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Tuition and Expenses

Tuition and Expenses

Undergraduate Day New Student Orientation New students in fall New students in spring

2009-2010 Costs Per Semester Tuition Undergraduate Day


Annually $26,112

SNHU Online/School of Professional and Continuing Education SNHU Advantage Program $834/3 credit course SNHU Manchester $906/3 credit course SNHU Maine $567/3 credit course SNHU Nashua $906/3 credit course SNHU Online $906/3 credit course SNHU Online Military $675/3 credit course SNHU Salem $906/3 credit course SNHU Seacoast Center $906/3 credit course Housing:

Per Semester


Dormitory Single



Double: Winnisquam, Chocorua



Double: Washington, New Castle, Hampton, Windsor



Apartments Eastside Westside Townhouses

$4,580 $3,700 $4,580

$9,160 $7,400 $9,160

Dining Plans: Dormitory freshman, new, and returning student Dining Options Plan 1 $1,770 $3,540 Plan 2 $1,450 $2,900 Returning Dormitory Student buy-in Option Plan 3 $990 $1,980 Apartment & Townhouse Options (Apartment and Townhouse residents can buy-in on any plan) Plan 4 $845 $1,690 Plan 5 $610 $1,220

$150 $50

Undergraduate Day Student Fees: TMS Payment Plan Enrollment Fee Late Tuition Payment Fee Student Activities Fee

$120 $150 each occurrence $165 per semester

University Wide Fees: Parking Fee (Manchester) $100-$150 per year (depending on commuter or resident status) Transcript Fee (first unofficial transcript is free)

$5 each

Graduation Fee (undergraduate & graduate degrees) $150 Duplicate Diploma Fee Deposits Domestic Day Undergraduate Tuition Deposit Housing Room Deposit Housing Security Deposit ILE Undergraduate Student Deposits ILE Graduate Student Deposits

$30 $300 $100 $100 $250 $350

SNHU OneCard Replacement


Student ID Replacement


Note: If an undergraduate day student plans to enroll in fewer than 12 credit hours, please inquire about undergraduate day courses per-credit-hour charges by special arrangement.

Culinary Fees Culinary students must purchase a uniform and set of knives. Students are subject to additional university fees applicable to full-time day students, including health insurance, graduation fee, cooperative education fee and others. Participation in culinary competitions may incur additional costs.

Institute for Language Education applicable per ILE terms

English Second Language Tuition and Fees

Senior Citizens

Tuition: $2,610/term Room & Board: $2,544/term Fees: $95/term Insurance: $164/term Transitional Bridge Program Tuition and Fees: $2,610 Room & Board: Fall & Spring terms: $5,088 Room & Board: Summer term: $1,765 Insurance: Fall & Spring terms: $328 Insurance: Summer term: $164 Graduate Language Studies Tuition: $1,722/term

Southern New Hampshire University encourages senior citizens who wish to continue learning throughout their lives. Therefore, individuals age 65 or older may attend classes for free at any of the university centers on a space-available basis. Those individuals who enroll in hybrid courses or those who wish to receive university credits or pursue a degree may also enroll on a space-available basis and will be charged only 50 percent of the current tuition rate. These policies are at the discretion of the Dean of the School of Professional and Continuing Education.

Undergraduate Day Credit Overload per credit rate (costs will vary)

Undergraduate Day Student Payment, Refund and Deposit Policies

Health Insurance (Undergraduate Domestic) $555 per year (payable with first semester charges)

Deposit Policy Following acceptance to Southern New Hampshire University, undergraduate day students need to confirm their inten21

SNHU Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010  

Southern New Hampshire University 2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog