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CELEBRATING THE HISTORIC CLASS OF 2020! With sixty graduating students, this is the largest graduating class in the history of St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School. Grad Class members not included in this photo: Myra K, Hanna P and Rebecca R.

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SMLS Community Awards Nominations Accepted to February 1, 2020 Life Governor Outstanding Alumnae Distinguished Service Volunteer

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Students Drive Their Learning in a Personalized Approach Educators around the world, including the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), are singling out the most important direction in education today as personalized learning. This is a studentBy Nancy driven approach that considers each student’s Richards, M.Ed., Head of School interests, passions and strengths, and fosters student voice and choice. The teacher is a mentor, coach and advisor, and students engage in project-based, inquiry-based, and constructivist learning that is authentically concerned with real world issues.

At SMLS, our educational vision is centred around personalized learning. Our faculty recognize that girls must be engaged and invested in their own learning, and that no two girls learn the same way or at the same pace. Equally important, they understand that a personalized approach enables girls to better develop the twenty-first century competencies of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character and citizenship. Currently, SMLS students have a number of opportunities to direct their learning, both within and outside of the classroom. Our Reggio-inspired and student-centred classrooms in Junior School, small-group nature trail projects in Middle School

04 05 and customized professional internships in Senior School are all examples of a personalized approach to learning. And it is worth noting that this approach does not compromise our strong focus on the foundational skills of reading, writing, oral communication, numeracy, and subject knowledge. In fact, it bolsters it, as girls apply their skills and knowledge in new and often interdisciplinary situations. As a school, we are seeking to create an even more flexible and dynamic learning experience for our girls where they will be more empowered and even better prepared for their life’s journey. Our faculty and staff, have been working with Harvard Professor Dr. Frank Locker to help identify where we are along the continuum of personalized learning implementation aligned with our future SMLS Master Plan. The hiring of Mrs. Cheryl Savage for a newly created position – Head of Academics & Innovation – demonstrates the school’s commitment to personalized learning and support for faculty to deepen their understanding of the best practices to enhance student-driven learning. A student-driven approach to learning also requires flexible spaces that accommodate different learning needs and

situations. We have already begun the journey of creating more adaptable classroom environments using flexible furniture, and are excited to be equipping more spaces throughout the school with flexible furnishings in the near future, thanks to proceeds from the Secret Garden Gala in May 2019. As we review our master facilities plan, a committee of teachers is examining possibilities for transforming our learning commons/library space into a full-school, participatory learning community, as a follow up to focus sessions held in May with parents, students, alumnae, faculty and staff. The committee is excited to reimagine the learning commons as an open, transparent space that invites more student communication and collaboration, and serves as the physical and virtual collaborative learning hub of the school. Over the next few years, our girls will play an even more active role in designing their own educational pathways while being held increasingly accountable for their own learning success and applying their knowledge in real world settings.

The Learning Commons Steering Committee is excited to reimagine an open and transparent space that invites students to communicate and collaborate. Members of the committee include: (seated) Susanne Goodridge, Scott Pollock; (standing, left to right) Cheryl Savage, Fiona Mittun, Leslie Goodfellow, Kim Marshall, Alanna Vickman and Jannilyn Caoile. Not present in photo: Nancy Richards, Vera O’Connor, Katie Boyd and Chris Turner.

The Six Global Competencies and Innovation at SMLS By Cheryl Savage, Deputy Head and Head of Academics & Innovation

06 07

We live in exciting times! There is more computing power in a smartwatch than was used to launch the first lunar module. People are more connected than ever, and our children have access to tools, apps and equipment that allow them to create interesting ways to demonstrate their learning. They are facing a more challenging and uncertain world, and the days of celebrating a student’s accomplishments based on his or her content learning are over. Young people are increasingly conditioned to take in information at a rapid rate. They are comfortable multitasking, taking risks and finding work-arounds. Students today feel empowered and want to shape the world more than previous generations. With access to information at their fingertips, it is more important than ever for SMLS girls to develop the skills of asking good questions and thinking critically about the information with which they are inundated on a daily basis. Michael Fullan, a well known Canadian educational academic and the author of several books including Deep Learning, has developed a set of six competencies that are essential to prepare our graduates not only for post-secondary study, but also for the world beyond. These competencies are creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication,

