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Slough Community School (SCS Newsletter) Head Teachers Message In November 2000 4 members of the local community met in slough to discuss the perpetual headlines of underachievement of certain ethnic minorities in Slough. Determined to do something to buck the trend and infuse the community to address this issue collectively, the notion to establish a complementary school in the heart of the community was born. Nearly seven years later after engaging 100’s of young people and families The SCS is striving to achieve the objectives it set out to tackle., namely to increase the self esteem and self confidence of the young people in

“Nearly Seven years On”

slough, build stronger links with the community they live in and increase their educational attainment. With the support of the community and the tireless dedication of the numerous teachers, volunteers and helpers the SCS has evolved into an institution which

Slough can be proud of. There is still a lot more to achieve and the yearly intake of new children raises new challenges and objectives. I pray the enthusiasm shown by the people of Slough will never diminish. God bless the SCS and volunteerism. Shaukat Warraich (Head Teacher)

The story of the SCS In January 2001, Slough Community School (SCS) opened its doors for the first time to the community of Slough. Built upon the commitment, dedication and motivation of its teachers, SCS has been running successfully since. Founded by members of the local community, from various profes-

sions, SCS is a community project, with an open door policy, aimed and focused at tackling the underachievement of the community’s children. The purpose of SCS is to act as a complementary school to enhance the education of our pupils, which is carried out in their main

schools, consisting, mainly of the core national curriculum subjects of Mathematics, Science, and English. We also like to engage the students in sports activities to boost their physical fitness, whilst simultaneously enjoying themselves (continued page 2)

Slough Community School Volume 1, Issue 1 Newsletter Date July 2007

Inside this issue: Head Teachers Message


The Story of the SCS


Hard to reach parents


Umrah Roshan “Back to the Future”


SCS Crèche


SCS helping comic relief 4

SCS Summer camp


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Slough Community School (SCS Newsletter)

The SCS Story

Our aim is to create in them a desire to seek further knowledge and to establish a positive and productive role within the school and in the wider community

In addition to these, a fifth subject is also taught called Personal Development Programme (PDP). PDP encapsulates the principles of SCS and serves as the foundation of the school, as it further extends the students’ learning from an academic and faith based perspective. The purpose of PDP is to help the students bridge these two essential components together so they may be implemented within, and outside, SCS. PDP aims to progress the students in the world of academia through intellectual and mental preparation. Furthermore, the guidance attained through the

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teachings and practise of Islamic principles is channelled to help the students develop spiritually, thus giving them a sense of modesty, self discipline and self esteem. PDP also discusses issues such as career advice, public speaking, reading and writing skills, team building and general life skills that the students could benefit from. Overall, our aim is to create in them a desire to seek further knowledge and to establish a positive and productive role within the school and in wider British society. Currently there are 140 children enrolled and over 150 on the waiting list.

Hard To Reach Parents Scheme We at SCS welcome parental input and highly recommend their active participation. Nadeem Safder as project leader and the Shaukat Warraich (Head teacher) have constantly engaged in initiatives to involve parents and aim to work in close partnership, so as to build a strong network of communication between SCS, the students and their parents. Our top priority is the education and progression of our students. We intend to direct them in

the best possible manner and to consolidate their learning within the premises of SCS, as well as outside. Our ‘Hard To Reach Parents’ scheme allows parents to work in conjunction with our teachers to make SCS beneficial in all ways for students, parents and teachers alike. We have a member a staff that meets with all parents to gain an insight on their views and concerns. The HTRP initiative works towards maintaining an on going relationship

