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What’s What With Swimming

Swimming pairing between elementary, university classes explained By Shayd Young Journalist

Do you like swimming and live in the St. Paul area? If so you should try swimming at the Hamline University swimming pool. Students in grades four and five from Hamline Elementary swim at the university’s pool as part of the collaboration’s academic pairings. Swimming is a sport that also competes on a collegiate level at Hamline. Mr. Johnson’s fourth grade class, Mrs. Hvidhyld, Mr.

Opinion: Swimming Rocks Our Socks Off

Gjerde, and Ms. Smith’s fifth grade classes are examples of classes that go swimming at Hamline University once a month. Children and students can learn swimming techniques like floating, paddling, or playing games like Marco polo. Hamline teachers instruct students in swimming while going over the rules of the pool. Shortly after, students

have a chance to ask questions. Students usually are happy to swim at the Hamline pool, and very few students want to leave this opportunity. Not many teachers swim at the university, but teachers do take pictures of students swimming while having fun. Teachers push their students to have fun and use the pool as a good way to exercise.

Swimming is a good sport because it is a very active experience that allows you move a lot and lose weight. Also, you can build muscle mass. Did you know swimming regulates actins and myosin in the fiber of the muscle spindles? Just ask Olympic swimmers that train for years at a time. This rigorous training earns them the chance to compete every four years in the Olympics.

Snelling Connection journalists give their take on swimming below and right

By Sutthinee Her (Below), Isaiah Cooper (Right) Journalist

Some say swimming is the best sport for exercising. Swimming makes people stronger because of the endurance factor when performing. When people feel stronger, they tend to be happier because their overall health is better. People also swim because it keeps hot weather at bay. When it’s really hot, people want to cool down. So next time heat strikes, relax, and take a dip.

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