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progress report summer 2013

FAST FACTS Engaged Learning piloted 2011-2012; launched 2012-2013 Student engagement program coordination and data collection begins 2012-2013 SMU student engagement programs 42 (See inside back cover for list) 2012-2013 student participation in student engagement programs 2459 By category: Undergraduate research 17% Civic engagement 56% Professional internships 17% Creative activities 10%

ENGAGED LEARNING PROJECT Total approved Engaged Learning projects to date 106 By category: Undergraduate research 48% Civic engagement 26% Professional internships 5% Creative activities 21% By student profile:


Female 57% Female 52% Male 43% Male 49% Minority 42% Minority 26% Total number of SMU faculty and staff mentors 76 Engaged Learning grants 101; average project funding $1850

POST-GRADUATION SUCCESS Engaged Learning projects led to employment or graduate school 59%

*Undergraduate enrollment profile average, as of Fall 2012 (annual numbers released in Oct)

ENGAGED LEARNING SMU recognizes that undergraduate students engaged beyond the classroom in research, service, internships and other creative, entrepreneurial activities have enhanced academic experiences. Through Engaged Learning, students, bring their disciplinary training and intellectual capital to bear on real issues in global settings. They cultivate professional skills related to their chosen field. Students engage in projects developed on their own or through student engagement programs offered by SMU schools, departments or offices. Whether on their own or through campus programs, students have the option to propose their work as Engaged Learning projects. SMU funds Engaged Learning projects through a grants program and, upon graduation, notes project titles on students' transcripts with heading "Engaged Learning, SMU's most prestigious undergraduate engagement program." Engaged Learning annual events: Engaged Learning Expo Engaged Learning Week Engaged Learning Meet-up Commencement Luncheon Workshops, 6 per semester More information:

ENGAGED LEARNING PROJECT SMU supports undergraduate students committed to learning beyond the classroom. Students, aided by their mentor, develop capstone-level projects beyond course expectations. The project content is open-ended, providing it connects to and enhances some aspect of the student’s SMU education and can be categorized as undergraduate research, civic engagement, professional internship or other creative or entrepreneurial activity. The project typically lasts one to two years, and includes a comprehensive proposal, the activity itself, a public presentation of findings and, one month prior to graduation, a final report. SMU publishes final reports online in the Engaged Learning Collection.

PROJECT PROFILE Proposed Engaged Learning projects to date 139 Approved Engaged Learning projects to date 106 Completed Engaged Learning projects to date* 27 PROJECT CATEGORY AND DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE BY YEAR** 2013-2014 APPROVED/ONGOING

Undergraduate Research Civic Engagement Internships Creative Work Female Male Minority COMPLETED

Female Male Minority






33 (46%) 20 (28%) 4 (5%) 15 (21%)

20 (49%) 14 (34%) 1 (2%) 6 (14%)

1 (25%) 1 (25%) 1 (25%) 1 (25%)

54% 46% 38%

59% 41% 44%

50% 50% 50%

(TBA May 2014)



71% 29% 54%

67% 33% 33%

*Students turn in final project reports one month prior to graduation **Includes annual cohort of projects comprised of newly approved during current academic year and ongoing projects from previous year, plus completed projects by year

ENGAGED LEARNING MENTOR PROFILE Mentors are SMU faculty and staff with a background in students’ Engaged Learning projects, experts in the field. Mentors voluntarily give their time and expertise to the student. SMU annually recognizes mentors at the Engaged Learning Expo through the Excellence in Mentoring Award.

UNIQUE SMU FACULTY AND STAFF MENTORS TOTAL NUMBER UNIQUE MENTORS 76 Faculty 69; Staff 7 Faculty/staff mentored two or more projects 21 TOTAL NUMBER UNIQUE MENTORS BY SCHOOLS/OFFICES Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences 43 Meadows School of the Arts 16 Simmons School of Education 5 Lyle School of Engineering 4 Cox School of Business 4 Dedman School of Law 1 Perkins School of Theology 1 Student Affairs, Community Engagement and Leadership 1 Business and Finance, Risk Management 1 UNIQUE MENTORS BY SCHOOLS/OFFICES, FACULTY/STAFF AND YEAR SCHOOLS/OFFICES









Dedman College Faculty Dedman College Staff

41 2

28 2

16 0

2 0

Meadows Arts Faculty





Simmons Education Faculty Simmons Education Staff

3 2

2 1

2 1

0 0

Cox Business Faculty Cox Business Staff

2 2

2 1

2 1

0 0

Lyle Engineering Faculty





Dedman Law Faculty





Perkins Theology Faculty





Student Affairs Staff





Bus/Fin, Risk Mgmt Staff





ENGAGED LEARNING PROJECTS IN THE WORLD Engaged Learning projects in countries around the world 25

Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Ecuador, England, Ethiopia, France, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia

PROJECTS IN CITIES AND CENTERS IN THE UNITED STATES Boston, Dallas, Honolulu, New York City, Washington DC Mississippi River; Petrified Forest National Park, AZ; Upper Rio Grande, NM

ENGAGED LEARNING PROJECTS IN DALLAS Community partner organizations hosted Engaged Learning projects 15 Café Momentum Deloitte Consulting Dallas Independent School District Family Legacy Missions African Immigrants Ministry of the First United Methodist Church Hurst Genesis Women’s Shelter Girls, Inc. Irving Independent School District Plano Independent School District Richland College The Stewpot United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Vickery Meadow

SAMPLE ENGAGED LEARNING PROJECTS ADEN ABIYE, SMU 13 Major: ECON, MKCL designed and led life skills workshops in her home country of Ethiopia, teaching young adults basic reading, accounting, computing and early childhood education.

