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November - December 2015

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BOYTEKS continues to grow with new investments

FurniPro Asia 2016 set for a bigger success with new dates!



YILMAR becomes a focus of attention at Sleepwell Expo

Mattress and upholstery fabrics deliver additional energy through energearTM technology by Schoeller


TreviraCS Bioactive, the antimicrobial brand suitable for bedding and all textiles…

Innerspring mattresses: resilient, healthy and comfortable



What did they say?




w w w . s l e e p t e c h m a g a z i n e . c o m Publisher

ISTMAG Matbaacılık Gazetecilik İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Adına sahibi H.Ferruh IŞIK

Sleepwell Expo Istanbul impressed! There are some mattress shows in the world. And the mattress industry covers 3 parts: finished mattresses -the main industrymachinery and technology, and finally parts and components. All of the existing trade fairs cover one or two of these industries. There is only one fair in the world covering all. It is SLEEPWELL EXPO launched last year in Istanbul with the contribution and support of Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines and organized by their sister company Voli Fair Services Ltd. Co.

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Covering all, the mattress main sector, sub-industry, machinery and equipment, Sleepwell Expo fair, which has been awaited for a long time by all sleep products industry professionals, was successfully held for the 2nd time in Istanbul Fair Center, which is located opposite the Ataturk International Airport, 22- 25 October 2015. Turkey continues to pursue its development worldwide with its rapidly increasing population, advantageous geography, and contribution of exports. One of the most important sectors in Turkey, without any doubt, is the mattress, mattress machinery and components industry. Developments in the national economy have become the factors affecting the sleep products sector positively. The improvement of macro economic indicators, increasing volume of foreign investments and the stability of the political structure all pushed the success of SLEEP WELL EXPO up and around 117 exhibitors took place in the second edition of the show. Since there is not another fair in a big geography around Turkey and since the growth is continuing, it is expected that the show will also grow fast and become one of the major fairs of the sleep products industry very soon. In line with ever-increasing population, trade volume and relations with neighboring countries, it is clearly seen that a bright future lies ahead of the industry. As the main media partner of the show and the sister company of the organizer, we take pride of the success and wish a successful future for the fair.


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BOYTEKS continues to grow with new investments 14

Boyteks Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.S., operates in manufacturing of mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet, invests 35 million euros for capacity increase, modernization and new construction investments. Boyteks, becoming number one preference for the manufacturers in domestic market and on abroad with its innovations and investments in the industrial textile, is among the leading manufacturers of the entire world today. The Company ends the year of 2015 with a growth rate of 20%. Mustafa Yıldırım, General Manager of Boyteks Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.S. has spoken that “We continue to be the pioneer in this sector globally through our on-going consistent strategies, efficient operational skills and effective risk management. We are now ending the year of 2015 with a growth rate of more than 20%. Our Boyteks branded products become number one preference for bedding and furniture manufacturers in more than 100 countries. We rank among the top 10 companies in Turkey in the category of branded export. We carry on with being the pride of our country in this area.” Yıldırım, also presents statements for the objections for the year of 2016, as “We are aiming to utilize a budget of 35 million Euros as Boyteks Tekstil for the investments next year. Our investments shall

Mr. Hacı Boydak, Chairman of the board ( right side), Mr. Fethi Unal, Member of board ( middle), Mr. Mustafa Yıldırım, General Manager ( left side),

be in the areas upgrade and modernization of old machinery, construction investments and capacity increase. We have already doubled the indoor manufacturing area of Bursa upholstery fabric facility, which was 25.000m2 previously. We will be able to achieve a 25% manufacturing increase through machinery investments in this factory of ours. Within this context, we have participated in the ITMA, which is a renowned trade fair in the world, and we have established the infrastructure of our machinery investments and signed new agreements. We strengthen our human resource correspondingly with these investments. We continue to strengthen our collection and R&D teams both in terms of quality and quantity.” Yıldırım also gives information regarding the sales and marketing activities for the year of 2016

and says: ‘an intensive trade fair marathon will keep us busy in 2016. We will be participating in 16 international trade fairs in next year with our three product groups. We begin with the Heimtextil and Domotex trade fairs that will be held in Germany in January and then we are entering into an intensive process that will start with our participation in ISPA in USA, Interzum and Domotex Asia in China and afterwards Evteks in Istanbul and Mood Belgium. Our sales, marketing and collection teams are ideally getting ready for these trade fairs. Besides this, our active customer visits shall increasingly proceed. Our team is performing travels to more than 50 countries annually. Our collection teams are already ahead of time and continue their ceaseless endeavours in order to display the trends of 2017.

Atlanta Attachment Company The Company that

Sudden Service built


Turkey imports 1.7 bn. dollars worth of cotton annually

Cotton farming lots are down about 50 percent in the last decade. Watching the pulse of home textile market in Turkey, TETSIAD, Turkish industrialists and businessmen association on the home textile industry, warns that cotton production in the country has been down remarkably for about 15 years and has negative consequences for the home textile industry in the country. Turkey produces only one third of its cotton needs and spends 1.7 billion dollars annually for cotton imports. Yasar Kucukcalik, president of TETSIAD, says, “Turkey is one of the countries producing quality cotton. Average yield of the land is ranked at second place after

Australia where GMO seeds are used on larger lands and at better conditions of irrigation were utilized. Despite the successes of our farmers, the incentives provided by the ministry of food, agriculture and livestock we are facing a threat of diminishing farming of cotton. The issue is an important one for the future of our industry. There is need for more support for domestic textile companies who use domestically produced cotton and for the development of cotton quality produced in the country. Using cotton as 60 percent of its inputs, our industry has an important share in Turkish econ-

omy, as well. Support for more cotton production in the country means to improve our position in world textile markets. In 2002, 850 thousand tons of cotton has been produced, while in 2015 the volume of production set back to 550 thousand tons. In terms of productivity, quality and product varieties our land has many advantages for farming. With intelligent choices the average value added through agriculture can be improved substantially. Our target for mid term is to increase the production of cotton up to 2 billion tons, and by 2023 we have to aim to produce 4 million tons of cotton annually.�

Turkish mattress industry still needs booming




Only a few decades ago, almost 80 percent of Turkish people were sleeping on traditional wool, cotton and some foam mattresses. After 1980s significant growth and international expansion of Turkish economy, the mattress business has also started to grow extraordinarily.

In spite of this very fast growth at the Turkish mattress business, it is still not on the level it should be. The European and American mattress businesses have started to late 1880s and there are many important players of the industry still acting currently very well. When we look at the Turkish mattress industry players, there are some companies started at 1950-1960s but main producers and big industry actors started after 1980’s. For long years, Turkish mattress producers sold their mattress to Turkish consumers in local market. The local demand was very big and profit level was satisfactory against export markets. The main international expansion of the Turkish mattress business started right after 1999-2000s when there was deep depression at Turkish economy and devaluation on the Turkish Lira. The local demand has been lowered for long time and because of strong foreign currency, exportation became more profitable and attractive. Comparatively very low employee cost, weakened Turkish lira and motivated producers has started to be exporter rapidly but after a few years time crisis has come over and Turkish mattress

producer turned their direction again to Turkish market where are still strong and fruitful demand. Since that time local demand still very high and there are not too many export-oriented companies in the market.

Today, the sum of total exports of the Turkish mattress industry is very poor level. According to reports, Turkey’s total export value of the finished mattress is only around USD65 Million. This number is only equal to one middle size European mattress producer’s export turnover. Moreover, only 3-4 companies make more then 80% of this USD65 Million exports themselves. In this finding outs we should consider that we are mentioning only mattress exports when we look at mattress components and machinery export turnover, we can see that total export value is much more bigger and growth is incredibly worthy of note.

Turkey is getting to be a center for the mattress industry mainly for components and machinery. The hospitality and health tourism industries have been getting bigger and cause mattress demand. In parallel of growing economy Turkish people are getting wealthy, living in bigger houses and asking more mattresses. On the other hand, according to a research, the life cycle of mattresses is also going down in Turkey. Turkey became a sourcing country and a gate between Asia and Europe.

Middle East, Central Asia, Southern Caucasus and North Africa also very fast growing mattress

markets and Turkey is a door for these countries because of economical and geographical positions. These countries’ mattress businesses are growing with Turkish mattress components, machinery and mattress producers. Moreover, many Turkish white and blue-collar employers have been working in these countries.

With this thought-provoking determination, we think that the Turkish mattress business, especially international expansion of the business is still not big enough. We strongly believe that the Turkish Mattress industry will have a boom in a couple of years. There will be more new echoes of the Turkish mattress producers in the market and we will see important international matters business players will start to act in the market in a very short while. Only within year 2015, 2 important Mattress producer’s share has been bought with the international funds. All these signs prove that the booming of the industry is not far. In our next articles, we are going to mention about the main reasons historical slow expansion and main signs of booming expectations. SleepWell Magazine and SleepWell Expo are having a very important role in the growth of the Turkish mattress business. Please follow us and send us your comments and suggestions to my e-mail address “onderhoni@”. I will share your comments in my column. Best Regards Onder Honi


FurniPro Asia 2016 set for a bigger success with new dates! FurniPro Asia, your one-stop event for the best in the Asian woodworking and furniture production industry, Singapore Expo, Singapore, 10-12 March 2016.

Going into its third edition, furniPRO Asia continues to play a strategic role for exhibitors in the woodworking and furniture production industry by facilitating their development and outreach into highly dynamic ASEAN region.

NEW DATES! Riding it on the wave, furniPRO Asia has now changed its dates to 10 – 12 March 2016 which will be held in-conjunction with International Furniture Fair Sin-

gapore (IFFS) - Asia’s premier sourcing platform and design-led exhibition. More than 20,000 trade visitors and buyers are expected to attend the event and this will be the perfect platform to showcase your new products and services, look for business partner, network and strengthen working relationships. This is the very first time the event is brought forward to the early quarter of the year, to be held in conjunction with the International Furniture Fair


Singapore (IFFS) – Asia’s premier sourcing platform and design-led exhibition, and to be a part of the prestigious ASEAN furniture exhibition circuit supported by the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC). “We’re delighted that furniPRO Asia will co-locate with IFFS next year, to strengthen our collective offering to the furniture fraternity – right from materials, to equipment, services, and finished products – all in one convenient location. This move will certainly give our exhibitors much more to look forward to,” said Ernie Koh, Chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd and President of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council. “We are especially excited about the new opportunities we could offer to our exhibitors and visitors with the decision to be held in conjunction with IFFS next year. With the synergy, and additional publicity as a part of the ASEAN furniture exhibition circuit, furniPRO Asia will be stronger in positioning itself as the leading regional woodworking, furniture and panel production trade exhibition in ASEAN.” said Michael Dreyer, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Koelnmesse Pte Ltd. The 3-day professional trade exhibition will feature the latest furniture production technologies from the following key product segments on the show-floor:


* panelPRO Asia: Panel Production & Primary Processing * furniPRO Asia: Furniture Production & Secondary Processing * Materials & Components: including Materials & Nature, Function & * Components, and Textile & Upholstery. * Others: including Associations, Media and Consultancy Services. Highlights of the event include Innovation and Best Practice Showcases, Technical Seminars and Exhibitor Talks, C-Level Networking Receptions, Hosted Buyers’ Program, Business Matching Services, and specially organized Buyers’ Tour in collaboration with supporting associations and industry partners. Onto its 3rd edition, furniPRO Asia 2016 continues to enjoy the strong support and endorsement of AFIC - The united body of the key furniture industry associations in South East Asia, which is the key success factor for furniPRO Asia 2014’s positive visitorship. This year, with furniPRO Asia 2016 being held in conjunction with the


IFFS organized by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), there will be more synergy and coordination towards a concerted marketing outreach program.

furniPRO Asia 2014 Review Over four days, the furniPRO Asia 2014 attracted over 2,500 trade visitors from 47 countries to the show. With a 223% growth from the inaugural edition in 2012, 188 participating companies and brands from 32 countries including Austria, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey, to mention a few, displayed their latest state-of-theart machineries, technologies, and materials on the show-floor. Some of the key regional brands include – APP Timber, Hangzhou Xinyada Fabric, Schelling Anlagenbau, Siempelkamp, and Wemhoner among others. The 2-day conference program, featuring a total of 20 engaging and educational sessions by

renowned experts, consultants and practitioners from leading countries in the ASEAN, EU, as well as North American region, was well-attended by more than 60 international delegates.

Singapore – The ideal location Held in Singapore – The ideal gateway of the region, furniPRO Asia 2016 will attract and bring

together regional and international brands in the woodworking, panel and furniture production industries. Coupled with Singapore’s strong business infrastructure and connectivity to the international markets, many of the region’s well-known industry brand names have located their business headquarters in Singapore, offering direct access to the ASEAN region and beyond.


CIFM / interzum guangzhou to resume previous number of show days from 2016; promises more effective trading platform

The show will be 4 days again instead of 5 days of last twoyear’s utilization.

Asia’s largest and most influential furniture production and woodworking trade fair - CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2016 - is poised to be held over four days starting from 2016 instead of five in the last two editions. This strategic move is prompted by feedback from the industry, which will also see the co-located China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) shorten by a day and take place over the same period, from March 28 – 31, in the southern Chinese manufacturing hub of Guangzhou.

The shorter show days is expected to be more in line with the participation habits of international exhibitors provide convenience for buyers with more concentrated sourcing and reduce participation cost for exhibitors, with the aim of building a more robust trading platform. The 2016 edition will focus on enhancing product category definition as well as providing clearer and more detailed visitor guides, while a series of engaging seminars, forums and other concurrent events will continue to


enrich all participants. Founded in 2004, CIFM / interzum guangzhou builds on the leading position of interzum in Cologne, Germany, in the global furniture manufacturing industry. As an integral part of the prestigious CIFF, CIFM / interzum guangzhou has developed into the most comprehensive flagship trade event of its kind in the region to attract the participation of more than 1,200 exhibitors and over 62,000 visitors from around the world.

CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2016 to return to China in March, already oversubscribed Asia’s largest furniture production trade fair is set to return to China for the 12th year from March 28 to March 31, 2016, and will be hosted alongside the famed China International Furniture Fair. Attracting the participation of 1,269 manufacturers and suppliers from 35 countries and regions, the last edition of CIFM / interzum guangzhou in 2015 welcomed 67,270 visitors to procure at the event,

smashing previous records. Keeping to the scale of 140,000sqm and spanning 16 halls, including Hall 12.1, like last year, the 2016 edition will reaffirm the event’s flagship position in the industry with the most comprehensive offerings. Once again, exhibiting spaces in the international halls are heavily oversubscribed with some of the key confirmed exhibitors including:

Woodworking Machinery & Cutting Tools IMA, Leitz, Vollmer, Beckhoff, GreCon, Leuco, AKE, Riepe (Germany); SCM, Paolino Bacci, CMA (It-

aly); Union Brother (United States)

Upholstery & Bedding Machinery Duerkopp (Germany); Nantong, Baomo; Linak (Denmark); Elektroteks (Turkey) Upholstery & Bedding Materials, Pneumatic Components Aydin, Boyteks Tekstil (Turkey); Bekaert, Artilat, Latexco (Belgium); Xinyada, Richriver; Okin Refined, Limoss, Bodet & Horst, OKE, Alfa (Germany) Hardware & Components Italiana Ferramenta, Sige (Italy);




Lianxun (China); Repon (Taiwan); Titus (United Kingdom), Cyber Lock (Thailand), Lehmann, Vauth-Sagel, Schwinn (Germany)

Wood & Adhesives Urufor (Uruguay); Pollmeier, Jowat, Fritz Kohl, Kleiberit, Sägewerk (Germany); American Softwoods, H. B. Fuller (United States) Interior Decor Materials Alvic (Spain); Rehau, Schattdecor, Pytha, Renolit (Germany); ICA (Italy) Some eight national pavilions from Germany, the US/Canada, Italy, Spain, Turkey as well as the American Hardwood Export Council, Canada Wood and ProChile will be prominently represented. Particularly noteworthy is the debut of world-renowned latex supplier, Artilat Group, from Belgium at CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2016, which will lead a host of brands under its umbrella to the event. This will mark the group’s maiden participation in a furniture production trade fair in Asia.

Market adjustment ushers in opportunities The prosperity of the furniture and building material market is closely tied to the performance of the real estate market. However, a real estate market downturn also presents a favorable stimulus for the development of the furniture and building material industry as seen in the current situation in China. While strong brands continue to shine, low-end and uncompetitive companies are being eliminated. After a round of market reshuffling in recent years, China currently sees a higher concentration of brand furniture production enterprises, which have been leveraging their image and distribution advantages to achieve high growth in the competitive environment.

Great potential in China’s hardware market Widely used in modern furniture production, hardware accessories are becoming increasingly important within the industry, particularly cabinetry hardware, where consumers do not only demand basic storage solutions but also the attention to detail. Quality furniture hardware accessories are invariably one of the most critical factors in the overall quality of a piece of furniture. Furniture hardware enhances the diversification of furniture manufacturing and market competitiveness. With increasing changes to the structures and functionality, furniture hardware is no longer a decorative feature or just a component holding moveable parts together. The functionality is more

demanding and uses are more varied. More than 90 percent of high-end furniture in China are reportedly using imported hardware accessories, and they have become the main symbol of premium furniture. For some small and medium-sized furniture enterprises, using imported hardware accessories is an important way to elevate their product quality and awareness. As such, China’s furniture market is expected to continue to have great demand for high-quality furniture hardware accessories from overseas. Showcasing a slew of top-end furniture hardware accessories at the international hall, CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2016 is poised to draw the eyeballs and active participation from trade buyers.


TENCEL fibers; softer than silk, better than the best! ®

Botanic mattresses of Lenzing come with excellent yarns. With Lenzing fibers you immediately feel it: they come from Nature itself. There is a piece of Nature in every product made of Lenzing fibers, and they accomspany the user all day long. The Botanic Bed The applications for TENCEL® are exceptionally versatile. The fiber can be used in every aspect of sleeping – beginning with mattresses and mattress pads to bed covers and linens, all the way to lingerie. TENCEL®’s universality makes it possible to enjoy a completely botanic bed from nature. Nothing is dreamier than that when you go to sleep in a botanic TENCEL® bed.

Climate-dependent In the bed environment, moisture transport is determined by the climate in the room. In accordance with climate conditions, TENCEL® quickly absorbs and then releases moisture back into the environment. Compared to other filling materials for bed covers, TENCEL® demonstrates the highest moisture absorption. Tests show that TENCEL® still has free range to transport moisture away from the body at a humidity of 65 %.

TENCEL® exceptionally has the ability to absorb moisture when the air humidity rises.

No habitat for microorganisms Perfect Moisture Management also puts a stop to the unrestricted growth of mites in bedding. Research conducted on mattresses (polyurethane foam with integrated TENCEL® powder) showed that a large portion of the applied mite population died off. With conventional products, the number

of mites increased 17 times in a 6 week period. The concentration of mites drastically declines due to TENCEL®’s management. TENCEL® stores moisture and mites die out. Due to the perfect moisture management of TENCEL® mites die out. The most sensual use for TENCEL® in the bed is in bed linen. Bedlinen gets in direct contact with the skin and has to guarantee well being during the sleep. TENCEL® fulfills dreams thanks to its moisture management and skin friendliness. The TENCEL® fiber is used successfully in numerous applications in bedding – starting with mattresses to basic bedding and bed linens. This fiber is quite simply a dream come true. TENCEL® is the lyocell fiber from the house of Lenzing. It is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from the raw material wood. Fiber production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system. On the day that the fiber TENCEL® was invented, a new chapter was written in the history of fibers. Textiles of TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

Botanic Fiber TENCEL® comes from nature and makes use of photosynthesis which has, since the beginning of

time, been an important mechanism in nature and the basis for life on earth. In photosynthesis the energy from the sun is absorbed by various dyestuffs, primarily green chlorophyll, and converted into chemical energy. In this respect, the starting products of carbon dioxide and water are converted into dextrose and oxygen. The more TENCEL® fiber you have, the more oxygen.

Pure Sensuality TENCEL® bed linen is extremely smooth and ensures body-hugging well-being. The smooth fiber structure is responsible for the silky hand of TENCEL® bed linen and gives the dream fabrics a natural sheen. Softness coupled with sensuality lead to such stuff, as dreams are made on. Beauty as you sleep TENCEL® pampers your skin like a night cream. The skin-sensory properties of moisture management and skin friendliness mean that TENCEL® guarantees a well balanced skin climate. Even as you sleep your skin can breathe and rejuvenate when covered with TENCEL®. Ecological production Conserve resources A life cycle analysis demonstrates the eco-friendliness of the fiber

TENCEL® in comparison to cotton, polyester and polypropylene. The study evaluates all the environmental impacts in the course of extracting the fiber and arrives at the conclusion that cotton’s toxic impact on fresh water and soil is enormous in comparison to TENCEL® fibers. Another ecological advantage of TENCEL® is that the raw material wood, stems from forest plantations which practice sustainability. The cultivated forestland is not suitable for agriculture. In contrast, cotton uses productive agricultural land, which means it is competing with food production. Moreover, water consumption is 10 - 20 times lower than with cotton.*

Closed loop Certified The production of TENCEL ® is revolutionary. The production process is based on a solvent spinning process which represents the greatest achievement in cellulose fiber technology. More than 100 Lenzing patents have been granted at the international level for the invention of TENCEL ®. The unique closed loop process makes TENCEL® the fiber of the future since the solvent used is recycled by almost 100% in the closed loop process. This special process received the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union.

YILMAR becomes a focus of attention at Sleepwell Expo 38

Operating in Y覺lmaz Group of Companies, Y覺lmar took place in Sleepwell Expo Mattress and Mattress Technologies Fair held for the second time at Istanbul Fair Center, 22-25 October 2016. The company introduced its newly developed technologic spring varieties.


Zübeyde Yılmaz, Supply Chain Manager of Yılmar

Manufacturing a wide variety of springs offered pocket springs, the company exhibited products such as bonnel springs, zigzag springs, construction and steel wires at Yılmar booth. Stating that they realized face-to-face talks with customers and potential customers very intensely at the show, Zübeyde Yılmaz, Supply Chain Manager of Yılmar, said, “As a brand exporting to 50 countries in 5 continents, Sleepwell Expo has been a lucrative show for us. Our products developed with an innovative and environmentally friendly approach, attracted a great deal of interest of fair visitors. The products which we manufacture without using any materials hazardous for environment and for human life, are preferred especially by foreign customers. Our company, which acts according to the needs of the market and demands, realizes strict controls with a professional understanding and without any compensation from quality. We, as the entire team of Yılmar, have

been working and manufacturing with an unconditioned customer satisfaction principle.”

Stable growing target with new investments and new markets As one of the leading companies in the steel wire and spring sector in Turkey, Yılmar has been continuing its way it started in 2001, with an annual steel wire manufacturing capacity of 50 thousand tons. Its investments for both, in latest technology machine park and in human resources, Yılmar has been stably growing and exporting to 50 countries in 5 continents. Making its presence felt with its R&D studies, has been supplying for the needs of furniture and automotive manufacturers. The company has been planning to grow in new markets as the construction industry. Considering the needs of the market, Yılmar takes position and makes environmentally and human health friendly manufacturing without using


TESLA, technically proven quality of sleep! Tesla was enhanced to increase the quality of sleep on beds, consisting of 1/3 of our life, and to contribute to the human health. Tesla has the features, healing the metabolism health of the users, with bio magnetism effect. Tesla fabric contains the materials, having the natural magnetic feature. Tesla fabric develops the magnetic area which is proper for the natural magnetic area of the body. This magnetic area regu-

lates the ion transition on the cell membrane. Also the tesla fabric activates the power of the own healing of the body. As a consequence, tesla fabric helps for the quality of the sleep, healthy life and protection from the illness. The tesla fabric and the interaction of the magnetic area of the human body provide the transitions of the materials on the cell membranes. So the tesla fabric


provides the aliveness of the cell, working like a factory, by removing the waste materials and toxins and by taking water, food materials, oxygen and necessary minerals. The magnetic area of the tesla fabric increases cellular oxygen and reduces the infection while it supports the biological healing and reduces the pain. The magnetic area has an interaction which is proper for the motion period of cell-membrane. This magnetic area triggers the existence of the complicate biophysical in the molecular level, cell level and the system (the digestion system, neural system) level. The bio magnetism feature of the tesla fabric starts the regeneration process by increasing the fluidity (blood flow and nerve conduction system) in the area and by increasing the cell membrane function and the cell respiration (access oxygen, out of carbon dioxide) and by increasing the cell capacity of the taking of oxygen, food materials, vitamin and element and by increasing the local becoming bloodshot, depending on increasing of local heat, because of the magnetic effect and by alerting the immunity system and by reducing the local energy


imbalance and by recreating the energy balance. When the energy balance was normal, the negative table can be prevented at the illness time and before illness. When the magnetic area was applied to the body, the magnetic waves pass from the tissue and generate the second current. These currents give the heats to the electron in the cells. This heat benefits to muscle pain and the muscle swelling. When the amount of calcium and cholesterol in the blood reduced, the hemoglobin move faster. The blood is cleaned and the blood flowing be faster. The heart be relax and the pain reduces or finishes. The director nerve become normal and the organs which is managed by them, work properly. The feeders are transferred more easy and productive because of the being better of blood flow. The magnetic waves revive the skin, fatty tissues and bones. As a consequence of this, the magnetic waves increase the resistance to the illness. The magnetic field transfers the energy by reducing the irregularity and the magnetic field contribute to the health and promotes to the growth of the cells and own healing of the body. Tesla fabric substantially increases the sleep quality according to test, done to evaluate the effect on the sleep quality, results which was made in Japan.

The tesla fabric helps to protect the metabolism health of user by increasing the sleep quality of the user with all of these effects.

HC3500 Yeni Yüksek Hızlı Bilgisayarlı Çok İğneli Zincir Dikişli Kapitone Makinesi

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Special Function / Özel Fonksiyonlar • In dependent sewing heads allows quit with simple patterns, T&J patterns and single head quiting patterns. (Patented product) Bağımsız çalışan dikiş barları ile alışılmışın dışında çok farklı kapitone desenleri Patantli kendine özel T&J desenler ve tek kafa kapitone desenleri • State of the art tracking, superior tracking system allows effortless movement of foam to be fed into quiter (Patented product) Dünyada hiçbir makinede bulunmayan yalnızca size özel patantli haraketli sünger besleyici tasarımı • Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to qualit a broad renge of material thickness and patterns. Ayarlana bilir baskı ayağı kaldırma mekanizması sayesindegeniş bir yelpazede kapitone yapar. • A high powered fast speed controlled servo motor for thick quilting with accuracy. Ultra hassas kalın kapitoneler için yüksek enerjili hızlı kontrollü servo motor • New main shaft control for easy timing adjustment. Using high quality sealed bearings. Yüksük kaliteli sızdırmaz yataklar kullanan kolay zamanlama ayarı için yeni ana şaft • Newly updated software allowing quick design changes of operation. Hızlı tasarım yapabilme olanağı sağlayan en güncel yazılım • Thread brake detector. Ultra hassas digital ip kopmalarını algılayan sensörler • Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length. İplik kesme ve kuyruk uzunluğu ayarı için hava silindiri. • Emergency safety devices. En güncel standartlarda acil güvenlik cihazları • Diagnostic detection. Diagnostik algılayıcı dedektör

Application / Uygulama Alanı

Yatak paneli, yatak pedleri, yatak örtüleri, yorgan, yatak, döşeme ve daha fazla alanda kullanıma uygundur. Technical Specification / Teknik Özellikler Boyutlar

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Ağırlık Kapitone Genişliği Dönüş Hızı Üretim Hızı İğne Ölçüleri İğne Düzeni

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Max. Yatay Hareket İğne Boşluğu Voltaj Dikiş Aralığı Güç Kapitone Kalınlığı

Yüksek hızlı kontrollü servo motor

Yeni ana şaft kontrolü

HC2500 Yüksek Hızlı Bilgisayarlı Çok İğneli Zincir Dikişli Kapitone Makinesi

Application / Uygulama Alanı

Special Function / Özel Fonksiyonlar • New Fabric loading design. Easy loading material. Kolay kumaş yükleme şekli kolay malzeme besleme • Tilted body design. Easy to operate and maintain. Eğimli gövde şikli, kolay kullanım ve koruma

Yatak paneli, yatak pedleri, yatak örtüleri, yorgan, yatak, döşeme ve daha fazla alanda kullanıma uygundur.

• Thread brake detector İğne Kopma alğılayıcı

19inch LCD ekran

Technical Specification / Teknik Özellikler

• Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length Hava silindiri ile ipin kuyruk uzunluğu kesimi • Operated using high quality sealed bearings that do not need lubrication. Yüksek kaliteli yağlama ihtiyacı olmayan kapalı rulmanlar • Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of material thickness. Ayarlanabilir ayak bastı kaldırma sistemi ile geniş sıralı kalın kapitone yapabilme

En yeni çift rulman iğne sıra desteği

Ağırlık Kapitone Genişliği Dönüş Hızı Üretim Hızı

• Emergency safety devices Enerji tasarruf cihazı

İğne Ölçüleri

• Improved quilting software control system allows more precise and stable quilting operations. Geliştirilmiş yazılım ile daha hassas ve sağlam kapitone

İğne Düzeni

• CAD Pattern drawing ,pattern system allows you to create your own designs. CAD desen çizim sistemi kendi desenlerinizi uygulama sistemi verir

İğne Boşluğu

• Machine comes with 100-300 design patterns. Makine 100-300 desen ile birlikte gelir • Error problem detection system. Hata tespit etme sistemi

Ayarlanabilir malzama tutucular


• Pattern compensation. Desen düzeltme

Max. Yatay Hareket

Voltaj Dikiş Aralığı Güç Kapitone Kalınlığı


Basit güç besleme kolay koruma

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Allbeco continues to pursue innovation for mattress industry As we have seen in Sleepwell Expo 2015 Allbeco has been getting to be a more important player in the mattress industry. From all around the world they find the innovative and new developed products. As we can see they are also able to follow closely the technological developments.

“Imagine a bed that continually senses your pressure distribution and then automatically adapts to redistribute pressures away from vulnerable parts of the body. Stop choosing your bed with traditional methods. Use BodiTrak to choose the right mattress for your health and sleep comfort,” says an official of Allbeco. BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System is one of the leader technological development

in mattress industry right now. The demand for this system is increasing with each passing day in local and international market. For the stop wrong mattress choose this system is the right material in all markets. BodiTrak’s Fabric pressure mapping systems use advanced elastic sensors with built-in Smart USB electronics - affordable, flexible, stretchable, portable and easy-to-use. Simply plug the USB

cable into your computer or connect to Smart Systems using WiFi and web browser interfaces. The heart of our system is an innovative pressure sensing fabric that is stretchable and breathable. It has been identified with research healthy people sweat 5001000 ml per day and Most of that happening at night. BREATHAIR® engaged in this case and protect


people from harmful bacteria and also to provide air circulation BREATHAIR® is a washable cushion material with excellent durability. The fibers in BREATHAIR® are arranged in a complex three-dimensional structure. One way to describe the appearance of the fibers is that they appear similar in structure to a block of instant noodles made from white plastic. BREATHAIR® has many characteristics: air permeability, cushioning characteristics, water permeability, durability, safe, antibacterial properties and kind to the environment to name but a few. Mattresses and pillows made with BREATHAIR® are not prone to sweatiness and this makes it easy for you to move around and turn over in bed at night. BREATHAIR® bedding allows you to sleep as much as you want in comfort. Moreover, BREATHAIR® is widely used in hospitals and care facilities because it is easy to wash and also conforms to SEK standards* to limit the propagation of bacteria. Due to its excellent durability, BREATHAIR® has been adopted for use in the seats on N700 Series Shinkansen trains as well as other train lines and motorcycle seats. One of the most fashionable trends in the mattress industry is natural mattresses. All the important mattress producers have been starting to have a least one or two Natural Mattresses. Allbeco is one of the biggest company for supplying natural products like the coolness of cotton, thermal comfort effect of wool, incredible natural comfort of horsehair, the natural antibacterial and comfort effect of coco (pads made from coconut fiber), the effect quick drying and not affected by moisture of camel hair and of course the latex foam containing natural rubber.


Coverconf features as charm and elegance of shape with design and color

Coverconf manufactures its products by adding value to the materials used thanks to processes of artistic quality, earmarking the final product with elegance and uniqueness, making creations that are worthy of the Italian sartorial tradition, an expression of the “Made in Half Turkey Half Italian” value throughout the world. Sartorial items born from the creative flair and research ability of our craftsmen, made perfect with bespoke details and combinations that allow us to implement highly skilled machining while respecting the rules of quality production. All processing phases undergo strict controls; niche productions are made where the demand for craftsmanship prevails. Giving shape to products through sartori-

al processes leads to the making of unique collections. An official of the company outlined their success: “Our differences from other cover manufactures are our Innovation which a craftsmanship that creates a unique and highly customisable product using only top quality materials and manufacturing processes. Our quality which from the choice of raw materials to all stages of processing, the search for quality is not just a goal but a guide that accompanies CoverConf throughout the entire production process. Our fantasy which a varied and extensive production. An remarkable ability to combine and mix color textures in order to create always new products with different styles to meet and satisfy all

tastes. Our Great care in detail which Typical of a sartorial Made in Half Turkey Half Italy production in which each element is chosen among many variants with great care so that the end result will be the perfect match between comfort and taste. It is not just a cover. These are some innovative products we have; an actual innovation introduced with Pillow Top. The mattress is enclosed a soft filling capable of adapting. In our Cover Bordato you can find when imagination and tradition come together giving life to a bordered cover. Our 3D cover; featuring the famous 3D spacer that guarantees a great breathability of the mattress, this cover can be created with any lining or filling. Our covers main specialty is can be washable.”


New CEO, New Year at L&P

Leggett & Platt announces David Haffner to Retire; Karl Glassman to assume CEO role on January 1, 2016

David S. Haffner, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair of Leggett Platt, will retire on the last day of 2015.

Karl G. Glassman, the company’s current President and Chief Operating Officer, will assume the role of CEO on January 1, 2016.

CARTHAGE -- Leggett & Platt had earlier announced that David S. Haffner, the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Board Chair, would retire from the company and the Board on December 31, 2015. Karl G. Glassman, the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, will assume the role of CEO on January 1, 2016.

company. Under David’s leadership, the company embarked on a major strategic shift in late 2007, which has resulted in total shareholder return since 2008 in the top 10% of the S&P 500. For over three decades, he has provided invaluable leadership, a commitment to our core values, and a keen focus on shareholder value.

Haffner has been the company’s CEO since 2006, and Chairman of the Board since 2013. Before assuming the role of CEO, he served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer for seven years and in numerous positions of increasing responsibility since he joined the company in 1983.

“David’s tenure as CEO has positioned the company to reach new heights in the future. Today, Leggett & Platt is as strong as it has ever been, we expect a record year for earnings in 2015, and nearly all of our businesses are performing extremely well. In keeping with Leggett’s history and tradition, we expect this to be a smooth transition. We wish David and his family the very best. He will be missed both personally and professionally.”

Richard Fisher, the company’s Lead Director, commented: “On behalf of Leggett & Platt’s Board of Directors, I would like to recognize David’s tremendous contributions and longstanding commitment to the

Karl Glassman, age 56, succeeded Haffner as Chief Operating Officer in

2006 and as President in 2013. He has been with the company for over 33 years and has worked closely with Haffner for the past 16 years. Glassman joined the Board in 2002. According to Fisher, “The Board expects Karl to continue the great example of leadership set by David and his predecessors. As CEO, Karl will bring extensive company and industry knowledge, as well as a broad understanding of the global landscape and the challenges that manufacturers face. Leggett & Platt is fortunate to have a very experienced team of senior managers, a strong culture, a sound strategy for the future, and a talented group of employee-partners throughout the world. We look forward to seeing Karl build on our past success and lead Leggett & Platt to even higher levels of achievement as we go forward.”

Mattress and upholstery fabrics deliver additional energy through energearTM technology by Schoeller Initially used in functional clothing, the energearTM textile technology from Schoeller Technologies is now being used as well in the field of upholstery fabrics and mattress toppers. energearTM allows the body’s own energy, which is radiated in form of far infrared rays, to be reflected back to the body. This can have a positive influence on the body and its energy balance. Far infrared rays are part of the infrared ray spectrum and are radiated by the sun, certain stones and metals and the human

Schoeller Technologies/Saum & Viebahn


body. Certain minerals can reflect this radiated energy. energearTM consists of a titanium-mineral matrix, that has
exactly these properties of reflection. Textiles that are finished or printed with energearTM technology reflect far infrared rays back to the wearer’s body. energearTM was most recently applied to mattress toppers by the German company Atlantis Wasserbetten, one of the largest manufacturer of waterbeds. “We are excited about this innovative technology and


anticipate many new customers with energearTM on our mattress toppers”, noted Ludger Beiergrößlein, CEO of Atlantis Wasserbetten. Saum & Viebahn is an internationally operating textile publisher based in Kulmbach, Germany, offers, among others, the upholstery fabric collection “modern Esprit” that can be ordered with this additional energearTM-layer. “The trend towards wellness and regeneration is particularly visible in the field of interior design. With energearTM it is possible that furniture is not only beautiful but provides an additional functional effect”, says Andreas Klenk, CEO of Saum & Viebahn.

office is based in Augsburg and offers screening and shading fabrics. About Schoeller Technologies Schoeller Technologies is a subsidiary of Schoeller Textil AG and offers innovative textile technologies for various needs and requirements of the textile industry. The company is based in Switzerland and has been globally licensing its technologies since

Schoeller Technologies/Saum & Viebahn

Textiles with energearTM technology can have a positive effect on the human energy balance, such as the increase of general wellbeing and balance, improved patterns of sleep, fast revitalization and prevention of premature fatigue. In addition, energearTM can also have positive effect on concentration and performance. Thanks to the fiber-independent applicability of the finish as well as its wash resistance, energearTM can be used in a wide range of applications. energearTM has been used successfully in sportswear, therapeutic bandages, duvets and horse blankets. energearTM does not affect the breathability or look or feel of textiles. Atlantis Wasserbetten is one of the largest manufacturers of waterbeds worldwide. The company was built in April 2002 and since then has been delivering to specialized retailers all over Europe. Saum & Viebahn is an internationally operating textile publisher, based in Kulmbach, Germany, specialized in high-quality upholstery fabrics, curtains and decorative material. A second branch

2000. It markets textile finishing technologies from its parent company, which are available to production partners in the form of patents and trademarks. Technologies from Schoeller are used in functional clothing or other areas in which functional textiles are needed. The company places major emphasis on sustainable, environmentally conscious and responsible manufacturing.

Schoeller Technologies/Saum & Viebahn

How do we perceive textiles?

© Hohenstein Institute To study human-textile interaction, the Hohenstein Institute has developed a synthetic skin called HUMskin.

“Touché” – a European research consortium is examining how we perceive textile materials on our skin. BOENNIGHEIM – Earlier this year, the European research project “Touché” was set up, with the title “Boosting innovation through application of a basic understanding of the process and testing of textile touch and fabric feel”. The joint German-Belgian project, part of the CORNET (Collective Research Networking) undertaking by the “Otto von Guericke” e.V. Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF, No. 137 EN), is addressing as yet unresolved

issues relating to the interaction between human skin and textiles, and how textiles are perceived. The German research team at the Hohenstein Institute is focusing specifically on the interactions and perception of textiles on the surface of the human body, that is to say, while wearing clothing or lying on them. This is described as the “fabric feel”. At the same time, the project partners from the University and University College Ghent are investigating whether

the way that textiles feel when you actively touch them (the socalled “hand of touch” or “textile touch”) can be scientifically measured. By taking this broadly based approach, the researchers will be able to study the ways in which the haptic stimuli that we experience when taking hold of a textile differ from the tactile stimuli experienced during the passive wearing of clothing. In the process, they want to identify those textile parameters which


affect human perception. This is important in order to be able to make technical predictions along the textile production chain, and so understand how the textiles will be experienced by the user. For the purposes of their research into the interactions between textiles and humans, the scientists at Hohenstein have developed their own synthetic skin called “HUMskin” in their Life Sciences department. This has many of the same physiological properties as human skin and the same surface profile as the outermost layer of our skin. With the help of HUMskin, wearing experiences on the human body can be realistically simulated in the laboratory and the effects of different kinds of friction (e.g. static and dynamic friction) on the skin can be accurately measured. In the Touché project, this so-called tribological data, in combination with 3D data at microscopic level, is delivering a detailed understanding of materials and the values that can be expected for friction processes, and how textiles are perceived on the skin. At the same time, also as part of the project, the Hohenstein Institute’s electromechanical textile applicator SOFIA has been further refined (SOFIA = Standardized Operating FabrIc Applicator). SOFIA 2 is now able to apply textile samples to different parts of volunteers’ bodies at different speeds and pressures, and SOFIA 2 can also simultaneously measure the friction coefficients during the application. SOFIA enables textile samples to be applied to volunteers in an entirely standardized way. In order to evaluate the volunteers’ perceptions of the textiles objectively, the electrical activity that occurs spontaneously and subconsciously in their brains while the textile samples are being applied is measured

© Hohenstein Institute With the help of the electromechanical textile applicator SOFIA 2, textiles can be applied to the skin in different parts of the body in a standardized way, with varying pressure and speeds. The friction coefficient is measured at the same time.

© Hohenstein Institute HUMskin has many of the same physiological properties as human skin and the same surface profile as the epidermis.

using electroencephalography (EEG). Preliminary neurophysiological tests using 64-channel EEG have already shown that the human brain is capable of detecting textiles which have pleasant or unpleasant surface properties.


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With PU Magazine International (PU Magazin) we offer a journal which has established itself as a leading information platform for experts and technicians in the global polyurethanes industry. Besides technical and scientific papers with practical relevance as well as market reports, the PU Magazine International covers the whole value chain from raw materials and additives over machinery and processing to applications for various industries (automotive, construction, furniture, footwear, CASE).

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TreviraCS Bioactive, the antimicrobial brand suitable for bedding and all textiles‌ Trevira Bioactive and Trevira CS Bioactive fabrics are ideal for healthiest and more durable bedding. They are contemporary, trendy and elegant.

Trevira Bioactive is always at home where a healthy living climate is of importance. Due to the moistness and warmth bacteria often find ideal conditions for growth in bedding and household textiles. It is a fact that these textiles are used for long periods and without daily cleaning. With its permanent antimicrobial effect in and on the fibre Trevira Bioactive offers an important

additional function for home and contract textiles. It combats the spread of bacteria in and on the fibre, meaning that textiles stay fresh for longer. Trevira is an important European manufacturer of polyester fibers and at the same time the only one that offers the complete range from polymer to fibers and textured filament yarns. The special expertise and competence of


Trevira research, product development and services guarantee quality without compromise to our customers and success in the market. Trevira CS Bioactive fabrics are used in all areas where there is a legal requirement for flame retardant materials or where there are special needs relating to safety and cleanliness. Basis for fabrics with permanent bioactive properties that prevent bacteria multiplying in or on the fiber and improve hygiene. Textiles in Trevira CS Bioactive meet the requirements of preventative fire safety and enhanced cleanliness in equal measure. With Trevira CS Bioactive the flame retardant property is supplemented by the added antimicrobial property. With Trevira CS Bioactive the antimicrobial agent based on silver is firmly anchored in the fibre polymer. This additive exercises a permanent antimicrobial effect and is not affected by either washing or usage. In the process it functions

on the surface of the fibre and does not migrate into the surrounding atmosphere. It has been shown that Trevira Bioactive is compatible with the skin. A further functional property joined those already familiar in Trevira fabrics - low-pill, elastic, hardwearing, breathable and heat regulating – this is the bioactive

effect. It results from the use of antimicrobial Trevira fibers. Trevira Bioactive textiles, in which these fibers are processed, possess inherent protection against microorganisms. Joining textiles for apparel, home textiles for use in public institutions and private residences can now add this bonus as well and


the Trevira CS and Trevira Home brands are already gathering momentum from this. Just as apparel, it is now possible with home textiles to combine textile functions by employing different Trevira fibers, which give the fabrics specific additional benefits. Thus Trevira CS is throughout the world the premier brand now for textiles that permanently com- bine flame retardancy and the bioactive effect together. Unlike products that are given supplementary treatments or finished with substances that migrate a great deal, a special agent is firmly incorporated into bioactive Trevira fibers and stays there unchanged. This additive exercises a permanent antimicrobial effect. Comprehensive series of tests carried out by independent external institutes have shown the antimicrobial effect of bioactive Trevira fibers. They have demonstrated that the bioactive component prevents the exponential growth of bacteria populations on the fiber surface. In an extensive long-term study the Hohenstein Institute has shown that Trevira Bioactive textiles are kind to the skin. The antimicrobial effect is restricted to the fiber surface. This is substantiated by tests carried out for skin compatibility and cytotoxicity, where there was no evidence of cell damage to the skin. The skin flora and other physiological skin parameters revealed no significant changes when in contact with Trevira Bioactive. In its textile properties Trevira Bioactive naturally enjoys all the benefits of tried and tested Trevira fibers. It is possible to produce all Trevira types in an antimicrobial version. Due to the fields of application, the low-pill, cotton and fill fiber types in particular have established themselves in the market, along with various filament yarns (flat, textured, spun or yarn-dyed).


In the home textiles sector it is mainly the flame retardant Trevira products that cover a large range of applications. Along with antimicrobial properties, it is above all security against fire that constitutes an essential function of Trevira fibers. Trevira has a material that combines solutions for both of these requirements: Trevira CS Bioactive. The property of permanent flame retardancy is – just like the bioactive effect – firmly embedded in the fiber. For this reason the flame retardant and bioactive functions cannot be affected significantly either by rubbing or ageing.

Product advantages: * contains an active substance with permanently antimicrobial effect * Inhibits the growth of bacteria on or in textiles * Proven to have no effect on the skin flora

* Tested for compatibility with the body * Increases and improves cleanliness * Lends a feeling of freshness * Inhibits the microbial development of odour in textiles

Trevira Bioactive fabrics are used in a variety of applications and sectors: House textiles sector: * Bed linen * Towels * Mattress covers * Fill material for pillows and duvets

Other applications: * Incontinence underlays and underwear * Bandages * Support corsets and hosiery

* Cleaning textiles * Slipcovers * Inner linings and insoles for shoes

Apparel: * Work and protective wear * Uniforms * Sport and fitness wear * Functional underwear * Outdoor wear * Socks, hosiery

Home and contract textiles sector: * Decorative textiles * Upholstery fabrics * Bedding textiles Trevira maintains a management system for pro- tecting quality and the environment to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001, as well as an energy manage- ment system to DIN EN ISO 50001.


Innerspring mattresses: resilient, healthy and comfortable


Innerspring mattresses remain the most popular type of mattress for decades. They commonly consist of just the spring core, and the top and bottom upholstery layers. This is the type of bed most people picture when they think of a mattress, and indeed spring beds still retain the greatest market share. They have been around since the 1800’s, and little has changed in their manufacturing over the past 100 years.

Innerspring mattresses remain the most popular type of mattress for decades. They commonly consist of just the spring core, and the top and bottom upholstery layers.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an innerspring mattress is that there is a very wide variety you can choose from. Whether you want one that is extra firm or extra soft, you can find it with an innerspring mattress. There are also several different brands that you can choose from, which means you can get a variety of price ranges and options with your mattress, from high-end luxury to budget mattresses. They are also very good for people who like to have several different options for sleep positions, supporting side, stomach, and back sleepers with the right level of comfort.


Spring beds consist of two components: the upper mattress and the lower box spring. Innerspring mattresses are composed of a series of springs or coils, either connected, continuous or pocketed, which exist within a frame, covered with layers of foams, batting and quilting. These types of beds are typically upholstered in various fabrics and can be anywhere from 6 inches to 20 or more in height. The foundation pieces are similarly structured and designed to accompany the mattress layer for added support. All these mean that this type of mattress consists of a network of hundreds, or even thousands, of coils and springs with varying gauges (thicknesses) and strengths. The stronger the coils, the more firm the mattress will be. The more coils you have within the bed, the better support it will provide for your body’s individual contour. While innerspring mattresses from the old days may have been more likely to sag or get worn down due to weak coils, today’s mattresses are made with steel or titanium coils, individually wrapped so they will last for years. Typically innerspring beds are also the most affordable. They are also fairly lightweight and easy to rotate or flip. Initially, most spring beds offer decent comfort levels.

Core The core of the mattress supports the sleeper’s body. Modern spring mattress cores, often called “innersprings,” are made up of steel coil springs, or “coils.” The gauge of the coils is another factor which determines firmness and support. Coils are measured in quarter increments. The lower the number, the thicker the spring. In general, higher-quality mattress coils have a 14-gauge (1.63 mm) diameter. Coils of 14 to 15.5-gauge (1.63 to 1.37 mm) give more easily under pressure, while a 12.5-gauge (1.94 mm) coil, the thickest typically available, feels quite firm. The thickness of innerspring wire ranges from the thickest 12.5


gauge to gauges above 16 which are much thinner and less firm although higher gauge thinner coils can shape themselves to a body profile more effectively. While the gauge of innerspring wire and the number of coils in the innerspring are the most commonly used “statistics” of innersprings used to measure its qualities, these by themselves can be very misleading. All innersprings can be made less or more firm through the use of thicker gauge wire, a greater number of coils, a larger number of “turns” in each coil, tempering, type of steel used, different construction methods, coil shape, coil height, and different insulator layers that are placed on top of them. Bonnell, continuous coils, and offset coils are also joined together with a tightly coiled thinner wire called a helical and different types and designs of these can also make a big difference in how each

individual coil is affected its neighbors and the firmness and conforming ability of an innerspring. Pocket coils are kept together through the use of fabric “pockets” which are joined together (rather than the coils themselves being joined) or in the case of higher quality versions by “hand tying” each coil to other coils near it. These pocketed or hand tied coils have more independent movement which gives Pocket coils their greater “shape conforming” ability while the other 3 types act more together in a group with other coils because of the helical connections. All other factors being equal, this gives them greater firmness. Connections between the coils help the mattress retain its shape. Most coils are connected by interconnecting wires; encased coils are not connected, but the fabric encasement helps preserve the mattress shape.


There are various types of mattress coils: * Pocket coils in general have the greatest “response range” which means that they can be softer on initial compression and then firmer on deeper compression. They also have the advantage of providing greater “point elasticity” which is the ability to form itself around your body profile. •Bonnell coils are the oldest and most common. First adapted from buggy seat springs of the 19th cen-

tury, they are still prevalent in midpriced mattresses. Bonnell springs are a knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. When laced together with cross wire helicals, these coils form the simplest innerspring unit, also referred to as a Bonnell unit. They are the original mattress coil and are a development of wire coils used under seats in horse and buggy days. They have an hourglass shape and can be made with many different wire gauges to make them more or less firm. The reason for the hourglass


shape is so the middle thinner part of the spring can compress with softer pressure and then the rest of the spring “engages” with greater pressure to provide support. •Offset coils are the hourglass type coils on which portions of the top and bottom convolutions have been flattened. These coils share some of the same qualities of Pocket coils and are often used in higher quality mattresses. They are an offshoot of Bonnell coils with a “hinged and shaped (squared) wire” on top which when joined with the coil next to it (with a helical wire) creates a hinging effect which flexes under softer pressure while the main body of the coil “kicks in” with deeper compression. There are several versions including free arm offset and double offset (has a squared off section on each side of the coil). In assembling the innerspring unit, these flat segments of wire are hinged together with helical wires. The hinging effect of the unit is designed to conform to body shape. LFK coils are unknotted offset coils with a cylindrical or columnar shape. •Continuous coil is an innerspring configuration in which the rows of


coils are formed from a single piece of wire. They work in a hinging effect similar to that of offset coils. They are made from one continuous wire made into rows with “simulated” coils in each row. These rows are then attached together with helicals. They are very simple and inexpensive to make because they do not have the expense of forming individual coils and then placing and connecting them inside the innerspring. Because they use a single wire and are “strongly joined” with their neighboring “coils”, they can provide a very firm support system but have a far lesser ability to shape themselves to a body profile.

•Marshall coils, also known as wrapped or encased coils or pocket springs are thin-gauge, barrel-shaped, knotless coils individually encased in fabric pockets—normally a fabric from man-made, nonwoven fiber. Some manufacturers recompress these coils, which makes the mattress firmer and allows for motion separation between the sides of the bed. As the springs are not wired together, they work more or less independently: the weight on one spring does not affect its neighbors. More than half the consumers who participated in a survey had chosen to buy pocket spring mattresses.



Upholstery layers Upholstery layers cover the mattress and provide cushioning and comfort. Some manufacturers call the mattress core the “support layer” and the upholstery layer the “comfort layer.” The upholstery layer consists of three parts: the insulator, the middle upholstery, and the quilt. The insulator separates the mattress core from the middle upholstery. It is usually made of fiber or mesh and is intended to keep the middle upholstery in place. The middle upholstery comprises all the material between the insulator and the quilt. It is usually made from materials which are intended to provide comfort to the sleeper, including flexible polyurethane foam (which includes convoluted “egg-crate” foam), visco-elastic foam, latex foam, felt, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, wool fiber and nonwoven fiber pads. In Europe and North America, mattress makers have begun incorporating gel-infused foams, soft-solid gels layered over foam, and poured gels in the top comfort layer of the bed. The quilt is the top layer of the mattress. Made of light foam or fibers stitched to the underside of the ticking, it provides a soft surface texture to the mattress and can be found in varying degrees of firmness.


Foundation There are three main types of foundation or bed base: •A traditional box spring consists of a rigid frame containing extra heavy duty springs.[9] This foundation is often paired with an innerspring mattress, as it extends the life of the spring unit at the mattress’s core. All-foam mattresses are often paired with platform-style bases. •An all-wood foundation usually has seven or eight support slats disposed below paperboard or beaverboard. This foundation, variously called a “no-flex”, “lowflex” or zero-deflection unit, as well as an “ortho box”, provides support similar to a platform foundation. All-wood foundations have become increasingly prevalent as U.S. mattress makers shifted to super-thick, one-sided mattresses. •A grid-top foundation is a combination of steel and wood. Typically the measurements of a foundation will be about 1-2” shorter than the measurement of a mattress.


