-1488 Visit: for more information

Celebrity Sales offers two types of proxy bidding:

1) Private “live” telephone bidding which must be scheduled by 7pm Pacific time on Friday, February 26th. 2) “Not to exceed bids” which will be accepted until noon Pacific time on Saturday, February 27th. (Please contact Tim Vincent for all proxy bidding at (541) 929-3941)

Speakers Julie Skinner - Snowmass Alpacas Learn the secrets to breeding selection and fiber excellence from Julie Skinner and her 30 + years of experience.. shared in depth for the first time with hands on seminars. You don’t want to miss these presentations. If you are concerned about the alpaca industry and its future, then join Julie as she talks about breeding techniques, sorting and grading, shearing and the future of the alpaca industry. • Snowmass breeding selection techniques • Snowmass sorting and grading for commercial and cottage application • Snowmass shearing techniques ... and more Julie will also be available at the NEW BREEDERS BAR. This will be a more relaxed forum to discuss all the topics that you need more information about. If you have specific issues that you have not resolved, bring them to the panel and we will help you find a solution. We look forward to seeing you there.

Jennifer Clark - Photographing Alpacas Jennifer Clark, Staff Photographer for Alpacas Magazine, will teach you ways to improve your photography skills. Drawing from her popular 2-day seminar, The Eye Behind the Camera, Jennifer will present 90 minutes of engaging discussion using photos to illustrate her talk. She will cover some simple camera basics, and provide techniques and tips for getting the portraits and fleece shots you need to successfully market your alpacas. Q&A to follow. Jennifer Clark is recognized internationally as one of the leading llama and alpaca photographers in the industry. For 20 years, Jennifer has been capturing the inherent beauty and spirit of llamas and alpacas with her photographs. She is a staff photographer for Alpacas Magazine and is the current record holder for owning the most Cover Shots. Jennifer’s lifelong passion for both photography and animals coupled with her training as a professional artist and experience as a respected llama breeder provides the perfect platform for her work. She is a ‘frequent flyer’ and enjoys the opportunity to provide educational seminars, as well as the marketing photos for numerous ranches from coast to coast.

Jared Johnston - Selle Design Group Selle Design Group is an all-inclusive marketing, design and technical group that specialize in developing the entire range of a corporate identity. With over twenty years of design and marketing experience, Jared Johnston is the creative director and project manager of the group. His knowledge ranges from understanding the fundamentals of marketing and design to coordinating a successful link between the creative and technical aspects associated with the development of a print and digital campaign. Jared will be giving a short presentation discusses marketing and web related strategies. He will also be available during the entire show to answer any questions in particular.

The Making of Champions - Over 30 years of breeding experience has produced proven across-herd excellence

Lot #1 Snowmass Trend Setter ARI#: 31525435

CIS#: 1667

Sire: Snowmass Satin King

(Male, white)

Date of Birth: Oct 13, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Quechua’s Mirage

Well, how do you start off your production sale . . .For Snowmass Alpacas, it had better be a ready-to-roll stud male that can set not only a good trend for the rest of the sale, but also a stud male that represents the ideals of our breeding program. What other male would we have named “TREND SETTER?” Snowmass Trend Setter has some of our most unique and elite White breeding genetics lined up one after the other and exhibits true genetic strength along with quality from head to toe. Be sure to look at him (pictured) as a Juvenile, where you can see the expression of gorgeous bright long stapled fleece he has carried from birth. Trend Setter has kept all the best of brightness and fineness in his fleece . . . the trend is still set with this incredible young male. If you are looking to set some trends in your breeding program with Royal Fineness, Density, Brightness and overall strong frame exhibiting quality through and through, Trend Setter is the Stud male to help SET this TREND in your herd! Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 16.0 3.6 22.7 0.5 56.0 15.8

Merino Grade (high fashion knit wear) This is the fleece that has the balance of being fine but has a deeper amplitude in crimp and tends to form staples or bundles. The Merino crimp is more dramatic to look at than the vicuna /cashmere grade. This is the fleece that new judges and aspiring judges have learned to love and taught by judges mostly from Merino wool backgrounds to be measured as the highest most evolved type of fleece so you can show well with this type. This fleece is a beautiful fleece and does have a greater BLING factor. It does have wonderful density and can be selectively bred to hold a finer micron. Snowmass has been selectively breeding this grade to remain fine as alpaca ages however it does not remain as fine as the vicuna grade. When you put greater selective pressures for finer micron you end up with the vicuna grade! So we know there is a great difference in these 2 grades.

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Lot #2 Snowmass Royal Confession

(Female, Medium Fawn)

ARI#: 31795418 CIS#: 3747 Date of Birth: Jul 3, 2009 Sire: Snowmass Matrix Dam: Snowmass Royal Damiani The confession here is that this young female has a collection of our very best genetic lines, with over five generations deep of advanced alpacas all carrying superior proven fleece statistics. Needless to say, that she is a daughter to Matrix her value deepens via her maternal lineage. LOOK carefully at her pedigree . . . we can ramble on telling you so much about the importance of all these lineages . . . however, it’s all there for you to see. Royal Confession is bred to our lead Dark Fawn stud Snowmass Conopa. What you can expect, without any second thoughts from this mating, is a cria that will be truly WORLD CLASS, and a leader in what we are trying to produce in the world alpaca marketplace. Royal Confession is truly a world class Matrix Daughter that will bring you many years of exciting Royal cria! Snowmass Royal Confession was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 8/11/2010 through 11/19/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 20.4 4.1 19.9 1.5 41.5 19.6

Lot #3 Snowmass Matrix Moonflower

(Female, Beige)

ARI#: 31526470 CIS#: 3742 Date of Birth: Jun 11, 2009 Sire: Snowmass Matrix Dam: Snowmass Golden Rose Snowmass Matrix Moonflower is one of the most unique and exciting young Matrix Daughters we offer this year. She represents the accumulative genetic seeds of some of our most exciting alpaca lineages: the Golden lines of Snowmass Golden Lace, Snowmass Royal Rose, Snowmass Legacy Gold, and adding to that her magnificent sire, Snowmass Matrix. These are the gems of hard work that we really are not anxious to let go of as they are rare and precious in the race to advance the breed, yet this is exactly the genetics that need to be presented for sale in this industry. Here is your chance to have them in your herd. Matrix Moonflower is the first of her lineage to be bred to our Beige Futurity Champion, Snowmass Check Mate. These are revolutionary lineages that we are so very excited about, as we know they will be leaders in the advancement of alpaca genetics for many years to come. Snowmass Matrix Moonflower was with Snowmass Check Mate from 7/9/2010 to 8/22/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 18.2 3.5 19.1 0.8 44.2 17.5

Lot #4 Snowmass Victorian Rose (Female, Dark Fawn) ARI#: 1396829

CIS#: 1684

Date of Birth: Sep 8, 2004

Sire: Snowmass Royal Rose

Dam: Snowmass Victorian Dream

Snowmass Victorian Rose represents the finest of Snowmass Royal Rose X Peruvian Chaccu X Accoyo Victor genetics. LOOK at her histogram records that reflect this. We sold her Dam, Snowmass Victorian Dream, in an earlier Making of Champions sale, as we happily retained, Snowmass Victorian Rose. Snowmass Victorian Rose has since produced three outstanding daughters, one we sold, and the two remaining in our herd allowing us to now offer Snowmass Victorian Rose this 2011. This year we were very excited to have bred her to Snowmass Conopa for the first time. We are confident that this will be one of her finest crias to date. When we witnessed what Conopa produced his first year, we lined up as many fawn females as we could not related to him in our herd and clearly Snowmass Victorian Rose was one of those MUSTS to cross with Conopa. His progeny are absolutely the finest and densest well advanced color fleece lines we could ask for. Victorian Rose has one of the most consistent fawn fleeces we have in production at Snowmass. We are confident that this cria she carries will be one for the record book and most certainly for your show string!!! Snowmass Victorian Rose was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 9/8/2010 to 11/19/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 5 6

AFD 17.6 16.6 18.7 18.4 20.7 20.3

SD 3.7 3.6 4.6 4.3 4.5 4.4

CV %>30 21.2 1.3 21.4 0.6 24.7 2.3 23.1 2.3 21.9 3.7 21.7 3.8

CURV SPIN Fineness 54.3 17.1 56.8 16.3 54.2 18.8 56.7 18.2 45.1 20.3 51.2 19.9

Show Results • September 2005 - First Northwest Alpaca Showcase • May 2006 - First - AOBA National Fleece Show

Lot #5 Snowmass Silky Love ARI#: 31349758

CIS#: 1594

Sire: Snowmass Porteus

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 23, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Heidi Love XX

Snowmass Silky Love is from the LOVE line, via her Dam, Snowmass Heidi Love. Heidi Love carries many incredible White genetics along with some of our best color, which directed us to breed her to our Color XXXtreme Son, Snowmass Porteus, which produced a bright and extremely silky lovely white fleeced cria, “Snowmass Silky Love.” Silky Love’s first fleece is much like Porteus’ which is like fine SILK, thus her name. Tragically, Porteus died in 2010, which is a great loss to the alpaca breeding world. His offspring are few and treasured. We were not sure which way to go with Silky Love in terms of breeding her to white or color. With the loss of Porteus, we really wanted to pull color like his. We knew we had to breed her to the best of our darker color to pull color so we chose to breed her to our lead Champion Matrix Son, “Snowmass Matrix Majesty.” Matrix Majesty’s first cria born 2010 have been OUT OF THIS WORLD. You will see many of them in the Snowmass Show string 2011. From White to Black and every color in between, his cria are breathtaking in looks, density, fineness,and complete consistency of wool from head to toe. Matrix Majesty has really just begun his breeding career, therefore we have few available and very few bred to him so don’t let this Silky Love get away! Snowmass Silky Love was with Snowmass Matrix Majesty from 6/3/2010 to 7/5/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.3 4.0 20.5 0.7 41.3 18.7 2 17.9 3.8 21.0 0.7 51.8 17.4

Lot #6 TGF Olympia Gold ARI#: 31482639

(Female, Dark Fawn)

Date of Birth: 08/18/08

Breeding: Snowmass Elite Legend

Sire: Snowmass Legacy Gold Dam: Snowmass Olympic Sunrise Due Date: 08/21/2011 TGF Olympia Gold is a special female and represents exactly what the Making of Champions Sale is all about. A culmination of years of careful breeding of the potent, and proven genetics that consistently advances the progeny of the future. We purchased Olympia Gold’s dam, Snowmass Olympic Gold ( a Snowmass XXXtreme Daughter) at the 2006 MOC Sale and have not been disappointed. Her first cria, TGF Olympic Sky (full sister to Olympia Gold), was sold to Gem State Alpacas at the 2007 AOBA National Sale. Sky went on to win the Reserve Championship at GWAS, one of the largest and most competitive shows in the country, for her new owners. TGF Olympia Gold comes straight out of our 2009/10 Show String. It was a very competitive year for us and Olympia Gold played an integral part in helping TGF win the 2010 Mid-sized Futurity Breeder of the Year. The decision to offer her in the MOC sale was very difficult for us and to say that we have been “waffling” a bit would be an understatement. Lucky for us, Gold’s dam, Olympic Sunrise delivered her third female this year. Olympic Splendor is another Legacy Gold daughter and full sister to Olympia Gold. This makes us feel a bit better about letting her go. Olympia Gold is bred to Snowmass Elite Legend, the 2010 Herd Sire of the Year. Elite Legend is held dear amongst our partners, Snowmass and Cas-Cad Nac and as such, he is closed to outside breedings. Any of his offspring, in utero or otherwise, are rare. Olympia Gold represents great opportunity to acquire this powerful combination of genetics. FMI contact Ryen or Ursuaa @ Tripping Gnome Farm Alpacas.; 207.415.9381. Show Results 1st place- 2010 North American Alpaca Show 1st place- 2010 Northeast Alpaca Expo 1st place- 2010 Carolina Alpaca Celebration 1st place- 2009-MAPACA Jubilee 1st place- 2009-Green Mountain Alpaca Fall Spectacular- Halter and Fleece Show 1st place- 2009 North American Alpaca Show 2nd place- 2009 All American Futurity

Histograms Date AFD SD CV %>30 CURV 2009 19.5 4.1 21.1 1.7% 50.7

Lot #7 Snowmass Matrix Amber ARI#: 31541251

CIS#: 1312

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, Medium Fawn)

Date of Birth: Aug 16, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Amber Gold

Well, how do you top the Grand Matrix Sale of 2010 . . . You don’t try . . . but you had better have something extremely exciting to bring for Snowmass’ revered and sacred LOT #7! So, we present the best MATRIX DAUGHTER of the year. Snowmass Matrix Amber, who won the FUTURITY 2010 Color Champion Female over all our best entries. She is being presented for sale to follow along with the Matrix procession of advanced alpaca genetics. Snowmass Matrix Amber is the Queen of Matrix, and the Queen of our Amber lines. She is truly one of the most magnificent alpacas which was also the sentiment of the judges that had the opportunity to see her at the 2010 FUTURITY and INTERNATIONAL shows. She very gracefully took First & Champion with very breathtaking comments from the judges, who expressed their excitement of how far the world has advanced in the Alpaca Industry as they judge alpacas such as Snowmass Matrix Amber. She has a GORGEOUS and exciting young stud male cria at side and with the breeding to Conopa, you will have the VERY BEST and the ultimate MATRIX daughter who rivals any in the Snowmass breeding program. Snowmass Matrix Amber was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 10/8/2010 to 11/19/2010. Show Results April 2010 - First - The Futurity April 2010 - Champion - The Futurity May 2010 - First - International Alpaca Odyssey Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 17.4 3.3 18.7 0.5 45.7 16.6

Vicuna Cashmere Grade (high fashion ROYAL knit wear) • Extreme fineness 13-18 Very high curve 40-60’s, • The staple length after 1st year averages 3 to 4 inches • Has the highest frequency of crimp, very low amplitude of crimp. Fiber grows evenly with secondary fibers coming in later than other fleece types. Primary fiber is more evident at birth and through 6 months of age until secondary fiber develops. REALITY IN THE SHOW RING: These fleece types don’t show as well first year as juveniles. Once they come into their second and third fleeces they really can compete as they are superior in maintaining their fineness and the density is also better understood. These types do not have bold crimp (that which can be seen) or deep amplitude. Most do not understand the greatest value in this fleece is its high curvature and high frequency of crimp which goes in hand with extreme fine micron which gives it a spider web affect and makes it superior in spin. This is what makes this fiber able to produce the finest and softest wearing garments over all. It does not have the BLING factor so the judges don’t seem to appreciate it and or like it as well as the next tier of crimp (Merino) which is higher in amplitude and higher in micron. Most breeders learning the trade through shows and judges lose interest in this most valued fleece type for not having the BLING factor. However in textile product shows this type of fleece clearly produces the finest garments. Those of us who choose to breed this Royal Grade of alpaca as Snowmass does, must get involved with Royal product line development to create a better value and understanding of this type of alpaca and fleece, as it is NOT understood or appreciated in the show ring to date. We also should NOT be making the mistake of breeding our Royal grade alpacas to alpacas that are higher in micron in order to achieve greater density unless you do not want to be breeding for this type of textile grade.

Lot #8 Snowmass ROYAL Bronze ARI#: 836746

CIS#: 1488

Sire: Snowmass Andean Bronze

(Male, Light Brown)

Date of Birth: Jun 23, 2002 Dam: 6440 6Peruvian Rosa Royal

This may be the hardest stud male to ever let go of. There has been no other in our thirty years of breeding that has taken our herd to the highest levels of fineness. The term Royal applies here, which in alpaca means fiber under the 20 microns and is an extremely fine measurement of overall fleece grade. It has been Snowmass Alpacas’ mission to have our herd to be consistently finer and finer every year so that we can produce enough royal fiber to attract the interest of any and all textile groups. We have achieved this goal with the help of this Royal Stud, “ROYAL BRONZE.” His lineage is as fine in grade and consistency, which supports his genetic influence. His Sire, Snowmass Andean Bronze, and Grandsire, Snowmass Andean Gold, are replicas of the same fineness, stature and consistency, overall fine qualities we look for in alpaca, so it’s a strong three generation Paternal line of ROYAL.This stud gives meaning to the use of the term ROYAL. Look closely at the list of his progeny, as they are all testimony to the grandness of this truly ROYAL stud. You cannot find studs like these everyday. They are those few one-ina-million and we are very nervous to be letting him out of our breeding program. We do have a strong hold of his progeny to carry us forward and more importantly, we know the importance of increasing more of these ROYAL FINE alpacas in the alpaca industry to meet the growing demands of Royal grade alpaca fiber. This is a magnificent opportunity for all breeders (large or small) to make a great impression in taking leadership in this industry. We are very excited to see who will take him home! Snowmass Royal Bronze is a poster stud representative of the Pre-Incan alpaca before hybridization: an alpaca of pure vicuna descent and advanced fiber production. We have done preliminary testing with Royal Bronze and he has proven to date that he does not posses any hybrid markers in his DNA. The preliminary testing for purity has eliminated 80% of the alpaca population tested so far from being pure alpacas, (those with no Llama DNA). The importance of this testing at this stage is to preserve the remaining known pure alpaca species, which is essential to keeping this breed from becoming extinct. The importance of how a pure alpaca fits into the breeding programs remain to be seen, unless they can prove to have the genetic qualities that will enhance the qualities the Industry reveres. We know the textile markets do and the fiber testing science indicated we should, but we have yet to appreciate the qualities of this type of fleece overall, as in many cases it is prejudiced for not being dense (lacks weight and bold crimp). It is a hard fleece to judge, but the science in testing is beyond refute in establishing this fleece type to be extremely valuable. When fineness gets this consistent in an alpaca, it explodes over the entire body which includes a most astounding wool production even to the top of the head. Royal Bronze has FIBER and FINENESS every where. He is a vicuna fine fleece producing machine. He has very little to no fibers over 30 even at 6 years of age. He still is producing Royal Grade fiber -- and volumes of it. He is one in a million in this respect and he is producing it over and over and even in Black. He has no known Black genetics in his registered pedigree, but in fact he is producing black cria out of fawns who also have no known black genetics (see his Black son Snowmass Royal Knight). In our breeding program, fineness reigns as a most significant element, therefore studs like these are more valuable than gold. Fiber and Fleece Description Fiber is VICUNA type the fleece with highest ranges in curvature which and remain under 20 microns and fibers > 30 less than 5%. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 5 6

AFD 14.0 14.9 16.4 18.3 18.1 18.6

SD 3.0 2.9 5.5 4.6 4.6 4.8

CV %>30 21.5 0.2 19.5 0.4 33.5 1.2 25.0 1.8 25.2 1.3 25.9 2.5

CURV SPIN Fineness n/a n/a n/a n/a 59.1 n/a 54.7 18.4 51.1 18.3 49.1 18.7

Lot #9 Snowmass Ambrosian Sky ARI#: 1065985

CIS#: 1082

Sire: Snowmass Invincible

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Aug 27, 2004 Dam: Snowmass Ambrosia

Snowmass Ambrosian Sky is one of our reserve Snowmass Invincible daughters, who also brings in the Royal Vicuna line stemming from 6Peruvian Cambria. We selected this gorgeous line of alpacas from many in Peru specifically to breed for Royal fine micron and high curvature; the vicuna equivalent in advanced fleeces for Royal grade textiles. This very line was the golden key to do just this for our herd. You can see the results in Ambrosian Sky’s yearly histograms, which show low AFD and very high sustained curvature. Her cria remarkably have all been the most exceptional fleeced and upstanding cria from this line. Even though her Dam line is colored, the strength of her paternal lineage, the famous Maree “LOVE” line, (Dam of her sire, Snowmass Invincible and brother to Snowmass Quechua) have been the dominating elements in her production. Her first son, Snowmass Royal Vision, was sold to a European Syndicate and is leading white herdsire for this most astute breeding program. Her second son has been sold to an East Coast breeder, and her third son we are offering in this year’s 2011 sale as well. He is one of the most exciting yet, besides the young male she has at side -- ready to rock the 2011 shows. The production of this female has been more predictable in excellence than we could ever ask for. She has produced all males but every one has been STUD quality. The problem is we cannot use her sons as they are all related to our female lines and this is why we sell them and they sell as fast as we list them. This year, we decided we wanted to get color in this exceptional fleece line and the Royal line of color is no other than Royal Bronze. Her male cria at side is one of our first and most remarkable Royal Trademark offspring yet and one for the 2011 show string. We can promise Ambrosian Sky is a predictable, proven and strong production Dam that has produced the highest quality of cria year after year. She will more than likely, as the odds are predicting, have a female once we sell her but from this female you are as blessed to have a male cria! Snowmass Ambrosian Sky was with Snowmass Royal Bronze from 9/14/2010 to 9/26/2010.

Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 6

AFD 17.2 18.3 17.8 18.2 20.0

SD 4.4 4.6 4.2 4.0 4.4

CV %>30 25.5 1.2 25.0 1.4 23.7 0.7 21.9 0.9 22.0 1.5

Lot #10 Snowmass Heavens Starz ARI#: 31525626

CIS#: 1216

Sire: Snowmass Summit

CURV SPIN Fineness 48.5 17.5 53.6 18.5 59.5 17.7 55.3 17.8 52.4 19.6

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 20, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Alpine Starz

Snowmass Heavens Starz is a beautiful white female with some of the brightest and finest white lineages of all times. Starting with Snowmaster and Quechua lines in addition comes in the finest Sollocota and Conchatanca Dam lines. Also in her direct lineage is Accoyo Elite and Hemingway. It’s a star-driven white lineage and thus came her name “Heavens Starz.” Snowmass Heavens Starz has a long bright future ahead of her, full of Starz to be, starting with the one she is carrying in utero sired by Snowmass Moondance. Snowmass Moondance is our #1 son of Snowmass Sub Zero. His three year histogram is simply ROYAL 17.6 3.5 19.8 and a 60 CURV. He has extreme brightness to his fleece, which adds to his extreme soft handle. With Heavens’ Starz lineage and this breeding, there is an exciting future of bright white XXX Royal fleece production. Snowmass Heaven’s Starz was with Snowmass Moondance from 6/3/2010 through 9/9/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 20.0 3.9 19.5 1.2 37.6 19.2

Lot #11 Snowmass Illuminati ARI#: 31795319

CIS#: 3741

Sire: Snowmass Best Man

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: May 16, 2009 Dam: Snowmass Brianna

As much as we like to hold on to our very best, we must add a Best Man daughter to our sale to truly get attention. So here is one of our brightest young hopefuls . . . “Snowmass Illuminati.” We named this one at birth, as she had a fleece on her that was close to 3 inches long, with tight curly bright ringlets. When she dried, it was like looking into Silk, bright and so luminous and so the name Illuminati came. We treasure all of our alpacas with these types of fleece and have so few of them we really don’t like to let them go. Especially when their histogram comes back with an AFD of 15.6 -- her curve is high for a silky at 53.5. We have her full brother, born this year, who is close to identical to Illuminati, so we know we can reproduce this. Best Man is the only stud we have that hands down produces these luminous, long stapled fleeces like a stamp. So the genetics are powerful for this type of SILKY fleece which we know is a revolution to “Alpaca.” She is one of our first silkies to be bred to our Champion herdsire Snowmass Check Mate! This will be one of the first crias from this powerhouse of genetic combinations! These truly are not easy to let go of!!! Snowmass Illuminati was with Snowmass Check Mate from 7/9/2010 through 8/22/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 15.6 4.9 31.4 1.7 53.5 16.8

Lot #12 Snowmass Highland Bells ARI#: 850306

CIS#: 1219

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Oct 15, 2003

Sire: Snowmass Quechua

Dam: Snowmass Highland Bell

This is one of our all time FAVORITE females, not to mention one of the most handsome magnificent stand-out females in the Snowmass Herd and a direct Quechua daughter. Snowmass Highland Bells is truly one well-LOVED and TREASURED Grand Dam and a highlight to our sale. They don’t get much better than this. Highland Bells has produced a line of bright and beautiful progeny. Her last we lost tragically at no fault of the dam, a most beautiful Matrix female cria. Her fleece even at three days of life was incredible. We knew she was extremely special and were very excited, so this was a terrible loss for us and extremely hard for Highland Bells. She is a devoted and very attentive Dam which made it even harder for us. Her 2005 & 2009 Male sons are well reserved for our breeding program and we have her daughter Highland Rose to carry on her excellence in our breeding program. We offer Snowmass Highland Bells with confidence, as she is truly representative of Snowmass’s VERY BEST and she is bred to our LEAD Champion Herdsire Snowmass Check Mate. Snowmass Highland Bells was with Snowmass Check Mate from 10/21/2010 through 11/30/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 5 6

AFD 17.5 16.4 17.3 20.9 19.6

SD 4.0 4.0 4.3 4.6 4.8

CV %>30 22.9 1.3 24.1 1.3 24.8 1.5 22.2 4.1 24.7 3.5

CURV SPIN Fineness n/a n/a 54.5 16.5 46.7 17.5 46.9 20.6 48.4 19.7


Quechua Enterprises is the world's finest collection of Elite breeding studs and the only (tightly held) genetic compilation of Snowmass Quechua sons available in the world. These genetics are beyond any present model of what an Elite breeding Alpaca Stud should possess. The density and low micron of these studs is beyond refute and the key to bringing alpaca fleece to new levels of excellence. Quechua Enterprises is dedicated to producing the world's most acclaimed elite fiber herds while working in hand with the International community to help advance the science in breeding techniques, elite fiber collections & the finest textile production. Quechua Enterprises is about to present the first highest valued bales of ROYAL alpaca ever bailed in the US and sure to be the first of this quality obtainable globally. The vision of Quechua Enterprises is in "Royal Alpaca" and this Elite collection of QE studs are the key genetic elements leading the way.

Lot #14 Snowmass Chateau ARI#: 1396904

CIS#: 1138

(Male, White)

Date of Birth: Feb 5, 2005

Sire: Snowmass Quechua

Dam: 6225 6Peruvian Casa Blanca

Snowmass Chateau is indeed a Snowmass “Quechua” son, and a well kept secret until we decided to take him to show at the AOBA World Conference. He had never been shown before, so this was his debut. He gracefully walked away with the Grand Champion White Male . . . and this was over all the Quechua sons we brought along! He has also gracefully and respectfully been awarded only First or Champion in all the fleece shows he was entered in. (See show listing). He has a strong and great frame alongside a gorgeous spring-loaded bright crimp that has the BLING factor, very exciting to look at. Most importantly, his fleece remains very “fine” and retains extraordinary brightness and handle. His progeny are showing the same amazing consistently dense fine and high curvature fleeces across a broad range of color. He is also producing an exceptional staple length in hand with high curve which is very unique and desirable! Chateau’s Dam, 6225 6Peruvian Casa Blanca, as in many of our lead breeding studs, is extremely important in the genetic elements that are attributed to Chateau. A great example is his maternal Brother Snowmass Sub Zero who carries the same extreme low CV. We attribute this much to the Dam; 6225 6Peruvian Casa Blanca, and added with Quechua = one of our best fleeced Quechua sons over all. Snowmass Chateau’s first cria born are extremely exciting and are also ready for their debut in this year’s 2011 show season. Snowmass Chateau is a hard one for Snowmass and Quechua Enterprises to release, but we promised we would provide a world class, high level advanced Quechua Son in par with Snowmass Matrix and some valued Championships behind him for sale in our MOC 2011 sale. “ SNOWMASS CHATEAU” Fits this every criteria, so don’t hesitate to raise your hand and take this magnificent stud straight to your herd. Show Results May 2008 - First - AOBA National Fleece Show May 2008 - Champion - AOBA National Fleece Show June 2009 - First - AOBA National Show June 2009 - Champion - AOBA National Show May 2010 - First - International Alpaca Odyssey Fleece Show Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 5

AFD 15.0 16.2 16.6 17.2 17.9

SD 3.2 3.0 3.8 3.2 3.4

CV %>30 21.4 0.4 18.5 0.3 23.2 0.2 18.5 0.1 19.1 0.4

CURV SPIN Fineness 47.8 14.7 45.9 15.5 46.4 16.4 48.3 16.5 48.7 17.1

Lot #15 Snowmass Matrix Grace ARI#: 31526173

CIS#: 1317

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Oct 26, 2008

Dam: Snowmass Royal Grace Breeding: Snowmass Conopa XXX

Snowmass Matrix Grace is RARE beauty in both her amazing lineage which reads like Royal Gold with Sires starting with the likes of Snowmass Matrix, and continuing with Snowmass Royal Challenger, Snowmass Royal Rose, Snowmass Legacy Gold, Snowmass Quechua, Accoyo Elite, Hemingway, Legacy . . . The way these are lined up is very important. You have two major Grand Dams back to back with Snowmass Legacy Lass and Snowmass Golden Lace who have left a long heritage of royal progeny, as have the rest of the alpacas in this lineage. Snowmass Matrix Grace is one of the best examples of our hard work in breeding selection, and truly a sacrifice to be releasing from our program. The Snowmass herd has evolved in its thirty years to the point where our herd is very consistent in its excellence and so what we have to represent with each year gets better and better. We have a large herd in comparison to the average breeding herd in the U.S., but a very very small herd in perspective to a commercial herd that wants to be in line with textile companies looking for quantity of consistent quality fiber bales. This makes it hard to sell our best stock, but at the same time this is what makes our sale one of the best in consistency of quality. Her Dam sold in 2010 as Lot #20 Snowmass Royal Grace $31,500 to Sunset Hills Farm. Her sire: MATRIX . . . a known WORLD RECORD to Double O Good, and those in her pedigree are in the same record figures, just to help give a perspective of this magnificent female’s value! Snowmass Matrix Grace was with Snowmass Messiah’s Moon River from 6/8/2010 to 7/29/2010 with a negative ultrasound on 7/29/2010 and then covered Snowmass Conopa XXX from 7/29/2010 to 8/23/2010. Positive ultrasound 8/23/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 18.2 4.1 22.5 1.7 41.7 17.9 2 17.9 3.8 23.1 1.0 48.2 17.4

Merino Grade (high fashion knit wear) The staple length after 1st year averages 3 to 5 inches with high frequency of crimp, medium amplitude and fiber falls into small staples or bundles. Fleece has stronger secondary fiber development at birth but continues to develop through first year. These fleece types are the most dramatic with very defined bold crimp.

Lot #16 Snowmass Thrill Seeker ARI#: 31541107

CIS#: 1662

Sire: Snowmass Conopa XXX

(Male, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 12, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Ambrosian Sky

Seeking a genetic thrill? Well here you go! Snowmass Thrill Seeker has truly one of the most exquisite fleeces and a lineage to carry this straight into your herd and to bring the same advancements we have witnessed in both white or color. His Sire is our Champion Fawn Stud, Snowmass Conopa, and is, simply speaking, one in a million! Snowmass Conopa’s Sire is Snowmass Infinity, son of Accoyo Snowmaster. This Dam Lineage brings in Sollocota and Accoyo Legacy. His pedigree when you look at it, is truly astounding! On the Maternal side, Snowmass Thrill Seeker’s Dam is one of our top Snowmass Invincible daughters, Snowmass Ambrosian Sky (see Lot#9). She brings in our finest Peruvian Import Dam lines via 6Peruvian Cambria, which is responsible for the finest color genetics in the Snowmass Alpacas herd. Thrill Seeker could stand up against the best of the white males in our herd but he has the added power of color behind him, as well, which makes him the perfect dual stud. Breed him to any color and you have a guaranteed ability to add all the elements of advancement for your breeding program. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 17.9 3.7 20.8 0.5 54.3 17.4

Lot #17 Snowmass Accoyo Mistress ARI#: 838381

CIS#: 1058

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 3, 2002

Sire: Snowmass Accoyocusani

Dam: Snowmass Snowmistress

Snowmass Accoyo Mistress is not one we let go of lightly. This is Snowmass Chateau’s Dam (Lot#14)! I have taken her on and off the production sale list now for two months preparing for this sale, simply because she has produced some of our leading breeding stock. Accoyo Mistress was bred to Snowmass Elite Legend and when he left for the East Coast, she then went into a cover field with Snowmass Divine Inspiration. For this reason, with either stud we know the quality this cria will carry and very much would like to have it born in our ownership. When it comes to advanced Dams like Snowmass Accoyo Mistress, they are truly hard to find and valued. As far as we are concerned, you can never have too many of this quality of alpaca. We truly need many, many more of these types of whites in the alpaca industry to truly supply the world with high-end alpaca fashion. The world alpaca industry is moving forward quickly with Elite alpaca genetics and we are seeing more advanced fleeces, which is very exciting. There are still few that stand to be as valued as producers as Accoyo Mistress, so please pay close attention and don’t miss out on this magnificent Dam bred to our leading white Quechua Sons. Snowmass Accoyo Mistress was with Snowmass Elite Legend 7/22/2010 to 7/29/2010 and with Snowmass Divine Inspiration 8/11/2010 to 8/23/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 6

Lot #18 Snowmass Petite Syrah ARI#: 838380

CIS#: 1416

Sire: 5Peruvian Red Hot

AFD 17.4 21.1 23.2 24.7 26.9

SD 3.6 4.2 4.3 5.3 6.2

CV %>30 20.8 0.9 19.9 3.0 18.5 6.4 21.6 11.0 23.1 19.2

CURV SPIN Fineness n/a n/a n/a n/a 44.8 22.1 43.3 24.1 34.6 26.7

(Female, Medium Brown)

Date of Birth: Aug 2, 2002 Dam: Snowmass Victorian Dream

Snowmass Petite Syrah is one of the grandest Dams of color in our herd and you will see for yourself with the cria at side just what importance she carries to improving the breed. One of her sons, Snowmass Bronze Sculptor, was sold at the Pucara Premium sale in 2010 and is now on his way to new owners in Switzerland. We have a treasure trove of Petite Syrah cria in our herd and so now it is time we share her with you for your herd. We had a great selection of choices to breed her to, as she has proven to produce our best no matter who she is bred with. Should we choose a Quechua Son or should we breed her back to the one stud we think created her best cria in BLACK, Snowmass Royal Bronze? We know a Quechua Son would be truly awesome, so it was a very hard choice. We decided to breed her to Snowmass Royal Bronze in hopes of recreating another Royal Malaika or Bronze Sculptor, two of our favorites beside the one magnificent 2010 cria she has at side. Then we covered her with the one Quechua son who has produced some of our 2010 leading color cria from colored Dams: Snowmass Quechua’s Innovation. One thing you can be sure of is regardless of color, any and all cria from this Grand Dam have been nothing short of spectacular! She has an exceptional Matrix Majesty’s cria at side -one of his first -- and he is absolutely gorgeous. He may just sell at side . . . or not . . . you will have to come to the sale and find out for sure. Snowmass Petite Syrah was exposed with Snowmass Royal Bronze from 10/8/2010 to 10/18/2010 with hand breeding and in cover field with Snowmass Histograms Quechua’s Innovation from 10/22/2010 to 11/8/2010 (no breedings witnessed). Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 14.0 2.8 20.1 0.4 n/a n/a Show Results 2 18.5 4.0 21.6 1.3 n/a n/a April 2003 - First - All American Alpaca Futurity 3 17.2 4.1 23.6 1.6 58.1 17.2 May 2003 - First - AOBA National Show 4 19.8 4.2 21.4 2.7 48.0 19.3 April 2004 - First - All American Alpaca Futurity 5 18.7 4.2 22.6 1.7 49.8 18.4 May 2004 - Second - Alpaca Western Extravaganza Fleece Show 6 19.4 4.4 22.5 2.6 48.9 19.2 June 2004 - Second - AOBA National Fleece Show 7 20.9 4.3 20.6 3.4 46.7 20.3

Lot #19 Snowmass Celestial Star ARI#: 30338838

CIS#: 1130

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Jul 3, 2005

Sire: Snowmass Quechua

Dam: Snowmass Star Lilly

This year, more any other year, we are offering our prime reserve females which includes our small and treasured reserve of our finest Quechua daughters to present at this years Genetic Advancement Sale. Tragically, we lost Snowmass Quechua April 2006, the year he won herdsire of the year for the second year in a row via his offspring. Since then, we have sold very few of his direct offspring. The reserve of his male offspring are held within Quechua Enterprises and one is owned in partnership: Snowmass Elite Legend, with Cas-Cad-Nac & Tripping Gnome Farm. There is one Quechua son in Canada, and one in New Zealand and two sons born from females bred to him sold via our Making of Champion sales. Snowmass Celestial Star is, as her name implies, one of those rare females you want to reproduce many just like her for your herd. She has a son, Snowmass Celestial Mirage, who we are just getting started in our breeding program and we have her gorgeous daughter to replace her. She was first bred to Snowmass Elite Legend but he then left for the East Coast, so she was covered and bred to Alteso of PVA, an Elite Maximus son we purchased from David & Nancy TenHulzen. Another tragic loss for us this 2010 was when Alteso was killed by our first mountain lion attack on our ranch. So Celestial Star, by many interesting sets of circumstances, lives up to her name. The stars she represents are both earthly and celestial and thereby means more to us than ever. Snowmass Celestial Star placed first in the White Yearling class at the 2008 International Alpaca Odyssey. Snowmass Celestial Star was with Snowmass Elite Legend from 5/26/2010 to 6/8/2010 and Alteso of PVA from 8/11/201 to 9/14/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 5

