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Our round up of the year 2015.

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WELCOME Are you ready? We’re saying good-bye to the Christmas breeze and stepping into the sunshine of 2016. It’s a new year, a new start but we can’t just drop 2015 like it didn’t happen! Sleek is going to take you on a little stroll down memory lane as we look back at some of the best and most exciting moments that 2015 had to offer. So strap in and prepare for your blast from the recent past. As great as memories can be we have to make sure to get your 2016 started in the best way possible. Sleek’s chic cover lady Nicole McLaren Campbell is the kind of woman that will inspire you to make the most of your new year. We’ve also got fitness guru and Master Mixologist Patrice White to help you put your healthiest and fittest foot forward for Carnival and the rest of 2016. In addition to all these juicy offerings we’ve got some fun articles to get you ready to conquer this year. So it’s time to kick up your feet and enjoy this month’s issue of Sleek Magazine!


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4. 5 trends to leave in 2015 5. 5 trends to love in 2016 09. Habits that have no place in your new year 10. 2016 wildest dreams wishlist 49. 2015 in 15 pages 72. HE Said she Said


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Bye-bye 2015! There are things we will miss and some things that we really hope have no place in the New Year. These following 5 trends need to be left in 2015.

Overdrawn lips 2016 will be better off without the dark matte lips drawn outside the natural lip line made famous by reality TV star Kylie Jenner. Your pout doesn’t need to be that plump.

Crazy Dance Moves Let’s leave the hazardous dancehall dances like ‘hot up’ in 2015. Ladies, if a dance involves tapping your parts with a piece of burning paper, don’t do it!



‘On fleek’ has had its time to shine, now it’s time to put that phrase to bed.

2015 was the year of the naked dress and sheer everything, in 2016 let’s give the nude look a break.

long and pointy It might be time to leave talon-like false nails in the past. As much fun as it is to experiment with your nails, long pointed ones just seem impractical and a little dangerous!

A dishonourable mention – let’s leave the term Netflix and chill behind too 4



2016 will bring its own slew of trends, some good, some bad, exactly what all of those will be is still a mystery. Here are five trends though that you can’t go wrong with this year:

Black, green and gold With summer 2016 comes the Olympics where Jamaican track talent will be ready for the spotlight. Jump on the national pride wagon, it brings us together and helps to remind us that despite all the problems, Jamaica is capable of some pretty amazing things.

Short hair Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce debuted a buzz cut towards the end of 2015 and the short do is a pretty, natural look to bring into 2016…if you have the confidence to pull it off.

Red Lips Crimson-coloured lips have always been an elegant fashion staple, but already they’re ruling the spring runways. Rock bold lips while keeping the rest of your makeup minimal for a chic, easy style in 2016.

Statement earrings Long, shoulder-dusting, elaborate earrings are in for 2016. These fun, funky accessories are a great way to add a little pizzazz to a plain outfit. Statement earrings can definitely spice up your wardrobe with minimal effort, what’s not to love?


Okay, reading is definitely not a trendy thing. However, Author Marlon James is making waves by becoming the first Jamaican writer to win the prestigious Man Booker Prize, it wouldn’t hurt to become a little more familiar with the amazing work of our local authors. 5







The New Year is often associated with a new start, a chance to make all the changes that you wished you could’ve before. Make the most of 2016 by leaving some toxic things in the past. Here are five things you need to ditch in the New Year:

1. Comparing yourself to others.


Yes, your friend from high school might be travelling the world, someone else might be getting married or starting their own business. It’s very easy to compare what your life is like to the lives of others and feel like you’re coming up short. Stop, comparing does you no favours; everyone’s circumstances are different and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so just focus on you.

Life is short, make the most of the time you have. If there’s something you keep saying you want to do, stop talking about it and start trying to get it done. It might not be easy, but you definitely won’t get anywhere if you don’t start.

4.Toxic people


Friends, family, romantic partners…if someone close you doesn’t have your best interest at heart and brings you down, you don’t need them around. Cut the toxins out of your life.

You need to be your biggest cheerleader not your biggest hindrance. Trust in your talents, abilities and who you are as a person. Life beats us down enough sometimes, don’t add to it.

5. Accepting If there’s something in your life you’d like to change, do it! It’s sometimes easier to accept the things we don’t like than to try and make changes, but that doesn’t work out in the long run. This year take steps to make yourself happier whether it’s exercising more, heading to the beach more often to relax, or hunting for a job you’ll enjoy more. 9

New Year, new start. We all have our New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2016, bad habits to break and good habits to get into. Of course we all also have wishes for the New Year that probably won’t be granted. Check out eleven of our wildest dreams for 2016, these won’t be happening but we can always wish…

1.That the US dollar exchange rate will go back down under $100. 2.People will stop referring to their signif icant others as bae. 3.Ladies will stop wearing eyelashes that their eyelids don’t have the strength to hold up. 4.Flat Bridge will f inally get railings that don’t wash away. 5.Fried chicken, rice, patty and any kind of dessert will somehow become healthy, low-calorie foods. 6.Working out won’t be necessary to get your Carnival body. 7.That Jamaica wins gold in every Olympic track and f ield event we’re a part of. 8.Retailers will start to include GCT in the price so that you don’t have a horrible surprise when you get to the cashier. 9.Perhaps we could do away with GCT altogether right? 10.Elections will go smoothly and the crime rate will actually go down! 11.That Island Grill will start selling ackee all day instead of just for breakfast.




One positive thing about the start of a new year is that it gives you an opportunity to chart a new course for your life. Instead of dwelling on the past, you can choose to put aside your financial disappointments and focus on getting a fresh start with your money. When you embark on a journey, you need to have a map or guideline that will take you from where you are currently located to your desired destination. Similarly, you must design a plan of action that will help you to know how to create and sustain wealth over this year and beyond. Let’s look at some steps that should be included in your wealth plan for 2016: Define your goals You need to clearly outline what you want to accomplish in your wealth journey over the next 12 months. Apart from writing down your major goals, state some of the specific milestones that you want to achieve, such as “have at least $100,000 in an investment account by December.” Commit to sacrificial saving If you want to increase your net worth this year, you may have to make big spending sacrifices to save. Examine your budget to determine those expenses that you would be willing to give up temporarily, such as your cable service or regular visits to the salon, to boost your savings .


Minimise consumer debt Growing your wealth will require diverting as much of your income as possible into investments. Decide to live within your means; if you utilise credit cards and consumer loans to fund your lifestyle, then your money will have to be used to pay interest on debt instead being invested. Get savvy about investing This year, pledge to learn about smart ways to invest your money, and don’t let uncertainty or fear prevent you from testing out the investing landscape. To increase your knowledge, attend investor seminars, carry out research on the internet, and watch or listen to financial programs. Create an investment plan You need to determine which investments will help you to accomplish your money objectives, and make regular contributions to your investment/savings account. Discuss your options with a Scotia Investment advisor who can help you to choose the right products that match your goals. Cover your risks No wealth creation plan would be complete without a strategy to preserve your wealth. Speak to a Scotia Insurance advisor to ensure that you are fully covered against critical illnesses and medical emergencies that could wipe out the net worth that you are working hard to build. If you create a realistic wealth plan and diligently follow the steps, then you can really look forward to enjoying a prosperous New Year! Find out more today Visist or call 1-888-4-SCOTIA

Discover what’s possible








I have a ton of advice! 1. Be the person who believes most in your dream. Don’t expect anyone else to see exactly what you envision, so don’t be hurt if they don’t. 2. Don’t be afraid to hear the word NO- a successful entrepreneur must be prepared to stumble, make mistakes, fail at some things and take the lesson and move forward with no loss of enthusiasm. 3. Be prepared to work harder than you ever imagined possible, understanding that no one owes you anything. 4. Seek mentors who have done in business what you hope to do and let their guidance, knowledge and counsel be an integral part of your plan. 5. Keep impeccable records especially for taxes. You’ve studied at some of the top schools in the world, Princeton, the University of London and the Summer Institute at Stanford. What kind of impact did studying overseas and experiencing other cultures have on you? From each I took something else. From Stanford I learned resilience and learned that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was!! At Andover I continued to learn that I wasn’t THAT smart meaning I wasn’t a stratospheric math genius, or linguist, or really academic in the way some people were but I did learn that what you don’t have in natural ability you make up for with relentless work. Start from where you are with what you have and the right attitude and focus, and you can accomplish all the dreams you have - you may go further than those with the natural talent. Princeton taught me to be fearless, helped me to understand that nothing separates me from people who will change the world in phenomenal ways so I learned to focus on discovering what my impact will be.

Nicole Campbell Founder and CEO AIM Educational Services

So you’re a St Andrew High School old girl (we use the term ‘old girl’ very loosely) what’s one of your best memories from your time there?

London was everything! As a young woman it’s the best city- and with a bit more maturity you really appreciate the whole experience - the food, the people, the shops, the ways of doing things- my first taste of life truly on my own.

Incredible support from teachers - especially my English teacher Mrs Gooden who took a special interest in pushing and motivating me, exposing me to the Junior Summit essay competition through which I discovered my interest in youth empowerment - and now people empowerment - my passions. I remember friends and being truly carefree.

So if I add it all together - Stanford + Andover + Princeton + SAS + SOAS (University of London) I would say I learned that no matter what race, country or religion we are all at base the same, linked by our humanity - a desire to be happy. I learned that I was capable of anything.

You left the security of your nine-to-five job to start your own business. What advice would you give someone looking to fulfil goals of entrepreneurship? 17

Sometimes we pressure ourselves as women because We don’t ask for the help we need and try to do it all. No one ever got a medal for doing it all - just stress and fatigue so I’m letting go of that. You’re also into being fit and healthy. It’s not always easy to eat healthy especially when you’re busy, can you share your top tips PLANNING AND ORGANIZATION!!!! You have to take a planned and deliberate approach to this life! Plan the gym at a time when no meeting, emergency or anything else can distract. Meal prep so when hunger strikes you know exactly what you’re eating every day - I have meal prep on Sunday for three days and then during the week another round of prep. I keep healthy snacks handy in my office - try to stick to fresh fruit and vegetables as much as possible - and indulge when I feel like it - but try not to OVER indulge I have a dangerous sweet tooth!! Which famous woman inspires you the most? Oprah and Michelle Obama. As someone who has taught English, you know how important reading is (we don’t do it enough!). What’s your favourite book? No Excuses by Brian Tracy really changed my life. Americanah by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is also one of my favorites. I love The Great Gatsby and really anything that can elevate my level of thinking. For my ‘junk food’ reads - my guilty confession - I like romance novels! It’s something me and my mom share (she’s a linguist, professor and associate dean of the faculty of humanities and

You’re a very busy woman running AIM Educational Services and managing a family. How do you maintain a good work-life balance? What name work-life balance? LOL. I’m doing the best I can - as all working mothers are. I don’t have it all figured out - but every day I try to do better. I exercise when everyone else is asleep, so I know that no one needs me - this is my ME time - keeps me sane! I try to organize our kids as best as I canthe extra curricular part is tough and the different requirements for school on a given day so I keep schedules on the fridge, calendar reminders, and now that I have an assistant she helps in a huge way. I have awesome help in my home, a strong family and of course a great husband. We have different roles - he is a consultant in this area and I execute - when it comes to the kids. He’s the disciplinarian, the logistics person and all things house, yard, car, maintenance, planning etc - that’s all him.

“Be the person who believes most in your dream. Don’t expect anyone else to see exactly what you envision, so don’t be hurt if they don’t.” 18

education at UWI.

and the AIM team - I t’s the same - the privilege of awakening people to the possibilities that exist within them, convincing them to see things in themselves they’ve never seen, to see them grow, thrive and flourish, stumble, recover and move forward - my work at aim is about empowerment - in education and life. We’ve just launched a foundation- The AIM Higher Foundation - we plan to take AIM’s current pro bono work, which focuses on helping low income high potential students, to a whole new level. It’s a blessing. I’ve also had the opportunity to be impacted by mentors - persons who have accomplished what I hope to accomplish and who have generously given me their time and resources as I build AIM.

