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OPEN: Healthcare in Eleuthera gets a notable boost with phase1 clinic opening. In a refurbished building that was once a general store, gleaming medical equipment, still encased in protective plastic wrappers, stood ready. It was August 20th, the day of the opening of the Eleuthera Medical Clinic. The community-owned facility already had 600 members and was quickly approaching its limit of 2,000. There was no fanfare, no ribbon-cutting, no band. A priest stood by the door, wanting to bless it. It was his idea. A few moments later, another minister called. She, too, wanted to come by and say a prayer. For long-time Eleutheran resident, Lynne Rawling, the prayer was already answered. “This has been my home for 20 years. My husband and I love it here. Eleuthera has everything a person could want. It’s simple. It’s honest. It’s beautiful. The one thing it didn’t have was adequate health care. This is amazing,” said Rawling, her eyes sweeping the lobby of the 3,200 square foot facil-

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Above: Visionary, Dr. Arlington Lightbourne with the Eleuthera Community Healthcare Iniative’s - Eleuthera Medical Center on opening day, August 20th.

Immigration active in South

PM on island for brief visit

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It’s that time again

- Back To School

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An Eleutheran Profile

- Audrey Belle Gibson

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PM Minnis On -island:

For quiet reconnaissance visit BY THE ELEUTHERAN NEWS TEAM

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis visited Eleuthera on Friday, August 24th, 2018, arriving on a late afternoon flight into Governor’s Harbour, where he met up with Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera, Mr. Hank Johnson and a small entourage of local leaders. In an interview, shortly after his arrival, PM Minnis stated that he was happy to be in Eleuthera, and shared briefly on his purpose for the trip, saying, “The Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera, Mr. Hank Johnson, spoke with me about some of the concerns he has in Eleuthera, with many things happening in the north, and nothing much happening in the south. He outlined that the residents here have quite a number of challenges, one of them being a lack of available affordable land for young people to purchase and build homes. “We’ve made a ten-year plan, where we will construct subdivi-

sions and ensure that young people in the country have the opportunity to own land and homes. So I came down to view some of the government owned properties that have been picked out, and thought of as suitable for the creation of subdivisions, after which I will take that information back and include them in the ten-year plan, so that people in Central and South Eleuthera would have access to proper home accommodation.” While in Governor’s Harbour Prime Minister Minnis viewed an area near the center of the settlement, and commented, “I was told that in this particular area of Governor’s Harbour, the government owns some 50 plus acres. So now we will do our due diligence, and check those facts to make sure it’s all true. We will have our surveyors come and look at it, and include Eleuthera as part of the program, so we can provide accommodation for our young people. The cost of land today is too expensive, and this is the people’s land, not one individu-

al’s land, so the land must be protected and given to the people… We will make it happen.” He added that other issues had also been pointed out, “They wanted me to also view the state of the roads and streets. That is not on the program this year, but when we find extra funds, we will have to do it, because when you look at some of the streets here, they are disastrous, and there is just no way that we should have our citizens living Continued On Page 18


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OFFICE ASSISTANT NEEDED: A well established company on the island of Eleuthera requires an Office Assistant. The successful candidate will be responsible for: *General office duties *Accounts Payable, including reconciliation and payment of monthly bills *Accounts Receivable, including production and distribution of customer statements

*Assisting with Inventory controls and procedures Interested applicants must possess: *General Accounting experience *Time Management skills *Organizational skills *Multi-Tasking skills *Excellent Computer Skills (Quick Books, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Word) Interested applicants please send résumés to prior to August 23, 2018. Suitable candidates will be invited to interview for the post.

Positions Vacant Server and Cook da Perk Café We seek to employ energetic and enthusiastic individuals to work as a part of our team at da Perk Café in Governors Harbour. Must be reliable and have the ability to work with others. Apply at the café or contact us at Tel: (242) 808-1129 Email:

The Dunmore Hotel Restaurant Harbour Island, Bahamas Positions Needed 1 Bartender 2 Servers 1 Busboy Requirements for positions: Starters/Beginner-s skills in Bartending and as a Server. Only serious applicants need apply.

The Battle for

Large Area around Lighthouse Point continues. The high stakes struggle for Lighthouse Point, a mostly privately owned, 700 acre parcel of land at the very southern tip of Eleuthera, near Bannerman Town, with some of the most beautiful and expansive beach area in the Bahamas, as well as cultural and historic sites, and large wetland areas, continues to unfold in public and private settings. US entertainment giant, Disney Cruise Lines, which is rumored to have entered into a contract with the current owner to purchase the 700 acre parcel, publicly presented their plans for the development of Lighthouse Point as a cruise port to the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce in a meeting held on Friday, August 31st in New Providence. The One Eleuthera Foundation, a social enterprise organization, based in South Eleuthera, and currently the largest employer in the area, in partnership with the Bahamas National Trust, The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, the Leon Levy Foundation and others, has put forth an alternative proposal for the purchase, protection, and sustainable development of the landmark Lighthouse Point spot, in an effort to “secure the site as a multi-use national park to preserve its cultural, historic and natural value, while providing permanent and meaningful work and long-term economic stimulus for the island.” The partnership reached out to communities within South Eleuthera, hosting town meetings each week in August 2018, outlining the details of their proposal to concerned residents, fielding questions and garnering additional local support. A “Save Lighthouse Point” petition created by the group has to date garnered more than 20,000 signatures. During the last week in August, during a press conference held at the Bahamas Development Bank, Nassau dailies reported that the Minister of Tourism, Dionisio D’Aguilar made comment on the current controversy surrounding proposals to develop the Lighthouse Point area, saying that although the 700-acre property is privately owned, the government will not sanction the commercial development of the actual lighthouse site or the surrounding beach. However, he was also reported as saying that the Continued On Page 38


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New Principals, New Grades, Nat’l Diploma focus District Superintendent for Education in Central and North Eleuthera, Mrs. Myrtle McPhee has confirmed changes in the post of Principal at several of the primary schools within the district for the upcoming 2018/2019 school year. Mrs. Frances Russell, formally retired at the end of the 2017/2018 year from her posting as Principal at the Green Castle Primary School. Her post has been filled by Mrs. Katrina McKinney, who served most recently as the Senior Mistress at P. A. Gibson Primary School. P. A Gibson Primary School’s new Principal is now Mrs. Vanessa Scott Johnson; she was formerly the Principal at James’ Cistern Primary School, and at the James’ Cistern Primary School, Mrs. Donnalee Walker, former teacher at the Central Eleuthera High School, has been posted as the new Principal there. Public High school Principal postings in the Eleuthera District for the upcoming year have seen no changes, as confirmed by the District Education Office, and include: • Spanish Wells All Age -

• • • •

Mrs. Chardel Brown-Gibson Harbour Island All Age Mr. Kevin Hepburn North Eleuthera High Mr. Michael Culmer Central Eleuthera High Mrs. Marie Galanis Preston Albury High Mrs. Fontella Knowles

On Monday, September 3rd, as students returned to classrooms all over the island, DS Mrs. McPhee was asked about her advice to students who would be going through the sometimes challenging transition from Primary to Junior High, and from Junior High to Senior High School. Mrs. McPhee cautioned, saying, “Some students are skeptical, and some are afraid. I advise them to be attentive listeners in class, to follow critical instructions - to be good students, and then they will be okay.” “Other students who would have been at the school can sometimes prey on the new students”, said Mrs. McPhee, so she further advised

transition students not to fight or engage in any kind of conflict - but to stay focused on the purpose for which they are going to school - to learn, and to not be sidetracked by detractors who would cause them to lose their focus. With very specific requirements for being able to graduate with the Bahamas High School Diploma, students moving from Junior High into grade 10 are in the best position to consider what they need to do to accomplish that achievement, and more, before moving on into their next phase of life after High School, encouraged Mrs. McPhee. See below, the list of minimum requirements for graduating with the Bahamas National High School Diploma, as outlined by the Ministry of Education: - Attain four subjects in the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) Examinations including Mathematics, English Language, a Science, Social Studies or Career and Technical Education subject administered at the end of the ninth grade. - Complete a minimum of twenty seven (27) credit hours in grades 10 — 12, Fifteen (15) of the credit hours are gained from core

Bahamas Ferries/Bahamas Freight to Ship Direct from the US to Eleuthera Bahamas Ferries/Bahamas Freight announced in early September the beginning of its exciting new direct shipping service from Florida, to three Family Islands, including Eleuthera, Exuma, and Long Island, beginning on Saturday, September 8th, 2018. Three cargo vessels will ply the waters between the Family Islands and the U.S., namely the M/V East Wind, M/V Grand Master II, and M/V Inagua Spray, stopping into Simms, Long Island; George Town, Exuma; and four port locations in Eleuthera - Rock Sound, Governor’s Harbour, Harbour Island, and Spanish Wells. The schedule into Eleuthera, as the service begins, will see vessels arriving from the U.S. every other week. Rock Sound will receive a vessel at port every other Tuesday. Vessels will arrive in Governor’s Harbour on the Tuesday as well as the Thursday, every other week. Spanish Wells will also have vessels arriving on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Vessels will arrive

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in Harbour Island on Tuesdays and Fridays, every other week. As demand grows, that schedule is expected to be adjusted to weekly arrivals, said, Sales and Marketing Manager, Darnell Frazer, who added that based on responses to date, that can happen fairly quickly. Shipping services offered, run the gamut, shared Ms. Frazer, stating that the vessels will offer reefer (freezer and cooler) and dry (dry goods) shipping. The vessels are also fully equipped to ship pallets, vehicles, containers, flat racks, out of guage cargo as well as heavy equipment. Loose cargo shipping is also offered. Two locations are available in Florida for delivery drops, one in Riviera Beach, and the other in Fort Lauderdale. For information on cost and pricing, customers are being advised to call 242-376-7259 or send an email query to


subjects and twelve (12) are earned through the pathway courses. - Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 over the three years, grade 10 - 12, on a four point scale. - Complete thirty (30) hours of unpaid Community Service on the students’ time during the tenth and eleventh grade years. “A student may choose a Community Service Activity within the guidelines provided by the school. The student will be required to maintain a record of community service activities on a form provided by the school. This form must be signed and verified by the receiving agency. Completion of this requirement may be deferred until May of grade twelve, provided approval is granted by the school.” - Complete twenty (20) hours of Job Readiness Training. - Maintain 90% or higher attendance over the 3 year period, grades 10 - 12. - Maintain 90% punctuality level over 3 year period, grades 10 - 12. - Parents are required to participate in a minimum of three (3) parent/teacher conferences between grades 10 - 12. Please note that the student’s conduct and parental involvement will also play a role in the eligibility for graduation.



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An Eleutheran Profile: Audrey Belle Gibson (74) BY Elizabeth A. Bryan

Early life in Hatchet Bay:

Audrey Belle Gibson, born in Hatchet Bay to Florita Dean and Cyril Johnson on April 13th, 1944, has lived a life between two islands, and between two parents, however, a talent and gift that she was allowed to nurture and grow, always kept her grounded and connected to the communities she lived within. Audrey’s early life began in Hatchet Bay, before it’s boom period. The mid-forties were not easy years in a township that subsisted on small scale farming and fishing at the time. She lived with her mother as a young child, surrounded by six siblings - three sisters and three brothers. However, her life would take a twist at a very young age that would see her going back and forth for the next six decades, before re-planting once again in the island called Freedom. “Around the age of four, I remember when they took me on the boat. Transportation wasn’t like it is now. They didn’t have a dock. The boat would come down in the pond area, and we had to go in a little row boat to get to the bigger boat, which was docked out almost by where the ‘Cut’ area is now. My move to Nassau to live with my paternal aunt, all happened because of a serious accident I had when I was about four years old - I got knocked down by a bicycle,” she shared. “We didn’t have frequently available transportation like that then. There was no boat that came every day, and no plane to take you out. Back in those days you would tote another person on the handlebar of the bicycle, and these two teenage boys - collided into me when I was on my way to the water pump. At the same time I slipped around the corner, where the Methodist Church is now (it was not there back at that time, there was just a little clinic and lots of cedar trees and bushes), they couldn’t see me and the two young men hit me as I crossed. My tongue and mouth were injured (which affects my speech to this day), and I had to wait for days until the boat finally came in, and they were able to take me into Nassau - that’s how the transportation was. “I remember the old folks took care of me the best they could as my tongue swelled, and there was no medication. I remember them treating me with a foamy egg white mixture that had nutmeg and cream, until I was able to get into Nassau. Right after that my Dad and my aunt Merle decided to keep me, and they visited me in the hospital. So I ended up staying there in Nassau,” recounted Audrey.

Growing up between Nassau and Eleuthera: “Living with my aunt Merle in Nassau, I remember soon after I got there, some children in the neighbourhood would have me repeating words, asking me to say ‘crab’, ‘can’, and ‘man’, as my accent coming from Eleuthera was different. They did it so much I remember I got angry, and then they said, ‘We just like the way you say it’, smiling as she remembered childish things. “I’ve always had a love for sewing, and I can remember as a little girl in Hatchet Bay there was a seamstress, Ms. Mamie Dean - she’s the only seamstress I can remember being there at that time, and I would go there for scraps. Her adopted daughter, Willamae my little friend, used to have to sneak the scraps to me. All the children in the neighbourhood wanted me to sew their little doll clothes, and I was just fascinated with that. One summer day my mother sent me to the pump for water, and I stayed too long. I was waiting for Willamae to get these scraps, and she was busy. We were around seven, eight years old, and I was anxious to get home, ‘cause I knew I would get a beating if I went

back late. Anyway, I didn’t want to leave without the scraps. I remember finally getting the scraps, and when I got home that evening, there was my Mom with the belt, waiting to beat me. However, God intervened with my maternal grandaunt Mari, who was coming up the hill, and she met my Mom rowing me in the yard, with the belt brandished. I never forgot this. Aunt Mari said, ‘Don’t you put one cut on that child, ‘cause you don’t know - one day these same scraps she’s getting can be her life’s living’,” shared Audrey. She continued, “Back in Nassau, at about the age of nine, my father, every time he came to my aunt’s house, I would be in a particular corner playing with scraps. Back then, this was in the 1950’s, she used to make flowers out of the stretch fabric, also used a lot in Junkanoo then. She made a lot of bouquets, hats and bags for weddings and bridesmaids, and other special occasions. But, I was into the sewing. Every time he would come, he would meet me sewing, so one day he said, ‘You like sewing, hey?’, and I said, yes - and he said, ‘Okay, I’m gonna see if I could find someone to take you to’. So he took me to this lady called Mrs. Muriel Sears. At that time they had the machine that you pedaled with your foot, and I had one of those home. When I started with her, she had the one where you used your hand, and that was an upgrade for me. My dad used to pay her three shillings per week - ‘cause you know we were still British subjects back then.” “One day Mrs. Sears told my Dad, ‘She’s doing well!”. She had about six of us coming in the evening after school, but I was the only one who was really showing interest. So I remember her telling my Dad, ‘No, don’t pay me anymore. I’ll pay her, because she helps me good’. So I was like an apprentice, and I had to learn how to sew everything by hand, because that is how you trained - even though you had the machine. I had to learn all the hem stitches, how to do the button holes… and it took me months. I thought I would never finish when I started learning how to make my first skirt. I was still only nine then and every evening I would go and do a little stitch. Mrs. Sears wouldn’t let me take it home, so as not to use the machine she said, ‘No, you first have to learn to do it this way.’ So, as time went on, I did well, and she told my Dad one day, ‘Why don’t you buy her an electric machine from Deal’s Department Store’. Those were the new kind then in the ‘50’s. I always remember that. So he went and he bought it. I remember the brand name of that machine was ‘Tiger’ - I don’t see them anymore. I don’t know if they changed the name or are no longer around. “It was on a Saturday, after he had dropped me by Mrs. Sears, his car pulled up. Daddy had this car, it was a Cadillac - and he was a mechanic. On the car he had this nice cat, and everyone in Nassau knew it, because back then they would take the muffler and put a hole in it. So wherever that car was, you could hear that ‘vroom, vroom, vroom’. But anyway, when I heard it, I said to myself, ‘why is Daddy coming, it’s not time for me to get off yet’? And he came in smiling as he brought in the ‘Tiger’ electric sewing machine. So I continued sewing and sewing. Between the age of eleven and twelve, I moved from my aunt’s home to live with my Dad. There was a time when Daddy asked me, ‘what if I buy you a bicycle’, and I couldn’t ride a bike yet, but he said, ‘you think I can trust you to come straight home at 5 oclock’? And he asked Mrs. Sears to make sure I left for home before dark set in. So that became the new arrange-

Mrs. Audrey Belle Gibson

ment. I remember having to ride along Blue Hill road to get to The Grove where my Dad lived, and it was a bumpy unpaved road back then. I don’t even know if we had television as yet, ‘cause I remember when those came out later on,” Audrey reminisced. “While living with my aunty Merle and Dad, I would go and spend some time with my Mom in Eleuthera during every break from school - in the summers, Easter break, Christmas and others. Once school was closed, I was here (in Hatchet

back. “Another incident I remember from the little school in Nassau is one time when they were giving out vaccinations. I didn’t know what those were then. The day before, when they announced that vaccinations were taking place and did most of them, I didn’t go to school for some reason. So the next day when they asked the class to raise their hands for those that didn’t have vaccinations, I was the only one that put up my hand, and the teacher said come, so I had to go. They took us to

Bay). So I grew up between Nassau and Eleuthera. I remember my maternal grandfather in Hatchet Bay had a big fluffy dog, big enough where we would go for rides on his back, and the dog’s name was Moxey. At that time I didn’t know that Moxey was also a well-known last name title in Nassau. So during school in Nassau, my teacher once asked us to give her some of the different names of dogs. I was so excited, and called out, ‘I know a dog name, I know’. So she said, ‘Audrey what is it?’ So I called out, ‘Moxey’, and the whole class burst out in laughter. I didn’t know why, so I started to cry. So she said no, ‘Moxey, isn’t a dog name’, but she didn’t explain then that it was a title. I only knew about Bethel’s, Johnson’s, Pinder’s, Dean’s and the like,” chuckled Audrey as she thought

where the vaccinations were being given, and all I heard was the hollering and crying, and I wondered what was going on. At my turn, I stenched and the nurse was holding my hand, and they scraped and scraped the skin at the spot until it bled, then they dropped a solution on it. I think they were giving it for polio at the time. So I said to myself, that’s what vaccination means, and I never forgot that,” she smiled wryly. “That, and Moxey.” “At the age of 14 I finished up junior high school, which was located opposite the Ranfurly Home, and D.W. Davis was the Principal at the

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An Eleutheran Profile Continued from pg. 8 time. Most children would learn a trade after leaving school. Each home who had a child made sure they learned some form of trade after they finished. So I continued sewing with Mrs. Sears, until after I got married,” said Audrey.