AFD 20.3 17.4 17.7 20.9 19.7

SD 3.9 4.6 4.5 4.1 5.0

CV %>30 19.3 1.9 26.6 1.8 25.1 2.1 19.4 2.2 25.5 4.4

CURV SPIN Fineness 39.5 19.5 50.0 17.8 52.7 17.9 46.2 20.1 57.4 19.0

Lot #20 Snowmass Athena (Female, Beige) ARI#: 31526371

CIS#: 955

Sire: Snowmass Odysseus

Date of Birth: Oct 25, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Olay

Breeding: Snowmass Elite Legend

Snowmass Athena is one of Snowmass Olay’s finest progeny and the only sire by Snowmass Odysseus, who now resides in New Zealand. A rare and unique female in every sense, Athena has an extremely dense, fine fleece which has bloomed in her second fleece with abundant high frequency crimp and exceptional curvature at 57.7. She is consistently fine over her entire body with an AFD 18.7 and spin fineness of 17.1. NOW we have added a very powerful element, Snowmass Elite Legend, to the package which inevitably will bring BRILLIANCE in an Elite fleece. Athena has the most unique and sought-after genetics, much of which its no longer available because the alpacas have been exported and/or have passed away. There are others with her genetics in the U.S., but none with a genetic match-up like this young beautiful girl’s. She is safe with pregnancy to the one all-time exclusive Snowmass Elite Legend, who stands as the most awarded White Stud in the country, winning Herd Sire of the Year, Champion Get of Sire, Supreme Champion Halter, Supreme Champion Fleece 2010 and much more. Snowmass Athena will make a remarkable addition to bring you superior genetics for your breeding program. Snowmass Athena was with Snowmass Elite Legend from 6/8/2010 to 7/12/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.8 4.4 22.2 1.6 41.1 19.5 2 18.7 3.2 17.1 0.5 57.7 17.6

Lot #21 Snowmass Matrix Magical Charm

(Female, Beige)

ARI#: Pending


CIS#: Pending

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

Date of Birth: Jun 9, 2010

Dam: Snowmass Marveliska’s Magic

Need a little Matrix Magic? Then take this jewel of an alpaca home to your herd. She is a close sister to our Champion Snowmass Legends Marvel who is just a year older than her and this Magical Charm is showing the same awesome potential! She’s ready for show this 2011 season, so bring some Magic to your show-string or just your herd with this lovely young female. She comes with a breeding when she reaches maturity.

White Fiber White alpacas have had a head start in breeding selection over color. This is due to white fiber’s greater value in commercial production because it is easily dyed. Much of the international market for breeding alpacas is based on the prospect of large, white, commercial herds. This is found in the international market of white merino wool which rose to the top due to its fineness, color clarity, and consistency. Mohair (produced from white Angora goats) also has a strong commercial market. However, it cannot compete as widely, due to its hair-like properties and limitation in textile values. White alpaca is gaining greater and greater interest and moving forward steadily into the white fiber commercial market. Fine color alpaca is also in the running, but for the prospects of dyeing and ease of breeding selection, white is, without a doubt, the leader in commercial alpaca.

Lot #22 Snowmass Silky Sunshine ARI#: 30339026

CIS#: 1596

Sire: Snowmass Quechua

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Sep 20, 2005 Dam: Snowmass Pacabell

What have we put in our mighty Lot #22 position? This year, it’s a highly revered female: “Snowmass Silky Sunshine.” This Grand Dam is as treasured as they come in our herd. She is truly the ultimate female alpaca in every way. She reminds us of the one and only female we found in Peru that stood above every stud we looked at and was purchased by us as our number one lottery position that was “5Peruvian Hallmark”. The looks and the fleece just are at the top with this gal and so without question is “Snowmass Silky Sunshine.” She really should be a stud, but better yet, she produces them. Only a handful of Quechua daughters exist in this world like his sons, and we cannot emphasize the importance of them to our breeding success and future success of our program. These alpacas hold the lead genetics in truly advancing the world’s market for alpaca. We are excited to have her go to another home in the sense that we are truly spreading our seeds. We don’t let go of her without reserving some of her genetics, which we have in her fawn daughter “Snowmass Silky Celebration” for our color program, and a white son “Snowmass Man in Silk” sired by Snowmass Summit. We are also (with some hesitation) offering her most MAGNIFICENT son “Snowmass Royal Distinction” as one of our highlighted Studs for sale (see Lot#23). He sells just behind his Dam, which we planned to help enlighten the attention of the audience and to delight all breeders world-wide! We went back and forth as to who do we put first. As the matriarch of this line, we said “ladies first,” so she takes Lot 22 and her mighty son Lot 23. Snowmass Silky Sunshine is truly remarkable and bred to one of the most remarkable colored studs in our herd, Snowmass Matrix Majesty. This is a line breed on Quechua which we have been very successful with and this will be one of the most powerful and truly Majestic of all time! Snowmass Silky Sunshine was with Snowmass Matrix Majesty from 10/8/2010 to November 2010. Show Results May 2008 - Second - AOBA National Fleece Show Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 5

AFD 16.9 18.8 19.4 24.4

SD 4.1 3.8 3.7 4.3

CV %>30 24.3 0.9 20.3 1.2 18.9 1.1 17.4 8.2

CURV SPIN Fineness 45.6 17.0 45.8 18.2 44.7 18.5 39.8 23.1

Lot #23 Snowmass Royal Distinction ARI#: 31140195

CIS#: 1498

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

(Male, Dark fawn)

Date of Birth: Oct 19, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Silky Sunshine

With true Royal Distinction, we offer this ready-to-start Snowmass Stud Male. Royal Distinction like his name, is one of our most regal, strong upstanding knock-out looking Royal Challanger sons. His Dam is no less than our #1 Quechua/Accoyo Pacabell daughters, Snowmass Silky Sunshine, offered in our regal Lot #22 position. These are some of the most exciting offerings for 2011!!! There is no better looking stud than Snowmass Royal Distinction. He was born standing proud with curly Merino fiber from head to toe. He has one of the densest Dark Fawn fleeced males on farm with great distinction in bundling and brilliant Merino bold crimp. This stud has fleece over his entire body and leads the Royal Challanger fleece weight production with 5.5 lbs of sorted prime fleece. The skirted high grade seconds weighed in at 4.3 lb. We typically do not weigh fleeces as know we range at an even keel with 3.5 to 4.5 lbs prime skirted fleece weight over the herd, however Royal Distinction’s fleece was out of the ordinary and so we weighed it with great enthusiasm. He is the perfect stud to bring a balance of high, fine yield of fleece on a strong, large frame. Snowmass Royal Distinction has not lost a stitch of his looks and carries a unique and valued inheritance. This male will bring you to new dimensions in putting both Elite fiber and frame into your herd. Show Results May 2010 - Second - International Alpaca Odyssey Fleece Show Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 17.9 5.2 29.1 2.7 38.4 17.9 3 21.6 4.9 22.8 5.5 42.0 21.0

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

CRIMP There is no question that curvature and crimp are related. The looser the crimp, the lower the curvature, the tighter the crimp the higher the curvature, the higher the curvature, the higher number of crimps per inch. The one correlation we have seen in our higher curvature and crimped fleeces is that they are found to grow a shorter staple after their first shearing. The same goes for Merino wool, which is the highest in curvature. In hand, with high curvature fleeces, we have also noted that most alpaca, like Vicuùa and Merino fleeces with high curvature, produce a markedly shorter staple length after their first clip, and in all subsequent years’ growth. Higher curvature fleeces also have a slightly harsher handling fiber. This has much to do with both scale height as well as high frequency of crimp, where the edge of the fiber is more easily felt against the skin. This all brings a new dimension and perspective to the importance of crimp question. Is high curvature and high profile crimp important? In terms of processing for spinning knitwear, the answer is YES! In terms of bright sheen, soft silky handle and longer staple the answer is NO. Most importantly, both crimp styles are used if they are fine enough to produce garments of Royal Grade alpaca. The main determining factor for Royal Grade is LOW MICRON and has nothing to do with style of crimp. The amount of Royal Grade alpaca available to mills is so low that they bulk all styles together, just to get enough to process a Royal Grade production line of textiles. As breeders produce more volume of fine alpaca fiber, there will be a trend to diversify and experiment with which fibers produce what types of Royal Garments. For example, it is also a known fact that high crimped/ curvature fleeces are easier to commercially card and spin, especially in the woolen mills. This and fineness is why Merino wool is one of the most sought-after fibers. In tight knit wear, higher curvature is very important over length and or brightness. The other very important factor many breeders are looking at very closely is consistency of fineness and consistency in curvature, so all fibers process evenly for a tighter, softer and long-lasting garment.

Lot #24 Snowmass Incan Myst ARI#: 30424838

CIS#: : 1245

(Female, Dark brown)

Date of Birth: Sep 15, 2005

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

Dam: Snowmass Golden Dreams

Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 5

AFD 21.5 20.3 19.2 22.4 23.6

SD 5.2 4.4 4.2 4.9 4.4

CV %>30 24.2 5.3 21.8 2.7 22.0 1.9 21.9 5.9 18.4 5.6

Snowmass Incan Myst is a gorgeous bay black female who has been instrumental in producing our lead color genetic lines. Snowmass Rock Star is one of the finest True Blacks we have ever produced and this was her son, sired by Snowmass Royal Bronze. Michelle Ing, who is without question one of the most brilliant camelid vets in the U.S. but also has one of the finest collections of Black alpacas in the world, purchased Rock Star from us back in 2009. He is ready to breed and we are excited to use our reserved breedings to him. We loved this male so much we bred Incan Myst back to Royal Bronze in hopes of producing another Rock Star male or female. I did not realize that she was selected to our sale this year and I am really tempted to pull her and keep her for ourselves. We don’t have a large black program and so we have to stick to our guns and offer those we have to make this a truly colorful sale. We bred Incan Myst to Snowmass Matrix in 2007 with the hopes of producing a Black Matrix son. When the cria was born and he was beige we were very disappointed but not for long, as he came into one of the best light colored fleeces we had in his age group. The way we select our show string is by going through the groups of boys without knowing their lineage until we look them up. Mystic, her beige Matrix Son, was at the top of our list above many we have. We were very surprised to see he came from Incan Myst -- a black. He is one of our lead contenders of Matrix sons and this year, 2010, he was put on our show string and took a second place at the IAO and he is right in line to be used over our unrelated colored females. He has all of Incan Myst progeny are testament to her outstanding production. If you are a lover of fine, extraordinary dark color alpacas this next cria she is carrying will NOT disappoint you!! Snowmass Incan Myst was with Snowmass Royal Bronze from 9/16/2010 to 11/18/2010.

Lot #25 Snowmass Supreme Snowlight ARI#: 31541008

CIS#: 1651

Sire: Snowmass Supreme Impact

CURV SPIN Fineness 36.6 21.5 40.4 19.9 44.8 18.8 41.2 22.0 42.7 22.5

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Sep 6, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Snowlight

Supreme lines of alpacas for many generations to come. Snowlight’s sire, Snowmass Supreme Impact, a most Supreme White Quechua son, has been on the East Coast for select limited breedings since 2009. Supreme Snowlight is one of his first offspring, which we do not offer lightly. Please be sure to look at her lineage as it is extensive and you have already heard so much about them all you have to do is look to know the value and Elite Story of this Supreme female. We chose her to create a unique and select line breed on, and bred her to another truly outstanding Quechua son, “Snowmass Elite Legend.” We have been extremely successful with these line breedings, which produce alpacas the world is craving -bright, dense, and supremely fine fleeced alpacas! This is a rare offering we are very proud of and we stand behind her and her cria to be born with live, healthy birth guarantee -- one you will wish you had many more of. Snowmass Supreme Snowlight was with Snowmass Elite Legend from 6/8/2010 to 7/12/2010 Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 5/10 21.3 3.7 17.2 1.1 49.1 20.1

Lot #26 TGF Morning Surprise ARI#: 3146260

Date of Birth: 7/11/09

Sire: Snowmass Sub Zero

(Female, White) Maiden

Dam: Snowmass Accoyo Sunrise

Show Results 2nd Place- 2010 Northeast Alpaca Expo 2rd Place-2010 North American Alpaca Show 4th Place- 2010 The Futurity Histogram 2010 18.3, 4.1, 22.7, 1.7%, 48.5 SF 18

How often do you get the chance to buy an alpaca straight out of the show string that won Breeder of the Year? Morning Surprise is your chance! She is a beautiful female out of Snowmass Sub Zero- our full Peruvian Sollacota Elite White Herd Sire. Snowmass Sub Zero is one in a million in terms of his fleece and the propensity of his genetics to produce fineness and uniformity. His histogram @ 5 yrs 19.4, 3.3, 17.1, .6, 56.7, 18). His offspring exhibit, superbly bright, fine and uniform fleeces that are so important to fine fabric production. Surprise’s dam is Snowmass Accoyo Sunrise. She is one of the best foundation females in our herd. We purchased Sunrise at the first Making of Champions sale and without a doubt; she has become one of most important females in our program. She is a powerful cross of Accoyo and Sollocota genetics with a bright, dense fleece coupled with lingering fineness. A large part of our success can be traced back to purchasing Accoyo Sunrise from Julie and Don. Every one of Accoyo Sunrise’s cria, of which Surprise is the third female in a row, have been excellent in every way and have been integral parts of our show strings over the years. Most notably is TGF Morning Bells- winner of multiple Color Championships (Halter & Fleece) and two- time winner of the coveted Judges’ Choice Award. Rest assured you are bidding on one of our best white females with a deep pedigree ready to advance your herd just as her dam did ours. TGF Surprise sells with all our support, guarantees and at the time of this writing she is being bred to CCNF Archangel - our exceptional white Herd Sire that produced the 2010 White Male Futurity Champion TKO King of the Ladies.

What Makes An Elite Alpaca? The key questions we have been asking ourselves are: What are the differences in our alpacas compared to those bred in Ancient South America, and just what defines an elite alpaca today? The main incentive for all alpaca breeders is that vicu単a wool still sells for $400 to $600 per kilogram, which is 20 to 30 times the price of alpaca wool. The diversities found in modern alpacas are the result of long term cross-breeding. The wide range of fiber qualities that exist within modern alpaca herds make it very difficult to compile large lots of under 20 micron handling fiber for specialized commercial production. The differences within fiber types are not just in fineness but other fiber characteristics as well; Crimp, architecture of the crimp, scale height on the fiber itself (which creates variable degrees of luster and hand), fiber length, degree of wool fibers (produced by secondary follicles) to more protective medulated fibers (produced by Primary follicles), and concentration of these fibers within the fleeces themselves are also factors.

Lot #27 Snowmass Matrix Gold ARI#: 31541268

CIS# : 1316

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Male, Medium Fawn)

Date of Birth: 8/28/08 Dam: Snowmass Crimson Rose

A league of CHAMPIONS lives within this GOLDEN BOY. Like his sisters we offer this 2011, he has the same GOLDEN lineages of excellence but in a ready-to-breed young stud. We have kept Matrix Gold in order to keep these lineages infused into our herd. He is one on the top of our list and is a dead ringer for his brother Snowmass Matrix Elite. They could be twins. We elected to take his brother to show over GOLD and today we would change our minds as Matrix Gold has developed into a much stronger-framed stud with the same intensely fine dense MATRIX fleece. Matrix Gold has the added lineages of our all-time finest color lines from the Crimson line. We have way too few alpacas in our herd that are not related to Snowmass Matrix Gold to merit keeping him. We are not at all against line breeding and we have been very successful at selective, well-planned line breeding, however you come to a place in your program where you find you have reached your highest potential and you are now rich in the genetics you are treasuring. So, it’s time to share the gold. You have a key to the finest fleece genetics to bring great success to your herd in Snowmass Matrix GOLD. So this year, it’s time for you to bring home the GOLD. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 16.4 3.7 22.4 0.4 47.6 16.2 2 18.8 3.5 18.5 0.5 49.2 17.9

Lot #28 Snowmass Midnight Shadow ARI#: 1217490

CIS#: 1354

(Female, True Black)

Date of Birth: Sep 13, 2004

Dam: JBAF Nights Shadow Velvet

Sire: Snowmass Nova

Snowmass Midnight Shadow is one of treasured Snowmass Nova daughters who we have reserved within our finest Black breeding program. She is one of the last of our Blacks bred to Matrix and one of the few who will produce dark or black bred to lighter genetic males. A MATRIX IN BAY BLACK is very exciting and we keep her son from last year out of Matrix, Snowmass Shadow Fax for our Black and Brown breeding program. In this last year, we have had more interest in darker colored alpacas, especially the blacks, so we wanted to offer some of our best production blacks at this year’s sale and she is one of the last we have bred to Snowmass Matrix. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of this cria as we write this. These are the black females we would like to have many, many more of, as this is the Future of ROYAL Black Alpaca for Fine Royal Black Alpaca textiles. Breeding: Snowmass Matrix Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4

Lot #29 Snowmass Velvet Promise ARI#: 31540940

CIS#: 1680

Sire: Snowmass Truly Invincible

(Female, True Black)

Date of Birth: Sep 30, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Nova’s Promise

Snowmass Velvet Promise is as her name a Promise of “alpaca” Velvet in Black. She is one of our favorite Truly Invincible and Snowmass Nova Promise black line females. We are quite reluctant to sell Velvet Promise but we do retain her Dam who has given us a sister this year as well as has produced the best and finest black fleeced alpaca in our herd. Snowmass Truly Invincible, her sire, has himself produced a great number of blacks. The other great treasure in the Promise line is the best Black female we ever purchased, Velvet Promises Grand Dam, 6520 Peruvian Black Lace. Velvet Promise has a gorgeous bright Fawn male cria at side sired by Snowmass Sterling Legend. This year, we wanted to insure a black cria so we have bred her to Snowmass Matrix Midnight. This will be the first genetic combination of its kind which makes it very hard to let go of. We know this will be a magnificent cria and have a strong bet it will be as Black as Midnight himself. Snowmass Velvet Promise was with Snowmass Matrix Midnight from 10/29/2010 to 11/5/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 18.0 4.8 26.9 2.5 40.1 18.5

