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“I’m Not Crazy, I’m Depressed!” The Mental Health Stigma

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Photographer: Natasha Hayes Stylist: Liese Victoria Model: Hannah Tribolet Model: Chiara Vietina Agency: Wilhelmina Hairstylist/MUA: Megan Derrington Wardrobe Designer: Cheri Elizabeth




Dreamland: Dreaming in Pastel is the visionary work of

an amazing, all-girl team. Bringing you pastel explosion with teacups of marshmallows, rock candy and a rainbow-colored unicorn; may you dream in pastel.


Photographer: Natasha Hayes Instagram: @myinfiniteadventure Stylist: Liese Victoria Instagram: @bellablankxo
 Model: Hannah Tribolet Instagram: @hannahtrib Model: Chiara Vietina Instagram: @chiavietina Agency: Wilhelmina Instagram: @wilhelminamodels Hairstylist/MUA: Megan Derrington Instagram: @hellahotroots 
 Wardrobe Designer: Cheri Elizabeth Instagram: @cherielizabethcollection


The Future of Beauty & Fashion Technology If there is anything that pervades every aspect of our lives today it’s technology. When we need to buy something, it’s only a click away. When we need to know something, it’s just a tap away on our smart phone. All the options and and answers present themselves in the palm of our hand. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, technological advancement is vast and growing exponentially. The world of beauty and fashion hasn’t been untouched by this technological revolution. Not only has it changed the way that fashion and beauty brands are marketing, it’s changing the way we view and use our clothing and cosmetics. Unlike the way our parents and grandparents grew up, we can quickly Google a certain brand or makeup technique and learn more about it within seconds! While the last generation sought out face creams and razors, we now have the ability to use technologies like acne-fighting light masks and laser hair-removal products in the comfort of our homes. Here, we look at some of the ways that technology has shaped the beauty and fashion industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Personalized Products One of the first things that technology offers us is the ability to have and create personalized products. The internet has brought about the days of online shopping, making it more convenient than ever to purchase anything you need with a computer or phone. Now, companies like Trunk Club are using super personalization to put together whole wardrobes that are tailored to your exact size, personal style and fashion likes/dislikes. The service boats about their virtual personal stylists that deliver one-of-a-kind styling services to you without you even having to leave the house! In addition, as Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionize the fashion and beauty industries. “GoFIND is a visual search engine for shopping that makes the world around you shoppable, instantly. GoFind’s AI-powered technology searches thousands of brands in one-touch to surface product inspirations that shoppers can explore…” reads GoFind website. Soon it will be the norm to conveniently find and purchase beauty and fashion products personalized to each individual.

The Internet of Things (IoT) What is it? The Oxford Dictionary defines IoT as: the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. Basically it’s any person,

thing or device that can connect to the internet and share data and communicate. So think of things like your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Google Glasses, or even the Amazon Echo. “We can see that the more data and scale we have, the more sophisticated and accurate our algorithms become across all relevant fields of application – from understanding and predicting consumer demands in real-time, to improving marketing efficiency. Personalizing merchandise, along with communication on-site and off-site with customers is the future of the industry,” reports With billions of connected things, people and devices, the IoT will surely revolutionize the way society works. Today, you can click a button and toggle your home temperature even when you’re not home. A plane engine part can notify an engineer if it needs fixing. What are the possibilities for the beauty and fashion industries? Just this year, L’Oréal and partners announced the Smart Hairbrush. This hairbrush works to tell the user the moisture levels in their hair, texture, and even when they are brushing too hard. Right now, the smart brush is $200 but we can expect more options like this in the future, with more reasonable prices as the technology for it becomes more commonplace.


Augmented Reality Technology This may sound fancy but it’s actually something that you probably use daily. Think about a website that allows you to upload a photo and “try on” different haircuts before you get them. This helps you to find exactly what you want and be more satisfied with the product you’ll get at the end of the day. And don’t you love those Snapchat 3D filters that are fun and silly? That’s augmented reality. Another example is from both Urban Decay and L’Oréal, who offer smartphone apps that allow customers to “try on” makeup before deciding to purchase. This is going to be huge as smartphones and smart lenses develop their technologies to cater to the fashion and beauty industries.

