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Summer 2011 - Volume 3 Snellville Spirit Magazine is produced by : Snellville Tourism & Trade Association P.O Box 669 Snellville, GA 30078 Website: Snellville Tourism and Trade Association’s mission is to promote business, tourism and events in the city of Snellville.

President Don Britt

Vice-President Kelly McAloon


Aysha Cooper

Treasurer Paul Slifko

Board Member Gretchen Schulz

Board Member Brian Pendley

Board Member Deborah Parks

Board Member Susan Chappelear

Board Member Sam Roper

Executive Director Joe Burnett

Mayor of Snellville Jerry Oberholtzer

City Council

Barbara Bender (Mayor Pro-Tem), Tom Witts, Mike Sabbagh, Kelly Kautz, and Tod Warner Snellville City Website: Magazine Design by Accent South Media, Inc.

Dear Snellville Supporter: In our third edition of Snellville Spirit magazine, the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association (STAT) is pleased once again to showcase the exciting changes taking place in our great community while celebrating our people and our special history. The City Council has adopted the concept of a new Town Center plan for the City of Snellville as well as a new branding statement incorporating the history of Snellville with the spelling of “Towne Center” and the introduction of the “@” sign as an assent to the future technological progress. The result is “Towne Center @ Snellville”. STAT had an exciting Spring with the 38th annual Snellville Days Festival and Parade. The second year of the awardwinning Snellville Farmers Market opened on May 14th with over 50 vendors. The first Craft and Antique Village opened on the first Saturday in June with 16 great vendors. STAT produced its first Popcorn in the Park outdoor movie event in Briscoe Park on June 11th with over 350 people in attendance. The largest weekend of the Summer took place on June 17th and 18th with the Sizzlin Snellville Summer Weekend. The first events brought great crowds. Unfortunately, the stormy weather required the Grill’n on the Green event to end early. But that was all forgotten when between 15,000 and 20,000 people showed up for the biggest 4th of July celebration in history on July 3rd with Star Spangled Snellville. We want to thank the great folks at Snellville First Baptist Church for allowing us to partner with them. Welcome to our new Editor, Kathy Emanuel, who, with design firm Accent South Media, has helped expand departments in this third edition of Snellville Spirit Magazine. All of this progress could not take place without the support of our members, our sponsors and our advertisers. Please take the time to support and thank each one of them as you do business in Snellville. Stay up to date with the latest STAT happenings at Best Regards, Don Britt, President

Snellville Spirit Editor - Kathy Emanuel Cover Illustration by Clark Patterson Lee


Letter from the Mayor The cover illustration of Oak Road and Clower Street as envisioned in The Towne Center @ Snellville master plan inspires me to engage in a little daydreaming. What if it really happened – City leadership, businesses, and residents hard at work engaging each other in a partnership to create a walkable, vibrant, inviting, community and commerce gathering place. Sure, this is a grand idea. It might be the effect of the summer heat, but I believe that we can do it. There is already much happening around the City. This, the third edition of the Snellville Spirit, highlights the opening of the new Public Works facility, the expanded opportunities at the “Sizzling Summer Weekend”, the Star Spangled Snellville July 4th activities, the ongoing Snellville Farmers’ Market, the first Craft Village and the upcoming 2nd Annual Fall Festival. The partnership with Entrepreneur Advisors to offer leading edge business growth education and the opening of several new business is encouraging news for the economic growth of our city. In the Community News section there are stories on the organizations in our city attempting to help others in our community and include many ways you can get involved. I encourage each of you to bring your passion and participate in Snellville where ...

Everybody is PROUD to be Somebody. Sincerely, Jerry Oberholtzer, Mayor

A Resolution for the new Towne Center plan continues to excite the Mayor and City Council. Pictured left to right, Jerry Oberholtzer (Mayor), Tod Warner, Barbara Bender (Mayor Pro-Tem), Kelly Kautz, Tom Witts, and Mike Sabbagh. For more information about City Council meetings and minutes, visit


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Hello Future! The New Towne Center @ Snellville


Hello Friends, Hello Opportunity, Hello Future, These three phrases herald the new Towne Center vision about which we are hearing so much. I like the sound of them. Don’t you? You’ll find more information on this new Towne Center plan in the feature article. Welcome to the third issue of the Snellville Spirit. All the people who contribute to Snellville Spirit (and there are many) are working hard to improve it with each issue. I just signed on as Editor, so I am “the new kid on the block”, but I join with them in the desire to make Snellville Spirit a magazine that Snellville can find entertaining and informative – a magazine of which all of Snellville can be proud. We hope you enjoy the city employee profiles which features city employees from different departments and what their job’s entail. The opening of the New Public Works Building is interesting and I find it encouraging that any government can do anything and stay under budget! And please don’t miss the gorgeous pictures from Snellville Days taken by the talented students from the Gwinnett Tech Photography Program! We need your help. Please send us your ideas and comments. If there is information that you think would be helpful or interesting – tell us. If you have some great recipes – send them. If we include something you particularly like – tell us. Conversely, if we include a section that makes you snooze – tell us. If your organization has an interesting event, or is one of the many local organizations that needs help to serve the people of Snellville who are less fortunate – yea, I know you’ve got it by now, but I have to say it – tell us. Our Fall issue will be to you around the middle of October and then this year we are doing a special Bonus Holiday issue. Please send me any Holiday events that your organizations have planned. But I am especially interested in your individual Holiday Traditions for a special section in the Holiday issue. Thanks so much for your help in making Snellville Spirit “your” magazine. Kathy




The New Towne Center @ Snellville

The Towne Center Spark Building on the existing strengths of our city, the objective of The Towne Center Vision and Master Plan is to create a spark that reignites commerce and community in Snellville.

The Snellville Farmer’s Market, perceived to be the symbol of the future – the way things could and should be, provides the fuel for the spark and illuminates the ground swell in the community for civic participation. The Towne Center @ Snellville is the catalyst to reverse the perception that Snellville is a crossroads that people travel through, but don’t stop to visit and shop. Bringing commerce and community together is a key goal for The Towne Center @ Snellville plan and celebrates and offers a place for the rich diversity that is evident in


the community to come together. As The Towne Center master plan comes together, community is the goal. Seeking to bridge (or tunnel) the “rivers” that flow through Snellville to connect The Towne Center districts, and the unique Snellvilles. An alliance of entrepreneurs, both new and existing enterprises, organizations and citizens are coming together to enhance the mission of the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association and the Commerce Club and build on the success of the Farmers’ Market. This alliance is supported by the Snellville Entrepreneurs Council. The alliance includes collaborations with South Gwinnett High School, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Eastside Medical Center, and others. The spark created by The Towne Center @ Snellville vision will continue to seek engagement by business and community members. This big plan will continue through the cooperative energies of the businesses in The Towne Center @ Snellville.

Where Commerce Meets Emily Brown Snellville Economic Development Department Here in the Economic Development office, we are wired. Not like drinking-coffee-all-day wired, but rather, wired to the internet for the newest and best thinking about developing local economies. A blog post by the nationally renowned retail consultant Rick Segel recently stood out to us. With the tagline, “If you dislike change, you are going to have a hard time coping with irrelevance,” the post explained the importance of utilizing internet tools to build a business. Businesses that post useful information connect with their audience and build trust. Soon, businesses in Snellville will have the chance to try these tactics for themselves, when the first ever Snellville Social Media Series launches. We’ll be visiting local businesses, taping short segments where they give a “biz/per” or an insider tip, then posting it on Youtube. And if you are intrigued by these ideas, come to the next Entrepreneur Symposium, to be held on August 26th from 8:00 am to 12 pm at South Gwinnett High School.

Change is afoot in Snellville. Plans for The Towne Center @ Snellville are in the works, and with it comes a new branding strategy for the development that proclaims “Hello Opportunity,” “Hello Friends,” and “Hello Future.” These cheerful messages greet a new day for the city, while remaining rooted in the friendly, small-town culture that makes this a great community. The development of The Towne Center @ Snellville will bring new retail, office and housing options to the heart of Snellville, transforming it into a pedestrian friendly, downtown environment. While it is a change, new development can be seen as an opportunity. Already, the announcement of The Towne Center @ Snellville has brought attention from regional news sources such as the Atlanta Business Chronicle, which calls Snellville “fertile ground” for entrepreneurs. The Economic Development office is here to help you grow your business or start a new enterprise. We are excited and engaged, and ready to work with you to make Snellville the best place for your business to thrive. If you’d like to talk about how to use the internet to your best advantage, if you want to participate in the Social Messaging Series, or attend an Entrepreneur Symposium, or if you have questions about The Towne Center @ Snellville email or

Feature: The New Towne Center @ Snellville


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Community News


Public Works Building is Open for Business

The Snellville City Council and Public Works Officials help Mayor Oberholtzer officially open the new building. On May 17th, with members of the City Council, Public Works Director Gaye Johnson and a number of city employees assembled in front of Snellville’s new Public Works building, Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer cut the ribbon to officially open the 13,000 square foot facility. For Public Works Department employees, who are responsible for sanitation, recycling and maintenance within the city, the ribbon-cutting ceremony couldn’t have come soon enough. They have been working in an old, cramped facility in Briscoe Park for years, and the new building will allow them function with much greater efficiency. The new Public Works building is adjacent to the city’s recycling center on Marigold Drive, and contains considerably more office and shop space than the old facility. The additional space will not only allow the department to operate more efficiently, it will enable better utilization of equipment and resources. As has become typical of Snellville city projects, the Public Works facility was completed on schedule and under budget. The project


was paid for by 2009 SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) funds and is debt-free. According to Craig Barton, the department’s Maintenance Manager, “The new facility gives us the storage and work space we need to handle maintenance and keep our equipment indoors. (Public Works maintains and services all city-owned vehicles including police vehicles, in addition to its own cars, trucks and equipment.) The new building will not only increase the longevity of our equipment, it will also allow us to be better prepared to respond to events like snow and ice storms. If we have everything inside, we can be loaded up and ready to go because we won’t have to deal with equipment and materials that must be cleaned off and warmed up before they can be used.” The building’s increased office space also contributes to greater efficiency. Public Works is responsible for the city’s storm water program, which includes inspections and reports required by the state Environmental Protection Division (EPD). Those reports, and the attendant record keeping, require space that was previously unavailable and electronic equipment that had to be shared. That’s no longer the case, so employees can now use their time much more effectively. Snellville’s Public Works Department is an important part of the city’s success, and that fact may be more widely known than you realize. During the tour that followed the ribboncutting, representatives of at least two other Gwinnett County cities looked over the facility very carefully—trying to learn how to do things right for their own cities.

The new building has room for servicing and maintaining all of the city’s vehicles. It also has room for housing properly equipped vehicles indoors, when severe weather is anticipated, so they are ready to respond immediately when needed

August 2nd, 6-8pm

Police dogs demonstrate their crime fighting talents for spectators at the 2010 National Night Out Against Crime. The Snellville Police Department will be hosting it’s annual National Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday, August 2, from 6pm to 8pm at The Towne Center Green. The event is free and all Snellville citizens and members of the business community are invited to attend. The informative evening will begin with the raising of the flag and the National Anthem. Members of the Police Department including Chief of Police, Roy Whitehead will be available for questions and will be showing police vehicles with the latest crime-fighting accessories, tactical equipment and weapons, and the always popular K-9 demonstrations.

The Snellville MOMS Club supports at-home Moms

Smiles at a strawberry picking field trip The Snellville Moms Club® (Moms Offering Moms Support) would like to extend an invitation to all Snellville at-home mothers to join and participate in the their many activities.

Representatives from the Snellville Police Explorers Post 805 will be available to discuss this unique unit that focuses on law enforcement education for teenagers. The Snellville Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association will be there with information regarding the Citizen’s Police Academy. Also attending will be the Snellville WorkIntelligence-Network (WIN), a group of local merchants and bankers who meet regularly to share information with law enforcement to help detect, deter and report criminal activity. Local colleges will be offering information on Criminal Justice programs and Home security vendors will also be presenting information. A variety of brochures focusing on safety, drug prevention and related topics will be available. Child fingerprinting IDs will also be available. This event offers an opportunity for the residents of Snellville to connect with their local police department and learn how they can take an active part in promoting not only their own security and safety, but how they can contribute to the efforts of their local police to make all of Snellville a safer place to live and work. National Night Out Against Crime is a nationwide effort to heighten awareness of crime and strengthen the public’s participation in local anticrime efforts. The event this year is especially meaningful since the Snellville Police Department recently moved into its new state-ofthe-art facility near City Hall. This event is sponsored by the Snellville Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association and Target Corporation.

Community News

National Night Out Against Crime

The MOMS Club is an International non-profit organization specifically for at-home mothers everywhere (over 2400 chapters all over the world). The group gives full-time and part-time at-home mothers support by providing opportunities to interact with other mothers and their children. Activities are scheduled during the day, Monday through Friday, and because being an at-home mother often means making a financial sacrifice, dues are only $20 per year. The local club holds monthly meetings with informative speakers and discussions; playgroups, park days, pool days, kids crafts, lunch outings, field trips, and seasonal children’s parties; activity groups for mothers, such as a book club, recipe swaps, and a monthly MOMS night out; and service projects helping children and mothers in our community. The MOMS Club of Snellville has been supporting at-home moms in the area since May 1998. They meet monthly on the first Wednesday of each month. To visit, or for more information about the Snellville chapter, please see our website: or contact the The local chapter includes zip codes 30078 and 30039.


Summer Lunch Program needs help Many of our local children depend on the free and reduced lunch program provided by our schools. But what happens during summer vacation, when these lunches are no longer available? According to the Southeastern Gwinnett Co-op, over 50% of the children in schools covered by their service area use the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program. This equates to 1 out of every 2 children losing this important meal during the summer months. The Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry and the Must Ministries are joining together to provide a Free Summer Lunch Program to address this need and volunteers are greatly needed. Volunteers are needed at our host site helping to check, pack, and distribute lunches. Volunteer as a driver and deliver these precious lunches straight into the communities and hand them to the children. Also needed are pledges for complete lunches. To meet the current commitment, approximately 400 lunches per day will be needed in the Snellville area. According to Laura Drake at the SE Gwinnett Co-op website, “This is a frightening prospect for these families that are already struggling. But unfortunately this is reality for many of our children. I say “our” children because there is no excuse for any child to go hungry when we have the ability to do something about it.” Please contact Carol Love at gwinnettsummerlunch@ or Laura Drake at ldrake@ for more information.

Food Donations for the SE Food Co-op The Southeast Gwinnett Co-op continues to need donations of food and money in order to continue with their mission to help those in our community who need assistance. Below is a list of most needed items. Donations may be dropped off at the co-op during operating hours of Monday - 10am to 2pm, Thursday - 3pm to 7pm, and Friday - 10am to 2pm at 1200 Athens Highway, Grayson, GA 30017, Phone: (770) 985-5229; or at any collection barrel around the community. For additional information: 10

Congratulations Gail! Gail Deal, who currently serves as Chair of Snellville Parks & Recreation Board, was honored for her years of service to the city. In addition to serving on the Parks & Recreation Board, Gail also volunteers in a number of other capacities.

Keeping Snellville Clean & Beautiful Our City, Our Community. We can help keep it clean and beautiful. Spring has brought out the flowers, but also over grown yards and weeds. In an effort to enhance the overall beauty and cleanliness of the City, we would like to remind our citizens to properly maintain their properties and to encourage their neighbors to do so as well. We are aware that there may be reasons for keeping that non-operational vehicle but keep it in the garage or other place where it is not inviting a code enforcement officer to come out and issue a citation. Regarding trash, debris and yard clippings piling up in the front yard – call the Department of Public Works and they will be more than glad to assist you with the disposal of the trash and debris. Also, signs in the rights-of-way are not permitted in the City of Snellville. There are ordinances in place protecting the citizens and their property values and they will be enforced. But it would certainly be much better to take care of these issues before being cited and fined. If you have any questions concerning the City’s ordinances or wish to report an unsightly property, you may email us at www.quality of or call our hotline at (770) 985-3519.

Some of the Items Needed: Soup Rice Ramen Noodles Dried Beans Canned Milk Chili Fruit Grits Baking Mix Powdered Milk Any canned vegetables Vegetable Oil Ketchup Mayonnaise Salad Dressing

Peanut Butter Jelly Spaghetti Sauce Cereal Flour\Sugar Crackers Laundry Detergent Green Beans Corn

Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization filled with community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities and the world. This summer, Rotary Club of Gwinnett Sunrise is focusing on the needs in their community. This summer the Rotary Club of Gwinnett Sunrise has partnered with the SE Cooperative Ministries and MUST Ministries to deliver free sack lunches to children in our area who participate in the free and reduced lunch during the school year.

Lions Club needs your:

used eyeglasses, cell phones & hearing aids The Snellville Lions Club is proud to be a contributor to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, which has served as a beacon of hope to many uninsured or underinsured Georgians for over 60 years. The Lighthouse provides eyeglasses, exams, surgeries, and hearing aids that give Georgia residents the opportunity to see and hear again. Medical providers greatly discount their services for the Lighthouse. For every $1 donated to the Lighthouse, $5 worth of medical services are provided to Georgia’s hearing or sight impaired. In addition, the Lighthouse Foundation sends 100,000 pairs of recycled eyeglasses to developing countries each year. In 2010, the Lighthouse provided services in 158 out of 159 Georgia counties, facilitated over 300 eye surgeries, provided over 5,400 eyeglasses or exams to 3,556 Georgians and 986 people received 1,810 hearing aids through our new digital aid program. The Snellville Lions Club accepts donations of used eyeglasses of all types - single vision, bifocals, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, and non-

Community News

The Rotary and Summer Lunches

Many children in Gwinnett County receive free and reduced lunches through the public school system and very often the parents of these children cannot afford to provide that meal for their children during the summer. That is where Rotary stepped was able to help. In conjunction with the Southeastern Gwinnett Coop ( partnered with MUST Ministries our Rotary is providing lunches to children in two neighborhood areas with the Snellville United Methodist serving as the host site. The two areas chosen for this program were based on need. MUST has been doing this program for several years in Cobb and Paulding Counties where they are delivering over 4000 lunches every day. The goal is to deliver 400 lunches daily every weekday this summer (except for Memorial Day and July 4th) from the churches that support the SE Gwinnett Co-Op, community organizations (Rotary), and local businesses. We encourage all to come alongside and participate in helping children in need this summer! If you are interested in finding out how you too can be a Rotarian, please join the club at its weekly meeting on Tuesday morning at Summit Chase Country Club for breakfast at 7:30am. What a great way to start off your business day, with fellow Rotarians and community partners. The club is open to anyone interested in finding out more about Rotary. Come and learn how you can get involved in activities locally and globally.

prescription sunglasses. We also accept donations of cell phones and hearing aids as part of our Cells for Sight program. If you would like to donate any of these items or place a collection box in your place of business, please contact Harold Walker at 404-376-2126 or e-mail him at hewalker7@ Come to one of our many fundraisers and experience our community spirit as well as partaking in our delicious funnel cakes, hot dogs, hamburgers, and other delicious goodies. Visitors are always welcome at the Club Meetings, which are held the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Walton EMC Building, 3645 Lenora Church Road, Snellville GA 30039 Lions clubs have no religious, political, or business affiliation. The clubs exist solely to pool their skills, talents and resources for the betterment of the community. If you would like information on any future fundraising events, to participate in any Lions Club activities or to join the organization, contact Marlene Gillman at Future Fundraisers: September 26th – Golf Tournament Summit Chase Country Club October 1st & 2nd – Elisha Winn Festival


Snellville City Employees In this special series we will profile Snellville City Employees, giving readers an inside perspective on the leadership behind the scenes. We will take a look at three individuals who you may not recognize at the grocery store, but who work tirelessly for you every day. Although they have very different roles, they have the same priorities: to serve and protect you and your families.

Tina Chisholm

Records Administrator Snellville Police Department “Never a dull moment” is how Tina describes being a records administrator at the police department. In addition to greeting and assisting citizens when they first arrive in the lobby, Tina and her coworker are responsible for maintaining, organizing and distributing all the paperwork and reports that are processed through the department. This includes arrest records, incident reports, accident reports, family violence reports, citations and witness statements. One of her responsibilities is the UCR, the Uniform Crime Report, which is compiled monthly and submitted to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI compiles

Harmit Bedi

Director of Planning & Development Snellville City Hall Director Bedi joined the Snellville planning and development team in 2008 and has also worked in the planning and development departments of Savannah, Duluth, Woodstock, Sugar Hill, and Sandy Springs, as well as Chatham and Bryan Counties. Harmit’s job responsibilities include coordinating and administrating the City’s development review process to ensure compliance with the City’s comprehensive plan; zoning ordinances; property development regulations and other related codes, ordinances, and policies. He is responsible for reviewing site plans, building plans, planning applications, and overseeing the quality of life division. After Harmit has studied and reviewed the vast amount of material that comes across his desk to make sure it adheres to all Snellville and the County’s codes and ordinances, he then makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.