AFD 19.4 22.9 22.7 22.4

SD 3.7 4.8 4.4 4.0

CV %>30 19.2 0.8 20.9 7.1 19.4 4.7 18.0 3.3

CURV SPIN Fineness 29.9 18.6 34.3 22.3 31.9 21.8 32.0 21.3

New Shapes of Black Alpaca to Come

Exclusively distributed by

Snowmass Matrix Midnight

Lot #30 Snowmass Quechuan Royalty ARI#: 31349819

CIS#: 1434

Sire: Snowmass Simply Sensational

(Male, Medium Brown)

Date of Birth: Jun 9, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Incan Royalty

If you are looking for royal color genetics for your breeding program, you will find it in this young stud male who is ready to breed. Snowmass Quechuan Royalty will bring you some of the most unique and sought-after color genetics to be found. He has a very rich and colorful lineage that we can ramble on about for a long time but defer you to carefully look over his pedigree. It’s a treasure chest of excitement. First you will find a unique line of color rich Dams from Peru that Snowmass screened and purchased in Peru for their finest color breeding program. Black Dams 6308 Incan Eclipse and 8503 Ajoyani. In Quechuan Royalty, you also have some of our original color lines from great black Dams, Keslings Roxanne, Cordellia, who produced the famous Black Dam Drambuie’s Kaluha who produced Snowmass Nova. Then there is the great Black Legend along side of Peruvian Red Hot, Drambuie, Chaccu, some Accoyo Legacy, Snowmaster, Victor... a ROYAL treasure if there ever was one!!! Take it home and infuse this rich amazing line of COLOR into your herd for your own collection of treasured colored cria. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 18.6 3.6 19.4 0.8 42.5 17.9 2 20.9 4.4 21.0 2.3 41.6 20.4

Snowmass Simply Sensational

Snowmass Simply Sensational

Lot #31 Snowmass Truly Secret ARI#: 31349765

CIS#: 1676

Sire: Snowmass Truly Invincible

(Female, True Black)

Date of Birth: Sep 25, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Nova’s Secret

The Secret is that Truly Secret is only other Snowmass Black Truly Invincible daughter we are offering as we have so few of them ourselves and they are our highest in demand. We just don’t have enough really to sell but we promised a few for our sale this year 2011. Snowmass Truly Secret has a very exciting and strong Black maternal lineage of what we consider to be the premier Black lineages to be found worldwide. The other secret is that she is bred to Snowmass Matrix Midnight for one exciting cria. These will be his first progeny and will be well anticipated! She is one of our treasured growing royal black alpacas in the lead of our black breeding program, and now can be yours. Snowmass Truly Secret was with Snowmass Matrix Midnight from 10/18/2010 to 10/25/2010 Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.1 4.6 24.1 2.8 37.0 19.2

Lot #32 Snowmass Earth Angel ARI#: 31139298

CIS#: 1164

Sire: Snowmass Midnight Magic

(Female, True Black)

Date of Birth: Sep 10, 2007 Dam: Chima

Snowmass Earth Angel is a true angel in Black from two direct True Black parents. Her sire, Champion Snowmass Midnight Magic, and her Dam, Chima, who is the Dam to our leading line of Silky Black and Brown line Snowmass Alpacas.Snowmass Earth Angel has a True Black son, Snowmass Midnight Legend, who will be in line to be one of our True Black breeding studs as he comes of age. We feel like we are cheating ourselves with letting Earth Angel go from our Black breeding program, which is small and very select. We would prefer to sell her Dam, however this not a good option as she is aging. We are compelled to offer some very significant quality Black females for sale this 2011 and so here is another. Snowmass Earth Angel is bred to our Leading Black Matrix Son, Snowmass Matrix Midnight. This will produce some Magic if there ever was any in Black Alpaca! She was with Snowmass Matrix Midnight from 10/18/2010 to 11/30/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 17.3 5.3 30.3 3.6 32.3 18.4

Lot #33 Snowmass Matrix Snow Angel XX ARI#: 31779012

CIS#: 3744

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 31, 2009 Dam: Snowmass Snowccoya

Here’s your chance to acquire a wonderful piece of Snowmass Matrix for your breeding program. Snowmass Matrix Snow Angel has so much going for her, not just because she is a treasured Matrix daughter, but because her Dam, Snowmass Snowccoya, is so important in her excellence. This maternal line brings in many significantly influential genetics,via Snowmass Accoyo Mistress, Snowmass Accoyocusani, Augusto, Snowmaster, Snowmass Lenoxand . . . and more. This combination (both top and bottom) equates to a very powerful pedigree. Snow Angel is a lovely female in all respects and carries a beautifully bright, fine dense fleece to match. The next question was who to breed her to, which is a question we have for many of our alpacas that we have loaded up with five generations plus of all our top lineages. It’s very difficult for us to find a stud that is not related in some area of their pedigree. However, we have one very powerful Elite Stud, Snowmass Conopa, that is unrelated. We have saved him for our Matrix daughters, and so Matrix Snow Angel is now bred to Snowmass Conopa. We know the cria from this most incredible lineup will truly be the best of best of the best! Snowmass Matrix Snow Angel XX was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 11/9/2010 to 11/19/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 18.5 4.0 21.6 0.8 42.4 18.1

Lot #34 Snowmass Midnight Enlightenment ARI#: 31779371

CIS#: 3745

Sire: Snowmass Enlightenment

(Female, Light Rose Grey)

Date of Birth: Dec 2, 2009 Maiden Dam: Snowmass Midnight Enchantment

One of the most exquisite Rose Greys to EVER be born from the Snowmass Breeding program is Midnight Enlightenment’s sire, Snowmass Enlightenment, sold at the Futurity Auction in 2009. This was a true commitment to keep him in the breeding pool of Elite grey males in the U.S.A. as Snowmass slowly moves out of breeding for grey. With as many alpacas as we have in our program, it’s very hard to represent ourselves in shows so we decided to simplify with not competing in the grey. We keep a few because truly we love the greys! Snowmass Midnight Enlightenment, as a young Light Rose grey Enlightenment daughter, will be a treasure for any grey alpaca breeder. There are very few of his offspring available and none with a True Black Dam, Snowmass Midnight Enchantment, who carries a very exciting lineage.Her pedigree is full of leading colored alpacas -- please have a very good look as you will find a collection of about everything Elite colored alpaca from our program in her pedigree. She is a true treasure! Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.2 3.7 19.4 1.0 39.1 18.4

Lot #35 Snowmass Matrix Adrenaline Rush ARI#: 31525794

CIS#: 1311

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Male, Light Fawn Grey)

Date of Birth: Jun 28, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Silver Elegance

Want a Matrix Adrenaline Rush . . . take this very cool young Light Rose Grey Elite lineage stud ready to breed this 2011 season to your herd. His Dam, Snowmass Silver Elegance, is one of the few extraordinary Grey females that we just can’t seem to let go of as we move away from Grey breeding. We loved Matrix Adrenaline Rush so much that we bred his Dam right back to Matrix, and this year we have an identical sister to Adrenaline Rush named Snowmass Cuvee. We would put Matrix Adrenaline Rush over our Blacks and Bays and Browns in hopes to improve fineness and density, preserving strong color lineage. If we were to retrieve a Grey, we would know that we had a very rare and valued one that we could sell without blinking twice and so will you with these genetic lines! Show Results May 2010 - First - International Alpaca Odyssey Fleece Show May 2010 - Champion - International Alpaca Odyssey Fleece Show Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 19.4 3.7 19.2 0.9 41.8 18.6

Lot #36 Snowmass Royal Light ARI#: 31525749

CIS#: 1521

Sire: Snowmass Enlightenment

(Female, Light Fawn)

Date of Birth: Jul 23, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Royal Velvet

We are offering Snowmass Royal Light, another awesome Snowmass Enlightenment daughter along with her most gorgeous female cria at side sired by Snowmass Matrix Majesty -- they should go right into your show string! Snowmass Royal Light’s fleece has not changed in her two years and remains with a very low AFD of 18.8 and a high curve of 52.2, which is representative of the fleece statistics within her lineage. She is one of the few Snowmass Enlightenment crias we kept after we sold Snowmass Enlightenment. She is a beautiful Fawn female and we really love Enlightenment but in choosing to simplify our directives in getting out of breeding Greys, we sold him. Yet there is a part of us that really misses the Greys and some are just too hard to release. We are committed to bring the very best alpacas from our herd to offer in our production sale, and this package is one that is quite unique to all in our herd. Snowmass Royal Light is bred to a very exciting Matrix Son a BLACK one, Snowmass Matrix Midnight. We are very excited for the outcome of this cria. Snowmass Royal Light was with Snowmass Matrix Midnight from 10/11/2010 to 10/29/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 18.7 4.0 21.5 0.9 43.9 18.3 2 18.8 4.2 22.5 1.3 52.2 18.5

Lot #37 Snowmass Sunburst ARI#: 31795258

CIS#: 3748

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Jul 10, 2009

Dam: 5Peruvian Tapara

Snowmass Sunburst is a daughter of Snowmass Matrix to start, and her Dam, 5Peruvian Tapara, is a most revered, long-lasting Royal fine Fawn Peruvian Import we have had since the day we selected her in 1995. She is in remarkable shape for such a grand old import, but her production years are soon coming to an end and we renew them via this beautiful ray of sun . . . Snowmass Sunburst. We knew right away who we would breed Snowmass Sunburst to. For the Royal of Royal in fawn we took her straight to Snowmass Conopa and she is well-along with a very solid pregnancy. This will be one remarkably fine cria and quite certain it will be Fawn. Sunburst is a Beige with a burst of fawn on her side. Her Dam is a Dark Fawn and much of Snowmass Matrix lineage has darker fawn so breeding her to Conopa should bring color. Regardless of color, this genetic combination is proven to be the lead genetic lines from the top the Snowmass breeding program. Snowmass Sunburst was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 8/11/2010 to 11/18/2010. Breeding: Snowmass Conopa Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 5/10 21.6 3.6 16.4 1.6 37.9 20.3

Lot #38 Satin’s Serenity ARI#: 32097917 Sire: MFI Precocious

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: 08/20/10

Maiden Dam: CCNF Satin

Serenity is the result of combining select genetics with a predicted result. We bred Serenity to MFI Precocious expecting to get good results and we were not disappointed. Serenity’s dam joined our herd after we purchased her and her twin sister from our friends and partner’s Jen & Ian Lutz of CasCad-Nac. We purchased the twins and gave them to our daughter’s Isabella and Tillie to start their own small herd. Serenity is the first offspring and they have decided to sell her, saving the proceeds for college. The genetics listed on Serenity’s ARI are of royalty, including SuperNova on the dam side and MFI Precocious (a Multi Champions son of Majestic Peruvian Jeremiah). The fleece on this young girl has a super soft handle, extreme brightness and long staple length. The high frequency crimp architecture is consistent across her entire blanket and continues from her top knot to under her belly. Serenity sells with a breeding when she’s ready. We would choose to breed her to CCNF Archangel but the choice is yours. Any unrestricted breeding is included after you have won the ribbons this girl deserves. FMI contact Ryen or Ursula @ or 207.415.9381

Lot #39 Snowmass Victorian Silk ARI#: 30339033

CIS#: 1685

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Sep 24, 2005

Sire: Snowmass Quechua

Dam: Snowmass Victorian Lace

Heaven in Silk, another Quechua daughter, what are we thinking? Here goes our secret genetics . . . we are releasing them this year, so please pay attention!!! There are only a handful of direct Quechua offspring and we are making a good number of them available this year. Snowmass Victorian Silk we cannot say enough awesome things about. She is one of our last born before we lost our dear QUECHUA. We have an awesome son from her and we are reserving the female cria she has at side, or we would not let this one go! Victorian Silk is bred back to one of our finest Light Fawn studs Snowmass Challenger. We wanted to pull another Light Fawn from her and he has created some of the finest in combination with these genetic crosses overall this year. We are very excited to show his first offspring this 2011. No need to question the outcome of this breeding -- it will be our best, as she is our best and so is Snowmass Challenger. Quality plus Quality = TRUE QUALITY! Snowmass Victorian Silk was with Snowmass Challenger from 7/20/2010 to 7/30/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4

AFD 15.6 18.4 17.3 20.0

SD 3.5 4.3 3.5 4.0

CV %>30 22.4 0.4 23.3 1.1 20.5 0.5 20.1 1.4

CURV SPIN Fineness 43.9 15.4 43.2 18.3 49.9 16.7 45.3 19.3

Lot #40 Snowmass Royal Currency (Male, White) ARI#: 31525930

CIS#: 1495

Date of Birth: Jan 7, 2008

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

Dam: Tegan’s Claer Seren

Snowmass Royal Currency: alpacas have become an International currency of trade in their own right. Royal Currency was given his name via the fact we traded an Elite Stud for Royal Currency’s Dam, Tegan’s Claer Seren, a line from “Show Me The Money” and “PPPeruvian Marcela 4253.” This Peruvian Import female,”PPPeruvian Marcela 4253”, was one of our highly rated picks in Peru who we really wanted to acquire, however we lost her in the luck of the lottery. This trade was an exciting way for us to obtain her genetics along with many other lineages we sought to bring into our program. Now to make the lineage even richer we add Royal Currency’s Sire, Snowmass Royal Challanger, which brings together deep elite light and color genetics both top and bottom in Royal Currency himself. Snowmass Royal Currency will no doubt be a remarkable stud male for both light and color breeding programs as he carries everything you need in an Elite Stud from top to bottom. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3

AFD SD CV %>30 18.6 4.5 24.0 1.9 20.2 4.6 22.6 2.4 20.7 4.2 20.1 2.3

CURV SPIN Fineness 34.3 18.6 42.0 19.9 43.5 20.0

Global breeding

programs are beginning to question their ability to produce enough Royal Baby alpaca fiber to satisfy international textile demands. Genetics for the elite alpaca or royal alpaca (those proven to produce highly refined, fine, bright fleece and progeny that bear the same) are in great demand. We have many, years of concentrated and dedicated breeding ahead of us to supply the market demand for bales of Royal alpaca. As a result, we need to become more discerning in our breeding and pay close attention to what is happening in the global market. We must be careful as breeders and judges to not limit our focus on breeding for a particular style of crimp or curvature based on sheep industry models. In this way, we can maintain some of the best properties that make alpaca elite; fineness, brightness, soft handle, added staple length, and extreme versatility in milling processes.

Lot #41 Snowmass Absolutely Silky ARI#: 30338654

CIS#: 1054

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Jun 27, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Invincibly Silky

Sire: Snowmass Absolut

Snowmass Absolutely Silky is a truly Elite female who we would never consider releasing from our herd, however she has left us two extraordinary cria which will carry her bright white royal fleece forward into our breeding program. Her last cria will be on our show string this 2011. It’s hard to get any better with these advanced white genetic combinations. They are truly the answer to making alpaca as fine as any of the best Silk available in the world. This year, we bred Snowmass Absolutely Silky to Snowmass Elite Legend before he embarked to his new co-owners on the East Coast. After his departure, we covered Absolutely Silky with Snowmass Divine Inspiration, the sire to her cria at side which we are very excited about. Snowmass Divine Inspiration has a 2010 histogram of 15.7 2.9 18.9 02. CURV 63 at 4 years of age!!! This is the making of “ROYAL” for that million dollar bale, as is that of Snowmass Elite Legend. Look through her lineage and fiber statistics as she is everything we have worked our thirty years in breeding to achieve. Bred to these magnificent Quechua sons, you know you are in for one of the finest and most advanced white fleeced alpaca cria Snowmass Alpacas can produce. Snowmass Absolutely Silky was with Snowmass Elite Legend 7/12/2010 to 7/29/2010 and with Snowmass Divine Inspiration 8/11/2010 to 8/23/2010. Breeding: Snowmass Divine Inspiration Histograms Shearing 1 2 3

Lot #42 Snowmass Royal Mistress ARI#: 30700895

CIS#: 1525

(Female, Brown Roan)

Date of Birth: Sep 25, 2006 Dam: Snowmass Snowmaster’s Snowmist

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

Snowmass Royal Mistress is one of our highest-rated colored Snowmass Royal Challanger daughters, and one of the only Rose grey females we have kept in our breeding program. She is not a typical or classic grey but a Roan, which we absolutely love. If we could have a herd of females and males just like her, we would continue in this color range, and in truth we can not stop breeding for them. Snowmass Royal Mistress has given us 3 truly exceptional cria. Her first son is ready for his first females, and her second female is the most exciting Black we have in our herd! We reserve the one at her side as we dare not let her go without having a good reserve of her progeny to remain in our herd. We have bred her to a very exceptional, exciting young Brown herdsire, Snowmass Royal Satin who is about the best looking male we have ever witnessed with an amazing fleece to boot. Just look at his photos and you cannot disagree! He is the ROYAL package and we are very excited that he is settling his first females. This breeding will bring one of the most exciting crias, without question. If you love heads, royal fine fleece and just awesome exceptional colored alpacas, you MUST add this one to your herd! Snowmass Royal Mistress was with Snowmass Royal Satin from 10/21/2010 to 11/18/2010. Show Results June 2009 - First - AOBA World Fleece Show Histograms Shearing 1 2 3

AFD SD CV %>30 15.5 3.3 21.1 0.4 18.4 3.4 18.4 0.5 17.2 3.6 20.8 1.0

AFD SD CV %>30 20.0 4.3 21.6 1.5 19.7 3.7 18.5 0.6 22.0 4.5 20.4 3.0

CURV SPIN Fineness 32.4 19.5 41.7 18.8 38.5 21.3

CURV SPIN Fineness 47.6 15.1 42.6 17.5 53.9 16.7

Lot #43 Snowmass XXXcentric ARI#: 31778534

CIS#: 3749

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 21, 2009 Dam: Snowmass XXXtremely Fine