citizenship and character. Our graduates will be hired, not for what they know, but for what they are able to do with what they know. They need to be able to ask great questions, research, plan and lead teams. They must problem solve, collaborate with colleagues and communicate their work. They need to be flexible, have excellent digital literacy and work with diverse groups of people. Young people are no longer comfortable being led down a path, they want to help design a completely new path. These are the girls of our mission: courageous girls who will challenge and change the world. The six global competencies are the result of research into what is essential for students to know, be able to do and be like as human citizens, both today and into the future. The competencies encompass social-emotional learning, empathy, entrepreneurism and other skills required to thrive in this complex world. While all of us should have the capacity to learn on our own, learning in the real world is frequently a social endeavour and the combination of autonomy and collaboration with learning partners is key. The types of learning experiences that foster these competencies are personalized. They are hands-on, authentic, challenging and studentcentred. They are often designed to impact the real world, take place in and out of the classroom and leverage digital tools and social connectivity.

Our teachers have a role in creating a classroom culture that values and builds on the interests of students and gives them a sense of belonging. They help to create learning partnerships with the community and ask great questions that inspire students to be reflective learners. SMLS teachers curate learning experiences that develop the skill sets and mindsets that are essential for an innovative world and they select learning goals that have purpose. Our students attack challenges that are authentic and can bring about change in the world. Knowledge is not discarded, rather the knowledge they gain is deep, relevant and used to create and innovate. We are moving away from a school where students are told what to study and when to study it, to a world where the girls are self directed and intrinsically motivated. Personalizing the education process helps to shift students from being engaged — where they become enthusiastic about OUR curriculum — and moves them towards being empowered to use knowledge and skills to pursue THEIR passions and interests. These learners work very hard, and need little external motivation as they collaborate, create, communicate and use critical thinking to become productive citizens of the world.

It is more important than ever for SMLS girls to develop the skills of asking good questions and thinking critically about the information with which they are inundated on a daily basis.

How the 6Cs Come Alive at SMLS There are many ways in which personalization and the six global competencies are embedded into the educational experience for all Millies. Here are a few examples.

Senior School: Choice of Real World Learning Experiences Our SS10 students have an opportunity through the SMLS Real World Learning Block to select a travel or local experience that deeply connects them to an area of interest. This year, students have the choice of learning more about indigenous communities and archeology in Peru, deepening their French language and culture while learning more about immigration in France, or undertaking marine research in the Bahamas. There are some who will choose to stay closer to home, learning more about STEM and the Canadian government in Ottawa, working on personal certifications, or participating in community service with local organizations. The common theme throughout these experiences is that girls will learn more about who they are and who they wish to become through deep reflection, guided discussion and solo time. CHARACTER


Junior School: Biographies in JS5

Middle School MildrED Talks

Earlier this year, JS5 students worked on a biographies unit. This unit began with autobiographies and students designing very creative coats of arms. They then moved on to interviewing each other and creating biography cubes based on these primary sources. This task teaches them to be intentional about the important information that they gather and to develop the ability to recognize what is important in a biography. The next step of this learning journey is for the girls to select a person, male or female, living or dead, to whom they feel a connection. Selecting a person that they really connect with involves some critical thinking and students have complete agency in who they choose. Using a variety of secondary sources they will compile a biography of that person and ultimately they will learn how to use their technology to create a podcast!

With this project, girls are tasked with writing their own “MildrED Talk.” Aligning with the ideals of the TEDTalk, which aims to deepen our understanding of the world, the topic must be connected to a real world issue and most importantly must be a topic that the student believes is an “idea worth sharing.” Through the stages of planning, research, writing, and presenting, girls are tasked with considering how they can share an idea that will inspire change using the power of their words and voice.