Fabric cover Ticking is the protective fabric cover used to encase mattresses and foundations. It is usually designed to coordinate with the foundation border fabric and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Mattress fabrics can be knits, damask or printed wovens, or inexpensive nonwovens. During the past decade, along with the rise in popularity of all-foam beds, stretchy knit ticking on the bed’s top panel has become a standard look on both innerspring and foam beds. Most ticking is made with polyester yarns. More expensive mattress fabrics may contain a combination of polyester with rayon, cotton, silk, wool or other natural yarns. Until the early 2000s, beds were normally upholstered with a single fabric. This was usually a damask ticking or, for inexpensive bed sets, a nonwoven fabric covering all surfaces of the mattress and foundation. Today’s bed sets are covered with up to six different fabrics: A better quality circular knit or woven damask on the top panel—the bed’s sleeping surface; a matching or contrasting [usually woven] fabric on the border of the mattress; a matching or contrasting [usually woven] fabric on the


foundation side panels; a ‘non-skid’ woven or non-woven fabric on the surface of the foundation and reverse side of the mattress; and a nonwoven dust cover on the under side of the foundation. Some North American mattress producers are beginning to use furniture upholstery fabrics on the bed’s borders giving beds a more European, home furnishings look. Innersprings in general, as long as they are reasonable quality, the steel has been tempered, and they have an appropriate degree of firmness, are among the longest lasting parts of a mattress and will outlast most polyurethane and memory foams. If the mattress you are considering reflects the lower general cost of manufacturing innersprings over high quality specialty foams (in most but not all cases) and the cost also reflects the type of innerspring and comfort layers being used, then innerspring mattresses can represent very good performance and value.



the only fair covering all subsidiary details of the mattress industry in the Dünyada yatak sanayinin bütün world!

tamamlayıcı unsurlarını kapsayan tek fuar



Testimonials lead the belief that it will be the most leading mattress show in the world in one year or two. Interviews in this article are full of enthusiasm and they can be heard from their own voices online. Fuar hakkında konuşanlar, fuarın bir-iki yıl içinde dünyanın en büyük yatak fuarı olacağına inançlarını ifade ettiler. Bu yazıdaki röportajlar, konuşanların heyecanları ile dolu olup, kendi seslerinden fuarın sitesinden de dinelebilir.


Turkey continues to pursue its development worldwide with its rapidly increasing population, advantageous geography, and contribution of exports by its advantageous geography. One of the most important sectors in Turkey, without any doubt, is the mattress industry, mattress machinery and components industry. Developments, innovations and example solidarity of the sector which has been performed in the mattress sector in recent years, have become the factors which affect the sleep products sector positively. Correspondingly, many positive economic indications which have been performed on behalf of the country and the sector in recent years, many regulations and directives made for the business volume and the mattress sector which has grown depending on the flow of foreign investments, indicate the importance of the SLEEPWELL Fair, which is an important area in the country. The mattress main sector, sub-industry, machinery and equipment fair which has been awaited for a long time by all sleep products industry professionals was successfully held for 2nd time in Istanbul Fair Center, which is located opposite the Ataturk International Airport, 22- 25 October 2015. Mattress manufacturers, pillow manufacturers, sleep products manufacturers, exporters and dealers, mattress exporters and importers, bedding manufacturers, home textile manufacturers, coverlet manufacturers, equipment firms, distributors, agents, firms who want to get distributorships, chain store purchasing authorities, local furniture stores, professional import and export firms, designers, hotel purchasing managers, interior design firms, experts of the private sector, mattress industry buyers and trade

press portals‌ In short, all members of the industry came together at the Sleepwell Expo-Mattress and Technologies Fair.

We, Sleep Well / Sleep Tech magazines, conducted audiovisual interviews with most of the exhibitors and we are publishing them here. The talks can be listened online from the website of the event at: The full texts of the interviews follow:


More than 5 thousand professionals from 79 countries visited the four-day show, 22 – 25 October 2015. 79 ülkeden 5 binden fazla profesyonel, 2225 Ekim 2015 tarihlerinde 4 gün boyunca fuarı ziyaret etti.

Ham maddeden üretim hattına ve bitmiş ürüne kadar yatak sektörünün bütün segmentlerini kapsayan dünyadaki tek fuar Sleepwell Expo – Yatak ve Teknolojileri Fuarı, İstanbul’da yapıldı. Bu fuar Türkiye’nin de uyku ürünleri sektöründeki tek fuarı. 22’si yabancı olan 101 katılımcı, 79 ülkeden gelen 5.238 profesyonel ziyaretçiyi ağırladı. Oldukça hızlı gelişmekte olan Türk ekonomisi fuarlar ve yatırımlar için büyük imkanlar sunuyor. Seçimlerin ardından 4 yıllık bir siyasi istikrarın öngörüldüğü

ülkede muhtelif mobilya ve ev tekstili fuarları olmakla beraber hiçbir yatak ve uyku ürünleri fuarı yoktu. Sleep Well ve Sleep Tech dergilerinin kardeş kuruluşu olan Voli Fuarcılık şirketinin, bu dergilerin sponsorluğunda başlattığı fuar daha ikincisinde, birinciye oranla %85 büyüme kaydetti. Fuarda katılımcı firmalara fuar hakkında sorular sorduk ve aşağıda o konuşmaları yayınlıyoruz. Konuşmalar, yorumcuların kendi seslerinden www.sleepwellexpo. com olan fuar sitesinden dinlenebilir.


ONDER HONİ What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey? First of all we thank to those who planned its concept, organized, participated in and visited this show. Having a part in these activities, I personally have been so happy. It happened to be beyond our expectations. I hope that it will be more successful in the future. My companies and I will always give full support we can for further progress of the Sleepwell Expo fair. We are ready to contribute to it. What is your evaluation about visitor and participant profile of the fair?

Both the number of participants and their profile have changed remarkably. There was more participation from abroad. They were larger companies. One of the top firms in the world was also in the fair. I believe that this has ÖNDER HONİ

Öncelikle bu fuarı düşünüp organize edenlere, katılanlara ve ziyaretçilere teşekkür ediyoruz. Bende fuarın bir parçası olarak bu kadar başarılı bir organizasyonun içerisinde olmaktan dolayı çok mutluyum, Hatta beklentilerimin de çok ötesinde bir fuar oldu. Geleceğinin çok parlak olduğunu düşünüyorum ve bende elimden desteği vereceğim. Hem şahsım adına hem de şirketlerim adına yatak sektörünün ilerlemesi Sleepwell Expo fuarının daha iyi bir yere gelmesi için biz hazırız. Katılımcıların hem profili değişti hem de sayısı arttı. Uluslararası katılımcıların daha fazla olduğunu görüyoruz ve bunlar standart firmalar değil. Daha çok büyük

contributed much to the effectiveness of the event. General profile of the visitors is naturally regional, however, more foreign visitors are expected for the next edition of the fair. What do you think about the position of Sleepwell Expo will be in the future?

People are tired of visiting the same and similar fair held in China each year. It is hard for them to go there. Another fair is held biannually; this is also a minus point. The location of the fair is right both in geographical sense and vis-a-vis to the size of mattress industry in Turkey. So, I think it will be better in the future. We repeat our appreciations for your efforts. firmalar hatta dünyanın en büyük 3 firmadan bir tanesi burada. Hem sektörel olarak hem de Türkiye’nin yatak sektörüne katkısı olarak çok faydalı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Genel ziyaretçi profili tabi daha çok bölgesel ama uluslararası olma yolunda ilerliyoruz. İlerleyen yıllarda, insanlar her zaman aynı fuarlara gitmekten sıkılacaklar. Çin’de buna muadil bir fuar var ama oraya gitmek zor geliyor insanlara. Yine muadil bir fuar iki yılda bir düzenleniyor ama oda bir eksi. Dolayısıyla bu iki sorunun ortasında hem coğrafi olarak hem de yatak endüstrisinin geliştiği bir ülke olarak Sleepwell Expo’nun ilerleyeceğini ve çok iyi yerlere geleceğini düşünüyorum. Teşekkür Ederiz.


SELCUK VARLI, DIRECTOR, ALLBECO: As the 112th in abroad, and 47th store in Europe, Bellona, a brand of Boydak, keeps expanding in distribution by offering functional products in the world. The new store is located at the center of Wien. Board member Bekir Boydak said, “We have been serving at about 800 stores in 60 countries. Our target is to grow 12 percent in 2015 and have 1000 stores by the year 2023. We offer a wide range of models, fabrics and color selections to our customers in Wien. Austria is a market that has a large Turkish population and other nationalities that have similar cultural background. We planned to open a store in Marsaille in December. We are proud to have large scale of retail operations at the heart of Europe.”

We had been at Sleepwell Expo last year. It was the first fair in the bedding technology industry. The only fair in the world in this segment is ISPA, so Sleepwell is important. New products and offerings, technologies and machinery were exhibited. Companies should not spare their support for this event. I believe that this fair will expand more in its next editions. We are happy with the fair. There are very special and serious buyers here. Most were back to their countries with variety of benefits. Our booth was one of the busiest stands in the fair. We even sold machinery. Readiness is important for the event. People come here with high expectations to find new things. We have been prepared for the event in great detail. Now got the fruits.

SELÇUK VARLI, DİREKTÖR, ALLBECO: Geçen senede biz Sleepwell Expo’ya katılmıştık zaten. Sektörün yatak teknolojileri anlamında ilk fuarıydı. Dünya yatak sektöründe bununla alakalı tek fuar ISPA. Sleepwell Expo’nun bu noktada ayrı bir önemi var. Gelişen yatak sektöründe firmaların yenilikleri, yataklardaki teknolojileri, yeni üretilen makineleri görmesi açısından çok önemli bir organizasyon. Firmaların bu fuara destek çıkması gerekiyor. Muhtemelen bu fuarın ilerleyen yıllarda çok daha iyi bir noktaya geleceğine inanıyorum.

Biz Allbeco All Bedding grup şirketleri olarak fuardan memnunuz. Özellikle ziyaretçi profilleri ve ciddi alıcılar var. Gelen firmaların çoğu boş dönmüyor bu fuardan. Fuarın en kalabalık stantlarından birisi bizimki idi ve makine satışı dahi yaptık. Burada önemli olan fuara hazırlanma süreci. Çünkü insanlar fuarlara gelirken beklentilerini yüksek tutarak ve yeni bir şeyler bulmak için geliyor. Biz de bu amaçla fuara güzel hazırlandık. Allbeco ve diğer grup şirketleri olarak bununda şu anda meyvelerini topluyoruz. İnşallah ilerleyen yıllarda daha da iyi bir fuar olacağını düşünüyoruz.


MUSTAFA TURUNC, GENERAL MANAGER, ARDA KIMYA: The fair was more successful than our expectations. Enquiries and demand are rising. We could not have time even for short breaks, because there were so many visitors. We will participle in the fair next year, as well. IBRAHIM COSKUN, SALES & MARKETING MANAGER, ARDA KIMYA:

The fair directly addresses to both right participants and visitors in the sector. Almost all the people in the event were either buyer or seller. In general, the organization was running smoothly. There were many customers from abroad. Promotion of the event was successful both in Turkey and abroad. Almost all companies from domestic market were in the fair, besides there were visitors from Singapore, Sri Lanka and from four corners of the world.

For further progress of the fair, material suppliers of the industry have to participate in the fair. More variety of industrial materials and variety of companies are needed for the expansion. Popular names and leading persons of the industry will also contribute in the media impression of the event. We believe that next editions of the event will be more beneficial for the bedding industry in general.

MUSTAFA TURUNÇ, GENEL MÜDÜR, ARDA KİMYA: Fuar umduğumuzdan daha başarılı geçti. Yurtiçi ve yurtdışı taleplerimiz daha da çok olmaya başladı. Fuar başladığından beri deyim yerindeyse başımızı kaşıyacak vaktimiz olmadı. Umduğumuzdan daha da iyi bir fuar geçirdik. Gelecek yıllarda da bu fuara katılmayı planlıyoruz. İBRAHİM COŞKUN, SATIŞ VE PAZARLAMA MÜDÜRÜ, ARDA KİMYA: Bu fuar gerek ziyaretçi, gerek katılımcı bakımından sektöre hitap ediyor. Gelen insanların neredeyse hepsi alıcı-satıcı ilişkisi olan insanlar. Genel itibari ile organizasyon çok güzel ve biz Mustafa Bey’inde söylediği gibi hiç boş durmadık.

Yurtdışından talepler gerçekten çok iyi. Demek ki güzel yayın ve reklamlar yapılmış. Yurtiçi firmaların neredeyse tamamı geldi. Ayrıca değişik ülkelerden Singapur’dan, Sri Lanka’dan ve dünyanın dört bir bölgesinden müşteriler buradaydı. Bu sektörün daha çok gelişebilmesi için fuara malzemecilerin talep göstermesi gerekiyor. Yani değişik firmaların, değişik endüstriyel malzeme satan markaların biraz daha göstermesi gerekiyor. Bunun yanı sıra sektörel anlamda bilgisi olan, biraz daha medyatik insanların buralara gelip reklam açısından fuara ilgi göstermeleri gerekiyor. Yatak sektörünün canlanması açısından ilerleyen fuarların daha verimli olacağını düşünüyoruz.


HAKAN AKDEMIR, FOREIGN TRADE MANAGER, ARTINTECHS: The fair was so good for us. We found opportunities to introduce our new products. Besides, we have met many new customers. Sleepwell Expo has more alternatives than other fairs. We participated in for the first time and now we are more optimistic for future potential of the event. It is already in competition with ISPA. We will be one of the loyal participants for Sleepwell Expo. We express our appreciations for all friends who organized this fair. HAKAN AKDEMİR, DIŞ TİCARET MÜDÜRÜ, ARTINTECHS:

Fuar bizim için çok güzel geçti. Burada yeni ürünlerimizi tanıtma fırsatı bulduk. Ayrıca birçok yeni müşterilerle de tanışma fırsatı bulduk. Sleepwell Expo’nun diğer fuarlara göre alternatiflerinin daha fazla olduğunu düşünüyorum. Firma olarak ilk defa katıldığımız ve devamında daha büyük potansiyeller yakalayabileceğimiz bir fuar oldu. Alternatif olarak ISPA’ya rakip bir fuar olduğunu düşünüyorum. Bundan sonraki dönemlerde de daha yenilikçi ürünler ile Sleepwell Expo’nun daimi üyesi olacağız. Bu şekilde daha iyi bir potansiyel yakalayacağımızı düşünüyoruz. Fuarı düzenleyen bütün arkadaşlarımıza teşekkürlerimizi sunuyoruz.


ILHAM OZ, GENERAL COORDINATOR, B-MIX: Interest in the fair increases every passing day. We see this, also this kind of events must multiply on behalf of the sector, namely as long as this kind of organizations increase allows us meet with both consumers, dealers in the domestic market and export customers more easily. I think it will improve more every passing day. I guess seemingly two or three years later we will not find space to take step here. Frankly, 10 or 15 unit export negotiations happened, it is good on behalf of a start. There are also negotiations in the domestic market. As long as negotiations İLHAM ÖZ, GENEL KOORDİNATÖR, B-MIX:

Fuar geçen yıla göre daha fazla gelişmiş durumda. Görüyoruz bu tür organizasyonların artması sektör adına olumlu katkılar yapıyor. Bu sayede hem tüketici ile hem iç piyasadaki bayiler ile hem de ihracat müşterisi ile daha kolay buluşulmuş oluyor. Sleepwell Expo’nun her geçen gün iyileşeceğini ve gelişeceğini düşünüyorum. Herhalde iki veya üç yıl sonra buralarda adım atacak yer bulamayacağız. Bizim firma olarak 10 yada 15 civarında bir ihracat

intensify it would be better but it might come to a better point than the current situation. We will see altogether. One of the most important things of the mattress sector is openly network in this century. It would be in which sector. Fairs are the venues where two sources come together for the joint projects by bringing together buyers and sellers. In this meaning fairs are very well vehicles, as in every sector. I think the mattress sector turns this to the favor of its advantage with the same algorithm. In my point of view, after 5 years I think we will not find space to walk through. Because of trend that I see from last year to this time is quite well, frankly I thank. görüşmemiz oldu. Başlangıç adına iyi bir rakam. İç piyasada da bu görüşmeler yoğunlaştıkça daha da iyi olacak. Yatak sektörünün artık bu yüzyılda en önemli şeyi network. Açıkçası hangi sektörde olursa olsun alıcı ile satıcının bir araya geldiği yerler fuarlar. Bu anlamda çok iyi bir araç. Her sektörde olduğu gibi yatak sektörü de Sleepwell Expo ile birlikte bunu lehine çeviriyor. Son olarak bir tahmin yapmak gerekirse 5 yıl sonra bu fuarda yürüyecek yer bulamayacağız. Çünkü geçen yıldan bu yana gördüğüm trend gayet iyi. Emeği geçen herkese teşekkürler.


ABDULLAH RUHLUSARAC, GENERAL MANAGER, BEDAS: This edition of the fair was really successful. We express our satisfaction and appreciations to those who organized this event. The mattress industry was promoted at the best way here. We saw many visitors coming from both domestic and foreign companies; all eager to seek new sources and to buy. As a booming sector, the mattress industry has long been waiting for this kind of fair. Voli Fairs company has realized this fruitful event. With this fair, the mattress industry has become a separate segment and started to accelerate its growth. I believe that this fair will expand more in the future.

ABDULLAH RUHLUSARAÇ, GENEL MÜDÜR, BEDAŞ: Bu yıl hakikaten güzel bir fuar organizasyonu ile karşılaştık. Bu anlamda fuarı organize eden herkese çok teşekkür ederiz. Yatak sektörünü çok iyi bir şekilde tanıtılıyor burada. Gerek yurtiçi gerek yurtdışı ziyaretçilerinin alım isteği ile burada olduklarını görüyoruz. Yatak sektörü artık büyümesi gereken fakat şimdiye kadar geride kalan bir sektördü. Bunun için de bir fuar gerekiyordu ve bu Voli Fuarcılık sayesinde gerçekleşti. Sleepwell Expo ile artık hem yatak sektörü başlı başına bir sektör olmuş olacak, hem de gelişimini hızı bir şekilde sürdürecek. Bu fuarın ileride daha da çok gelişeceğine inanıyorum.


ERSIN KOC, SALES MANAGER FOR TURKEY & MIDDLE EAST, BEKAERT TEXTILE: This is our first participation in this fair. Last year we had been in other fairs. Actually, we experienced a successful fair, which is far beyond our expectations. In other fairs such as Evteks and Intermob, only one out of ten visitors passing through our booth would be interested in our products. In Sleepwell Expo, all of every five visitors at our booth were high potential prospects for us. Almost all visitors were highly involved in what have been exhibited. Growth and sustainability of the fair is also important for us. So, we are ready to offer what we can do for support. We expressed our readiness to the organizers of this fair. It was also important to meet the needs of present customers for the new season. We also acquired new customers during fair, especially from Balkan countries. Machinery section of the fair was also highly successful. More foreign companies are needed for further development of the fair. We thank all people contributing to this fair.

ERSİN KOÇ, TÜRKİYE VE ORTADOĞU SATIŞ MÜDÜRÜ, BEKAERT TEKSTİL: Firma olarak bu sene Sleepwell Expo’ya biz ilk defa katılıyoruz. Geçen yıldaki fuara farklı yerlere söz verdiğimiz için katılamamıştık. Açıkçası beklentilerimizin üzerinde bir fuar geçirdik. Sadece yatak sektörü ile alakalı olduğu için başarılı bir fuar. Evteks, İntermob

gibi fuarlarda stand önünden 10 kişi geçiyorsa bunların ancak birisi sektörle alakalı olan ve ürünlerle ilgilenen müşteriler oluyor. Ancak Sleepwell Expo’da 5 kişi geçiyorsa hepsi müşteri potansiyeli olan kişiler. Yani baktığınızda herkes ilgili. Bu yüzden fuarın gelişmesi, yürümesi ve uzun yıllara yayılması bizim için önemli. Bu kapsamda elimizden gelen desteği veremeye hazır olduğumuzu fuar yönetimine ilettik. Umarım önümüzdeki dönemlerde de katılıma devam edeceğiz. Bizim için mevcut müşterilerimizin yeni sezon için ihtiyaçlarını karşılayabilecek nitelikte olmak önemliydi. Fuarda buna ilave olarak yeni müşterilerde kazandık. Özellikle Balkan tarafından yeni birkaç müşteri ile görüştük. Fuarda özellikle makine parkuru gayet güzel ve başarılı. Fakat bir üst seviyeye taşımak için uluslararası firmaları burada daha çok görmemiz lazım. Bu fuarın ileriye dönük daha iyi geçeceğini ve büyüyeceğini düşünüyorum. Katkısı olan herkese teşekkür ederiz.




We have already expressed our views earlier, that Sleepwell Expo is an exciting event. We appreciate the importance of your efforts on the way of improving the power of the industry by organizing special events for the industry. The visitor profile for this fair has shown that the event has a potential to be a major competitor for fairs in similar field. The results we got last year in this fair was so promising that we now have participated again. We have no doubt that the fair will be greater in the future and will expand its coverage both in terms of space and participants. We believe that Turkey may be an important center for bedding industry in the world. Even the Interzum may be an alternative for this fair, not the vise versa. We did this in furniture industry and we can do it again in bedding components field with the support of Sleep Well. We as entrepreneurs believe this and we thank you all.

Sleepwell Expo’nun bizim için heyecan verici bir fuar olduğunu daha önce de dile getirdik. Şimdi Türkiye’nin burada özellikle fuar altyapısının sizin gibi firmaların ön ayak olması ile gelişmesi çok önemli. Bu fuarın malum rakiplerinin önüne geçebileceği potansiyelde olduğunu buradaki ziyaretçilerimizden de görebiliyoruz. Geçen sene ki katılımımız bizim beklentilerimiz çok üzerindeydi. Bize bir ışık verdiği için de bu senede buraya katılma noktasında karar aldık. Biz bundan sonraki süreçte Sleepwell Expo’nun daha da büyüyerek daha büyük hall’lere ulaşacağından hiç kuşku duymuyoruz. Türkiye’mizin böyle bir fuarın da merkezi haline geleceğine biz inanıyoruz. İnterzum’un artık bize alternatifimiz değil, onların bize alternatif olacağı bir hale geleceğine inancımız tam. Türkiye olarak tekstilde de bunu başardık, mobilyada da bunu başardık inşallah hayırlısıyla biz bunu yatak kompanentlerinde Sleepwell ile beraber başaracağız. Biz müteşebbisler olarak buna inanıyor ve sizi tebrik ediyoruz.




Frankly I found Sleepwell Expo successful. This fair is held for the second time. I think it is very successful for our country. You know a similar one is organized in Germany. There is Interzum that despite having planned and held two years ago, I think it would be popular in a serious way. It would be an alternative fair to Interzum within 3 to 5 years. When we make a comparison with the first edition we see more exhibitors in this edition. Last year there were two halls, this year there are three halls, and this means the fair shows advancement compared to the previous one held last year. The number of exhibitors is increasing and when we count guests from abroad this year I see they increased nearly 15-20%. There are our customers we wait, as both our new firms and current firms existing in our portfolio. generally I found successful and I look at positively. Of course, three halls are not sufficient to us. Probably the number of halls should be increased in the upcoming year. Participants should be increased too. We thank Sleepwell Expo that I found mostly successful.

Sleepwell Expo’yu açıkçası oldukça başarılı buldum. İkinci defa düzenlenmesine rağmen ülkemiz için çok başarılı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Biliyorsunuz ki Almanya’da Interzum fuarı var. Yaklaşık üç veya beş sene içerisinde Sleepwell Expo’nun, İnterzum fuarına alternatif fuar olabileceğini düşünüyorum. Genel olarak baktığımız zaman, geçen yıla göre daha çok katılımcının olduğunu görüyoruz. Geçen sene iki hall vardı. Bu sene hall sayısı da artmış. Bu demektir ki fuar bir gelişme kaydediyor. Katılımcı ve ziyaretçi sayısı artıyor. Geçen yıla göre yurtdışından gelen ziyaretçi sayısında yaklaşık %20 oranla artış olduğunu görüyorum. Beklediğimiz müşterilerimiz var. Hem yeni firmalar olsun hem de mevcut portföyümüzde olan firmalar olsun fuarı ziyaret ediyorlar. Tabi üç hall bize yetmez. muhtemelen önümüzdeki yıl hallerin biraz daha arttırılması gerekiyor. Buna paralel olarak katılımcı sayısının da artacağı kanaatindeyim.


GOKMEN KARA, SALES MANAGER, BOYTEKS: Last year we got positive feedbacks, so we were here again with the same expectations. So far it is more productive. There were new participants, new customers, and our clients from several countries. We got a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to new buyers. Our clients were also satisfied. They emphasized on the importance of focus of the fair. We got their opinions about future events. They were optimistic.

The fair was also good for its timing. It coincides with the time for preparations for their 2016 collections. It was good both for us and for our customers. Earlier, fairs have been held in the first quarter of the year. In this sense we and other companies have find more time for the fair. Sleepwell is growing each year. This time there were three halls. Combining the presenters from finished products industry and from their suppliers have increased the number of potential visitors of the fair. Ratio of satisfied customers who expressed their satisfaction is high, so there will be more in the next edition. We thank you all parties who contributed in the organization and execution of the fair. We expect more effective events and activities in the future for more visitors, participants and professionals.

Customers from Middle East were in majority besides those who came from Far East. They have been in Turkey for the first time and they saw our tests we applied on our products by themselves. We hosted them in Kayseri and Istanbul. They witnessed the development of the industry in Turkey. We have had guests from Middle East, the Balkans, England, Ireland, Italy and even Philippines. It will be even more productive in the coming years. We thank you all for everything.

GÖKMEN KARA, SATIŞ MÜDÜRÜ, BOYTEKS: Geçtiğimiz sene Sleepwell Expo ile ilgili güzel bildirimler almıştık. Bu sene de aynı umutlarla başladığımız fuar da oldukça verimli geçiyor. Farklı ülkelerden katılımcılar var, yeni müşterilerimiz var, mevcut müşterilerimiz de geliyor. Böylelikle bir şans daha buluyoruz. Yeni ürünlerimizi özellikle müşterilerimizle buluşturmak anlamında bir şans bu. Müşterilerimiz de oldukça memnun kalmışlar. Az sayıda ama daha fazla odaklanıldığını söylüyorlar. Önümüzdeki yıllardaki katılım için kendilerinden görüş alıyoruz. Bu anlamda da pozitif geri bildirimler aldık. Umuyoruz ki bu fuarında takiplerini iyi yaparak yeni müşterilerimizi portföyümüze kazandırıp, mevcut müşterilerimiz ile ilişkimizi geliştirip ticaretimizi daha fazla attıracağız. Zamanlama olarak firmaların 2016 koleksiyonlarını hazırlama anlamında nokta atışı yapıldığını görüyoruz. Bunlar hem bizim açımızdan hem de müşterilerimiz açısından önemli oldu. Ayrıca sektör anlamında diğer fuarların zamanlaması genellikle yılın ilk çeyreği oluyordu. Bu anlamda bizler ve firmalar biraz daha rahatladı.