What Can We Expect in the Future? We have already seen a lot of advancements in the beauty and fashion industries. Already, we have many technologies such as AI and Virtual/Augmented Reality to help us with any questions and concerns we may have before purchasing a product. This is only the beginning. Technology is revolutionizing the way we think about products and how we make our purchasing decision. Already we have seen 3D-printed and LED-lit dresses paired with glowing makeup creating looks that seem to have jumped right out of Tron. In the future, though, we should expect to see innovations beyond what we could ever imagine.

USA TODAY: POCKET EXPENSE: DEBT.ORG: PEW TRUSTS: LEARN VEST: TIME.COM: 5/costs-restaurants-cooking-at-home/


Money Matter Get Out of Debt Need A Car? Get a loan. Want a house? Get a loan. Want that shiny diploma hanging over your mantel? Get a loan. From the start, the odds of never experiencing debt are stacked against us and the fact that millennials are earning $10,000 less on average than our predecessors doesn’t help the situation either (USA Today). The real battle isn’t hiding away from debt but finding a way to rid yourself of this inevitable demon.

Step 1: Start

The best way to get rid of debt is to consciously begin making an effort towards actively handling your finances. That means being open to taking responsibility of using your energy and resources to achieve your financial goals.

Step 2: Assess & Start Small

You might think this is a no brainer for all, but sometimes we might overestimate/underestimate how much money we really owe! Write down every penny you owe, and to whom, in ascending order. Go from smallest to largest. Get started with handling the smallest loans/debt first. This method will not only keep you feeling accomplished, but will also help you get in the rhythm and habit of maintaining a spending-conscious lifestyle.

Step 3: Track Everything!

Just as you would spend your days counting calories during a diet, the same principle applies towards your finances. Ascertain where your hard earned paycheck is going, that way you can best figure determine how you can cut unnecessary spending. There are tons of apps and websites today that help you organize, track and budget your expenses For example, Pocket Expense, acts as your personal finance assistant- and it’s free!

Step 4: Refocus & Remember You’re Not Alone

Getting out of debt is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. Don’t add your name to the statistics of people who are plunged into depression because of debt, instead take control and learn to think of this as an “ongoing project” rather than an impending deadline. Try to enjoy the journey! According to Pew Trusts, 80% of Americans are in debt (Pew Trusts). Lean on this number to find a sense of support. You can join community chat rooms, groups, or even consult your friends and family to better help you emotionally deal with the burden of debt. You are not alone!

Step 5: Spending Detox

This step is meant to not only create a the financial stability you crave, but also benefit your overall lifestyle. What week-to-week vice luxuries are you spending on, whether big or small, that you could do without? First you have to be honest with yourself about what you are willing to compromise on and what you’re not. Maybe you will stop getting manicures every two weeks and switch to just once a month. Or maybe you cancel your high-priced, monthly gym membership and opt for a cheaper gym local gym membership or at-home You-

Tube workouts instead. These small monthly spendings add up!

ger you wait to repay them, the more you increase your liability.

Step 6: 20% Rule

Step 9: Communicate

Right away, start putting away 20% of your income each month towards decreasing your debt (LearnVest). Some rules are meant to be broken but if you really want financial freedom, your top priority should be getting out of debt ASAP.

Step 7: Don’t Cancel Your Social Life

Stop looking at budgeting or being money conscious as a sure way of ending your social life. Instead, make a point to become super resourceful and look for cheap or even free alternatives to your regular pricey hangouts. Why not host a dinner party for a few close friends - ask them to pitch in for ingredients or drinks to make it even cheaper. Plan a laid-back fishing day or hiking day and take some sandwiches with you to nature. Enjoying loved ones in any setting can help you forget about your financial woes for a second and remember the true importance in life.

Always keep an open line of communication between you and your bank. Talk to your loan manager about your new journey of repayment and you might just score lower interest rates or better financing. Do the same with your credit card companies. Call them and ask for lower interest rates. Chances are, if you are sincere and communicate clearly about your plan and the steps you’ve made, they may lower your interest rate.

Step 10: Discipline

You can read twenty articles on how to manage debt but in the end, it all comes down to you and how much willpower you have to become self-disciplined in your finances. Being debt free isn’t easy or quick, but if you really push yourself and stay mindful of your spending, it is all within reach.