In five words can you sum up why education is so important? Freedom. Power. Understanding. The opportunity to discover passion and purpose. The opportunity to make a contribution and have an impact. What has been the most fulfilling aspect of your work at AIM? My work at aim has allowed me to empower people - as a speaker when I go into schools and spend time with students and parents, or when I’m speaking to a corporate audience or sales team, as a mentor and a coach to my students

Valentine’s Day is coming up for all the lovers out there. Can you tell us about the most romantic thing your hubby has done for you? Aaaaam I have to ask him before I answer this one! Lol How did you and your husband meet? Did you know he was the one right off the bat? at the movies we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. No I had no idea he was the one!!



























ls Academy

Skil irector - The Managing D

You’ve made hundreds of unique cocktails for Jamaican brands and even created a special Recipe Book for the Wisynco Group of Companies, but what drink is your favourite to sip on? A drink of Scotch mixed with ginger ale over ice. We’ve all heard the turn ‘beer belly’ before, but is it possible to drink alcoholic beverages and still lose weight? Yes it is possible to drink and lose weight, it depends on the level and frequency of consumption and the exercise programme one is committed to. One would be best advised though to lay off the alcoholic beverages in order to have the greatest impact from exercising. As part of The Dynamic Trio, you’ll be whipping people into tip-top Carnival shape with the “Get Ready For The Road” programme. Do you plan on having more f itness programmes like this in the future to get us all toned and sexy? Definitely, what we are creating is a lifestyle movement. What’s the one workout move that you absolutely hate doing (or love to hate)? And... what’s the one workout move that you absolutely love? I have a love hate relationship with burpees. I absolutely love doing weighted squats. We know you run every day, starting around 3/3:30 in the morning, that’s some serious dedication. In what other little ways do you keep on track with your f itness despite the demands of family and work? I do a mixture of crossfit and strength training and body sculpting daily as a compliment to my running 38

who keeps the group in check with time management and ensures we stay on track with the programme. (Patrice) is the energizer in the group who drives the training agenda and the activity planning, she also keeps the group fully organized and the members informed. The training plan is grounded in the philosophy that if you train the same you will remain the same, hence the work out plan is a mix of; cardio, weights, circuit training, Crossfit techniques, hill sprints and stair climbing.

What’s the most crucial piece of advice you’d give someone looking to start living a healthier lifestyle? Just start! Even if it’s just to walk for a mile, but persons must understand that living a healthier lifestyle requires an adjustment to how and when you eat, how much sleep you get and most importantly having a regular and consistent exercise regimen. This is hard for most people to do by themselves, as a coach this is where I feel I can help persons to get started.

i feel a sense of pride which makes my heart smile that i may have helped someone make a better life for themselves.

What’s the most rewarding thing about sharing all the skills you’ve learned? I think it would be the same for any teacher with their students, I feel a sense of pride which makes my heart smile that I may have helped someone make a better life for themselves. Any f itness tips for 2016 for our sleek readers? Sign up for the ‘Ready for the Road’ package and join Marlon, Courtney and I (DynamicTrio) and Spartan Health Club and let’s start 2016 right, Your bodies will thank you for this decision later. Tell us a little about the Dynamic Trio and the workout plan for carnival. The dynamic trio is made up of three uniquely different personalities from varying backgrounds. (Marlon) is the motivator and the comedian all rolled into one, he is extremely committed to what he does and alway reliable. (Courtney) is the disciplinarian


Are you ever tempted to cheat on your healthy diet with a heavenly slice of cake or some other delicious, not-so-good-for-you treat? How do you manage those cravings when they come along? I am always tempted to cheat because I love food, all types of food. To be honest I do slip up now and then but I workout a little harder or run a little longer when I do, in a way that’s my self imposed punishment.









Another year is done and dusted but what a year it was! Scandal, historic firsts and lots of amazing achievements took place in 2015. As we reflect on the last year and get ready for everything to come in 2016, let’s take a look at 15 notable things that happened in 2015.

Lisa Hanna advises Chronixx

the aggrieved singer posted on Instagram. He has since removed the post.

As the country hummed with excitement about US President Barack Obama’s visit to the island in April 2015, not everyone was pleased with how things worked out.

His choice of words to describe president Obama ruffled a few feathers. The Minister of Youth and Culture decided to address Chronixx’s statements and use of the term ‘waste man’ in a video posted by The Gleaner.