Family Life and Career: “I worked for a few months at Mortimer’s Candy on East Street Hill, and at that time I was sewing at home as well, and I had customers who would come. And back then you could just put up your sign, saying ‘dress making done within’. You didn’t have to pay the business license and all the other fees now. So I would sew, and people passed and tried my work. If they liked it they would continue to come. I preferred working for myself at home, rather than going out during the day to work,” she shared. “There were two regular mailboats plying between Nassau and Eleuthera in my late teens, the M/V Fifty Two Miles, and M/V Passing Jack. Family members then would send boxes on the boat, and you would go collect them. My first husband was an engraver working with turtle shells, at a company named Johnson and Johnson, making broaches and necklaces and other jewelry and accessories near the dock. He was like an artist. I met him as I happened to go to the boat to pick up a package, where they came in on Bay Street back then, and as I was leaving he was standing on the opposite side near Mike’s Department store - near where he worked. Right on the corner, there was an ice-cream parlour there where they sold icecream that came in from Hatchet Bay. There was no Potter’s Cay dock as yet. So he struck up a conversation, and we started to talk from there. I was 17 then. He was a Bethel from Palmetto Point,

Kendal Bethel and when we got married about two years later in 1963, I was 19. That was my first husband, however, he passed away when my oldest daughter was 12,” said Audrey. She had one daughter with her first husband, and was blessed with three others afterward. Her eldest, was Rolita, who was followed by Anishka, and Raquel, and one son, Jason. Audrey shared that her first marriage was not a good one, so to get away, she went back to Hatchet Bay. Her grandaunt Mari who had saved her from the beating delivered her eldest girl, Rolita, at the age of 20. She returned to Nassau hoping to make the marriage work, but it was not to be, said Audrey. With a young baby, and back in New Providence, Audrey had to find stable work to support her young, now single parent family, as sewing wasn’t always a sure salary and began waitressing. “At that time the nightspots were the thing back then, and we had live music from Bahamian young men, like Smokey 007 and Tony Seymour no disco and all of that. Everything was live. We also had a lot of movie stars that would come over. I started out at the ‘Cat and Fiddle’ with Freddie Munnings, and I was still young, so I worked in the evenings during the matinee for young people. Later on they had the night spots, and I worked at the Ghana Room, where I saw stars like Otis Brown and Roberta Flack, when they would come in to perform. I then transferred to the later evening shows, waitressing, which offered more money then. However, I still continued sewing during the day - I never gave up sewing,” smiled Audrey. “I preferred working nights rather than during the day, as I had the opportunity to take care of and be with my children during the day, and would be home when they got in after school. I usually went to work for 8pm after getting them ready for the next day and down to bed, and always had someone helping with them at night. So that’s how that worked out then.” Paradise Island, was the next stop for Audrey waitressing in hotels there, but before that, during her late twenties she shared

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that she also had a stint in Freeport, while her last daughter was a baby, during the early 1970’s. “Things were a little rough in Nassau at that time, but Freeport was the place to be! They had a hotel over there by the name of King’s Inn. I went over there to work, because money was making. The tips were good, and I got to meet a lot of famous people there. Freeport was booming at the time,” she shared. Her time in Freeport lasted about three years said Audrey. It wasn’t a place where she felt she could stay long term. She described it as not having the same kind of community connection as in Nassau, or home in Eleuthera, and with no clientele, her sewing took a hiatus while on Grand Bahama as well. So back to Nassau she returned, where she knew all of her neighbours, and they knew her. She got right back into sewing, but she still needed a regular income. So having learned tips of the upper crust trade in Freeport, she continued as a cocktail waitress at nights, moving away from serving food, to earn more. She worked in several places along Bay Street, and just off Bay Street, then on Paradise Island for a number of years to follow, while sewing during the day for clients right through into the 1990’s. Once her girls had become teenagers, who had also been taught to sew, Audrey left waitressing and spent more time with her family and developing her sewing business, as she had begun to have to turn down work, with not enough time to get it all done. “ I felt within myself, with the girls becoming teenagers, that I should stay at home in the night. So I decided to stick with the sewing and build that up.”

The Move Back: “In 2003 I relocated back to Eleuthera for good, and I married Arlington Belle. I had known him all of my life. It’s just that I was in Nassau and he was here (in Eleuthera). We reconnected during one of my trips home, and after dating for two years, we were married,” said Audrey. Sadly, Ar-

lington died suddenly, just two and a half years after they tied the knot. Audrey married again years later at 69 to her current husband, William Gibson, originally from Harbour Island, who was a retired prison officer in New Providence. Although she was away for so many years, Eleuthera was always a special draw, smiled Audrey, “This is my home and I love it! I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was also able to be here with my Mom who was getting down in age. Because I spent most of my younger days in Nassau, going back and forth, but there is nothing like being present, here. She got very sick and was bedridden for three years, and I was able to take care of her, and she is now passed away. I still sew now. I don’t do as much volume of work as I used to, but people still come to me and I still sew. I love it because it keeps me feeling young and feeling that I have a purpose. When you are retired with nothing to do, it’s best to find something - but I don’t need to do that because I have sewing and I can work at my own pace,” said Audrey. During the past fifteen years, Audrey, built up her local Eleutheran clientele for her sewing, and shared that it wasn’t too difficult, as a number of people used to send work to her in Nassau, so she was already well known for her craft within her home town as well. Two of Audrey’s daughters, Anishka and Raquel also went on to take up sewing professionally. In gratitude for all that their Mom had done for them, Audrey’s children organized a fun honouree banquet event on Sunday August 5th, 2018 to express how much she meant to them. Anishka who resides in New Providence, said of her Mom, “She is a very special woman, and she has sown into the lives of many people, the church, and many of the youth. One of my sisters and I are now professional fashion designers because of what she taught us. So we wanted to say thank you for that. Also to get all of the family in one place, and to give her, her flowers while she is still alive.”

Pedestrian killed in Rock Sound.

The community of Green Castle was left in mourning this month, when one of their own was struck down by a motor vehicle and killed while traversing the main road, Queen’s Highway in Rock Sound on foot. The accident happened during the early morning hours on Friday, August 24th, 2018. Officers at the Rock Sound Police Station, sometime around 5:45am that Friday morning were alerted about a traffic accident involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle in an area commonly known as “Michael Rocks”. Officers and medical personnel from the Rock Sound Clinic responded to the scene where initial investigations confirmed that an adult man, a resident of the Green Castle community, while walking in a northern direction along Queen’s Highway, was struck by a green 1998 S70 Volvo, being driven by another adult man, also in a northern direction. The victim, 50-year-old, Isaac Adderley, was examined by the local doctor and pronounced dead, as he had succumbed to his injuries on the scene. The driver of the Volvo remained on the scene, and was said to have assisted Police. Authorities confirmed that traffic investigators both local and from New Providence are actively investigating this tragedy. Mr. Isaac Adderley, who was a Mason by trade, working in construction, was described by his brother as a quiet man, who never troubled anyone. He conveyed that Isaac would be missed by his entire family. Funeral services are planned for Saturday, September 8th in New Providence, where the majority of his siblings reside. The Royal Bahamas Police Force Eleuthera Division, in a public plea, asked road users on

the island, both motorists and pedestrians, to adhere to traffic laws and to continue to practice good road safety. Up to press time, investigations were still ongoing, and no charges had been made.


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2018 BJC and BGCSE Examination MOE notes Slight Improvement in Results: Eleuthera Top Achievers (Listed) ELEUTHERA Top Achievers Students in Eleuthera sat National BJC (Bahamas Junior Certificate - Junior High School Evaluative Exams), and BGCSE (Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education - Senior High School Exit Exams) Examinations during May through June of 2018. Official results were released to schools during the first week in August 2018. Students in Eleuthera who achieved the most passes of C grade or higher, are outlined below for five of the public high schools in the Eleuthera District. Excerpts of the official Results Report released by the Ministry of Education on Monday, September 3rd, follow. At Central Eleuthera High School (CEHS) the students with top results in the BJC exams included: Kyla Sands– 3 A’s, 3 B’s, 2 C’s; Sharico Farquharson – 2 A’s, 5 B’s, 1 C; Alyssa Sineus - 1 A, 1 B, 2 C’s, 4 D’s; Alia Albury - 3 B’s, 3 C’s, 1 D; Calaen Gaitor - 2 B’s, 5 C’s; Mendonique Seymour - 1 B, 4 C’s, 2 D’s; Kamesha Carey - 4 B’s, 3 C’s; Andreon Gardiner - 3 A’s, 3 B’s, 1 C; Neva Dorvilus - 2 A’s, 2 B’s, 2 C’s, 1 D; Bithiah Rahming - 2 B’s, 3 C’s, 1 D; Medwick Rolle - 3 A’s, 2 B’s, 1 C; Shawayne Knowles – 2 B’s, 2 C’s, 2 D’s; Don-Alex Alcime - 1 B, 3 C’s, 2 D’s; Torii Knowles -5 A’s; Natisha Johnson – 2 C’s, 3 D’s; Terrell Butler – 1 B, 3 C’s, 1 D; Taija Major - 1 B, 3 C’s, 1 D; Jameisha Sands– 1 B, 1 C, 3 D’s ; Shekinah Gaitor - 1 B, 3 C’s, 1 D; Kimberley Pierre - 4 C’s; Taneica Elusnord - 2 C’s, 2 D’s; Kayshon Heastie – 4 C’s; Terrano Butler – 4 B’s; Barry Cadet – 3 C’s, 1 D; Jahzara Taylor– 3 A’s, 1 B; Samuel Hanna – 3 A’s, 1 B; Kiante Davis – 2 C’s, 2 D’s; Rolissa Maycock - 2 C’s, 2 D’s; Shamaria Belle – 2 C’s , 2 D’s; Shawnae Bethel – 2 C’s , 2 D’s; Wallace Sineus Jr. – 2 A’s, 2 B’s; Roshaad Burrows – 1 B, 2 C’s, 1 D; Ricardo Belle – 1 A, 2 B’s, 1C. 12th grade students with top BGCSE results were: Jana McCardy – 9 A’s, 1 B, 3 C’s; Antoniqua Collins - 3 A’s, 2 B’s, 3 C’s; Travas Young - 1 A, 1 B, 5 C’s; Crystal Wilson - 2 B’s, 3 C’s; Haile Cambridge – 1A, 1 B, 3 C’s; Jerrimia Seymour - 1 A, 1 B, 3 C’s; Bernard Bethel – 2 B’s, 2 C’s; Lukeisha Saunders - 1 B, 3 C’s. At North Eleuthera High School (NEHS) the students with top results in the BJC exams included: Kyle Collins - 5 A’s, 2 B’s, 1 C; Demari Johnson - 5A’s, 2 B’s 1 C; Yasmin Marsh - 4 A’s, 2B’s, 1C, 1 D; Paulsen Paul - 3 A’s, 2B’s, 1C, 1D; Rodgeno Albury - 2A’s, 3 B’s, 4 C’s; Amanda Kemp - 2A’s, 3 B’s, 1 C; Charzia Algreen - 2A’s, 2 B’s, 3 C’s; Gabrielle Thompson - 2 A’s, 3 B’s, 1 C 11th grade students with top BGCSE results were: Ernie Kelly 1 A, 3 C’s. At Preston H. Albury High School (PHAHS) the students with top results in the BJC exams included: Tanai Sands - 2 A’s, 2 B’s, 3 C’s, 1 D; Lael Knowles - 2 B’s, 2 C’s; Micquel Cartwright - 1 A, 1 B, 2 C’s, 1 D; Sarai LaFrance - 1 A, 4 C’s; David Elliot - 3

B’s, 1 D; Azaria Brown - 2 B’s, 2 C’s, 1 D; Machello Pratt - 2 B’s, 3 C’s; Kelvano Rolle - 3 B’s, 2 C’s; Tauje Evans - 2 B’s, 4 C’s; Nathalia Johnson - 2 B’s, 3 C’s, 1 D; Sidron Johnson - 2 B’s, 3 C’s, 1 D; Donneisha Hall - 1 B, 2 C’s, 3 D’s; Candon Farrington - A’s, 2 B’s, 1 C, 2 D’s; Jubilee Roger - 1 A, 4 B’s, 2 C’s, 1 D. 12th grade students with top BGCSE results were (shown are combined 11th and 12th grade exam results for each student): Tiara Jones - 2 A’s, 4 B’s, 2 C’s; Talmadge Knowles - 1 B, 3 C’s, 2 D’s; Avery Hall - 2 A’s, 3 C’s, 2 D’s; Lounis Preneus - 1 C, 4 D’s; Kyleisha Albury - 1 A, 2 C’s,3 D’s; Ameiah Pinder - 2 C’s,2 D’s; Marinique Leary - 1 B, 1 C’s, 2 D’s; Raylonda Miller - 1 A, 2 C’s, 2 D’s; Kennila Symonette - 1 C,3 D’s; Waydrick Anderson - 1 C,3 D’s. At Harbour Island All Age School (HIAAS) the students with top results in the BJC exams included: Raven Cash - 3 A’s, 2 B’s, 1 C; Astralia Carey - 2 B’s, 3 C’s. 12th grade students with top BGCSE results were: Lesanna Simon - 5 C’s; Florence Dean - 1 A, 1 B, 2C’s. At Samuel Guy Pinder All Age School (SGPAAS) the students with top results in the BJC exams included: Colby Mullin - 9 A’s; Chandler Mullin - 8 A’s, 1 B; Dianthe Anderson - 6 A’s, 1B; Delano Armbrister - 3 A’s, 4 B’s; Cherish Carey - 1 A, 2 B’s, 4 C’s; Tristin Perry - 2 A’s ,1 B, 2C’s; Delaney Pinder - 3 A’s, 2 B’s, 3 C’s; Cody Sweeting - 2 A’s, 1 B, 1 C, 2 D’s; Gabriella Stubbs - 3 B’s, 3 C’s, 1 D; Madison McGee - 2 A’s, 2 C’s; 2 D’s. 12th grade students with top BGCSE results were: Sierra Colebrook - 4 A’s, 1 B, 2 C’s; Derek Pinder - 2 A’s, 1 B, 3 C’s; Dominic Pinder 2 A’s, 3 C’s, 2 D’s. 11th grade students with top BGCSE results were: Allie Pinder - 2 A’s, 1 C; Anna Pinder - 1 A, 1 B, 1 C; Merrick Underwood 2 A’s, 1 C. Excerpts from the Ministry of Education’s 2018 National Examinations Release: “The Ministry of Education submits the results of the 2018 Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) and the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) examinations. As usual some students have achieved excellent results this year, some have experienced positive growth and some have not done as well as expected. It is pleasing to note that there have been increases in several subjects inclusive of BJC Mathematics which could have a direct influence on the number of students meeting the requirement for the award of the Bahamas High School Diploma. However, in an effort to address deficiencies in the Educational system,

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Aug/Sept 2018

Caution being raised as Hurricane season enters peak months - Forecast Lowered

(August 9th - NOAA) Conditions in the ocean and the atmosphere are conspiring to produce a less active Atlantic hurricane season than initially predicted in May, though NOAA and FEMA are raising caution as the season enters its peak months. “There are still more storms to come – the hurricane season is far from being over. We urge continued preparedness and vigilance,” said Gerry Bell, Ph.D., lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. Seasonal forecasters with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center have increased the likelihood of a below-normal Atlantic hurricane season to 60 percent (up from 25 percent in May) in the updated outlook, issued today. The likelihood of a near-normal season is now at 30 percent, and the chance of


Shelter list Eleuthera 2018

an above-normal season has dropped from 35 percent to 10 percent. For the entire season, which ends Nov. 30, NOAA predicts a total of 9-13 named storms (winds of 39 mph or greater) of which 4-7 will become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or greater), including 0-2 major hurricanes (winds of 111 mph or greater). This outlook is for overall seasonal activity and is not a landfall forecast. Landfalls are largely determined by short-term weather patterns, which are only predictable within about one week of a storm potentially reaching a coastline. To produce the seasonal update, forecasters take several factors into account. El Nino is now much more likely to develop with enough strength to suppress storm development during the latter part of the season.

Today, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center updated its forecast to a nearly 70 percent likelihood of El Nino during the hurricane season. Additionally, sea surface temperatures across the tropical Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea have remained much cooler than average. A combination of stronger wind shear, drier air and increased stability of the atmosphere in the region where storms typically develop will further suppress hurricanes. Storm activity to-date and the most recent model predictions also contribute to this update. “Today’s updated outlook is a reminder that we are entering the height of hurricane season and everyone needs to know their true vulnerabilities to storms and storm surge,” said FEMA Administrator Brock Long. “Now is the time to know who issues evacuation orders in their community, heed the warnings, update your insurance and have a preparedness plan. Don’t let down your guard, late season storms are always a possibility, always keep your plans updated.” NOAA also urges coastal residents to make sure they have their hurricane preparedness plans in place and to monitor the latest forecasts as we move into peak hurricane season. Editor’s Note: At the time of this update, the season had seen four named storms, including two hurricanes. Since that time three additional named storms has formed including Tropical Storm Gordon, which as Depression in the Southern Bahamas brought rain across the Bahamas and then developed slowly as it headed to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

North Eleuthera District, Mainland, Spanish Wells & Harbour Island • The Haitian Baptist People Church - The Bluff, North Eleuthera • New Jerusalem Church - Blackwood, North Eleuthera • Little Scholars Pre-School - Lower Bogue, North Eleuthera • Charles Wesley Methodist Church - Lower Bogue, North Eleuthera • Mission Church of God - Upper Bogue, North Eleuthera • St. Johns Parish Hall - Harbour Island • New Alliance Church of God - Harbour Island • Harbour Island Public Library - Harbour Island • Zion Methodist Church - Current Island • The Current Community Centre - The Current, North Eleuthera

back to school Safety Tips. For Students Find an easy way to walk to and from school or the bus stop and use the same route every day. Always walk with a brother, sister, neighbour or friend or with other students. Strength is in numbers. Don’t talk to strangers, don’t go anywhere with them or take anything from them. If a stranger approaches, tell your parents or a trusted adult such as a teacher. Never get into a vehicle with a stranger, or with anyone without your parents’ permission. Look both ways before crossing the street. Never run into the street from between parked cars. Know you parents full name, your parents telephone numbers and your address (street name and house number). If you have trouble remembering them, write them down and keep in a safe place.

For Motorists Slow down and obey ALL traffic laws and speed limits. Speed limits in school zones is 15 MPH from 7:30am to 9:00am and 2:30pm to 4:00pm. Be extra cautious around school crossing areas. When driving in school zones or in neighbourhoods, watch for children who may be in a hurry to get to school and may not be thinking of their safety. Watch for children walking in the street, especially where there are no sidewalks. Be alert and ready to stop. • •

Central Eleuthera Governor’s Harbour Primary - Governor’s Harbour The Salvation Army - Palmetto Point Church of the Nazarene - Palmetto Point George E. Johnson Memorial Centre (St. Mark’s Methodist Church Hall) - Hatchet Bay Camp Symonette - James Cistern South Eleuthera Church of God of Prophecy - Tarpum Bay Rock Sound Primary School - Rock Sound Green Castle Primary School - Green Castle Wemyss’ Bight Primary School - Wemyss Bight Deep Creek Primary School - Deep Creek



Always stop for a school bus or jitney that has to stop to load or unload passengers. Before entering a pedestrian crossing area, be sure there are no children in the lane or adjacent lanes. When passing a parked vehicle, check for children who may run into the street. Allow children waiting at a pedestrian crossing to cross the street.

Seagrape House Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera. Spacious, 2 bedroom apartment. Now available. Ph.# 332- 2206.

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Online at Exam Results Continued from pg. 11 The Ministry along with teachers, parents and students must come together if we are to achieve the level of success we desire. BJC Report: The year 2018 marks the twenty-fifth sitting of the Bahamas Junior Certificate examinations since its re-introduction in 1994. Approximately eleven thousand eight hundred twenty-seven (11,827) candidates from a total of one hundred twenty-three centers were registered to sit examinations for the thirteen subjects offered. The candidates came from seventy-two (72) independent/private centers and fifty–one (51) government schools. The overall candidature represents a 2.46% decrease over 2017. The total number of grades awarded in 2018 was 42671 as compared to 2017 which was 44403. This represents a decrease of 3.90%. Again this year, Mathematics and Language Arts were the two most heavily subscribed subjects. Seven subjects improved this year. English Language, General Science, Social Studies, Literature, Spanish, Craft Study and Health Science. Centers That Have Improved In Grade Point Average When Compared To 2017 In Eleuthera: Central Eleuthera High, Harbour Island All Age, North Eleuthera High,,Preston Albury High & Samuel Guy Pinder All Age.

The Eleutheran | 08/09 2018

which had a total of six thousand six hundred ninety-two (6692) candidates from one hundred nine (109) centers. The total number of subjects offered is twenty-seven (27). The grades awarded show students’ learning outcomes, which are measured in a variety of different ways, because of the different requirements in individual subjects. Although there was a slight increase in candidature, the number of awarded grades decreased slightly when compared to last year. There were 25045 grades awarded this year. This number represents a decrease of 0.38% when compared to 2017 which had a total of 25140 grades. BGCSE Report: The year 2018 marks English Language, Biology, Mathematics the twenty-sixth sitting of the BGCSE examiand Religious Studies continue to remain the nation since its first administration in 1993. The subjects of choice for the vast majority of candiexamination is designed to show what students dates. Art & Design Scheme C, Auto Mechanknow, understand and can do after having ics and Clothing Construction remain the least completed a prescribed course of study, which subscribed subjects. normally lasts for three years. Subsequently, It is also to be noted that even with the the grades awarded to students are indicators of more heavily subscribed subjects like Maththeir achievements and their potential, and not ematics, English Language, Biology and Relithe sum total of their worth. It is to be noted, gious Studies none had a one hundred percent that there are other factors that have an impact subscription rate. This is partially due in part to on how candidates perform on the examinasome schools entering tenth and eleventh grade tion. The factors both internal and external to students to sit the subjects a year or two in the system of schooling mitigate against good advance of graduation. performance, and ought to be given some conOf the twenty-seven subjects tested, sideration when results are being reviewed. improved performance was noted in thirteen Six thousand seven hundred twenty (6720) subjects. They are Art & Design, Art & Design candidates from one hundred eleven (111) B, Art & Design C, Auto Mechanics, Clothing centers were registered to sit the examination. Construction, Geography, Office Procedures, Seventy-two (72) centers were independent/ Keyboarding, Commerce, English Language*, private while thirty-nine (39) were government Graphical Communication, Literature and schools. The number of candidates represent Mathematics*. an increase of 0.42% when compared to 2017 Carpentry & Joinery and Chemistry remain unchanged. Centers That Have An Increase In Overall Grade Point Average - In Eleuthera: Eleuthera Private (Individuals who The Number Of Candidates Receiving A Minimum Of Five Or More Bjc’s With Grade C Or Above. In 2018, a total of one thousand six hundred (1600) candidates received a grade of C or higher in five or more subjects. This represents an increase of 7.82% over 2017 which had a total of one thousand four hundred eighty-four (1484) candidates. There were one thousand five hundred fourteen (1514) candidates in 2016; one thousand four hundred eighty-five (1485) candidates in 2015 and one thousand four hundred (1400) candidates in 2014.

Calendar Guide highlights in Aug. 2018 North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta Friday, Oct. 5, 2018 to Monday, Oct. 8, 2018 Experience one of the largest racing events in The Islands of The Bahamas, with Class A, B, and C native sailing sloops taking to the waters off North Eleuthera, Harbour Island, and Spanish Wells. The onshore activities include a church service, cultural shows, Bahamian food and drinks and nightly entertainment with live band performances. Contacts: Mrs. Lucy Johnson-Butler, Regatta Committee / (242) 333-2275 or Harbour Island Tourist Office / (242) 333-2621

LODGE Week of Celebrations

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Commonwealth of the Bahamas Free & Accepted Masons of District Number Two, Eleuthera under the auspices of District Deputy Grand Master Brother Javarro Kemp invite all Prince Hall Masons of Eleuthera, sojourning brothers, members of the Order of Eastern Stars and all other concordant bodies to a week of celebrations for the life and legacy of our Progenitor, Prince Hall. Prince Hall Church Service 9th September 2018 at 3pm in James Cistern at Wesley Methodist Church, All Masons and O.E.S. members are asked to meet at the James Cistern Primary School at 2:15pm. Family Fun Day 15th September 2018 beginning at 12pm on the Longley Newberry Park in Savannah Sound. There will be free food, drinks, games and entertainment for the entire family. Other activities will be held throughout the week at St Glenelg’s Lodge Hall in Tarpum Bay and St. Patrick’s Lodge in Hatchet Bay, see FaceBook Pages for details.

The General Public is invited to attend all of these celebrations.

PHILAUTIA Job Fair The 2nd Job Fair to be hosted by PHILAUTIA, will take place at St. Luke’s Parish Hall in Rock Sound from Thursday, September 13th through Saturday, September 15th between the hours of 10:30am and 3:30pm.

Wemyss Bight Homecoming Festival Friday, Oct. 5, 2018 to Monday, Oct. 8, 2018

This festival was designed to bring nationals and visitors to Wemyss Bight to celebrate and reminisce about bygone days. It features talent shows, Bahamian food and drinks, live band performances, and local crafts. Venue : Wemyss Bight, South Eleuthera Contact: Mr. Mackery Nixon / (242) 467-5441

One Eleuthera Foundation - AGM The One Eleuthera Foundation will host its 2018 Annual General Meeting on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 at 9:00am at the Centre for Training & Innovation on Queen’s Highway, Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas. Attendees must be OEF members in good standing. If you are not a member and wish to join us: Contact us at or call 1.242.334.4700 OR Visit our website at for more information. Hoping to see you there!!!


registered privately with the District Education Office to sit national examinations), Harbour Island All Age &Windermere High. The Number Of Candidates Receiving A Minimum Of Grade C In At Least Five Subjects In 2018, a total of eight hundred six (806) candidates received at least grade ‘C’ in five or more subjects as compared to 2017 with eight hundred-eighty (880). This represents a decrease of 8.41%. There were nine hundred three (903) candidates in 2016; nine hundred sixtyone (961) candidates in 2015 and nine hundred twenty-two (922) candidates in 2014. The cumulative percentage of grades awarded at A – C decreased slightly when compared to last year. The highest percentage of grades awarded continues to be at grade ’C’.

BGCSE FACTS • Twenty-seven subjects are tested.: English Language, Literature, Bookkeeping & Accounts, Economics, Office Procedures, Keyboarding Skills, Commerce, Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science, Physics, Mathematics, Carpentry & Joinery, Graphical Communication, Auto Mechanics, Electrical Installation, History, Religious Studies, Geography, Art & Design Scheme A, Art & Design Scheme B & , Art & Design Scheme C, Music, Spanish, and French.

-The BGCSE examinations are designed to assess the performance of at least 80% of all students in the twelfth grade. It is an exit examination. Examinations are sat annually during May – June and results released to centres during the first week in August. “


Holidays and Observance Days:

Monday, October 8th National Heroes Day - public holiday

More meetings in reference to lighthouse point are sure to take place. Gov’t is expected to send a team to inspect the site and conduct a town meeting, said MP Hank Johnson at press time.

The Island School invites you to save the date for our:

20 Year Anniversary Celebration! This year marks The Island School’s 20 Year Anniversary! To celebrate this incredible milestone, our 20 Year Celebration will take place at The New England Aquarium in Boston, MA on January 5, 2019. Event Agenda: 5:30 pm: 20 Year Program, including video and speeches at the New England Aquarium Imax theater (seating limited, $85 for program and reception to follow) 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Reception at the New England Aquarium; $40 for food, beer, wine, and celebrating! We hope to see you there! Questions? Please email

school DATES MID-TERM Break: Teachers & Students 25th & 26th October, 2018

Teacher PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAYS: Christmas Term 23rd & 24th October, 2018


The Eleutheran Newspaper at 422-9350 or send email to,

to have your community notices and events listed.



Aug/Sept 2018

bahamas immigration apprehends illegals in South

Above: Immigration team from New Providence in South Eleuthera, to assist the local team.

On Sunday, August 12th, 2018, sometime around 3am, officers at the Rock Sound Police Station while conducting routine mobile patrols of their district, were alerted by concerned citizens from Weymss Bight of strange people seen in their community. As a result, officers stopped and questioned three men walking near that area who could not give a satisfactory reason for being there. Their clothing were wet and they were carrying luggage. Acting on experience, the officers took the men into custody suspecting that they were in breach of the Immigration Act, and had illegally landed in the Bahamas. The Officer in Charge of the Eleuthera District, Chief Superintendent Stephen

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Adderley was updated on the arrests. Suspecting these were three of many who had landed, he immediately dispatched Police officers from all areas of the island to assist Mrs. Shema Darling, Chief Immigration Officer for Eleuthera and her team, who quickly descended on the Southern District of the island. By 4:30pm later on Sunday afternoon, 50 illegal migrants, predominantly of Haitian nationality had been arrested and detained. Searches in the South Eleuthera area continued late into the evening on Sunday, as law enforcement officers from both Immigration and the Royal Bahamas Police Force continued their efforts. The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Eleuthera Division, during their search efforts, asked the public to contact their local police stations or 911/ 919 with any additional information. By 9pm, on Sunday evening, August 12th, 2018, a total of 58 illegal migrants, including men, women and children, had been taken into custody from the illegal vessel landing which took place in South Eleuthera, near the areas of Bannerman Town, John Millars and Wemyss Bight, during the very early morning hours on Sunday. About 16 local officers from Bahamas Immigration and Royal Bahamas Police Force initiated the search for illegal migrants soon after information was received from alert residents in the community of Wemyss Bight. The local team was also joined for the first-time-ever by the Immigration Department’s Rapid Response Team

out of New Providence, equipped with tracking K9 dog, “Kane”, as well as Defence Force Personnel, and members of the Immigration Enforcement Unit - approximately 13 officers bringing the team of officers involved in the search on the ground on Sunday to just under 30 people. The illegal migrants taken into custody were being housed in Rock Sound, where they were attended to by a local medical team, and further processed by Immigration personnel, ahead of their magistrate’s court appearance, expected to take place on Tuesday, August 14th, before being directly repatriated. Completed search efforts resulted in 62 people being taken into custody, who had illegally landed in Eleuthera on Sunday, August 12th. The group included 14 women, 1 minor girl, 44 men, and 3 minor boys. Also as a result of the search exercises, an additional 13 people were taken into custody who were in breach of the Immigration Act, including, 5 men, 2 infant boys, 5 women, and 1 minor girl. On Tuesday morning, August 14th, 2018, the 75 illegal immigrants were presented at the magistrate’s court in Rock Sound, where they all pled guilty. The group was deported via Nassau on Bahamasair later on Tuesday afternoon, at about 4pm, where they were scheduled to overnight, before being transported back to Haiti on Wednesday.


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1st Grade Classrooms Fast-tracked to the Digital Age with New Tablets

On Monday morning, September 3rd, 2018, the first day of school for students returning to begin the new 2018/2019 school year, Central and South Eleuthera MP, Mr. Hank Johnson, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Johnson, began his trek, visiting schools throughout the entire district, presenting 1st

grade students and their teachers with tablets and headphones, supporting the government’s digital push within public schools. 130 plus tablets were earmarked this year for the grade one classrooms, stated Mr. Johnson, with plans to equip more grade levels in 2019. His tightly packed schedule on Monday, took him from to Emma Cooper Primary in Palmetto Point, where K4 students were also presented with special care packs, then on to James’ Cistern Primary, P. A. Gibson Primary in Hatchet Bay, as well as Governor’s

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Local “Plus”

Aug/Sept 2018

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Living Whale is Cut Open in Search for ‘AMBERGRIS’ bmmro press release The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation Finds Live-Stranded Pilot Whale with 3-Foot Long Cut in Underside The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO) responded to the report of a live stranded pilot whale on August 23rd on the beach just north of Crossing Rocks, Abaco. With the help of Crossing Rocks community members, BMMRO’s team was able to push the 11-foot young adult female whale back out to sea but had to hold it upright so that it did not drown. Two sharks patrolled nearby. During the rescue, BMMRO scientist Dr. Diane Claridge discovered a 3-foot long and 3-inch deep cut on the whale’s underside, deep enough to have cut into the muscle. Claridge describes her response to the troubling discovery: “Sadly, this type of body mutilation has been observed previously in the Bahamas on a dead dolphin, but I never imagined anyone cutting into the body of a live animal. I was horrified.” “There is absolutely no doubt that a knife was deliberately used to make this laceration. The cut

Above: Dead Pilot Whale Below: The cut made while the animal was alive.

was too straight to have been caused by rocks or coral, and the skin and blubber is not easily cut into, so it had to be done with some force. Additionally, the location of the cut on the whale’s underside indicated the person was looking for ambergris.” “As well as completely lacking compassion, the perpetrator was obviously ignorant of both Bahamian law and how to find ambergris.” It is against the law to harm marine mammals in any way in The Bahamas. Anyone with information regarding who conducted this despicable act should contact the Department of Marine Resources or Marsh Harbour Police immediately. Ambergris is a substance that sperm whales produce in the stomach to help digest and pass squid beaks. Only sperm whales produce ambergris and not all sperm whales, and no dolphins or any other whale species. Sperm whales defecate the ambergris with the encased squid beaks (occasionally it is vomited instead) and the ambergris floats at sea until is it washed ashore. During its time at sea and on the shore, its chemical properties change due to oxidation. Ambergris is highly valued for its use in the perfume industry, but only after it has oxidised. Ambergris in the stomach or intestines of a dead sperm whale is worth absolutely nothing (and smells awful). Furthermore, a whale’s stomach is not located on its underside but under the ribcage. Mutilating a whale or dolphin is not going to result in finding ambergris of any value but could result in a $5,000 - $25,000 fine and/or up to 18 months in prison. The appropriate response when someone discovers a stranded dolphin or whale whether alive or dead is to immediately call the Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network (242 3664155) to initiate the stranding response team. This network consists of 130 members located throughout The Bahamas. Assisting a living whale or dolphin should be done with caution (because they are large animals and may transfer diseases) but helping the animal to breathe and keeping it wet until experts arrive will sometimes save its life. Despite our efforts to save the pilot whale, she died the following morning. BMMRO conducted a necropsy (an animal autopsy) and samples were collected to determine the initial cause of stranding. BMMRO scientist, Dr Charlotte Dunn noted: “During the 2-day event more than 20 people from Crossing Rocks, including children, assisted us, doing what they could to try to save this animal. This community support and kindness was uplifting and a great help.” BMMRO wishes to thank all those individuals from the Crossing Rocks community who came out to help, especially Marcus, Tony, CJ, DeShawn and Antoine; Olivia, Cha, and Dr Bailey from Marsh Harbour, and our interns Ashley and Krystynia. The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO) is a non-profit group based in Sandy Point, Abaco whose mission is to promote the conservation of marine mammals through scientific research and educational outreach. To learn more about BMMRO’s research and its outreach programmes, see the following links:, and www. Link to the Bahamas Marine Mammal Protection Act:

All photo use courtesy of BMMRO


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Aug/Sept 2018

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PM’s visit Continued from pg. 4 under such conditions. So we will have to make that a priority also.” MP Mr. Hank Johnson, commenting on the Prime Minister’s visit, said, “There is a lot in this district that needs to be looked after. I was able to get his ear for a little bit, but I wanted him to come and also see and hear from other local party leaders, to discuss what’s happening in the country, what’s impacting our constituency and how we are going to make it better. We will be looking at ways and means of creating employment, various capital projects, as well as what government can do for our young people.” In answer to an inquiry about the status of the airports in Eleuthera, Prime Minister Minnis shared, “We are completing the designs at this time, but we are putting together a program somewhat different from the past. So we are putting the airports in both

North Eleuthera and in Exuma on a fast track, so that they can be completed as quickly as possible. South Eleuthera will not get a new airport at this time, but it does need some repairs. We will ensure that that is done. Not only to ensure the quality of life for our own residents and citizens, but also for our guests. In terms of a timeline for completion of the airport works in Eleuthera, the Prime Minister, declared, “The new airports, both in Exuma and North Eleuthera, will definitely be completed within the next few years, but as I’ve said, this government for the first time is projecting a tenyear plan, and our plan will definitely include, airports, land reform, energy, travel, ownership, entrepreneurship, and education. You would note that we have had too many complaints by both foreign and Bahamian investors that not enough of our people

Above: Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, after viewing a number of sites on island, met with local leaders as well as party executives, overnighting in Palmetto Point, before returning to New Providence the next morning. Pictured with PM Minnis is MP for Central and South Eleuthera, Hank Johnson (center), and Central Eleuthera Administrator, Gilbert Kemp.

are qualified, so we’ve embarked on a ten-year plan to ensure that we make BTVI free, so more of our people can be qualified. A program for University of the Bahamas to be free next year, again, preparing our people, because young people are the future and we must prepare them to take over this country and take it to another level.” After a tour of several other sites, the Prime

Minister retired for the evening to a locally owned rental home in Central Eleuthera, where he would overnight. He met with party executives later in the evening on Friday, before heading back to New Providence on Saturday, August 25th, 2018.


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Island “Buzz�

Aug/Sept 2018

Tarpum Bay & Hatchet Bay:

Scenes of

2018 twin bay fest celebrations The August Monday/Emancipation Day holiday weekend in Eleuthera included an all-star lineup of popular Bahamian entertainers, who captivated the crowds at the twin Bay Fests held in Tarpum Bay, South Eleuthera, and in Hatchet Bay, Central Eleuthera during the long weekend. Bahamian talent, Q-Pid - lit up the stage in Tarpum Bay, backed up by the 123 PLUS band. Meanwhile, in Hatchet Bay, the BCDOS/Prison Pop band set the stage for live performances by superstar Bahamian artists, KB, Funky D, and Geno D. On Saturday evening in Hatchet Bay, audiences also enjoyed poise and pageantry with the Miss Bay Fest pageant, where, four young girls bravely competed for the 2018 title. Competitors, included Miss Dwayana Johnson, Miss Kenrece Collymore, Miss Elshauna Gibson, and Miss Gabriella Carey, who each represented women stalwarts who had made significant contributions to the Hatchet Bay community, including retired nurse, Priscilla Scavella; business woman, Hazel Carey; retired seamstress, Janet Cambridge; and retired teacher and Reverend, Bessie Dean. After competing in swimsuit, talent, and evening wear segments, contestant Miss Elshauna Gibson took home the 2018 title of Miss Bay Fest 2018. She was followed by first runner up, Miss Dwayana Johnson, second runner up, Miss Gabriella Carey, and third runner up, Miss Kenrece Collymore.

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BAY Fest: Crowds over the holiday weekend enjoyed local Bahamian talents on stage.

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Island “Buzz”

Aug/Sept 2018


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Grade 1 outfitted with Tablets Continued from pg. 15

Harbour Primary. The presentations of tablets continued on Tuesday, with visits further south, beginning in Tarpum Bay, and on to Rock Sound Primary, Green Castle Primary, Wemyss Bight Primary, and Deep Creek. The School for Exceptional Learners in Governor’s Harbour was also provided with a 49 inch television, specially requested to enhance their education program.District Superintendent of Education for Central and North Eleuthera, Mrs. Myrtle McPhee was also present for most of the presentations at the primary schools, and gave words of encouragement to both students as well as teachers and administrators for the new school year. She exhorted teachers to do their very best, emphasizing that what they imparted to their students would affect eternity, as they impacted student’s lives into the future. She also urged students to pay close attention to their teachers, and to stay focused on their task of learning as much as they could - and told them not to squander their opportunity to take advantage of the relatively free education system they were a part of in the Bahamas. Principals at many of the primary schools across the island hosted special assemblies welcoming their students back for the new year, with special guest speakers tasked with starting them off in the right direction. At Emma Cooper Primary, members of the Eleuthera Christian Council took part in praise and worship, and Nurse Hannah from the Governor’s Harbour clinic, who accom-

panied MP Mr. Johnson to each school he visited, brought a special message to each audience about the importance of good hygiene and tooth care. At James’ Cistern Primary, Mrs. McPhee, a go-getter teacher, initiated communication with a community-minded business person from Grand Bahama, over the summer break, to provide text and workbooks for all the students at the school. Mr. Lamont Evans, who owns several businesses in Grand Bahama generously agreed to her request, and was personally present on Monday morning, September 3rd to present the entire school body with the necessary text and workbooks for the new year. He also donated cases of 100% juice for the young students at the school. On a light note, during the presentation, Mr. Evans, laughingly quipped that he had an entire speech which mentioned at the start his having no ties to the island, but shared that during conversation with his mother about an hour before the assembly, she casually asked him to say hello to his family members on Eleuthera, outlining his maternal connection to the Johnsons, and throwing a full wrench into his introduction. Mr. Evans shared that teachers had played a very important role in his life and successes to date, so he and his family were committed to helping students, and he pledged that his assistance to the school would continue.

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Reversing the decline of

C O N S E RVAT I O N C O R N E R By Lily Haines

Bahamian coral reefs Coral reefs are natural treasure troves in the Bahamas: they harbor thousands of marine species, support over 40,000 jobs in marine tourism and, each year, bolster a $65 million commercial fishing industry. Yet, coral reefs are declining at an alarming rate: studies suggest Caribbean reefs could be wiped out in less than 50 years without large-scale conservation initiatives. Rising seawater temperatures due to climate change, dredging and pollution are just a few factors endangering these national wonders in the Bahamas. How can we help our coral reefs survive and flourish into an uncertain future? Here at The Cape Eleuthera Institute, we are excited to share our plans for cutting-edge research on coral reproduction and restoration that can help us preserve these invaluable natural resources in the future. This September, a team of scientists from The Perry Institute for Marine Science, The Nature Conservancy, SECORE International, The California Academy of Sciences, Florida State University, Shedd Aquarium and The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium will gather at The Island School for a rare oceanic phenomenon - coral spawning. For many species of coral, spawning takes place in the evening, only a handful of times each year. When corals spawn, they release masses of sperm and eggs into the ocean. Over time, eggs undergo fertilization, transform into swimming larvae (i.e., baby corals), and settle onto hard, rocky substrates (i.e., rocks, fragments, dead coral or other hard surfaces) where they grow into larger coral colonies. Settlement is a crucial step in the life history of corals, as swimming babies have just one chance to “get it right.” In other words, once baby corals settle onto a substrate, they remain stuck in the same spot for the rest of their lives, and are vulnerable to being smothered by fierce algae and other competing corals or invertebrates. Thus, at Cape Eleuthera Insti-

Baby corals are released into this pool, where they can find and settle on home-made substrates in a safe and contained environment.

CEI Researcher Lily Haines dives among home-made substrates that baby corals will soon settle on.

tute, our mission is simple: increase coral survivorship by releasing baby corals onto safer substrates suitable for long-term settlement. To do so, we are using home-made substrates to induce baby coral settlement. Made of cement, each substrate has four arms, forming a tetrahedron, and can host anywhere from five to 200 baby corals. First, we collect the sperm and eggs released by corals during spawning. Next, we fertilize the eggs in the lab. Lastly, we release the baby corals onto our home-made settlement units in a safe, contained salt-water pool. After the corals have settled onto our substrates, we SCUBA dive down onto the reefs, and plant the substrates as we go. In this way,

Home-made substrates used to induce baby coral settlement. The tetrahedron shape allows these substrates to be easily wedged onto a reef during out-planting.

we can help baby corals find a suitable place to settle in the wild, as well as ensure their permanent substrate home is in ‘safe zone,’ away from harmful algae. In fact, grooves within the arms of our substrate tetrahedrons even provide protection from predatory fish and invertebrates. If successful in the Bahamas, our new coral restoration research could help us grow thousands of corals each year and inturn, upscale reef-building efforts across our 100,000-squaremile archipelago. Novel approaches to coral restoration such as this one, combined with the wide-spread implementation of coral nurseries, gives us hope that we can achieve our goal to reverse the decline of Bahamian coral reefs.

Bahamian Stakeholders Encouraged to Give Feedback on Proposed Marine Protected Areas in The Bahamas Nine Areas In The Eleutheras On Proposal List. By Sydnei L. Isaacs

“Realizing the 2020 Goal to Effectively Manage and Expand Bahamian Marine Protected Areas” was the aim of a press conference held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, late in July 2018. The Hon. Michael C. Pintard, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources wanted to make it his mission, he said, to “make sure that every stakeholder is aware of what is being contemplated”, and stated that stakeholders will have the chance to give feedback on the Ministry’s future ideas. There are currently several marine protected areas in The Bahamas. Director of the Bahamas Nature Conservancy, Shenique Smith explained that some benefits of marine protected areas include food security, economic benefits in the Fisheries and Tourism sectors, storm surge reduction, and cultural and recreational uses. She described a marine protected area as “a clearly defined area of the sea or coastline which receives a higher level of legal protection and management than surrounding areas… these areas can also be managed as multi-use areas with zones that permit different types of activities compatible with main-

taining a healthy marine environment or as a ‘fisheries replenishment area’ where no fishing or extraction of any kind is permitted”. This helps to increase the amount of fish caught in surrounding areas because fish in protected areas get a chance to breed more efficiently. The list of 44 proposed Marine Protected Areas can be found on Facebook page: Bahamas Protected or @242Protected. Nine of these proposed areas are located in The Eleutheras, as follows:

Corrie Sound, Eleuthera Size: 2,511 acres Proposed management: Fisheries Replenishment Area - “Protection of this site will ensure the productivity of the nursery area, that will feed into offshore reef and deep water areas in North Eleuthera and beyond.” Lighthouse Point Marine Area, South Eleuthera Size: 18,876 acres Proposed management: To Be Determined - “Conservation groups and local communities of South Eleuthera, have joined forced to advocate against proposed large-scale commercial development, and to promote the

protection of Lighthouse Point in the Save Lighthouse Point campaign.”

Deep Creek, Eleuthera Size: 2,059 acres Proposed management: Multiple-uses “Protection status will provide an opportunity to develop and implement education and outreach activities in South Eleuthera on sustainable fishing methods, offer eco-tourism based business opportunities, and safeguard nursery habitats that are essential to the livelihoods of south Eleuthera communities, from unsustainable development projects.” South Eleuthera Marine Managed Area (Rock Sound to Cape Eleuthera) Size: 38,294 acres Proposed management: Zoned to allow traditional uses by local communities “Designating the South Eleuthera Marine Managed Area present an opportunity to work with the local community of South Eleuthera, to allow entrepreneurial opportunities for ecotourism activities, but also to allow traditional activities to co-exist.” Half Sound North & South, Eleuthera Size: 3,573 acres

Proposed management: To Be Determined “Protection of this area is expected to ensure that the mangrove and seagrass systems within the sounds continue to provide critical nursery habitat to a wide range of species living both within and outside the sound as adults. Protection and investment in infrastructure, such as a kayak launching platforms will provide eco-tourism opportunities to support the local economy.” Savannah Sound & Plantation Reef, Eleuthera Size: 3,469 acres Proposed management: Fisheries Replenishment Area “Development on Windemere Island and on mainland Eleuthera, threaten the sensitive habitats within Savannah Sound, including mangrove and seagrass nurseries as well as bonefish flats.” Seahorse National Park, Eleuthera Size: 3,210 acres

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The Second Home Industry

B y M ike L ightbourn Anyone who is familiar with the second home communities in the country understands how crucial they are to the economy. I cannot overstate the importance of the second home industry. Second home owners support a wide range of services - legal, surveying, real estate, electrical, mechanical, maintenance, property management, landscaping, janitorial, dining, fishing and boat and car rentals and the list goes on. The Real Property Tax Act was recent-

ly amended to require people who fall under the “owner-occupied” category to live in their homes for at least six months a year. Previously, “owner-occupiers” lived in their homes “on a permanent or seasonal basis.” In a nutshell, the amendment means anyone who doesn’t live in their home for at least six months a year will face a potential steep property tax increase. This applies to both Bahamians and nonBahamians. Many non-Bahamian second home owners are either unwilling or unable to live in the Bahamas for six months of the year. Canadians, for instance, must reside in their homeland for six months a year to enjoy the various benefits available to them in Canada. I understand the government needs to raise revenue. The question is, do we want to risk hurting our second home industry when it contributes so much to the country? There are so many Bahamians who rely on selling their services to non-Bahamian second home owners. If we are to grow our economy, we must attract direct investment - both foreign and local. L ocal I ncentives The government has announced incentives to help propel Bahamians into investing in their own businesses through the acquisition of affordable land.

The Eleutheran | 08/09 2018

It hopes, among other things, Bahamians will invest in the short-term vacation rental industry, especially in the Family Islands. In fact, there are already many Bahamians who have weekly rental houses in both New Providence and the Family Islands. This is a good idea. Nothing spurs development like new home construction. It creates jobs for building and electrical contractors, architects, draughtsman, painters, carpenters, appliance and lighting techs, plumbers, caretakers and landscapers and so on. Further incentives are proposed for Bahamians who offer their guests meals that are 100% locally produced. This also is a good idea. It has the potential to stimulate community farming and create cottage industries as well as promote the Bahamas as a Foodie destination. Short-term vacation rental sites, such as Airbnb, invite guests to rate the premises on a scale of one to five stars, five stars being the highest rating. This is extremely effective because it polices the industry in the most thorough manner. Guests are often influenced by their overall visitor experience. For instance, a simple, but comfortable and clean rental may attract a five-star rating because of owner hospitality. Think about the potential for visitor reviews raving about the finest local cuisine - fresh conch salad, crispy fried snapper and spicy peas and grits and amazing tropical fruit concoctions. This is an opportunity to carve out a unique niche and give Bahamians


an edge in an industry that supports a broad array of local services. Questions or comments? Contact me at (Mike Lightbourn is president of Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty)

Concerns related to Real Property Tax Changes Official Statement The Ministry of Finance is aware that clarity in the market is being sought with respect to Property Taxes as it relates in particular to the impact on the second home market. The government accordingly wishes to advise the public of the following: In the recent budget exercise, the Government sought to increase taxes on foreignowned undeveloped land in the Bahamas, in an effort to discourage land speculation and to encourage development of any such property. It also took steps to improve the tax yield from homes used for commercial purposes by recasting the definition of “owneroccupied” properties and by imposing VAT on vacation home rentals. After consultation with a range of stakeholders from a number of islands and across a number of industries which depend upon the second home market for their viability, the government has determined that it intends to revert to the previous definition of owneroccupied properties that was in effect up until June of this year. The government will give effect to this by amendment to the legislation once Parliament resumes following the summer break. Note that both the increased tax on

undeveloped property and the imposition of VAT on vacation home rentals will remain. By virtue of this, the same category of persons who qualified for the “owner occupied” property designation prior to the recent changes will continue to be qualified as same. They will be eligible for the $50,000 cap on real property tax payments – the cap on such payments that was reinstated by the previous administration in 2013. The government continues to encourage the development of the second home market, being fully cognizant of its contribution to a number of Bahamian communities, especially in the Family Islands. The government also expects those persons who use their properties to generate commercial rental income to be subject to VAT and contribute to the public purse as do commercial operators in other segments of the hospitality industry. Authored by: The Honorable K. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Source: Central Communications Unit, Minister of Finance