Step 8: Repayment

Create a repayment plan for your debts and reassess. On paper write your debts, separating by each category and amount. Start by paying away minimums for each debt, except those with higher interest rates. Choose higher interest rate debts first, since the lon-


TODAY: millennials-falling-behind-boomer-parents/96530338/ POCKET EXPENSE: DEBT.ORG: PEW TRUSTS: reach-of-debt-report_artfinal.pdf?la=en LEARN VEST: TIME.COM: cooking-at-home/


POWER DRESSING “Born in the second half of the 1970s and developed in the 1980s, power dressing is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in a professional and political environment traditionally dominated by men (Wiki).” But the Modern Woman is changing ‘Power Dressing’, no longer compromising femininity for fierceness. She is confident, captivating and uncomprising, in and out of the workplace.

Photographer: Michelle Song Model: Elissa Villa MUA/Hair: Regina Canatsey Director: Jean Vintayen Assistant Director: Trey Augustine





Photog r a pher : Mic helle Song Mod el: Elis sa V illa MUA /Hair : Regina C anat sey Direc tor : Jean V int ayen A s sis t ant Direc tor : Trey Aug u s tine


@miy sl w w w.miy @elis saf v illa @regina _ c anat sey w w w.regina s f ace @jean soat roc iou s w w w.slayed maga @_ mrc haos



DARK DISCO San Diego, California. USA

Photographer: Hellen Merwin Website: IG: @drmpxl Stylist/ MUA: Selina Bautista IG: @selina_makeupartist HairStylist: Shannon Hay IG: @shandon_ Models: Claire Marie Bacon IG: @clairemariebacon Savannah Schmidt IG: @sav.annahleigh Wardrobe by: The Archive Boutique


Holographic Dress - The Archive Boutique Glitter Socks - ASOS Silver Wedges Heart in D

Silver Jumpsuit - The Archive Boutique Glitter Socks - ASOS Red Platform shoes Forever 21 36

Drawing inspiration from the ‘70s, this disco fashion editorial celebrates looks that are reminiscent of Studio 54 and other nightclubs from the glamorous decade.


Long Sleeve Maxi Dress The Archive Boutique Glitter Socks - ASOS Silver Wedges Heart in D

Vintage Gold LamĂŠ Strapless Dress The Archive Boutique Red Platforms - Forever 21

Photographer: Hellen Merwin Website: IG: @drmpxl Stylist/ MUA: Selina Bautista IG: @selina_makeupartist HS: Shannon Hay IG: @shandon_ Models: Claire Marie Bacon - IG: @clairemariebacon Savannah Schmidt - IG: @sav.annahleigh Location: San Diego, California. USA Wardrobe by: The Archive Boutique


Vintage Red and Silver Sequins Dress from Flashbacks Red Platforms from Forever 21 Sunglasses Depop

Black and Silver Sequins Skirt -Mossimo by Target Black Crop Top - Closet Signature Black Platform Heels -Wild Diva Lounge Red Turban - Buffalo Exchange Red Sunglasses - Depop 42

How To Luxury Travel When Ballin’ On A Budget



Do It Yourself

Luxury travel on a budget almost sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not. It’s totally doable and it’s doable without the help of a travel agency. Save your money, you’ll need it later! While the research and planning phase of any trip, can get overwhelming, don’t let that discourage you from taking control of your dream vacation and finances by doing it yourself. All you need is a computer, phone and money to book stuff. Use the tips below to turn this talk into travel. In the long run, it’ll save you money and you’ll feel good about having done it on your own.


Use promo codes and discounts

Where was the last trip you went to and how much did you spend? Millennials today are traveling more and spending less. “There are 80 million millennials in the United States who average 2.6 trips (per person) each year.” Not only are millennials more likely to travel with their children than most other generations, but 64% of millennial families have taken an international trip in the last year alone (Forbes). This shows that millennials truly value experience and exploration. Are you ready to take your luxury trip to a beautiful destination without breaking the bank? Here are some key ways to make your dream, luxury vacation come true.

The use of promotional offers and discounts is crucial to saving as much money as possible. While some of these may only save you $5 or $10 on what you buy, if you can use as many as you can get, they add up fast. To start you off, you can try Honey Savings, a coupon-finder that automatically applies the best discount at checkout. Another great platform is Ebates Travel, where you can earn cash back and find discounts for your trip.