UCRs from other cities and counties and submits its state report to the FBI. Next time you hear a newscast with national crime statistics, remember that Tina supplied some of the data. Tina is G.C.I.C. (Georgia Criminal Information Center) certified which allows her to perform background checks (including criminal records). And amazingly often, when someone comes in to request a background report, she uncovers an outstanding warrant. When that happens, the person has to be held while the investigators take over and determine whether the person has to be taken into custody. But according to Tina, one of the most interesting parts of her job is when she gets to do “detective work” requested by the G.B.I. or F.B.I. Considering all the varied aspects of her job, it may seem a bit amazing that Tina states her primary responsibility, as it is with every member of the Snellville Police Department, is to serve and insure the safety of the citizens and visitors of Snellville. Tina has lived in Snellville for 39 years, raised 2 grown daughters and has a 5 year old grandson with a new granddaughter “on the way.”

Harmit is also responsible for providing staff support to the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. Joe Williams, Chairman of the Planning Commission notes “His eagerness and willingness to work with the citizens and applicants to help them through the complicated process is a huge attribute and one you don’t always find in those who hold his position.” In addition, Harmit monitors the city’s development and growth to meet the challenges of future. Harmit is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and has masters degrees in City and Regional Planning, Public and International Affairs, and Geography. He also has a Certificate in Management Development from the Carl Institute of Governments at UGA, Athens, Georgia. He is an Affiliate Assistant Professor at Georgia Gwinnett College, Kennesaw State University, and Georgia Southern University where he educates students of Public Administration in Urban Management and Urban Planning. In addition he is passionate about the sport of cricket. He states, “I am committed to making Snellville the most desirable community to live, work, play and raise a family”. Harmit invites you to share your ideas with him via email at or by calling 770-985-3514.

Detective/Investigator Snellville Police Department Time management and organization aren’t what you consider necessary skills for a police investigator. But Detective Patrick Sullivan maintains that they are both absolutely essential. According to Sullivan, “Most investigators in our department may have between 50 to 200 cases open at any time. We may be waiting for incoming information, for them to come to trial, or any number of other things, but we need to keep track of every case and work each one any time we can. The O.S.S.I computer program is a great resource to help keep all open cases active and up to date, by flagging dates and actions required. It’s a resource that many police departments do not have available.” Detective Sullivan notes, “Law enforcement in real life is nothing like you see on television. We do not get useable fingerprints at every crime scene, we don’t identify victims in 10 minutes with DNA, and we rarely solve a crime in 60 minutes.” Those considerations aside, Patrick loves his work because every day is different. Whether it involves reviewing video surveillance, interviewing victims or witnesses, testifying in court, following up leads, filing reports for the District Attorney, working with probation officers or doing

the ever- present paperwork, it is always interesting, and always involves a great deal of basic legwork. When asked what he considers the most misunderstood part of being a law enforcement officer, he pointed out that many people have the attitude that the police are “out to get them”. If you’re a criminal, that is definitely true, but if you’re a law-abiding citizen, it’s certainly not. According to Patrick one of the most important jobs of a law enforcement officer is being a teacher and often a counselor. He states, “We must educate and interact with the public to be truly effective at our jobs. Our primary responsibility is the safety of our citizens and to serve the community. The best way to do that is to be proactive and accessible.” When asked what the citizens could do to help the police, he affirmed that the people in the community can be one of the department’s most valuable resources by being the “eyes and ears” of the police. Patrick states, “No one can know your neighborhood as well as you do, so if you see something you think is not the way it should be, don’t hesitate to call us. It is our job to check it out. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing, but often there is something that needs to be investigated or leads us to something else. The citizen can be like the sixth person on the basketball team.” Patrick is married with kids, and worked for the Dekalb County Police Department before joining the Snellville Department. He is a runner and participated in this year’s Peachtree Road Race.

Community News

Patrick Sullivan

“Get ‘Em Up”

Takes on a Whole New Meaning

A Snellville Police Officer participates by playing a burglar in one of the exercises during a class of the Snellville Citizen Police Academy course On Thursday, September 15th the Snellville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association will be holding a bake sale between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm at the Texas Roadhouse, 1969 Dogwood Road in Snellville.

The Alumni Association continues to raise money to assist in purchasing needed equipment for the Snellville Police Department. Past items purchased by the Association were laptops for the Criminal Investigation Division, a fully training dog for the K-9 unit, spotlights for police cars, push bumpers for patrol cars, special uniforms for the bicycle officers, tinted windows on the Detective’s automobiles, and repainting of several patrol cars. In addition to providing much needed equipment, the association has also been active in raising funds to support an injured Snellville officer. Other future fundraisers include the 6th annual Golf Tournament on Monday October 3rd, to be held at Summit Chase Country Club, with lunch to be provided by the Texas Roadhouse. On October 20th they will again be hosting the very popular “Tip A Cop” event at O’Charleys restaurant at 2049 Scenic Highway in Snellville. Come on out and let a Snellville cop be your waiter! The Association is also planning a 5k run for the Spring. For more information on any of the upcoming events, contact Mary Fergus, President of the Alumni Association at


Snellville Business and Commerce News Entrepreneur Symposium Program

The Snellville Commerce Club and the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association

Where Business Thrives

August 26, October 7 & November 18

The Snellville Commerce Club was established in 1984 and meets the first Tuesday of the month for lunch at 12:00pm – 1:00pm. In 2011, the Commerce Club became the official business marketing organization of Snellville Tourism & Trade (STAT), a city-chartered organization charged with promoting business, tourism and events in Snellville. The purpose of the organization is to establish and promote programs that strengthen the ties among members, their respective businesses, and the community. Providing informed guest speakers and an opportunity to “network” and interact with other business people and community leaders has proved to be an excellent tool to developing economic growth in Snellville. And by actively participating in philanthropy with non-profit organizations, members are able to contribute to their community. Guests may attend one regular monthly meeting at no charge. Thereafter, guests must either pay $15 per meeting or join the organization. One of the most rewarding activities is the sponsorship of the College Scholarship Program. Recipients must be active in either DECA or the FBLA-PBL organizations. 2011 recipients were Aida Syrkett of Brookwood High School and Erika Galdamez of South Gwinnett High School.

Did you know we will have access to world class entrepreneurship education right here in Snellville? The Economic Development office partnering with Atlanta-based Entrepreneur Advisors will offer monthly Entrepreneur Symposiums, simulcast from Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Center to Charlotte, Shanghai and Snellville. Speakers have been selected from the nation’s top entrepreneurs and leaders, on Friday, July 15, Kathy Betty, the owner of Atlanta’s WNBA team “the Atlanta Dream” spoke to those assembled along with Lieutenant General Russel L. Honore, the leader of Task Force Katrina. Atlanta business leaders will also be contributing their expertise on subjects such as building your brand and retaining customers. A Networking Breakfast starting at 7:00 am will be followed by the Symposium Programming from 8:0011:00 and lunch will be served afterwards in the South Gwinnett High School Auditorium. The lineup is new every month, and inspiration and education is guaranteed. Future dates for the Entrepreneur Symposium are scheduled for Friday, August 26th, Friday, October 7th, and Friday, November 18th . The cost is $45 with a $20 discount for Commerce Club/STAT members.

