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Rebranding Campaign

Introduction The eBook market is exploding! As the largest distributor of independent titles, Smashwords is poised to be a major player offering authors and readers more freedom and choice than traditional publishers or anyone else. Despite their many advantages, Smashwords faces several challenges including a lack of awareness and the general misperception that electronic books and indie titles are somehow inferior to traditionally printed works. Many Smashwords’ authors have found success including topping Apple’s iBookstore bestseller list (Coker, 2012) and many independent authors are able to make a living from their writing (Donahue, 2011), but there is still so much opportunity for growth. Smashwords needs a multimedia rebranding campaign to position it in readers’ minds as THE place to buy the written word by explaining the freedom and choice Smashwords offers that others don’t, the incredible number of gems that can be found nowhere else, and clarify common misconceptions both readers and authors have. The following campaign will provide tools for authors and readers to spread the word and bring Smashwords to the forefront of the reading world.

“The smallest bookstore still contains more ideas of worth than have been presented in the entire history of television.� ~ Andrew Ross Author

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Table of Contents

“The time to read is any time: no apparatus, no appointment of time and place, is necessary.� ~ Holbrook Jackson

British journalist, writer, publisher

Market Overview

About Smashwords

SWOT Analysis

Creative Brief

Competitive Survey

Design Research

Target Audience


Market Overview

A Brief History of eBooks

Although it’s been around for decades, the ebook market has recently exploded and is quickly becoming the future of the publishing industry. And it shows no signs of slowing down.



01101101011000 0101001000110 01101101011001 0101001000110 01101101011001 01010010001101

eBooks (electronic books) appear; little happens

Sony eReader introduced; generates little interest

How does a

Typical Reader Read 11 to 20 books per year Read 21 or more books per year compare to an

eBook Reader?

Purchached NO books in the past year Purchased 11 to 20 books this year Purchased 21 or more books this year

10% 8



eBook readers buy and read more than traditional readers.



2009 releases Kindle; Amazon releases Kindle app sells out in 5 1/2 hours for phones, PC, and more

Barnes & Noble introduces Nook and Nook bookstore


Kobo eReader, Apple’s iPad, and imitators appear; many launch eBook stores


Sales of eBooks surpass sales of paperbacks

eReaders sales reach 12.8 million; sells 140 eBooks for every 100 hardcover books

15% of Americans use an eReading device. 1 in 6 plan to buy one in the

eBooks are the future of publishing!

next 6 months! ashw ords Smreading done write


About smashwords Mark Coker founded Smashwords in 2006 to provide a platform for anyone to publish. Today it is the largest distributor of independent eBooks. Smashwords publishes every genre and type giving authors maximum control over pricing, marketing, and distribution and giving readers maximum freedom to enjoy their works however and wherever they choose.



Vision Be the #1 distributor of the written word in the world.

Company Facts • Launched in May 2008 by Mark Coker • Largest distributor of independent eBooks • Distributes through own website & major resellers: • Apple iBookstore • Barnes & Noble • Sony eReader store • Diesel eBooks • Kobo eBooks • Baker & Taylor • Page Foundry • Library Direct • Negotiating deals with and Google • Loved by independent authors • Pays top royalties • Not well known by readers • Facing bias that indie titles are of poor quality

Mission Provide all authors maximum control and readers maximum freedom through a system to publish and buy the written word in all places and all formats.

Products for Readers • Digital Rights Management free (DRM-free) eBooks readable on all eReading devices including tablet PCs and smartphones • All genres (mystery, romance, science fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.) • All forms (novels, short stories, graphic novels, serialized fiction, storybooks, essays, etc.)

Services for Authors • Meatgrinder – Converts books into multiple eBook formats • Premium Catalog – Free distribution to major eBook resellers • Complete control over pricing & marketing • Free ISBNs • Authors retain all rights

Strengths • • • •

Distribution deals with major retailers Meatgrinder (eBook conversion tool) All eBook formats supported Premium catalog with excellent vetting • Mobile-device friendly site • Available worldwide • Loyal indie author community

Weaknesses • Not well known by readers • No recommendation engine on website • Few special promotions on major retailers’ sites • Poor website organization • Many low quality titles


Opportunities • Growing number of eReader owners • eReader software available for PCs and mobile devices • eBooks outsell hardcovers and paperbakcs • International markets opening up • Thousands of indie authors promoting own works sold at Smashwords

