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SLIM Expert Dr Peter Widdowson

Under your skin

Weight-loss surgery is proving to be life changing for many overweight people, but the resulting excess skin can lead to physical and emotional problems. The Lotus Institute offers a range of surgical and non-surgical solutions.


r Peter Widdowson at The Lotus Institute is an expert in Massive Weight-Loss Surgery – the removal of excess skin after a large amount of weight has been lost. He also offers a range of non-surgical procedures to address this problem, procedures he says are producing life-changing results for his patients. “While there is a greater emphasis in sectors of today’s society towards maintaining fitness, health and appearance, other sectors of society are putting themselves at great health risk by overeating (the wrong foods), reducing exercising and generally not taking care of their bodies,” Dr Widdowson says. “Medical conditions such as Metabolic Syndrome, insulin resistance, visceral adiposity (excess visceral fat), and Type 2 diabetes are becoming commonplace as the obesity numbers in Australia skyrocket. As a result, surgical procedures of gastric banding, sleeves and bypasses are increasing in numbers. “Losing anything from 20 to 200-plus kilos, individuals who undergo these surgeries may reduce their chances of developing hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, gastocoesophy reflux disease (GORD), snoring and sleep apnoea, and the psychological effects of being overweight. “However, in its place is a slimmer, fitter, healthy version of themselves with areas of loose, hangy skin commonly in the upper arms, breasts (in both females and males), abdomen and back/hips, and inner and lower thighs and buttocks. “While clothing can cover these areas, the problems of chaffing, rashes, and inability to exercise comfortably have lead me to hear from some patients that they were more comfortable with their body when they were large. “This has led to another area of plastic and reconstructive surgery called Massive Weight-Loss Surgery, where areas of excess skin can be resected in all or some of these areas.” Dr Widdowson has become an expert in such procedures over a period of time by attending conferences dedicated to these procedures and acquiring the expertise through overseas colleagues, interaction and reading body contouring journals. Dr Widdowson says a patient can be transformed from an internally “slim” individual whose skin seems far too big for them, to an eternally grateful patient who feels confident and can present to society the body they feel they have inside. “These procedures, of course, are not confined to the “massive” weight-loss patient, but also to the individual who has developed some droopiness of breasts, abdomen, thighs, or arms from multi-pregnancies and fluctuating weight (5-10 kilos),” Dr Widdowson says. 54 slim magazine winter 2015

With his years of clinical experience, Dr Widdowson has the expertise to treat all these stubborn body areas but says surgery may not necessary be the only answer and there are other non-surgical or minor surgical procedures he and the staff at The Lotus Institute can offer. “After weight-loss by surgical gastric bypass procedures or just plain hard work, diet and exercise, an individual may have resistant pockets of fat,” Dr Widdowson says. “They may be suitable for minor liposuction and cryolipolysis (destroying fat globules in a fat freezing machine).” Dr Widdowson says he understands that cost is an important factor for most patients. “In Australia it is difficult to compete on price with overseas Asian consortiums,” Dr Widdowson says. “But I urge patients to do their research and ensure they are giving themselves the best possible care and after care. At The Lotus Institute you are getting the best possible price available in Australia.” “More importantly, at The Lotus Institute, you are receiving the expertise of one of Australia’s leading Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons. “We encourage you to shop around, but please give The Lotus Institute the opportunity to present ourselves, our ideas and prices to you.”

The Lotus Institute will: • LISTEN to your concerns. • CONSIDER all of your requests whether they be life-style, budgetary, or health. • PROVIDE you with a plan that suits your needs. • Have the EXPERTISE to undertake the PLAN. • REVISIT your situation with multiple consultations with your surgeon and staff as necessary. For more information go to or call 07 5509 4488.

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