Lizz Wright May / June 2019

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Lifestyle - Movie By: Maxx Myrick and Keanna Faircloth

Wynton: Marsalis trumpeter, the artistic director of the Lincoln Jazz Center and so much more took time out of his busy day to talk about the soundtrack for the new movie “Bolden” that he scored. Maxx: I was looking at the credits. Are you singing on the CD? Wynton: I didn't sing a real piece. I just was singing on that song called “All the whores go crazy about the way I ride.” I was just saying stuff like “the way I ride” its like Street Houses and stuff like we did when I was growing up. Keanna: It sounds amazing, so it is coming out May 3rd? Wynton: Yes ma’am, and it is not for kids. Keanna: So tell us all about it? Wynton: It's about the father of jazz music Buddy Bolden the film tracks his music development in New Orleans, talks about his arrival and dealing with social issues in the United States of America after the Depression and a period before the Robert Charles riots where the Creoles and the Afro-Americans were forced together. It talks about 26| SmoothJazz Magazine

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