Here’s another golden opportunity to acquire a Snowmass Matrix daughter for your breeding program. Golden in this sense because Snowmass XXXcentic has magnificent color lineage behind her which one would never know, as she is as pure white with some of the most beautiful and advanced white fleece characteristics. Thanks to her DNA typed pedigree, you can see there is a great deal of exciting color behind her, which gave us her name, “Snowmass XXXcentric.” Snowmass XXXcentric is quite a unique Matrix daughter as she brings in some our most unique colored large framed-extremely fine fleeced lineages such as Snowmass XXXtreme. There is a reason for the name play on extreme in this line. Her Dam, Snowmass XXXtremely Fine, like Snowmass XXXtreme himself and his Dam, are all very large-framed alpacas but have extremely fine, dense fleeces of which you typically find on the smaller merino type alpacas like Matrix himself. To have large-framed alpacas which maintain fineness is truly extreme. This line has proven to carry this extreme trait through the generations and there are no exceptions we can find in her Dam’s lineage, and so mating her to Snowmass Matrix was a perfect combination of balance and the way to solidify the fineness on a strong, well-built frame. You can see XXXcentic’s extreme fineness and consistency from her first histogram. As I looked at this and read the numbers, I knew she was one we needed to keep. We used her fleece in our video on sorting and grading because it is such a dramatically beautiful fleece to look at. With an experienced eye and hand, you can feel the consistency of what is being reflected in a scientific measurement of her histogram: 17.7 3.1 17.6 0.6 Spin Fineness 16.7. She has huge and exciting XXXcentic possibilities -- don’t let her get away! Snowmass XXXcentric was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 11/9/2010 to 11/19/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 17.7 3.1 17.6 0.6 48.1 16.7

Lot #44 Snowmass Chocolate Love ARI#: 31778695

CIS#: 3707

Sire: Snowmass Royal Knight

(Female, Medium Brown)

Date of Birth: Oct 5, 2008


Dam: Snowmass Heidi Love XX

If you Love Chocolate and you love Royal fine fleeced alpacas with Royal fine lineage, then this sweet dispositioned Royal fine alpaca will fit right into your breeding program. Chocolate Love has an average Micron of 16.1 and with the Royal Bronze line behind her, you can be sure she will maintain her fineness as this line has proven to do. Her Dam is one of our highly rated and proven Snowmass Invincible daughters who at four years had an average Micron of 18.4 and today at six years she is 20.6 and holding a beautiful bright, dense fleece. The combination of genetics has huge potential for bringing color fleece to Royal dimensions. She comes with a free breeding this spring to a Royal Snowmass Herdsire. Bring home the LOVE! Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 16.1 5.1 31.6 2.2 41.6 16.1

Exclusively distributed by

Lot #45 Snowmass Royal Vicuna ARI#: 31140188

CIS#: 1553

Sire: Snowmass Royal Bronze

(Female, Light Brown)

Date of Birth: Sep 26, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Peruvian Paradise

My, Oh, My this female has everything we expect that the Pre-Incan Royal alpacas had in their direct line to create the Royal alpaca! Starting with a Sire like Snowmass Royal Bronze and then Dam Snowmass Peruvian Paradise, you have the ingredients of a Royal alpaca. Snowmass Royal Vicuna had her first cria in fall of 2009, Snowmass Vicuna Sunrise, who we retain. We kept Royal Vicuna open and bred her in the later spring for a late Spring 2011 cria. She has been bred to the one Matrix son who follows the Royal theme . . . Snowmass Matrix Majesty . . .This is not a breeding we often let go, let alone a line this important to our breeding program. In Snowmass Royal Vicuna you have our VERY best and you will have a cria that will more likely take the lead over anything we can produce here within the best of Snowmass Alpacas genetics. Snowmass Royal Vicuna was with Snowmass Matrix Majesty starting 12/8/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 17.9 4.9 27.2 1.5 43.8 18.4 3 20.5 5.2 25.3 3.8 44.5 20.7

Lot #46 Snowmass Matrix Royale ARI#: 31796156

CIS#: 3743

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Aug 26, 2009 Dam: Snowmass Royal Serenity

Oh we love Snowmass Matrix Royale! She is a truly elegant female with an extraordinary fine dense fleece on a very beautiful frame. She is everything we have worked all these years to achieve. Look closely at her lineage as we have matched her up with the Stud of her (and your) dreams so she can duplicate herself with all the ROYALE you need! She is bred to Snowmass Conopa. MATRIX X CONOPA is like wine and cheese, Silver and Gold, Excellence and more Excellence. A match made in heaven. Snowmass Matrix Royale. Snowmass Matrix Royale was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 11/9/2010 to 11/19/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 17.6 3.9 22.2 1.1 47.8 17.3

Royal Alpaca XXXtreme infatuation with alpaca

Lot #47 Snowmass XXXtreme Infatuation ARI#: 31140263

CIS#: 1715

Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme

(Male, Medium Brown)

Date of Birth: Oct 8, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Sizlin Hot’s Gold N Lace

If you’re looking for advanced color genetics to add to your breeding program than you really need to consider Snowmass XXXtreme Infatuation. This young stud is one we have held on to as we value him as one of Snowmass XXXtreme’s masterpieces. In reality, our color breeding program has both his Dam and sire’s genetics in full swing in our female colored lines and so there are very few females in our herd (if any) that we can breed this incredible male to. It’s time for his release. Again, this is why we call this the best release of our breeding genetics to date. Look at the lineage of this male. You have about ALL of our best colored breeding lines in this pedigree. He is a knockout looker on top of having an incredible, advanced color fleece and genetics that go much much deeper. This is what twenty-five years of collective and selective breeding creates. This Stud is an accumulation of all our very best and with full confidence, can say that he rivals the best of any color studs in the world. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3

AFD SD CV %>30 17.8 4.4 25.0 1.2 20.6 4.9 23.8 3.1 20.3 5.5 27.3 4.8

CURV SPIN Fineness 44.7 17.9 44.5 20.6 46.0 20.9

Royal Alpaca - Some Leading Alpaca Garment Producers and Sellers Comment on Royal Alpaca

Grupo Inca, Alpaca III collection KUNA [Royal alpaca] is the most demanding selection of the best alpaca fiber from both [suri and huacaya] made by expert hands of craftsmen who master ancient secrets, which allow them to choose the finest, softest and warmest fiber, also covers the whole color range offered by this marvelous fiber. All of which makes it possible for the garments made with this input to flaunt an unmistakable elegance and personality. Mitos, (A Myth comes true) An alpaca sweater . . . pure luxury . . . connects the reality to the hopes and wishes of our dreams, with our comprehension of superior clothing and world finest garments. Royal and Baby Alpaca combine the softness of cashmere with the warmth of sheep wool. Natural, Pure . . . Softness. The finest and most precious fibres on earth. Imagine a natural garment as soft as cashmere and luminous in appearance. Ultra-lightweight which maintain their new appearance for a long time. A garment with unique thermal qualities that provide perfect protection in summer as well as in winter. We found these fibres in South America. Our collection ranges from Vicuña, world’s finest fibre to Alpaca. Peruvian Connection Peruvian Alpaca: rarer than cashmere, warmer than wool. From high in the Peruvian Andes comes one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world. Peruvian alpaca—once reserved for Inca royalty—is silky against the skin, velvety smooth to the touch. Alpaca’s unique hollow core gives it an insulating softness that is extremely lightweight yet much warmer and stronger than wool. In addition, alpaca is hypoallergenic—often wearable for those people who are allergic to wool. Cousin to the llama, alpacas graze at elevations of 10,000 to 14,000 feet on the harsh steppes of the Peruvian Andes. Their thick, sumptuous coats grow naturally in over 40 shades—from ivory to black, with all the grays and browns in between—and the fleece dyes to glorious color as well. These noble creatures are tended by native Andean herdsmen, who shear them every other year at the on set of the rainy season. The yield is about eight pounds of fleece per animal. The first clip of the shearling alpaca, called baby alpaca, provides a featherweight, heavenly soft fiber that is even more prized.

Lot #48 Snowmass XXXtremely Mystical ARI#: 30338968

CIS#: 1724

(Female, Medium Brown)

Date of Birth: Jun 23, 2005 Dam: Snowmass Casanova’s Myst

Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme

Snowmass XXXtremely Mystical is one of our highest rated colored breeding females and certainly one of XXXtreme’s very best, and we are very proud to be making her available this year at our 2011 sale. She has produced four cria like clock work, each of which are highly rated in both fleece and frame. Her first son, Snowmass XXX Braveheart, was sold in 2010 to Cam & Shirley Thorburn of Caley Alpacas in Camrose, Alberta Canada as their lead stud. Her second son, Snowmass Mecury Rising was sired by Quechua’s Rising Son. Snowmass Quechua’s Rising Son, took the New Zealand National Champion for the second year running just this Fall, so we are very excited about all the handful of progeny we have from him before he was exported. A few of his best are offered right here in this sale. Her son at side, Snowmass Mystical Rose, is our first of Snowmass Matrix Rose sons and we are extremely excited to offer him at side of Snowmass XXXtremly Mystical. His sire, 2010 Color Champion Snowmass Matrix Rose, is owned by Marc & Sharon Milligan of Red Granite Ranch. Every one of XXXtremely Mystical’s sons are valued genetic lines, and her one female offspring, Snowmass Mystic Melody is one we are very excited to retain. She was born white and not a real surprise as was sired by a Quechua son. We were amazed at her quality as a white coming from such strong color, however she is as exceptional as the BEST of our whites with a one year AFD of 15.1. Melody (as well as Mercury Rising) is the replacement to keep this important Dam’s genetics moving through Snowmass’ breeding program. All of XXXtremely Mystical’s progeny give us extreme confidence in the excellence of this female. The most anticipated cria to be born from her is in utero as she is bred to Snowmass Matrix Midnight, our Black Matrix son. This will be one exciting cria! Snowmass XXXtremely Mystical was with Snowmass Matrix Midnight starting 12/8/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4 5

AFD 14.6 17.0 20.6 21.3 19.6

SD 4.4 3.9 4.8 4.5 4.1

CV %>30 30.0 0.6 23.0 0.7 23.5 3.3 21.2 3.1 21.1 2.2

CURV SPIN Fineness 56.7 15.5 48.2 16.8 43.9 20.5 42.3 20.8 46.7 19.1

Lot #49 Snowmass XXXtrordinaire ARI#: 1034752

CIS#: 1729

Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme

Show Results April 2007 - First - Alpaca Western Extravaganza Fleece Show June 2009 - Reserve Champion - AOBA World Fleece Show June 2009 - Second - AOBA World Fleece Show

(Female, True Black)

Date of Birth: Oct 31, 2004

Dam: 5Peruvian Condori

Breeding: Snowmass Matrix Majesty

Snowmass XXXtrodinaire is a rare BLACK daughter of Snowmass XXXtreme. Her Dam is one of the few remarkable Black Peruvian Imports, 8748 5Peruvian Condori, who has the most gorgeous, dense and truly silky True Black fleeces of any Peruvian import we found and purchased. Snowmass XXXtrodinaire herself has inherited this extremely bright Romney type fleece with deep bold crimp which is soft and beautifully silky in handle much like her sire Snowmass XXXtreme but in BLACK. XXXtrodinaire as her name is a very correct stunning standout female, one you always notice in the herd. XXXtrodinaire’s first cria was sired by Snowmass Nova’s Private Reserve. She is an absolutely gorgeous True Black female who is everything we want in a Black Alpaca and was sold to Magical Farms at our 2010 MOC sale. Her 2008 daughter,Snowmass Show & Tell, sired by Snowmass Incandescence, was also sold at out 2010 MOC sale. Her 2009 cria, a Snowmass Matrix son, Snowmass Bordeaux, a rich Fawn, remains for now in our holding for our darker colored breeding program. XXXtrodinare was bred back in 2009 for 2010 cria to our True Black sire Snowmass Royal Knight. Snowmass Royal Knight has produced 95% Black from Black and this breeding produced a most lovely Blue Black female, Snowmass Blue Bayou, who can now replace XXXtrodinare as we offer XXXtrodinare who is bred to the one stud who will produce “BLACK GOLD” Snowmass Matrix Majesty. Matrix Majesty’s cria this year from Black Dams are the best we have ever produced and we expect XXXtrodinaire to produce his best yet. If you are a breeder of Black, this is a female who will bring some very exciting new genetic lines and some of the first from the Matrix royal lines in BLACK. Snowmass XXXtrodinaire is currently pregnant and due for a SNOWMASS MATRIX MAJESTY cria in June 2011!!! She was with Snowmass Matrix Majesty from 7/14/2010 to 11/23/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 21.2 4.4 20.5 3.2 35.6 20.6 3 23.6 4.5 19.1 6.9 33.5 22.6

Lot #50 Snowmass Secret Wonder ARI#: 30701526

CIS#: 1577

(Female, Medium Brown)

Date of Birth: Sep 18, 2006 Dam: Snowmass Nova’s Secret

Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme

Don’t wonder about our secrets anymore as this female has them all. We retain all her offspring with high reverence before we dare release her. Each one has been spectacular in every sense! A color package that brings in some of the most exciting Snowmass Color genetics via Snowmass Nova and Snowmass XXXtreme, this year we are on a quest to create a BLACK with breeding her to one EXTRAORDINARY MATRIX BLACK “Snowmass Matrix Midnight.” We have only a handful of females bred to him so far this year, as he is just 2.5 years of age and just settling. Snowmass Secret Wonder will be producing one of his first offspring Secret Wonder has all it takes in her lineage to produce a Black and now we have a stud with which she should indeed create a magnificent one! Snowmass Secret Wonder was with Snowmass Matrix Midnight from 10/11/2010 to 10/29/2010. Show Results June 2009 - Second - AOBA World Fleece Show Histograms Shearing 1 2 3 4

AFD 16.4 18.8 22.8 22.3

SD 3.6 3.5 4.8 3.8

CV %>30 21.8 0.5 18.4 0.6 21.1 6.8 17.2 3.0

CURV SPIN Fineness 38.3 16.0 44.0 17.9 35.7 22.2 38.3 21.1

THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT COMES FROM INFUSION OF PROVEN ELITE GENETICS. DON’T GAMBLE ON ANYTHING BUT THE VERY BEST Your most important investment is a stud which can produce the type of alpaca that will take you to the show ring as well to the finest elite fiber sort. We guarantee the elite males offered in this years sale have the genetics to do this very thing for prices that are most competitive. Breeding for Elite Color is the next challenge. Snowmass has been working as hard to get a consistent group of alpaca that range in solid natural colors that are genetically strong in their color and carry an elite a fleece as our whites. The Kings of Color are found in our Elite Breeding pages. These studs have created the next generation of Elite Color genetics. We are proud to be able to offer some of these genetics from our breeding program. A strong breeding program branches itself into many excellent genetics while building reliable and consistent pedigreed alpacas. We have kept these fine young males until they reached maturity to infuse their genetics into our herd. Some we have bred and others are too closely related to the females we are now breeding. All are sold with full reproductive guarantees. Many have shown and all come from proven elite champion sires as well as truly superior dams. These males are loaded with the best genetics our breeding program has to offer. Prices are listed and open for negotiation.

Snowmass Historical All American Futurity Awards 1998-2000

Lot #51 Snowmass Rising Sun ARI#: 31525398

CIS#: 1481

(Male, Medium Fawn)

Date of Birth: Jul 10, 2008

Sire: Snowmass Quechua’s Rising Son

Dam: Snowmass Bit of Honey

Let the Sun rise in your herd by adding some of the finest white and fawn genetics from our breeding program! Snowmass Quechua’s Rising Son is in New Zealand and just took Champion Senior Stud male at their National Show for the second year in a row. He is NO LONGER available in the U.S. so we kept this son because we have sold his Dam to our partners Ryen & Ursula Munro of Tripping Gnome Farm. We highly value Snowmass Rising Sun as this specific genetic combination in his direct lineage exits nowhere else in the world. Look at the lineage as well as the histogram on Rising Sun -- you have everything powerful you need to bring your herd into the real royal realm and to be competitive in the best of the market place. We have so few females we can breed to him, which is tragic for us and awesome for you. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 16.7 3.2 19.0 0.3 47.8 15.9 2 16.2 3.6 22.1 0.4 44.0 15.9

Sire: Snowmass Quechua’s Rising Sun

Lot #52 Snowmass Isis Angel ARI#: Pending

CIS#: Pending

Sire: Chateau (Pending)

(Female, Light Fawn)

Date of Birth: May 29, 2010


Dam: Snowmass Infinit Isis

Snowmass Isis Angel is a unique and promising white fleeced young female from one of our best White fleece Dams, Snowmass Infinit Isis, who carries our leading white genetic lines to back her up, (Snowmass Quechua, Snowmaster, Infinity). Isis Angel’s Dam, Infinit Isis, was bred to Snowmass Chateau for a one-time breeding on July 7th 2009. She was then covered with Accoyo America Leonidas and bred, however from the date of birth we are quite certain this is a Snowmass Chateau daughter. We are excited to present this beautiful young maiden for sale. We will have confirmed DNA and an update soon but not in time to get this catalog to print so please stay tuned. Snowmass Isis Angel combines Accoyo Snowmaster with some of our finest Sollocota genetics and is a treasure chest of great lineages!!! Snowmass Isis Angel comes with a breeding to a Snowmass Stud, or a $2500 credit towards the purchase of an Elite Snowmass Herdsire off the Snowmass Ranch.