Aug/Sept 2018

OP-ED By Sir Ronald Sanders

By Sir Ronald Sanders (The writer is Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States and the Organisation of American States. The views expressed are entirely his own) Except at time of crisis, many countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) credit their foreign ministries and their embassies or high commissions abroad with little value. Yet, diplomacy, which is the work of foreign ministries and their overseas missions, is the only instrument available to Caribbean states to further their national interests in an international community that is increasingly intolerant of small countries. In this regard, foreign ministries and their diplomatic missions, properly functioning, play a vital role in defending and promoting the interests of Caribbean states. It is a role that should be continuously strengthened by utilizing the best persons available for diplomatic tasks, especially negotiating skills, and adequately resourcing their operations. Recently, a notion that had poppedup in the past, re-emerged. It is that Caribbean countries should consider the establishment of a single diplomatic mission in foreign capitals to represent the interests of all CARICOM countries collectively. This notion has re-emerged recently because of financial challenges in some domestic economies. When the scissors-men in finance ministries, struggle to balance budgets or confront fiscal deficits, the usual area selected for cutting is foreign affairs - the business of advancing and defending the nation’s interests abroad. However, admirable as the idea might be that CARICOM countries should have a single embassy in selected capitals and international

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Maintaining independence: the imperative of diplomacy institutions representing the interests of all, unless there is a political union of CARICOM countries the concept is impractical and unworkable. CARICOM countries would have to become a single federal state with a single federal government, a single federal legislature, making policies for all the states collectively before single representation could work. Only with such a political union could a single embassy operate effectively. No single embassy could represent the varied interests of all CARICOM states, particularly as some of those interests diverge sharply. Recent voting in United Nations bodies and at the Organization of American States (OAS) amply demonstrate the contrasting positions of individual CARICOM states. There was no consistent position by the group and little effort to co-ordinate it, let alone to harmonize it. Each country’s representative voted or bargained in his or her own country’s interest. So, in the absence of a political union of CARICOM states, and while CARICOM remains “a community of sovereign states”, foreign ministries and their overseas missions remain crucial to bargaining, lobbying and arguing for the individual states that they represent. None of this is to discount the value of ‘associative diplomacy’ if it is pursued in matters of mutual interest. I discuss this concept, its utility and its limitations for small states in my book, “Crumbled Small: The Commonwealth Caribbean in World Politics”. One of the obstacles to associative diplomacy is that, while in the area of ‘low’ politics, such as support for a Caribbean candidate for an international post, most countries (not all) will act together; in ‘high’ politics, such as a choice between China and Taiwan and, recently, over whether or not to support a U.S. position on Venezuela and Nicaragua, there is no willingness for unified action. What is perceived as the interest of individual governments takes precedence. Joint representation for the countries of the Caribbean Community should remain an aspiration that can best (and probably, only) be achieved when and if a political union is formed. Until then, associative diplomacy, when interests coincide, is the most that is attainable. In her recent book, “Fascism – A Warning” (a compulsory read for insights into how autocrats gain and wield power), Madeleine Albright, a former U.S. Secretary of State and Professor at Georgetown University, describes the tools of foreign policy available to U.S. governments as follows: a range between “making polite requests to sending in the marines”. Offers could include “boxes of seeds”

Policy Statement: The Perspective, Conservation Corner,’ Op-ED and Letters section of The Eleutheran newspaper is a medium we provide for writers to express their views and opinions on issues that directly or indirectly affect any part of our society. These views do not in anyway reflect the views of this newspaper. While we aim to publish all letters sent to us, please note The Letter to the Editor section is not a vehicle for people to air personal gri pes against another person and letters may be refused on the basis of ethics, which includes, but is not limited to, personal vendettas or attacks.

or “shipload of tanks”. Pressure could be applied “on the recalcitrant” by enlisting “international organizations to reinforce our requests”. Threats could include “economic and security sanctions”, “displays of military prowess in the country’s front yard”. And “covert means to disrupt a country’s activities”. Caribbean countries have no weapons in its foreign policy arsenal that match those of the U.S. government or even of governments with far less power. In the execution of their foreign policies, Caribbean states cannot call on the influence of military or economic means; diplomacy is the only tool available to them. To the uninitiated and uninformed, foreign policy is an abstract concept, distant from the livelihoods of people; it takes place in a far-off place in what is perceived as the glitz of cocktail receptions, rounds of parties and social chit-chat. The reality is quite different. Where work is actually done, it involves lengthy meetings; tough negotiations; crafting language that safeguards a nation’s interest; standing ground even in the face of bullying by representatives of powerful countries; acting to keep one’s country off black lists that would harm the economy; arguing against arbitrary reports that adversely affects a nation’s interests in tourism and financial services and threatens its participation in the world’s banking and trading system; and standing-up

for respect for international law and the rules of the international system without which the rights, independence and territorial integrity of one’s country would be even more jeopardized than they already are. In other words, working in the interest of the livelihood and well-being of every man, woman and child in their home countries. Therefore, diplomacy and the machinery for deploying it, should not be undervalued by Caribbean countries. It is both a shield and a trumpet in the struggle for their causes in the international community. The solution to effective international representation in the global community is well-trained and competent diplomatic personnel who understand that the purpose of their vocation is to negotiate with states and agencies to safeguard their country’s rights and security, and to promote and advance its economic and social development, including forming alliances with others when interests coincide. Diplomacy should not be discounted; every other area of the world invests in it for the benefits it can deliver when properly executed. Responses and previous commentaries:

Responses and previous commentaries:


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letter to the editor A letter to all Bahamians, most particularly to the inhabitants of Eleuthera:

Hello. Most of you don’t know me. I have however, endeavoured to know more of you on each of my numerous visits to this wonderful, idyllic, tiny little island in the sun. I write to you today concerning Disney’s plan to hew a cruise ship destination out of the wondrous natural, unspoiled lands of south Eleuthera known as Lighthouse Point. I come from a business background, owning and operating a business successfully for 31 years. I say this not because I’m an authority on business but rather to identify the perspective I’m viewing this plan from, and the response that I hope you will adopt. Let me start by giving Disney credit. Disney is very good at what they do. Very good. If it’s one thing they know, if it’s one thing they do well is that they understand what they are selling, know who their customers are, and deliver it in a very well defined and comprehensive package. You see, they don’t sell tickets to rides. They don’t sell tickets for boat “vacations” and they certainly don’t sell tickets to movies. They sell an experience. They sell the awe and wonder of a man made, highly engineered experience, set up by masterful movies directed at kids (or the kid in all of us), supported by synthetic vacation locations, and undergirded by a magical kingdom that is dubiously labeled “the happiest place on earth”. The experience, in particular the cruise ship vacation packages are often themed re-enactments of favourite movies of theirs, reinforcing the positive “experience”. Disney, with the deep pockets provided by a voraciously enthusiastic viewing public desperate for an escape from their everyday life, look for ways to extend or deepen

their customers experience that continue to deepen and extend Disney’s very healthy corporate pocketbook. So when Disney looks to (reportedly) create a Pirates of the Caribbean enclave on the Lighthouse Point location, they aren’t purposefully or evilly planning on massacring acres of pristine beach, land and water just to be spiteful, they are doing it because the appetite of the public to relive the movie or immerse themselves in their fantasy (including, no doubt, Johnny Depp) is so strong. Disney is simply seeking to give their customers what they want and will pay handsomely for. At ANY cost! Their assurances of both jobs and low environmental impact is nothing more than a courtesy required of a marauding foreign nation seizing upon a newly discovered territory fit for their needs. However, here is where I want to engage you, here is where I want you to understand what I saw the first night I set foot on Eleuthera, what I still see today. That first day, that first night under the stars, that first meal at the restaurant I exploded with exclamation. I stopped literally in the middle of the road, smelling the air, feeling the soft breeze, gazing upon the myriad stars in the sky and I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. My wife had to physically pull me off the road, afraid that I would be hit by a car. Afterwards I went online on a Bahamian forum that night and asked this question: “ Do you understand what you have here? I mean, I know you’ve lived here, possibly all your lives, but do you really know what you possess in your island, in your country”? Here is the takeaway from my viewpoint, the one thing I want all Bahamians to know from a visitors perspective: You all, and your country must know the fact that your customers, the ones that come back year after like myself, spend our money at local stores and find genuine experiences with genuine people are coming here to buy “ the experience “, just like Disney’s customers. Only, here’s the difference. We seek the experience born in the reality of nature, the beauty of a serene sunrise or a peaceful, soulful sunset. We do not seek the artificial, plastic experience of Disney’s vomitous re-creations on your beautiful shores, carving lands and contouring seas to their will to please their customers and

The Eleutheran | 08/09 2018


Marine Protected pry compensation from their tight little billfolds. This catering of the daily deluge of their well protected and cordoned-off customers will have its equally catastrophic effects on the coral, fish and flora of the area. No, unlike that abomination, we seek the real experience, not the profane caricature. We sit down at the local restaurants like Sunset Inn, Front Porch, Sammy’s, Ship to Shore, Northside. We spend our money in the company of Bahamians because for many of us, that is the real value of the Bahamas. That is “The Real Bahamas”. Not what Disney puts out. What you all provide. From the heart. Your island is the stage, indeed a most beautiful stage, that provide us the opportunity to experience the real value, the true currency of your country. Don’t let Disney dictate what meagre portion of the vacation funds they are willing to allow their customers to find their way into the local economy, like crumbs from a Kings banquet, or perhaps I should say a mouse’s feast. One of my greatest memories is buying a full day tour from an Eleutheran man and his wife’s tour company. It happened to include about 3 hours at Lighthouse Point. It is a stunning area, a gorgeous view, an incredible experience. Do you know what I remember the most though? The 2 hours I sat with the man, sharing experiences, finding out about his life, his struggle to provide and flourish on an island with limited resources. Experiencing the real Bahamas will not be found in Disney’s planned development. It will be found in the lives, hearts and homes of Bahamians. Keep your land pristine. Please say no to Disney.

Yours truly, Robin Carson A four time visitor to the beautiful island of Eleuthera

Continued from pg. 26 Proposed management: zoned for various uses to support eco-tourism opportunities (no extraction from Sweetings Cay Pond.) “With protection of the delicate ecosystem and investment in infrastructure, Sweetings Pond may provide educational opportunities for students and researchers as well as the potential to develop small-scale ecotourism to benefit the local economy.” Egg Island, Eleuthera Size: 5,570 acres Proposed Management: To Be Determined “In 2016, Egg Island received international recognition as a “Hope Spot” designation, along with 13 other sites globally. Hope spots are marine areas of ecological significance, recognized and promoted for long-term protection under a global conservation campaign overseen by Mission Blue, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Sylvia Earle.”

West Schooner Cays, Eleuthera Size: 614,953 acres Proposed Management: Zoned for multiple use “The proposed area is within “day trip” range of New Providence, Eleuthera and the northern Exuma Cays, providing a potential for tourism opportunities. It is also an area frequented by live aboard dive boats operating out of Nassau. Protecting this area has the potential to support populations of key species throughout much of the central Bahamas.” The public is invited to respond to the three questions posted at Bahamas Protected or to send responses to bahamasprotected@gmail. com. It is important to the Government, said Minister Pintard, to get support and feedback from the public; particularly those whose main livelihoods depend directly on marine resource

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Crime News

Aug/Sept 2018

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Reports are printed to keep the public informed of the incidents of crime that are reported within our communities. All reports are to be treated as allegations only. Reports issued by the RBPF locally. traffic check during which fifteen (15) persons were reported for traffic infractions and two vehicles were search reference to dangerous drugs and firearms.

Eleuthera REPORTS Housebreaking Report On Saturday 25th August 25, 2018 at about 8:57am, an adult female reported that some unknown person(s) broke in and entered a winter residence and that she believed the suspect was still in the residence. Police Action Requested. Officers responded to the scene where a written statement was retrieved and a thorough check of the house conducted by Officers with negative results.

Road Accident Report At 12:45pm on Thursday 23rd August 2018 an adult male contacted the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that there was an accident in the vicinity of Savannah Sound Eleuthera, Police assistance requested. Officers responded to the scene and found the accident involved a silver a silver Honda Airwave registered to and driven by an adult female. The driver reported under caution to have been travelling north on Queen’s Highway and had stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. She reported where the hitchhiker was about to sit on her glasses while getting in her car and she took her eyes off the road in attempt to alert the hiker to be careful. As a result she accidently pressed the acceleration and ran into the bushes. Notice of intended prosecution was served on the driver, measurements were recorded at the scene of the accident. Investigations in this matter are ongoing. Housebreaking and Stealing At 3:15am, on Friday 24/08/2018, an adult female contacted the GHPS and reported that at about 3:15am, on the same date, while asleep she and her husband were awoken by a male person in their bedroom and when her husband shouted at him, he ran out and disappeared in an unknown direction. She cannot say if he stole anything, Police assistance was requested. Officers responded to the scene where they saw and spoke to the complainant, who stated that a, culprit took $125.00 all in US currency, from a Wallet, belonging to her companion that was on a table. There were no signs of forced entry, fresh footprints were also observed leading away from this residence to the beach side, Enquiries continue in this matter

Police Contact Numbers

HeadQuarters (GH) Governor’s Harbour OR O/C Governor’s Harbour Gov.Harb. Airport Station Deep Creek Station Tarpum Bay Station Rock Sound Station

332-3500 332-2111 332-2117 332-2723 332-2323 334-8207 334-4033 334-2244

about the body by a female causing injury to her left Ring finger. Police Action Requested. A written complaint was secured from the victim and she was referred to the Governor’s Harbour Clinic for further medical attention. Interview Conducted/Suspect released Pending Further Investigations: Officers reported that while at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station, they conducted a record of interview of an adult female on 22/08/2018 reference to causing harm a complaint made on 21/08/2018, she was later released pending further investigations.

Rock Sound Sgt. Office Rock Sound Airport Station Lower Bogue Station (Airport) Harbour Island Station O/C Harbour Island Spanish Wells Station Gregory Town Station Hatchet Bay Station

334-2212 334-2052 335-1208 333-2111 333-2327 333-4030 335-5322 335-0086

Action Taken/Results: A written statement was recorded from the complainant and potential witness. Sometime around 12:00pm on 20.8.18 Officers came in at Rock Sound Police Station with an adult male under arrest reference to damage, and reported that he was arrested and cautioned while at his residence. On Wednesday 22nd August 2018; sometime Damage Report around 9:10am while at RSPS Officers interviewed On Saturday 25th August 2018 at about the defendant in regards to the complaint made. 15:45 an adult male contacted Rock Sound He admitted to the offence. Police Station via telephone and stated that a The defendant was subsequently charged for male known to him threw a rock, shattering the ASSAULT AND THREATS OF HARM RE- the offence of Damage. He was later released on rear window of his vehicle. Same was estimated PORT: At about 10:30pm on Tuesday 21st August, bail with one suretor. at $750.00 for materials and labor. Police action 2018 an adult female came into the Governor’s requested. Harbour Police Station and reported that sometime Stealing From a Vehicle A written statement was taken from the around 4:30pm while at her place of employment On Monday 20th August, 2018 at about complainant and damage assessments made for she was physically assaulted by a female she knew 5:20pm an adult female contacted the GHPS and further investigations. by face. Police Action requested. reported that sometime between 11:00am on The suspect was later arrested and proThursday 16th August, 2018 and 5:00pm on Moncessed for this offence. day 20th August, 2018 some unknown person/s Interview Conducted/Suspect removed the front left tire and rim from her blue released Pending Further InvestiCausing Harm Report w/ Arrest 2007 Nissan Cube while same was left locked, gations: Officers reported that while at the At 10:42pm on August 25th 2018 an Governor’s Harbour Police Station, they consecured and unattended at the Governor’s Harbour adult male came in at the Governor’s Harbour ducted a record of interview of an adult female International Airport. Police action requested. Police station and reported that sometime after on 22/08/2018 reference to assault and threats of Officers responded while at the Governor’s 10:11pm August 25th 2018, while at his busiharm a complaint made on 21/08/2018, she was Harbour International Airport on inquiries, saw and ness establishment, he was assaulted by a man later released pending further investigations. spoke with the complainant who pointed out her he knows who put him in a choke hold and vehicle which was parked in the northern parkthrew him to the ground onto an object which TRAFFIC OFFENSE REPORT: At 12:10pm ing lot of the airport. The front left portion of her pierced through his left upper thigh. Police acon Tuesday 21st August 2018 Officers from the vehicle was resting on a large stone and the front Traffic Offence Report tion requested. At about 1:25pm on 22/8/18 Officers from the Governor’s Harbour Police Station along with the left tire and rim were missing. The complainant Officers visited the scene and came in also pointed out the hub cap for her vehicle which Governor’s Harbour Police Station and Traffic Unit Eleuthera Traffic Unit conducted traffic checks in at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station with the area of the Governor’s Harbour Airport during was underneath a white KIA Picanto parked diconducted a traffic check during which ten (10) the adult male suspect under arrest reference to persons were reported for various traffic infractions. which four (4) persons were reported for traffic rectly south of her vehicle. Another stone was also causing harm. observed in front of the front right tire of her vehicle They were informed of the offences and warned of offences. which she stated was placed there by person/s prosecution. Suspect Charged BUSH FIRE: At 1:30pm Tuesday 21st August unknown. Complainant’s vehicle was still locked On Sunday 26th August, 2018 while at 2018 an adult female contacted the Governor’s and secured at this time. This matter is under active Stealing by False Pretenses the Governor’s Harbour Police Station Officers Harbour Police Station and reported that there was investigation. At 5:30pm on Wednesday 22nd August, charged and cautioned the suspect with Caus- 2018 an adult female reported to the Governor’s a fire in bushes opposite the Governor’s Harbour ing Harm contrary to section 135(1) of the penal Harbour Police Station that on Tuesday July 17th International Airport. Traffic Offence Report code chapter 84. He was released on bail in the 2018 she received a message via What’s App from On Sunday 19th August 2018, sometime Officers responded to the scene and saw and amount of one thousand dollars with two sure- a male stating that She had won a cash prize of spoke to a representative c/o BPL who was direct- around 7:45PM, Officers while on mobile patrols ties to appear before court at 9:30am on Friday $80,000.00 from Facebook and in order to Claim ing motorists around a downed power line in the on Queen’s Highway reported an adult male for 28th September, 2018. driving a black 2000 Honda Accord north on the area of Coco Di Mama. He was informed of the her cash prize, she is required to pay $500.00 fire near the power lines in the area of the Airport. mentioned street, whilst the same was unlicensed, cash to clear all Government associated fees. She Housebreaking uninspected, uninsured and with no front or rear Officers arrived on scene on Queen’s Highwas further instructed to deposit $500.00 cash On Friday 24th August 2018 sometime license plate. He was informed of the offences and way on the top of the Hill opposite Governor’s into an account at the Bank of the Bahamas and around 9:15pm, an adult female contacted the after which she would receive her cash prize. She Harbour International Airport where a BPL Power was warned of prosecution for the offences. Rock Sound station and reported that her resiLine was hanging from a Pole and the bush in the stated that she never received any cash prize she dence has been broken into - Police assistance later discovered that he may be a scammer and Road Accident Report area was on fire. Officers closed the Highway in requested. At 5:30am an adult female came in at the stole money from her under false pretenses, Police the area of the Airport and directed Traffic to the Officers visited the scene . A walk through action requested. Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported Airport service road. of the house was conducted where it was Men of Faith’s Volunteer Fire Service arrived that sometime after 3:00am on Saturday August Officers recorded a statement from the confirmed that one black 32’’ Westinghouse 18th 2018, while travelling south along Queen’s complainant, further inquiries were conducted and on scene and extinguish the fire. Television was removed from the residence Highway in her white 2008 Honda CRV she discovered that the mentioned cellphone used has same valued at three hundred dollars $300. All an area code associated to Nigeria. Investigations Damage Report: On Monday 20th ran off the road into nearby bushes just south of windows and doors were safely secured and no continue. August 2018 sometime around 11:45am, an adult the southern “Welcome to Governor’s Harbour” other items tampered with. This matter is under came in at Rock Sound Police Station and reported sign. No injuries were reported, Police assistance active investigation. that his son and his daughter were involved in a requested. CAUSING HARM REPORT: fight at the residence and as a result his son caused Officers responded to the scene and comAt about 5:00pm on Tuesday 21st August, Traffic Offence Report damage to his 2008 Nissan Note by breaking all of menced investigations into the accident. The driver 2018 an adult female came into the Governor’s On Thursday 23/08/18 Officers from the the windows and right side light. Police action was was not injured. N.O.I.P was served. Investigations Harbour Police Station and reported that she was Governor’s Harbour Police Station conducted a at a local bar when she was attacked and beaten requested. continue.