More information on STAT and the Commerce Club may be found at www.

Registration is available through Call Eric Van Otteren at (770)-985-3502 Email to:

Commerce Club/STAT Corporate Members

We’ve included a list of the corporate members below. It is their contributions, through their dues, their corporate sponsorships and the volunteers they provide that help provide some of the activities being hosted by STAT. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to thank them for their support. A Better Sign A Daisy A Day A Step Ahead Performing Arts Studio AAC Solutions Group, LLC Accent South Media Adsmart Promotions Anazao Salon Barry Greene - Chiropractor Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More Blitz Communications Brookwood High School Chick-Fil-A City of Snellville Cobble Creek Studios & the James H. Ankrom Gallery Computer Troubleshooters Covenant Counseling & Family Resource Center DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Design Instincts, LLC Dreams n Themes Events


Eastside Medical Center Eastside Orthocare Eternal Hills Funeral Home Fantasia Travel Flagstar Bank Georgia Property Restoration Gryphon Antiques Gwinnett Daily Post Gwinnett Foot, Ankle & Leg Center Hamilton Financial, PC Harbren Data System Hilltop Pawn Home Instead Senior Care IronStone Bank J&M Tire and Auto Service John R Ulmer, CPA, PC John W Simmons DMD PC Kaiser Permanante LaQuinta Inn & Suites Lee Insurance Agency Legacy Academy Snellville

Liberty Mutual Group LPL Financial Michael T. Byrne, PC Mountainview Eye Associates New London School of Driving NJP Procraft Northeast Georgia Council, Boy Scouts of America Northside Brokers Odd Job Bob, Inc. Parkview Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Unit Positively Pools, Inc Scott Chiropractic PC Sharlene M Randolph, CPA PC Shred Green Site ROI, Inc. Snell’s Pharmacy Snellville Lions Club Snellville Middle School Snellville United Methodist Church

State Farm Insurance Stevi B’s Pizza Snellville / YPP, Inc. Summit Chase Country Club Suntrust Bank Temple Beth David Texas Roadhouse The Beck Law Firm, LLC The Blind Ladies The Family Tree Garden Center The Gwinnett Citizen Tom Wages Funeral Service United Community Bank Vines Mansion Walton EMC Webb, Tanner, Powell, Mertz & Wilson LLP Westminster Presbyterian Church World Numismatics Inc. YSS Athletics Inc


Events & Happenings

STAT produced its first Popcorn in the Park outdoor movie at Briscoe Park on the evening of June 11th to an appreciative crowd of over 350 people. Face painters, novelties, a bounce house as well as movie food satisfied the anxious kids as they waited for the sun to set and the movie-“Diary of a Wimpy Kid-2”-to begin. The next Popcorn in the Park event is scheduled for July 16th and will feature the movie “Rio” produced by the creators of Ice Age.

STAT’s first event of the Sizzling Summer weekend was kicked off Friday, June 17th. Live! On the Lawn was presented by About Face Skin Care and featured a great Banks and Shane concert on the Towne Green benefitting Dream House, a charity supporting medically fragile children. A great crowd enjoyed the good weather and the Banks and Shane band was so great, attendees were quite literally dancing in the aisles.

Grill’n on the

GREEN The next day, Saturday June 18th, dawned with the first Run of the Ville, a half marathon and 5K run at Briscoe Park from 7-11:00 am presented by Eastside Medical Center. Over 300 runners braved high temperatures as they completed the 13.1 mile course through some of Snellville’s beautiful neighborhoods.


Following the Farmers Market, the last event of the weekend, Grill’n on the Green opened on Saturday at 3pm and was to feature a grilling competition between 25 cook teams, restaurants and backyard grillers. The Green was filled with great crafts and specialty products as well as the Main Stage featuring four of the areas great bands. Everyone was sad to see this wonderful event come to an early close as a storm moved in.

Events & Happenings

The Largest 4th of July event in Snellville! The Snellville Tourism & Trade Association and The First Baptist Church of Snellville joined forces to create an unforgettable Independence Day experience for Snellville residents on July 3rd. Beginning at 3pm, the Towne Green opposite City Hall came alive with the sounds of Don Law, culminating with the 50 piece Celebration Orchestra from First Baptist performing patriotic songs prior to the fireworks show. The fantastic fireworks were accompanied by a stirring rendition of recorded march music. Food was available for purchase from Texas Roadhouse, The Varsity, Rey’s Cuban Cafe, T&C Concessions and a host of others. Guests were able to participate in activities including watermelon and pie eating contests. Across Main Street, The First Baptist of Snellville again hosted their American Celebration, featuring a car show, inflatable rides and games, food from restaurants including Uncle Betty’s and Papa John’s. At dusk, the skies lit up with an incredible fireworks display at 9:30 which lasted 30 minutes. Star Spangled Snellville was sponsored by Summit Chase Country Club, Anazao Salon, About Face Skin Care and The Gwinnett Citizen.

Thank you, First Baptist Church of Snellville! Your generous continued contributions helped make Star Spangled Snellville and An American Celebration events to remember!


Snellville Days Festival and Parade Spring 2011 got started with a bang with the 38th annual Snellville Days Festival and Parade. The parade kicked off the weekend of May 7th and 8th in the Towne Center featuring over 70 units, 3 bands, over 400 people, 10 animals and Santa on his way to Florida to remind everyone that it was 230 days until the Lighting of the Christmas Tree. The day then focused on Briscoe Park where the entire park was brimming with activity from a center food court to over 150 arts and crafts booths. Two stages at both ends of the park featured local talent amazing everyone with their enthusiasm. The kids were the center of everything as they ran from activity

1st Place

to activity, stood spellbound before the huge inflatable structures where they were able to slide, jump and/or float to their hearts content. Talented students from Gwinnett Tech’s photography program came out to film Snellville Days and were gracious enough to let us show their photos. Their work shows the fun of Snellville Days far better than any story we could write. They shot many photos and obviously we couldn’t print them all, so with much deliberation we narrowed the number down. Then we had a distinguished panel of judges (who shall remain forever nameless) judge their favorite two photos.



Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights

Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights


nda Dodd Photo by Mira

Aeria ris Martin at Photo by Ch

l Highlights

Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights

Photo by Miranda Dodd

Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights

Events & Happenings

Chris Photo by

hlights Aerial Hig Martin at

Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights

Photo by Miranda Dodd

Photo by Miranda Dodd

nda Dodd Photo by Mira

Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights

Photo by Chris Martin at Aeri

al Highlights

Photo by Chris Martin at Aerial Highlights

Photo by Miranda Dodd


Snellville Farmers’ Market and Craft Village

Ribbon cutting for the Craft Village

The Farmers’ Market The second annual award-winning Snellville Farmers’ Market opened on May 14th with over 50 vendors. Over 1,200 customers are drawn to one of the largest farmers’ markets in the region to stroll, look, buy and most of all to have fun. Kids and dogs meet and greet each other, while parents shop, chat and munch on the samples offered by many vendors. In addition to great (and very reasonably priced) fresh produce, vendors offer pasta, locally made honey, granola, spices, cooking rubs, fresh breads, fresh flowers, cakes, cookies and biscotti. Gretchen Schulz, chairman of the Farmers’ Market Committee credits the volunteers for much of the success. “We are determined to maintain the high quality standards that were set the first year, and have been assisted in this by the great vendors who have joined our market.” states Gretchen. The Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday morning on the Towne Green lawn, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

VOTE for the Snellville Farmers’ Market! The annual America’s Favorite Farmers Market Contest has begun and the Snellville Farmers’ Market is aiming to be the #1 market in nation in 2011. Last year we were so proud to be voted #2 during our inaugural year, but this year we’re shooting for top recognition. Please take the time to will take less than one minute!

Go to and follow the link to vote! 20

Mark your calendar for the first Saturday of each month, now through October. On those Saturdays the Snellville Farmers’ Market gets bigger and better with the addition of the once-monthly Craft Village. The first was held on the first Saturday of June. “The very first Craft Village was a huge success, thanks to the wonderful volunteers who made it possible and the wide variety of goodies our fantastic vendors had to offer,” said Susan Chappelear, the Snellville Farmers’ Market committee member who coordinates the Craft Village. The Craft Village was added to the Snellville Farmers’ Market this season providing a venue for local craftspeople and artisans. “We want the market to remain a true farmers’ market so we accept only a few craftspeople and their crafts must relate to food or gardening,” said Gretchen Schulz, who chairs the Snellville Farmers’ Market committee. The Craft Village has room for about 20 booths. Crafts offered include jewelry, pottery, paintings, wood crafts and carvings, paper art and handmade baby items. Ralph Greene, a Snellville woodworker, was among the vendors. “We were very successful for a four-hour day,” he said. “Thanks to all for such hard work. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to participate.” Future Craft Villages will be held on July 2, August 6, September 3 and October 1. The Craft Village is located on the City Hall lawn, just across Oak Road from the Snellville Farmers’ Market. Hours are 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Events & Happenings

The Craft Village


Events & Happenings

Mark your Calendar! 10/22/11 Join us for another celebration of Snellville at the 2nd Annual Fall Festival. Anticipating over 70 Arts and Craft vendors, there will be another fun filled day packed with exciting activities. Experience the flavors of Snellville with many local restaurants. Back by popular demand will be the Rock Wall, Bucking Bull Ride, numerous inflatable’s and the ever popular Hay Rides. Lots of treats will be offered at the Kid’s Costume Contest, join in the Pumpkin decorating or bring out your creative side and enter the Scarecrow Contest offering cash prizes. Who is the best baker in Snellville? Put your culinary skills to the test and compete in the “Best PIE and CAKE Contest.” Visit www.snellvillepride. com for contest forms. We do have a few surprises for you this year so stay tuned to the next edition of the Snellville Spirit Magazine for more details.

It’s Local! It’s News! Would you like to share a story?

email: or call (770) 963-3699



The Snellville Puzzler




5 6


8 12






20 22 24







23 25 26 27




3 5 7 8 13 15 17 18 19 22 23 25 26 28 29

Down Saturday morning on the Towne Greene Neighbor to the East Snellville Thoroughfare Snellville Police Chief Corner of Hwy 78 and Skyland Ouch Repair Former Snellville Mayor Where everyone is ____ to be Somebody Snellville’s 1st name _____hurst Street Snellville Tourism and Trade acronym Snellville City Council Corner of Wisteria & Clower 2250 Oak Road Lenore Church green spot

1 2 4 6 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 18 21 23 27

18 miles west November 26, 2011 event Golf course in Snellville Mayor Source of Snellville information Snellville Parkway 1st Snellville business Non South Road Street by hospital Snellville entertainment Star Spangled Snellville New _______ Works Building McGee Road athletic area Home town magazine Street named for a tree

Solution on page 29


Our Founding Fathers: Snell and Sawyer Sybil Pate Deacon, Past President of Snellville Historical Society

Joseph Thomas Snell Born: October 3, 1856 in Roche, Cornwell, England Died: february 28, 1896 in Snellville Georgia Buried: Lithonia City Cemetery, Lithonia, Georgia

James Sawyer Born: January 30, 1857, London, England Died: May 1, 1948 in Snellville Georgia Buried: Snellville Historical Cemetery, Snellville, Georgia


The first settlers in the southern part of Gwinnett County now known as Snellville were the Creek Indians. One of their burial sites was Lanier Mountain and for almost two centuries residents of Snellville have found arrowheads, broken pottery, tomahawks, pipes and other evidence of the Indians’ presence. After the county of Gwinnett was established in 1818, many families moved to the southern part of the county where they found rich timber, fertile soil and abundant streams. As the population increased, churches were established with Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Raymond Hill Baptist Church and Zoar Methodist Church being three of the first. Although people were moving to this area, there was little commercialism. Families traveled many miles to purchase needed items for their homes, families and farms. In 1874 two teenaged boys in London, England dreamed of coming to America to fight Indians. The young men were Thomas Snell and James Sawyer. They planned a secret voyage to the United States, but Tom Snell’s parents found out about the trip and disallowed his going. Sawyer and his brother Charles left England March 18, 1874 and arrived in New York on April 1, 1874. They left New York and eventually settled in Madison County, Georgia where they worked on a farm for $10.00 a month. Thomas Snell’s parents finally consented to letting him join his friends. They traveled through Jefferson and Lawrenceville and found work at the farm of A.A. Dyer which was located off Hewatt Road near what is now R.D. Head Elementary. Charles left his brother James and friend, Tom, and in time settled in Alabama where he worked in the turpentine industry. Shortly after his twenty-first birthday in 1878, James Sawyer left Snell, who was still working on the Dyer farm, and traveled back to England to claim an inheritance. In August 1879, Sawyer returned to America and eventually rejoined his friend. When the friends were in London, they worked for a general merchandise business, and after James returned to Georgia, the friends decided to open a store in the area they now called New London. In the latter part of 1879, the men built a wood frame building and began operation. Later the structure was enclosed in granite. The business became very successful. Bartering goods was a common practice in rural areas, and Snell and Sawyer printed store money with Snell’s picture on it for use by their customers. Clients traveled from as far away as Athens and the trip to buy supplies usually required an overnight stay. The only accommodation available to the travelers was a large chestnut oak grove in which the people camped. There was a well in the front yard of the Snell-Sawyer store that provided water for customers and their animals.