Lot #53 Snowmass Quechua’s Accoya XX (Female, White) ARI#: 31525923

CIS#: 3538

Date of Birth: Jan 10, 2008

Sire: Snowmass Quechua’s Shahtoosh

Dam: Snowmass Accoyo Mistress

Every year we work hard to provide a diverse selection of our genetic lines in every color to make our sale unique as well as one of the only places to find Snowmass Alpacas leading alpaca genetics. You have one of our most unique in “Snowmass Quechua’s Accoya.” Everyone knows about Snowmass Quechua. Without question, Quechua by his proven herd and progeny analysis, has made the finest and brightest advancements in alpaca fleece beyond any other stud recorded in history. We know the importance of this in our herd as he “shines” above all like the Sun in comparison to the stars. This is one of the reasons Snowmass Alpacas has held on tightly to his offspring after his death. Even though we do not have the ability to use all his sons in our program, we hold to them until we can and each year we have offspring from his sons. They are consistently proving to advance and improve the next generation with the same statistical analysis as Quechua did. Snowmass Quechua’s Shahtoosh was one of the first Quechua sons we sold to Canadian breeders, John McLeod of Aztec Alpacas, Rainbow Forest Acres and Living Sky Alpacas, a very astute breeding syndicate with “Snowmass Quechua’s Shahtoosh.” You must go see the results of what they are producing with this Quechua son by following these links to see for yourself:, http:// This is true testimony to the “QUECHUA” genetics. We have only eight daughters from Shahtoosh before he left the country. We are crazy to release this one, however we feel impelled to have one of the best sales with the most exciting and promising alpaca genetics ever released. Snowmass Quechua’s Accoya XX was with Snowmass Elite Endurance from 7/19/2010 to 8/5/2010 and with Snowmass Persistence from 8/18/2010 to 10/7/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 23.1 3.8 16.5 3.6 40.4 21.7 2 23.9 4.0 16.7 4.9 46.3 22.5

Lot #54 Snowmass Rising Grace ARI#: 31525664

CIS#: 1479

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Sep 22, 2008

Sire: Snowmass Quechua’s Rising Son

Dam: Bliss Amazing Grace

If you want to Rise to Grace well here is the female to bring you all the grace and success you need in bringing some of our most treasured genetics. Please look carefully at her pedigree, all the way back to 5th generation as you will find elite white lines backed up by the next and next generation. This is what can give you the assurance of excellence in Snowmass Rising Grace. Her sire by the way is the leading Mature Champion stud in all of New Zealand. Snowmass Alpacas has not released any of his genetics yet outside of Silverstream Alpaca stud who is boarding him for Snowmass Alpacas. So we treasure the few progeny we have from him in the US they are few and rare. We started Rising Grace breedings with choosing from our lead white Royal fleeced males, starting with Snowmass Royal Prophecy, a Royal fine Snowmass Trilogy son who at 3 years of age had a micron of 18.1 and spin fineness of 17.1. He is just beginning his breeding career. We ultra sounded Rising Grace 7/9/2010 and had a possible early pregnancy but rather than loose time chose a cover male an Elite Maximus son we purchased from PVA alpacas, PVA Alteso. She then was put into a cover field with Snowmatss Moondance 8/11/10 to 9/9/2010 our Elite Subzero son who is not open to any outside breeding. She is confirmed pregnant and will be again before the sale. Rising Grace is a magnificent female and we are confident that she will be a producer of fine elite fleeced cria for many years to come. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 16.4 3.4 20.8 0.7 59.6 15.9

Lot #55 Snowmass Neina’s Treasure ARI#: 30408449

CIS#: 3746

Sire: Snowmass Best Man

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 14, 2009 Dam: WRA Peruvian Neina

A treasured SNOWMASS BEST MAN daughter. Snowmass Neina’s Treasure has a glorious, silky, bright white fleece which is no surprise as her sire is the KING of brightness and silky style fleece. Her Dam, WRA Neina, has one of the brightest most consistent fleeces and has had a CV of 18 from her first fleece to her fifth this year and a curve of 48 and AFD of 22.1 at five years of age. Adding Best Man was like adding Silk to the finest of alpaca, which describes Neina’s Treasure’s fleece. Neina’s Treasure is carrying her own treasure as she is bred to our Champion Beige Satin King son, Snowmass Check Mate, who brings a balance of brightness, fineness, beautiful character and Champion lineage from top to bottom. Snowmass Neina’s Treasure was with Snowmass Check Mate from 10/8/2010 to 11/18/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.9 4.3 21.9 1.9 44.4 19.5

Lot #56 TGF Blaze ARI#: 31908351

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: 07/07/10

Sire: Snowmass Sub Zero


Dam: Majestic Peruvian White Brilliance

Take a good look at TGF Blaze. The bloodlines represented within this young female’s pedigree need no introduction. We purchased Blaze’s dam White Brilliance at the 2008 AOBA Auction with the express intentions of breeding her to Snowmass Legacy Gold thereby creating one of the first Legacy Gold / Jeremiah crosses. If we do say so ourselves, it was a great match. TGF Blaze is exactly the quality that we were hoping for when we selected this breeding. Legacy Gold and Jeremiah are two exceptional males who have earned the respect of breeders across the globe - first as young studs in the show ring and then, perhaps more notably, through their numerous progeny who have dominated the huacaya show ring circuit. Blaze is the full package and were we to keep her for ourselves, we would look forward to having her in our 2011 Show String. Blaze has the phenotype, confirmation and fleece qualities that will be winning ribbons for her new owner until she is ready to have her own cria. It has been a difficult decision to let her go, but that is what the MOC Sale is all about. Blaze sells with a breeding to any unrestricted TGF Herd Sire. Left up to us, we would match her with Snowmass Royal Challanger who has proven to produce extraordinary consistency of fineness, overall extensive wool coverage from head to toe on his progeny and in color. FMI -contact Ryen and Ursula Munro or 207 415-9381. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.9 4.3 21.9 1.9 44.4 19.5

Silky Grade – (high fashion draperywoven wear and bright fine knit) DRAPE, STRENGHT & COMFORT Royal & Baby 16-23 micron Curvatures 30-50’s The staple length after 1st year averages 4 to 7 inches. Low frequency of crimp medium to deep amplitude fiber grows into defined staples with secondary fibers almost fully developed at birth. Very long staples at birth and have the longest first year staple growth of up to 8.5 inches. The distinguishing value of the silky is low scale, very soft slippery feel, and accentuated brightness. This fleece has the most dramatic difference of the other Royal grades.This fleece has a very unique silky handle thus the name. It also is extremely bright to the eye (low-scale.) This fleece type is very exciting to look at and can vary in depth of amplitude, curvature and visible crimp. The main attributes are the length of staple and the consistency of length over the entire fleece and extremities of the alpaca such as the neck and legs.

Lot #57 Snowmass Best Man’s True North XX ARI#: 31541039

CIS#: 3702

(Male, White)

Date of Birth: Jun 25, 2008

Sire: Snowmass Best Man

Dam: WRA J’Nae

Snowmass Best Man’s True North XX If you are looking for some Best Man Silky-ness to bring into your next generation of fleeces . . . look to Best Man’s True North. He is quite unique in that he not only brings in Quechua’s most sought after Elite white fleece genetics, but other Royal lines which are unique Peruvian Canadian genetics not readily available in the U.S.A. alongside Snowmass Best Man genetics. True North is holding his fineness along with his Silky traits, making him a very exciting and promising young stud with huge potential! Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.0 4.5 23.6 1.9 40.7 18.9 2 18.4 4.8 26.2 2.2 44.4 18.8 Sire: Snowmass Best Man

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Lot #58 Snowmass Snowccoya ARI#: 1065657

CIS#: 1616

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Sep 24, 2004 Dam: Snowmass Accoyo Mistress

Sire: Snowmass Lenox

Snowmass Snowccoya is named for her unique combination of our favorite and Royal Fine Accoyo lineages and Allianza lineages with the touch of Snowmass breeding selection. Snowccoya has produced stunning cria one after another. Her last born this September 2010 is one of the first crias born from a reserved Quechua son, Snowmass Masterplan. We have bred her back this year to one of our finest and most consistent Snowmass Sub Zero sons in play, Snowmass Seven Below. Seven Below is an absolutely stunning male with one of the most remarkable fleeces and histograms ever! O.K. ready? His three year 2010 histogram: 17.1 3.0 17.2 0.4 Spin Fineness 16.2 It just does not get better than this and is quite hard to replicate and why he is in his first year of production this fall. You have a simply amazing female here which is already proven in her production and is ready to produce one of her best yet in 2011. Snowmass Snowccoya was with Snowmass Seven Below from 10/11/2010 to 11/28/2010. Histograms Shearing 1 2 4 5

Lot #59 Snowmass Grace in Lace ARI#: 31778824

(Female, White)

CIS#: 3740 Date of Birth: Sep 16, 2009

Sire: Snowmass Magnus Maximus


Dam: Bliss Amazing Grace

Snowmass Grace in Lace is one of our first Snowmass Magnus Maximus daughters we are offering for sale. Snowmass Magnus Maximus is a revered Quechua son who stood next to Snowmass Elite Legend as Reserve Champion at the International show in 2010. His other showings were at AOBA Nationals 2008 were he took a First Place and Reserve Champion. His Dam is Snowmass Accoyolianza, our leading Accoyo Hemingway daughter who, at thirteen years of age, continues to produce beautiful, healthy, exceptional cria year after year. Magnus Maximus has one of our most favorite fleeces of Quechua sons, BRIGHTNESS and fine consistency with a merino silky character. His first year: AFD 14.7 and this 2010 at five years of age is 19.0 with 2.4 over 30 and a curv of 52.9 an still maintaining great character as well as fineness to compete against younger males in shows and beat them. He is truly a lead Quechua son and highly valued by Snowmass Alpacas. Grace In Lace’s Dam, Bliss Amazing Grace, is from a Legacy x Caligula line crossed with one of our original, highly selected Sollocata import Dams, Ppperuvian Purity 5044. So Grace in Lace is quite unique in her line up . . . she is strong-framed and has a lovely bright fleece and will be very ready to breed in the Spring for a long future of bright Elite fleece progeny. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 20.9 4.2 20.1 2.0 44.5 20.2

AFD 18.4 18.8 19.7 23.2

SD 4.0 3.8 3.9 4.5

CV %>30 21.8 1.2 20.3 1.0 19.9 1.5 19.6 5.8

CURV SPIN Fineness 42.2 18.1 49.9 18.2 53.2 19.0 43.6 22.3

Lot #60 Snowmass Suddenly Dawn ARI#: 31541015

CIS#: 1643

Sire: Snowmass Prince of Peace

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: May 31, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Nova’s Dawn

Snowmass Suddenly Dawn was named as she was born, being such a light color coming from her Dam, Snowmass Nova’s Dawn, who is one of our finest and most prized colored Nova daughters. It was not a surprise, really, as her Sire, Snowmass Prince of Peace, was one of the first and finest fleeced Quechua sons born. Prince of Peace is no ordinary Quechua son either, he is one of the most exquisite fleeced and best looking of them all and holds a 16.9 AFD at five years of age. Suddenly Dawn is the ONLY offspring this year we are selling from Snowmass Prince of Peace as we only have a few of our own and would really like to keep them all. Suddenly Dawn sells with her extraordinary son, Snowmass Dawn’s Early Light at side who is sired by Snowmass Conopa. You must see Dawn’s Early Light in person to truly appreciate the value of him being sold at side with his Dam. We know Suddenly Dawn’s magnificent color genetics should be tapped so we bred her back this year to Snowmass Matrix Majesty, our champion Dark Fawn Matrix Son, all of which makes for one exciting and valued package in Snowmass Suddenly Dawn. Snowmass Suddenly Dawn was with Snowmass Matrix Majesty 8/19/2010 to 11/24/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 16.0 4.0 25.3 0.9 60.4 16.2 2 16.0 4.0 25.3 0.9 60.4 16.2

Lot #61 Snowmass Midnight Moonlight ARI#: 31349680 CIS#: 1351 Sire: Snowmass Incandescence

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Sep 29, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Midnight Shadow

Snowmass Midnight Moonlight was named in tune with her color lineage. Her Dam is a True Jet Black and her Sire a very bright White. So in the Dark of the Night was born a bright White female like the Moonlight in the Night. She is a very lovely female with a beautiful soft handled fleece. She is one to breed to color and or White, as with her lineage she should produce exquisite fleece in any color cria. She has not only Snowmass Nova as leading Black fleeced male but Infinity and Snowmaster via her sire Incandescence: a color collection of the very best in this young female. Last year, we chose to breed her to a leading White Quechua son, Snowmass Accoyo Elite. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of her first cria as this is being written. It will be an exciting package -you will have to come to the sale to see for yourself. Breeding: Snowmass Accoyo Elite Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 20.5 4.0 19.4 1.9 43.5 19.7

Lot #62 Snowmass Vicuna Love ARI#: 31139939

CIS#: 1690

Sire: Snowmass Porteus

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Sep 11, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Quechua’s Vicuna

LOVE at first sight . . . the lineage is all about the LOVE line as well as the pursuit of ROYAL fineness . . . Snowmass Vicuna Love is only being sold to help bring you to the sale as we REALLY should not be selling her, especially in light of the fact that her Sire died this year and so her genetics are that much more important to keep moving forward in the alpaca world. We hold on tight to Snowmass Vicuna Love’s Dam who is one of the only colored Quechua daughters from the revered Cambria line . . . again the Vicuna royal line of our breeding program. We bred Vicuna Love to Snowmass Conopa and she produced a male cria that stands to be one of the best white male crias of 2010 and would be in our 2011 show string. This young male will one day be an exceptional stud to cover color or white and perfect for the breeder looking for a male that can improve white and color in their herd. We bred Snowmass Vicuna Love back to Snowmass Conopa hoping for another just like him but this time a female. This is a great opportunity to own the best piece of Snowmass Conopa and our leading Quechua genetics via our beloved Snowmass Vicuna Love. Snowmass Vicuna Love was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 11/19/2010 to 11/30/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.7 4.7 23.6 2.3 33.7 19.6 3 21.4 3.8 17.7 2.4 42.0 20.3

Lot #63 TGF Subina ARI#: 31908368

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: 06/30/10

Sire: Snowmass Sub Zero

Maiden Dam: MFI Peruvian Savanna

TGF Subina is an excellent example of the consistency that Snowmass Sub-Zero, (Extraordinary and Rare white stud we proudly co-own with Snowmass Alpacas) is producing. We know the term ”elite” gets thrown out there quite a bit but we think Sub Zero is the real deal. His 2009 histogram, at six years of age was AFD-21.2, SD-3.5, CV-16.4, < 30 1.2, SF 19.9 curv 52.7. Exceptional numbers on their on but even more so when looked at in relation to his first year histogram – AFD-16.6, SD -3.1, CV-18.8, >30-0.6 one can see the evidence of lingering fineness and long-term consistency that is so important to our breeding program. Subina is showing solid bone structure, spot on conformation. She was shorn in July and her fleece growth thus far exhibits tightly packed staples with high frequency crimp; density, soft handle and exceptional brightness - a cluster of elite traits we have since seen repeated in the Sub-Zero kids. Subina’s dam, MFI Peruvian Savanna has earned her “grand dam” status. A first generation U.S. Accoyo-Alianza cross, who has made her mark on both Magical Farms and Cas-Cad-Nac Farms before coming to TGF. Savanna is a solid, upright female who breeds and births without incident - every time. Savanna first gave us TGF June Bug who was sold at the 2008 Futurity Show & Sale to Big Hat Ranch in Colorado. Her next cria, TGF Lightening Thief was sold as a juvenile to Double B Ranch in Texas. Subina’s full sister, TGF Subrina sold last year at the MOC Sale to discerning breeders, RobAsia Alpacas. And, we would be remiss in not mentioning Savanna’s role in creating one of the top white Huacaya studs in the United States, CCNF Archangel. Savanna’s first daughter was bred to Legacy Gold and Arch was the result. Sub-Zero further advances the picture by adding his full Sollacota genetics to the mix thus creating TGF Subina - an opportunity for the discerning breeder to purchase a truly elite package of championship genetics. Subrina sells with a breeding to any unrestricted TGF Herd Sire when she’s ready. FMI -contact Ryen and Ursula Munro or 207 415-9381

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Lot #64 Snowmass Royal Rosalina ARI#: 31795692

CIS#: 973

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Sep 7, 2009 Dam: 6440 6Peruvian Rosa Royal

Sire: Snowmass Touche

Royalty in Rosalina . . . a Snowmass Touche daughter from Snowmass Royal Bronze’s Dam, one of the first and most important Royal fine import females we purchased. This is the only Touche daughter we have from this Dam and she is very, very significant. We truly hesitate to sell her, but in fact we have much of her lineage in our herd via her son Snowmass Royal Bronze. This does not make it easier to let her go, as she truly is the ONLY direct daughter to both these very significant alpacas. The combination is powerful and direct. We are breeding Royal Rosalina to one stud who stands in the ROYAL vicuna fine line of fleece with high curvature and excellence abounding in all ways . . . Snowmass Conopa. You are crazy if you don’t bid on this one! Truly one of our best kept secrets here. Snowmass Royal Rosalina was with Snowmass Conopa XXX from 11/9/2010 to 11/19/2010. Breeding: Snowmass Conopa Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 14.3 3.1 21.8 0.1 49.6 14.0

Lot #65 Snowmass Crimson Touch ARI#: 31779036

CIS#: 3739

Sire: Snowmass Touche

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Oct 23, 2009


Dam: Snowmass Crimson Shores

Snowmass Crimson Touch is a true touch of excellence in alpaca genetic lines. She is a graceful female with a very, very dense, bright fleece on a gorgeous, well-balanced frame. She has the classic Snowmass alpaca head that we strive for, as is found in all the alpacas in her lineage. Her sire is one of our favorite all time Snowmass Invincible sons, Snowmass Touche, who was purchased as the high-selling male by Rhonda & Kern Deschner at the 2010 Futurity Sale. This is your opportunity to have some of our most significant lineages in one of the only Snowmass Touche daughters available today. Snowmass Crimson Touch comes with a breeding to one of Snowmass Elite Herdsires when she is of age. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 21.1 4.5 21.2 2.6 33.5 20.5

Lot #66 Snowmass Royal Isis ARI#: 31525619

CIS#: 1515

Sire: Snowmass Royal Reserve

(Female, Light Fawn)

Date of Birth: Oct 7, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Quechua’s Isis

Snowmass ROYAL ISIS is one sweet, awesome beauty all the way around and one of the FEW select females we sell bred to Snowmass Matrix Majesty for a May 2011 cria. She has the Royalty factor X 10. Her sire is one of the finest of Royal Rose and her Dam is one of the finest of the Quechua line. Now she is bred to one of the finest MATRIX sons one magnificent Futurity CHAMPION . . . The result will be a cria you will want to pull the red carpet out for sure . . . Snowmass Royal Isis was with Snowmass Matrix Majesty from 6/8/2010 to 7/5/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 2 18.6 4.6 25.0 1.8 48.0 18.7

Lot #67 Snowmass Royal Victor ARI#: 30408425

CIS#: 1552

Sire: Snowmass Royal Bronze

(Male, Light Brown)

Date of Birth: Jun 20, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Victoria’s Secret

Snowmass Royal Victor is one of the most exquisite fleeced Royal Bronze sons born to date and has a very unique combination of genetics. It’s not just about the Dam and Sire for us in our breeding program, it’s about the match of specific lineages. Snowmass Royal Victor’s are all quite unique in their own combination and why we keep and use so many young studs sired by our lead Studs from our breeding program. This has deepened and enriched our herd beyond our wildest dreams. Snowmass Royal Victor is one of our personal favorites and was lead in our show string which makes for another hard one to release . . . The problem we face is he is too closely related to the color females we would like to breed him with. He has every Elite colored male from our thirty year breeding program to go straight into yours. Royal Rose, Royal Bronze, Andean Gold, Legacy Gold and the Dam lines are just as powerful. Look closely at his lineage and you know he is one to bring Royal Victory into your breeding herd. Showings April 2009 - Third - The Futurity June 2009 - Second - AOBA World Fleece Show Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 14.7 3.7 25.0 0.9 50.6 14.8 3 19.0 4.2 22.1 1.4 48.9 18.6

Royal Alpaca - Some Leading Alpaca Garment Producers and Sellers Comment on Royal Alpaca ALPACA BOUTIQUE Alpacas are often called “Gold of the Andes.” The reason is their extraordinary fiber, which features incredible fineness, warmth, lightweight, softness, and durability. Alpacas produce a luxury fiber that is internationally recognized today as one of the finest fibers in the world. There are many Alpaca products in today’s market. However, not all of them are made of the same quality fiber. At Alpaca Boutique, we guarantee the quality of our products. To help our customers, each of our products has an extensive description that includes the quality of the fiber used to manufacture the garment (for instance “100% Baby Alpaca” or “70% Suri Alpaca, 30% Wool”). In each product description page we also explain what these qualities mean and why they are unique. Our section on Alpaca Fiber provides even more information about Alpacas and their amazing fiber. INCA FASHIONS & ALPACA UNLIMITED • Our sweaters are some of the few certified by the International Alpaca Association and bear the Alpaca Mark of quality! This assures you that you are purchasing the finest quality, pure Alpaca sweaters available anywhere! • Possesses a smooth, non-irritating feel. • Lighter than cashmere, while being stronger, warmer more durable than wool. • Alpaca is naturally water repellant, offers wicking and wonderful thermal insulation! • Products made from Alpaca last for years!