Plan for less touristy destinations

While it might be fun to stay at the hotel right next to Disney World, it will cost you a pretty penny. To save money, you may want to consider staying at less expensive lodging. Plus, doing the less touristy stuff can really immerse you in the local culture and make for a genuine and more meaningful trip! Be prepared to compromise! You may have to drive/travel a little further to get to the various destinations you want to visit, but weigh out the cost factor of traveling versus staying at a cheaper place. There are tons of forums and threads online where people give advice for those taking the less touristy route. Check those out!


Never pay full-price for a hotel or choose non-traditional lodging

In this day and age, finding a hotel to stay at is much easier. You can literally click a button. Use resources such as to sort through the best hotel deals on the web. If you’re traveling in a group or just open to non-traditional lodging, try a service like Airbnb, where you can rent someone’s room or house/ apt/studio for your trip! Sort through the reviews and photos and find a house and home that suits your standard. You don’t have to compromise on luxury to save a few bucks.


Consider a travel credit card

There are plenty of credit cards that offer rewards – especially for frequent travelers. These could be rewards for hotels, miles, or simply a cashback for your trip. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of credit cards that aren’t what they seem or simply aren’t worth your time and money. If you think you’d qualify and are open to doing a little research, it could save you hundreds. The BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card offers you reward points at a rate of 1.5 points per $1 spent. The Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is another favorite for travelers. This card offers unlimited 1.25 miles every time you spend a dollar. Make sure to read the fine print on any offer before signing up. Traveling on a budget doesn’t always mean diving in on the cheapest hotel and living on nothing. Rather, it is more about saving money where you can. If you have a certain budget and you save $20 here and $100 there, it adds up quickly. This gives you more spending money to enjoy your vacation in style and relax.

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Free Travel Apps You Need to Start Using! Technology has made travel more accessible and convenient. We searched the web for top-rated and top-reviewed FREE apps to make your next journey a success. Before you set out for your next summer adventure, we recommend checking them out. Plus, they’re free!



Starting the list off is an essential for any traveler, especially if you plan to go out of the country. Of course you can tote around a pocket dictionary, but who wants to flip through all the pages just to find “el baño?” Go digital and instantly have the power to communicate through the click of a button. Haha, take that language barrier!

Forget boring checklists. This app shows you everything you need for your trip, all wrapped up in a modern layout. Just input your destination, planned activities, and length of your stay and you will instantly be provided with a list of everything you need.

Best Bit: The app lets you “speak” your desired sentence, so say bye-bye to embarrassing mispronunciations! But make sure to keep in mind that “slang” terms don’t always translate accurately.

Best Bit: You can also display the weather forecast for your destination, so you remember to pack the right coats for those monsoon rains!

LoungeBuddy Instagram might depict your summer holiday as a luxury-filled gateway from the world but in reality, most holidays involve hours of boring layovers and complicated connections. Use these hours efficiently by downloading this unique activity app. The app lets you pick in advance the best airport lounges during your layovers to let you relax in-between flights. Best Bit: LoungeBuddy will let you know if specific lounges are free to you based on your frequent travel miles or credit cards.

Triposo Don’t always depend on vague recommendations from that random guy on your flight over. Those on-the-fly recommendations can be hit or miss. Instead, pick the best explored spots to eat, drink, and to do just about anything else through the extensive database on Triposo. The recommendations range from world famous bars to family-run mom and pop restaurants. Best bit: The app works offline, so you don’t have to worry about expensive and annoying data charges.




Google maps? What’s that? Honestly, Waze is everything a real-time navigation should be. And they’re always updating based on customer needs. Avoid traffic jams, accidents and even police traps with this awesome app.

Ditch the uninspiring hotel rooms and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle of your next exotic location with the Airbnb app. Not only are the accommodations usually cheaper than traditional hotels but most of the time, come with a personal touch from the host. You can choose your host based on the ratings of their previous visitors and check out the amenities and close-by activities they have.

You can save up to 40% on your next flight using the Hopper app. It predicts the future of airfare and notifies as soon as the price drops. It’s super easy to use and can help save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip.

Best Bit: When you become apart of the Waze community and start using it, it will notify you as you drive, if there is a hazard coming-up in the road. You can even find the cheapest gas on your route using this app.

Best Bit: Airbnb lets you pick a local guide for your stay in up to 191+ countries.

Rome2rio According to Rome2rio, the app “searches any city, town, landmark, attraction or address across the globe with thousands of multi-modal routes to easily get you from A to B.” Plug in your destination let this app figure out the most convenient and most affordable way to get you there! Best Bit: Once you search a particular destination, the app will save its findings, so you can view them even while offline!


