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Academic Support Services For the purpose of withdrawals, term weeks start on Mondays and end on Sundays. No paper withdrawal forms or emails will be accepted. 2. Tuition Refunds • Withdrawals during Week 1 of term: a 20% tuition fee charged to the students account or 80% refund if a full payment is submitted. • Withdrawals during Week 2 of term: a 50% tuition fee charged to the students account or 50% refund if a full payment is submitted. • Withdrawals after Week 2 of term: a 100% tuition fee charged to the students account or no refund if a full payment is submitted. 3. Withdrawal Disputes Withdrawal disputes must be submitted online within 30 days after the end of the semester during which the student withdrew. To submit a dispute, please go to the Course Grievance Form at 4. Financial Aid Disbursements All refunds and withdrawals are subject to review by the financial aid department and students who withdraw may be responsible for paying back part or all of their financial aid disbursement for that term. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 603.645.9645 for details.

University Initiated Withdrawals • First week: The university will withdraw students who do not participate in the class during the first week of term. Participation is determined within Blackboard by a discussion board, wiki, or blog posting and/or an assignment submission. Students who do not participate during the first week forfeit their rights to be reinstated into the course. Both the faculty member and the Online administrations should make a good faith effort to contact students before withdrawing them by sending an email from their SNHU email address to the student’s SNHU email address. Polices (#1 - #4) apply to this withdrawal. • By Instructor: Once a student has missed enough classes that the instructor believes that the student cannot meet the goals of the course within the remaining time frame, at the instructor’s discretion the student may be given a failing grade, withdrawn from the class, or be considered for an incomplete (I) and given a defined period to complete remaining course work. Faculty members may give a student an incomplete grade in a course only if the student and instructor have agreed, in advance, to plan or schedule for completion. Withdrawal is instructor-initiated due to lack of attendance or unusual circumstances, not as a method to prevent low grades. Prior to withdrawing the student, the faculty member should attempt to contact the student and should issue a warning. This contact is made by sending an email

from their SNHU email address to the student’s SNHU email address. No withdrawals are permitted during the last week of the term. Polices (#1 - #4) apply to this withdrawal. • By Administration: The University reserves the right to withdraw students who fail to meet financial or academic obligations or who, because of misconduct, disrupt the academic process. Polices (#1 - #4) apply to this withdrawal. This may result in no refund of charges. Merely ceasing to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal either academically or financially. The registrar will automatically assign an “F” grade when the student has neither officially withdrawn from the course or has not been officially withdrawn by the University.

Questions? If you have any questions regarding the withdrawal policy, please contact the SNHU Online office at 866.860.0449 or email

SNHU Student ID card Each student will receive an SNHU Student ID card from their center of record. Full-time day undergraduate students and full-time graduate Manchester campus students will receive a photo ID card. School of Professional and Continuing Education evening and online students will receive a non-photo ID card. These cards are the property of SNHU and must be forfeited upon request. Student ID cards for full-time undergraduate and full-time graduate students hold meal plan monies for on-campus students. Penmen Change can also be added to the ID card which can be used at the bookstore, laundry machines and vending machines. A student or parent can add money to Penmen Change in the Bursar’s Office or by depositing cash at a machine outside the bookstore. Penmen Cash can also be added to the student ID card at the Food Service office or on the Web site Penmen Cash can also be used in the bookstore, cafeteria and various outside locations posted on the Web site. ID cards are also a form of access cards for resident students on the Manchester campus. With a proximity system, the student needs only to place his/her card in front of the lock and the lock will open. Due to the multiple monies and functions of these cards there is a replacement fee if lost or stolen and when replaced all access and functions of the lost or stolen card are shut off.


SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog