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Color in each section accordingly

1- Red 2- Yellow

3- Orange 8- Blue

7- Purple 5- Green

Learning about Energy at the Playground!

Kinetic Energy

Elastic Energy

Gravitational Energy

Chemical Energy

Word Search- Find all the words in the word bank below. You can circle or cross out the words to keep track of your findings. If you need help, ask your parent or guardian to help seach for all twelve (12) words.




Electrical Gravitational Heat

Moving Stored Working

Elastic Fall Moving

Circle what’s the same! In each row below, there are two pictures that display the same type of energy. However, there is one that is different. Can you find what’s the same in each row?

Color in the picture below. Remember to stay in the lines.

Color in each section below accordingly

9- brown 4- purple 3- green

5- blue 6- pink 2- white

7- red 8- orange

Color in each picture accordingly. Blue- Fall (Gravitational Energy) Orange- Spring (Elastic Energy) Purple- Moving (Kinetic Energy) Green- Gas (Chemical Energy)

While coloring in the picture below, think of the different types of energy used within each playground item. Then, use the lines beneath the picture to write about the energy using the word bank provided.

Word Bank: Energy Fall Moving

Color Me: Playground Edition  

A color/activity book for children. Ages 5+

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