Sleepwell Expo, her geçen yıl büyüyen bir fuar. Geçen 2 olan hall sayısı bu sene 3’e çıkartılmış. Tabi yarı mamul ile beraber bitmiş ürünü de müşterinin görmesi bu anlamda katılımcı sayısını arttırıyor. Mutlu müşterilerin de geri bildirimi bize pozitif olacaktır. Dolayısıyla organizasyon için sizlere teşekkür ediyoruz. Önümüzdeki yıllarda inşallah daha güzel etkinliklerde buluşacağız. Daha fazla ziyaretçi, daha fazla katılımcı ile beraber daha güzel günleri beraber yaşayacağız ve sektörümüzü beraber büyüteceğiz. Özellikle Ortadoğu’dan bizim müşterilerimiz ağırlıklıydı. Ama Uzakdoğu’dan da müşterilerimiz var. Bu müşterilerimiz Türkiye’ye ilk kez geldiler ve bu vesile ile bizim testlerimizi de gördüler. Kendilerini biz Kayseri’de misafir ettik. Devamında da İstanbul’da ağırladık. Onlarda farklı alanlarda, farklı ürün gamları ile buluştular. Genel olarak Ortadoğu ve Balkan bölgesinden gelen müşterilerin yanı sıra İngiltere’den, İrlanda’dan, İtalya’dan ve Filipinler’den de müşterilerimiz geldi. Önümüzdeki yıllarda daha iyi bir fuar olacağı kanaatindeyim. Her şey için teşekkürler.






I am personally happy for this edition of the fair. The fair has special meaning for us and for some of my friends. Sleepwell is kind of our baby for us. In our talks with our friends we had been thinking about having such an event that would cover only mattress related businesses out of the furniture industry. I am in the opinion that, this industry could not be developed as much as its potential in export markets. The fair is an important event for this aim. Without having any support from NGO or associations, the fair was started by the efforts of a couple of initiative people; the

hızla artması, yeni hall lerin eklenmesi gerçekten gurur verici.

fair now became a professional organization. Its size and coverage have been doubled in two years. A new hall was added and affected fair businesses in other fields. We learned the benefits of collaboration. I, as my company, am exporting our products and one of the major exporters in the country. With our friends we supported the event. If we keep our support, the fair will easily become an international event. We saw here many greater brands from abroad. I hope that they will be more next year. The mattress industry keeps growing both in Turkey and abroad. I thank you all people and parties that contribute the success of this event.

Öncelikle bu fuarın ikinci kez düzenlenmesinden dolayı şahsım adına çok mutluyum. Bu fuarın benim ve birkaç arkadaşım için çok özel bir anlamı var. Sleepwell Expo adeta bebeğimiz gibi. Bildiğiniz gibi dost sohbetlerinde böyle bir fuar yapsak nasıl olur, bu yatak sektörünü mobilya sektöründen ayırsak, bunun ayrı bir uzmanlık dalı olduğunu hem sektördeki alıcılara hem de tüketiciye anlatsak daha güzel olur diye konuştuğumuz bir olayın ikincisi gerçekleşiyor. İhracatta bu sektörün geride kaldığını düşünüyorum. Bu konuya dikkat çekmek hem de sektörün ihracatını arttırmak için çok önemli bir organizasyon. Hiçbir STK veya derneğin katkı yapmadığı, amatör düşüncelerle başlayan Sleepwell Expo’nun bu şekilde profesyonelliğe ulaşması, katılımcıların 2 yılda

Fuarın sektöre etkisi oldu bile. En azından birlikte hareket etmeyi öğrendik. Ben firma olarak zaten ihracat yapıyorum. Bu sektörün en önemli ihracatçılarından birisiyim. Diğerleri ne yaparsa yapsın demedim ve benim gibi düşünen birkaç arkadaşımla birlikte bu fuarı destekledik. Dediğim gibi 4-5 arkadaş bu işi konuşurken şimdi daha kalabalık bir kitle ile bunu konuşmaya başladık ve birlikte hareket etmeyi öğrendik. Böyle hareket edersek ve bu fuarı büyütürsek yurtdışındaki önemli fuarlara bir eş değerde bir fuar olacağına inancımız tam. İnşallah gelecek sene daha fazla alanlarda, daha farklı katılımcılarla bu fuar yapılacak. Bu sene benim çok sevdiğim bir olay daha var ki yurtdışından buraya katılan büyük firmaları görüyoruz. İnşallah bu artarak devam eder. Çünkü yatak

Yatağı üreten ve bu anlamda uzmanlaşmış firmaların dikkatini çekmek amacımız. Çünkü merdiven altında üretimler maalesef Türkiye’de devam ediyor. Mobilya tarafında çok önemsenmeyen yatak odası takımının içinde hediye olarak verilen bir üründü yatak. Ama artık insanlar yatak alırken çok daha farklı araştırmalar yapıyorlar, günlerce dolaşıyorlar, yatakları deniyorlar. Tüketici tarafında da yatağın sağlığa etki eden bir ürün olduğunu ne kadar anlatabilirsek o kadar mutlu olacağız. Emeği geçen herkese çok teşekkür ediyorum.

sektörü dünyada olduğu gibi Türkiye’de de büyüyor. İnsan ömrünün üçte biri yatakta geçtiğine göre de hiç bitmeyecek bir sektör. Umarım sektörün hem birlik beraberliği hem de ihracatı geliştirir.


UGUR YILDIZ, BOARD MEMBER, BUCCA: We are enjoying a good fair. It is quite delighting, and we are hosting guests from abroad. Reaction of everybody to our stand and products is good. It is a happy fair.

You produce more organic products and mattresses different from other producers. What would be reaction of consumers and producers to this sector, these mattresses and products?

In fact, consumers have been reacting for a long time and thanks to this fair we have also seen how reaction of the producers is, because this is a sectorial fair. The producers came from throughout Turkey, everybody liked much. Many firms approached by stating their opinions as, “We produce normal mattresses but do we get these mattresses from you or do we make these mattresses?” We also support this approach. In fact let they produce these kinds of mattresses. If some more firms reveal in this path, awareness will also increase, so it is our wish, in this meaning. We get returns quite well. Today there were more guests

from abroad. I can say we hosted completely from abroad. We also go to the fairs abroad with that purpose and they come and see our products, maybe a position would happen to do a partnership, of course after the fair. This will be managed by the colleagues in foreign trade but a quite well profile is touring here and at least we serve to the customers having consciousness. There is no business done with the final consumer here; we are in communication with the final consumers from the stores. We want to come together with sectorial firms, suppliers and producers some more and we

Güzel bir fuar geçiriyoruz. Yurtdışından misafirler ağırlıyoruz. Herkesin tepkisi de stant ve ürünlerimize karşı iyi. Zaten tüketiciler uzun zamandır çok olumlu tepkiler veriyor ve bu fuar sayesinde biz birazda üreticilerin nasıl tepki verdiğini gördük. Çünkü sektörle alakalı bir fuardayız. Türkiye genelinden üreticiler geldiler ve herkes ürünlerimizi çok beğendi. Birçok firma, biz normal yataklar üretiyoruz ama bu yatakları da sizden tedarik edebiliriz diye yaklaşımlarda bulundurlar. Bizde sonuna kadar destekliyoruz bu düşünceleri. Zaten doğal yatak-

Fuar genelinde yurtdışından çok fazla misafir vardı. Tamamen yurtdışı misafirlerini ağırladık diyebilirim. Bizi sevindiren yurtdışı ziyaretçilerinin üreticiler olması. Bizde zaten yurtdışındaki fuarlara o amaçla gidiyoruz. Belki bir partnerlik yapma durumumuz ortaya çıkacak. Tabi bunlar fuar sonrasında belli olacak. Ama gayet iyi bir profil geziniyor içeride. En azından bilinçli bir müşteriye hizmet ediyoruz. Son tüketiciyle zaten burada bir işimiz yok. Onlarla mağazalarda iletişim halindeyiz. Burada


larda yapsınlar ve bu kulvarda biraz daha firma ortaya çıksın. Böylece bilinçlenme de bu anlamda artacaktır.

came together, we continue.

People will learn step by step, awareness will increase to this mattress show; participation of the producers will rise. Now it could not be known by people much more, but it will increase. Openly we expect it in the course of time. I believe that the advantages of participations in this fair in the first years, will be in the upcoming years. We struggled to join Ismob for years but unfortunately finding place is impossible. We would observe together that this fair will also see that achievement, will rise from three halls to six or more. Thanks. biraz daha sektörel firmalarla tedarikçilerle ve üreticilerle bir araya gelmek istiyorduk ki geldik de şuan da devam ediyoruz. Biz doğal yataklar üretiyoruz. İnsanlar yavaş yavaş öğrenmeye başlayacaklar. Bu yataklarla alakalı bilinçlenmede artacak.

İlk yıllarda bu fuara katılmanın avantajlarını ileriki yıllarda göreceğimizi düşünüyoruz. Biz yıllardır bir İsmob’a katılmak için kendimizi paraladık. Ama maalesef yer bulmak imkansız hale gelmişti. Bu fuarında birkaç yıl sonra o hale geleceğini, 3 hall’den daha fazla hall’e çıkacağını hepimiz göreceğiz.


CEMAL ASLANDAG, GENERAL MANAGER, BUNTEKS: By taking place at this fair we feel happy. Last year, we did not join the fair. This year we enjoyed the fair. Our visitors and current customers from many countries showed interest in the fair. For this reason we are very happy. We consider exhibiting with a bigger space next year. In fact, I would have not expected an intensive visitor tempo this much top level and we enjoyed an intensive time in the framework of commercial relations.

I think the fair will continue by growing and strengthening more in the future years. Even currently the number of visitors at the fair, which is held in three halls, would exceed three halls. In my opinion, the fair deserves more than three halls; of course the firms like us will enlarge their spaces. Due to exhibiting their product portfolio larger, and the fair might be exhibited at a fuller, larger and more intensive space. Thanks.

CEMAL ASLANDAĞ, GENEL MÜDÜR, BÜNTEKS: Öncelikle bu fuarda bulunmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz. Geçen sene katılamamıştık. Ama bu sene katıldık ve iyi bir fuar geçirdik. Birçok ülkeden ziyaretçiler ve ticaret yapmaya devam ettiğimiz müşteriler fuara ilgi gösterdi. Bunun için çok mutluyuz ve gelecek senede fuarda daha büyük metrekare alanlarla katılım yapmayı düşünüyoruz. Üst düzey yoğun bir ziyaretçi temposu vardı ve yoğun bir şekilde ti-

cari ilişkiler çerçevesinde geçen bir fuardı. Açıkçası bu kadar kalabalık ve yoğun bir ilgiyi beklemiyorduk. Bizim için çok verimli geçti. Sleepwell Expo, ileri ki yıllarda daha çok güçlenerek ve daha büyüyerek devam edecek olan bir fuar. Şuan da bile bence fuar 3 hallden daha fazlasını hak ediyordu. Bizim gibi düşünen firmalarda gelecek yıllarda metrekarelerini büyütecek ve ürün gamını fuarda daha geniş sergileyecekler. Böylece daha dolu, daha büyük ve daha yoğun bir fuarla karşı karşıya olacağız.


HASAN KUCUK, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, COMFYTEX: First of all, I should say that I wish that this participation to the fair will be beneficial for all the companies here.

As Comfytex, this is our first participation and we think that this fair will be in the coming years a major fair in the market. The main Turkish industries of the bedding sector will have a better way to present themselves and meet their partners from all around the World. From this point of view, it has been a really successful fair for us. Our company had the opportunity to present our new designs and new brands to our partners. Our team from the R&D department had the chance to show our new innovative products. Comfytex is a Turkish brand and we do need this kind of opportunities to be known around the World. We will be here next year too.


Fuarın öncelikle özverili yaklaşımlarla sektörde yerini almış tüm firmalar açısından hayırlı olmasını temenni ediyorum. Comfytex olarak bu yıl ikincisi düzenlenen ve sektör için önümüzdeki yıllarda önemli bir noktaya geleceğini düşündüğümüz bu fuara ilk kez katılmış bulunmaktayız. Yatak endüstrisinde dünyada önemli bir yeri olan Türk yatak sektörünün yeni müşteriler tarafından daha çok tanınmasına ve bir araya gelmesine katkı sağlayacağına inanıyoruz. Bu açıdan değerlendirdiğimizde oldukça başarılı

bir fuar geçirmiş bulunmaktayız. Şirketimiz bu fuara kendine özgü desen ve tasarımları ile birlikte, yeni markalarını müşterilerine sunmuştur. Ar-Ge ekibimiz geliştirmiş olduğu yeni ürünleri fuarda müşterilerimize sunma imkanı bulmuştur.

Bir Türk markası olan Comfytex markasını dünyada daha çok tanınır hale getirmek için bu fuarların oldukça önemli olduğuna inanıyorum. Şimdiden önümüzdeki yıl gerçekleştirilecek olan fuar için hazırlıklara başlamış bulunuyoruz. Fuara katılan tüm firmalara başarılar dilerim.


FURKAN KARAKAS, COORDINATOR FOR STORES, DR-BED: The fair fares well. It will be better if it expands more. The mattress industry has been a matured industry when separated from the furniture industry. It should be promoted more heavily; then the number of visitors and participants will be even more. In Turkey customers do not think of buying only mattress. They still buy them with other complementary items including furniture. In the markets abroad, buyers are more conscious and keen on buying mattresses. The situation will certainly change in the future in Turkey, as well. They will buy mattresses from mattress selling companies and furniture from furniture stores. These kinds of events will contribute to the establishment of these habits in the country. We thank you all.



The fair was better than our expectations. This year we have more visitors. We talked to many companies from all over the world. They were all greater companies with whom we could not find opportunity to encounter with them. They came from Middle East and Europe.

Fuar beklediğimizden de daha iyi geçiyor. Bu sene daha fazla ziyaretçimiz var. Dünya çapında birçok firma ile görüştük. Özellikle büyük firmalarla ve daha önce tanışma fırsatı bulamadığımız marklarla görüştük. Ortadoğu’dan ve Avrupa’dan ziyaretçiler geldi. Bizim açımızdan şuan için çok iyi bir fuardı.

Sleepwell Expo is the only fair in Turkey and in the Middle East focusing on our industry. So, it will be a good example for other companies and countries. It contributed much to national economy and to commercial activities of the companies. It opened new channels and opportunities for more sales and exports. I thank all the people who contributed in the organization. FURKAN KARAKAŞ, MAĞAZALAR KOORDİNATÖRÜ, DR BED:

Sleepwell Expo, bizim açımızdan çok güzel geçti. Biraz daha geliştirilirse bu sektörde daha iyi olacağına inanıyorum. Çünkü sadece mobilya ile değil de yatak sektörünün apayrı bir sektör haline geldiği bir dönemdeyiz. Bununda biraz daha geliştirilip biraz daha fazla duyurulup, daha fazla katılımcının sağlanması ve ziyaretçinin artması ile daha da güzel olacaktır. Türkiye’de sadece yatak olayı çok gelişmiş bir durumda değil. Yurtdışında bu daha fazla bilinçli ve tüketiciler de bilinçli davranıyor. Türkiye’de de zamanla o istenilen duruma gelecektir. İlerleyen zamanlarda yatak sadece yatak mağazalarından alınacak, mobilya sadece mobilya mağazalarından alınacaktır. Türkiye’de de bu kavram bunun gibi etkinliklerle daha iyi olacaktır.

Sleepwell Expo, Türkiye ve Ortadoğu’da bu sektörde alakalı yapılan tek fuar. Bu yüzden diğer firmalara ve diğer ülkelere örnek olacağını düşünüyorum. Aynı zamanda hem ülke ekonomisine hem de firmaların ticaretine katkıda bulunuyor. Yeni ihracat kanalları açılarak biz ihracatçılar adına veya satış kanalları adına iyi şeyler olacağına inanıyorum. Katkısı olan herkese teşekkür ederim.


PERIHAN YILMAZ DILEK, DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER, DURALLI: This is a specialty fair, focused on mattress technology and it should be supported. Almost all major players in the industry have come here and saw each other. Even competitors who could not find time and opportunity to meet their rivals are happy to be here. We share the same cake. The fair will expand more, I believe. Large number of foreign visitors were in the fair. It proves that it is already an international event. They demand more space for the next edition. The sector is known well in abroad, now the consumers are becoming more accustomed with the mattress industry. Customers have an impression that mattress is only a material. It is not an object to be set in the shop windows. It content, comfort, functions and health effects are important. Mattress culture is becoming more mature in recent years. The trends and the standards in materials and technologies will reflect into consumer markets soon. People were witnessed about what important in mattresses.

PERİHAN YILMAZ DİLEK, GENEL MÜDÜR YARDIMCISI, DURALLİ: Bu bir ihtisas fuarı. Yatak teknolojileri üzerine ve sektör ile ilgili kesinlikle desteklenmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Sektörün büyün oyuncuları buraya geliyor ve herkes birbirini görüyor. Belki yıl içerisindeki yoğunlukta iş temposundan birbirlerini göremeyen herkes aslında burada rakipte değil, aynı pastayı bölüşen insanlar olarak hep birlikte burada oluyoruz. Bu fuarın daha da büyüyeceğini düşünüyorum. Yabancı katılımcı çok olması bunun uluslararası bir fuar standartlarında olabileceğini gösteriyor. Aynı zamanda talebin olduğunu da gösteriyor. Bu sektörün zaten yurtdışında genel anlamda bir adı var. Perakende tüketicilerin de bilinçlendirilmesi gerekiyor. Şuan yatak hala bir objeymiş gibi algılanıyor. Yani dış görüntüsüne bakılarak alınıyor. Ama yatak aslında salona koyduğunuz bir vitrin değil. İçeriği önemli ve verdiği konfor, rahatlık ile sağlık üzerine bir vurgusu var. Ama Türkiye bu işlerin çok başında ve yatak kültürü yeni yeni oluşmaya başladı. Bir takım uyku ve sağlık

trendlerindeki artışlar ve buradaki hammaddenin içeriğinin bu kadar görünüyor olması, tüketiciye mutlaka yansıyacaktır. Çünkü farklılaşma adına aslında yatakta nelerin önemli olduğunu burada daha net görüyorsunuz. Dışarıya çıktığınızda dediğim gibi bunun vazo olmadığını, yani açılıp gösterilen bir şey olmadığını anlamak için çok önemli bir şans olduğunu düşünüyorum bu fuarın. Devamını bekliyoruz ve önümüzdeki senelerde de birlikte olmayı diliyorum.




First of all we thank all the people who organized this fair. It was really a perfect organization and successful event. We believe that it will be an indispensable event for the bedding industry, as it was in its first edition last year. Companies active in mattress production and suppliers of them must support the fair as well. We got positive results. There were real buyers and involved people as visitors in the fair, direct from the industry. Although it is so young the fair attracted high volume of visitors and participants. In the future it may become a truly international fair both by its participants and visitors. We believe in this potential.

Öncelikle bu fuarı düzenleyen herkese teşekkür ediyoruz. Gerçekten çok güzel bir organizasyon ve başarılı bir çalışma olmuş. Geçen sene de olduğu gibi yatak sektörünün vazgeçilmez bir fuar olacağına inanıyoruz. Bu fuarın hem yatak firmaları hem de yatak yan sanayi firmaları tarafından desteklenmesi lazım. Çünkü olumlu neticeleri çok fazla. Buraya daha çok alıcı firmalar, bu işle alakalı insanlar geliyorlar. Yani dışarıdan başka sektörlerden insanlar değil de, yatak noktasında alıcı olan firmalar geliyor ve güzel neticeler elde ediyoruz. Yeni bir fuar olmasına rağmen katılım çok iyi. İleride uluslararası fuar düzeyine çıkabilecek potansiyeli olan bir fuar olacağını görüyorum. Katılımcı olarak kaliteli insanlarla beraber olduk.


ORHAN GULER, GENERAL MANAGER, ELEKTROTEKS: Sleepwell Expo has brought together the key people, real buyers and the people who are interested in technology. For this reason, we are so happy. We couldn’t find time to breath, while serving the visitors in our booth. There was a great interest in our stand. The fair was better than its first edition. It will be more productive in coming years. The visitors have had specific profiles; they were focused on the mattress and related industries. They were key buyers, all professionals. We talked to some friends in the mattress industry; they were also highly satisfied with results. We have visitors from abroad, mostly from Russia, India and Arabian region. There were domestic visitors, however, foreigners were more.

I am highly optimistic for the future of the Sleepwell Expo. We need more foreign visitors. Thus the coverage and power of the fair will be improved. We thank all people who contributed in the organization.


Ziyaretçi olarak genelde yurtdışın-

Sleepwell Expo, özellikle kilit insanları, gerçekten alıcı insanları ve teknolojiye ihtiyaç duyacak insanları bir araya getirdi. Bundan dolayı çok mutluyuz. Neredeyse nefes alamadık. Çok ciddi katılım oranı var ve çok şükür standımıza ilgi çok büyük. Fuarın geçen yıla nazaran daha iyi olduğunu düşünüyorum. İlerleyen yıllarda daha da güzel olacaktır.

Rusya, Hindistan, Arabistan

Devamlı yatak işi yapan ve bu sektörde faaliyet gösteren kişiler buradaydı. Kilit insanlardı ve bizim haricimizde herkes için iyi bir fuar geçtiğini düşünüyorum. Sektörden yatak üreticisi birkaç arkadaşla görüştük. Onlarda oldukça memnunlar.

artması gerekiyor diye düşünüyo-

dan misafirlerimiz oldu. Özellikle bölgelerinden misafirler geldiler ve bu anlamda oldukça başarılı bir fuar olduğunu düşünüyorum. Türk ziyaretçilerde yoğunlukta ama yabancıların çoğunluğu görünüyor. Sleepwell Expo’nun geleceği açısından oldukça umutluyum. Yalnız yabancı katılımcıların biraz daha rum. Bu şekilde fuarın daha fazla büyüyeceğini ve kalitesinin artacağını düşünüyorum. Bu fuarın daha da büyümesini gönülden istiyoruz. Emeği geçenlere teşekkür ederiz.


Marc Dokter Enkev Doğal Elyaflar Genel MÜDÜRÜ ENKEV doğal malzemelerle yapılmış materyallerin üretimi ve geliştirilmesinde uzun bir geçmişi olan şirketler grubu. Yatak, bahçecilik, paketleme ve otomotiv sektöründe global müşteriler ile çalışıyor. Doğa esneklik, dayanıklılık ve hava akımı sağlayan bu eşsiz hammaddeyi sürekli yeniler. Yani ENKEV sentetik malzemeler için tam bir çevre dostu bir alternatif sağlıyor. ENKEV Hollanda’da güçlü kökleri olan bir şirket. Ama İngiltere, Polonya, Rusya ve Fransa’da şubeleri, Çin ve Sri Lanka’da ortak girişimler ile ENKEV gerçekten küresel bir şirket. Marc Dokter, Owner & Managing Director ENKEV Natural Enkev is a creative group of companies with a long history in the production and development of materials made of natural ingredients. They work with customers in the mattress, horticulture, packaging and automotive industry globally. Nature constantly replenishes these raw materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. So Enkev supplies a complete environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Enkev is a company that has strong roots in the Netherlands. But, with branches in the UK, Poland, Russia and France, and joint ventures in China and Sri Lanka. Enkev is a truly global company. “My name is Marc Dokter. I am CEO of the Enkev Group. Our company is a group has many manufacturing facilities located in all Europe. We have one in England, Poland and Belgium. We are Enkev, and we make quality products from natural fibers.

Since our foundation in 1932, we have become the leading processor of natural fibres. Our products can be used in almost limitless types of applications. We make filling and covering materials for the mattress and furniture industry, but our natural products are also great for packaging purposes, automotive seating, filter products and many more. We use only the very best natural sources to make our products. We produce a wide range of products from natural fibers in countries and on two continents, with exports to more than 40 countries on all continents. We sell our products which are made of natural fibers basically all of the world. Turkey is a growing country. We decided to be more closer to our customer.” “The fair is a nice show for us. It is not huge but it is good for us, we made new people and prospects. We don’t need existing customer so it is interesting for us.” “It will be little bit depend on work. We are in the fair to take notice for our products.”

“Benim adım Marc Dokter. Ben ENKEV Group CEO’suyum. Firmamız, tüm Avrupa’da bulunan birçok üretim tesislerine sahip bir grup. Bu üretim tesislerimiz İngiltere, Polonya ve Belçika’da birer tane var. ENKEV olarak, biz doğal elyaftan kaliteli ürünler imal ediyoruz. 1932 yılında kuruluşumuzdan bu yana, doğal liflerden üretim yapan lider bir işletme haline geldik. Bizim ürünlerimiz sayılamayacak kadar çok uygulamada kullanılabilir. Biz yatak ve mobilya sanayi malzemeleri için dolum ve kaplama yapıyoruz, ancak sunduğumuz doğal ürünler ambalaj, otomotiv koltukları ve filtre ürünleri ve daha bir çoğu için gerçekten ideal ürünler. Biz ürünlerimizi yapmak için sadece en doğal kaynakları kullanıyoruz. Geniş bir ürün yelpazesinde doğal elyaftan üretim yapıp, iki kıtada 40’dan fazla ülkeye ihracat yapıyoruz. Biz aslında doğal liflerden yapılı ürünlerimizi tüm dünyaya satıyoruz.” “Fuar bizim için güzel geçti. Çok büyük değil ama bizim için yeni insanlar ve umutları beraberinde getirdiği için iyi oldu. Bizim mevcut müşterinin dışında yeni müşterilere ulaşmamızı sağladığı için Sleepwell etkili bir fuar. “


AYNUR ERMAN, GENERAL MANAGER, ERSAN MADENI: We were here last year, as well. This year it attracted more and larger companies as participants and as visitors. The fair is important for us, because it focuses on the segment we are in. I am ready to provide more support for its further development. Hope that it will be an efficient event for the industry. Good number of foreign guests was in the venue and they visited our booth. We are satisfied.

Sector-focused fairs are gaining more interest in abroad and began to emerge. In addition to its trade-focused publication, Sleep Well, which is contributing much to the mattress industry, the fair will be a trendsetter event in the near future.

As a new and dynamic player in the mattress industry we, the producers in Turkey, sell our quality products to Europeans. We ask ourselves, why our people in this country do not sleep on these AYNUR ERMAN, GENEL MÜDÜR, ERSAN MADENİ:

Biz geçen yılda bu fuara katıldık. Tabi geçen yıl ilk fuar olduğu için bu sene daha güçlü firma artışı ile hem ziyaretçi hem katılımcı olarak daha çok arttığını görüyoruz. Sektörel bir fuar olmasından dolayı bu fuara çok önem veriyorum ve ülkemizde bunların daha kapsamlı bir şekilde yapılması için destek veriyorum. İnşallah daha büyüyerek güzel bir fuar haline gelecektir. Oldukça yurtdışı katılımcısı var. Standımıza çok fazla yurtdışından katılımcılar ve ziyaretçiler geldi. Bu gerçekten sevindirici. Sektörel fuarlar bence artık yurtdışında da çok büyük ilgi görüyor ve ön plana çıkmaya başladı. O yüzden ülkemizde yatak sektörünü,

kind of comfortable mattresses. Our people also deserve high quality in their sleeps. However, customers are becoming more conscious on their choices. The demand for quality is rising. New stores are opening especially focused on sleep concept and sleep products. At the moment, the fair is faring on the right direction with powerful strides.

başlangıçta dergisiyle zaten çok büyük katkıda bulunan Sleepwell, önünü açacak yani trend belirleyecek bir fuar olmaya doğru ilerliyor. Biz hareketli yatak üretiminde daha yeni yeni Türkiye’den Avrupa’ya satış yapıyoruz ve hareketli yatakları anlatıyoruz. Benim ülkemin insanı neden böyle konforlu yatakta uyumuyor diye üzülüyorum. Yani bu uyku kalitesini yaşamıyoruz. Ama yeni yeni farkındalık olmaya başladı. O yüzden bu ürünlere çok ciddi ihtiyaç var. Yatak mobilyadan tamamen ayrılmalı, ayrı uyku konseptlerinin olduğu ayrı mağazalarda satılmalıdır. Şuan da fuarın istikrarlı ve doğru adımlarla güzel yol aldığını düşünüyorum.




