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We are a local sporting goods store that buys, sells, and trades sports gear, both new and used. Check our website for all our Holiday deals. 1908 C Dempster St. Evanston IL 60202 Phone: 847.866.1733

gigio’s pizzeria Evanston’s Oldest Pizzeria


1001 Davis St. • Evanston SAME LOCATION SINCE 1968

OPEN 7 DAYS Mon-Thur 11am-9pm | Fri-Sat 11am-10pm | Sun 12pm-7pm

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Also serving Italian Beef & Sausage Sandwiches Hot Dogs • Hamburgers • Gyros • Italian Subs Homemade Soups & Salads • Tacos

Eat In • Take-Out • Delivery Gigio’s Pizzeria of Evanston offers pizza delivery to Northwestern and the North Shore. DELIVERY MON-SAT 11am-CLOSE SUN 12pm-7pm


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Safety Keeping our kids safe is a huge priority for parents. At a young age, we begin to teach our kids how to safely cross the street, bike and road safety, and to be aware of strangers. By ten, parents should take it one step further by teaching kids about internet safety and what to do in case of an emergency. “I want them to be safe mentally and physically.” says Lisa Parrish, mother of three. “They should know how to use the phone, procedures for being home alone or in emergencies, safe touch, and that no means no.” Kids approaching ten should also know basic first aid and when to call 911. Proper hygiene and self grooming Ten year olds should understand the importance of good hygiene and how to care for their own body and hair. Frequent showers, proper face and hand washing, and wearing deodorant are good habits to get into as the changing hormones of the teen years approach.

10 Skills to Know Before Age 10 By Sarah Lyons


y the time your child turns ten, you may have started teaching them responsibilities, assigned weekly chores, and started discussing whether they are old enough to stay home alone for a few minutes at a time. In the middle of their tween years, ten year olds are ready to begin taking on more responsibilities. Krystal Laws, Olathe mother of seven, says “Parents can think about where they would like their kids to be at age 18 then go back every few years making goals to work up to independence as an adult. Having a vision for where you’re headed really helps in knowing what to work on at various ages.” What are some basic skills kids can learn before ten? Here are some ideas: Basic household tasks Teach your child some basic household tasks. If you are busy, out of the house, or under the weather your child should be able to make himself a sandwich, pack a sack lunch for school, and be able prepare a small meal in the microwave. It is also good to teach your kids how to do laundry, run the dishwasher, and how to clean up a spill.

Budgeting and saving Ten years old is a great time to introduce basic budgeting skills. Kids can learn to pick something out that they would like to purchase, research the cost, and begin saving for it. This helps teach them delayed gratification, the value of the dollar, the reward for hard work, and also how to budget and save for things that they want. This skill will be necessary as they plan for larger purchases in adulthood. Problem solving skills When presented with a problem, children often look to the adults in their lives to solve the problem. Rather than giving your child the answer to the problem, why not let them try to work it out themselves? The problem solving skills learned early will benefit them as they grow older. You can also present your child with different scenarios and ask them what they would do. Ask your child - If you get lost, what should you do? What if you forget your lunch at home? What if you see another child getting teased? If there is a fire in the house, what should you do? Working through different scenarios and practicing problem solving skills will help your child build confidence for when they are faced with a problem. Value of hard work Kids need to know the value of hard work, especially as they head off to college or into the workplace. Even middle and high school require a higher level of study habits. Developing good study habits also helps kids learn that their dedication pays off when they receive good grades because of it. To prepare your child for the workforce, assign chores

that work towards a family goal, like putting in a garden for everyone to enjoy, or saving up allowance to work towards something they would like to purchase will show them the long-term payoff of hard work. Proper etiquette and speaking skills Ten year olds should know how to treat other people respectfully, approach adults in public, have proper phone etiquette, know how to shake hands, and express gratitude when someone gives them a gift or does something for them. With so much electronic communication, we must teach our children that when having face to face conversations, it is polite to use proper language rather than text speak. “Kids this age should know the Golden Rule and treat others the way they’d like to be treated.” says Laura Fenner, Olathe mother of four. Ten year olds can build confidence in this area by practicing public speaking and participating in sports or recitals. Caring for others Kids learn a lot when given the responsibility of taking care of something or someone else. Examples could be a pet, garden or plants, or helping with younger children. This helps teach them responsibility and selflessness. Outdoor skills Kids this age can be taught outdoor safety. Fire safety, how to use a map and compass, what poison ivy looks like, and water safety are all good examples. Teaching them these skills encourages them to find outdoor activities that they enjoy. Again, as we face competition with the screen, teaching kids how to be safe when pursuing outdoor activities, may open a love of the outdoors that they have not yet experienced. Healthy habits The importance of a healthy diet and routine exercise is never too early to learn. While they may not be preparing entire meals at age ten, they do need to know that potato chips are not a well balanced lunch. Kids should also be able to listen to their bodies so they can tell you if they are unwell and what is wrong. Healthy sleep habits and a good diet can help them perform better in school and improve their moods. Kids should also be able to manage their emotions and calm themselves when needed. These skills are a guideline as every child and every family is unique. You may find that in your family you value certain skills over others or that some of these were learned some time ago. “Be flexible with your plan to teach life skills” says Laws, “Everyone learns at a different pace.” n

a ! for ter ad regis s i h nt you ntio en Me FT wh I EG FRE

Serving Evanston for Over 25 Years!

Avenue Hair 919 Chicago Ave., Evanston

Mon-Fri 8:30-6:30 • Sat 8:30-5:00 Appointment or Walk-Ins Welcome


12 Experiences Stylists

Now registering for Winter Workshops and Spring 2018 classes! Contact us at 847-328-6683 or visit

Professional Services... Why Pay More! Paul Mitchell Matrix Redken American Crew ABBA •




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Avenue Hair


Avenue Hair

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Avenue Hair

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Long hair slightly extra.

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Photo by Cary Mondschean The North Shore’s Most Complete Pet Resource 917 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL M-Th: 10-7 • F-Sat: 10-6


Follow Your Nose offers Natural, Holistic pet foods, treats, pet-sitting, house-sitting, pet waste removal service, supplies and gifts for dogs and cats! Grooming, Training Classes, Social hours, Pet-Sitting Services,Pick up & Drop off available for grooming ( North Shore Area)Small class sizes for training - max class size is 6-8 dogs Visit Facebook for schedules and monthly events

509-A MAIN STREET, EVANSTON, IL 847.864.5504

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Follow Your Nose 917 Chicago Ave., Evanston IL Offer good with this coupon. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Cannot be combined with other in store discounts. Expires 6/5/15

Serving Evanston, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe & Northfield

| SINCE 1983

Corporate Gifts | Holiday Specialties | Weddings & Favors Shipping Available across the USA


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French Panache: Parisian Style Tips for the Fashionable Woman


rench women are notorious for their chic fashion. They understand how to put an outfit together beautifully, so they appear elegant and charming. Even the simplest of garments are made to look attractive and worn with panache. If you want to borrow some Parisian flair, take note of the following tips. Buy high-quality key pieces that fit well French women own capsule wardrobes consisting of key items around which they build outfits. They aren’t concerned with the latest fashion trends because they realize these are fads. Classic, quality garments that fit beautifully add value compared to the most recent craze on the highstreets. Aim to be more Parisian and less trendy when buying clothes. Look for classic garments made from excellent-quality materials that can serve as vital separates and be worn together. Don’t mix One of the reasons French women look chic is because they know never to combine more than two colors at once. Women from other cultures often sport plenty of different colors, but the Parisians consider this messy and unsophisticated. Similarly, the French rarely wear more than one patterned garment at a time. Thus, if you put on a blouse with a print, don’t team it with a floral skirt. Mixing brown and black is also thought of as unfashionable. At the same time, women in France don’t mix materials when wearing jewelry, so they don’t put on gold earrings with a silver necklace. Nor do they like black with brown, and this includes footwear. Thus, to copy them, refrain from pulling