Best Bit: You can ‘watch’ multiple trips and get notifications on price drops for all of them. Hopper will tell you if the price is set to drop lower or if you should purchase it now.

“Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior (Mayo Clinic).”


hen you ask someone what they perceive to be the most prevalent health conditions in America, they will most likely respond with ailments such as cancer and heart disease. There is a whole other set of conditions that are extremely prevalent, yet fly seemingly under the radar. Every year over 18% of the American population suffers from a chronic mental health condition, including depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. These debilitating ailments affect over 42.5 million Americans, yet it seems that there is hardly any publicity on this (Newsweek).



Mental health issues aren’t only found in the United States, however. These diseases span the world over, and affect people regardless of race, religion, economic status, or any other demographic factor. At some point in their life, at least 25% of the world’s population experiences a neurological or mental health condition. With over 450 million sufferers, mental health illnesses are ranked among such illness as cancer as the leading cause of poor health in the world (World Health Organization).

Stigma on Mental Illness If these conditions are so prevalent, why are they not discussed with the same ferocity as cancer? Where are the ribbons and television commercials to raise awareness for the unfathomable suffering that these individuals experience? It seems the reasoning lies in the stigma. Being honest about having a mental health condition takes courage, as often sufferers are ostracized and labeled as “crazy” and other negative things. They lose opportunities for jobs, relationships, and normalcy when it seems like society is looking to demonize them for a condition they cannot control. There is societal fear associated with conditions like

schizophrenia. This fear drives the stigma that devastates millions of people who suffer from these conditions, and keeps us in the dark. Of course there are also many people out there who are struggling but have no idea that they are battling mental illness. Whether they are oblivious, in denial, or just plain confused, these stigmas that society holds discourage many people in need from facing the truth and getting the help they need.


Historical Views on Mental Illness The root of the mental health stigma can be found in historical medicine. The first widely held belief was that mental illness was the result of possession by the “devil” or evil spirits, because of the lack of scientific understanding. This still occurs today but, the advancement of science, technology, and overall human knowledge has made this belief less prevalent. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought societal views on mental illness that weren’t much better. Many who exhibited signs of any mental illness were

treated without any dignity or respect, and seen as lesser in society. These people were often housed in unsanitary conditions, without enough food or water. They would be subjected to whatever treatments were popular at the time (like electroshock therapy and insulin-induced comas) (Dual Diagnosis). They were often abandoned by their families, as no-one wanted to be associated with a family member who was “insane.” The twentieth century saw something different in the treatment of mental illness. This era brought an increase in attempts to treat (or rather experiment with) patients, rather than just stow them out of

sight. Many of these treatments were not based on true science, though. Even popular psycho-surgeries, such as the prefrontal lobotomy, did not originate from stringent research. Prefrontal lobotomy is a procedure in which the prefrontal cortex is severed from the rest of the brain to make patients “manageable.” If this doesn’t sound gruesome enough, patients were usually awake, with only electroshock therapy to dull their senses as the procedure was done with an ice pick. If you have ever seen a lobotomy in a horror movie, they usually aren’t very exaggerated. These treatments were simply blind and inhumane attempts by doctors at making difficult patients more manageable.

Current Views Societal views on mental health have changed dramatically in recent years. Demonic possession is no longer the go-to view for the cause of mental conditions. The way we treat patients in hospitals has also gotten much better. We now have laws and committees protecting the rights of those who suffer from mental illness. Today there are tons of resources like books, websites, classes and organizations available for society to learn more about mental health issues. We still have a long journey out of the dark, though. Progress starts with educating yourself and others and being unashamed about mental health.

Technology’s Part in the Matter The modern age has brought with it a surge of technological advancements. From autonomous cars to 3D printed organs, the past few decades have seen a technology boom. Perhaps no demographic has felt this boom quite so much as the mental health community. There are quite a few companies who are trying to reverse the stigma associated with mental illness. Apps such as Lantern have popped up as beacons of hope for those in emotional distress. It allows users to connect immediately with professional support, which cuts down on the amount of people suffering alone in

silence. Additionally, the digital age has brought about a wide variety of digital platforms and networks for people to give and receive support. Social media outlets such as Youtube have allowed people with various conditions to gain comfort and solidarity in seeing others open up about their mental health conditions online. These honest confessions have shown that no-one is ever alone in their suffering - and that others like you are out there.