AKIN BEBEK, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, FERYAL FERMUAR: Firstly it is very important having a fair in the basis of the sector. We have also exerted effort of what we can do in order to hold such a fair and let it continue for long years. We thank you and dear administrators. In fact, there was a gap of this kind of a fair in Turkey and this must have been filled. I hope Sleepwell will fill this deficiency. We look at the event through this eye, we also discussed enlargement of this fair at the meeting we held yesterday evening. We spoke with other firm representatives on what can be done. I hope the fair will continue increasingly in terms of both exhibitors and visitors in the upcoming years. As for the customer portfolio, of course mostly foreign firms in more rates will increase in the next years. Here there are giant firms of the world; Bekaert Tekstil, Yataş, Ümit Makine, Elektroteks, Forum Sünger these firms are foremost firms on behalf of them in the world. There are tens of exporting firms as long as seeing these



In the first edition of the fair last year there were not so many companies. This time Sleepwell Expo has done things better and attracted a great number of participants here. Almost all major companies from domestic market were here besides participants from abroad. The fair hit the main focus of the industry and is successful more than expected. I think it will be a competing fair for IMOB in the future. In only two years we may see here 9 to 10 halls devoted to sleep products industries.

Geçen seneki fuar katılımcı olarak daha düşüktü. Ama bu sene Sleepwell Expo, bazı şeyleri aşmış ve epey bir katılımcıyı buraya getirmiş. Yurtdışından gelen misafirler olsun iç piyasadaki güzel firmalar olsun hepsi katılmış ve gayet seviyeli bir şekilde fuarı tamamladık. Nokta atışı yapılmış ve beklediğimizin üstünde bir fuar geçirdik. Bu fuarın geleceğini İMOB ayarında bir fuar olarak görüyorum. 2 sene sonra ise 9-10 hall civarında bir fuar olacağı kanaatindeyim.


yaptığımız toplantıda da bu fuarın daha genişlemesi gerektiğini düşündük ve konuştuk. Neler yapılabilir anlamında diğer firma temsilcileri ile birlikte tartıştık. İnşallah önümüzdeki yıllarda bu fuar gerek katılımcı olarak gerek ziyaretçi sayısı olarak artarak devam edecektir. Müşteri portföyüne gelince tabi yabancı ağırlıklı müşteriler daha fazla oranda. Önümüzdeki yıllar da bu daha da çok artacaktır. Burada Boyteks, Bekaert, Yataş, Ümit Makine, Elektroteks, Boyteks, Form Sünger gibi dünya devleri firmalar var.

Öncelikle Türkiye’de sektörel bazda bir fuarın olması bizim için çok önemli idi. Bizde böyle bir fuarın olması ve uzun yıllar devam etmesi için elimizden gelen gayreti gösterdik. Bu fuarı bu hale getiren bütün katılımcılara sizler ve değerli yöneticilere teşekkür ederiz. Gerçekten Türkiye’de böyle bir fuarın eksikliği vardı ve bu olmalıydı. Sleepwell bu eksikliği doldurdu diyebilirim. Biz o gözle bakıyoruz. Daha dün akşam


firms openly we also boast. We support this fair as the firm and I hope we will get better results in the upcoming fairs. We also joined the first edition. We gained a good success and I hope we will be beneficial from this fair too. We are a firm exporting to 81 countries. We want to increase the number of country in exports and we are in pursuit of what kind of contribution will happen to our country and our firm and we have the capacity and power to achieve this. I think, we are a good firm as machinery parking and employee. In the next years, I think, we will reap the fruits. Our colleagues remained at the stand more and they would evaluate this issue much more. I give the voice to Ms. Özden Management Representative of the firm.

OZDEN SAGLAM, MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVE, FERYAL FERMUAR: In this edition there is a very serious activity. Since the first day there is an intensive participation. The ratio of foreign firms’ participation seems much more than the number of Turkish firms. Foreign rate that came to our stand is in 70-80% and this is a good condition for us; opening abroad is a condition which brings advantage every time. We thank you and Sleepwell Expo.

Bunlar dünyada kendi adına söz sahibi olan firmalar. Bu firmaların burada olması fuarın kalitesi açısından da çok önemli. Yine ihracat yapan onlarca firma var ve bu firmaları gördükçe bizimde göğsümüz kabarıyor. Firma olarak desteklediğimiz ve ileriki dönemlerde iyi sonuçlar elde edeceğimizi düşündüğümüz Sleepwell Expo’nun önü çok açık. Biz zaten 810 ülkeye ihracat yapan bir firmayız ve elimizden geldiği kadar ihracattaki ülke sayısını arttırmak istiyoruz. Ülkemize daha çok ne gibi katkımız olur, firmamıza ne gibi katkımız olur biz bunun peşindeyiz ve bunu başaracak kapasitemiz var. Önümüzdeki yıllarda da zaten bunun meyvelerini toplayacağımızı düşünüyoruz. ÖZDEN SAĞLAM, YÖNETİM TEMSİLCİSİ, FERYAL FERMUAR: Bu seneki fuar da çok ciddi bir hareketlenme söz konusu. İlk günden beri iyi bir katılım var. Özellikle yabancı firmaların katılım oranı Türk firmalara oranla daha fazla gözüküyor. Standımıza gelen yabancı oranı %80 civarında. Buda bizim için çok güzel bir durum. Dışarıya açılmak her zaman avantaj getiren bir durumdur. Sleepwell dergisine ve fuarı düzenleyen herkese çok teşekkür ederiz.


yıla göre daha fazla katılımcı var. Özellikle ihtisas fuarı olması bizim için çok önemli. Biz normalde yurtiçinde fuarlara katılmıyoruz. Bu fuar oldukça efektif geçiyor. Ziyaretçi sayısı diğer fuarlara göre belki çok yüksek değil ama gerçekten de herkes işiyle özel fuara geldiği için stantların hepsinde doluluk var ve hepsi de iş görüşüyorlar. Önümüzdeki sene fuar alanının biraz daha genişletilmesi gerekiyor. Özellikle alt katları biraz daha canlandırmaya yönelik çalışmalar yapılırsa memnun oluruz.

MEHMET ALI YORUK, GENERAL MANAGER, FORM FOAM: Primarily we thank regarding your contributions. We had exhibited last year also and last year our visitors were over our expectations despite being first edition. This year there are more exhibitors than last year, especially featuring a specialized fair is very important for us. Normally, domestic fairs are held, but we did not find much more space and were overcrowded, and regarding there was not specialized fair in our sector did not perform productive, efficient. This fair is quite effective. Maybe the number of visitor is not much more compared to other fairs, however regarding everybody comes to the fair peculiar to their business all of stands are full and all of them negotiate business. In other words, there is no unnecessary visitor portfolio. We are glad from this year’s performance. The fair venue requires being enlarged some. Especially upper floors are very good but the lower floor is insufficient. If this point is taken into consideration by the officials of the fair, we will be glad. We are glad overall.

As I said before, we join for the second time. We had also participated last year. This year participant profile is good. They are entirely related with mattress and equipment sector. Important companies take place. In terms of visitors, our target audience is the Middle East and neighboring countries and the Balkans, which are our primarily export regions. There are visitors in outstanding number from those regions. We have used this fair in an effective way because of your promotion works as well as our customers that we informed before. There are also our customers with whom we met first time, in addition to our current customers. Thanks.

MEHMET ALİ YÖRÜK, GENEL MÜDÜR, FORM SÜNGER: Öncelikle katkılarından dolayı herkese teşekkür ederiz. Geçen yılda katılmıştık ve geçen yılda oldukça beklentilerimizin üzerinde bir ziyaretçi gelmişti. Bu yıl ise geçen

Ziyaretçi açısından bakarsak bizim hedef kitlemiz zaten Ortadoğu, komşu ülkelerimiz ve Balkanlar. Buralardan ciddi miktarda ziyaretçilerimiz var. Gerek sizin tanıtımlarınız gerekse bizim daha önce bildirdiğimiz müşterilerimiz için bu fuarı efektif bir şekilde kullandık. İlk kez tanıştığımız müşterilerimizde fuarda idi. Emeği geçen herkese teşekkürler.




This year the fair is more organized and more efficient. Number of participants and visitors are higher than before. Quality of the fair has been improved. It is evident from the designs, applications and themes of the booths. We have experienced what we expected. The fair is growing, developing and aiming for more space in the venue.

Fuar bu sene oldukça daha düzenli daha verimli. Geçen seneye oranla katılımcı ve ziyaretçi sayısı daha fazla. Fuarın kalitesi gerçekten artmış. Bunu özellikle stantların yapımından, kurulumundan, düzeninden görebiliyoruz. Genel manada düşüncelerimizin doğru çıktığını söyleyebilirim. Fuar büyüyor, gelişiyor ve önümüzdeki yıllarda daha geniş bir alana taşınacağını tahmin ediyorum.

In terms of participants, I can say that almost all of the leading players of the industry were here. We are so happy to see that. The region has long been awaiting for this kind of an event. Every part and elements of the bed and sleep industries are produced in Turkey. Being a center of attraction is another plus. We had witnessed heavy involvement of visitors from the Balkans and the Middle

East. In the future edition of the fair, there will be more participants and visitors from South America, America and far away locations.

In a few years or so, the fair will become a major competitor for the fairs held in Germany. Especially, the booths of foreign companies were signaling the future success of Sleep Well on the way of becoming a global event.

Katılımcılar açısından zaten şu anda sektörün lider firmaları hemen hemen hepsi burada. Bunu görmek bizim adımıza sevindirici. Bölgenin böyle bir fuara ihtiyacı vardı zaten. Türkiye yarı mamul açısından yatak konusunda her şeyi üreten bir ülke. Cazibe merkezi olması da ayrı bir imkan sağlıyor şu anda. Balkanlar’dan ve Ortadoğu’dan yoğun bir ziyaretçi katılımı görüyoruz. Bunun diğer yönleriyle de diğer yıllarda yani Güney Amerika’dan, Amerika’dan ve uzak coğrafyalardan da katılımcıların ve ziyaretçilerin buraya geleceğini görüyoruz. Fuarı birkaç yıl sonra sektörün lideri ve Almanya’da düzenlenen fuarlarıyla rekabet edebilecek düzeye geleceğini düşünüyorum. Özellikle bu yıl uluslararası katılımcıların stantlarını gördük. Bu açıdan bölgede başlayan Sleepwell Expo rüzgarının daha da global çapta eseceğini düşünüyorum.




This fair is both new and valuable for Turkey. Earlier, there were neither publications nor trade fairs focused on mattresses. It was needed seriously. The fair reflects the development of the mattress industry in Turkey and the size of the industry in the world. Almost whole world of the mattress industry was here. There were all the people interested in sleep products from companies and visitors from all over the world. We saw this, and we are happy. The fair will be a standard and traditional event for the industry. We support the fair. We have been taking part in every step of Sleepwell as a publication and as a trade fair.

Bu fuar Türkiye için değerli yeni bir fuar. Daha önce yatakla ilgili Türkiye’de ne dergi ne de böyle bir fuar düzenlenmişti. Bu da bizim için bir eksiklikti. Türkiye’deki yatağın gelişimini Türkiye’deki yatak piyasasının büyüklüğünü dünyaya buradan aksettiriyoruz. Artık tüm dünya burada. Her yerden her lokasyondan yatak sektörü ile ilgili alakalı herkes bu fuara geldi. Biz bunu gördük ve çok memnunuz. Artık bu fuar standart ve geleneksel hale gelecektir. Bunun için de destekliyoruz. Sleepwell dergisinde kurulduğundan beri, fuarda ise ilk yapıldığı tarihten beri yer alıyoruz. Bu hem bir nevi destek hem de kendimizi tanıtmak için fırsat.

FATIH YAVUZ, SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER, INDIVANI: The fair was so good. We had talks with participants, besides we presented the development of the mattress industry in Turkey to foreign guests. Be they are sellers or producers they have witnessed the progress of the industry in the country. Fairs are not suitable place for hot selling and aggressive marketing. They are valuable opportunity getting to know about potential buyers and consumers.

FATİH YAVUZ, SATIŞ VE PAZARLAMA MÜDÜRÜ, İNDİVANİ: Fuar gayet güzel geçti. Katılan firmalarla zaten ciddi görüşmelerimiz oluyor. Bunun yanında yurtdışından gelen firmalara da ülkemizin yatak sektörünün ilerleme kaydettiğini gösteriyoruz. Çünkü gerek satıcılar olsun gerek üreticiler olsun Türkiye’de yatak sektörünün ilerlediğini takip ederek bu fuarda bulundular. Fuarlar bizim için sıcak satış noktası değil, firmalarla ve tüketicilerle tanışmak adına bir şans oluyor.




We have been satisfied with the fair. All our expectations were met. We established very successful relationships with our guests and other participating companies. We have found valuable times for being with our peers and our competitors. All of them have expressed their satisfaction about the fair organization.

Biz fuardan çok memnun kaldık. Beklentilerimiz tamamen karşılandı. Gelen misafirler olsun gelen katılımcılar olsun gayet başarılı ilişkiler gerçekleştirdik. Kendi adımıza diğer rakiplerimizle meslektaşlarımızla birlikte olma fırsatı bulduk. Onlarda yaptığımız konuşmalarda ve toplantılarda da herkes memnun olduğunu dile getirdi.

The fair is valuable for us because we can watch the developments and innovations in the industry. All the companies think so. We see the results of the activities done in the fair. We also keep watching developments reflected in your publication Sleep Well. See you at the next edition.

Sektörü geliştirme açısından yenilikleri birebir takip ederek çok faydalanıyoruz. Biz rakiplerimizle konuştuğumuzda da hep aynısını söylüyoruz. Dolayısıyla faydalarını her gün görüyoruz. Zaten Sleepwell dergisinden diğer rakipler neler yaptığını değerlendirebiliyoruz. Gelecek sene görüşmek dileğiyle.





We have witnessed that Sleepwell Expo has grown more this year than its last year. We have experienced a lucrative show. I would like to thank to the organizers and everybody who contributed to this success. We have made established important relations from domestic and international markets. We are satisfied at this manner.

Bu sene Sleepwell Expo’nun geçen seneye nazaran çok hızlı geliştiğini görüyoruz. Bu anlamda verimli bir fuar geçirdik. Öncelikle fuarı düzenleyen ve emeği geçen herkese teşekkür ederim. Yurtiçi ve yurtdışında önemli bağlantılar kurduk. Bu anlamda memnunuz.

As for the machinery field, we, as machinery manufacturers, should support this fair. If it continues this way, it will be better quality than many similar fairs around the world in a few years. It has pulled attention of everybody that it covers all related fields from machinery to mattress supply industry and its nature of being dedicated only to the mattress industry. I have no doubt that we will reap the fruits of this show in the years ahead.

Makine anlamında ise, biz makineciler olarak bu fuarı desteklemeliyiz. Böyle devam ederse birkaç sene sonra Sleepwell Expo, dünyadaki benzeri çoğu fuardan daha kaliteli olacaktır. Makineden yatak yan sanayine kadar bütün sektörü buluşturması ve sadece yatak ile ilgili bir fuar olması bence herkesin dikkatini çekti. Önümüzdeki senelerde bu fuarın meyvelerini daha iyi toplayacağımızdan şüphemiz yok.




While preparing for the first edition of this fair, we had said that it would be a good candidate to be an alternative for the Cologne fair if we, as machinery producing companies, would put our support to it. We had talks with machine manufacturing companies. They also said that in its second edition the fair has gone beyond the expectations. Almost all of the visitors were professional people coming from the sector, domestic and international. It seems that next editions of the fair will offer more than expected to both exhibitors and visitors.

İlk fuar yapılırken biz makineciler olarak bu fuarı desteklersek, Sleepwell Expo’nun 5 sene sonra Almanya’daki Köln fuarının alternatifi olacağını söylemiştik. Bununla alakalı makineci firmalarla görüşüyoruz. İkinci sene olmasına rağmen herkesin beklentisinin üzerinde bir görüntü oluşturdu. Bunun sebebi gelen ziyaretçilerin tamamının profesyonel, işi bilen ve sektörün içinde yer alanlar olması. Hem yurtiçi hem de yurtdışı anlamında bu fuar önümüzdeki dönemlerde herkese istediğinden fazlasını verecek gibi gözüküyor.

As you know, companies, which produce machinery for mattresses, the parts demanded by mattress industry and those companies who make mattresses were all convened in this fair. What does it mean for the development of Sleepwell Expo Fair? The lack of communication among the main players of the value chain of the mattress industry was the major handicap of the industry. The fair serves them to unite in one platform. It is also good for foreign visitors

and exhibitors. The mattress producers seek the machinery firms and then they seek technology to acquire, all seek new customers for their offerings. We also wanted that quilt producers would be in the fair to complete the chain. This time, Ozka company, a quilt maker, was in the fair. Next year we expect that the producers in Denizli will show up in the fair. I hope that, next year we will expand our coverage more having every sector and segment of the business. We thank you all, for your efforts and contributions.

Sektörün en büyük handikabı birbirlerinin arasındaki kopukluktu. Bu fuar birleşmeyi ve bir arada olmayı sağlanıyor. Yurtdışından gelenler için bir de güzel bir şey var; biz imalatçıyız imalatçılar aşağıda makine ihtiyacımız var makineciler yukarıda hem teknolojiye bakıyorlar hem de o teknoloji hangi makinede yapılıyor ona bakıyorlar. Onun için yorgan sektörünü de bu fuara sokmaya çalışıyoruz ki bu sektörde bizim bir parçamız. Mesela bu yıl Özka Makina’yı getirdik ve kendisi çok memnun. Önümüzdeki yıllarda da muhtemelen Denizli’deki yorgancıları da bir şekilde dahil edeceğiz. İnşallah sektörü birkaç yıl içerisinde yatak ve yorgan şeklinde daha geniş perspektifte değerlendireceğiz.


ONUR KIRAYOGLU, BOARD MEMBER, KIRAYTEKS: We were among the companies that were consulted for the organization of this event last year. Since then we have been putting our support for the fair and we will continue to do so in coming years. Last year there was a large number of visitors and participants coming from several parts of the world. We have been expecting growing number of participants for this year as well. As expected an additional hall was opened and sold 100 percent to 90 percent. This shows the interest of companies and people in this event.

On the other hand, economic and political events occurred in the country and abroad have lead to a slowdown in the economy. Rising rates of foreign currencies both in Turkey and in foreign markets and the events in neighboring countries may have limited the number ONUR KIRAYOĞLU, YÖNETİM KURULU ÜYESİ, KIRAYTEKS:

Bu fuar ilk yapılma niyetinde olduğunda ilk konuşulan ve danışılanlardan biri bizdik. İlk günde destek verdik hala daha veriyoruz ve vermeye devam edeceğiz. Tabi beklediğimiz gibi aslında geçtiğimiz sene ilk senesi idi. Güzel bir kalabalık vardı hep bunu konuştuk ilk senesinde bile dünyanın birçok noktasından insanlar geldi. İkinci yıl da ben bu büyümeyi bekliyordum. Yani bakıldığı zaman çok ciddi bir büyüme var. 1 hall daha açılmış ve diğer haller ağzına kadar dolmuş. Bazı yerler %100, bazı yerler %90 dolulukta. Buda insanların ilk yıl tereddüt edipte bu yıl katılma istediğini gösteriyor. Şu da var tabi, geçtiğimiz yıldan bu yana ülkemizde ve dünyada hem ekonomik

growing demand. You have to expand the floor space in the third edition, even you need the forth and fifth halls. We may attract new companies and visitors from Europe, America, Australia, South Africa and far away countries. Your company and we sent invitations to all of our accounts and customers for the fair.

of visitors. In spite of these we have made promising talks with our customers and visitors. I talked to several managers of participating companies, they all seemed satisfied and desire to participate in next year as well. I think that the area will not be sufficient for

hem siyasi bir sürü gelişmeler oldu. Bunun neticesinde ekonomide bir daralma var ve çok yakın pazarlarda da kendi ülkemizde de dövizin yükselişi, çevre ülkelerde yaşanan hadiseler ve Ortadoğu’nun hali ziyaretçi sayısının azalmasına neden olmuş. Bu olabilir. Ama ben yine de olumlu bir fuar geçirdiğimizi düşünüyorum. Güzel görüşmeler yaptık ve hoşumuza giden insanların ziyareti ile mutlu olduk. Çevredeki firmalarla da görüşüyorum ve gelecek yılda da katılma istekleri olduğunu söylüyorlar. Tahmin ediyorum ki buraya bu kadar katılımcı sığmayacaktır. Bu fuar mutlaka bir arayışa girecektir ve daha fazla hall açmak için çalışacaktır. Ziyaretçi sayısını biraz daha arttırabiliriz. Özellikle Avrupa, Amerika, Avusturalya, Güney Afrika, Afrika gibi uzak kıtalardan da buraya insan getirebiliriz. Siz zaten

We have been in the mattress industry for more than 40 years as producer. We invited all names in our account book. We saw almost all companies we have been operating in the same business. They also invited their customers to visit the fair. There were a large list of prospective visitors, composing from larger companies in global markets, in America, Australia and England. We saw the encouragement of Turkish producers for this fair by participating or visiting the event. We thank you and all companies who took part in the organization.

organizasyon olarak bunun için çaba sarf ettiniz. Bizde kendi portföyümüzü bir şekilde temasımız olan insanların hepsine davetiye gönderdik ve buradayız dedik. Biz yatak yüzü üreticisi olarak 40 yılı aşkın bu sektörün içerisindeyiz. Bizimle birlikte bu sene rakibimiz olan ama yine de sektörümüzde olan ve tatlı bir rekabetimiz olan tüm firmalarında burada olduğunu gördük. Onlarda müşterilerini davet ettiler. Böyle yaparak müthiş bir portföy ortaya gelmiş oluyor. Bu global firmalarında katılımıyla Amerika’daki, Avusturalya’daki, İngiltere’deki insanlarında dikkatini çekebiliyorsunuz. Şuana kadar genel olarak olumlu en azından Türk sanayicisinin yapmış olduğu şu katılım cesaretiyle fuara destek verdiğini ve destek vereceğini görmüş olduk. Herkese teşekkür ederiz.




This is my first visit to this fair. As far as I saw, machinery, technology and materials sections of the fair are highly active. In line with the growing number of companies of mattress and sleep products it will become more effective for the industry.

Benim bu fuara ilk ziyaret edişim. Fakat gördüğüm kadarıyla makine teknoloji kısmı ve malzeme kısmı gayet güzel. İnşallah yatakçıların ve uyku ürünü satanların biraz daha fazlalaşması ile daha da kaliteli bir fuar olacağına inanıyorum.

This is the only fair focused on our sector. I am a member of MOSDER, the association of furniture industrialists. Having this kind of a fair is a real and rare opportunity for our industry, for the countries in the region. Most of the participants in this fair were aware of the Interzum fair held in Germany, Ispa in the USA and iSaloni in Milan, Italy, the fairs related with mattress and sleep related products, so their expectations seemed high for Sleepwell Expo fair. Both machine manufacturers, material suppliers and mattress producers were signaling that it will be more efficient next year. I thank all the parties and people who contributed in the realization of this fair.

Bu sektörümüzün branşlaşmış tek fuarı. Ben MOSDER yönetim kurulu üyesiyim. Biz de dernek olarak İSMOB’u (İstanbul Mobilya Fuarı) düzenliyoruz. Böyle sektörel bir fuarın olması hem bizim sektörümüz için hem de çevre ülkelerdeki coğrafya için bence bulunmadık bir fırsattır. Buradaki katılımcıların çoğu diğer sektörel fuarı özellikle yatak ve yatak ekipmanları ile alakalı Almanya İnterzum’u, Amerika’daki İspa’yı ve Milano’yu gezdiği için gardını ona göre almış ve kaliteyi biraz yüksek tutmuşlar. Makineciler olsun, malzemeciler olsun, ürün satanlar olsun seneye daha da güzel bir fuar olacağının sinyallerini veriyorlar. Fuarı yapan, emeği geçen herkese teşekkürler.


Mr. Alexander Bolliou, CEO of Latexco Latexco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components for the bedding industry. The company produces a large range of mattress cores, toppers and pillow cores. Always in search for the true nature of sleeping they find ways to improve the quality of people’s sleep. Latexco combines the flexibility and responsiveness of a family-owned business with the strengths of an international player. Besides the headquarters in Tielt (Belgium), Latexco also has production and logistical facilities in Spain (Zaragoza), USA (Georgia & California) and Indonesia (Surabaya) & decentralized sales offices in Singapore, Italy and Spain. The bedding manufacturers that transform their cores and toppers into finished mattresses and pillows can count on a strong integrated approach: a high-quality product, developed in an ecologically balanced and sustainable way and Alexander Bolliou Latexco CEO

Latexco yatak endüstrisi için lateks köpük bileşenlerinin dünyanın önde gelen üreticilerinden biri. Şirket yatak içi, yatak pedi ve yatak başlıkları alanında geniş bir ürün yelpazesini imal ediyor. Daima gerçek uyku doğası arayışında olan firma insanların uyku kalitesini artırmak için çözümler üretiyor. Latexco esnekliği ve güçlü bir aile şirketinin sorumluluğunu uluslararası arenada bir oyuncunun olmanın getirdiği zorluklarla bir araya getiriyor. Belçika Tielt’teki merkezinin yanı sıra, Latexco aynı zamanda İspanya Zaragoza’da, ABD’nin Gürcistan ve Kaliforniya’da ve Endonezya Surabaya’da üretim ve lojistik imkanlara ve Singapur, İtalya ve İspanya’da merkezi olmayan satış ofislerine sahip. Yatak

fair has grown. There is much more exhibitor compared to last year and more attendance of people. It has better professional atmosphere compared to last year. So there are steps have been taken.”

delivered through fast and reliable service. “My name is Alexander. I am CEO of Latexco. We are latex producing company from Belgium. That is the second time that we present here at Sleepwell Expo. We are very happy and satisfied about how everything is well organized.” “I think what we have seen is the

içini ve başlıklarını hazır yatak ve yastıklara dönüştüren firmanın güçlü bir yaklaşımına güvenebilirsiniz: Yüksek kaliteli ürün, ekolojik olarak dengeli ve sürdürülebilir bir şekilde üretim ve hızlı ve güvenilir bir teslimat. “Benim adım Alexander. Ben Latexco CEO’suyum. Biz Belçika menşeli lateks üreten bir şirketiz. Biz Sleepwell Expo’da ürünlerimizi sunmak için ikinci kez bulunuyoruz. Fuarda her şeyin iyi organize edilmiş olduğunu görmek bizi mutlu ve memnun ediyor.” “Bu fuarın ilerleme kaydettiğini düşünüyorum. Geçen yıla göre hem daha fazla ziyaretçi hem de daha fazla katılımcı var. Geçen yıla göre daha profesyonel atmosfer hakim. Yani fuarda yeni adımlar atılmış.” “Mutlaka fuar önümüzdeki yıllarda daha da büyütecek. Belki bu fuarı

“The fair will surely grow in the coming years. Maybe we should consider to do it only once every two year. Because every year is quite for us, it is a quite big investment to be here. We see that other fairs like in U.S. and Germany are only done every two year so maybe that could be an advice to you and you should consider to do it every two years. And then I think it will further grow and you will have more people coming to the show.” “You see booths and stands are nicer compare to last year. You see exhibitors are investing more to be present here are being more professional and nicer. So I think everyone is very happy with the show.” “I want to congratulate Sleepwell organizer and good luck for the future.” her iki yılda sadece bir kez yapmayı düşünmelisiniz. Her yıl burada olmak bizim için oldukça büyük bir yatırım. ABD ve Almanya’da bu gibi fuarlar sadece her iki yılda bir kez yapılıyor yani organizatör firma da bu fuarı her iki yılda bir yapmayı düşünmeli. Böylece bu fuar daha da büyüyecek ve fuara daha fazla insan gelecektir diye düşünüyorum.” “Katılımcılar için fuar kabinleri ve stantları geçen yıla göre daha güzel. Daha profesyonel ve daha güzel bir tanıtım olması için katılımcılar buraya yatırım yapıyor. Fuara katılan tüm firmaların fuardan memnun olduğunu düşünüyorum.” “Ben Sleepwell organizatörlerini tebrik etmek istiyorum ve gelecek için onlara iyi şanslar diliyorum.”


