SKUA Nature Group

SKUA Nature Group

Castelletto Merli, Italy

SKUA Nature Group is an italian private company that has become a point of reference for nature lovers, photographers and professionals.

SKUA has created and manages the one-of-a-kind project of Nature Estates (private or public areas) entirely developed for and dedicated to Nature Tourism and Nature Photography. It's called The INNATE (International Nature Estates) Network.

We enter in partnership with the owners of private estates or managers of public nature areas and we take care of all the necessary steps to develop and manage a project of Nature Tourism. Estates that we develop and include in the INNATE Network represent a new kind of offer; it's a world entirely conceived and organised for nature lovers and photographers.

Our mission is to demonstrate that Nature Tourism can be a real helpful tool for Nature Conservation; indeed part of the incomes coming from all of our projects are dedicated to concrete conservation and research actions.