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Online at Road Accident Report with Injuries - At 6:40am on Saturday August 18th 2018, an anonymous male caller contacted the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that a traffic accident had occurred just north of James Cistern involving a single vehicle that over turned, further that an occupant of the same suffered serious injury where an object had impaled its self into his neck, Police and medical assistance requested. Officers and medical personnel were dispatched to the scene. At about 7:00am on the 18/8/18Officers visited the Hatchet Bay clinic and saw and spoke with a an adult male who was observed with a tree branch about three inches in diameter and about two feet in length lodged horizontally in the chest area and other bruises about the body. The male stated under caution that he was travelling north along Queen’s’s highway north of James Cistern when suddenly his steering wheel got stiff causing him to veer to some bushes, back onto the road and then collided into a tree which resulted in him sustaining his injuries. Officers also visited the scene and observed a black 2009 Honda step wagon license plate laying on its right side facing a north western direction with damages observed to the entire right side. Measurements were recorded on the scene of the accident. The driver was airlifted at about 10:30am on the 18/8/18 on board air ambulance into New Providence for further medical attention. Investigations in this matter are ongoing. Damage & Stealing Report A male visitor contacted the Governor’s Harbour Police station at about 1:45pm on the 18.8.18 and reported that his vehicle was just broken into while in the vicinity of the Cliffs, Rainbow Bay. The culprit searched and stole his wallet containing cash. Officers responded to this scene where they saw and spoke with the complainant who stated that sometime around 1:30pm on the 18/8/18 while at a place called the Cliffs situated in the Rainbow Bay area, some unknown persons damaged their rental car being a silver Honda Odyssey license plate by shattering the rear glass with the use of a large stone. He further stated that they stole his wife’s teal Lacoste wallet which contained both of their driver’s licenses and $215 in American Currency. He requested immediate police action in the matter. Officers Sands recorded a written statement from the complainant, photographed the damages incurred to the said vehicle and canvassed the area in search of the stole wallet. Investigations into this matter are ongoing. Damage report - Sometime around 10:25pm on the 18/8/18 an adult female came in at the Governor’s Harbour police station and reported where sometime around 9:30pm on the same date . Her baby’s father hit the front windshield of her white 1995 Toyota Corolla with something causing the same to shatter. She is not certain as to what exactly was used to shatter the glass. Estimate of value in damages are unknown at this time. Immediate police action requested in this matter. Officers recorded a written statement from the complainant and photographed the damages incurred to the said vehicle. Investigations in this matter are ongoing at this time. Road Accident Report At about 10:30pm on the 15/8/18 an adult female came in at the Governor’s Harbour police station and reported a traffic accident on Queen’s Highway in Governor’s Harbour, Police assistance requested. Officers responded to the scene of what

appeared to be a two car accident on Queen’s Highway in the Governor’s Harbour . Officers observed a white 2002 Chevy blazer license plate registered to and registered to an adult male parked facing north with damages observed to the front right bumper and front right wheel. Officers further observed a white 2010 Ford F-150 truck registered to and driven by an adult male facing south with no Damages observed to the vehicle with the exception of signs of rubbing to the front right rim. Notice of intended prosecution was served on both drivers and measurements were recorded in the presence of both drivers. Investigations are ongoing in this matter.

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western glass door and stole an undetermined amount of cash. She further stated that the culprit also stole the DVR to their surveillance system. She requested immediate police action in this matter. Investigations in this matter are ongoing.

Stealing & Threats of Harm On Saturday 11th August 2018 sometime around 4:06pm, an adult male came in at Rock Sound Police Station and reported that sometime around 12:00pm on Wednesday 1st August 2018, he left his white Alcatel cell phone, valued at $100.00 on the porch at his grandmother’s residence and went to the store. Upon his return, he discovered that some person (s) unknown had removed the same. He further reported that someHouse Breaking -At 8:30am 14th August 2018 an adult female came to the time around 1:00pm on Saturday 11th August, Governor’s Harbour and reported that sometime 2018, a male he knows took down his WhatsApp between 8:30am 13th August 2018 and 6:00pm profile picture from off that phone and put up 14th August 2018 some unknown person/s broke his profile picture on the phone. As a result, he sent a text message to him telling him that he had and entered their room and stole $300.00 from his wallet which was left on a coffee table in the stolen his phone and that he must return it or he would go to the police. The male then sent him living area. Police action requested. Officers responded to this complaint and launched an active several threatening text messages and voice notes investigation. putting him in fear for his life. Police action was requested. Officers commenced enquiries into this Vehicle Search - At 12:50pm 14th matter and made several attempts to locate the August 2018 Officers while on mobile Patrol stopped a white 1995 Honda Accord and suspect. Investigations continues. searched the vehicle and occupants namely an Traffic Accident Reported adult male and two adult females and conducted a search reference to Dangerous Drugs and FireOn Friday 10th August, 2018, at about 6:06pm an adult male contacted the G.H.P.S. via arms with negative results. telephone and reported that he was involved in a Drug Search Report & Traffic traffic accident in the area of Governor’s Harbour Offence Report - At about 9:50pm on Tues- Primary School. Police assistance was requested. day 14th August 2018 Officers while conducting Officers responded where they saw and a Road Traffic Check at the intersection of Queen’s spoke to the driver of a white Nissan AD who Highway and Seaview Drive, Palmetto Point reported that he was driving the same south on observed a white 2001 Acura Coupe 3.2 CL-s ap- Queen’s Highway, Governor’s Harbour , near proaching the checkpoint. The Officers beckoned G.H. Primary School, when a vehicle collided to the driver of the vehicle to stop however the with his vehicle from behind. Officers then spoke vehicle turned left onto Seaview Drive and sped to an adult male visitor the driver of a silver Nisoff. The Officers caught up with the vehicle in the san Skyline . He reported driving the mentioned parking Lot of a local bar and the driver along vehicle south on Queen’s Highway, Governor’s with two adult male passengers were all informed Harbour, near the G.H. Primary School, when he that they were suspected of being in possession collided with a white car from behind. No injuries of Dangerous Drugs and Firearms and a search were reported. Measurements were taken. Both will be conducted of their person and the vehicle drivers were served N.O.I.P. forms and warned of with negative results. The driver was also warned prosecution. The area was then left quiet. Investiof prosecution for failing to stop in obedience gations are ongoing. to a Police hand signal and he was instructed to produce his driver’s license and certificate of inAccident Report On Friday 10th August 2018 sometime surance to the Governor’s Harbour Police Station around 2:30pm, an adult male contacted Rock within forty-eight hours. Sound Police Station via telephone, and reported that there was a traffic accident in Tarpum Bay . Traffic Offence Report 4 Officers came in in at the Governor’s Police assistance was requested. Harbour Police Station and reported that at about Officers visited the scene and investigated 9:33pm on Tuesday 14th August 2018 while con- the same which occurred on Queen’s Highway, ducting a Road Traffic Check at the intersection of Tarpum Bay the accident involved a white 2000 Queen’s Highway and Seaview Drive, Palmetto Ford F-250 Pick Up Truck registered to Sea Shells Point they reported four (4) persons for various Resort and was driven at the time by an adult traffic infractions. The drivers were informed of male. He was spoken to under caution, and the offences and warned of prosecution. reported that while driving the company’s truck north on Queen’s Highway, Tarpum Bay, the TRAFFIC OFFENCE REPORT 10 & 4 Bobcat trailer which was attached to the rear of his searches - At about 8:32am on Tuesday 7th truck broke loose and ran off the eastern edge of August 2018 while on mobile patrols in the Gov- Queen’s Highway colliding into a B.P.L utility pole ernor’s Harbour Officers reported ten (10) persons knocking the same down. The driver claimed for various traffic infractions and searched four responsibility for the damages and agreed to pay (4) vehicle reference to Possession of Dangerous for the damages. Drugs with Negative Results. The drivers was inB.P.L was informed. Also personnel c/o formed of the offences and warned of prosecution. B.P.L on scene and was in the process of repairing the utility pole located 7 feet of the eastern Shop Breaking and stealing edge of Queen’s Highway. No other damages Sometime around 5:45am on the 7/8/18 Officers were reported. Measurements were recorded visited a shop breaking report and observed and N.O.I.P served. Driver’s license and insurwhere the front western door to the establishment ance certificate to be produced within 48 hours. was shattered. Officers saw and spoke to the Investigations continues. manager who reported where sometime between 11:00pm on the 6/8/18 and 5:30pm on 7/8/18 CAUSING HARM At about 2:00pm on today’s date Thursday some unknown persons broke and entered the 9th August 2018 an adult male reported to police said establishment through the mentioned front


that at about 1:45pm while at a local Liquor store a male who he knows punched him in his mouth causing same to bleed . He requested immediate Police Action in this matter. Subsequently a written statement was recorded from the complainant and he was issued him with R.B.P.F. Hospital form with instructions to seek medical attention after observing injuries to his upper lip. SUSPECT ARRESTED REF TO CASUING HARM: At about 2:42pm Officers came in at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station with an adult male and reported that he was arrested and cautioned in reference to Causing Harm. He appeared in good health While at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station Officers charged the suspect with (1) one count of causing Harm contrary to section 135(1) of the Penal Code Chapter 84 . Arrest reference to Possession of Dangerous Drugs: At 12:00am Friday August 10th 2018, Officers came in at the Governor’s Harbour Police Station with an adult male suspect under arrest in reference to possession of dangerous drugs. They reported arresting and cautioning the suspect at 11:39pm Thursday 09/08/2018 while on Queen’s Highway in James Cistern Eleuthera after conducting a search of his person and his gold colored Isuzu Rodeo SUV reference to dangerous drugs and firearms and finding a small quantity of Indian hemp. The suspect was processed and later charged with Possession of Dangerous Drugs Contrary of section 29(6) and 29(2) 6 of the Dangerous Drugs Act Chapter 228. Traffic Offence Report On Thursday 9.8.18 sometime around 8:13am, Officers while conducting foot patrols on Queen’s Highway, Deep Creek, reported two persons for traffic offences. They were informed of the offences and was warned of prosecutions. Traffic Check - At 8:15am the crew of Eskimo #29 Sgt.188 Farquharson, Sgt.2746 Clarke and Cpl.1819 Pinder conducted Traffic duties in the area of Haynes Road and Queen’s Highway Governor’s Harbour resulting in the following. ARREST (WARRANT OF COMMITTAL) On Monday, August 06th, 2018, sometime around 5:10pm, Officers came into the Rock Sound Police Station with an adult male under arrest reference to a warrant of committal. He was later transported to New Providence reference to same. FIREARMS & DANGEROUS DRUG SEARCH About 12:06pm on Thursday 2nd August 2018, Officers while on Mobile patrols in James Cistern Eleuthera in the vicinity of the Cabana on Queen’s Highway, James Cistern, Eleuthera Officers searched five (5) adult males reference to firearms and Dangerous . Road Accident Report - At 11.24pm on today’s date, an adult female contacted the Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported at about 11:20pm, while travelling south on Queen’s Highway, Palmetto Point in the area of Sands Enterprises in her 2006 Bluebird, a silver noisy car came out of Mate and Jenny’s corner to travel east, collided into the front of her car causing extensive front end damage to her vehicle. Police assistance requested. Officers arrived on the scene where they saw a 2006 Nissan Bluebird registered to and driven by an adult female facing south with extensive front end damage and a silver Honda Civic registered to an adult male in some nearby bushes. While at the scene Officers saw and spoke to both Drivers in the presence of each other. They then came to an agreement as to repairs to


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the vehicle. measurements were recorded and N.O.I.P forms served on both Drivers. Investigations continues in this matter

Police assistance was requested. Officers visited the scene located on Queen’s Highway, Rock Sound where they saw a black Honda Odyssey facing south with minor ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT REPORTdamage. A broken rear light and a dent to the ED: At about 9:30am on Monday 30th July rear right bumper. Same was driven at the time 2018 an adult female contacted the Governor’s by an adult female . Also seen was a white ToyoHarbour Police Station and reported that she ta Corolla license behind vehicle #1 facing south was involved in a traffic accident in the area of with a cracked windshield and damage to the Shy Beach Resort as a result of her tire being flat. front hood. Same was driven by an adult male Police Assistance requested. . Both drivers were spoken to in the presence of Officers arrived on the scene and saw a each other under caution. Measurements were 2005 Nissan march L/P turned over on it’s top on taken, N.O.I.P served on drivers, hospital forms the Northern Side of the road with extensive front House-Breaking & Stealing end damage and it’s driver the opposite side of At about 10:45am on Thursday, 26th the street. Officers spoke to her and she stated July 2018, an adult female came to the Goverthat she was travelling North along Queen’s’s nor’s Harbour Police Station and reported that Highway Governor’s Harbour between Sky sometime between 25.07.18 and 10:30am on Beach Resort and Wykee Estate on the wet road 26.07.18 some unknown person/s broke and enat about 40 mph at this time her right front tire tered a home she takes care of, located at Laughwent flat which she had just finished getting ing Bird Lane by entering an eastern kitchen door fixed and the vehicle started to slide. She pressed and stole (2) Lenox A/C Units value unknown. brakes and completely lost control of the vehicle Police action requested. and it over turned on the eastern side of the road. Officers visited the scene and spoke to the She stated that she didn’t have any injuries or complainant, who pointed out the areas where any pain. Measurements and photos were taken the units were removed from and a written stateN.O.I.P. Form was served. Statement was taken ment was recorded. This matter is under active from the driver. Investigations are ongoing. investigation. Assault Report: At 8:16pm Monday House-Breaking & Stealing July 30th 2018, an adult female Came to the At 8:35pm on Thursday, 26th July 2018,an Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported adult male reported to the Governor’s Harbour that Sometime around 8:10pm on Monday July Police Station that sometime between Friday July 30th 2018, while on Cupids Cay Governor’s 20th 2018 and 6:00pm Tuesday July 24th 2018 Harbour, she was assaulted by a young man she some unknown person/s broke and entered his knows who threw what appeared to be a slice of home and stole from his bedroom his black 39” cake at her following a brief exchange of words. Speler flat screen television valued $250.00 and Police action requested. his black Etech DVD player valued $80.00. He Assault Report: At 8:15pm Monday suspects that entry was gained through an unJuly 30th 2018, an adult female came to the locked front entry door. Police action requested. Governor’s Harbour Police Station and reported Arrest reference to House that Sometime around 8:10pm on Monday July Breaking & Stealing: At 8:20pm Monday July 30th 2018, Officers came in at the Gover30th 2018, while on Cupid’s Cay Governor’s nor’s Harbour Police Station with an adult male Harbour, she was assaulted by a young man she knows who threw a full can of soda at her folsuspect under arrest reference to house breaking and stealing. They reported arresting and lowing a brief exchange of words. Police action cautioning the suspect at 7:55pm on 30/07/2018 requested. Arrest reference to Assault: while on Queen’s Highway reference to a On Tuesday 31/07/18 Officers arrested an adult complaint made on 16/07/2018 at the Govermale reference to complaints of assault, he was nor’s Harbour Police Station. The suspect was interviewed under caution and processed and processed and released pending further investigacharged with those offences. tion. ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT On Saturday, July 28th, 2018, sometime around 1:55pm, an anonymous caller contacted the Rock Sound Police Station via telephone Arrest: Officers reported that sometime and reported that there was a traffic accident just around 10:45am, 30th July, 2018, they arrested outside of Tarpum Bay. Police assistance was and cautioned an adult male of Three Island requested. Officers responded to the scene on Queen’s dock road while on Bay Street Harbour Island in reference to Disorderly Behavior, Obscene Highway, north of the seawall. Upon arrival a Language and resisting arrest. He appeared to be red Ford Ranger pickup truck was observed facing a northern direction off the western side of the well and had no complaints. Suspect charged ref: Causing road, which had collided into a cedar tree and had received extensive frontend damage and the Harm Report: Police interviewed an adult male of Harbour Island under cautioned while right front airbag was deployed. The driver, an at the Harbour Island Police Station in reference adult male was seen and spoken to under caution. He stated that sometime earlier he left Cape to causing harm. The suspect was subsequently Eleuthera driving his truck, while driving north on charged reference to Causing Harm Contrary to Queen’s Highway between Tarpum Bay and Sa- section 135 (1) of the penal code chapter 84. Threats of Harm - Police Warnvannah Sound he heard a bang and at this point ing: An adult male of Bay Street Harbour Island he realized he had fallen asleep while driving came in at the Harbour Island Police Station and the impact had woken him up. He further sometime around 7:25pm, 30th July, 2018, and stated that at the time he was driving about 30 reported that he and his live in girlfriend were to 40 mph on the western side of the road. He did not sustain any injuries. Measurements were involved in a verbal altercation sometime around 6:55pm where she threatened him armed with recorded, an NOIP form was served and a statetwo (2) machete cutlasses stating that when he ment was recorded under caution. The driver goes sleep she is going to chap him up and is was instructed to produce certain documents to going to put poison in his food putting him in fear the nearest police station within 48 hours. for his safety and life. He requested that she be Traffic Accident Report On Friday 27th July 2018 sometime around warned and advised to leave the residence. Police later saw and spoke to with the accused and 12:45pm an adult male contacted Rock Sound informed her of the complainant made against Police Station via telephone, and reported that her. She stated that she and the complainant there was a traffic accident in Rock Sound area.

