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Make Home Page Pays v2 “YOUR OWN� The most important promotion ever for YOUR Home Page Pays

Home Page Pays version 2 is dynamic, which means is it ever changing and fully customisable. Each Home Page Pays v2 site will uniquely express your personal brand.

Some HPP v2 sites will look good while others will look Spectacular! How will you choose to have YOUR HPP v2 look to the world? This promotion has three distinct parts:

1. YOUR HPP Branding will be seen by all your Free Members! Picture YOUR NAME in BIG BOLD LETTERS on a Gold Plaque just under the words Home Page Pays v2 on the upper left of your HPP opening screen.

This recognises your achievements to your Free Members and we also have included a powerful way to recognise you to the Smart Media Community as a whole.

2. Your Avatar Stars will be seen by all HPP Members! You will also have your achievement level right on the front of your avatar. Every time you Smart Chirp or Smart Chat, send a Smart Mail or participate in a Smart Discussion, you will be showing your achievement level to everyone. The great thing is that you only need an active monthly subscription to qualify, so anyone can put stars on their Avatar.

Special HPP v2 Levels: Level 1: Active Member - 1 Gold Star with No Ribbon Level 2: Qualified Member - 2 Gold Stars with Narrow Silver Ribbon Level 3: Leadership Matching Level 1 - 3 Gold Stars with HPP v2 Medium Silver Ribbon Level 4: Leadership Matching Level 2 - 4 Gold Stars with Medium Gold Ribbon Level 5: Leadership Matching Level 3 - 5 Gold Stars with Large Gold Ribbon

You will be informed of your status on a regular basis. If you want to qualify for the next level, or maintain your current level, just increase your momentum with additional effort and the results will be there for all to see! 3. The Home Page Pays Global Hall of Fame will be seen by all members. Smart Media is known for recognising its members far beyond what they originally anticipated. The Global Hall of Fame is another example of this. Those who do the most, deserve the most and receive the most, so we are opening the Home Page Pays Global Hall of Fame in their honour. This recognition will be across ALL Home Page Pays v2 sites! There will be categories such as: • • • •

FOUNDING MEMBERS 2012 Smart Games Promotion Smart Media Heroes And others...

The “My Awards” area (under the My Rewards icon - left sidebar menu) will have your personal awards, (high game scores, contest achievements and so on) for YOUR free members to view, but will also have the Home Page Pays Global Hall of Fame for everyone across all of the HPP v2 community to see. When you click on one of the trophies within the Global Hall of Fame, you will be taken to a Wall of Heroes, where the names of all Smart Media “Heroes” are emblazoned for all time. Some of these walls, such as Founding Members, can never be added to, but everyone who helps to support and evolve this community has a chance to appear on one or more of these walls.

Smart Media’s recognition program is YOUR road-map to success! You receive constant recognition for building your Smart Media business! Your first steps are to make sure you are active to receive commissions by having your monthly subscription paid every month, qualifying for team commissions and then Leadership Matching Bonuses. This provides every new member a simple-to-follow roadmap to success. What is your next step? You have already started with your December sales and all of your past successes. Share this incredible opportunity with as many people as possible, get those sales rolling in and make it YOUR Home Page Pays! Home Page Pays v2 is like the next Gold Rush. Stake your claim TODAY!

Make HPP v2 YOUR Own  

Make HPP v2 YOUR Own

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