Personalization Using elements of Project Based Learning and the Design Thinking Model, students are able to tailor the project to their passions and personal learning needs. Connecting with the Design Thinking Model, students get to complete a “crazy 8,” brainstorming an idea every minute for eight minutes. During the research phase, students are able to research in the way that fits

their topic. Students create surveys and collect and analyze data, they use databases and the library to access facts and they can use the internet to collect a variety of opinions and ideas. Ultimately, the project allows students to be true to their passions and gives them the voice and choice that helps them to actively engage with the learning process.

Connection to our Mission This project supports our mission to help courageous girls challenge and change the world. Last year, for example, students spoke passionately about issues ranging from inequality in sports, the pressure that adult expectations place on children, the impact of mental health on young adults, how to be an eco-tourist, and how to live sustainably, to name a few. COMMUNICATION


From Vision to Reality: Fitness Centre & Dance Studio Unveiling On October 7, SMLS was pleased to unveil our new fitness centre and dance studio. The official ribbon cutting was held during Chapel, where students from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools spoke about the impact that programs such as Wellness Wednesdays, professional coaching and increased athletic opportunities have had on their lives, and their excitement for the new facilities. These new spaces and programs would not be possible without the support and generosity of our school community. As Nancy Richards, Head of School, said in her address, “Our 2017 Moonlight in Paris Gala donors helped to support our Active Healthy Living Signature Program in a number of very important ways. They provided funding for fitness and wellness instructors for our Wellness Wednesdays, new CISAA sports teams, professional coaching for several of our athletics teams, and the wonderful new fitness centre and dance studio. “With this unveiling, we celebrate all of these programs and thank the many donors, volunteers, faculty and staff who gave so much of their time, effort and generosity to make it all happen. What a wonderful example of what we can accomplish when we all work together!”

10 11

These facilities are a wonderful example of what we can accomplish when we all work together! Nancy Richards, Head of School


VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION An afternoon tea was held in April to show our appreciation for all those parents, alumnae and friends who give generously of their time and expertise to SMLS. Head of School Nancy Richards presented the Distinguished Service Award to Cara Garvey, who has been a dedicated volunteer in many areas of the school for more than eleven years. Ms. Richards also thanked PA President Carol Misek, who completed her term as president in June 2019. Guests were

treated to student performances and remarks and received yellow roses from some of our youngest Millies. Below left: Distinguished Service Award recipient Cara Garvey (standing, centre) with her daughter, Jane, and fellow volunteers (left to right) Jennifer Diamond, Anureet Dhillon, Jane Sahota and Vera Zhao. Below: Head of School Nancy Richards (centre) with Mary Clark (SWAT771 volunteer), and volunteer Board Members Chantal Giurlandia ‘06, Sister Michael Trott and Lisa Mathews.

SWAT771 COMPETES AT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS After winning the Provincial Championship in April, our FIRST Robotics Competition Team, SWAT771, went on to compete at the World Championship in Detroit. Competing as one of three Canadian teams in the Darwin division, the SWAT771 robot performed very well during qualification matches and the team reached the semi-finals before being defeated. Team members thoroughly enjoyed the competition and it was a wonderful experience to compete at the World Championship level. Congratulations on these exceptional results, SWAT771!

Above: Our SWAT771 Team at the 2019 World Championship in Detroit.

12 13

BANNER YEAR FOR OUR SPORTS TEAMS WITH 19 CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES! Congratulations to all of our Spartan athletes who participated in sports teams last year. We had three very successful seasons, with new teams and new sports added. The SPARTANS had a banner year, winning a record 19 Championship titles. Congratulations, athletes and coaches, on these impressive results!

Under 10 CISAA Cross Country

U10-U14 PSAA Swimming Girls Division

Under 14 PSAA Badminton

Under 14 PSAA Cross Country

U10-U14 PSAA Swimming Co-ed Division

Under 14 PSAA Softball

Under 12 PSAA Ultimate Frisbee

Under 14 PSAA Volleyball

Under 12 PSAA Softball

Under 12 TAD CISAA Fall Swimming

Under 12 PSAA Basketball

Junior CISAA Spring Soccer

Under 14 CISAA Fall Swimming

Under 14 CISAA Volleyball DI

Under 14 CISAA Tennis

Under 20 (Senior) CISAA Fall Swimming

Under 16 CISAA Volleyball DII

Under 20 (Senior) CISAA Basketball DII

Under 12 PSAA Floor Hockey


MILESTONE ANNIVERSARIES Congratulations to the following faculty and staff who celebrated milestone anniversaries with SMLS and were recognized at an end of year luncheon in June.

Dona Andela

Alexandra Keay ‘77

Dona Andela joined SMLS in 1999 and, as Head of Physical and Health Education, and Athletic Director, she was instrumental in developing the school’s physical and health education program. After moving on from SMLS for a time, Dona returned in 2011 to the Global Studies department, where among other contributions she worked tirelessly to ensure that girls had outstanding and personalized co-operative education experiences.

Alexandra Keay ‘77 joined SMLS in 2015 as the lead organizer of our 125th Anniversary celebrations. She then continued on to support the many events organized by our Advancement department. Alex has a long history with the school as a student, parent, alumna and staff member, and her mother, sisters and daughter attended SMLS as well.



Kim Marshall Erinn O’Shea Kelly Scott

Sylvia Da Rocha Nadia Filice Leslie Goodfellow Sarah Pace

Below: (l to r) Leslie Goodfellow, Sarah Pace, Sylvia Da Rocha and Kim Marshall all celebrate anniversaries this year. Not pictured here: Erinn O’Shea, Kelly Scott and Nadia Filice.

Cassia Attard

Caitlin Bridel

Isabella Castrichini

Kiera Di Risio

Sarah Durland

Dominique Hastings

Alexandra Hon

Tiwalola Ilori

Marie Jolicoeur-BĂŠcotte

Laiya Kamanga

Nadiyah Khan

Sofia Kostirko

Kathleen Kovacs

Abigail Liznick

Lauren Mellon

Maria Nuica

Isabel Osena

Rebecca Quartarone

Nicole Sekhon

Grace Smith

Shaolin Stargratt-Sweeney

Josephine Stokes

Vithusha Tharmarasa

Charlotte Tice

14 15

Our twenty-four graduating students collectively received:


merit-based award and



OFFERS OF ADMISSION from leading universities

SMLS Graduates Receive Exceptional Offers and Opportunities Our graduates have been offered admission to top-ranked schools throughout the world (based on the QS Top 100 Ranking), including the London School of Economics, King’s College London, and the Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland) in the United Kingdom, and John Hopkins University, Boston University, Columbia University/Barnard College, Georgetown University and Berklee College in the United States, among others.



OFFERS OF ADMISSION from leading universities

Cassia Attard received the Queen’s Chancellor Scholarship, the highestvalue Major Admission Award from Queen’s University. Alexandra Hon and Metha Tharmarasa both received a number of awards from McMaster University, including the McMaster FIRST Alumni Engineering Scholarship and the Undergraduate Summer Research Award, among others.

Laiya Kamanga accepted an offer from Columbia University’s Barnard College. Founded in 1889, Barnard was the first college in New York City where women could receive the same rigorous liberal arts education offered to men. We are delighted that Laiya will continue her studies in an all-women’s environment.

Sofia Kostirko and Lauren Mellon were recruited as elite athletes. Sofia is attending Boston University with a NCAA Division 1 Tennis Scholarship. Lauren is attending Queen’s University and plays Varsity Women’s Volleyball. As to change many of our students do, these girls maintained their commitment toready academic the world excellence at SMLS while pursuing sports at an elite level.



Kathleen Kovacs is studying Music and majoring in Voice under the supervision of acclaimed opera, concert and recital singer Wendy Nielsen, Head of Voice at the University of Toronto. Kathleen received a Classical Performance Award from U of T and was offered a Presidential Scholarship from Berklee College of Music.