Reggae artist Chronixx took to Instagram to vent on the issue of Jamaican national hero Marcus Garvey’s criminal record in the United States.

Wearing a black and white striped top, the former beauty queen, spoke out to the artiste advising ‘temperance’ in how he expresses his views. “I really like Chronixx’s music, I think he has to, as an artist, recognise that he lives in a global space and that regardless of what you want to say about your personal convictions about why someone takes a decision I think it is important that you have some temperance in the way you display what your personal convictions are about,”

“This man ... Still have criminal record on the United States and we glorifying some waste man! This man was hunted and imprisoned by our Jamaican government ... who some years later, paved a peaceful and safe path for the US president to address is a ... “race of good for nothing’s”. That’s why black faces don’t mean anything to rasta anymore,”

Chronixx calling Obama a ‘waste man’ and Minister Hanna’s response certainly had people talking long after Air Force One had departed. 46

“Wah gwaan Jamaica?”

His first stop in Kingston was the Bob Marely Museum on Hope Road, where he took a private tour of the music legend’s former home. The next day it was down to business as Obama engaged in bilateral talks with the Government, participated in a CARICOM-US Summit and a wreath laying ceremony at National Heroes Park.

Roads got fixed, worn paint was redone, fences were mended, the Corporate Area was on lockdown…what was the cause? A visit from the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

However, the real fun took place when he spoke at a Youth Forum at the University of the West Indies. Everyone loved it when the POTUS stepped up to the mic and said “wah gwaan Jamaica”. He must have practiced his patois on the flight!

Photo from:

On the 8th of April 2015, the famed presidential plane Air Force One touched down at the Norman Manley International Airport, beginning a historical visit.

In a flash though POTUS was gone, he left Jamaica for Panama on April 9, leaving the Corporate Area to get back to normal and with a few better roads.

Obama’s short stop in the island was only the second ever visit to Jamaica by a sitting US President. The first was by Ronald Reagan in 1982.

Photo from:

Photo from:


Jamaica’s Miss Universe won over the world

Many blamed the disappointing result on her answer to the interview question where she named Usain Bolt and Bob Marley as Jamaica’s greatest contributions to the world. Whatever the reason, she may not have taken home the crown, but she certainly came out on top winning fans the world over.

Jamaicans have an uncanny ability to make everything more exciting. When Miss Universe Jamaica 2014, Kaci Fennell, headed to Miami, Florida for the big show in January 2015, she probably didn’t expect to shake things up as much as she did. Kaci’s short, Halle Berry-esque hair cut had already been making waves in the media as it went against the usual trend of long flowing tresses at the pageant. However, after all was said, strutted and done, it wasn’t her hair that stirred things up.

International media outlets such as the Daily Mail, US Weekly and the International Business Times caught Kaci fever. She even scored an invitation to host the popular entertainment show E News and had a sit down interview for NBC in New York.

When Kaci came in fifth place the crowd erupted into boos and fans across the globe took to social media to express their outrage claiming she was robbed. 48

With all of the country’s gorgeous spots and friendly culture it’s really no surprise that we’re kicking butt in tourism.

Jamaican tourism won big! We likkle but we tallawah. Jamaica is clearly one of the most beautiful islands around and a hotspot for tourists looking for some fun in the sun. Year after year the island has been recognised as an outstanding destination for tourists coming to the Caribbean and 2015 was no exception. In October, Jamaica was named the Caribbean’s Leading Destination at the 2015 World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America Gala Ceremony. This was the 10th consecutive year that the ‘land of wood and water’ was honoured with the award. Jamaica was also received awards for Caribbean’s Leading Destination, Caribbean’s Leading Tourist Board as well as Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Destination and Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Port (Ocho Rios). 49

Photo from:

(and much younger) love Anushca-Mai Walton in summer set fire to the Jamaican social scene when the news broke.

Security Minister Peter Bunting tied the knot It cannot be easy to be the Minister of National Security in a country with as much crime as Jamaica.

The couple married while Anushca, a former media personality, carried their first child. She gave birth to baby number one in Miami, Florida at the end of the year.