Teachers Role call, Thank you to the current and past staff & volunteers of the SCS. Aslam Lala, Fatima Lala, Iqbal Lala,Khalid Kazim,Khalid Khan, Misbah Sajjad, Mohamed Rahim,Mohammad Azim, Mohammad Abdul,Aziz, Mubarak Mohammad, Nadeem Safdar, Naheed Aslam, Nasser Khan, Raayin Ahamed, Sahira Tariq, Sakhawat Hussain, Sana Mansoor, Sarah Warraich, Shugufta Islam, Sofia Mukhtar, Umrah Roshan, Wania Qureshi, Waqar Bhatti, Waseem Mehar, Lubna Khan, Sabia Akram, Abdul Rasheed, Ahsan Ullah, Akbar, Ameer Ahmed, Arif Al-Kasiri, Arub Saqib, Asia Rasheed, Ateeq Ali, Azam Haq, Azeez Ziyand, Azhar Khan, Basmah Saqib, Bushra Quddoos, Bushra Malik, Essam Mahgoub, Faisal Khan, Farah Majid, Farooq Ahmed, Hafida Hamich, Haroun Asghar, Imtiaz Hussain, Issma Akhtar, Javed Ali, Kishwar Shariff, Mandiyah Yusuf, Mariam Yasin, Maymunah Riaz, Mehnaz Tawhid, Mehvish Amir, Mohamed Azeez, Mohammed Saleh, Musarrat Chaudhry, Mustafa Ramadan, Nasar Khan, Nasir Sabir, Nayyer Tamimi, Nazneen Khan, Noreen Raja, Nusrat, Nyela Moghul, Omar Sharif, Raheel Ullah, Rizwan Ahmad, Rola, Rosie Khan, Sadia Tamimi, Sadiah Ali, Safina Khan, Saima Ahmed, Sajid Mehmood, Samina Akram, Seema Ilyas, Shakila Bi, Shamoona Tawhid, Shareen Joseph, Suraya Arif, Swaleha Khan, Tabassum Khan, Tahira Rao, Tamina Azad, Usamah Baig, Usman Arif, Wazim Akram, Zahid Nawaz, Zahid Qayyum, Aicha Effi, Aisha Qayyum, Ali Aman, Alia Tamimi, Azhar Khitab, Ehsanullah Khan, Fahmida Rawoot, Faisal Dhada, Faiza Khan, Farzana Yasmeen, Malik Ahmed, Mohamed Akram, Mohammad Iftar, Mohsin Chaudhary, Moizuddine Mohammed, Samee Ahmad, Sarah Adham, Vaseem Bedrekar, Waqar Haider, Zia Ullah

Volume 1, Issue 1

Umrah Roshan “Back to the Future” In Janurary 2001 I became the first GSCE student to enter through the doors of SCS. 6 years later I re-entered the same doors, but this time as a Teacher. After completing my GSCE’s I went on to do my A’Levels and continued further onto higher education specialising in English Literature, where I found my niche for teaching. The education I have received, and the possibilities that have opened up for me, has made me appreciate the time and effort that teachers put into to me to get me where I am today. My respect for them increased as I realised, not only the importance and status of their role within society, but also the posi-

tive influence they have had upon me as role models. Working at SCS has not only given me the opportunity to inspire other but have been inspired by the dedication and persistence of the founders of SCS who created an institute to help children excel in all aspects of life.

SCS Crèche service The management & the staff, wishes to than Hafida and Mariam for their tireless efforts and commitment to the SCS and for looking after the children of the teacher, who would find it almost impossible to teach if their support and prayers wont with us. Thank from the staff of the SCS.

Teaching for me is far more than just a profession it is a reverent passion, to impart knowledge to others and to see the cycle continue for the betterment of the community and the individuals. SCS has given me an opportunity to make a positive difference for the future generation and I hope to take it one step further.

Hard To Reach Parents Scheme (continued page 2)

In addition to this we hold parents consultations to allow parents to meet all staff members and to discuss their child (s) progress on a one-toone level, and keep them up to date about their child(s) progress at the end of each term with student reports. The

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scheme has been supported by Slough Borough Council and we wish to thank Khalid Mahmood for his valuable support and guidance over the past few years. We would also like to thank the Education and Youth service at Slough Borough Council.

Can you put something back into the Community ?

Then come and join the SCS Call us NOW 07802407045

The new SCS Website will be launched soon so click onto to for the latest developments Hard to reach parents group receiving training on how to engage their children through creative methods.

Slough Community School Slough Community School 83 Stoke Poges Lane Slough SL1 3NY Head Teacher: Shaukat Warraich Tel:07802-407945

SCS contributing to Comic Relief At SCS we encourage our students and community members to participate in charitable events. Over the academic year our students have taken on active roles by organising fundraisers to help Comic Relief and have volunteered in national events such as IslamExpo and GPU.

“Building a Better Community”

Saturday 14th July 2007 SCS Annual Funday. All Welcome.

Plans/vision for the future

At the end of every academic year we like to reward our students for their hard work, achievements and contributions towards the SCS and Slough. Funday commences with the distribution of prizes followed by an enjoyable afternoon of fun activities for all members of the community. Don’t miss out on our famous BBQ, Activities for whole family, look forward to see you all. Fun begins at 2pm

The response that Slough Community School has created has exceeded far beyond our expectations. We are delighted by the community’s interest and aim to progress further and accommodate for the growing demand for places. Furthermore we plan to increase our recreational activities to enhance softer skills in our children which are vitally needed for them to compete in the increasingly competitive global society we live in.

SCS Boys Summer Camp 2007 For more information contact Shaukat Warraich on 07802-407045

SCS Newsletter  

The First Slough community school Newsletter

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