Snowmass Royal Victor

Lot #68 TGF Soul Sister ARI#: 31651356

(Female, Medium Fawn)

Date of Birth: 10/17/09

Maiden Dam: CTF/AG Hart

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challanger

Snowmass Royal Challanger has sired another stunning fawn female that is destined to be a producer of Champions. Royal Challanger has constantly been creating offspring with exceptional fleeces and the true to type phenotype we breed for. His offspring possess bright uniform fleeces with lingering fineness. Ad Soul Sister’s dam, Hart to the mix and you add more color and a lingering fineness that beats the odds. Hart is a top performer both on the farm and in the Show Ring. As new breeders, we purchased Hart just in time to take her to the North American Alpaca Show. This was our very first alpaca show and despite the fact that we had a total of three animals to show, we missed her class! Sadly, that was the end of Hart’s short Halter Show career as she was ready to breed that same spring. In part to make up for our mistake, we entered Hart’s fleece in multiple Fleece Shows (winning 5 Banners) where she was recognized over and over again for the superior qualities we knew she had, Impressive fineness maintained long-term, soft handle consistent character within the staple and across the entire fleece. Hart’s histogram @ 6 yrs old was (20.1, 4.1, 20.6, 2.3, 19.5, curv 43.4, SF 97.7). _ Hart’s offspring have never disappointed us. Her first daughter, Andean Jewel was sold to Magical Farms for $40,000. Hart’s second cria is TGF Hoss - a 6-time Color Champion, is now standing stud here at TGF (co-owned with Pat Badger @ Alpaca Grove). Having Hoss in our Herd Sire line up as well as another daughter, Hart’s Delight retained in our herd, allows us to release Soul Sister and offer her at the 2011 Making of Champions Sale. TGF Soul Sister will be ready to breed in the Spring of 2011 to any unrestricted Herd Sire. Our choice would be Snowmass Legacy Gold because the Challanger Legacy Gold cross is one of the best combinations in our program. FMI -contact Ryen and Ursula Munro or 207 415-9381 Histogram: 2010 - 21.4 4.4 20.7 2.7 20.7 41.8

Lot #69 Snowmass Secret Serenity ARI#: 31139083

CIS#: 1576

(Female, Dark Fawn)

Date of Birth: Aug 30, 2007 Dam: Snowmass Royal Serenity

Sire: Snowmass Prodigy

Snowmass Secret Serenity carries a very golden line of Fawn alpacas which originates from 6535 Peruvian Golden Serenity, one of the finest females we have ever selected via Peruvian Import. We cannot impress upon the significance this line has been for our Fawn lines in our program. We combined the Golden Serenity lines with Snowmass Royal Rose and created one of our best Fawn females ever, “Snowmass Royal Serenity. “ We took this one generation deeper with another very significant Fawn import stud line 9063 5 Peruvian Chaccu and son Snowmass Prodigy, Secret Serenity’s Sire to arrive at Snowmass Secret Serenity. She has a very promising bright, silky fleeced son at the side from Snowmass Challenger. This year we chose to breed her with our Champion Medium Fawn Matrix son who is just beginning his breeding career for Snowmass, Snowmass Golden Legend. The secret to this breeding is that we are lining the GOLDEN SERENITY genetics up with the hopes to create a very strong Fawn genetic line. We have done this with the same lines this year and have about three females we are working with along these lines, so we offer this package for our 2011 Genetic Advancement sale. Snowmass Secret Serenity was with Snowmass Golden Legend from 10/11/2010 to 11/4/2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 21.6 4.9 22.6 4.9 34.6 21.3

Lot #70 Snowmass Oh Be Joyful ARI#: Pending

CIS#: Pending

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Female, Beige)

Date of Birth: Jun 23, 2010


Dam: Snowmass Infinit Joy

You will be oh so joyful in adding this girl to your breeding herd. She is one of the few and special Snowmass Matrix Daughters we have left in our herd that we have highlighted to sell in our 2011 Making of Champion Sale. Oh Be Joyful’s fleece is one with a very fine, high curve, dense fleece. An awesome young Matrix Gem. Since Matrix has left our breeding program, we have selfishly held on to his remaining offspring for ourselves. Well, this year and this year only we are going to present our Best of Matrix from our reserve. This young female offers genetics from Snowmaster, Infinity, Legacy from her Dam added to that of Matrix . . OH be Elite and Joyful genetics here.

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There are many other breeds and cross breeds of sheep that create some interesting variables within these fleece types just as in

alpacas. For reference, the following main sheep breeds are ones we find that best describe what we are seeing in the development of alpaca fleece types.

The only alpaca that does not fall into one of these resembled sheep breeds is the "Incan

Alpaca." These alpaca types are very unique compared to any of these sheep breed types described above. They are closer to the Cashmere goat, Camel, Musk Ox and Tibetan Antelope in fiber type than they are to any sheep breed. Vicu単a type fiber has a very high frequency of crimp which is so concentrated and dense that you can barely recognize crimp at all. The fiber is so fine that one can easily make the mistake of thinking there is not much density at all. Historic studies have shown the vicu単a to be the densest of all fiber bearing animals. The primary fibers are as fine as 16 microns with a 0.5 percent over 30 and secondary fibers as fine as 5 microns with an overall average of 13 microns.

Most of the progress in advancing the alpaca breed have been focused on the "progressive

alpaca" type. The Incan alpaca has been set aside and considered a more primitive type. We are certain that this Incan alpaca, which provided South America a history of Royal fiber unequaled to any produced today, is not to be overlooked. There is a specialized effort underway which involves both South American farmers and experts from many fields to resurrect the breed of Incan Alpaca in South America. They hope to restore the volume of royal fiber they once produced. Our breeding program also employs a strong goal of reproducing this fiber type.

Lot #71 Snowmass Chocolate Obsession ARI#: 31540889

CIS#: 1142

Sire: Snowmass Quechua’s Shahtoosh

(Male, Dark Fawn)

Date of Birth: Jun 27, 2008 Dam: Snowmass Nova’s Delight

Snowmass Chocolate Obsession is one of Grand Snowmass Quechua’s Shahtoosh sons that we offer for a colored breeding program. “Shahtoosh” a Persian word meaning king of fine wools, was the name given to a specific kind of shawl, which was woven with the down hair of the Chiru or Tibetan Antelope. Snowmass Quechua’s Shahtoosh is as fine and wonderful as the best of Chiru and is the King of Fine alpaca wool. Like his brother Matrix, Shatoosh has some color in his background alongside one of the most advanced fleeced alpaca stud males we have ever witnessed in the world, Snowmass Quechua. Chocolate Obsession is the only one from the Nova Line and this type of cross. His Dam brings in rich dark color with the advancements in fineness and consistency we are all looking for. We know that with the Shahtoosh line, you will find cria with fiber much like that of Shahtoosh, but in rich “alpaca” colors. In Chocolate Obsession, you can bring the King of Fine Wool genetics into your herd! Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV 2 19.7 4.3 21.8 1.9 48.7 Sire: Snowmass Quechua Shatoosh

SPIN Fineness 19.3

Lot #72 Arevalo’s Alpacas Peruvian Kiwa ARI#: 30338906 CIS#: 1009

Date of Birth: Jul 16, 2007

(Female, White)

Breeding: Snowmass Chateau

Dam: Arevalo’s Sofia

Sire: Snowmass Sabatier

Arevalo’s Kiwa, like her sire, Snowmass Sabatier, has a very high curvature to her fleece which is extremely dense and continues to maintain a Royal micron. She is one of the few North American Dreambuie lines we have in our herd since his death and Sabatier, her sire, is one of the highest curvature, densest fleeced studs on the ranch. He unfortunately became ill, which has kept him from breeding, but he is recovering and we hope well enough to allow us to breed with him next year. Her first cria, Snowmass Matrix Kiwa, we place very high in our breeding program and she helps us to be able to offer AA Peruvian Kiwa knowing we have the ability to reproduce this exceptional line in our breeding program. We would like to keep her son Matrix in the Moon at side but he will be too young to wean and really needs to be sold at side with his Dam, making this a more exciting package but harder for us to sell. We have bred Arevalo’s Peruvian Kiwa to Snowmass Chateau which will undoubtedly make for a high curvature long staple bright exceptional fleeced cria for you in 2011. Arevalo’s Alpacas Peruvian Kiwa was with Snowmass Chateau in November 2010. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 14.1 4.1 29.3 0.9 58.5 14.8 3 19.6 4.2 21.7 1.3 51.6 19.1

Lot #73 Snowmass Inca’s Best Man ARI#: Pending

CIS#: Pending

Sire: Snowmass Best Man

(Female, White)

Date of Birth: Aug 2, 2010

Breeding: Snowmass Elite Legend

Dam: Snowmass Royal Inca

We wanted to add some young alpacas that are ready for the 2011 show Ring and with great reluctance to let any of our Silky line Snowmass Best Man cria out we are proud to offer this extremely promising young male, Snowmass Inca’s Best Man. His Dam, Snowmass Royal Inca, is one of our finest and best looking Snowmass Royal Challanger daughters who also brings in our lead Fawn Royal fine important Dam 8421 5PEruvian Tapara. Snowmass Inca’s Best Man is unique in the combination of Royal fine vicuna type fleece crossed with one of our Royal Silky type fleeces of Snowmass Best Man. The outcome on the fleece is a very long, very fine, bright fleeced offspring with amazing potential to bring out the best in both white and color breeding programs. He will be sure to add extreme staple length, fineness, brightness and overall fleece consistency for added value in every aspect of your fleece production. Most importantly noted is this fleece has the best fleece weight values. Snowmass Inca’s Best Man is a rare one of a kind!

Lot #74 Snowmass Little Miss Loyalty ARI#: Pending

CIS#: Pending

(Female, Dark Fawn)

Date of Birth: Jul 7, 2010

Sire: Snowmass Chateau(Best Man) pending


Dam: Little Miss Jennifer

We have another beautiful fleeced cria here!!! Snowmass Little Miss Loyalty. Her Dam, Little Miss Jennifer, is an Accoyo PPPeruvian Cahudie Daughter that we bought with great pride many years ago. This Dam has been extremely instrumental in creating some of our best color lines. She is the maternal line that produced Snowmass MATRIX. We really wanted to keep her daughter, Little Miss Loyalty this year and offer her, but we did not realize how old Little Miss Jenifer was. She is in excellent health but she is too old to put through the stress of an Auction. We then thought to offer her daughter Snowmass Legacy Lass, Matrix’s Dam but we realized she too is a bit old (9 yrs), so we said we must offer this year’s daughter, Little Miss Loyalty. Now we are waiting on her DNA as we think she is a Snowmass Chateau daughter, however she was also in a cover field later with Best Man. Her fleece is so bright that we thought it had to be Best Man but Chateau also a Quechua son is producing glorious bright fleeced cria as well and the birth date matches Chateau as sire. We will know soon but not soon enough for printing the catalog so stay tuned. Either one is a winner! Little Miss Loyalty is extremely bright and luminous for a Medium Fawn fleece. We are quite certain her fleece will explode with glorious density as do all these lines as they reach maturity. She is also sister to Nova’s Desert Edge, Legacy Lass, Truly Invincible, Medici, and Matrix Morning Glory. Little Miss Loyalty comes with a breeding to an Elite Snowmass Herdsire when she is ready!!!

Sumptuous Fiber; Extraordinary Rewards! As fineness and quality of wool increases worldwide, prices for the most elite raw materials are increasing exponentially. These days, bales of the finest wools are commanding unheard of prices that seem to increase parallel to fineness. This quest for the best is creating very real incentives for breeders in the alpaca industry, who are set to take advantage of world demand. Luxury brands are now seeking out fiber with the intention of procuring the very finest product for specific endproducts. Loro Piana is a classic Italian global luxury brand run by a regal family from Milan. Brothers Pier Luigi and Sergio have continued their father Loro’s almost obsessive search for the world’s best raw materials. In an effort to maintain their reputation as a top producer of high-end fabrics, they go right to the sources: New Zealand and Australia for wool, China and Mongolia for cashmere and Peru for Vicuña. Loro Piana began buying Vicuña from Peru in 1994 and for a decade had an exclusive contract with the government to buy the animal fleeces, which are used to make $6,000 sweaters and jackets that cost three times as much. In New Zealand and Australia, Loro Piana has bolstered its reputation as a buyer of the highest quality wool by holding an annual competition to see who can come up with the finest fleece. In Mongolia in 1997 the company set up a subsidiary, the first wholly foreign-owned company in the country, to buy cashmere directly from the herders.   “We check everything to make sure it is pure and of the highest quality,” said Pier Luigi Loro Piana. “There is good wine and bad wine; we buy only the good wine.” But Loro Piana is not the only company combing the globe for materials - for example, other companies now handle a third of the Vicuña coming to the market - so Loro Piana is constantly working on the next thing. In Sydney, Australia in 2004, a 90 kilogram bale of merino wool only 11.9 microns thick was sold to winning bidders Kathaytex, a Chinese wool mill, for $670,000. This turned out to be a bargain according to company representative Frank Yao, who had been authorized to pay up to two million for the extremely fine fiber. The wool is destined for high fashion suits and shirts that will sell for around $100,000. The source of this exceptional fiber is Primerino, the brand known to produce the softest wool in the world. Based in the Waroo Hills of Australia, the company has dedicated itself to worldwide production of superfine wool. Alpaca breeders should take note of the recent achievements in the sheep world. It is not a difficult leap to make to foresee alpaca bales commanding such prices. The key is quality and intelligent breeding choices. Top: Pier Luigi Loro Piana holds a vicuña Middle: Frank Yao inspects wool from world record bale Bottom: Guards secure a wool bale from Primerino Right: Snowmass Royal Bales

Lot #75 Snowmass Olympic Triumph ARI#: 31795753

CIS#: 3717

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

(Male, Dark Silver Grey)

Date of Birth: Jun 2, 2009 Dam: Snowmass Olympia

Snowmass Olympic Triumph has a tremendously buttery, bright, dense, silky, long staple grey FANCY extraordinary colored fleece with wonderful character. You should expect nothing but fine from this very fine fleece line both top and bottom and you can expect this to be HIGHLY heritable. His Dam, Snowmass Olympia, remains below 20 microns in her eight year. Her Dam is the very same who at eleven years had an AFD of 15.9. Now, add Matrix proven fine lineage and the match for GREY ELITE is set in this male for HUGE success! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s males like these that make us want to jump straight back into breeding Grey again. Look for him to be breeding in the 2011 season. Histograms Shearing AFD SD CV %>30 CURV SPIN Fineness 1 19.7 4.2 21.4 2.3 36.8 19.2

Appreciating Diversity The greatest value in the alpaca breed we feel is its DIVERSITY - 22 + Natural colors and many grades of fineness. We have learned to understand and respect the diversities found in the alpaca breed (Huacaya). We feel strongly that failure lies in over simplification and trying to put the “perfect” into one alpaca – or, in other words, to create a simplified breed or breed standard for a model alpaca. UNDERSTANDING BASICS VALUES Alpaca fleece usage which has (4) main tiers of textile application based on Micron. Royal 13-19 Baby 20-23 Fine 24-26 STRONG 27+ Our directives were to be breeding alpacas that fit in the ROYAL and BABY end of this business which means purchasing and owning breed stock with the ability to produce this grade of alpaca. Besides fineness grades, we found there were many different styles of crimp, curvature, staple length and scale in our alpacas fleeces. We knew we had to implicitly understand these differences to know what textile value they presented in order to better select those types we wanted and or to change and enhance those that we did not want. We have spent as much time in testing our fleeces as we do sampling and grading so that we can better understand these specific values found in various fleece traits. We have discovered in our breeding program that there are 3 main differences for application in ROYAL fleece types based on type of textile. 1. Vicuña Cashmere 2. Merino 3. Silky

Snowmass Reference Sires - Quechua Enterprises Snowmass Quechua

Snowmass Quechua’s Salvation

Snowmass Quechua’s Highlander

Snowmass Quechua’s Rising Son (Standing in New Zealand)

Snowmass Reference Sires - Quechua Enterprises Snowmass Best Man

Snowmass Elite Legend (Co-owned)

Snowmass Magnus Maximus

Snowmass Accoyo Elite (Standing in Utah)

Snowmass Reference Sires - Quechua Enterprises Snowmass Oracle

Snowmass Navigator

Snowmass Overture

Snowmass Elite Perspective

Snowmass Reference Sires - Quechua Enterprises Snowmass Chateau (Lot #14 - 2011)

Snowmass Prince of Peace

Snowmass Northern Exposure

Snowmass Supreme Impact (Standing in Maine)

Snowmass Reference Sires Snowmass Divine Inspiration (Quechua Enterprises)