That doesn’t mean that Peter Bunting can’t carve out some time for romance though. Ministers of Government have love lives too! Bunting’s hush-hush wedding to long time

Bunting was formerly married to Janine Ewart and has two children from their union, Brent and Emma Bunting.

Photo from:

Photo from:


Photo from:

A Jamaican won the Man Booker Prize for the first time

The Man Booker Prize judges also noted that the tale delivered a lot of laughs. James, who currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said he hoped his win would bring more attention to Caribbean writing.

Author Marlon James made history in 2015 when he walked away with the prestigious Man Booker Prize. He became the first Jamaican writer to win the award in its 47 year history.

He was presented with the award by the Duchess of Cornwall at a black-tie dinner held at London’s Guildhall, along with a £50,000 cheque from Emmanuel Roman, Chief Executive of Man Group.

James took home the prize for his novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings, a gritty fictional account of the 1976 attempt to kill reggae legend Bob Marley. A Brief History of Seven Killings is certainly not and one would consider to be light reading. In fact, full of violence, graphic sex, swearing and drugs, the novel was described by the New York Times as: “like a Tarantino remake of the The Harder They Come, but with a soundtrack by Bob Marley and a script by Oliver Stone and William Faulkner … sweeping, mythic, over-the-top, colossal and dizzyingly complex.” 51

Photo from:

Jamaican business broadened its reach

To become the Regional Master Dealers ATL had to rise above international bids from Europe and the Americas.

Beenie Man once sang: “Zim Zimmer, who got the keys to my Bimmer?” Well, ATL does it seems. At the end of 2015, the Jamaican business got set to extend its reach across the region. After reaching a landmark deal for a Jamaican company, ATL Automotive was named Regional Master Dealers for BMW and Mini in Jamaica and eight other Caribbean countries. ATL’s BMW/Mini deal was nine months in the making and the regional appointment is the first ever of its kind for a Jamaican automotive company. This end-of-2015 coup gets going just after Valentine’s Day in 2016 here in Jamaica. As of April 1st the company will take on a regional management role in Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Cayman, Curacao, Barbados, Aruba, Saint Lucia, and Suriname. 52

Jae Blaze, was also impressed. The video for the song racked up good views on YouTube. However, Razor B probably didn’t anticipate starting one of the strangest dancehall dance trends of 2015 (or ever for that matter). The ‘Hot Up’ dance move saw women tapping their lady parts with pieces of paper which had been set on fire. Women were also seen going as far as doing splits over flames. These controversial and hazardous moves caused a lot of talk leading Razor B to speak out against fans using fire as part of the dance because of the risks it poses.

Hot up

Why risk singeing your parts for a dance? All we can say is people do some pretty strange things.

Jamaican/Canadian dancehall artiste Razor B probably intended on making a chart topping song when he released ‘Hot Up’. In that aim he definitely succeeded. The song went on to do extremely well not only here in Jamaica, but it got mainstream radio airtime in the United States, Japan, Canada and Europe. Grammy award-winning choreographer, 53

World Games Bolt and Shelly-Ann defending their titles

Moments after running away with the gold, the elated sprinter was brought crashing back to earth when he was knocked over from behind by a cameraman on a Segway. “I am fine. I have a few cuts. But it’s nothing I have never done to myself in training. I feel like Justin Gatlin had something to do with it. Maybe,”

Justin Gatlin came to the World Athletics Championships in August of 2015, he tried, he failed to conquer. Usain Bolt reigned supreme defending both his 100m and 200m world championship titles, making sure his rival knew exactly who was in charge.

Bolt joked. Not to be outdone, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce also defended her 100m and 200m titles at the championships. With her 100m she win, equalled Bolt’s record of three 100m world championship titles.

Despite having struggled with injuries over the course of the season, Bolt blasted his way to his fourth consecutive 200m title at the world championships. His time of 19.55sec in the 200m was the 10th fastest ever and his best for three years, firmly shutting down any doubters. The win moved his overall world championship gold medal total to 10.

Though she maintained that her success was as a result of hard work, training and sacrifices, a little colour doesn’t hurt either. The Pocket Rocket said that her unique ‘do during the championships – bright green braids with flowers in her hair – helped her to go faster. “I like colours, I like to be bright and bold, so for me it is about being happy and relaxed on the start line,”

she told The Guardian. “Whatever helps me relax in the line helps me.”