Snellville History

Sawyer’s store at what would become US Highway 78 and SR Highway 124

Downtown Snellville in 1952

For some unknown reason, although there are many theories, after a few years the partnership dissolved. Mr. Sawyer retained his business in the granite building, and Mr. Snell opened his own store in a granite building across the street. Mr. Snell’s mother, still in London, encouraged her son to change the name of the area from New London to Snellville. In 1885, Mr. Sawyer opened the first post office in Snellville, located in his store. In 1896, at the age of 39, Mr. Snell died from complications of appendicitis. He was buried on Brownlee Mountain, now known as Nob Hill, but his grave was later moved to Lithonia. James Sawyer operated his store until the 1940’s when he retired due to visual impairment. He died in 1948 at the age of 91. He is buried in a mausoleum in the Snellville Historical Cemetery. Prior to his death, Mr. Sawyer had a casket made for himself by a local cabinet maker. He kept the casket standing in a corner of his house.

Photo courtesy of the Snellville Historical Society

Photo by Annette P. Clower, Photo courtesy of the Snellville Historical Society

The town of Snellville continued to grow, and on August 20, 1923 it received its charter of incorporation by the General Assembly of Georgia. Gladstone Snell was Snellville’s first mayor. In the late 1920’s the charter became dormant and remained so until the 1940’s at which time W.C. Britt became mayor. During his administration the city limits were extended to one mile from the center of town. After Mr. Britt’s term of office the charter again become dormant and remained so until after World War II. When the charter was activated in 1947, Arthur Stancil became mayor. The first schools in the Snellville area were one-room schoolhouses. In the fall of 1922 Snellville Consolidated School opened. The building housed students in first through twelfth grade. It was a large granite structure facing 78 Hwy located on property now owned by The Brand Bank, the Krystal Restaurant and Snellville United Methodist Church. With the growth in population, the granite school added more classrooms. This addition was later used as city hall.


Parks & Recreation Summer 2011 Activities T. W. Briscoe Park, 250 Sawyer Pkwy., Park Office (770) 985-3535


(Require 14 days notice)


Rental times 8 to 10am 10:30am to 12:30pm 1 to 3 pm 3:30 to 5:30pm, 6 to 8pm We have 4 outdoor open air covered pavilions holding from 35 to 50 people and 1 gazebo holding 10. Non-profit or Individual Snellville City limit residents $35/2hrs Gwinnett County residents $50/2 hrs Outside Gwinnett County $60/2 hrs Business/For Profit Snellville City limit residents $70/2hrs Gwinnett County residents $85/2 hrs Outside Gwinnett County $95/2 hrs

OPEN – MAY 28 – SEP 5 Mon-Thu 12-6pm;Fri-Sun 12-7pm with reduced hours when school starts; Ages 4-49 $4/all others $1 Registration for swim lessons and pool passes are being taken in the office Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.


Swim lessons are $45 for Snellville City limit residents/ $60 for non-residents per 2 wk class

Pavilion: air-conditioned – holds 35

Tap-Ballet Class

Rental times: any 4 hour time period between 7 am and 10 pm $100 refundable deposit and:

Non-profit or Individual Snellville City limit residents $85/4 hrs Gwinnett County residents $115/4 hrs Outside Gwinnett County $125/4 hrs Business/For Profit Snellville City limit residents $135/4 hrs Gwinnett County residents $160/3 hrs Outside Gwinnett County $170/3 hrs

Meeting room/ park office holds 100 $200 refundable deposit and:

Non-profit or Individual Snellville City limit residents $200/4 hrs Gwinnett County residents $260/4 hrs Outside Gwinnett County $270/4 hrs Business/For Profit Snellville City limit residents $335/4 hrs Gwinnett County residents $395/4 hrs Outside Gwinnett County $405/4 hrs Contact Matt Wright at our park office for field rentals or ongoing rentals for classes or activities.



Combines tap and ballet for 45 mins Ages 3-5 meet Tuesdays 4-4:45 pm Fee: $81

Hip-Hop Dance Class Learn to dance hip-hop style! Ages 6+ meet Thurs 4-4:45 pm Fee: $81 Contact Robyn Donaldson at 770-934-8848 to register or go to NO REGISTRATIONS AT THE PARK

(Require 14 days notice)

SUMMER YOUTH SOCCER CAMPS Bluesprings Youth Soccer Association (770) 466-7177 Camps will be held at Briscoe Park NO REGISTRATIONS AT THE PARK

Under 10 Quick Start Tennis - USTA Jr Team Tennis 4 wk program-starts 8/13 Saturday 9-10am; Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm $10 per hour. Contact Coach Jones at 404-642-8393 or

Creativity is Cool - arts and crafts 5 week program; Mon/Wed/Fri 6 to 10 year olds (9 to 11am);11 to 14 year olds (11am to 1:30pm) Contact Tamara Madden 770-978-6146; or

Gimmie Some Sports Presents: “Snellville Adult Flag Football League at Briscoe” $295.00 per team/plus referee fee $20.00 per game @ $2.00 per person 8 games/plus playoff; $50.00-free agent; For detailed information contact Alvin Hill- (678) 920-4136 or

Zumba Fitness Class (Mon/Wed/Fri), 10:30-11:30am; Park Office (lower level)

Classes $5 each w/advance purchase of 10 class punch card;$7 drop in rate . Contact Caressa 404-484-4117 or

Popcorn in the Park Free Outdoor Movies (5:00to10:30pm)

July 16 RIO from the creators of Ice Age Inflatables, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream and more for an additional charge.

Parks & Recreation Summer 2011 Activities

Summer Youth Soccer Camps

Fall Youth Soccer played at Briscoe Park

Registrations for 2011 Fall Season will be held on Saturday August 13th and Saturday August 20th from 10am to 2pm in the Betty Michael Room. Contact Blue Springs Soccer at 770-466-7177 for more information.

Tennis Courts AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS WITHOUT LIGHTS (24/7) Tennis lessons are available. Contact USPTR Certified Instructor, Jean Hagan at 770-469-5966


Senior Center Schedule for July, August & September Call Senior Center at 770-985-3580 for more information and/or additions to the program 2350 Oak Road

Exercise Opportunities Aerobics

Mondays/Thursdays 9:15 Low Impact 10:15 Intermed. Impact First Come, First Serve. Maximum of 35 participants per class.


10:00AM - Tuesdays – (meet upstairs) 10:00AM - Fridays – (meet downstairs) $3.00/class

Weight Room Participants must be trained prior to using equipment. TRAINING CLASSES July 21 - 12:00PM August 16 - 12:00PM

New Aerobics Schedule

Participation will be on a first come first serve basis on the day of the class. Sign-ups will begin at 9:00 for the 9:15 class. Sign-ups will begin at 9:45 for the 10:15 class. A Maximum number of 35 participants will be allowed in each class.

Social & Educational Opportunities Canasta

12:00PM - Mondays Volunteer Coordinator: Louise Howell - 678-225-0560


12:00PM - Thursdays Volunteer Coordinator: Vicki Williams - 770-972-1124


1:00PM - 1st Friday of Each Month Participants are asked to bring a snack to share.


