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at City University and co-runs the monthly live fiction event Liars’ League (


Daniela Di Caro is a fifteen-year-old high school honors stu-

Matthew Boyd lives in Brooklyn and is the editor of Staccato, an

dent from Long Island, New York. She has studied piano for seven years and is an accomplished pianist. Daniela is also a very competitive soccer player for one of her

online literary magazine that specializes in microfiction

town’s travel teams. She is an avid reader of both fiction

( His work can be found in

and nonfiction books. Reading through some of the sto-

The Blotter and The Duck & Herring Co.

ries in the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Slice inspired her to contribute one of her poems for the Fall issue,

Tricia Callahan is a writer and editor with work appear-

thus marking her first published work.

previous issues of Slice, and the Slices of Life blog. She

Claire Dunnington is an MFA candidate in nonfiction at

lives in Brooklyn, mostly on her roof.

Columbia University, where she also teaches an under-

ing in the book Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak,

graduate essay-writing course. She lives in New York

Anthony Carelli was raised in Poynette, Wisconsin, a rural

and works at the Vicky Bijur Literary Agency. Her work is forthcoming in the Indiana Review.

town that smells periodically of sauerkraut. He left, and ny published a small, limited edition book titled Cinco

Seth Fishman hails from Midland, Texas, and received

Poems Five Poemas (Epistola Press; Santiago, Chile). His

his MFA in creative writing from the University of East

poems rarely appear in magazines.

Anglia in Norwich, England. He’s currently residing in

has lived in many places since. In March of 2007 Antho-

Brooklyn, New York.

Christina Continelli not only deals in fiction but is also a poet and an essayist. She cut her writing teeth in the

Kathleen Foster holds an MFA in creative writing and an MA in

San Diego spoken word scene, performing both on her

English from Boston University, where she was awarded

own and with the group Goatsong Poetry Conspiracy.

the Florence Engel Randall Graduate Fiction Award. She

She eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to

has also received a 2008 Emerging Artist Award from

get her MFA from California College of the Arts. She cur-

the St. Botolph Club Foundation. A graduate of Welles-

rently resides in Oakland, California, with her cat Ray.

ley College, she lives in Milton, Massachusetts, with her

Originally from Montana,

Janet Skeslien Charles

husband and two daughters.

ed States. Her novel Moonlight in Odessa is based on her

Sohrab Homi Fracis ( is the first South

experience as a Soros Fellow in Odessa, Ukraine.

Asian author to win the Iowa Short Fiction Award, for

currently divides her time between France and the Unit-

Katy Darby’s work has won various awards, been read on

his book Ticket to Minto: Stories of India and America. He has been awarded fiction fellowships by the Florida Arts Council and the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. He

BBC Radio, and appeared in magazines and antholo-

has been a visiting writer in residence at Augsburg Col-

gies, including Stand, Mslexia, the London Magazine, the

lege and an artist in residence at Yaddo and the Seaside

Arvon anthology, and online at,,

Institute, while writing a novel modestly titled A Man of

and She teaches short story writing

the World. “Distant Vision” is excerpted from it.

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