Photo from:

The Ministry of Health landed in seriously hot water The deaths of 19 babies as a result of an infection outbreak at the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew and the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James was perhaps the most distressing scandal that rocked the country in 2015. This terrible, worrying news sent the country into an uproar, with anxious mothers and fathers-to-be and an outraged populace.

Health Minister Fenton Ferguson raised more than a few eyebrows with an address to Parliament in which he referred to the babies who died as not being babies in the “real sense”.

The deadly infections were caused by the Klebsiella and Serratia bacteria. According to National Epidemiologist, Dr Karen Webster, there were four outbreaks involving the infectious bacteria; one outbreak occurred during July at both UHWI and Cornwall Regional and the others began in September. There were 42 cases in total.

“When babies are born under seven months, their organs are not well developed... Their immune systems are significantly compromised, so I don’t want anyone to give any impression that these are babies in the real sense,” said Ferguson in his address. Yikes! The comment outraged members of the Opposition and the public. Opposition Leader Andrew Holness called for him to resign.

As if this wasn’t enough of a scandal, then

Ferguson, who had been heavily criticised for his handling of the Chik-V outbreak in 2014, was reassigned in November to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.


Sanneta Myrie became the first Miss Jamaica World with locks

Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Essence and Buzzfeed, among other international media outlets, praised Sanneta for bringing diversity to the Miss World stage and beyond. The beautiful doctor with the stunning eyes landed in the top five in the competition which took place in Sanya, China.

In August Jamaica set out to make a little Miss World history. Gorgeous medical doctor Sanneta Myrie was crowned Miss Jamaica World, becoming the first woman rocking dreadlocks to compete in the pageant’s history. After taking home the Miss Jamaica in August, Sanneta told American music station BET that her dreads are a way to express her culture. “I lock my hair because I identify with it,

said the beauty.

Sanneta posted on Instagram after the pageant.

“I am very much rooted in that Afro-centric nature, where we as Jamaicans are rooted. It’s my expression. The only thing to eclipse the natural beauty of Jamaica is the spirit of its people... one of strong resilience, creativity, and ingenuity.”

This isn’t the first time a Jamaican has made pageant history. In 2007, Miss Universe Jamaica, Zahra Redwood became the first Rastafarian to compete for that title. 56

Star sightings

in the island but he headed for the hills when he stopped in over summer.

With Jamaica’s prestige as a tourist destination it’s no wonder that the island gets its fair share of famous visitors.

The actor took in the cool, fresh air and stunning views during his stay at the Strawberry Hill hotel in Irish Town, St Andrew.

2015 seemed to be a particularly good year for star sightings on the rock.

American rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, brought his grandfather with him to enjoy a weekend Montego Bay, St James.

A bevy of famous faces took to the country’s most beautiful spots for some rest and relaxation. Hilton hotel heiress and former reality TV star Paris Hilton, along with her supermodel friend, Naomi Campbell had some fun in the sun at the gorgeous Goldeneye resort in St Mary and climbed Dunn’s River Falls.

Nick Cannon also visited the country many times while shooting his film “King of the Dancehall”. The rapper stopped in at Dance Jamaica Studios in St Andrew to learn a few dancehall moves. We wonder who else was here that we didn’t spot!

Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise was also 57

A female footballer became Jamaica’s Rhodes Scholar

when she takes up the scholarship next year. She’s already got some pretty incredible academic credentials holding a Master of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Statistician and an Associate Degree in Business Studies (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination).

Sports aren’t just for the boys and Reggae Girl Sherona Forrester proved last year that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Sherona received a slew of awards from UWI for excellence in sports and academics, including the Charles Kennedy Prize, Director of Sports Award, Certificate for Outstanding Performance, and Leadership in Sports Award.

In November 2015, Sherona, a member of the Senior Female Football Team was named as Jamaica’s 2016 Rhodes Scholar. The 24-year-old Clarendon native beat out eight shortlisted candidates to earn the highly coveted and prestigious scholarship to study at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

You go girl, seriously!