How To Beat the Stigma For sufferers of mental health conditions, daily life is already enough of a struggle. This struggle is intensified by the stig-


ma that is associated with it. It’s getting better though. The most important way to stop the stigma is simply to educate yourself more. Read on the various conditions, talk to a professional, ask questions and teach your community. Practice empathy and compassion. Don’t be ashamed to discuss mental health issues with anyone. Regard mental health illnesses just as important as physical health issues. We need to finally step out into the light as a society and usher in the new wave.

You are worth more than your darkness

Free & Confidential: 24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273 TALK (8255) 24/7 Crisis Text Line: OR Text HOME to 741741 in the US

Model: Kerri Verna IG: @beachyogagirl Photographer: Linsi Taylor IG: @linsitaylor Photographer Assistant: Yana Zaytseva IG: @heyyyyana Hairstylist/MUA: Julia Brig IG: @juliabrigmua Wardrobe: Responsive Textiles Designer: Kristine Rodriguez IG: @responsivetextiles


HOW YOGA TRANSFORMED ME Kerri Verna interviewed by Jean Vintayen

Kerri Verna, also known on Instagram as @BeachYogaGirl, is a genuine, vibrant and endearing spirit. Her supporters of 1+ million followers agree! The yogi, wife, mother, and co-founder of Yoga Pro Wheel and the world’s first online, Yoga TV channel Omstars, is a huge inspiration to many. At age 27, Kerri was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in her back, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. Through the transformative power of Yoga, she has been able to avoid surgery. Kerri now shares the gift of yoga with people online and through her workshops. In this exclusive interview, we discuss how yoga has transformed her and of course, ask about some of her faves!

“ I’m a n a r tis t, a d rea m e r, a n op tim is t, a nd I bel ieve i n th e m i racu lous. I have expe rie n ced pro fou nd th i ngs tha t have no fac tual basis a nd ma ke no logical se nse. Th ese expe rie n ces have s ha ped my real i ty o f wha t is possi bl e a nd how exci ti ng l i fe ca n be. I don’ t know al l th e a nswe rs bu t hon es tly th e q u es t for tru th has l ead m e to th e mos t magical places a nd I’ve m e t th e mos t a mazi ng peopl e. I wil l foreve r see k a nd always be a s tud e n t.” -Kerri Verna




Q: Your editorial story with Slayed is amazing. The concept focuses on the transformation yoga brings and we wanted to show that in your poses and the movement of the fabrics. What did you think about it? What was your favorite piece to wear? A: I thought the collection was beautiful, elegant and definitely made me feel like a woman. I don’t usually wear knits mostly because I live in a hot climate but I loved the softness and heaviness to the fabric. I think my favorite piece was the pants. Q: We saw your recent interaction with with a cyber-bully who tried to body-shame you in your cute, white shorts. We loved how real your response was. How has yoga helped you transform the way you see yourself? Would you say it helps with developing healthy, body-positive perceptions? A: Yoga is a lifestyle not just a form of exercise. I think a lot of the time people get caught up in the physical practice of yoga but really it is so much more. Everyone usually starts with the asana practice but learning to control your thoughts, reactions and detach from things that this world places value on is really for me, some of the biggest benefits of yoga. I don’t think anyone ever gets to a place where they “love” their body. We seem to always find something wrong with it or something that could be better but yoga has taught me to honor the body that I have been given. So, no matter what I might feel about my body on any given day doesn’t really matter. My job is to simply take care of it the best that I know how because it is the only one I’ve got. Q: We’ve Instagram stalked you and your husband for some time, and must say, your bond and obvious devotion and love for each other is inspiring. Talk about #RelationshipGoals! We know that you two have overcome challenging obstacles together and have ‘transformed’ together. How has yoga played a part in transforming your relationship?