Threats • Smilar services from Amazon and Barnes & Noble • Amazon’s exclusive Prime program • Traditional publishers • Low barriers to entry in market • Competition from other digital media including movies, music, and apps.

ashw ords Smreading done write


Target audience

• Obtain news online • Make majority of purchases online • Buy digital music • Stream movies and TV shows via Netflix and Hulu • Frequent online chat boards for recommendations • Active users of Facebook and other social media

• Males & Females • Ages 18-65 • Middle class (not rich but have disposable income) • Speak English • Majority live in US, UK, and Australia



• Early adopters and early majority • Own at least one mobile device (eReader, tablet PC, smartphone)

INDUSTRY: Publishing PRIMARY PRODUCTS & SERVICES eBooks in all formats without restrictions Distribution through major resellers Publishing platform for authors

UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION Largest selection of independent authors & titles SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE eBooks that work on all devices (even those yet to be invented) with no limitations or restrictions

KEY TENETS Liberating • Fair • Limitless

TAGLINES Reading done write • Reading freed

PRIMARY COMPETITORS Traditional publishers (Random House, HarperCollins, etc.) Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

CALL TO ACTION Evoke a response to visit the website Convince readers to buy, not just browse

KEY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES All eBook formats supported with worldwide distribution Not well known by readers and lack of traditional book marketing channels BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL Triple eBook sales POSITIONING The revolutionary brand that offers more control to authors and freedom & choices to readers than anyone else KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS Multiple DRM-Free formats so readers are not locked into one device or platform All types and genres offered ensuring many gems readers won’t find anywhere else



Plan of Attack Position Smashwords as THE place to buy any type of written work with maximum freedom to read it on any device and any number of devices. Show Smashwords isn’t just another bookstore or publisher because of greater variety and fewer limitations. Highlight the quality of titles available.

ashw ords Smreading done write



Survey Smashwords faces fierce competition from all sides. Traditional publishers such as Random House and HarperCollins currently dominate the book market. They publish well known authors, bestselling titles, and have better marketing. Many of Smashwords’ distribution partners offer their own publishing platforms including Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble’s Pubit, and Apple’s iBook Author with similar royalty deals and easy publishing tools. With no printing costs and low distribution costs, entering the eBook market is relatively simple and cheap which has lead to other new companies offering similar services.




A unique look and feel turns popcorn from a mere snackfood into a gourmet treat.

research The right image powerfully makes a unique product stand out from the rest.

To overcome the competition and become a leader in the publishing industry, Smashwords must brand itself as THE place to buy and sell the written word. Smashwords needs to not only standout but also be seen as the most desirable option. A successful rebranding campaign must provide an exciting and distinct new look to communicate the many advantages readers and authors will find no where else.

A few well chosen words can say volumes. Look to industry leaders to see how best to organize tens of thousands of titles.

To achieve this look, one should look to the best desgin and marketing ever produced.

ashw ords Smreading done write


“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.� ~ James Russell Lowell

American Poet, Critic, Editor, Diplomat


Print Ads

mashwords Sreading done write Website

Web Ads




Creative Development

Logo One of the main problems Smashwords suffers from (and the entire industry) is the perception that independent titles aren’t of the same quality as titles from major publishers.

I began with an analysis of the current logo. A hand holding a book is generic, bland, and doesn’t stand out. The graphic is very clipart-like and doesn’t convey the level of quality and professionalism Smashwords represents. A new logo was necessary.

To combat this, and to help make the company stand out from the competition, Smashwords needs a new look that screams industry leader.


Name: Jeff Thomason Date: March 9, 2012

MDM 565 Design Research Media Design Master of Fine Arts Visual Brand Matrix

The process began with identifying key attributes of Smashwords and then expressing those visually.

Visually Descriptive Words >>


Brand Attributes >>


Use this template to organize the images that you have collected from Flickr using Tag Galaxy. 1) Select 6 words that describe the brand attributes of your company or institution and six visually descriptive words from your mind map. Place these words into the chart at the right. 2) 3) Show one of your word galaxies and one image globe by placing screen shots over the placeholders below.•• 4) Select images to fill the matrix that best illustrate the brand attributes and visually descriptive words. Cite the resource and write a brief rationale for your choice for each image in a “sticky note” (See the example at the right for placement), referring to your readings and outside research. 5) Save your file as LastNameFirstName_5.2.3.pdf and post it to the FSO platform before the deadline.



(Place one “Galaxy” screenshot here)



(Place one “Globe” with image selection screenshot here)



18 Creative Development






2 The next step involved sketching and brainstorming. I explored ideas such as a book with the infinity sign to represent reading without limits, a book with arrows pointing six directions showing how titles from Smashwords can be used any which way on any device, and a phoenix rising from the ashes to repsent a new era. No judgments were made at this stage.

ashw ords Smreading done write



This process lead to the Smashbird (rhymes with Smashwords) a mascot that that gives the company a personality to distinguish it from other booksellers. I further explored the Smashbird with an infinity book, a phoenix rising from the flames of the old to start the new, breaking out of chains, and breaking out of a box. The phoenix had been used by others, so I modified it to a bird smashing out of a book. For the logotype I chose Goudy Bookletter 1911. I offset the individual letters to harken back to older printing that wasn’t perfectly aligned but had nice variation and to establish a connection to the current Smashwords logo.

4 After arriving at the final design, I explored several colors to find which best communicated Smashwords’ unique brand essence.

20Creative Development

Final Logos

mashwords Sreading done write


I created a horizontal and vertical version to provide designers more options and more flexibility when creating future marketing materials.

ashdone rds wowrite Smreading


ashw ords Smreading done write


Website Web users want to find what they are looking for quickly without clicking on a link after link after link (Lynch & Horton, 2005). The new website was designed around readers and authors.


1 The three main reasons visitors will come to the site are these: 1) to buy books, 2) to publish books, 3) to check on book sales. A sitemap was used to organize the content and navigation.


Reader Area

Author Resources

About Us

Individual Author Bios & Books

My Library/Account


Press Room

Sales & Payment Reports

FAQ & Contact

Individual Book Pages

Distribution Manager Coupon Manager

Shopping Cart

Support Privacy Statement Terms of Service

ISBN Manager


Affiliate Settings

Page Section Dynamically generated page




Indicates a comp

ashw ords Smreading done write


2 I used a wireframe to lay out the homepage. Users expect navigation at the top or along the side and secondary navigation and ads on the sides and most don’t have a preference between right and left (Lynch & Horton, 2005). I divided the navigation into links for readers and links for authors.

22 Creative Development

3 I then created a full color sketch of the page. Hierarchy is important for guiding the viewer’s eye through a site (Lynch & Horton, 2005), so I used size, color, and placement to guide the viewer’s eye from the most important content (the books), to the least important. Then I showed the site to several book buyers and nonbook buyers for feedback.


Users prefer clear navigation and often ignore ads above it, so I moved the top ad to the side. Many thought the list of genres and types at the left took up too much space. Also, users expect to find items such as a search box or a shopping cart at the top, usually in the right hand corner, so I reduced the size of the search box using drop down menus and moved it to the right along with a link to the shopping cart, the name of the visitor so he or she knows if he is logged in, a link to log out, and the adult filter.

ashw ords Smreading done write


The website’s main purpose is to sell books, therefore book covers are the focus. New Titles, Bestsellers, Highest Rated, and Most Downloaded will appear for first-time visitors. A recommendation engine will show returning customers books they are likely to enjoy.

Final Website

Customers can filter books by genre, price, length, etc. and those results will automatically update in the center.

When a customer mouses over a title, an information window appears with more information.

New authors are told how they can publish and are lead through the process.

24 Creative Development

On the left of each page is a large image with text promoting the virtues of Smashwords. One of several ads will randomly appear on each page.

ashw ords Smreading done write


Web ads The best way to sell readers on how great Smashwords titles are is to sample a few for themselves. But readers need someone or something to point them to the free samples. Banner ads will focus on the versatility of eBooks from Smashwords by showing the same title on several devices. The book cover will vary depending on the site the ad is shown on to best match the interests of the audience.

240 x 400 Motion Ad Both an animated gif and a Flash format allow this ad to work on any site.

Banner ads will appear on tech sites such as CNET. com and reading sites such as

728 x 90 Leaderboard Ad

26 Creative Development

Widgets The book widget can be set to display works from a certain genre, newly added titles, most popuar titles, or random eBooks. Readers and authors can place these on blogs, personal websites, or anywhere else to share titles with family, friends, and fans.

In a recent study, 33% of eBook readers said they discovered new titles through recommendations from other readers on online forums, blogs, and message boards or personal recommendations from friends and families (Coker, 2011). Customizable Widgets for personal blogs provide and convenient and effective way to share the gems at Smashwords.

The author widget will allow a reader to share samples of his or her favorite books and authors. Visitors don’t have to click on anything to begin.

Smashwords has a loyal following of over 30,000 indie authors who are already actively promoting their own titles. Authors can use this widget to promote Smashwords while promoting their own works.

ashw ords Smreading done write


Print collateral Although the majority of promotion will be via the web, a small print campaign will run in technology and reading magazines extolling the flexibility of reading titles from Smashwords.

28 Creative Development

Read your book anywhere, anyway, on any device.

ashword Smreading s done write


Swag (merchandise) Merchandise will include T-shirts, caps, and eReader covers.

eBook cases will feature a specific indie book that the customer chooses, a selection of titles, or a generic Smashwords cover. They will come in sizes to fit all devices (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.).

T-shirts and other clothing will turn readers into walking billboards. The messages will be slightly cryptic to cause others to stop the loyal customer and ask questions providing many opportunities for current customers to share their joy with future customers.

ashw ords Smreading done write


“Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life.� ~ Jesse Lee Bennett Author


ashwo rds Smreading done write Brand Essentials


hwords Smas reading done write TM



Clear Space


Anatomy of a Logo

Logo Usage

Typography, Voice & Tone

Images & Textures

Web Specifications

Print Specifications

Style Guide

Brand essentials Smashwords is the largest distributor of independent eBooks publishing every genre and type giving authors maximum control over pricing, marketing, and distribution and providing readers maximum freedom to enjoy their works however and wherever they choose.


Be the #1 distributor of the written word in the world.


Provide all authors maximum control and readers maximum freedom to publish and buy the written word in all places and all formats.

Key Tenets


All formats DRM-free.


All genres. All forms.


Authors retain rights & control.


Style Guide


of a Logo

Icon/Mascot Logotype

The Smashbird must always be clearly visible and not create tangents with background elements.

The logotype is the name of the company and must always be easy to read.


Trademark This brand mark is unique and protected. Always include a TM symbol.

Tagline The tagline is optional. Use it if you have space. Don’t use it if it won’t show up clearly.

The Smashbird is the mascot and symbol of Smashwords representing independent authors bursting through the old way to publish. It represents power and freedom. The logotype is set in Goudy Bookletter 1911, an old font used s in printed books. It communicates “book” and “reading” but also communicates “independent” by being slightly playful with a slanted crossbar in the e and other letters.

The icon, logotype, and trademark symbol must ALWAYS be used together. No element may stand alone.

ashw ords Smreading done write



Logo Standards


Either the vertical or horizontal version may be used with or without the tagline depending on the project. (See Print Specifications and Web Specifications for exceptions.)

mashwords Sreading done write


The black & white versions should only be used if color is not allowed in a project.

NEVER use the mascot alone. ALWAYS include Smashwords to build name recogniztion.


Style Guide

mashwords Sreading done write

Never place a white box or white outline around the logo to make it stand out. TM

mashwords Sreading done write The logo should always be placed on white, a light color, or a subtle pattern.


mashwords Sreading done write


DO NOT place a bright color, a dark color, or a loud pattern behind the logo.


Always leave a margin around the logo large enough for the Capital S from the logotype to fit comfortably.


mashwords Sreading done write S




Clear Space

ashw r o ds Smreading done write


Use the page turn element to make it stand out against a dark color or pattern.


Clear Space

ashw ords Smreading done write


Type & Tone Smashwords represents independent authors who are disatisfied with the ageold publishing model and readers who are looking for something fresh and new. All communication needs to reflect this sense of independence, freedom, and going against the stodgy establishment. The writing style should be casual and use contractions. The language should always be fresh, powerful, and direct. The target audience likes to read, but they have a lot of competition for their time. Sentences should be short, sharp, and clever. Paragraphs should be kept to three or four sentences. If a message can be said in either three words or five, do it in three.