black boots on when your outfit’s brown and vice versa. Accent colors The French aren’t keen on bold colors worn as key items. They enjoy neural colors teamed with an accent color. For example, a beige, navy blue, white, or caramel outfit might be worn with a colorful scarf, big earrings, or a statement necklace. Red lipstick and nail varnish are also considered part of a costume when it comes to color. Thus, they in themselves may be accents. Effortless style Beauty and style are rarely effortless, but according to French women, they should appear so. If you’ve spent half the day putting a chic outfit together, keep this information to yourself. Your elegance needs to seem natural and straightforward, however complicated it was to achieve. Less is more Coco Chanel is famous for saying “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Indeed, the French are careful not to over accessorize and equate sophistication with minimalism. Forget the necklace if you choose to wear dangly earrings. Likewise, if you’re wearing a hat, take off the big earrings. Think of each item of clothing and jewelry you wear as a unique statement that may be robbed of value when too many accessories are worn. You can be chic by adopting sophisticated French-style fashion. Unclutter your wardrobe and make simplicity your goal. Buy key garments to create a capsule closet of neutral, tailored, quality clothes that make you look terrific. Also, embrace flamboyant color in the form of an accent rather than as the main course, and you can’t go wrong. n Reference: (for the quote by Coco Chanel.

Discover the beauty & Quality workmanship in our American Crafted Arts and “Simple Gifts”.

613 Dempster Street • Evanston, IL


UniqUe AmericAn-mAde Gifts in a peaceful little shop since 1986

Evanston’s Premier Indoor Facility


2454 Oakton Street

➤ Winter Programs: Soccer • Football • Lacrosse • Field Hockey • Baseball

2018 r Camp e m m u S ation Registr on! So Opens

➤ Professional Soccer/Baseball: Youth Instructional Programs

➤ Have your next birthday party at Quad Indoor Sports Call for Details !

4 Seasons 4 Fields 4 Sports 4 Fun!!


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The Fitness Matrix Makes Getting Fit Fun By Ashley Henshaw


ith today’s focus on fitness, it’s no surprise that more people are looking to join a gym or sign up for some personal training sessions. But Albert Ferguson isn’t jumping on the bandwagon by any means. When he started The Fitness Matrix in 2011, he wasn’t looking to latch on to a trend. Instead, he was pursuing his passion and hoping he could inspire others to gain a lifelong interest in fitness. At the time, Evanston was the obvious choice for the location of his new gym.

Albert Ferguson at 1 of 3 Gyms in Southeast Evanston


Larry Lewis showing proper form on rowing machine.

“Since graduating from Northwestern University in 1998, I always felt at home in Evanston,” Ferguson says. “I first became interested in my personal health and fitness while at Northwestern, so it seemed logical to go back to the source of my passion and interest to launch the business.” That drive to help others reach their fitness goals has continued to be the numberone priority for Ferguson and his co-coach Larry Lewis over the years. Unlike some other business owners, Ferguson (a certified trainer, kick boxing, and Krav Maga specialist) doesn’t sit back and let others do the heavy lifting. In his work as a personal trainer, he’s developed loyal relationships with clients while enjoying a hands-on approach to his own entrepreneurial venture. Starla Sipkins is a great example the way Ferguson has designed The Fitness Matrix to have a real and lasting impact on clients. Sipkins is a Housing Coordinator for Evanston’s Impact Behavioral Health Partners, a not-for-profit organization that develops housing opportunities for adults recovering from chronic mental illnesses. Sipkins says, “I originally started with Albert because I wanted to tone my arms for my daughter’s wedding. Fitness Matrix was highly recommended by a friend.” That was over three years ago. “I have continued with Albert and Coach Larry because of their commitment to wellness through exercise. I appreciate how careful Albert is with proper technique to avoid injury.” While personal training is a major draw for gym members at The Fitness Matrix, it’s

only one of many offerings at this dynamic gym. Classes for boxing, tai chi, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and more are scheduled throughout the week. Instructors also offer group sessions geared towards increasing mobility or gaining lean muscle. And don’t forget The Fitness Matrix’s specialty programs, which include an adult boot camp as well as a partnership with Quad Indoor Sports, an indoor turf facility where Ferguson runs strength and agility training for student athletes in middle and high school. The range of fitness offerings is part of what has made The Fitness Matrix such a hit with area residents. “We are the only health and fitness company in Evanston with three locations,” Ferguson explains. “Each location is kept small and specialized, and each has its own feel. When someone feels his or her workout may be getting stale, it’s as easy as just hopping into a program at another location to re-invigorate your workout.” The quality of the personal trainers and instructors is also something that’s hard to find at other gyms. In fact, it’s part of what drove Ferguson to start his own location after working at “big box gyms” for 12 years. As Ferguson explains, “Big box gyms make an overwhelming majority of their profit off of members who use the gym less than once a month or never come. I wanted to start a service-based health and fitness facility focused on personal, small group, and large group classes for Evanstonians of all ages. I also wanted to make sure we had fitness offerings at various