Nicole Sekhon crossed the pond to attend the London School of Economics, studying politics and international relations. A Yale Young Global Scholar (Summer 2017), Nicole is following her passion for International Law, Human Rights and International Affairs.



to change Class of 2019 Higher ready the world Education Destinations

Boston University, USA Columbia University/Barnard College, USA Dalhousie University London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK McMaster University Mohawk College Mount Allison University Queen’s University Ryerson University University of British Columbia University of Toronto University of Waterloo Western University

Millies of all Generations Reconnect at Annual Luncheon The annual Alumnae Luncheon on Saturday, May 25 was a memorable event, with more than one hundred alumnae and current and former staff in attendance. The luncheon was held at the historic Old Mill, with an excellent turnout from the Classes of 1969, 1994 and 2009, who celebrated their 50th, 25th and 10th anniversaries respectively. It was a wonderful opportunity for alumnae to reconnect with former classmates and teachers, and catch up on the activities of the Alumnae Executive and school news. Retiring staff members Dona Andela and Alexandra Keay ‘77 were recognized and thanked for their contributions to SMLS. In keeping with tradition, the event closed with the singing of Jubilate Deo.

2019 Outstanding Alumna Award presented to Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost ‘75

Main image (left): Catherine Bull ‘69, Francesca Mallin-Parker ‘71 and Alex Keay ‘77, standing below a photo from the front page of the Toronto Star that included all three of them as students. Above (top to bottom): Class of 1969, Class of 1994 with former staff, Class of 2009.

At the Alumnae Luncheon, Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost ‘75 was presented with the 2019 Outstanding Alumna Award by Association President Stephanie Kennedy ‘02 and Head of School Nancy Richards. In her address to luncheon attendees, Dr. Smardz Frost ‘75 described the history of the St. Mildred’s College-Miss Lightbourn School amalgamation, highlighting a longstanding connection between the Ayckbowm and Lightbourn families. She also recounted her personal memories of the two schools’ merging, including the challenges and rewards of being a student during the transition period. As she noted, both schools were pioneers in educating young women and their leadership and excellence carries on today at SMLS.

CLASS NOTES Holley-Anne Tough ‘73 just completed her Masters in Religion. When she finished her thesis, Holley-Anne had thoughts of Sister Mary Michael and Sister Benedetta, wishing for the opportunity to present one last view point to them. She is now taking some courses through Harvard to “keep the mind sharp”. Holley-Anne is retired from her career in Foreign Affairs and living in Ottawa.

Beverly Jones ‘84 was presented with the prestigious Award of Excellence from the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation in October 2018. The award is presented to a supply chain logistics professional with a Canadian Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation who has demonstrated excellence in the field, a deep commitment to their communities, and professional integrity.

Megan Enns ‘02 and her husband, Don Robinson, welcomed Grace Hannah Enns Robinson on April 1, 2019. Big brother Nate loves her, too! When not caring for babies, Megan hosts groups of volunteers in the warehouse at World Vision Canada sorting and packing donated resources for use in programs around the world. If you have a corporate or school group who would like to volunteer and have a great time, email groupvolunteers@worldvision.ca.

In July 2019, Ayesha Girgla ‘04 started her own legal practice, Ignite Law. She specializes in business law for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers and social media law.

Maya DasGupta ‘04 married Felipe Sarmiento Pardo on August 17, 2019. She celebrated this next chapter in her life with her Millies, also Class of 2004 - Aimee Kim, Ayesha Girgla, Cherry Wang, Christina Ruggiero, Jennifer (Percy) Sherwood, Kavita Nayar and Sharyon DeSouza!

Marieve Herington ‘04, was nominated for a Daytime Emmy earlier this year for her work as Tilly Green on Disney’s Big City Greens. Marieve has appeared in recurring roles on How I Met Your Mother, Good Luck Charlie and Ever After High among others. She lives in Los Angeles.

18 19

recent work, Tammy’s Always Dying, starring Felicity Huffman and directed by Amy Jo Johnson had its world premier at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019.

Desa ‘08. The couple live and work in Toronto and are excited for their future together as a married couple. Alexa Vogel ‘09 was married in August 2019 to Kabir Daswani in a multi-day, Hindu-Christian fusion wedding -- a beautiful blend of cultures.

Sehr Tejpar ‘05 joined the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in September to pursue an MBA with a strong focus on social impact. Since then she has met 332 impressive classmates from all over the world.