ANDREW LIN, SMU 13 Majors: BIOL, GEOL compared the anatomy of a 17-million-year-old beaked whale specimen in SMU’s Institute for the Study of Earth and Man collection with a modern beaked whale fossil housed at the Smithsonian

MICHAEL McCARTHY SMU 12 Majors: STAT, MATH built an information collection database for the Dallas VA Medical Center to be used by health workers in the delivery of home care services for veterans with spinal cord injuries.

ENGAGED LEARNING SPOTLIGHT: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH SMU provides opportunities for student research in a full variety of disciplines from the natural sciences and engineering, to social sciences, humanities and the arts. Students bring their classroom knowledge to new endeavors in their chosen field of study. SMU offers both funded and curricular programs which can be tailored according to student needs: 

Students may pursue funded research with the assistance of the McNair Scholars or Hamilton Scholars programs, or the Undergraduate Research Assistantship program. Projects can be supported during the academic year or the summer break, when students have the opportunity to focus fulltime on research, a very rewarding experience.

Students may prefer to enroll in one of the many research courses that are offered in SMU departments that require students to design a unique project or participate in a broader project.

Students may choose research opportunities outside of a their major or get involved in interdisciplinary projects, both of which offer unique chances to develop experience and perspective. Students can apply to the Dedman

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIPS SMU supports student research at any level through Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URAs = URA AY, URA Summer and SRA). Students build and exercise their training in the pursuit of increasingly substantial research projects. URAs are available to students of all schools and departments. URAs are supported by matching 1:1 with funds available to the mentor, their department or other undergraduate research program. Students and faculty mentors submit a brief application year-round for virtually any topic of interest. Projects proceed on their own self-determined timetables, providing maximum flexibility for students and mentors. NUMBER OF UNIQUE URA AY, URA SUMMER, SRA PROJECTS, AY 04-13 700

SMU STUDENT ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS 2012-2013 Student engagement programs 42 Student engagement programs with financial support 22 Listed by program and location below (*denotes funding available): 1.

Academic Community Engagement, Clements Hall, ground level*


Alternative Breaks, CEL, Hegi Center, Hughes-Trigg Student Center


Athletics Community Service Program, Department of Athletics , Crum Basketball Center


Big iDeas Program, Provost’s Office*


Bush Center Internships, The George W. Bush Presidential Center


Caswell Fellowships for Community Service, Student Affairs, Perkins Administration Building*


Center for Communities and Education, Simmons School of Education


Clinton Global Initiative University, Engaged Learning Office*


Community Engagement and Leadership, Hegi Center, Hughes-Trigg Student Center

10. Courses: Research, Internship, Departmental Distinction, SMU Course Catalogue 11. Cox BBA Internships and Career Services, Cox School of Business 12. Debate Team, Communication Studies Department, Meadows School of the Arts 13. Engaged Learning projects, Engaged Learning Office* 14. Engineers without Borders, Lyle School of Engineering 15. Faith and Learning Scholars, Chaplin’s Office, Hughes-Trigg Student Center* 16. Greek Life Service Program, Hughes-Trigg Student Center 17. Hamilton Scholars Program, Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute* 18. Hart Center for Engineering Co-ops and Internships, Caruth Hall* 19. Hegi Career Center Internships, Hughes-Trigg Student Center 20. Human Rights Student Leadership Initiative, Clements Hall, 1st floor*

21. Institute for the Study of Earth and Man, Heroy Hall 22. Lyle Engineering n the City, Hart Center, Caruth Hall* 23. Lyle Immersive Design Experiences, Lyle Innovation Gym, Caruth Hall* 24. Lyle Innovation Competition, Caruth Center for Engineering Education, Caruth Hall* 25. Maguire Public Service Internships, Maguire Center, McFarlin Auditorium 26. Marr Scholars Program, Dedman College* 27. Mayer Interdisciplinary Fellows, Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute* 28. McNair Scholars, Simmons School of Education* 29. Meadows Explorations Award, Meadows School of the Arts* 30. Mustang Heroes Club, CEL, Hegi Center, Hughes-Trigg Student Center 31. New Century Scholars Program, Residence Life, Student Affairs 32. Norwick Center for Digital Services Internships, Central University Libraries 33. Outdoor Adventures, Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports 34. Service House Service Projects, Residence Life Office 35. SMU Abroad, Study-Intern-Research-Serve, International Center, Blanton Building 36. SMU-in-Taos Field School, SMU-in-Taos Office, Blanton Building 37. Summer Research Assistantships, Undergraduate Research/Engaged Learning Office* 38. Tower Center Undergraduate Research Program, Tower Center, Carr-Collins Hall* 39. Undergraduate Research Assistantships, Undergraduate Research/Engaged Learning * 40. University Curriculum Community/Global Engagement activities, Clements, ground level 41. University Honors Program, Richter Fellowships, Clements Hall* 42. Work/Study Off-campus Service Placement, Financial Aid Office, Blanton Building*


Progress report summer 13  

Engaged Learning Progress Report, summer 2013

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