Style Guide


Franchise • • • • •

Modern display typeface Communicates quickly and powerfully Boldness catches the eye Modern look communicates “fresh” and “current” Perfect for headings

Neuvarese-BoldItalic • • • •

Modern display typeface Stands out beautifully when small or from a distance Mix of professional and independent Excellent choice for subheadings.

Goudy Bookletter 1911 • Old font used in classic books • Communicates “reading” and “traditional quality” • Hints at “independent” with its slightly playful slanted crossbasr in the “e”, the “r”, and others • Great for body text

Sample phrases Find a new book or short story you can’t put down. Most titles are under $4 and will work on all your devices. Reading, the way it should be. Buy once. Read forever. THE place for lovers of great stories. Ten thousand gems waiting for you to discover. Visit and get a great deal for your free time!

• Friendly and casual

Trebuchet MS

• Short sentences

• • • •

• Fresh, clear, direct language

Friendly, humanistic font Easy to read with rounded letters and large x-height Included on most systems (Connare, 1997) Primarily for the web, but may be used in print

• Witty phrases

Color C9

Orange is friendly and inviting with elements of energy and movement providing a sense of order and equality as opposed to power and domination.

5e00 1 #d8 Y100 K M74 717c S PM

# C0 M feb900 31 PM Y100 K S 74 0 8c 0

ff K0 ff #ff 0 Y0 M C0

White is a very flexible color that works with anything just as eBooks from Smashwords are versatile and can be read on any device.

11 0 5 5 1 10 #1 0 Y 64c 4 3 S M 4 PM 8 C

#fe C94 M b900 88 Y PMS 41 K41 5255c 78 00 b9 5 K #fe 0 Y6 7c 6 44 0M S C7 PM

Yellow is the color of energy and excitement. This richer shade maintains a powerful and elegant feel.

1 K4

Green is the color of freshness and prosperity, suggesting the fresh new authors and titles waiting to be discovered.

Violet is the color of magic and surprise suggesting the wonders that await.

Secondary colors—orange, green, and purple— combine to form a slightly offbeat but exciting team, a perfect representation of what Smashwords and the indie market have to offer (Whelan, 1997). Bright colors provide a sense of energy and movement, feeling consistent with the latest gadgets and technology. Dark shades create rich, bold colors adding a sense of power and elegance (Chapman, 2010) to create a sense of professionalism and quality.

A Medium Dark Grey is the color of professionalism and communicates the quality of writing (Whelan, 1997).

ashw ords Smreading done write


Images & Textures Images should feature members of the target audience reading ebooks and communicate the joy of reading due to the ease of Smashwords. Every photo should not show the same eReader Textures should be simple patterns, subtle, and suggest technology. Feel free to use covers of Smashwords titles as long as theylook professionally designed. eReaders, tablets, computers, and other reading devices may be shown seperately or with a hand holding them as long as there is either an eBook cover or text from a book displayed.


Style Guide

DO NOT use photos of people who aren’t happy or who are reading paper books.

DO NOT use photos that focus on an eReader and show only the back of a head or crop a person so his or her expression isn’t shown.

ashw ords Smreading done write



specifications Most ads, correspondence, and other collateral will appear either on the web or on mobile devices.

Email &correspondence Keep email messages short and simple. Use Trebuchet so the message shows up consistently on all devices. Include spaces between paragraphs and no indents. Always begine with the recipient’s name. Place the signature at the bottom with the vertical Smashwords logo below it (hyperlinked with no border) and the website address (hyperlinked) in orange.

Dear Tom, We are excited to announce you’ve just earned $1,240 from third quarter sales! Keep up the good work. Publishing with Smashwords is the best way to get your book into more readers’ hands. Sincerely, Smashwords Team

mashwords Sreading done write


Social media 33% of eBook readers discover new titles through recommendations from other readers on online forums, blogs, message boards, and personal recommendations from friends and families (Coker, 2011). Therefore, social media is essential! Whenever a Smashwords author hits a bestseller list, share the story via a press release and every current social media outlet. Smashwords has a loyal following of over 30,000 indie authors who are already actively promoting their own titles. Make it easy for them to promote Smashwords at the smae time Make sure all web pages, articles, news items, ads, etc. have buttons to easily share via social media. Provide links to free samples to lure new readers in. NEVER get involved in politics or controversial subjects--all points of view should be welcomed.