The announcement was made by GovernorGeneral, Sir Patrick Allen, during a ceremony at King’s House on November 19. Sherona will be pursuing a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Economics at Oxford, 58

Gas Pan Challenge

will be. Liquid petroleum gas retailer, Gas Pro Limited, made sure to distance themselves from the bizarre trend.

There are some trends that are understandable, and then there are others that will remain utterly incomprehensible. The trend of gas cylinder selfies in 2015 is definitely one of the latter.

“The cylinder is built with a certain level of protection, ensuring gas doesn’t escape. Parties are an uncontrolled environment, so we don’t promote the practice in the interest of public safety. At Gas Pro, we are big on safety, and carrying a cylinder to a party is not something to do,” Commercial director for Gas Pro, Rohan Ambersley told The Star.

Several photos made the rounds in social-media-land showing people posing with gas cylinders under the hashtag #GasPanChallenge. What? Why would anyone want to pose for a picture while holding a gas cylinder? We’re not entirely sure and we don’t think we ever

Some things in life are just a mystery and the #GasPanChallenge is definitely one of those unexplainable occurrences.


Bad gas left a bad taste in people’s mouths at the end of 2015 At the end of last year motorists around the country were hit by what has become known as ‘bad gas’. Several motorists complained that they received poor quality fuel at petrol stations leading to damaged engines which rendered their vehicles inoperable.

Several service stations in St Thomas, Kingston, St Catherine, Clarendon and St Ann were implicated in selling contaminated fuel accorded to a report released in December. The Bureau of Standards Jamaica ordered gas pumps at 17 service stations closed in December.

The ‘bad gas’ is either 87 or 90 fuel, that doesn’t meet market standards. Naturally, the presence of substandard fuel at some pumps left many people very nervous to fill up, not knowing exactly which stations were unsafe.

At least one major marketing company was fingered as being involved in the mixing of low-grade fuel with legitimate imported fuel. The entire saga has exposed some glaring problems in the testing practices and monitoring of the petroleum trade in the island. Unfortunately this isn’t a problem that the country has left in 2015. We can only hope that it will be sorted out early in 2016 and that will be the end of bad gas! 60















He said, She said... by Kelli-Dawn Hamilton

Scenario 1 So he says he will pick you up in 30 minutes and you agree. He arrives at the appointed time and you tell him that that you need 15 minutes more. He has now been waiting for 40 minutes and you can’t understand why he is getting annoyed.

He Said

I did everything right! I told her the time and she agreed and I even gave her the extra 15 minutes and I am still waiting!

She Said

Lissen, everybody knows that a girl needs time to get ready. He needs to just wait. Perfection takes time.

How to deal Sweedie you have to respect the man’s time. You agreed to the 30 minutes and he gave you the extra 15, but 40 minutes later?! It is not a good look. If you two have been going out long enough he will understand what 15 minutes mean to you and even so, still try to respect his time. If you can make the effort to get to work 8:30 am every day you can do this! #dweet

Scenario 2 The conversation goes like this:


Her: Babe how do I look?

Him: You look cute

Her: Cute? Him: Yea, you look cute. I like that dress on you. Her: Cute? He Said

I have no idea where I went wrong with this one, I said she looked cute!

She Said

I went through puberty, I don’t want to be thought of as cute especially when he refers to other girls as hot.

How to deal Women like superlatives, if you think she looks smokin’ hot please tell her so. Ladies, if you are going to a funeral though there is no need for super hott, in fact reduce the heat. Gentlemen remember using the word perfect will never harm you in this situation.

Scenario 03 You have asked him to fix the hinge on the cupboard door and he has agreed. You give him a deadline of February 5. You remind him every week because you do not want him to forget. He tells you that if you tell him about the cupboard one more time he is going to take off the door.

He Said

She already gave me a deadline, why are we still talking about this?

She Said

I am just trying to help him! I don’t want him to forget!

How to deal Ladies if the man agreed to February 5 wait till the appointed day. If you know he is prone to forget encourage him to set a reminder in his phone. Talking about the hinge everyday will not make him more inclined to fix it, this will only serve to make him resentful about the activity and you. will never harm you in this situation. 71










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