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were involved in a verbal altercation over him letting her daughter fall off the dock on Monday 30th July 2018. She admitted to threatening the complainant and was subsequently warned to be of good behavior towards him and advised to leave the residence if she and the complainant were unable to come to a mutual understanding to resolve the dispute. The complainant was also advised civil action. In addition and officer visited same and reported speaking with both parties in the matter. Both persons were warned of prosecution and admonished to keep the peace. The accused also agreed that she will leave the residence and continue keep the peace. Suspect Arrested: On Wednesday 1st August 2018 at 10:40am a young adult female of Trianna Shores Harbour Island was arrested and cautioned in reference to Causing Harm. Firearm Surrendered - On Thursday 2nd August 2018 at about 10am police visited the residence of murder victim Kareem Hepburn (Note: Hepburn was shot and killed on Friday, 27th July, 2018 at Carmichael Road in New Providence) DOB 20-11-85 of Chapel Street Harbour Island, saw and spoke to a female of the same address who handed over a licensed firearm being one black Maverick Mossberg model 88 12 Gauge S/N#MV41959R with 40 Fiocchi Ammunition shells. Same was inspected and secured at the H.I.P.S. Police Warning Report - On Thursday 2nd August 2018 at 2:48pm an adult male of Paris Lane, Harbour Island came to the H.I.P.S and reported that at about 2pm on Thursday August 2018 while in the area of his work place male he knows as said to him “bey be careful on this road” for no apparent reason. He feels threaten by the same. Police warning requested. Found Property Report - On Thursday 2nd August, 2018 at around 5:10 pm an adult male of Gibson Street came to the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that he found a black Caxtron MasterCard credit card while walking the street. The card bears the name with initial S. M. Same reported as police information. Assault with a Dangerous Instrument - Police Warning: An adult female of Barrack Street Harbour Island came in the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that on Friday 3rd August 2018 sometime around 11:55am while at her residence her children’s father came at her residence creating a disturbance that resulted in a verbal altercation where he pulled a knife that was on the counter and pointed same in her face putting her in fear. Police warning requested. Police saw and spoke with both parties while at the Harbour Island Police Station in reference to their behavior towards each other. Both parties were subsequently given a stern warning and admonished to keep the peace and warned of prosecutions. Threats of Death Report - Police

Information Only: On Friday 3rd August 2018, an adult male c/o Nassau Cheaters contacted S-3 via phone and reported that he was hired by an adult female to investigate her husband’s extra marital affairs. He reported that his investigations proved her suspicions and as a result, he received information that her husband is making threats of death towards him. Same reported as police information only. Suspicious Circumstances - Police Assistance: A anonymous caller contacted the Harbour Island Police Station and reported the presence of a 80ft yacht at a local mariner that has dangerous drugs and firearms aboard and there was reason to believe that the captain is harboring large amounts of different females for the purpose of prostitution. The caller also added that he received information that the subject is Wanted by authorities in Florida. Police Assistance requested. On Saturday 4th August 2018 at 4pm police visited the marina, saw and spoke to an adult male of Miami Florida - owner of he vessel; he was informed of the complaint made against him. Checks were made of that vessel with negative results; all was in order at the time. Harassment Report - Police Warning: An adult male of Coconut Grove Ave Harbour Island came in at the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that on Sunday 5th August 2018 sometime around 8:40Am whiles at Pitt Street his daughter’s step father confronted him in an aggressive manner cursing him and telling him he needs to take care of his daughter and to stop conversing and contacting her mother . Police warning requested. Stealing Report - Police action requested On Sunday 5th August 2018 at about 10:40pm an adult male of Colebrooke Street came to the H.I.P.S and reported that at around 9:30pm while at his residence he noticed that his black Xbox 1 with one control valued at about $400.00 was missing. He then asked his uncle who resides at the same residence as him if anyone came in the yard, and he gave the name of a man that was in the back of the yard and went in the back where the complainant lives. The complainant further reported that he suspects that man went into his home and stole his Xbox 1 along with several other games value unknown. He requested Police action in this matter. Domestic Dispute - Police Warning: An adult female of Dunmore Street Harbour Island came in at the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that on Friday 3rd August 2018 her boyfriend of Alice Street came at her place of work around 9:05Am creating a disturbance wanting to use a golf cart they purchased together. She added that the following day sometime around 4:00Am her boyfriend threw her clothes and personal belongings on the outside of their residence after a verbal altercation. The complainant further stated that the man caused

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Online at damages to an Eastern bedroom window attempting to gain access. She requested that he be warned to stay off the property. An officer saw and spoke with the suspect in the matter. He was informed of the complaint made against him and he concurred with the details of incident reported. He was then given a stern warning to keep of the property where the complainant now resides and admonished to keep the peace. Assault with a Deadly Instrument Report: An adult male of Colebrooke Street Harbour Island came in at the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that a male known to him pulled a kitchen knife putting him in fear for his safety after confronting him in reference to money that he owes him for about three (3) weeks. Police action requested. a written statement from the complainant. The accused, of Duke Street Harbour Island came in at the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that on Monday 6th August 2018 sometime around 11:30Am while at his place of employment the complainant punched him to the left side of his neck after a verbal dispute over monies he accused him of owing him for a drug transaction about a month ago. Police action requested. Police recorded a written statement from the complainant. Police also issued the complainant with a hospital form after viewing what appeared to be an apparent fresh scratch and bruises on the left side of his neck. Burglary Report -Police Action Requested: An adult female of Miami Florida contacted the Harbour Island Police Station on Thursday 9th August 2018 sometime around 4:15 a.m. and reported that sometime around 3:40 a.m. while at a house she and her husband in Trianna Shores (HBI) she observed a unknown male about 5’ft 8’’ of slim build with a piece of cloth around his face gain access through a unlocked eastern sliding glass door into the residence and stole her beige purse containing her bank and credit cards and fled in a northern direction after being chased by her husband along the beach. Police action requested. Burglary Reported/ Information: On Thursday 9th August 2018, sometime around 12:50pm an adult male of Marseiue France contacted the HIPS and reported that some unknown person (s) broke and entered his house which is situated at Trianna Shores through a Eastern Kitchen Window stealing a Black Cap, 1 pair of sunglasses and a pack of Cigarette. He did not request police action and reported the incident as police information. Damage Report - Police Assistance Requested: On Thursday 9th August 2018 at 8:45pm an adult female of Coconut Grove Ave Harbour Island came to the H.I.P.S and reported that a fight between a group of people took place in the front of her residence and as a result, some boys threw bottles at her house damaging her front windows. Police assistance requested. Unlawful Sexual Intercourse On Tuesday 10th August, 2018 at around 10:30 am an adult male of Harbour Island reported that on Tuesday 7th August, 2018 he found an underage girl that he care takes alone in a home with a grown male whom he knows. He suspects that she may be sexually active. Police action requested. Police collected the teen who was accompanied by her aunt. At the H.I.C.C the victim was interviewed and examined. Alleged Unlawful Sexual Intercourse: An adult male of Harbour Island contacted the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that sometime around 4:00Am while at his residence he caught a young male known to him in his juvenile daughter’s bedroom and

suspects that she is sexually active. At about 10:30 police and Social Services visited the H.I.C.C. with the victim and her mother where she was examined a doctor who concluded that there were no signs of recent sexual activities. Investigation continues. Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Arrest: At about 10:00 a male (U18) of Harbour Island came to the Harbour Island Police Station with his mother where he was arrested and cautioned by police in reference to Unlawful Sexual Intercourse. Police interviewed the suspect in the presence of his mother where he admitted to the offence. He was later released from police custody pending further investigation. This is reference to a complaint made made on 10.8.18. Unlawful Sexual Intercourse and Trespassing Arrest: At about 9:20 am a male (U18) of Harbour Island came to the Harbour Island Police Station with his sister, where he was arrested and cautioned by police in reference to Unlawful Sexual Intercourse and Trespassing. Police interviewed the suspect in the presence of his sister. He was charged with Trespassing C/S 160(1) of the Penal Code Chapter 84. He was later released on bail in the sum of $500.00 to appear in Magistrate Court, HBI. Found Property/Jacket - Police Information: On Monday 13thAugust 2018, an adult male of Bay street Harbour island in at the Harbour island Police station and handed over a multi-color jacket and reported finding the same while out fishing on the flats near pigeon island. He further stated that the jacket fits the description of that worn by his brother in-law Ranny Johnson when he went missing in the Harbour approximately two (2) years ago. Attempted Suicide Report Police Control Room (New Providence) contacted the Harbour Island Police Station sometime around 3:20am and reported that a male contacted the Police Control Room and reported that his girlfriend in Harbour Island contacted him and stated that she is going to commit suicide. Police assistance requested. Police made attempts to contacting the female with negative results. Harassment report - Police warning requested: On Friday 17/8/18 at about 10:55am an adult female of Johnson View Road Harbour Island came in at Harbour Island Police Station and reported that she is constantly being harassed by a male whom she knows who is making sexual advancements towards her that are unwanted and is spreading rumors that her youngest child belongs to him. Police warning requested. Police saw and spoke with the accused male of Harbour Island. He was warned to be of good behavior towards the complainant. Police Assistance Requested On Monday 20th August, 2018 at around 12:50 am an adult male of New Dunmore Subdivision came to the Harbour Island Police Station and reported that at around 12:40 am he received information that his niece’s father went into his home uninvited and harassed the female guests that he had in his home by ‘begging them’ for sex. Police warning requested. Trespassing/damage & stealing report - Police Information: On Monday 20/8/18 at about 11:25am an adult male of Nesbitt Street North Harbour Island contacted Harbour Island Police Station and reported that sometime between Thursday August 16, 2018 and Saturday August 18, 2018 at about 8:30 a.m. some person(s) unknown entered his property at the Narrows, Harbour Island and threw the pool chairs in the pool and damaged one of the concrete frogs Value unknown. He further stated that two (2) neon green Kayaks were stolen valued at $900.00. Same was reported for

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Police information only. Disturbance report - Police assistance requested - On Monday 20/8/18 at about 12:25pm an adult female of Gregory Town Eleuthera contacted Harbour Island Police Station via phone and reported that her boyfriend was at her place of work on Bay Street Harbour Island creating a disturbance. Police assistance requested. Police visited the Harbour Island Government Dock where saw and spoke with the complainant whom pointed out a young man as her boyfriend and stated that she left her job to go home due to his harassment and he followed her onto the dock and continued his harassment as a result she requested assistance in leaving Harbour Island on a Ferry Boat. As a result the mentioned crew saw and spoke with the accused male whom was distraught and stated that he’s the victim. He was advised not to return to the complainant’s job or her residence creating a disturbance. No further assistance requested. Removing vehicle w/o owners consent - Police assistance requested: On Monday 20.08.18 at about 1328hrs an adult female of Gaol Lane, Harbour Island came to S-3 and reported that sometime between 9:30 p.m. on Sunday August 19, 2018 and 8:30 a.m. on Monday August 20, 2018 some person(s) unknown stole her white Golf Cart year unknown plate number EL5782 valued at $4000.00 while it was parked at Miss Mae’s Clothing Store located on Dunmore Street, Harbour Island. She has no suspects. Police assistance requested. Police reported making checks at the entrance of Coral Sands Beach located Chapel Street East with the complainant however the were unable to locate her Golf Cart. On same date police reported visiting the complainant’s Parents residence located Dunmore Street South where the mentioned Golf Cart was located parked in front of the home as result the complainant made a check of the vehicle in the presence of the mentioned officers and found all to be in tact as a result no further Police assistance was requested. Assault /damage report Domestic dispute - Police warning requested: On Tuesday 21/8/18 at about 4:30pm an adult female of Trianna Shores Harbour Island came in at Harbour Island police Station and reported that while at her Grandmother’s residence on Colebrooke Street Harbour Island her Ex-Boyfriend struck her to the right side of her face causing pain and injury further that he knocked her I-Phone 7 plus phone causing damage estimated at two hundred dollars ($200) police warning requested. Police saw and spoke with the accused adult male of Colebrooke Street. He was warned as requested by the complainant. Threats of Death Report- Police Warning: A adult male of Dunmore Street Harbour Island came in at the Harbour Island Police Station and reported his next door neighbor who is known for loud noises in the apartment complex which annoys him. He added that after speaking with his neighbour about the loud noise he made threats towards him saying that “He is from Nassau and is going to murder him”. Police Warning requested. Police saw and spoke to the suspect in the area of Coffee Roasters Dunmore Street. He was informed of the complaint made against him and later given a stern warning, advised to keep the peace and warned of further prosecutions. Child Neglect Report - Police Assistance Requested: On Monday 3rd September 2018 at 10:15pm an eight year child of Harbour Island contacted the H.I.P.S and reported that her parents left her home alone and that she is very afraid. Police assistance requested.


Police brought both parents together and came to an agreement that the child would be safe at home with the supervision of her mother. Both Parents were sternly warned of further prosecution. This matter is left pending further investigation. Dog attack report - Police information: On Wednesday 29/8/18 at about 10:50am an adult female of Dunmore Street Harbour Island came in at Harbour Island police Station and reported that at about 6:00am while driving her Golf Cart on Harbour Island Government Dock she was chased by two dogs one brownish in color and one whitish in color putting her in fear for her safety. She further stated that this is not the first time the same dogs chased her and the first time she was bitten. She gave the name of the person she suspects these dogs belong to. Same reported as Police information only. House Breaking Report - Police action requested: An adult male of Toronto, Canada c/o a property in Harbour Island contacted the Harbour Island Police Station via telephone and reported that he received information from his housekeeper that his house was broken into. She reported some person(s) unknown broke into same and entered his residence without his permission or knowledge. She reported that it was ransacked with bottles and condoms left in every bedroom. Police assistance requested. Arrest reference to Housebreaking: On Wednesday 29/8/18 police came in to the Harbour Island police Station with two suspects – an adult male and an adult female of Colebrooke Street Harbour Island and reported that the suspects were arrested and cautioned in reference to Housebreaking a complaint made by an adult male on Wednesday 28/8/18. Police interviewed the accused female who denied all allegations. She was released pending further investigation. Stealing Report - Police Action requested: An adult male of Colebrooke Alley Harbour Island came in at the Harbour Island Police Station sometime around 6:40Pm and reported that on Tuesday 28th August sometime around 3:45Pm he discovered that an assortment of 104 pieces if (IPE) lumber valued at about $5,000.00 that he ordered and purchased from the United States on 19th and 30th July 2018 also 7 bundles of ice and water shield sealant valued at $1750.00 that he kept stored at a resort’s Warehouse missing. Police Action requested. Domestic Dispute An adult male of Colebrooke Street Harbour Island contacted the Harbour Island Police Station sometime around 2:00 pm and reported that he and his Ex- wife of the same address have an ongoing divorce process through the courts along with a civil dispute about the marital home, and on Saturday 24th August 2018 sometime around 1:45pm she allowed her boyfriend to park his vehicle at their residence in a spot he usually park. Police assistance requested. Police saw and spoke to the estranged couple in the presence of each other where the female was informed of the complaint made against her. However she added that the golf cart mentioned is owned by her and she parked it in the front of her door also stating that her estranged husband was ordered by the courts not to be on her side of the property where she resides and is not to interfere with her or any visitors. Both parties were advised to be of good behavior towards each other and keep the peace until the courts makes a final decision.