Style Guide

Web ads & advertisement

Use industry standard sizes for web ads. Jpegs, gifs, and animated gifs are preferred so ads can be viewed on mobile devices. Use Flash sparingly and only when required by a hosting website.

In web ads, Franchise should be used for all headlines, call to actions, and short phrases. Trebuchet should be used for body text and links.

mashwords Sreading done write


125 px

Use the horizontal logo for web and mobile devices, because the name “Smashwords� is larger and easier to read. The logo should be AT LEAST 125px wide.

ashw ords Smreading done write




Specifications The only print materials that should be produced are print ads in periodicals or on billboards and signs, business cards, stationery, and merchandise.

0.25” 2.5”



Feel free to be as creative with the shape, size, and color of business cards. The only requirements are 1) include the logo in color with the tagline (not just the mascot),

Print ads

2) the website address, and 3) approved typography, imagery, and colors.

Use the vertical logo in color with the tagline and the company address for letterhead. Only use hight quality paper with a watermark. Type the letter in Goudy Bookletter 1911 starting 2.5” from the top of the page with 1.25” margins on both sides. Use a modified block style with indents to provide a more friendly and casual feel. Include the website address below the signature. The URL should include www and a capital S.


Style Guide





Envelopes should use the color horizontal logo with the tagline and the mailing address below 1/8” from the top and left. Start the senders address 4” from the left.

In print ads, the logo should be large enough to easily read and appear at the bottom with a page turn element.

Merchandise Think of merchandise as a walking billboard. Include the logo in color and a quick, memerable statement to pique interest and start a conversation.

ashw ords Smreading done write


“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.” ~ James Bryce

British politician, diplomat, historian

Research Sources (2011a, January 27). announces fourth 1uarter sales up 36% to $12.95 billion. Retrieved from &p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1521090&highlight&ref=tsm_1_ tw_kin_prearn_20110127 Chapman, C. (2010, January 28). Color Theory for Designer, Part 1: The Meaning of Color. Retrieved from http://www. Coker, M. (2011). How ebook buyers discover books. Retrieved from Connare, V. (1997, April 24). Trebuchet nation. Retrieved from trebuche/default.htm Harris Interactive. (2011, September 19). One in Six Americans Now Use E-Reader with One in Six Likely to Purchase in Next Six Months Retrieved from tabid/447/mid/1508/articleId/8 64/ctl/ReadCustom%20Default/Default.aspx Lynch, P., & Horton, S. (2005). Web style guide, second edition companion web site. Retrieved May 7, 2012 from

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Man sitting in tree, reading book. odilon-dimier-altopress-maxppp-man-sitting-in-tree-reading-bookimage-1494378

Woman with an e-book reader while friends carry books. http://

Man Reading News On Tablet. uploads/2011/12/man_reading_news_on_tablet_device.jpg

Young beautiful woman with tablet. photo_13384278_young-beautiful-woman-with-tablet.html

Mom And Popcorn at Netflix Website.

Young male with blank white t-shirt, front and back. Ready for your design or logo.

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Young man with laptop computer. young-man-with-laptop-computer-image-1983097

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Portrait of beautiful blond girl in baseball cap posing on white. http://

Young woman reading a book in the city park. http://www.colourbox. com/image/young-woman-reading-a-book-in-the-city-park-image-2219013

Smashwords Logo. Retreived from Sony eBookstore Vector Social Media Icons by IconDock. Retrieved from http:// Werner, M. (2010, January 25). 17 Ducadi ads from around the world. Retrieved April 4, 2012 from dx/17-ducati-motorcycle-ads-from-around-the-world.htm Woman reading a modern computer tablet device while lying in bed happy and smiling. Woman reading magazine while her husband sweeps the floor. http://

In a world so filled with imagery, sounds, and motion, finding a look and approach that catches a customer’s eye and be immediately understood and remembered is essential. That just happens to be what Jeff does best. Jeff has worked for an advertising agency, a production house, and as an in-house designer for both retail and coprorate enterprises. He currently provides information architecture, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, and web development for companies all over this hemisphere.

About the designer

One buy. Fits all. Jeff Thomason

Smashwords Rebranding Campaign Book  

The rebranding process from research to final deliverables.