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AIR PET BOTTLES CONVEYORS PET bottles air conveyors are machines designed to transport empty PET bottles and are most often installed in between the PET blowing machine and the filling machine. They are used virtually in every PET bottle filling line. The air conveyor consists of straight and curved modules, lifts, fans and a panel control. Conveyor modules consist of sliding guides and air ducts, which are made of steel with special holes directing air. The air is introduced into the conveyor system by fans. The rated transport capacity of a given machine depends on the capacity of a filler (rinser), into which the air conveyor enters. The bottles accumulated at the end of the line form a row in front of the filler (rinser), from where they are transported one by one at a very high speed.

Adaptation to specific products: During the transport the bottles are held by their necks. The The air conveyor is equip-

orientation guides keep the bottle in the stream and eliminate its

ped with adjustable guard-

swinging. The orientation guides location should be changed for

rail which makes the ma-

bottles of different dimensions. It is also possible to adjust the

chine compatible with

height of the conveyors, whereas the number of ventilators

bottles of different de-

depends on the required capacity and type of ventilators .



MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Adaptation of the production line exactly to your needs: SMF offer consists of conveyor modules easy to setup.

Item Name

Item Name

straight air duct section


fan air duct section

electric box

curved air duct section

electric box with control and connections


manual elevator for level control

symmetric merge unit

electric elevator for level control

asymmetric merge unit

the fee for the increased height


LET THE PLANS BECOME A REALITY We will make your production strategy a reality, because we fully understand our customer needs and we can adapt our offer to meet them. The increasing competition requires meticulous calculation and continuous reduction of production costs. We will help you to optimize the transfer of bottles with our air conveyors.

You do not want the high performance of your machine to be limited by inefficient transport of bottles? Our conveyors combine the highest quality of performance and flexibility of configuration tailored to the individual needs of each client.


LET THE PLANS BECOME A REALITY Change or extension of a production line Do you plan to label bottles before their filling and palletizing? Our conveyors are designed in such a way that their reconfiguration and expansion is possible at any moment.

Adjustmen of a design to your product

Fans equipped with cassette or HEPA filters

Guard-rails controlled manually or automatically


THE CONSTRUCTION OF AIR CONVEYOR Purpose Air conveyors are used exclusively to transport PET (or other plastic) bottles between. The air conveyor is suitable only for the transport of empty bottles between devices in production lines where empty PET or other bottles are used.

The principle of operation The air conveyor operates in a processing line where there is a need of transporting empty PET bottles. It is used to transport bottles between machines using air-stream generated by centrifugal fans. The air-stream goes into an air duct, through a radial wheel and is discharged transporting the bottles. The speed of transporting bottles can be adjusted by regulating the fan capacity.

Technical characteristics The air conveyor consists of the following components made of stainless steel and powder-coated steel: • Air ducts with blades • Railings, handles, elevator • Blowing fans with filters • Control box • Legs with adjustable feet



1. air duct with a wheel


2. blowing fan with filter and speed control


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3. elevator for level control


4. leg with feet


5. guard rails with handles


6. flexible channel connector

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7. b o t t l e d u m p i n g gate

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Aseptic Conveying System (optional) Aseptic air conveyor forms a closed system. PET bottles are held in fully sterile, clean environment that is subjected to slight overpressure. They are set in motion by means of clean air, what prevents reinfection by foreign matter and bacteria form external environment. The modular construction of the conveyor enables fast, easy and flexible design of a production line tailored to one's specific needs. The transportation line designed in such a way provides fully aseptic transport, easy control, low energy consumption and, thanks to its compact design, space-saving. The aseptic air conveyor differs from a standard conveyor also in the following points: 1. Between the conveyor enclosure and air duct there is an air vent deflector, which ensures an even distribution of air pressure and velocity in all sections. 2. Fan filters are installed in a gradual configuration (of preliminary, main and final air purification), what ensures sterile air and aseptic bottles.


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