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David Vanderpool ’78 David Vanderpool ’78 and his sons David Jr. and John Mark, daughter, Jacklyn, and wife, Laurie, were profiled in People Magazine’s “2010 Heroes Among Us” article (29 October 2010) for their tireless work in Haiti and around the world. David and his family created the nonprofit Mobile Medical Disaster Relief (MMDR) to provide “feet on the ground” humanitarian aid to people in need. His abiding passion for helping the poor drives him to lead medical mission trips throughout the world at least one week out of every month. Just in 2010, his group traveled to Haiti twelve times and worked in Ghana rescuing enslaved children. (above) David Vanderpool ’78 and team members in their hospital in Haiti.

David first recalls his introduction to human need through the St. Marks’ Can-Paign, a school

disaster relief and funded from the proceeds of

project to collect canned food for the hungry

the family’s medical practice.

of Dallas. For a growing athletic boy who never

“Reading about Haiti, seeing Haitians on

missed a meal, his mind had never fully enter-

the news, even visiting the island…none of this

tained the thought that in his affluent Texas

impacts you permanently until you work with

surroundings, some were literally starving.

the people,” David said. “Once you know their

After graduating from from St. Mark’s and

(below) Charles Nearburg ’68 with his record-setting Spirit of Rett.

names, you can no longer function as before.”

Abilene Christian University, David pursued medical school at Texas Tech and completed his residency at Baylor Medical Center. David and wife Laurie have three children

Charles Nearburg ’68 Upon graduation, the men of St. Mark’s are expected to go forth into the world at full speed.

who share their passion for helping others.

Charles Nearburg ’68 took this very literally,

David Jr., 24, serves as the organization’s over-

investing profits from his successful oil and gas

seas coordinator and lives in Haiti. John, 20,

exploration firm into a racing career. In typical

and Jacklyn, 17, both participate regularly in trips overseas and intend to devote their own talents and skills to the mission field full time. Meanwhile, Laurie directs volunteer efforts, serving as the CFO of MMDR among other roles, and in whatever capacity she is needed on trips (including rocking sick children). The momentum for the creation of MMDR began in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when the Vanderpools traveled to offer aid in Mississippi. Volunteering during the disaster created a vision for an organization devoted to

St. Mark’s School of Texas

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