Congratulations to Laura (Kirby) de la Harpe ‘06 who married David de la Harpe in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico, on January 16, 2017. On December 10, 2018 Laura and David welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Jacob Charles de la Harpe, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz. They have since left Oakville and moved to Ottawa, Ontario.

Jessica Adams ‘08 is a film producer and has produced three feature films among other projects through her company, JA Productions. Her most

Congratulations to Bisma Bhatti ‘08 on her engagement to Behnoud Kazemzadeh. The couple got engaged in May of 2019 and live together in Oakville. Bisma has already finished planning their wedding, which will take place next July in Toronto. In attendance will be Millie Alumnae and Staff, including Maid of Honour Sasha Romano Lopez ‘08. The photo was taken at fellow Millie Fareen Ahmed’s wedding in June.

Fareen Ahmed ‘08 and Nadeem Kheraj married in June 2019 at the Four Seasons in Yorkville, Toronto. In attendance were fellow Millies Bisma Bhatti ‘08, Jessica Adams ‘08 and Alicia

Alexa and Kabir work in downtown Toronto, where they live with their rescue dog. Alexa is an Account Director with Edelman, a public relations and marketing consultancy firm.


Melissa Stolarz ‘12 was recently appointed Director of Mississauga Indoor Football Association (MIFA), the only women’s tackle football program in Ontario. She has been working with the MIFA executive to establish greater opportunities for women and young female athletes to play and try football. Melissa also works full-time with the Loretta Phinney Real Estate Team in Toronto and the GTA.

Michele Whitcombe ‘14 completed a BComm at Queen’s University in 2018, then pursued a Master’s degree in Arts in Cultural Management at King’s College London (UK). She recently moved back to Canada and is a student in Humber College’s Fundraising Management Program. Her goal is to become a fundraiser specializing in establishing and stewarding corporate partnerships for nonprofit and charitable organizations.


and goals with her guidance and perseverance. After retirement, she relocated to Hanover where she was a faithfully devoted member of Holy Family Church and a part of the Catholic Women’s League. Eva also loved gardening, quilting, volunteering as a greeter at the hospital and belonging to the local Mahjong Group. She loved animals and could always be found feeding the many farm cats and birds. Many friendships were formed and she will be remembered for her kind spirit and devotion.

Dilly (Sandy) Alexander Bell Sandy, who was one of the young boys who attended Miss Lightbourn’s School during his early years, passed away very suddenly from brain cancer on August 21 of this year. He was diagnosed in May and passed two days before his 73rd birthday. Sandy left the Lightbourn School for Westwood Public School and then went on to Appleby College. He was born on August 23rd, 1946 and died at home in Crieff, Ontario with his family around him. He is survived by his wife Susie. Sandy was an absolutely delightful man who lit up a room and is greatly missed.

Shirley (Richardson) Beckwith ‘47

Victoria Gibson ‘13 won the Geoff Penny Memorial Prize for Young Canadian Journalists earlier this year, for work she published in 2018. Victoria is a Toronto-based freelance reporter. She has worked with the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the Kingston Whig-Standard among others. Her reporting has previously been nominated for an Ontario Newspaper Award and, as part of a newsroom team, a National Newspaper Award and Online Journalism Award.

Eva Korczak, former Physical Education Teacher at SMLS Eva Etelka Korczak, formerly of Oakville, passed away at Grey-Bruce Health Services in Owen Sound on Sunday, September 15, 2019. She was 88. Born in Budapest, Hungary on January 16, 1931. Eva was always a caring and loving woman; this showed in her passion for both physical fitness and teaching. She was an athlete and taught Physical Education at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School throughout her career. Many students reached their full potential

Shirley passed away peacefully on June 13, at the age of 90, at Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital in Scarborough. Shirley was born and grew up in Penetanguishene, lived and worked several years in Toronto and settled in Scarborough 7 years ago. Shirley is the beloved mother of two daughters, Cynthia and Bonny (Welsh), mother-inlove to Bonny’s husband Doug Welsh, and the loving, beloved and very proud grandma of Bonny and Doug’s sons, Chris and Danny. Shirley was a Senior Prefect and Treasurer of Red Cross during her senior year at SMLS.