9:00AM - Mondays With the Keenagers Snellville AMF Lanes Volunteer Coordinator: Joanne Fuller - 770-962-2567

Crochet/Knitting 11:00AM - Tuesdays – FREE Volunteer Coordinator: Delrose Johnson FREE


Mondays & Thursdays 9:00AM - Beginner - 11:00AM - Advanced 12:15PM - Intermediate Ongoing Classes - Instructor: Jane Moore $25/ Month

Local MeetingGroups Keenagers

Monday Mornings - Bowling at AMF Snellville 9:00AM Tuesday Mornings Breakfast Club at Krystal’s 8:00AM 1st Wednesday - Business Meeting 10:00AM 2nd Wednesday - Luncheon 12:00PM We welcome new members to this group. There is no separate membership fee to join this group. For more information, contact Joanne Fuller at 770-962-2567.


August 10 - Covered Dish. Entertainment by Dolly O’Dell. Come laugh and have fun with Dolly.

Designing Grandmothers

A non-profit organization which supports children’s medical problems. Our national charity is CURE Childhood cancer. You do not need to be a grandmother to join. 2nd Monday Each Month 10:30AM—1:00PM Marlene Buchanan 770-972-5595 Barbara Rowlins 770-972-9481 Emory Eastside Auxiliary Card Club Dee Wells 770-985-8511 H2U - Health to You 4th Wednesday - Business Meeting 2:00PM-3:30PM 4th Friday - Bingo - 1:00PM Annie Copeland 770-982-2358

Quilting Groups Wednesdays 10:00AM Brenda Smiley 770-979-2511 Bellsouth Telecom Pioneers 3rd Tuesday 10:30AM Tom McDugald 770-938-6075

Sign-Up for the following events at the Front Desk

Computer Classes

August 9 - August 26 – (3-week class) Minimum 4 participants to hold class Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays Intermediate Class -10:30AM-12:00PM Beginning Class- 1:00PM-2:30PM $40.00

AARP Driver Safety Class

Life Line Screening

Snellville Senior Center Friday, July 29, 2011 9:15-3:00 Appointments You MUST pre-register for the screenings by calling Life Line1-800-643-6075 or 678-462-3702.

Senior Center Cookout and BINGO Wednesday, August 31 – NOON FREE

Gwinnett Christian Terrace Tour and Lunch Thursday, August 11 FREE We will leave the center around 10:30am. Please sign-up at the front desk

Senior Dances

4th Friday July 22 & August 26 7:30pm - 10:30pm $10.00 per person For more information contact J.R. Stallworth, 770-676-9931.

Chick-Fil-A Corporate Tour in Atlanta

Senior Center Schedule for July, August & September

Keenager Luncheons

September 13

2011 Snellville Senior Center Memberships

July 1 - December 31, 2011 Memberships for the remaining year are available: City Limits of Snellville Residents $9.00 County Residents $15.00 Additional persons from the same household receive a $5.00 Discount. Call the Senior Center at 770-985-3580 for more information

Wednesday, August 17 and Friday, August 19 – 9:30-12:30 $12-AARP member $14-AAPR non-members How to Sell Your House – Free July 20 or August 17 – 11:00AM

Flower Power Class Thursday, August 18 – 1:00-3:00pm $10.00 Come make beautiful flowers using material and jewels turning them into pins, hair assessories, etc. Sign-up at front desk.

Painting Classes

Every Thursday - 1:00-3:00pm $40.00/ 4 classes - Supplies Included OR $20.00/ 4 classes - Bring Your Own Supplies Instructor: Lynne Ulmer

A S 4 F A R ME R S MA R K E T T N U L E 5 M L OGANV I L L E M N L 6 7 O 8 H I G H WA Y 7 8 T V B WH I T E H E A D T A I 9 10 11 E W R C G N L 14 12 13 R W T S O U T H G WI N N E T T O L N H . R N A N R E E 15 16 O S E M O R Y E A S T S I D E 17 E 4 T T W L N E 18 L E BRET T HARREL L T E L P ROUD A H R E O Z L A U 20 R L O O E N 19 N E W L O N D O N B S C E N I C H W Y 21 S F A L D R V E 22 L A 23 S T J D I O I PI NE G ST AT N O U G N L C A P E R L H T 24 25 P L ANNI NG COUNCI L L E Y T H E R L I E 26 27 . P O L I C E D E P A R T ME N T N A 28 P OS T OF F I CE A T A G T R K R 29 E G K BRI S COE P ARK 1




Snellville Recipes Crusty Cream Cheese Poundcake 1 cup butter 1/2 cup shortening (Crisco) 8 oz. cream cheese 3 cups of sugar 3 cups of cake flour 6 eggs 1 tablespoon of vanilla Preheat oven to 350 degrees Grease and flour a 10 inch tube pan Cream butter and shortening together until well blended. Slowly add sugar and cream until fluffy. Add cream cheese and beat until well blended. Add flour and eggs - beginning and ending with flour - add 1 cup of flour and beat well - add 2 eggs and beat well - add 1/2 cup of flour and beat well - add 2 eggs and beat well - add 1 cup of flour and beat well. Add vanilla and mix well. Pour into prepared pan and bake 1 hour and 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool in pan for at least an hour. Contributed by Susan Chappelear

Brownie Trifle 1 pkg. brownie mix (19.8 oz.) 2 - 3.2 oz. pkg. Instant Chocolate mousse 2 - 8 oz. pkg. of chocolate Heath English Toffee Bit 1 lg. container of Cool Whip 1/4 cup of Coffee (Praline) liquor or Kahlua Bake brownie mix as directed in (9x13) pan. While hot, prick and brush with 1.4 cup liquor. Cool. Prepare mousse as directed. Crumble brownie in trifle bowl, top with mousse and Heath Bar bits followed by a layer of Cool Whip. Repeat layers. Refrigerate. Best if made the night before. Contributed by Kelly McAloon


Bourbon Pecan Pie Preheat oven to 350 degrees 1/2 recipe All-Butter pie crust 3 large eggs 1 cup dark corn syrup 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla 1 tablespoon bourbon ( Wild Turkey 101 works best) 2 cups pecan pieces Roll dough into a perfect circle slightly less than 1/4 inches thick. Press into the bottom and up the sides of a 9 inch tart pan - set aside. In a large bowl, combine eggs, corn syrup, sugar, butter and vanilla. Add bourboon and pecans - stir to combine and pour into tart pan. Bake approximately 50 minutes Contributed by Susan Chappelear Send your favorite Fall & Christmas recipes to

Healthy. Skin.Results.

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770-935-FACE (3223)

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FREE Initial Consultation

1561 Janmar Road, Suite A Snellville, GA 30078 (Located behind Lowes.) About Face Skin Care is a proud sponsor

of Snellville Tourism and Trade

Your Source for Party Supplies GWINNETT RENTAL

RESIDENTIAL • HOMEOWNERS PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTORS LAWRENCEVILLE 770 962-4060 225 Industrial Park Dr. Lawrenceville (1 Block Off Of Hwy. 20)


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