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Exchange 2010 Migration Part Deux MY EXCHANGE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN MIGRATED. NOW WHAT? Now you need to reconfigure Outlook to connect to your new Exchange account.

HOW DO I RECONFIGURE OUTLOOK? Go to Start -> Control Panel Look for a Mail icon and double click on it. Click on the Show Profiles button. You should see something similar to this picture.

Click Add.

Enter in a profile name. I used the following: Exchange2010 Click OK. You will now be taken to the Add New Account Window. You should see something similar to the picture below.

If your email address is not in the <> format, change it to match. Click Next.

On the Add New Account screen, Outlook will start autoconfiguring itself. At some point during this process, you may get prompted for credentials. Click use another account and enter your username in the following show below. Make sure you check the Remember my credentials checkbox. This action will make Outlook use your UofI credentials (which is what we want). Username: uofi\netid Password: <enter your AD password>

Click Finish once the process has completed.


WHAT NOW? In the mail window, select the Exchange2010 profile in the Always use this profile drop down box and click OK. Start Outlook.

ARE WE DONE NOW? Theoretically, yes.


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