ALI ANIL, LEGGETT & PLATT: As Legget & Platt brand this is our first experience in Sleepwell Expo. We have been in Turkey just two years ago and we saw that Sleepwell is the only event in Turkey. It is so not only with the fair, but also with its publications. We are really happy with being here and we keep coming. Our team in the fair has found opportunities to meet with customers from France, England and the Balkans. Our president was also here at our first event. The industry is rather large. It might be a regional power in the area, however it was rather introvert by now. From now on global ALİ ANIL, SATIŞ MÜDÜRÜ, LEGGET&PLATT:

Biz Legget&Platt markası olarak bu sene Sleepwell Expo’ya ilk defa katılıyoruz. Zaten iki yıl önce geldik Türkiye’ye ve sektörle ilgili tek çalışmanın Sleepwell olduğunu gördük. Sadece fuar anlamında değil, dergisi ile de bizi mutlu etti açıkçası. Hakikaten bu sene katıldığımız için çok memnunuz ve bunun devamını getirmek istiyoruz. Kararımız bu ve bütün Legget ekibi burada çeşitli ülkelerden, Fransa’dan, İngiltere’den, Hırvatistan’dan müşterilerle görüştü. Hatta Türkiye’deki ilk etkinliğimiz olduğu için bu sene başkanımızda buraya geldi. Dolayısıyla teşekkür ediyoruz organizasyon için. Tabi ki ilk başlayan her şey gibi bir sürü başlangıç aşamalarını geçmek zorundayız. Sektör çok büyük bir sektör. Bölgesel bir güç olabilecekken maalesef biraz içe kapanık kalmış. Şimdi artık global markaların gelmesi ve işbirlikleri ile gelişecektir. Zaten bizde standımızda bu mesajı vermek

brands will be here in Turkey. We also wanted to deliver the same message at our booth. We only exhibited mattresses of our partners, with our motto, “partners on the job”. We first thank you and then to our partners that help us to participate in this fair.

Customers are able to distinguish among the products they were offered and they know what to buy. Brands having better products are preferred more. The industry is growing fast and will grow more in the future. When the three elements of mattresses are made of quality materials, as springs, fabrics and foam, producers can get their profits of their efforts. istiyoruz. Tamamen ortaklarımızın yataklarını sergiledik. Legget’in bir sloganı da “Ortaklar iş başında”. Bizde bunu Türkiye’de uyguluyoruz. Öncelikle size daha sonra da bu fuara katılmamızı sağlayan iş ortaklarımıza teşekkür ediyoruz. Türkiye’de insanlar iyi ürünü anlayabiliyorlar. Siz ne verirseniz onu alacak durumda değiller. Dolayısıyla iyi ürün yapan firmaların ön plana çıktığını her anlamda görüyoruz. Yatak mobilyanın içinden ayrışmaya çalışıyor. Mobilyanın içinden ayrışmasıyla birlikte kendi başına bir sektör oluyor. Dolayısıyla bu sektör çok hızlı bir şekilde büyüyecek ve iyi ürün yapan herkes kazanacak. Yani bir yatağı oluşturan üç katmandan bahsediyoruz; yay, sünger ve kumaş. İçine koyduğunuz malzemelerinde kalitesine dikkat ettiğiniz sürece yatağa verilen emeğin karşılığını alabiliyorsunuz. Ama herkesin aynı şeyi yaptığı yani tüketiciyi göz ardı ederek yaptığı üründe başarıya ulaşmıyor. Tekrardan herkese teşekkür ederiz.


UGUR AYDIN, PRESIDENT, LEOTEXT: As Leotext Ticaret A.Ş., we joined first edition of the fair last year and we also join this year. Featuring as a specialized fair, it is a good organization which gather the entire sector such as machinery, accessories, finished goods manufacturers; it is a good organization, I hope that Sleep Well will be a specialized fair by passing ways as other renowned fairs achieved previously in the world. As the organization I never see lack of anything but I think as promotion would be more both at home and abroad through necessary tools, media, and advertisement in news qualification. If it could maintain its seriousness, in other words, I would say that the fair gets value with its participants. Apart from its organization if the promotion is made quite well. I believe this would improve like the fairs that much remembered in the textile sector, which are held biennially, every four years. Thank you.

UĞUR AYDIN, BAŞKAN, LEOTEXT: Leotext olarak bu fuarın geçen sene birincisine de katılmıştık ve bu sene de katılıyoruz. Bu fuarın bir ihtisas fuarı olması ve bu sektörde üretim yapanları bir araya toplaması güzel bir şey. Makine, aksesuar, mamul ve mal üreticileri ile güzel bir organizasyon ortaya çıkmış. Ümit ediyorum ki dünyada ünlü diğer fuarların kat ettiği yolları Sleepwell Expo’da geçerek onlar gibi bir ihtisas fuarı olarak önemli bir isim olacaktır. Organizasyon olarak kesinlikle eksik bir şey söyleyemem. Ama belki tanıtım anlamında hem yurtiçinde hem de yurtdışında biraz daha fazla çalışılması fuara olumlu katkı yapabilir. Bunun için gerekli araçları, medyayı, haber niteliğindeki reklamları kullanılmasının faydalı olacağını düşünüyorum.


Mr. Hu, Lien A Co., Ltd. Established in 1987 by Mr. Lam Ngoc Hiep, Lien A has globalized the Vietnam mattress industry. A family owned business, Lien A has over 25 years of expertise in producing premium latex using a proprietary recipe. Today, Lien A continues to satisfy the need of its diverse clientele through quality products and excellent customer service.

“Lia is latex manufacturing in Vietnam. We only do %100 percent natural products. We came here because we think that Turkey is manufacturing alerted market. And we are very happy to have show here and we can charge show here.” “SleepWell Expo exhibition is like a trend and organic product. I think you should promote the exhibition more.”

“I think so. If you can improve a little bit more about the natural and organic products like a trend and way of living products. A lot of people need natural products.” “Turkey has not much different mattress industry from Europe and U.S. You have other different thing as an advantages compared to other countries. Also some latex in Turkey is interesting for us. Asia is best for latex anyway.”

Lien A Co., Ltd. firma yetkilisi Sayın Hu Lam Ngoc Hiep tarafından 1987 yılında kurulan Lien A, Vietnam yatak endüstrisini küreselleştiriyor. Bir aile şirketi olan Lien A en güzel yolu kullanarak kaliteli lateks üretiminde 25 yıllık bir deneyime sahip. Bugün, Lien A kaliteli ürün ve mükemmel müşteri hizmetleri ile farklı müşteri ihtiyaçlarını karşılamaya devam ediyor. “Lia Vietnam’da lateks üretim yapan bir firma. Üretimde % 100 oranında doğal ürünler imal ediyoruz. Türkiye’nin üretime yönelik bir pazar olduğunu düşünerek, biz bu fuara katıldık. Ve biz burada bulunduğumuz için çok mutluyuz ve herkese bu fuara katılmayı öneririz.” Sleepwell Expo fuarının bu ikincisi hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz? “Sleepwell Expo fuarı trend ve organik ürün gibi bir etkinlik. Ben bu fuarın daha çok tanıtımı yapılması gerektiğini düşünüyorum.” “Evet katılacağız. Eğer doğal ve organik ürünler alanında daha fazla çalışma yapılırsa fuar daha etkili olabilir. Neticede dünyada pek çok insanın bu doğal ürünlere ihtiyacı var.” “Türkiye yatak sektöründe sunduğu avantajları ile diğer ülkelere kıyasla Avrupa ve ABD’den pek farklı değil, onlarla yarışıyor. Ayrıca Türkiye’de bazı lateks tedarikçileri ve bizim için önemli. Asya zaten lateksin en iyi olduğu yer.”


BURHAN CETINBULUT, BOARD MEMBER, LIFOS: Last year there were fewer companies. At this edition of Sleepwell there are more companies from abroad as visitors and exhibitors. The fair is growing securely and successfully. Every one of them was selected carefully. The performance of the fair was above our expectations. It may become a fair at IMOB grade. The area of the fair will certainly be expanded at next editions of the event. We thank you all. BURHAN ÇETİNBULUT, YÖNETİM KURULU ÜYESİ, LİFOS: Geçen sene ilk olan bu fuara katılım düşüktü. Ama bu sene Sleepwell Expo bazı şeyleri aşmış. Epey yurtdışından gelen katılımcı ve ziyaretçiler var. Fuar gayet seviyeli ve güzel bir şekilde gelişmeye devam ediyor. Ziyaretçilerin hepsi seçilmiş ve nokta atışı yapılmış firmalar. Beklediğimizin üzerinde bir fuar geçti zaten. Geleceği İMOB ayarında bir fuar gibi gözüküyor. Görünüşte de o olacak inşallah. Seneye veya iki sene sonra da daha geniş alanlarda bu fuarı yapmayı istiyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.


MURAT AYGUN, GENERAL MANAGER, LOGINIBED: Despite being only the second edition it is great. Firstly I would like to thank to Voli Fair Organization held this fair and the colleagues there. Really this fair organization holds the fair in the European standards. It is an extremely good presentation and displaying. Especially having been of foreign exhibitors, visitors here, is a great advantage; I hope we predict to make good things thanks to this fair. Really there are top-level participants. As I said before the participants are in the European quality standards. With the additions a more successful results will reveal MURAT AYGÜN, GENEL MÜDÜR, LOGİNİBED:

Bu yıl ikincisi olmasına rağmen yoğun geçen Sleepwell Expo ile alakalı ben öncelikle fuar organizasyonunu yapan Voli Fuarcılığa ve oradaki arkadaşlara teşekkür ederim. Gerçekten Avrupa standartlarında bir fuar oldu. Özellikle yabancı katılımcıların ve ziyaretçilerin burada olması da çok büyük bir avantaj. İnşallah fuar sonrası güzel şeyler yapmayı hedefliyoruz. Çok üst düzey katılımcılar var. Başta söylediğim gibi Avrupa kalitesinde katılımcılar söz konusu. Bu

in the next edition of the fair.

Currently, predominantly, along with foreign visitors there is a productive visitor profile to reflect directly towards sales, for this reason I also see the visitors profile high quality. sector develop in Turkey and what will be its effect to this sector in your opinion?

First of all the fair organization is very important, from now on allowing the fair organization set from three halls to more one can gain very successful results in terms of increasing the number of mattress, base producers, also participation of supplier industry, machinery industry or sellers. Thanks.

katılımcılara ilaveler ile bir sonraki fuarda çok daha başarılı sonuçlar ortaya çıkacaktır diye düşünüyorum. Yurtdışı ağırlıklı daha çok ziyaretçilerle beraber direk satışa yönelik anlaşmalar ortaya çıkacaktır. Öncelikle fuar organizasyonu çok önemli. Bu fuar organizasyonunun artık daha fazla alanda organize edilmesi hem yatak baza üreticilerinin fuardaki sayılarının arttırılmasını, hem de yan sanayi ve makine sanayi anlamında hizmet veren üreticilerin veya satıcıların katılımını daha fazla sağlayacaktır.


MUSTAFA NEBİ DOGAN, SALES AND MARKETING DIRECTOR, MERT MAKİNE: Since we were members of advisory board, we have been feeling the gap for this kind of fair. There were similar fairs in China and America, but there was not any fair combining both machinery companies and mattress component companies. This is the only fair of this kind in the world. Our expectations were high and it seemed that we have over achieved them.

Visitor profile is about the same for similar fairs held in Germany and China. There were visitors coming from neighboring countries, Europe, South America and interesting participants from Far East. It seemed that everybody in the fair seemed happy with the results and high number of visitors at the booths. As was mentioned yesterday in advisory board of the Sleepwell Expo, we are sure that it will be one of the world’s most prestigious fair events in a short time.

MUSTAFA NEBİ DOĞAN, SATIŞ VE PAZARLAMA DİREKTÖRÜ, MERT MAKİNE: Biz Sleepwell danışma kurulunda olduğumuzdan dolayı yıllardır böyle bir fuarın yapılması gerektiğini söylüyorduk. Özellikle buna benzer fuarlar Çin’de Amerika’da yapılıyor. Ama Sleepwell tabi hem yatak kompanentleri hem de makinelerin bir arada olduğu tek fuar. Bundan dolayı bu fuar hakikaten çok büyük ümitlerle yaptığımız ve karşılığını fazlasıyla aldığımız bir organizasyon. Sleepwell Expo’nun ziyaretçi profiline benzeri olan Almanya ve Çin’deki fuarlar yönünden baktığımızda, tam olması gereken ziyaretçilerin bulunduğunu görüyoruz. Yine yakın komşu ülkeler ile birlikte Avrupa’dan,

We also do not forget the fact that some fairs held in Germany have about 150 years of past and the Milan fair is 70 years old. We compare a fair of two years with these giants. We are proud of being a part of the organization that is so successful. It will be more comprehensive in the future, year after year. There are promising developments that will be disclosed by our friends. I especially thank your publication, Sleep Well magazine and to those who put their efforts behind its realization.

Güney Amerika’dan, Uzakdoğu’dan bu sene ilginç katılımcılar oldu. Kısaca Sleepwell Expo gün be gün gelişmeye devam ediyor. Katılımcı ve ziyaretçi profili açısından herkes halinden memnun gözüküyor. Fuar esnasında yaptığımız toplantıda olduğu gibi fuarın gelişmesi ve prestijli bir fuar noktasına gelmesi için herkes üzerine düşeni yapmalı. Yurtdışındaki benzer fuarlar 150 yıllık geçmişe sahip. Biz sadece ikincisini düzenlediğimiz fuarı aslında bu fuarlarla karşılaştırıyoruz. Bu bizim için güzel bir şey. İlerleyen zamanlarda fuara gün güne koyarak artacağını düşünüyoruz. Bu fuarın düzenlenmesinde emeği geçen arkadaşlara, sizlere, Sleepwell Expo dergi ve yayıncılık kuruluşuna ayrıca teşekkür ederim.


OGUZ OZEV, SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER, MILKAY: The fair was so beneficial and a success. We especially thank all who participated in the organization of this fair. As Milkay technic company we have participated several fairs in the world. When we compare this fair with similar events in the fair, we see that it has no flaws. We especially mentioned to all our visitors that this is the only fair of its kind in the world. It may be one of the top five fairs in the world that businesses should take part or to visit in about five years. We say this depending on our experiences in similar fair. Turkish comOĞUZ ÖZEV, SATIŞ VE PAZARLAMA MÜDÜRÜ, MİLKAY:

Fuar çok başarılı ve faydalı geçti. Özellikle bu fuarı organize edenlere teşekkür ediyoruz. Milkay Teknik Tekstil olarak dünyanın dört bir tarafındaki fuarlara katıldık. Onlar ile kıyasladığımız zaman bizim hiçbir eksik kalır tarafımız yok. Sektör olarak da dünyada bu fuarın bir ilk olduğunu gelen müşterilerimize özellikle söylüyoruz. 5 yıl sonra da dünyada ilk gitmeliyim diyeceğiniz fuar bu olacaktır. Bunu şimdiye kadar ki tecrübelerimize dayanarak söylüyoruz. Şunu da biliyorum Türk yatırımcımız Türk üreticisi bu fuarı destekliyor ve farkında. Çok öğrendik, çok başarılı olacağız, hep beraber çok iyi yolda ilerliyoruz. Çok hareketli bir fuardı. Nokta atışı olarak değerlendireceğimiz bir fuar. Yani bizim tabir ettiğimiz gibi laf olsun diye gelip seni meşgul edecek insanlar yoktu burada. Standa gelen bütün insanlar müşteri veya müşteri potansiyeli olabilecek insanlardı. Bu açıdan bizi çok mutlu etti. Katılımcı sayısının fazlalığından dolayı çok fazla efor sarf ettik. Ama doğru

panies are aware of this fact and all support it. We learned much and we will be successful. We are running on the right path. It was a highly dynamic fair. It was a highly focused event. All people and parties in the fair were all real professionals eager to buy the right product. We worked hard to serve to large number of visitors. We talked about serious and beneficial topics with them. People coming from the Middle East and the Balkans were highly helpful for us to understand and getting to know about the markets. Next year we will be talking about the further expansion and success of this fair. We thank you all. şeyler konuştuk, ne istediğini bilen insanlarla görüştük. Ortadoğu ve Balkanlardan gelen müşteriler bizi bu konuda piyasayı analiz etmemizde çok yardımcı oldu. İlerleyen yıllarda bu fuarın büyüdüğünü ve genişlediğini konuşarak mutluluğumuza mutluluk katacağız. Teşekkür ederiz.




First of all I wish it would be good event. The success of the industries is reflected in the success of the trade fairs focused on them. They have been mutually beneficial for both sides. During the recent years, the furniture industry in Turkey has progressed remarkably. Data about exports and international fairs we have been in is a proof of this. Sleepwell Expo fair has been well organized and assumed a comprehensive identity especially for mattress industry. Attracting prestigious names and companies to the event it become a valuable meeting point for them. From then on, our job is to promote it even more in the international arena. Stability in business is important. These kinds of events should be held incessantly. We have to take

Öncelikle hayırlı olsun. Sektörün fuarları ne kadar başarılı olursa sektörlerde o kadar başarılı olur. Birbirlerini adeta büyütüyorlar. Gerçekten Türkiye mobilya sektörü son yıllarda çok ciddi bir başarı kazandı. Bunun da aslında göstergeleri ihracat rakamları ve uluslararası alanında göstereceğimiz fuarlardır. Sleepwell Expo gayet güzel hazırlanmış ve özellikle yatak sektörünü kuşatıcı bir kimliğe bürünmüş. Makinesi ile malzemesi ile yatağı ile tabi nezih firmaların buluştuğu bir nokta haline gelmiş. Bundan sonraki işimiz bunu dünyaya daha fazla tanıtmamız. Bununla alakalı istikrar çok önemli. Neticede bu işlerin tekrar etmesi lazım. Yani her gün biraz daha ileri adım atmamız gerekiyor. Bunun yolunu da zaten sizler biliyorsunuz. Tebrik ediyorum ve başarılar diliyorum.

more steps for the future. You, as organizers of the fair, know well the better ways in this business. I congratulate and thank you and all the parties who contributed in.


MUSTAFA TAKA, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, NOVA FOAM: We, as Nova Foam and Mattress Industry company, participated in Sleepwell fair. It was highly productive for us. We have met with new customers from several countries, and established new contacts. We spent time with our customers. We are considering taking part in the fair with our leading company, Aydin Textile, one of our group companies.

We witnessed that it is really a professional organization. Representatives and professionals of companies serving in the industry have visited our booth.

I believe that the fair will be larger next year. This is one of the first events in our sector, and we are happy and satisfied to be here. We believe in its success and growth. In line with the dynamism of Turkey, Sleepwell Expo is also growing as a dynamic organization for our industry. Both machinery manufacturers and mattress producing companies were in the fair. Domestic companies and those who came from foreign countries found what they need for their businesses in this fair. I believe that this fair will be a leading and trend setting event for our industry. I thank you all parties who took part in the organization.


Bizim için çok verimli bir fuar geçti. Birçok ülkeden yeni müşterilerle tanıştık ve yeni kontaklar oluşturduk. Mevcut müşterimiz ile beraber vakit geçirme imkanımız oldu. Grup olarak önümüzdeki sene de Aydın Tekstil ile beraber tekrar Sleepwell Expo’da yer almayı düşünüyoruz. Biz Sleepwell Expo’nun profesyonel bir fuar olduğunu gördük. Sektörümüzde hizmet eden firmaların bizleri ziyaret ettiği, profesyonellerin oluşturduğu bir organizasyondu. Sleepwell Expo’nun büyüyeceğine

inanıyorum. Ülkemizde bu konseptte yapılan ilk organizasyonlardan bir tanesi bu. Bizde bu organizasyonun içinde olmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz ve önümüzdeki yıllarda daha çok büyüyeceğine inanıyoruz. Türkiye dinamik bir ülke olduğundan burada yatak sektörü de dinamik bir şekilde gelişiyor. Bu fuarda hem makine firmaları, hem bitmiş ürün yapan yatak firmaları ve hem de yatak sektörüne ara mamul yapan firmaların bulunduğu bir fuar onun için, firmalar aradıklarını bu fuarda bulacaklardır. Sektöre yön verecek bir fuar olacağına inanıyorum. Teşekkür ederim.




The fair has run well beyond our expectations. There were more companies and visitors from abroad. We were happy to be here. It was very productive for us in terms of visitors’ profile. They are all knowledgeable buyers in the mattress industry. The fair was highly beneficial for producers, suppliers, and machine manufacturers who were convened at the fair. The industry will expand more. Sleepwell seemed larger than the previous one. It will expand more in the future. We thank all people who took part in the organization.

Fuar beklentilerimizin üzerinde geçiyor. Daha çok yurtdışı firmaların ziyaretleri ile dolu geçiyor. Fuara katılmaktan memnunuz ve fuardaki ziyaretçi portföyünden özellikle çok verim alıyoruz. Gelen müşteriler yatak sektörü ile ilgili ne istediklerini bilen müşteriler. Bu fuar sektördeki üreticileri, tedarikçileri ve makinecileri buluşturarak ortak çözümler bulma yönünde olumlu katkılar yapacaktır. Bu sayede de sektörün gelişmesinde fayda sağlamış olacaktır. Aynı zamanda Sleepwell Expo, bu sene geçen seneye göre biraz daha da gelişmiş görünüyor. İlerleyen yıllarda da daha gelişmiş ve daha fazla alanda hizmet vereceğini düşünüyorum. Organizasyonu yapan herkese teşekkür ederiz. ADNAN TURKER, MARKETING MANAGER FOR DOMESTIC MARKET, OZEN IPLIK: We were the early participants in this fair. It is larger than the year before, more organized and more useful. All our expectations that we have put forward last year were met this year. We wish its success. We participate in ISPA in the USA. My only wish is that the Sleepwell would be a rival event for it. I say this sincerely. It ADNAN TÜRKER, İÇ PİYASA PAZARLAMA MÜDÜRÜ, ÖZEN İPLİK:

Geçen sene ilk katılımcılardan birisiydik. Bir önceki seneye nazaran daha büyük, daha organize, daha güzel bir fuardayız. Geçen sene dile getirdiğimiz beklentilerin neredeyse tamamı bu yıl yerine getirdi. Fuarın devamını diliyoruz. Biz Amerika’da ISPA’ya katılırız. Sleepwell Expo’nun da o fuara rakip olması tek dileğimdir. Samimi bir şeklide söylüyorum, bu ivmeyle devam ederse 4.

keeps its growth pace and we can catch the similar fairs in about four years. Participant profile is rather more qualified this year. The best part of the event is that it is focused only mattress and related products. We, as Ozen Yarn company, have been participating in several fairs. We are happy with the results because there were only professionals in the fair. We thank all people who organized this event. senede benzer fuarları yakalarız. Çünkü geçen seneye göre bu sene katılımcı profili çok farklı. Dolayısıyla imrenerek katıldığımız fuarlardan birinin bizde, burada olduğunu görmek tek isteğimiz.

Ziyaretçi profili ise geçen seneye göre çok daha iyi. En güzel tarafı da ihtisas fuarı olması. Biz Özen İplik olarak birçok fuarlara katılıyoruz. İhtisas fuarı olarak sadece ilgili kişilerin geliyor olması bizim en büyük sevincimiz. Yani gereksiz insanlarla uğraşmıyoruz. Bu yüzden organize eden herkese teşekkürler.




First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the officials who organized the Fair.

Öncelikle bu fuarı düzenleyen herkese sonsuz şükranlarımı sunarım. Bizim bu sene ilk senemiz ama geç kalındığını da biliyorum. Keşke daha öncede katılsaydık. Bundan sonraki bizimle ilgili bütün fuarlara Allah kısmet ederse katılmayı planlıyoruz. Şuan ki katılımlardan çok memnunum.

This is the first time we have participated in the event. We wish we were at the Fair last year too. The event in which we participate has turned out to be an impressive one indeed. We are planning to participate in the forthcoming editions of the Fair. During the Fair, ÖZKA MAKİNE has attracted the interests of the visitors particularly for the automated silicon pillow filling processes.

YELİZ HACIOĞLU, SALE REPRESENTATIVE, PALMFLEKS: The Fair has showed a remarkable performance once more.

I am convinced that the event could increase its visitors further in its future editions. It should be noted that world-renowned foreign participants have all added a new dimension to the Fair. During the Fair, it has become evident that organic materials and products utilized in inner spring mattresses have become a focus of attraction more than ever before. I think the sale representatives of the participant firms should be instrumental to furnish the needed technical information for the visitors and potential buyers. A bright future lies ahead for the future of the Fair.

We thank for the sincere help and support extended by the Fair officials. We wish the continuation of their successful organizations.

Bundan sonraki yıllar da bu fuarın daha iyi olacağını düşünüyorum. Fuarda yastık silikon dolum üzerine tek olduğumuz için daha da çok ilgi gördük ve bunun farkındayız. Bize katkıları olan herkese teşekkür ederim. Emeği geçen herkese ve öncelikle size teşekkür ederim.


Geçen seneye göre ziyaretçi sayısı tatmin etmedi. Ama kesinlikle desteklenmesi gereken bir fuar. Önümüzdeki yıllarda desteklendikçe daha iyi yerlere gelineceğine inanıyorum ve daha fazla ziyaretçi çekebilecek bir fuar. Katılımcılar tabi ki büyük firmalar. Bunun yanında dünyaca ünlü yabancı katılımcıların burada olması gayet güzel. Doğal ürünlere doğru bir yönelme olduğunu da görüyoruz. Yaylı yatakların üzerinde ve pedlerin içinde kullanılanlar doğal malzemelere yönelim tüm dünyada olduğu gibi Türkiye’de de var ve bu şekilde devam ediyor. Firmaların satış temsilcilerinin de bu konuda bilgilendirilmesi gerekiyor. Daha doğrusu satış temsilcilerinin araştırma yapmaları da gerekiyor. Dünyada da neler yapılıyor

görülmesi gerekiyor. Bu şekilde satış temsilcileri bilgilendirilirse müşterilerde, alıcılarda bilgilenecektir. Bu şekilde gelişerek büyüyen bir fuar olacağından hiç şüphemiz yok.




