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QUESTIONS A new, unique store will be opening up in downtown Kingston in December, 2008. It will be filled with a variety of products from the mythical, magical and mysterious realms of this world and universe. M3 will satisfy the cravings of the young and old who are seeking answers to many questions, such as: “Is there life after death?” “Do you think ufo’s are real?” “I wonder what that dream I had last night was all about?” “Have you read the latest “Wizards and Warriors” book?” “I wonder where that lady got that cool dragon sculpture from?”

ANSWERS M3 will help many people who are seeking answers to these questions and many, many more. Perhaps there are other stores dealing with some of the products M3 has, but none of them can compete with the breadth and width of what M3 has in store.

Business Core of Kingston Down Town

From Star Wars collectibles, new age cd’s, beeswax candles, crystals, books on ghosts, psychic readings, and outerspace, M3 is filled to the brim with mysterious, magical and mythical wonders to behold (and to buy!)

WHY KINGSTON? The metropolitan area of Kingston, Ontario has a population of over 150,000 people. Kingston is close to the traffic heavy Highway 401 which connects to the large cities of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. Kingston is also close to the American border. It has historic buildings familiar with all Canadians, world class products for many global markets, and impressive new start-ups businesses, such as M3. M3 is on the always busy Princess Street in downtown Kingston. It is the heart and soul of the business core. It has a vast array of specialty shops, strip plazas, patios, universities, malls, power centres, government offices, and high-end restaurants. The downtown core is always filled with activity and the summer months include a selection of festivals, buskers and other activities.

THE FIRST, BUT NOT THE LAST Kingston will be the first city to have an M3 store but it certainly does not need to be the last. There are other fine large cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa which would all fit in perfectly with what M3 offers. Each city having its own unique attributes and personalities.


A perfect starting point is having a store in Kingston, but what type of customers would be compelled to visit and shop at M3? Research has shown that in the past few years interest in the mythical, the magical and the mysterious has grown immensely. Turn on the tv and there is a show about ufo’s, ghosts or even an old episode of Battlestar Gallatica. Go to the theater and watch the latest adventures of Harry Potter or the latest scary occult movie. Turn on your radio and you will hear a psychic making predictions. Surf the Internet and you’ll soon find many websites about life after death experiences, encounters with angels and so much more. From the fanatical Star Wars teenager, to the businessman who loves reading books on the occult, to the elderly old woman who collects angel figurines, M3 will be a delight for young and old from all walks of life.

“I can never leave with just one item!�

PRIMARY Our primary group of consumers have a deep interest in various subject matters such as spirituality, fantasy, mythology, magic and all the mysteries of the universe. They are always searching for answers and thrive on different ways of coming to conclusions. This includes a fanatical Star Wars collector, a ufo buff, a crystal energy healer or just a very curious person always interested in expanding his or her mind. Another person might step into M3 looking for a book on angels and yet follow their curiosity to purchase many other items of interest, such as beeswax candles, a Harry Potter dvd game for their children or perhaps they will sign up for the monthly free psychic reading.

SECONDARY The secondary group of consumers will step into M3 to buy unique gifts for their family and friends, and even purchase an item or two that perks their interest. They love shopping downtown Kingston and M3 will be on their list of stores to check out.

“I’ll buy anything to do with Star Trek!”

Knowing that M3 stocks books, cd’s, dvd’s, games, posters, figurines and so much more makes for a happy shopper. Instead of going to two or three different stores, they can get all the products and services they need at one place.

“I love reading books about angels!”

TERTIARY The tertiary shopper will stop by M3 once or twice a year to buy something for their family or friends. They really have no interest in the store themselves, but they know their Mom, Aunt or best friend certainly does, so they will be shopping there at Christmas time and for special occasions. “I know where to shop on my Mother’s birthday!”

Overview of store location




M3 will be a store with a wide range of items, services and so much more. These have all been placed under one of four categories that go along superbly with the stores overall theme.

ADORN YOUR BODY M3 has a wide selection of clothes and jewelry. From dragon jackets, to angel jewelry, to one of a kind necklaces. The store can even dress your child in his favorite costume. Fom Star Wars to Harry Potter to clothes that are really out of this world!

EXPAND YOUR MIND Learning is a never ending process and M3 will give your brain a good workout. From the latest dvd’s on ghosts, aliens and questions on outerspace waiting to be solved, to secrets yet to be revealed. You might even enjoy having a picture taken of your aura or perhaps join a crystal healing workshop or listen to a guest speaker talk about their experiences with being a ghost hunter.

TOUCH YOUR SOUL Music can touch the soul, as can certain books, unique figurines, spiritual items and the always trustworthy crystal ball. Step into M3 and have your soul uplifted with what is in store!

LIFT YOUR SPIRIT M3 is not all about the “serious stuff”. There are lots of board games, dvd’s and books for children young and old, music cd’s that will bring a smile to your face, wind chimes that will relax you and candles that will bring joy into your life with their looks and smells.

M3 Case Study  
M3 Case Study  

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