Kerri Verna interviewed by Jean Vintayen

A: My husband and I have definitely been through the fire over the last 16 years. Our story is like so many others although by the grace of God, we were able to find our way out of the darkness. Yoga definitely played a part because after we separated and later got back together, my husband wanted to share more common interests. He knew I loved yoga so he decided to take a teacher training to learn more about yoga. I had never felt so loved in my life. I knew he didn’t really want to know anything about yoga, but instead he just wanted to share in something that I loved. He began teaching yoga classes and really stepped into my world. It brought us closer as a couple and made him understand why I loved yoga. He has been my biggest fan and supporter along my journey and I’m truly grateful for all we have been through together. Q: Are there any negatives to practicing yoga? What are your favorite benefits of yoga? A: I don’t see any negatives to starting a yoga practice unless you don’t want to change and grow as a person. Yoga changes you so I suppose if you don’t want to change then definitely don’t start yoga! Lol! I love how yoga humbles you and makes you realize what is truly important in life. When we say it is a journey, it is because you are always changing and evolving. You are forever a student with so much more to learn. I love that. Q: Has yoga changed your values and beliefs? How so? A: Yoga has only made stronger in my beliefs and values. I’ve learned to tune out the distractions and tune into God’s voice. I’ve learned to respect not only my own life but to respect animals lives by eating a plant-based diet. I’ve been able to line up my values with actions and I don’t think I would have done that without yoga. I still have so much more growing to do, but I’m excited about what is to come.


Q&A continued.... Q: How do you balance being a yogi, entrepreneur, mom, wife and more? Does yoga help you balance having so many roles in life?

learn to meditate, and practice yoga with the world’s best yoga teachers. We want to be the world’s first ever Yoga TV channel!

A: Yoga is the constant in my busy life. I know that each day I can get on my mat, amidst the storms of life, and find that peace that surpasses all understanding.

We also developed the Yoga Pro Wheel, the all-inone patented fitness tool to help people get out of back pain and/or help advance their yoga practice. This product has changed my practice and I’m so happy to share it with others. We have seen so many amazing stories of people using it and finding relief from their back pain. I am currently teaching yoga workshops all over the US and developing a YPW teacher training program. All my classes and information can be found at !

Q: Who are your style/fashion icons, if any? A: I can’t really say I have any. I think a person’s attitude and how they hold themselves is what makes them an icon - not so much what they wear. I love quirky, bold, strong women aren’t afraid to be themselves. I’ve always loved women like Madonna or Courtney Love who take such beatings by the press yet still to this day, continue to just live their truth. Its inspiring and reminds me that I can also just boldly be myself. Q: What are some go-to beauty products you use? A: Lately, I have been using Luminance Skin Care and loving it! I love rose water and coconut oil to help keep skin hydrated and balanced. Q: Tell us about Omstars, your products and any upcoming happenings we should lookout for! A: is the Netflix for yogis. My best friend Kino MacGregor had a dream to bring amazing Yoga programing to the world - and we did! We want to show what it means to live the yogi life. We have over 300+ videos on our platform where you can watch reality shows, learn how to make plantbased recipes, learn about anatomy, study sanskrit,

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“ W h a t d o es y o u r h e a r t s e e k? W h a t is i t t h a t y o u fe e l is y o u r p u r p os e i n t h is wo rl d ? M a n y o f us , m y p as t s e l f i n c l u d e d , g o t h ro u g h o u r l i ves “ j us t g e t t i n g b y .” We t h i n k “ w h e n I g e t t h is ” o r “ w h e n t h is h a p p e ns ,” I ’ l l b e h a p p y a n d t h e n c a n f i n d m y p u r p os e o r l i ve m y d re a m . T h e n t h a t t h i n g h a p p e ns (o r m a y b e i t n e ve r d o es) a n d w e a re n ’ t a n y h a p p i e r. We a re o n to t h e n e x t “ t h i n g ” t h a t w e t h i n k w e n e e d b e fo re w e c a n d o w h a t i t is o u r h e a r t is c a l l i n g us to d o. I was te d s o m a n y y e a rs “ j us t g e t t i n g t h ro u g h ” t h is o r t h a t , wa i t i n g fo r t h e p e r fe c t m o m e n t to p u rs u e m y d re a ms . Fo r m e , t h a t “ t h i n g ” I was wa i t i n g fo r n e ve r m a d e a d i f fe re n c e . W h a t m a d e a d i f fe re n c e was j us t fo l l o w i n g m y h e a r t . # fo l l o wy o u r h e a r t ” - Ke r r i Ve r n a


Model: Kerri Verna IG: @beachyogagirl Photographer: Linsi Taylor IG: @linsitaylor Photographer Assistant: Yana Zaytseva IG: @heyyyyana Hairstylist/MUA: Julia Brig IG: @juliabrigmua Wardrobe: Responsive Textiles Designer: Kristine Rodriguez IG: @responsivetextiles