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By: Andrew L. Burrows

The last chapter of the Book of Job ends with a brief summary of the final outcome of Mr. Job’s life experience. He ended up with double the amount of property and animals, and even though not stated, he remarried and had more sons and daughters. The thing that


amazed me when reading this account was the emphasis placed on his three daughters. Were they simply objects of physical attraction or was there something else that God wanted us to take note of in these ladies? There are numerous other places that attention is drawn to the external appearance of women spoken of in the Bible. In Genesis 6 women are spoken of as being beautiful to the point of appearing attractive to the ‘sons of God’ who married them and corrupted the human race, resulting in a degree of wickedness that caused the entire population of the world to be condemned and totally destroyed. Abraham’s wife Sarah was also stated as being very beautiful and she attracted the attention of the king of Egypt when they moved there to live because of a famine. It appears that Abraham was very much aware of his wife’s physical beauty and expected that she would be noticed because of it, and he instructed her to present herself as his sister, however, God intervened and protected the sanctity of their marriage by afflicting the Egyptians with sickness. Isaac also had a similar experience. King David was drawn away into lusting after the wife of his servant Uriah. She was chosen by David because

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he observed her bathing herself on the outside of her home while her husband was away on military duty. The affair led to the murder of Uriah and death of the first child she had for David. King Solomon was the second son born to the wife of Uriah and when he became king of Israel he became noted for his many wives and he wrote of his obsession with sexual appeal which led to his down fall. There is no reason to doubt that the daughters of Mr. Job were attractively beautiful, but the fact that it goes on to note that they were given an inheritance as was given to their brothers. Their beauty was not just sensual; it was also their virtuous character that highlighted their status. In the last chapter of the book of Proverbs we read of a ‘wife of noble character’ whose physical beauty is enhanced by the beauty of her character. Have you ever noticed just how fragile and temporary, beautiful and fragrant a flower is? All that beauty is very temporary and once it serves the purpose for which it was designed, it fades and falls away, while being replaced by a more durable and beneficial fruit that will both feed others and reproduce more trees. Nothing that our God created in this world goes without notice,

beauty serves to cause attraction, it is both appealing and delicate, and must be handled with care. Character is more durable and beneficial and must be the end result of the attractiveness of beauty. While our attention is primarily focused on the physical attractiveness of the female, there is also beauty in man as a whole. There is splendor in the design of everything our God has created. We often refer to the flowers because their temporary blooming attracts our attention, but there are other more durable objects and things that have a more lasting appeal that does not quickly fade away. Much effort and attention is given to external appearances, but the word of God directs us to pay greater attention to more lasting things that are of far greater value. The popular saying “beauty is only ‘skin deep’” should teach us to pay far greater attention to those things that are durable. King Solomon concluded at the end of his life that “all is vanity, a chasing after the wind”. Life is a gift from the God of all living, live to the full and do not be side tracked by what is temporary!

BTC and MOE ref. Gov’t Schools

sign internet agreement BTC press release

Nassau, The Bahamas. September 2, 2018. Students throughout The Bahamas will now benefit from equal access to modern technology, as Government schools will have fully upgraded internet access, courtesy of an agreement between the Ministry of Education and BTC. The historic agreement signed today, enables BTC to provide robust and secure fiber connectivity to more than 100 schools and learning institutions in the country. As a testament to this five-year contract, and to stimulate the MOE’s e-learning initiatives, BTC is proud to announce that it will also provide 2,500 tablets for teachers, primary school students and pre-schoolers. Andre Knowles, Chief Commercial Officer at BTC said, “We are proud that the Ministry of Education has selected BTC as its partner for this meaningful venture. We believe that we are not only supplying access to technology, but we are also providing students with equal access to fundamental tools to thrive in a modern and global society. It doesn’t matter if you are located in Moore’s Island, Acklins, Rum Cay or New

Providence, all students will have the same access to technology enabled learning.” BTC will also provide a local loop from each school, back to the Ministry of Education. These loops will provide a platform for the Ministry to leverage digital teaching methodologies, allowing educators to deliver new experiences to students via virtual classrooms. Commenting on the partnership, BTC’s CEO, Garry Sinclair said, “This is certainly a noteworthy partnership, and a critical step in the right direction for both the Ministry of Education and BTC as we move towards developing The Bahamas into a “smart nation”. Universal access to best in class broadband connectivity for all students, will definitely serve as a needle mover to revolutionize education and enable students to prepare to meet the demands of a global economy.” For years, BTC has been a champion of education and has played a unique role in helping to build Bahamian dreams. Earlier this year, the company donated 100 tablets to Eva Hilton Primary, one of its adopted

Signed Sealed: Minister of Education, Jeff Lloyd and BTC Chief Commercial Officer Andre Knowles shake hands following the historic contract signing.

schools. BTC also provided over 20 computers for Doris Johnson Senior High School, in addition to spearheading the school’s student of the month program, recognizing students for academic success and civic achievements. BTC continues to push the technology

envelope by offering a wide range of business and government solutions. This partnership with the MOE is one example of the advanced managed services that BTC is now offering.

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Kind Hearts Foundation reach out to SE Seniors

Above: Mrs. Ingraham with First Ministry Church, and Shanda Farrington of Kind Hearts Foundation about to pack scores of bags of grocery items for distribution.

Above: South Eleuthera senior citizen receive packed grocery items from the Kind Hearts Foundation and First Ministry Church.

The Kind Hearts Foundation, a non-profit organization, founded in 2010 in New Providence by two Eleutherans, Shanda Farrington (Rock Sound) and William Ingraham (Palmetto Point) - with the objective of assisting the elderly who are homeless or have been abandoned by family members, as well as to mentor teenage boys between the ages of 13-18 - recently adopted The Demetrius Centre for the Elderly in Fox Hill and Coleby House in Ridgeland Park in Nassau, where monthly activities are organized. In keeping with their theme, ‘People helping People’, the Kind Hearts Foundation also hosted its first charitable event in South Eleuthera. Founder, Shanda Farrington, thought that due to the high cost of living on the island, it would be impactful to assist senior citizens there in need with the basic grocery items. The Foundation partnered with residents and descendants of South Eleuthera that live throughout the Bahamas and abroad to assist in either purchasing the

Fire Suits Donated to

Harbour Island Volunteer Firemen Team During Summer 2018 the volunteer Harbour Island Fire team got a bit of a boost, receiving a donation of new fire suits. They were duly acknowledged and special thanks were conveyed to the team of volunteers for the good work that they do, and the value of their efforts during a building fire on the island in June as well as other incidents they worked hard to put out. The generous donor of the new fire suits for the local fireman was Mr. Iain Ferguson.

items or providing a monetary donation. 100 reusable bags made by the students of Deep Creek Middle School were used, along with generous sponsorship from local businesses in the South Eleuthera area. So, in July 2018, the Kind Hearts Foundation partnered with First Ministry Church in Tarpum Bay and distributed ninety grocery packages to senior citizens from Tarpum Bay to Bannerman Town. Mrs. Farrington stated that the response received from the senior citizens and their family members was overwhelming, “They were so grateful, thankful and happy to know that there are people that still care.” She went on to say that based on the feedback received, and the need to help the seniors of South Eleuthera, the charitable event, dubbed - “It’s time to donate. Help us help others” - will become an annual event. Special thanks were conveyed to Nurse Bianca Edwards and Urban Renewal South Eleuthera for assisting with the distribution of the grocery packages, and other business sponsors included, Quick Fix One Stop Shop, Deja’s Splash of Color, Marina Mild Tank Cleaning Fort Lauderdale, Frigates Bar & Grill, Hunger Helper and The Bahamas Day Break.



Aug/Sept 2018

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Above: Customer Service representative, Vernice’s smile is only ever eclipsed by her personality, which is as warm and inviting as anyone you would ever want to meet. Here she assisted patients as they came in for their appointments at the newly opened Eleuthera Medical Center now offering primary care services.

ECHI Continued from pg. 1 ity. “It’s nothing short of a miracle,” Located in Palmetto Point minutes from Governor’s Harbour in the central Bahamas, the Eleuthera Medical Center is owned by the Eleuthera Health Care Initiative, a community-owned non-profit organization. The clinic is managed by Bahamas Wellness Clinic founded by Arlington Lightbourne, M.D., the man whose commitment to Eleuthera is matched only by his desire to bring wellness to a society he fears is plagued by preventable non-communicable diseases that threaten the quality of life and life itself. Members pay a nominal monthly fee, entitling them to exams by the team of doctors. While headed by Dr. Lightbourne, the clinic is full-service, complete with labs for blood work, urinalysis, cholesterol and other routine exams and tests. A sterile facility for setting broken bones and other in-clinic procedures, some of which previously required an air ambulance to Nassau with a hefty price tag of $4,000-$6,000 for an emergency, will open soon along with a 3-bed resuscitation room. The clinic is already prepared with an emergency entrance for an ambulance that will soon arrive. It

is equipped to become a small hospital within an estimated time line of two years. In addition to Dr. Lightbourne, there are physicians, nutritionists, life and wellness coaches and specialists who rotate, most coming in from Nassau where the Wellness Clinic operates on Collins Avenue a block south of Doctors Hospital. Among the attending medical or wellness staff are Dr. Lashan McKenzie, a pediatrician who spent seven years in the public health system prior to joining the Wellness Clinic; Dr. Kiera Smith, a nutritionist; obstetrician/gynecologist Dr. Simone Sealey, and lifestyle coach Justice Brown. Administrative and support staff includes Lori-Ann Lightbourne, a registered nurse, Dr. Lightbourne’s wife and mother of their two children - 11-year-old Matthew, and 1-yearold Gabrielle. The clinic opened with a focus on primary care. Urgent care and diagnostics are scheduled to follow by year-end. “This has been the most amazing experience of my life,” said Dr. Lightbourne, who wanted to raise his family where his ancestors toiled the soil and fished the sea and who recognized the need for primary and urgent medical care on an island that relied on an overburdened public clinic. “The story of the Eleuthera Health Care Initiative and the clinic is a tale of what can happen when good people unite for a good cause. The way the community has come together, the

outpouring of support is beyond anything I ever would have imagined possible. I’ve never seen people come to the table with such unselfish desire to do something for their community without expecting anything in return.” Local residents along with volunteers and staff from The Cancer Society of The Bahamas, Eleuthera branch, pulled together to crisscross the island, enlisting members, contracting with payment centers and information distribution outlets. Patients can pay their membership dues at Commonwealth Bank and nearly 10 other locations. As management, The Wellness Clinic is responsible for revenue management, making accounting records transparent and reporting to trustees on a regular basis. For Dr. Lightbourne, who plans to continue to serve clients in Nassau two days a week at the original Wellness Clinic and whose associates will be there when he is not, the opportunity to introduce lifestyle medicine to Eleuthera is “the answer to a lifelong dream.” If he could wave a magic wand, he would whisk away processed foods and stop the constant consumption of fast food. “When you eat well and clean most of the time, you can cheat once in a while and that is okay,” said the physician who saw the impact of poor diet and lifestyle as an emergency room doctor for years before opening his lifestyle practice in 2015. His greatest concern – childhood

obesity. His desire is not to prescribe drugs but to prescribe a lifestyle to which ordinary people can subscribe. It was Dr. Lightbourne who made headlines when he said meat kills more people than guns or sitting is the new smoking. He believes people need to be shocked into understanding how dangerous certain eating habits and lifestyle practices are. He saw it repeatedly with heart attacks and strokes in the emergency rooms at Princess Margaret Hospital and Doctors Hospital. “He wants to get people off drugs. He’s really a pioneer and we are so fortunate to have someone of his standards and vision on a small island like Eleuthera. Even in the U.S. we do not have this level of wellness care in many places. Dr. Lightbourne is ahead of his time,” said Mrs. Rawling. “That is not to say that we were not grateful for the public clinic. The staff there does what they can with what they have and we are very appreciative, but how different this facility is from anything else. It’s incredible.” That is the same word a patient who had been flying to Nassau monthly for treatment said. Then he added another thought. “It’s God’s work,” he said.


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South students benefit from a

Rotary/BSGC partnership. A significant partnership between the Rotary Clubs in the Bahamas, and BSGC (Bahamas Striping Group of Companies), headed by president/ founder, Atario Mitchell, saw students throughout the country receiving backpacks filled with school supplies ahead of the new 2018/2019 school year. BSGC president Miller was in Eleuthera during August 2018, and along with Rotary Club of Eleuthera (RCE) president, Sandra Ingraham, presented 630 backpacks, equipped with notebooks and stationary supplies designated for the South Eleuthera district, to school principals and Minis-

try of Education’s District Superintendent, Althea Gibson, at the Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Center in Tarpum Bay. RCE Director, Andrew Hall commented, “As September draws ever closer, this donation could not have come at a better time for the parents and children of South Eleuthera. BSGC is no stranger to South Eleuthera. The company has donated computers to community centers and made the roads safer on the infamous Charles Bay Corner in Rock Sound, proving that they truly care for the community.”

Above: Rotary Club president with BSGC president Atario Mitchell and principals.



Aug/Sept 2018

The Battle for Lighthouse Continued from pg. 6

debate is continuing as to whether the entire property will be deemed “offlimits” for commercial development or if the government will allow a portion of it to be developed. A meeting was hosted on August 2nd at the Rock Sound Primary School, in South Eleuthera, where a local representative of Disney’s efforts disseminated flyers outlining Disney’s proposal for development of the Lighthouse Point acreage. In the flyers, Disney stated that they were, “considering a second managed cruise destination in the Bahamas”, and that they had arrived at this consideration after being, “In consultation with community leaders in South Eleuthera, who have expressed their support for the project.” The flyers described the Disney proposal as a “low-density development”, and that, “Disney Cruise Line is committed to a significantly smaller and less dense development than what others have previously proposed for Lighthouse Point, which is currently privately owned by another developer.” A conceptual land use study graphic included on the flyer showed areas for a marina, berth/pier, significant portions of private guest beach areas, as well as guest recreation sites, an expansive network of guest pedestrian trails, several back of house facility locations, and miles of primary and secondary circulation road ways. A capacity audience attended the August 2nd meeting, however, people in attendance were quickly frustrated when it was realized that the local representative could provide no additional information during the evening, aside from what was already outlined on the flyer. As a result, none of the questions asked by members of the audience could be truly addressed. In a release dated August 9th, the Bahamas National Trust went on public record, confirming their opposition to what they called, unsustainable development at Lighthouse Point, and opined that a Cruise Development in particular would not be sustainable and the environmental impact would be significant. The BNT added that they were currently working with key conservation and community partners to secure Lighthouse Point as a national park, and as a model for sustainable development. Addressing Cruise Port development directly, BNT stated that they were proven to deliver few jobs, with a modest economic impact for the country, while placing significant pressures on the environment. BNT also noted that it is typical for some or all of such sites to be restricted to public access.

Shaun Ingraham, One Eleuthera CEO.

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Recent town meetings held by One Eleuthera and its partners highlighted the importance of the Lighthouse Point area to local Eleutherans, in its traditional uses, its stunning beauty, and its ecological importance. They also shared their understanding that South Eleutherans are in need of jobs and economic opportunity. Presenters acknowledged the fact that Lighthouse Point is already a huge attraction, serving as the second most visited landmark site on The Eleutheras by visitors, according to travel sites, despite the long, bumpy road getting there - meaning that a restriction of public access to this premier natural attraction on the island would likely impact a much broader economic area than just South Eleuthera. Disadvantages of another cruise port in South Eleuthera were also highlighted, pointing out the limited, short term economic benefits, the part-time seasonal nature of the jobs available, the lack of significant spillover benefits into surrounding communities, and the devastat-

ing environmental impacts. The proposal being put forth by One Eleuthera and its partners was characterized as a better and more viable long term option - that would maintain the integrity of Lighthouse Point and simultaneously provide quality jobs, and long term economic stimulus for Eleuthera. Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera, Mr. Hank Johnson, stated on Monday, September 3rd, that Disney was not ‘off the table’, and that the government would be sending a team to Eleuthera soon to host a town meeting, to look at the site in question, and to report back with their findings from the site visit, and feedback from the town meeting. Up to press time, date, place and time was still to be announced.

Alfred Sears, One Eleuthera Chairman.

Denward Rankine, Local Disney Representative

Local residents at Disney sponsored meeting in Rock Sound.


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| 08/09 2018


A Bevy of Back to School Events Hosted Ahead of School Opening Saturday, September 1st, during the final weekend before the reopening of schools for the new 2018/2019 year, the island saw a flurry of Back-to-School giveaway events hosted across the island, by the Royal Bahamas Police in Wemyss Bight - with their Back to School Jamboree event, as well as community organizations in Governor’s Harbour, Tarpum Bay and Green Castle, Eleuthera Supply in Governor’s Harbour and others, with no shortage of backpacks, school supplies, care packs, free haircuts and hairstyling, and treats available for students to fully enjoy the day, and get ready for the return to school. In Governor’s Harbour, the GHCCO (Governor’s Harbour Cultural and Community Organization) hosted a Back to School event, with a bit of a twist. It included a uniform drive, hair braiding station, fun food for the children, a gaming station, special care bags filled with grocery items and other practical goodies,

also a free thrift shop - with uniforms, casual and dress clothing, and more than 100 pairs of shoes available at no cost for the pickings. They also had backpacks filled with school supplies and toiletries for the children who came out to the fun event held at the St. Patrick’s Parish Hall. The planned bouncing castle was hindered by the intermittent rain throughout the day, but the kids didn’t seem to miss it, with all the activities taking place inside. More than one hundred youngsters from Tarpum Bay to Gregory Town, turned up to take part. Organizers said local businesses and private individuals gave generously to allow the giveaway to take place.

Police Back to School Jamboree in Wemyss Bight

GHCCO Back to School

Above: Children from Tarpum Bay to Gregory Town showed up to take part in and enjoy the Back to School giveaway event hosted by the GHCCO at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall on Saturday, September 1st, 2018. Also shown are volunteer stylists creating hair styles to last and wow at the same time, being done by patient, skilled hands. Below: Eleuthera RBPF hosted their annual Back to School Jamboree in Wemyss Bight with scores of excited children readying to return to the classroom..

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