20 21

Alumnae Profile

Cherished Memories for more than Seventy Years Helen Treble was a proud student at St. Mildred’s College (SMC) in Toronto from 1946 to 1949. Though she graduated 70 years ago, Helen still finds comfort in connecting with SMLS. “Every time I see a picture, or an ad in the Globe and Mail, or receive the Jubilate magazine, it makes my heart beat a little faster. I love receiving my Jubilate - reading the stories and seeing the photographs. It makes me feel like I am still a part of the school community.”

Helen (McDougall) Treble ‘50

In Helen’s day, students boarded at the school and, as such, developed very close relationships. “What I remember most about SMC was knowing my classmates so well. We spent all our time together.” Helen remembers her time at the school fondly, as some of her happiest years. She was extremely proud to be a Prefect in her final year. When it was time to leave SMC, she says she cried buckets. “You really just wanted to stay. We had such good times and good friends.” Helen misplaced her cherished alumnae pin, however, a few years ago her sister miraculously found it among her belongings in Berkeley, California, and returned it to her. “I was so happy to have it back.”

SMC gave me the confidence to just go, to just do it and not be afraid. When asked how the school shaped her, Helen said, “SMC gave me the confidence to just go, to just do it and not be afraid.” After she left SMC, Helen went on to study nursing and pursued a successful career as a Registered

Nurse, eventually becoming a Head Nurse at St. Catharines General Hospital. She then changed careers and worked as a stewardess with Canadian Pacific Airlines, travelling the world. Helen was married in 1959 in Calcutta, India (now Kolkata). She and her husband Donald, who is now deceased, have four children - two daughters and two sons. She strived to instill in them the same confidence that SMC instilled in her and led her to much success in her life. “You’d be surprised by how many young people hold back out of fear.” Her memories are what inspire Helen to support SMLS today. “One of my classmates who was one year younger than me, had mailed me a photograph of us in our uniforms suntanning on the roof of the school when it was on Walmer Road in Toronto. I don’t believe that was allowed, but we had so much fun. The photo jogged my memory of the happy times we had, and it was that memory that inspired me to make my first donation to the school.” That was in 1998, and Helen has been donating ever since. Over the years, she has generously supported the Bursary Fund, Capital Campaign, and The Millie Fund annual campaign. “My hope for the school is that it continues to grow and do well, and the students feel they have a great base to march out the doors on graduation day and go for it!”

Alumnae Support for the Millie Fund. It is thanks to the support of people like Helen that SMLS can provide our Millies with the best possible resources, experiences and opportunities. If you would like to join Helen in empowering girls who thrive, please visit www.smls.on.ca/milliefund.


A Magical Night in the Secret Garden SMLS Gala 2019

What a night it was at the Secret Garden Gala on May 4, 2019! From the exquisite garden and floral decor, to the convenient Oakville venue, exciting silent and live auction, delicious dinner, and fantastic live entertainment, guests enjoyed a magical evening. It was truly special to have so many members of our community including parents, alumnae, staff and friends gather together in support of our great school. Thank you to the gala committee, volunteers, sponsors, donors and everyone who had a part in making the gala a spectacular experience for all.

With funds from the gala – more than $235,000! – SMLS is investing in new flexible furnishings for classrooms, RevTouch technology screens, writable walls and learning nooks for collaborative and independent learning. The generosity of our community will help create innovative learning spaces that benefit every Millie, furthering our mission to develop courageous girls who challenge and change the world. Photo above: Gala Committee members

22 23

el Master of Ceremonies, Sangita Pat

Micha el Schad e OC serena ding Hea d of School Nancy Richa rds

Mem bers of the Board of Governors

Thank you to the SMLS Parents, Alumnae & Friends that showed their support

ls. Inspired Giromen. W Empowered


can help inspire and empower girls. Donate today. www.smls.on.ca/milliefund

1080 Linbrook Road, Oakville, ON L6J 2L1 905-845-2386 • www.smls.on.ca