We decided to participate in the event most recently. Last year we had not been in the fair, as Pierre Cardin brand. However, we observed it and our observations have shown us that we should have been participating in. But we could not spare time for the event. But, this year the fair was a real success. You have done a good job. Though it is so young, the fair has a great potential for further development. There may be more visitors, but the visitors were highly active and qualified. Effectiveness of their visits was satisfactory. Our aim in participating in this fair was to reach and serve to buyers coming from abroad. Our objective was to prove to the foreign buyers the fact that quality mattresses are made in Turkey. We thank the organizers of Sleepwell fair for their contribution to our efforts.

Pierre Cardin olarak son anda bu fuara katılmaya karar verdik. Geçen sene yoktuk. Ama sizlerle olan iletişimimiz ve fuarın gelişimi konusunda yaptığımız olumlu gözlemler bu fuarda olma gerekliliğini hissettirdi.

Manufacturers are producing products. They would be successful by utilizing the technology available for them. They also want to offer competitive and innovative products because they have to compete with other companies in

the sector. I am in the opinion that the efforts and presence of the companies participating in fairs will be highly beneficial for them to improve both their competitive power and for the future development of the industry. So, we have to thank you and your organization for your contributions in this regard. You help people to come to Turkey to select Turkish made products and express their evaluations. It is important to bring the customers of larger companies who want to serve in world markets. We express our appreciations for your efforts and activities.

Açıkçası gördüğüm fuarda gördüğüm şu; Sleepwell Expo geçen seneden bu seneye oldukça iyi bir gelişim göstermiş. Özellikle fuar katılımcılarının artması, gelecekte gelişmeye müsait olduğu düşüncesini yaygınlaştırıyor. Katılımcı sayısı çok fazla değildi. Bizim bu fuara katılırken ki birinci hedefimiz yurt dışından ithalat amaçlı gelen müşterilere hizmet vermek, Türkiye’de de kaliteli yatak yapıldığını ve müşterilere değerli hizmet verildiğini onlara anlatabilmektir. Bu konuda bize yardımcı olduğu için Sleepwell Expo’ya teşekkür ederim. Sonuçta üreticiler kendi ön görülerine, teknolojilerine ve alt yapılarına göre ürünler üretiyorlar. Burada sadece müşteriye bir şey sunma iddiası değil, sektörde yer aldığınız firmalarla da bir yarışın içerisindesiniz. Siz bu işi ne kadar yüzleşme anlamında ne kadar sık yaparsanız kendinizi geliştirme ihtiyacınızı o kadar hayata geçirirsiniz. Dolayısıyla fuarların yatak sektörünün gelişiminde rekabeti arttırmak anlamında büyük katkı sağladığını düşünüyorum. O yüzden de teşekkür etmemiz lazım. Fuara yurt dışındaki tüketicilerin daha doğrusu buraya ürün almaya gelen insanların ürünler konusunda kritiklerinde büyük değerleri var. Çünkü sadece Türk insanına değil dünyaya hizmet etmek isteyen bizim gibi markaların, müşterilerinin bizim ayağımıza gelmesi son derece pozitif bir şeydir.


CANSU COŞKUN, IMPORT AND EXPORT MANAGER, PUNTEKS: Compared to the previous one, the Fair has turned out to be more impressive and efficient this year. We are able to reach our targeted customers and visitors during the fair. We have had a series of special orders as far as our product range of our company is concerned. It should be emphasized that the Fair has conveyed its message in an efficient manner before and after the event. The Fair has been able to display diverse range of mattresses and the related products in an integrated framework. Featuring as a first in its field, SLEEPWELL EXPO has been able bring the professional of mattress industry, machinery and equipment together. The Fair become an ideal exhibition venue where the state-of-the art technologies, CANSU COŞKUN, İTHALAT VE İHRACAT MÜDÜRÜ, PUNTEKS:

Fuar bu sene çok daha verimli geçiyor. Hem yeni müşteri portföyü oluşturma fırsatı bulduk, hem de kendi müşterilerimizi burada ağırladık. Bu senede gayet memnunuz. Hatta sipariş bile aldık fuar boyunca. O yüzden bizim için gayet iyi geçtiğini söyleyebilirim. Fuar çok kalabalık değil ama bizde zaten bunu beklemiyoruz. İş yapmaya gelen, iş fırsatı yaratacak olan ziyaretçileri bekliyoruz. Buda burada tamamen yakalanmış. Hatta ben organizatör arkadaşları gidip tebrik ettim. Gerçekten yıldan bu yana çok çalışılmış ve iyi reklam kampanyaları yürütülmüş. Bizim görüştüğümüz herkesin bu fuardan haberi var gayet memnunuz bu konudan. Bir yılda bu kadar büyük bir değişim yaşanıyorsa, birkaç yıl son-

innovative products and latest

collections are exhibited. We think that the future editions of the Fair would also be successful. Thank

you for the organizing officials of SLEEPWELL EXPO.

ra adı iyice bilinen fuarlar arasına girecektir diye tahmin ediyorum. Butik bir fuar olması açısından aslında ziyaretçiler için de ziyaret etmesi kolay bir fuar. Ne ihtiyacı varsa hemen hepsi ellerinin altında. Burada yeni yatak üretecek kişi gelip makinesini, yayını, keçesini, kumaşını alabilir. Yani bu fuar bir kere gezilerek tamamen bir tesis oluşturabilir. Ziyaretçiler açısından da çok rahat gezilebilecek ve yararlanabilecek bir fuar olduğunu düşünüyorum ki bunu gelip söyleyen ziyaretçilerimizde var memnun olduklarını ve özellikle çok büyük çok kapsamlı fuarlardansa bu tip fuarları tercih ettiğini belirten ziyaretçilerimizde var bunu duymakta hem sizin için hem de bizim için gurur verici bir şey. Teşekkür ederiz.




Actually, the Fair has proved to be impressive and efficient one as it was the case the last one. The event has attracted an elite number of visitors from home and abroad. We exchanged views on the future of the sector. We think that the Fair, being an ideal platform and display window for the mattress industry, would make its presence felt in its future editions as well. Thank you for the organizing and visiting people of the event.

Fuar çok kaliteli ve çok güzel geçti. Yurtdışından gelen müşteriler, yurtiçi ziyaretçileri ve katılımcı oranı çok yüksekti. Türkiye’nin geleceği için kaliteli bir fuar olmuş. Organizasyonu yapan arkadaşlara teşekkür ederiz ve katılımların daimini dileriz. Yurtiçi ve yurtdışı katılımları ile ihracatçıların da ilmek ilmek eklenerek bu fuarı büyüteceklerine inanıyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.




What do you want to comment on Sleepwell Expo fair that was held for the second time in Turkey?

Biz bu sene Selena olarak Sleepwell Expo’ya ilk kez katılıyoruz. Geçen yılki fuara gözlemci olarak gelmiştik. Geçen yıla göre daha çeşitli ve daha fazla firmanın katıldığını gözlemledim. Biz Selena olarak da çok memnunuz. Özellikle Selena-Yataş olarak İstanbul bölgesi ile yatırımımız ve farklı oluşumumuz olduğu için İstanbul ve Bursa bölgesine yakın bölgelerden oldukça yüksek katılımlı bayilerimiz geldi. Aynı zamanda da ihracat açısında da olumlu görüşmelerimiz oldu. Ortadoğu ve Tunus, şu zamana kadar olumlu gözlemlediğimiz bölge ve ülkeler.

On the effects of the fair on the development of the mattress industry

Sleepwell yatak sektörü için önemli bir fuar ve son derece geliştirilmesi gerekli. Dünyada ve Türkiye’de sadece yatak odaklı sayılı fuarlardan bir tanesi. Dolasıyla buraya da bizim önde gelen yatak firmaların katkıda bulunması ve desteklemesi son derece önemli. Tabi ki bunlar hemen olmuyor. Bir takım süreçlerden geçilmesi lazım. Görüyorum ki her yıl üstüne koyarak Sleepwell fuarı daha da iyi günlere gelecektir. Bundan sonra ki fuarlarda da hem Selena olarak hem de Yataş olarak katılımlarımızı sürdüreceğiz. Teşekkür ederim.

This is the first participation of us as Selena in the fair. Last year we only visited the event. I observed that more companies were here as participants this year. We are happy to be here. Since we have focused especially on Istanbul region as Yatas-Selena, many of our visitors were from Istanbul, Bursa and neighboring provinces. We also made talks with prospective buyers especially from Middle East and Tunis for exports.

Sleepwell is an important fair for the industry, because, as far as I know, it is the only fair focused on only mattress industry in Turkey and in the world. So, we, as one of the largest companies in the industry, have to support and participate in this event. For greater success for these kinds of organizations, several years are needed. We will keep on participating in the fair’s next editions.


gibi bitmiş yatak, baza gibi ürün üreten firmalar için mevcut bu algıdaki eksiklikten dolayı ziyaretçi sayısı düşüktü. Bir sonraki fuar için bence bu anlamdaki çalışmaların daha detaylı yapılması gerekiyor. Ziyaretçi profilinin bu konuda bilgilendirilmesi gerekiyor ki bizim gibi firmalar açısından da gerçekten faydalı bir fuar haline dönüşebilsin. Katılımcılar hemen hemen çoğu fuarda bir araya geldiğimiz tanıdık, birbirini bilen firmalar belki bunların arasına birkaç tane yeni firma katılmıştır.

TEMEL ÇETGİN, MARKETING DIRECTOR, SENSE BED: As an export- oriented company, we put special emphasis on export marketing and the related activities. So, the fairs have assumed utmost significance from the standpoint of our targets. Opening its doors to the sector, the Fair hosts a unique platform where the latest technologies across the world and the new products manufactured in Turkey are displayed. SLEEPWELL EXPO attracts interests of those who want to sell product or to enter this market and wish to invest in the market. We think that the Fair would upgrade it performance further in its future editions. Thank you for all organizers, participants and visitors. OGUZ OZOGUZ, GENERAL MANAGER, SPM: We had participated in the first edition of the show last year too. The level this year is medium. We are expecting buyers come and see our products. We are having a better-organized show than last year now. The exhibitors and visitors seem the same type of last year’s. Visually it is more successful but number of visitors should be reconsidered. Filling a gap at this regard is a good idea. We wouldn’t participate in a mattress show before. We started this with your show. Gathering of all parts of the sector under one roof is nice and hoping it to be better day after day is nicer. Thank you

TEMEL ÇETGİN, PAZARLAMA DİREKTÖRÜ, SENSE BED: İlk başta fuardaki algının değiştirilmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Çünkü gelen ziyaretçi profili yada konuştuğumuz yabancı profili burayı daha çok komponent fuarı olarak algılıyor. Ama biz ve bizim OĞUZ ÖZOĞUZ, GENEL MÜDÜR, SPM: Geçen sene ilk fuara da katılmıştık. Bu seneki durum ortalama düzeyde. Bizim açımızdan alıcıların gelip ürünlerimizi görmesini bekliyoruz. Geçen yıla göre daha özenle hazırlanmış bir fuarla karşı karşıyayız. Fuara gelen katılımcılar ve ziyaretçi kitlesine bakarsanız, geçen sene ile aynı gibi gözüküyor. Onun ötesinde görsel olarak daha başarılı. Ama ziyaretçi sayısı olarak geçen seneye göre tartışılır. Tabi böyle olmayan bir ihtisas fuarının yapılmış olması, iyi bir şey. Biz daha önce ev yatağı ile ilgili fuara katılmıyorduk. Sizin fuarınız ile bu katılıma başladık. Bu anlamda sektörün bir çatıda toplanabiliyor olması güzel ve günden güne daha iyi noktalara gelecek diye umut ediyoruz. Teşekkür ederiz.

Biz genel olarak ihracat odaklı bir firma olduğumuz için Sleepwell’in tüketiciyi bilgilendirmesi, yönlendirmesi gerekiyor. Gördüğüm kadarıyla buradan bunu yapmak kolay değil. Çünkü buraya genelde sektörün içerisinde bir şey almak isteyen ve bir şey bulmak isteyen insanlar geliyor.


ZAFER TAZIM, TURKEY SALES MANAGER, SIMALFA: The fair goes well. What is important for us is that it combines all fields of the bedding industry in one location. That removes the transportation barriers for communication among us and with customers. In this sense, it is good for us. I hope that next year it will expand more. For the time being I consider it positively, it was good. Sleep Well Expo is a new fair; organized first last year. We saw that it progressed and it will keep its growth next year, because I have been witnessing a radical change in customer profiles. Last year there were smaller companies from the sectors, but this year larger names and powerful brands were participating. Visitors were mostly from southern and Middle Eastern countries at the first edition of the fair. Now we see visitors from Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. I believe that next year they will come more. Naturally it depends on the efforts you will put behind the organization. MUHAMMED ALKURD, TURKEY SALES MANAGER, SIMALFA:

We have been feeling the need for such a special fair to be held in Turkey since the mattress industry in Turkey has been booming in past several years. As a supplier in the sector, it made us happy. It is a clever idea to unite both all mattress producer companies and their suppliers in one location. We are supporting this initiative. Customer and visitor profile of the fair is just what we expected. They are knowledgeable in their business and are real professionals. However, there may be more promotional effort for the fair because some of our friends and peers were not in the fair. We guess that they were not contacted for the event. We think that next year both promotional activities in and out of the country and participants will be higher than before. Thank you for all.

ZAFER TAZİM, TÜRKİYE SORUMLUSU, SIMALFA: Fuar güzel geçiyor ve bizim için en önemli olan kısmı bütün yatak sektörünün bir yerde buluşması. Çoğu zaman müşterilere ulaşma konusunda yaşanan sıkıntıları tek bir organizasyon ile çözdüğümüzü düşünüyorum. O anlamda bizim için olumlu geçti. Bu fuar umarım seneye daha da olumlu olur. Sleepwell Expo yeni bir fuar. Geçen sene ilk defa kurulan bir fuarda bu sene de taş üstüne taş konulduğunu ve bu büyümenin seneye de devam edeceğini düşünüyorum. Nereden anladınız derseniz, müşteri profillerinin daha çok değiştiğini görüyoruz. Geçen sene daha küçük olan firmaların katıldığı fuarda bu sene daha büyük isimler ve daha büyük markalar katıldı. Yabancı ülkelerden Avrupa’dan daha fazla katılım var geçen seneye nazaran. Yine geçen sene Güney ülkelerden ve Arabistan gibi yerlerden gelen müşteriler olmuştu. Bu sene Doğu Avrupa’dan, Rusya’dan katılanlar var. Müşteri profili olarak seneye bu tanıtımın daha da genişleyeceğini düşünüyorum. Tabi bu

sizin yapacağınız çalışmalara da bağlı. O anlamda seneye değişik bir büyüme olabilir. Beklentiler bu yöndedir. MOHAMMED ALKURD, TÜRKİYE SATIŞ MÜDÜRÜ, SIMALFA: Türkiye yatak sektörü özellikle son zamanlarda çok hızlı bir şekilde büyüdüğü için Türkiye’nin gerçekten böyle bir fuara ihtiyaç duyduğunu hissediyorduk. Böyle sektörel ve özel bir fuar olması bizleri tedarikçi olarak çok sevindirdi. Bütün yatak üreticileri ve tedarikçilerin bir araya gelmesi güzel bir düşünce. Biz bunu destekliyoruz. Gelen müşteri portföyü de tam aradığımız seviyede ve sektörün içinden işi bilen standartlarda ziyaretçiler. Onun haricinde aslında şöyle bir beklentimiz daha var, fuarla ilgili biraz reklamların zayıf olduğunu hissettik. Çünkü tanıdığımız bildiğimiz birçok firmanın yetkilileri gelmedi. Buda büyük ihtimal reklamın eksikliğinden kaynaklanıyor. Önümüzdeki fuarlarda fuarın hem yurtiçine hem de yurtdışına tanıtımının, gelişmede faydalı olacağını düşünüyoruz.




I have been for 19 years in this business. This is our second participation in Sleep Well Expo fair. In fact, this is its second edition. In my opinion, I see that this fair looks very promising for 2 or 3 years later. In spite of being held for the second time this edition is quite successful. Our customers came from many countries. We have met with the new customers and I think lots of firms and countries observe the fair through a good eye regarding Turkey featuring great in the furniture sector both in the Middle East and Europe. I guess this fair will take its place across the world like Interzum and with participation of lots of international firms and international manufacturers. So, in my opinion, I hope this venue will be a hub for the sector. I have also seen that light in this fair and as Şiteks I suppose we will join this fair continuously. Thank you.

Sleepwell Expo fuarına ikinci kez katılıyoruz. Bence bu fuar 2 veya 3 yıl sonrasında çok büyük bir ümit vadeden fuar olarak görüyorum. İkinci defa düzenlenmesine rağmen gayet başarılı bir fuar. Birçok ülkeden müşterilerimiz geldi. Yeni müşteriler ile tanıştık ve zannediyorum Türkiye’nin de gerek Ortadoğu gerek Avrupa’da mobilya sektöründe gelecekte ve hali hazırda büyük olmasından dolayı birçok firma ve birçok ülke buraya iyi bir gözle bakıyor. Tahminin kısa vadede bu fuar bir İnterzum gibi dünyada yerini alacak ve birçok uluslararası firmanın da katılarak, uluslararası üreticiler de buraya gelerek burası bence bir merkez olacak gibi. Bu fuarda da o ışığı gördüm ve bizde Şiteks olarak bu fuara devamlı katılmayı düşünüyoruz.

LUTFI SAHIN, BOARD MEMBER, STILO: We had nice days at the fair, where a great many exhibitors and visitors came from abroad. 90 percent of our visitors were foreigners. We could only see limited number of domestic visitors in our booth. We wait for more domestic visitors. They were mainly from three sections: Machinery manufacturers, raw material suppliers and mattress makers.

LÜTFİ ŞAHİN, YÖNETİM KURULU ÜYESİ, STİLO YATAK: Fuar güzel geçiyor ve yeni insanlarla özellikle de yabancı ülkelerden gelen ziyaretçilerle tanışıyoruz. Gerçekten yoğun bir katılım söz konusu. Yerli ziyaretçi pek göremedik. Standa gelenlerin hemen hemen %90’ı yabancı diyebilirim. İlerleyen fuarlarda tabi ki yerli ziyaretçilerimizi bekliyoruz. Makineciler, hammadde tedarikçileri ve yatak üreticilerinin bir arada olması sektör adına sevindirici. Bu fuarda emeği geçenlere teşekkür ederiz.


SERCAN ERCAN, SOHRET MATTRESS: We had the opportunity to see at Sleepwell Expo generally all developments related to the machinery and raw materials adapted to the latest technologies. The demands of customers were great. There weren’t too much demand from domestic market probably because of bed weather conditions but the show was very good in general. It will be a fair improving the sector in the future. Thanks to this event we have noticed that especially the machinery sector has recorded an outstanding development. Thanks to all people involved in the organization. SERCAN ERCAN, FİRMA YETKİLİSİ, ŞÖHRET YATAK:

Genel olarak makine ve hammadde ile ilgili bütün gelişmelerin teknolojiye ayak uydurulmuş halini Sleepwell Expo’da görmüş olduk. İhracat müşterilerinin talepleri baya iyi oldu. Yurtiçinde galiba hava koşulları dolayısıyla fazla talep yoktu ama genel itibari ile güzeldi. İleriye doğru sektörü baya geliştirecek bir fuar olacaktır. Özellikle makine sektöründe çok fazla gelişme olduğunu, bu fuar sayesinde bizde üretici olarak görmüş olduk. İlgilenen herkese teşekkür ederiz.




What is important especially for us, we had met with some of domestic customers whom we did not saw them for a long time. It was good to see them, because we changed our focus on export markets. 80 to 90 percent of our production is exported, because domestic market has reached its plateau. Sales are important though having talks with our customers are also important.

Öncelikle bizim için önemli olan burada uzun süredir görmediğimiz yerli müşterilerimizle görüştük. Üretimiz artık yaklaşık %90 civarında ihracata yöneldik. Yurt içi belli bir doyma noktasına geldi. Bizim için burada amaç tabi ki satış ama ikinci olarak ta müşterilerimizle konuşmak istiyoruz.

For us, as machinery suppliers for the mattress industry, it is right to present here, but mattress producers may have been here as visitors, not as participants. There must be more companies in the fair as producers of fabrics, felts, springs, foam etc. When participants profile is expanded, there will be more visitors in the fair.

I believe in the success of the event in coming years. I filled evaluation forms, and mentioned our assessment. Fairs are good, because we need more promotion for the industry

Biz bir makineci olarak doğru bir kararla bu fuara katıldık. Tedarikçilerin katılmasını da doğru buluyorum ama yatak üreticilerinin burada olmasına ben anlayamadım. Bence onlar ziyaretçi olmalı, katılımcı değil. Çünkü daha fazla malzeme ve tedarikçi ağırlıklı bir yerleşim olursa herkes için iyi olur. Kumaş, keçe, tel, sünger gibi üretim yapan birçok firma var. Bunlar daha ağırlıklı olursa ben daha yoğun olacağına inanıyorum. Fuarın ilerleyen yıllarda devam edeceğine inanıyorum. Benim için en kötü fuar bile her zaman iyidir. Çünkü reklamınız olur.


SEVILAY AVCI, DOMESTIC SALES MANAGER, VEYSEL KUTUKLU: The show met our expectations. We welcomed a great deal of interest. We especially welcomed excellent demands from foreign customers. The show is developing fast on the way to become a more international fair probably because of advertisements. I am sure that it will make its presence felt more with the participation of big companies and as far as I know, most of them will come to Turkey. It is a good feeling to organize this show and to bring those leading companies to our country.



It was an extremely successful show and we, the exhibitors, are very pleased. Especially the foreign visitors here target-focused. We are planning to participate next year too. The visitors were definitely right audience. They knew what they wanted, and it was important that they were wholesalers or manufacturers. I hope and I believe that Sleepwell Expo will come to a position to compete with Interzum in the next five years. Thank you.

Son derece başarılı bir fuardı ve katılımcılar olarak gayet memnunuz. Özellikle yurt dışı misafirlerimiz, ziyaretçilerimiz, hedef odaklı misafirler geldi. Gelecek yılda da katılmayı düşünüyoruz. Ziyaretçiler kesinlikle hedef odaklılar. Ne istediğini, ürün gruplarını bilen müşteriler özellikle toptancılar ve üreticiler olması çok önemli. Önümüzdeki 5 yıl içerisinde Sleepwell Expo’nun İnterzum ile yarışabilecek durumda olmasını umuyorum ve olacağını da düşünüyorum. Teşekkür ederiz.

SEVİLAY AVCI, YURTİÇİ SATIŞ SORUMLUSU, VEYSEL KÜTÜKLÜ: Fuar gayet beklediğimiz gibi geçti. Yoğun ilgi duyduk. Özellikle yurtdışı müşterilerimizden çok talep bulduk. Reklamlardan dolayı zannediyorum uluslararası bir fuar olma yolunda ilerliyor. Uluslararası firmalarında bu fuara gelmesi ile daha büyük ses duyuracağına eminim ve çoğu da bildiğim kadarıyla ülkemize gelecekler. Türkiye olarak bu fuarı yaparak yurtdışına açmış olmamız ve onları ülkemize getirebilmemiz çok güzel bir duygudur.


This is the first time we exhibit at this show. In the first edition, we came as visitors and witnessed that it is a good exhibition, we decided to participate this year. We are very happy for our decision. We are considering exhibiting next year too. We are participating in many fairs. Usually many of the visitors are not the right audience but it is different here. The right people for the sector have come. The visitors also the people who got what they look for here. Thanks to those who have contributed to this success.

KAYA KIRIKKAYA, SATIŞ VE PAZARLAMA MÜDÜRÜ, YAPI LİDER KİMYA: Biz bu fuara ilk defa katılıyoruz. Birincisine misafir olarak geldiğimiz bu fuarı beğendik ve ikincisine katılmaya karar verdik. Verdiğimiz karardan da memnunuz. Hatta önümüzdeki senede gelmeyi düşünüyoruz. Birçok fuara katılıyoruz. Fuardaki gezen ziyaretçilerin pek konuyla bilgisi olmuyor genelde. Ama burada farklı bir durum var. Hakikaten bu sektör ile ilgilenen kişiler geldi. Ziyaretçilerde burada istediklerini elde etmiş insanlar. Gelen görüşmecilerden de tam nokta atışı yapılmış bir fuar olduğunu duyuyoruz. Emeği geçen herkese teşekkürler.



BIRKAN AKYUREK, YATAKSAN: We are in a fair where we have to be. It is very important that this fair is held in Turkey. It currently meets all of our expectations. Since it is a very young fair we don’t bear too big expectations but to be here is very important. It is a fair to be a center for Turkey and for the surrounding countries should the time passes and efforts are made. I hope the organizers work hard to accomplish this.

Özellikle olması gereken çok önemli bir fuardayız. Türkiye’de bunun gerçekleşiyor olması gerçekten çok önemli ve çok yeni bir fuar. Şuan için beklentilerimizi karşılıyor açıkçası. Çok yeni bir fuar olduğu içinde çok büyük bir beklenti ile gelmiyoruz ama burada bulunmak çok önemli. Zaman geçtikçe ve çalışıldıkça Türkiye için ve çevre ülkeler adına merkez olabilecek bir fuar. İnşallah arkadaşlar çalışmaya devam edecektir. Şunu söyleyebilirim açıkçası geçen senede katıldık biz Yataksan olarak, bu senede katılıyoruz. Geçen seneden bu seneye yapılan çalışma gözle görülür bir şekilde fark ediliyor. İleri gitme, müşteri profili, müşteri sayısı açısından yapılan çalışmalar ve ilerlemeler kolaylıkla göze çarpıyor. Kısacası fuardan memnunuz. Herkes ne yapacağını bilerek gelen, kaliteli ziyaretçi profilindeki müşteriler.


METIN OZBEK, MATTRESS MANUFACTURING MANAGER, YATAS: We, as Yatas family, are extremely happy to be at Sleepwell Expo of which second edition is held this year. As is known, we, as Yatas Group, are one of the most experienced firms of the Turkish mattress industry and we are very keen on contributing to the development of the industry and to help Turkish manufacturers get bigger shares from the world market pie. With the same token, we are proud of being here and to witness the development of the sector. Our manufacturing and trade adventure, which started as the first foam factory in Anatolia in 1976, has been continuing with production of foam, mattress, armchairs with bed, armchair sets, modular furniture and home textile products and we are offering these products to consumers through Yatas brands such as Enza Home, Yatas Bedding and Selena. Again we have been active in bulk sales with our hotel products selling brand Yatas Projects.

When we compare Sleepwell Expo with similar fairs, this is a specialty fair combining all, machinery manufacturers, raw material suppliers and finished product producers. From this point of view, it is the pupil of developing Turkish mattress industry compared to others. Currently there are over 600 manufacturing companies in Turkey producing 40 million mattresses annually. The production of their sub-products, complementary products and other sleep products are also manufactured in Turkey. For this reason Turkey has been continuing to develop one of the few sectors not having current account deficit. When we look at the attendance of Sleepwell, we see that there are many visitors coming from different regions such as Balkans, Middle East, Africa and Asia. It has an important and lucrative meeting point identity for exporting manufacturers, for those who search for different technologies in

domestic market. To me, Voli Fair Services Company has gifted a new milestone to the Turkish mattress industry with Sleepwell Expo.