Mini Guide


Good Vibes

When we meet people for the very first time, we instantly decide if we connect with them just by feeling their “vibes”. This is a term we use quite often when speaking of people but do we really understand exactly what those “vibes” are? People are made out of energy and we all vibrate at different frequencies depending on our energy. So when you get that feeling that you don’t connect with someone, it’s probably because you’re frequencies or “vibes” don’t resonate with each other. This isn’t a reason to go and hate this person, it just means you both probably have some chakra aligning and healing to do. . What are chakras and how do I align them? Chakras are invisible energy centers in the human body. We have seven centers and they all have different purposes.Energy can’t be created nor destroyed but it can be transmuted from negative to positive. So if we don’t let go of all those energies it could create a blockage of negative energies and that could lead to some serious health issues. Aligned and free flowing chakras = good health and good, high vibes; Misaligned and blocked chakras = bad health and bad, low vibes. There are many different techniques to aligning your chakras depending on your preferences. A couple basic but effective ways that I have used is by meditating for a few minutes with specific crystals and by wearing crystal bracelets and rings.

by: Ryna Ignacio @rynariayogini

for many centuries – I just call them beautiful, magic healers for short.Just like humans, they all hold energies and give off different vibrations that give them different healing properties. Most ancient cultures were very spiritual and would use them like they were medicine. They would use them for healing, protection, prosperity, and many other things. They are able to absorb and take away negative energies from you and the environment. The longer you wear or own a crystal, the stronger connection you create with that crystal and the more effective it works for you. Just like any type of medicine, it’s all about your beliefs. The more you believe in the crystals, the more effective they will be for you. Where can I get crystals and how do I know which ones to buy? You can get them in crystal shops or even online. Whatever attracts you is most likely best for you but if this is new to you, I created a mini starter kit of crystals for each chakra for you to go off of that will be sure to help you get those chakras aligned. The descriptions of each chakra and crystal are just the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to do your own research for you might find some surprising and interesting information. All of the information provided is to be used at your own risk. All stones and crystals described are mainly apart of spiritual healing. We are not recommending you give up any of your medications for any serious conditions.

What are crystals and what do they do? Crystals are minerals that can be found in rocks all over the world and have been around


Crown Chakra – (purple) Spirituality -Clear Quartz: It’s known as the “master healer”. Brings Clarity. -Selenite: Clears blockages; Strengthens connections with angels and psychic abilities. Blue Kyanite: Aligns all the chakras; Reduces anger, high blood pressure, and confusion; Third-eye Chakra – (indigo) Awareness -Amethyst: Opens, stimulates, and balances. -Sodalite: Assists in opening up to your true self; Helps with emotional balance. -Moldavite: Cleanses and balances; heightens the effectiveness of surrounding crystals. Throat Chakra- (blue) Communication

-Lapis Lazuli: Activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. -Turquoise: A stone of clear communication when giving information. Helps overcome writer’s

block; Clears the throat chakra of blockages of suppressed self-expression. -Blue Lace Agate: Boost ability to communicate with your higher self. Alleviates anger and calms the nerves.

Heart Chakra- (green) Love and Healing -Rose Quartz: Known as the “Love Stone”. Opens up the heart chakra and enhances every type of love. -Malachite: Aids in emotional healing, creativity, and the development of your intuition; Protects you from negative energies. Jade: Known as the “dream stone” for bringing insightful dreams. It aids in releasing unwanted emotions. It attracts good luck and friendship. Solar Plexus Chakra- (yellow) Wisdom and Power -Tiger’s eye: Strengthens the solar plexus chakra; Brings one clarity and into the “Here and Now” -Peridot: Protects one against nightmares and influence. It brings confidence, prosperity, and happiness. Sacral Chakra- (orange) Sexuality and Creativity -Goldstone: Provides protection and a higher sense of creativity. Removes negative nergies and heavy emotions. -Orange Calcite: Releases fear. Helps one develop a better feeling of closeness and intimacy and be more aware of other’s emotions.

Root Chakra- (red) Survival and Security

-Obsidian: Helps with grounding. Clears and protects the aura of any nega tive attachments or energies. -Red Jasper: Increases sex drive and interest in life. -Hematite: Protects and strengthens the body and encourages one’s survival instincts. It prevents negative energies from entering the body.


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