Snowmass Matrix Midnight

Snowmass Quechuaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Masterplan (Quechua Enterprises)

Snowmass Absolut

Snowmass Reference Sires Snowmass Quechuaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Continuum

Snowmass Royal Trademark

Snowmass Royal Knight

Snowmass Challenger

Snowmass Reference Sires Snowmass Seven Below

Snowmass Golden Legend

Snowmass Check Mate

Snowmass Matrix Majesty (Co-owned)

Snowmass Reference Sires 6 Peruvian Monarch (Standing in Utah)

Snowmass Snowmasterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hallmark

Snowmass Summit

Snowmass Sub Zero (Co-owned)

Snowmass Reference Sires Snowmass Conopa

Snowmass Infinity

Snowmass Royal Bronze (Lot #8 - 2011)

Snowmass Royal Reserve (Standing in Utah)

Snowmass Reference Sires Snowmass Sterling Legend (Co-owned)

Snowmass Royal Challenger (Co-owned)

Snowmass Odysseus (Standing in New Zealand)

Snowmass Truly Invincible (Co-owned)

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Snowmass Messiah

Snowmass Incaaccoyostar

Snowmass Accoyocusani

Snowmass Snowking

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Snowmass Invincible

Snowmass Perfection

Snowmass Chaccoyo

Snowmass Star Quest

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Snowmass Nova

Snowmass Incan Magic

Snowmass Casanova

Snowmass Andean Bronze

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Snowmass Midnight Magic

Snowmass Porteus

Snowmass Enlightenment

Snowmass Andean Night

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Snowmass XXXtreme

Snowmass Sizlin Hot

Snowmass Legacy Gold

Snowmass Royal Rose

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Peruvian Hemingway G171

Peruvian Don Julio G159

Peruvian Drambuie

5 Peruvian Chaccu 9063

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership 4 Peruvian Legacy 6016

Snowmass Matrix

Peruvian Snowmaster

Snowmass Trilogy

Snowmass Reference Sires In New Ownership Snowmass Satin King

Snowmass Touche

Snowmass Quechuaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Shahtoosh

Snowmass Matrix Rose

Female Breeding Dates Lot 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 15

Female Snowmass Royal Confession Snowmass Matrix Moonflower Snowmass Victorian Rose Snowmass Silky Love Olympia Gold Snowmass Matrix Amber Snowmass Ambrosian Sky Snowmass Heaven’s Starz XX Snowmass Illuminati Snowmass Highland Bells Snowmass Matrix Grace


Snowmass Accoyo Mistress


Snowmass Petite Syrah


Snowmass Celestial Star

20 22 24 25

Snowmass Athena Snowmass Silky Sunshine Snowmass Incan Myst Snowmass Supreme Snowlight

29 31 32 33 36 37 39 41

Snowmass Velvet Promise Snowmass Truly Secret Snowmass Earth Angel Snowmass Matrix Snow Angel XX Snowmass Royal Light Snowmass Sunburst Snowmass Victorian Silk Snowmass Absolutely Silky

42 43 45 46 48 49 50 53

Snowmass Royal Mistress Snowmass XXXcentric Snowmass Royal Vicuna Snowmass Matrix Royale Snowmass XXXtremely Mystical Snowmass XXXtrordinaire Snowmass Secret Wonder Snowmass Quechua’s Accoya XX


Snowmass Rising Grace

55 58 60 61 62 64 66 69 72

Snowmass Neina’s Treasure Snowmass Snowccoya Snowmass Suddenly Dawn Snowmass Midnight Moonlight Snowmass Vicuna Love Snowmass Royal Rosalina Snowmass Royal Isis Snowmass Secret Serenity AA Peruvian Kiwa

Bred To Snowmass Conopa XXX 8/11-11/19/2010 Snowmass Check Mate 7/9-8/22/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 9/8/-11/19/2010 Snowmass Matrix Majesty 6/3-7/5/2010 Snowmass Elite Legend 9/21/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 10/8-11/19/2010 Snowmass Royal Bronze 9/14-9/26/2010 Snowmass Moondance 6/3-9/9/2010 Snowmass Check Mate 7/9-8/22/2010 Snowmass Check Mate 10/21-12/3/2010 Snowmass Messiah’s Moon River 6/8-7/29/2010 Covered by: Snowmass Conopa XXX 7/29-8/23/2010 Snowmass Elite Legend 7/22-7/29/2010 Covered by: Snowmass Divine Inspiration 8/11-8/23/2010 Snowmass Royal Bronze 10/8-10/18/2010 Covered by: Snowmass Quechua’s Innovation 10/22-11/8/2010 Snowmass Elite Legend 5/26-6/8/2010 Covered by: Alteso of PVA 8/11-9/14/2010 Snowmass Elite Legend 6/8-7/12/2010 Snowmass Matrix Majesty 10/8-11/24/2010 Snowmass Royal Bronze 9/16-11/18/2010 Snowmass Elite Legend 6/8-7/12/2010 Covered by: Snowmass Divine Inspiration 8/11-8/23/2010 Snowmass Matrix Midnight 10/29-11/5/2010 Snowmass Matrix Midnight 10/18-10/25/2010 Snowmass Matrix Midnight 10/19-10/25 & 11/8-11/30/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 11/9-11/19/2010 Snowmass Matrix Midnight 10/11-10/29/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 8/11-10/19/2010 Snowmass Challenger 7/20-7/30/2010 Snowmass Elite Legend 7/12-7/29/2010 Snowmass Covered by: Divine Inspiration 8/11-8/23/2010 Snowmass Royal Satin 10/21-11/18/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 11/9-11/19/2010 Snowmass Matrix Majesty 12/8/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 11/9-11/19/2010 Snowmass Matrix Midnight 12/8/2010 Snowmass Matrix Majesty 7/14-11/24/2010 Snowmass Matrix Midnight 10/11-10/29/2010 Snowmass Elite Endurance 7/19-8/5/2010 Covered by: Persistence 8/18-10/7/2010 Snowmass Royal Prophecy 6/3-8/10 Covered by: Alteso of PVA 8/10-8/11/2010 & Snowmass Moondance 8/11-9/9/2010 Snowmass Check Mate 10/8-11/18/2010 Snowmass Seven Below 10/11-11/30/2010 Snowmass Matrix Majesty 8/19-11/24/2010 Snowmass Quechua’s Salvation 12/10/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 11/19-11/29/2010 Snowmass Conopa XXX 11/9-11/19/2010 Snowmass Matrix Majesty 6/8-7/5/2010 Snowmass Golden Legend 10/11-11/4/2010 Snowmass Chateau 12/3/2010

The Corona Ranch

The Corona Ranch is a beautiful place to get away for the weekend and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures of Phoenix, Arizona. (602) 237-3303 We will be offering social functions as well as informative presentations and ongoing discussions during the entire weekend. Our presenters will be available at all times to answer any questions.

Hotels The Legacy Golf Resort - (602) 305-5500 - offers 328 beautifully appointed luxury guest suites housed in 12 separate buildings. Decorated in Spanish mission-style with rich wood cabinetry and earth-toned fabrics, each suite features a full kitchen or kitchenette, spacious living area, and either a balcony or patio overlooking lush tropical courtyards and the golf course . MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY AS THIS WILL BE HIGH SEASON IN ARIZONA

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Snowmass Trend Setter Snowmass Royal Confession Snowmass Matrix Moonflower Snowmass Victorian Rose Snowmass Silky Love TGF Olympia Gold Snowmass Matrix Amber Snowmass Royal Bronze Snowmass Ambrosian Sky Snowmass Heaven’s Starz XX Snowmass Illuminati Snowmass Highland Bells Snowmass Chateau Snowmass Matrix Grace Snowmass Thrill Seeker Snowmass Accoyo Mistress Snowmass Petite Syrah Snowmass Celestial Star Snowmass Athena Snowmass Matrix Magical Charm Snowmass Silky Sunshine Snowmass Royal Distinction Snowmass Incan Myst Snowmass Supreme Snowlight TGF Morning Surprise Snowmass Matrix Gold Snowmass Midnight Shadow Snowmass Velvet Promise Snowmass Quechuan Royalty Snowmass Truly Secret Snowmass Earth Angel Snowmass Matrix Snow Angel XX Snowmass Midnight Enlightenment Snowmass Matrix Adrenaline Rush Snowmass Royal Light Snowmass Sunburst Satin’s Serenity

Male Female Female Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Female Male Female Male Female Female Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Male Female Female Male Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female

(White) (Medium fawn) (Beige) (Dark Fawn) (White) (Dark Fawn) (Medium Fawn) (Light Brown) (Beige) (White) (White) (White) (White) (Beige) (White) (White) (Medium brown) (White) (White) (Beige) (White) (Dark fawn) (Dark brown) (White) (White) (Medium fawn) (True Black) (True black) (Medium brown) (True black) (True black) (White) (Light Rose Grey) (Light fawn grey) (Light fawn) (Beige) (White)

Lot 39 Lot 40 Lot 41 Lot 42 Lot 43 Lot 44 Lot 45 Lot 46 Lot 47 Lot 48 Lot 49 Lot 50 Lot 51 Lot 52 Lot 53 Lot 54 Lot 55 Lot 56 Lot 57 Lot 58 Lot 59 Lot 60 Lot 61 Lot 62 Lot 63 Lot 64 Lot 65 Lot 66 Lot 67 Lot 68 Lot 69 Lot 70 Lot 71 Lot 72 Lot 73 Lot 74 Lot 75

Snowmass Victorian Silk Snowmass Royal Currency Snowmass Absolutely Silky Snowmass Royal Mistress Snowmass XXXcentric Snowmass Chocolate Love Snowmass Royal Vicuna Snowmass Matrix Royale Snowmass XXXtreme Infatuation Snowmass XXXtremely Mystical Snowmass XXXtrordinaire Snowmass Secret Wonder Snowmass Rising Sun Snowmass Isis Angel Snowmass Quechua’s Accoya XX Snowmass Rising Grace Snowmass Neina’s Treasure TGF Blaze Snowmass Best Man’s True North Snowmass Snowccoya Snowmass Grace in Lace Snowmass Suddenly Dawn Snowmass Midnight Moonlight Snowmass Vicuna Love TGF Subina Snowmass Royal Rosalina Snowmass Crimson Touch Snowmass Royal Isis Snowmass Royal Victor TGF Soul Sister Snowmass Secret Serenity Snowmass Oh Be Joyful Snowmass Chocolate Obsession Arevalo’s Alpacas Peruvian Kiwa Snowmass Inca’s Best Man Snowmass Little Miss Loyalty Snowmass Olympic Triumph

Female Male Female Female Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Male Female Male Female Male

(Beige) (White) (White) (Brown roan) (White) (Medium brown) (Light brown) (Beige) (Medium brown) (Medium brown) (True black) (Medium brown) (Medium fawn) (Light fawn) (White) (Beige) (White) (White) (White) (Beige) (White) (White) (Beige) (Beige) (White) (Beige) (White) (Light fawn) (Light brown) (Medium fawn) (Light brown) (Beige) (Light brown) (White) (White) (Dark fawn) (Dark silver grey)

Terms and Conditions of Sale The following Terms and Conditions as amended by any posted notices or announcements by the Auctioneer during the auction, constitute the entire agreement between SNOWMASS ALPACAS LLC, or guest consignors (the Seller), on the one hand , and bidders on the other hand. WARRANTIES • Each maiden female alpaca(s) sold is guaranteed to become pregnant. Each pregnant female alpaca is sold guaranteed to birth a live cria. Warranty ends after the first birth. The Seller is not liable for circumstances beyond their control causing infertility. All female alpacas that are not pregnant and over six months of age come with a no-cost breeding to a non restricted herd sire solely owned by Seller. • A proven female/male alpaca(s) is an alpaca(s) which has already produced a cria. A proven male alpaca is a male that has produced a cria or has successfully impregnated a female alpaca. A proven alpaca(s) will be considered to be fertile. There are no expressed or implied warranties for a proven producer. Newborn crias, six months of age or less, sold with their dams are sold with no expressed nor implied warranties. • A young male alpaca(s) is sold guaranteed to have anatomically correct reproductive organs and will be capable of settling a female before the age of four. Buyer must given written notice to Selling farm of any perceived reproductive defect within 24 months of the auction for a female and 36 months for the sale for a male. A written evaluation must be presented from buyer’s veterinarian disclosing health practices and suspected reasons for infertility. Seller shall have 3 months to verify problem. After confirmation of problem or abnormality, seller shall at Seller’s option, either: (1) replace the alpaca with alpaca of equal quality, (2) give the Buyer credit toward the purchase from Seller of another alpaca of the same or different sex in an amount equal to the total amount of the purchase prices or (3) give a refund price paid at the auction. The Seller is not liable for circumstances beyond their control causing infertility. This includes while the male alpaca(s) is in the possession of the Buyer. Young male alpaca(s) must be full body shorn annually before temperatures exceed 80º Fahrenheit, failure to do so will void the warranty and Buyer’s Insurance policy will be the sole source of remedy. * If abuse or neglect occurs to purchased alpaca(s) while in Buyer’s possession resulting in a lost pregnancy and or infertility, this will nullify all warranties. UNLESS AS EXPRESSLY STATED ABOVE, SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABLITY AND NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NOR DOES THE SELLER MAKE ANY WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO THE AMIMALS IN THIS SALE. The foregoing is the full extent of the responsibility of the Seller and by the way of illustration and not limitation, in no event shall the Seller be liable for incidental or consequential damages, or for any changes or expenses of any nature incurred without Seller’s written permission. TERMS A Cash Sale: Terms of the sale are cash and payment in full must be made to the cashier immediately following purchase; personal checks are to be payable to Celebrity Sales. Seller reserves the right to require a certified check as Settlement before releasing the animal. B Financed Sale: Seller may finance an alpaca(s) with 30% down to be paid immediately following purchase at the auction. The balance may be financed at Prime Rate plus 1% fixed at the time of the auction and adjusted quarterly at 1% plus prime at the option of the Seller. Financing terms are 36 months for males, and 12 months for females sold under $20,000 and up to 36 months for females sold above $20,000. Payments are to be made monthly unless arranged otherwise with seller. Buyer will be required to sign a note, a UCC-1 Form, Sales Contract, and must obtain a non-deductible insurance policy for the amount of money financed with Snowmass Alpacas LLC named as Loss Payee. All late payments will be subject to a $300.00 late fee. The alpaca(s) may not leave the United States until paid in full. Registration papers for a financed alpaca(s) will not be transferred into the Buyer’s name until the financed alpaca(s) has been paid for in full. All crias born from financed females

will be registered in Seller’s name until the alpaca(s) is paid in full. All signed certificates for services performed from financed males will signed by Seller as owner at time of breeding until the alpaca(s) is paid in full. Any and all moneys generated from the financed alpaca(s) including but not limited to the sale of offspring, breeding service, insurance proceeds and the like will go against the unpaid balance owed to the Seller until the balance is paid in full. BIDDING: The highest bidder recognized by the Auctioneer shall be the Buyer. Bids tendered after the fall of the hammer are not valid grounds for dispute. If any dispute arises between two or more bidders or in the event of doubt on the Auctioneer’s part as to the validity of any bid, the Auctioneer will have the final discretion either to determine the successful bidder, or to re-offer and resell the alpaca in question. The Auctioneer’s determination is conclusive and not subject to challenge. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid. Agents Authorization: Persons acting as agents must so indicate on the Sale Ticket. TAPE: A recorded tape will be made of the entire sale which shall be used to settle disputes regarding statements made about animals while they were in the auction ring. TITLE AND DELIVERY: Title passes to the Buyer upon the fall of the hammer. All risk of death or injury to the alpaca becomes the Buyer’s risk upon the fall of the hammer. An “Acknowledgment of Purchase” shall be signed by each buyer following their purchase. Please write your full name and address clearly. Any arrangement for disposition of the alpaca after purchase other than immediate removal must be made directly between Buyer and Seller. REGISTRATION PAPERS: All registration papers will be delivered when the checks clear the bank, or in the case of a financed animal, when the note is paid in full. Buyer is responsible for all transfer fees. DEFAULT OF PURCHASE: If any person shall purchase a lot and not pay for it as described above, the Seller shall have, in addition to all other legal rights, the right to resell the lot, or at Seller’s Option, bring an action for specific performance, in which event the defaulting Buyer agrees to pay all costs of such suite, together with all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. In the event of a resale, the defaulting Buyer agrees to pay all costs of resale, plus any deficiency between the original purchase price and the total purchase price upon resale. TRANSPORTATION: The Buyer, at Buyer’s own expense, shall transport the alpaca(s) from the auction. Any arrangements made for the alpaca(s) after purchase, other than immediate removal, must be made directly between the Buyer and Transporter or Seller. Buyer is responsible for all medical bills. There will be transporters available at the auction to deliver the alpacas to the Buyer’s farm for the Buyer. If buyer needs agistment with Seller, arrangements can be made for alpaca(s) to be transported and boarded at Seller’s Farm. CATALOG: Every effort has been made to ensure correctness of the catalog; however, the Seller is not responsible for errors or omissions. Breeding dates and due dates are recorded as performed and given for your information only and are not guaranteed. Any known corrections shall be announced at the sale. The Auctioneer’s Box announced corrections shall take precedence over any and all statements made in this catalog. NO LIABILITY: Any person attending the auction sale does so at his own risk and no liability, duties, obligations, and/or responsibilities shall be imposed upon Snowmass Alpacas LLC or Celebrity Sales for any accident, injury, mishap, theft, damage, and/or any other harm regardless of the source of imposition. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY OF AUCTIONEER: Neither the Auctioneer, Celebrity Sales, Tim Vincent and/or Tom Simmons, nor any gents, make any representation or warranties whatsoever with respect to the sale animals. All representations contained herein are made by the Seller. GOVERNING LAW: The sale and all transactions between the Buyer and Seller will be governed by the laws of Bonner County in the State of Idaho. IMPORTANT NOTICES ABSENTEE BIDS: Absentee bidding is available as a convenience for Buyers who are unable to attend the auction. These bids are accepted subject to Terms and Conditions of Sale. Although every effort will be made to execute these bids, Seller will not be responsible for error or failure to execute bids. BUYERS ARE URGED TO EXAMINE ALPACAS CAREFULLY AND READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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The Making of Champions - Genetic Advancement Sale 2011  

Catalog of Lots offered for sale from Snowmass Alpacas

The Making of Champions - Genetic Advancement Sale 2011  

Catalog of Lots offered for sale from Snowmass Alpacas