Bu sene ikincisi düzenlenen Sleepwell Expo fuarında olmaktan Yataş Grup ailesi olarak son derece memnunuz. Biliyorsunuz ki biz Yataş Grup olarak Türkiye’de yatak endüstrisinin en eski firmalarından bir tanesiyiz ve gerçekten Türkiye’de bu sektörün gelişimine, sektörün büyümesine, Türk üreticilerin dünyadaki pazar payından pastadan daha fazla dilim alma konusunda gerçekten çok hassasız ve önem veriyoruz. Bu fuarda da olmaktan ve sektörün gelişimini görmekten gurur duyuyoruz. Yataş Grup olarak 1976 yılında Anadolu’nun ilk sünger fabrikası olarak başlayan ticari ve üretim serüvenimiz şuanda sünger, yatak, yataklı koltuk, koltuk takımları, modüler mobilya, ev tekstili ürünleri ile devam ediyor ve bu ürünleri de Yataş markası Enza Home, Yataş Bedding, Selena gibi markalar ile tüketicilere sunuyoruz. Yine aynı zamanda hotel ürünleri ile alakalı Yataş Projects markamızda toplu satışlarda faaliyet göstermektedir. Sleepwell Expo dünyadaki muadilleri ile kıyaslandığı zaman gerçekten hem sektörle alakalı makine üreticileri hem hammadde tedarikçileri hem de bitmiş ürün üreticilerini bir araya getiren bir uzmanlık fuarı. Bu bakımdan da diğer dünyadaki muadilleri ile kıyaslandığı zamanda gelişen Türk yatak endüstrisinin de aslında göz

bebeği. Çünkü şuanda Türkiye’de senelik olarak 40 milyon tane yatak üretiliyor ve 600’den fazla üretici firma var. Bunların yan ürünleri, tamamlayıcı ürünleri, diğer uyku ürünleri üretimi de yapılıyor ve bu açıdan Türkiye cari açık vermeyen ender sektörlerinden bir tanesini geliştirmeye devam ediyor. Sleepwell Expo ile de katılımcı sayısına baktığımız zaman gerek Balkanlardan, gerek Ortadoğu’dan, gerek Afrika’dan, gerek Asya’dan birçok farklı ziyaretçinin bu fuarda olduğunu görüyoruz. Hem ihracat yapmak isteyen ürünlerini dış pazarlara sunmak isteyen üreticiler için hem de iç piyasada farklı ürün teknolojileri arayan üreticiler için gayet güzel, gayet verimli bir buluşma noktası özelliği taşıyor. Bana göre de şuanda Türk Yatak Endüstrisinde aslında Voli Fuarcılık Sleepwell ile sektöre bir kilometre taşı da kazandırmış oldu. 5 yıl sonra Sleepwell Expo’yu ben 8 hall büyüklüğünde bir fuar olarak görüyorum. Sonuçta insanları bir araya getirdiğiniz zaman ve kendilerini anlatma imkanı verdiğiniz zaman emin olun sektör daha hızlı gelişecek. Artık birçok üreticimizde küçük çapta olsun orta çapta olsun ihracat yapmaya başladı. Bu fuarla üretim kapasitelerimizin daha da çok arttıracaklar. Müşteri portföyünü daha da çok geliştirecekler. Önümüzdeki 5 yılın sonunda Sleepwell Expo’yu, sektöre birçok yeni oyuncu kazandırmış bir fuar olarak görmeyi bekliyoruz.


ERDEM GUNDUZ, CEO, YATSAN: I am rather new in this sector. However, it was so beneficial for me. I found several opportunities to learn about the industry and the basic elements of a mattress fair. We found many people who are active in several stages and aspects of the industry. We also observed their recent collections and watched the developments in the industry. I made a quick visit to the booths and I noticed that there were many domestic and foreign companies. Major companies had booths in the fair. Although the fair is so young, number of participating companies and visitors will be more in the future. There are some furniture-focused fairs but there wasn’t fairs specially focused on mattress, sleep products and related categories and now a fair at this field has been developing. I believe it will be more important and successful in the future.

ERDEM GÜNDÜZ, CEO, YATSAN: Bu sene bende sektörde yeniyim aslında. Ama benim için çok faydalı bir fuar oldu. Özellikle yatak fuarının çok temel bileşenleri ile ilgili çalışan önemli firmalar fuara katılmış durumda. Dolayısıyla bizim adımıza çok faydalı ve sektörü öğrenme anlamında bütün ilgili firmaları bir arada olması güzel. Yeni koleksiyonları görebilmek adına bizim için çok faydalı. Gördüğüm kadarıyla sektörle ilgili yerli ve yabancı bütün firmalar

burada. Fuarda esas olan stant açan firmalar. Nispeten genç bir fuar olası dolayısıyla önümüzdeki yıllarda katılımcıların artacağını ve bölgede de önemli bir fuar olacağını düşünüyorum. Sektöre özel mobilya fuarları var ama daha geniş kapsamlı, direk yatak, uyku setlerine yönelik bir fuar yoktu. Bu anlamda Sleepwell Expo, gelişen özel bir fuar. İlerleyen zamanlarda daha da önemli ve başarılı olacağını düşünüyorum. Teşekkür ederim.


Rise of the machines:

‘Mert Makina’

Mert Makina has progressed successfully in the sector ‘mattress production machinery’ for more than 22 years.

The brand Mert Makina has become one of the most known and reliable firms among the mattress machinery manufacturers. Mert Makina’s strategy towards the customers and manufacturing processes helped a lot to match the brand name to trust, high quality, and innovation. Mert Makina has managed to export 90 % of their production to numerous countries. They have more than three thousand machineries operating in the mattress production industry throughout

the world. Their target is to raise this rate up to 95 % at the end of 2015. Mr. Mustafa Nebi Doğan, Sales and Marketing Director of Mert Makina, said that they reached their target for the year 2015 by exporting to 70 different countries and is proud to say that they will definitely reach 75 in the year 2016. He also added that their markets are mainly in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russian Federation and Asia. Their company is specialized in “Full Automatic Mattress Finish-


M. Nebi Doğan, Sales & Marketing Director, Mert Makina

ing Line”, “Automatic Hotmelt Glue Line with Conveyor System” and “Turnkey Projects” as well as providing technical services and assistance after closing the deal. Mert Makina has recently been focused on automatic mattress manufacturing lines in order to decrease the operational costs and to increase the quality of the products. “Mert Makina’s high quality is combined with the latest technology, which makes the mattress production a simple job”, is what their customers say. The inception of relieving starts in your mind. The first thing Mert Makina does is to show you how many mattresses you can produce a day with the lowest costs. They are firstly demonstrating the manageable aspects and continue to prepare a perfectly fitting project according to your factory’s layout. A guaranteed customer satisfaction awaits you at the completion

of the project. They explain all the steps of the mattress production with the required hygiene on the mattress during these years. Their system maximizes the occupational health and safety measures. Many stories could be written about the doubling of capacities with Mert Makina’s machineries. Automation is covering all our life nowadays and unfortunately those who ignore to move without this innovation won’t be able to succeed in business. Imagine producing a mattress within minutes, this will spectacularly lower your costs and the time spent. Mert Makina has managed as a team to make this dream come true. As they were one of the first manufacturers that produced automatic mattress production lines, they have become an experienced company and know all the crucial benefits which cannot be ignored, and they use it to assist their cus-


Mert Makina is also very well known for all other Mattress Production Machineries, such as Quilters, Wrappers, Edge Tapers, Coiler, ad Assemblers. The company has been producing these machineries for over 22 years now.

Couple of years later, Mert Makina has embodied its experiences to the mechanical model. It was one of the first quilters to work with a computer, allowing the operators to choose multiple designs in no time. This machine is developed with the fully computerized Multi Needle Quilting Machine. Thanks to its brilliant history, Mert Makina has done a perfect work as an outcome.

In the early years of Mert Makina, a faultless Mechanical Multi Needle Quilting Machine was well inspired by the biggest mattress, sofa, and bed linen manufacturers since this first machine was able to sew the thickest materials used by these sectors with the perfect stitches.

After long R&D works and exchange of know-how among the Mattress Manufacturers, Mert Makina is producing the first Roll & Flat Mattress Package systems in Turkey since 2014. Competing with the European Manufacturers, the Roll & Flat Mattress Packing has brought much interest during

tomers towards better, faster and stable production. They continue to provide you with the necessary information about the mattress production procedure.


the exhibition Interzum which was held in Cologne Germany in May 2015. On the other hand, the new Double and Single Head Quilting Machine of Mert Makine has one of the highest speeds with lowest vibrations on the planet, which is tested during the exhibition and observed by visitors how it works stable on 3000 rpm speed. The new generation Single & Double Head Quilting Machines of Mert Makine seemed to be a mixture of know-how, European Raw Material Quality and long term experience of Multi Needle Quilting Machines.

Every customer is a project for Mert Makina. They are both friends and business partners with their customers and a guide showing all the developments and new opportunities in the sector for their clients. Transferring the knowledge is an easy task for Mert Makina, the knowledge comes from the heart of Mattress Business itself and let them make more operator-friendly machines. This has a headache-free outcome and provides more easiness. Mert Makina should be considered as a model to competitors with this kind of development and innovations.

Mattress Industry Terms 154

Source: ISPA, International Sleep Products Association

Adjustable base: An electro-mechanical or manual bed frame construction that permits the raising and lowering of the head and/or foot portions of the mattress.

Backing: Any fabric or sheeting material that is used during quilting to anchor the stitches. Batting: See Cotton Felt.

Airbed: An air mattress with a core that is an air-filled vinyl bladder. Better airbeds are multichambered, covered with cushioning, upholstered with ticking and sold with a foundation.

Bedding: Commonly used as a generic term for a mattress and foundation set, but may also apply to accessory items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, etc.

Anti-microbial fiber and foam: Treatment that inhibits the growth of microbial contaminates.

Bedding ensemble: A complete sleep support system, consisting of a metal frame or a bed, a founda-

tion and a mattress set. Bed frame: A metal or wood frame with legs used to support a mattress and foundation. Conventional height is 7-1/4 inches and the low-profile version is 5-3/4 inches when measured from the floor to the bottom of the foundation. Generally a headboard can be attached. Metal frames are sometimes known as a “Hollywood� frame. Bedsprings: Open-spring or wire fabric box springs without uphol-


stery materials or cover. Binding tape: Fabric tape used to bind and close the mattress or foundation where the vertical and horizontal panels of outer ticking come together, providing the edge trimming for the mattress or foundation. See Tape and Tape Edge. Body impressions: Indentations occurring on the surface of a mattress over time, due to the compression of materials by the human body. Bonnell: A knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. When laced together with crosswire helicals, these coils form the simplest innerspring unit, also referred to as a Bonnell. Border: The vertical side or edge of a mattress or foundation. Prebuilt borders are constructed by stitching together the ticking, foam or other filling materials and a backing material. Commonly quilted or vertical-stitched. Border rod: A heavy gauge wire rod attached to the perimeter of the innerspring unit (top and bottom) by means of a helical wire or metal clips.

Boric acid: A chemical additive applied during the garnetting of cotton and/or other fibers to provide cigarette ignition resistance characteristics. Box spring: Also referred to as a “foundation.” A base for an innerspring mattress, consisting of coils or other forms of springs mounted on a wood or metal frame and secured with a wire-interlaced or welded-wire grid, topped with upholstery and insulating materials (felt, urethane or other resilient materials), and covered on the top and sides with ticking and on the bottom with a dust cover. It is an important part of a bed set since it serves as a shock absorber, distributes weight, and supports and interacts with the innerspring mattress to properly support the body. Box-top mattress: A mattress featuring a raised surface finishing treatment where a separate, sided and rectangular encasement of soft materials–usually with a tape edge–is attached via a welt to the entire surface on top of existing cover and upholstery.

Bunk bed: A two-tiered wood or metal frame designed to accommodate two mattresses, typically twin-size, one above the other. Some models allow the upper and lower units to be detached and used as separate beds. Bunkie: A mattress, usually twinsize, and platform base used on bunk beds. Cal 117: Refers to California Technical Bulletin 117, which specifies a vertical flame testing procedure for bedding and furniture component materials. Foam referred to as “Cal 117 foam” has passed this test. Carbon: The principal hardening element in steel. The higher the carbon content, the harder the metal and the more temper it will take, thus giving longer “memory.” Cellulose acetate pad: Woody fiber compacted into a pad and used as an insulator. May be glued or sandwiched between plastic netting to help hold it together. Coil count: The number of coils in an innerspring unit. Though the count can effect weight distribution, it is not the determining factor


for firmness. The count is usually based on the number of coils in a full-size unit. Coils: The individual wire springs that form an innerspring unit. See Hourglass, Continuous and Offset Coils. Coir pad: An insulator pad made from coconut husk fiber, garnetted, needled, bonded and pre-cut to size. Comfort system: Refers to the upholstery layers of the mattress, generally consisting of a combination of materials (cover, cushioning, topper pad, insulators, etc.). Conjugate polyester fiber: Spirally crimped fiber that is crimped chemically rather than thermally. Is very durable and resilient. Continuous coils: An innerspring configuration in which the rows of coils are formed from a single piece of wire. Conventional bedding products: Mattresses and foundations in the conventional adult sizes of twin, twin extra long, full, full extra long, queen and king. Convertible sofa: A sofa with a bed folded beneath the seating surface, generally consisting of a mattress resting on a metal mechanism. Also called “sleep sofa” or “sofa sleeper.” Convoluted foam: Better known as “egg-crate” foam that is specially cut to produce hills and valleys, giving gentle softness and more surface comfort. Foam surface treatment is available in multiple patterns. Cornell test: Devised by Cornell University School of Hotel/Motel Administration. Designed to test cosmetic performance of bedding sets, such as body impression or

support firmness. Two round surfaces are pounded into the finished product 100,000 times and checked periodically for failure or changes. Corner guards: Molded plastic or metal, (sometimes upholstered) fittings secured to foundation corners to prevent material damage from the bed frame. Cotton felt: Produced by a garnett machine which combs cotton and other fiber binders into a continuous web or layer. Several such layers combined are called cotton “batt”. For compressed cotton felt, thick layers of garnetted cotton fiber are mechanically compressed to reduce body impressions. Cotton linters: The short fibers adhering to the seed after the long staple fiber has been removed in the ginning process. Used in making cotton felt. Cotton pickers: “Fall out” from ginning or garnetting. These shorter staple cotton fibers are blended with linters to produce cotton felt. Crown: A convex surface on a mattress. Mattresses with a half-inch crown are a half-inch thicker at the center than at the edges. Cushioning: Materials that lie above the insulator and below the fabric covering in an innerspring mattress. These materials are typically combinations of polyurethane foam, cotton felt, and/or mademade fibers. Damask: Woven ticking produced on a loom that has yarns running at 90-degree angles to each other, the warp and the weft. The damask design is woven into the fabric rather than printed on the surface. Density: A measure of weight per cubic volume, usually expressed in pounds per cubic foot. Often referred to when discussing foam.

Double tempering: Heating of wire components, usually in an oven, after they have been given shape or form and have been electronically stress-relieved. Refers to tempering coils as well as border rods and helicals in a complete spring unit. Dual-purpose: A broad term used to include all sleep pieces, which can be converted to other uses, including: convertible sofas, high-risers, daybeds, futons, etc. See Convertible Sofa. Dust cover: A woven or non-woven fabric attached to the underside of a foundation to prevent the collection of dust inside. May also be known as “sheeting” or “cambric.” Edge guard: Generally an extra component added to the edge of a mattress and/or box spring to give support on the sides. Engineered edge support: A special design where the coils on the outer edge of an innerspring unit are actually positioned under the border rod. Most units have the coils recessed from the edge, which can contribute to a “roll out of bed” feeling. Euro-top mattress: A mattress featuring a raised, squared-off surface finishing treatment filled with soft comfort layers and attached to the mattress upholstery at the tapeedge. Fabric cover: Cloth or textile material woven, knitted or felted of any fiber or mixture of fibers. Often referred to as “ticking” or mattress fabric. Fales pad: Compressed cotton felt that is stitched together to better retain compression. Fiber pad: Usually refers to manmade or natural fibers (wool, silk, etc.) that are garnetted, needled, carded and/or bonded together.


Often used in quilting panels for mattress tops. Filler cloth: Refers to a plain fabric used on the top of a foundation instead of ticking. Commonly offers non-skid characteristics. Flanging: The process whereby a strip of fabric is sewn to the edge of the mattress cover and, in the assembly process, secured to the perimeter of the innerspring unit to prevent the cover and filling materials from shifting. Foam foundation: Consists of a built-up wood slat frame covered with a sheet of cardboard or similar material, topped with at least 2” of foam and covered with ticking. Foundation: Any base or support for a mattress, sometimes used as a generic term for box spring. A foundation may be made entirely of wood or a combination of wood and steel or steel springs. See Box Spring and Foam Foundation.

Futon: A Japanese-style mattress construction, consisting of a cover and filling material, which is typically cotton but can be innerspring and/or foam. Garnetting: A mechanical process whereby short cotton fibers and/ or other fibers are combed into a specific orientation and formed into a thin web, which are then layered to create a batting used as an upholstery material. See Cotton Felt.

Hammocking: An undesirable characteristic sometimes associated with worn out or low-end mattresses. When weight is placed in the center, the corners tend to rise and bow in response to deep compression much like a hammock. Terms “dish” and “sagging” also used to describe this phenomenon. Hand: Term used to describe the touch or feel of fabrics (e.g., soft, smooth, etc.).

Gauge, coil: A measurement of the diameter of the steel wire used in coil construction. Wire gauge for innerspring coils range from 12.5 to 17. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire.

Hand-tied: The process of hand-lacing the coils in a box spring together with twine. Seldom used, this process has been replaced with modern technology and new designs.

Gel foam: Generally a visco-elastic foam that is infused with beads or swirls of gel during the foam pouring process.

Headboard: An upright unit of wood, metal, plastic, or upholstered material, to be attached at the head of a bed, usually with the bed frame.

Hair pads: Horse tail or mane, cattle tail or hog hair, which has been processed and curled for use as a mattress or upholstery filler.

Helical: A tightly-coiled, elongated wire used in the manufacture of innerspring units to join individu-


al coils to each other and to the border rod. High-contour mattress: Measures 9” – 13” thick. A mattress under 9” thick is considered “standard”; over 13” thick is considered “custom.” High riser: Usually a frame or sofa with two mattresses of equal size without a backrest. The frame slides out with the lower bed and rises to form a full bed or two single beds. Hog ring: Metal ring used to secure the insulator and flange material to the innerspring unit. Takes its name from its similarity to the metal ring in a hog’s nose. Hourglass coils: Coils that taper inward from top to middle and outward from middle to bottom, thus resembling an hourglass in shape. Employed in bonnell and offset coil designs. Hybrid: Commonly used industry term for a mattress that combines an innerspring unit with specialty foams such as visco-elastic or latex. Ideal weight distribution: Equalization of support in such a way as to eliminate pressure points that cause discomfort resulting in tossing and turning. Best achieved with coil on coil construction and properly designed insulation and cushioning material. Innerspring unit construction (for mattresses): The spring construction used as the main support system inside an innerspring mattress. Some common types are: pocketed (see Marshall) and all metal (i.e., bonnell, offset and continuous wire). Insulator: Any material used on top and bottom of an innerspring unit to prevent the upholstery layers from cupping down into the coils. Some common types are: a fiber

pad, non-woven fabric, netting, wire mesh or foam pad.

their bedding and threw it down on the ground or floor at night.

Knit: A basic polyester or nylon ticking fabric produced through a knitting process (tricot) rather than weaving. Designs are printed onto the surface.

Memory: The ability of tempered steel, foam or some fabrics to return to their original state after being compressed or stretched.

Lacing wire: Finer gauges of wire used to form helicals. Latex: A flexible foam created from a water dispersion of rubber, either from the rubber tree (natural latex) or a man-made, petroleum-based product (synthetic latex). Most latex used in mattresses today is a combination of natural and synthetic latex rubber. LFK: An unknotted offset coil with a cylindrical or columnar shape. Link fabric: A wire foundation for bedsprings, cots, studio couches, sofabed mechanisms and gliders. So called because the fabric is a succession of metal links. Marshall: A type of innerspring construction in which thin gauge, barrel-shaped, knotless coils are encased in fabric pockets. Also known as “pocketed coils.” Mattress: A manufactured product to sleep on, consisting of various resilient materials covered with an outer ticking. Comes from the Arabic term “matrah” meaning to throw down. Early Arabs traveled with

Mesh: Plastic netting generally stretched across the face of an innerspring unit as an insulator. Microcoils: A low-profile metal spring unit, typically with individually wrapped coils, used in the top comfort layers of a mattress. Molded foam core (for mattresses): A core made of flexible foam is made in molds and used as the main support system in a foam mattress. Mounting: Attachment of a box spring unit to a wood or metal frame. Needlepunched fabric: A manufacturing process for which high strength, lightweight, non-woven construction fabrics are produced. These fabrics are produced by garnetting fibers, entangling or inner-locking these fibers together by a series of needles and then mechanically bonding or fusing them together via heat to produce a fabric without glue or binders. Needlepunched pad: A manufacturing process used to produce insulator pads and non-woven


fabrics whereby loose, garnetted fibers are inner-locked by a series of “needles.” This process usually requires additional bonding to keep the fibers in place. Offset coils: An hourglass type coil on which portions of the top and bottom convolutions have been flattened. In assembling the innerspring unit, these flat segments of wire are hinged together with helicals. Orthopedic: Generalized term to imply set gives proper postural alignment and support. Should not necessarily mean hard or board feeling. Proper support with a degree of comfort to contour to the body is best. Panel: The part of the ticking that constitutes the top sleep surface of a mattress, as well as the bottom of a mattress on a two-sided bed. Pedestal-type metal or wood bed frame: A low-profile bed frame with a solid pedestal base underneath each side of the frame, instead of legs. Pillow-top mattress: A mattress featuring a surface finishing treatment where a separate encasement of soft materials is attached to the entire surface on top of existing cover and upholstery. Plus 4 edge: Two border rods engineered with one inside of the other and designed so that they make the edge 4% firmer than the balance of the sleep surface to eliminate that “roll out of bed” feeling and edge sag. Pocketed coil: See Marshall. Polyurethane foam: See Urethane Foam. Print: A ticking fabric, which can be a woven or non-woven sheeting, commonly of synthetic fiber compo-

sition, on which a design has been printed. Quilting: The surface treatment in which the cover, foam and/or other fibers are sewn together, using various stitch patterns on quilting machinery, including scroll or panel quilters (single needle) and multi-needle quilters. Resilience: Surface liveliness and spring-back ability. Rollator test: An approximately 230 lb., six-sided roller is passed across a sleep set to determine the structural strengths or weaknesses of the set and components (i.e., foam or quilt failure, breaking of helicals and coils). The industry standard to duplicate the life of a mattress is 100,000 passes. Rollaway bed/cot: A portable metal bed/cot with a frame that folds in half with the mattress when not in use so it can be rolled away into a closet (or elsewhere) for compact storage. Sheeting: a woven or non-woven fabric other than knits that have a degree of sizing and are somewhat stiff. Side rail: A metal or wood rail, which hooks into the outside edges of a headboard and footboard to provide the support base for a foundation and mattress. Sisal: A product of the henequen

plant formed into a pad and used as an insulator. Named after the. small port of Sisal in Yucatan. Slats: Narrow strips of wood used to support the coils in the box spring frame. Also used in a bedstead to support the box spring. Sleep Products Safety Council hangtag: Used voluntarily by bedding producers since 1987, the safety hangtag program provides critical consumer information about the safe use of sleep products. Manufacturers certify that they use the tag only on mattresses that meet the Federal Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads.The tag is available in a hangtag or permanent label. Smooth top: A plain surfaced mattress, neither tufted nor quilted. Also called button-free. Spring wire: Wire made from high carbon steel, characterized by toughness, strength and ductility. Typically furnished in 8 to 18 gauge for bedding industry applications. Steel unit construction (for box springs): The spring construction used as the main support system inside a box spring. Stitch bonded pad: See Fales Pad. Straightline deflection: Pertains to mattress innerspring construction and refers to the constant ratio between stress and strain, weight


and movement. The benefit is that constant support is provided regardless of the weight applied. No bottoming out of soft spots. Basically it means that two people of unequal weight, sleeping on the same mattress, receive the same support.

permit the passage of air. Unnecessary with normal high quality materials used today, except for hospital type mattresses with wetproof covers. Visco-elastic foam: Also known as “memory foam.” Slow recovery urethane foams that are temperature sensitive. They conform to the body and distribute pressure according to body heat and dynamics.

Stretch knit: A heavy-weight mattress ticking consisting of a top layer, bottom layer and filling material knitted together and intermittently stitched to keep the filling yarns stable. Super zoned box spring frame: A support, generally wood, attached longitudinally to the underside of a foundation for added support where the main body weight rests. Another important structural point is that the vertical slats are turned on edge for added strength. This is extremely important on queen sizes and for 4-poster beds where typically no center support is provided. Also known as a “center rail.” Tape: Fabric material that closes over the rough-sewn edge where the top and bottom panels are joined to the border of a mattress or box spring. Tape edge: A specified type of sewing machine designed to stitch binding tape around the top and bottom edges of the mattress, joining the panels with the border and closing the mattress. Tempering: Heat treatment of wire to reduce brittleness. Accomplished by electric charge, oven heat or both. Also known as “stress relieved”. Ticking: Fabrics for covering mattresses and foundations. Common types include: stretch knits, woven damasks, knits and nonwovens. Torsion bars: A type of spring sys-

tem used in box springs characterized by square-shaped wire forms. Trundle bed: A low bed that is rolled under a larger bed. In some constructions, the lower bed springs up to form a full bed or two single beds as in a high riser. Tufting: Consists of passing twine, cords or tape vertically through the mattress from top to bottom, knotting and securing the loops thus formed with tufts, buttons, or lacing. The purpose is to hold the mattress filling in place. Uniflex grid: A steel wire grid used to bridge the “mouth” of the coils on an innerspring unit to prevent “pocketing” of insulation down into the coil and to eliminate “coil feel.” Also helps to distribute the body weight of a person. Urethane foam: Synthetic (chemically foamed) flexible urethane used for mattress cores and as a cushioning material. As a core, it’s the main support system. Generic term covering both polyester and polyether foams. Ventilator: Metal or plastic screens attached to the sides and sometimes the ends of mattresses to

Waterbed: A sleep system employing a water-filled vinyl bladder as its primary support system. Original models relied on rigid framing to contain the vinyl components and were known as a “hardside”. Newer styles consist of vinyl components (bladder and liner) typically encased in foam and made to look like a conventional mattress, usually paired with a regular upholstered foundation. Also called a “softside” waterbed. All versions are sometimes referred to as “flotation beds.” Welded grid top: Basic wire welded into a lattice to which box spring coils, formed wire or modules are fastened. Offers even weight distribution, yet allows some flex and give. Wood bed: A bed with a headboard and footboard made of wood, having side rails of wood or metal that support the foundation and mattress. Wood frame (for box springs): The wood frame in a box spring on which the spring construction is mounted. Woven stripe: A once ubiquitous woven ticking with colored stripes. The style was referred to as “ACA”, the traditional designation for the 8 oz. blue- and white-striped ticking that has mostly fallen out of favor and is seldom produced.

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Sleeptech / November-December 2015  


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