price points so that everyone who was interested in improving his or her health and fitness would be able to find an affordable and enjoyable option.” That inclusive, family-friendly approach has attracted a wide variety of clients over the years. Take Dr. Michael Altman, for example. After retiring from his faculty and Associate Dean positions at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Altman decided to take up a new fitness regimen. A chance meeting with Ferguson in 2013 convinced Altman to give The Fitness Matrix a shot. “We scheduled some trial sessions that went well, and I’ve been benefitting from my training there since then. I am currently working with trainer Larry Lewis, with whom I am very pleased.” The personal approach and expert training is certainly a big factor in Altman’s continued membership at the gym. “Albert is a very caring person, and Larry follows suit,” says Altman. “They both have tailored my training to meet my needs and, in a most gentle way, have pushed me well beyond any training I could have done on my own, and better than any trainers I had worked with previously. They make me work hard during our sessions, but I always seem to feel generally better – albeit tired – at the end of one. I joke that I pay them to torture me; they are tough taskmasters, and it pays off!” As it turns out, a little hard work (and perhaps a lot of sweat) is well worth the effort. Whether you want to work out as part of a group class or with an expert trainer, The Fitness Matrix can help you reach your fitness goals. n


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Jill Norton Photography

Evanston Community Foundation helps Evanston thrive


ounded in 1986, the Evanston Community Foundation helps Evanston thrive now and forever as a vibrant, just and inclusive community. We build, connect, and distribute resources and knowledge to Evanston – not just one group, neighborhood or issue – all of Evanston. When asked about ECF’s role in our community, President and CEO Monique B. Jones said, “ECF has a goal of being a sustainable resource for Evanston. Think of us as Evanston’s greatest cheerleader. We help Evanston move forward through collaborations, grantmaking, leadership development and by fostering local philanthropy.” Because Evanston’s challenges are complex, ECF makes grants to a diverse array of programs and organizations. Our grants are about more than just money. Through our capacity-building and program grants, we make investments in projects that are making a difference in our community. We support organizations poised for healthy growth — helping them transform to serve more people, more effectively. ECF also offers frequent learning and networking opportunities for Evanston nonprofits and organizations through our 2017-18 workshop series, For Organizational Success. These six workshops are free this year! Board and staff members are encouraged to attend together as a “mini-retreat” opportunity. For 25 years, ECF’s Leadership Evanston program has provided our community with a steady stream of skilled and knowledgeable graduates whose leadership talents enrich Evanston’s agencies, boards, and government. With more than 680 alumni, Leadership Evanston invites its participants to deepen both their knowledge of Evanston and their civic engagement to address Evanston’s deepest challenges. None of this would be possible without ECF’s broad base of support. There are many different ways to give, and before December 31, 2017, all new gifts of $250 or $500 to the Annual Fund will be matched 2:1! Learn more how your gift can reach all of Evanston, and the many different ways ECF can help you with your personal philanthropy, by visiting n

Hand-etched fine silver helps nomadic Tuareg tribes stay connected to the past.


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ONE ITEM 719 Main Street, Evanston 847.733.8258 Offer valid at participating stores until 12/31/17. Not valid with other offers or discounts, purchase of gift cards, Oriental rugs, Traveler’s Finds or consumables. One coupon per store per customer. Use this logo for reductions only, do not print magenta. Do not reduce this logo more than 35%. Magenta indicates the clear area, nothing should print in this space. You may reduce the logo to 30% without the tag and strap lines. Color of Wood Block Motif critical match to Pantone 1805. Letters print Pantone Process Black.

Secret Treasures



A unique store featuring glassware, pottery, porcelain, china, crystal, silver, linens, vintage jewelry and furniture.

Vintage Holiday Collectibles

Santas, Snowmen, Pixies, Ornaments & More

Holiday Entertaining

Antique China, Goblets, Silverware & Linens

Gift & Stocking Stuffers 605 Dempster Street • Evanston, Il • 847.866.6889 Open Everyday till Xmas Eve

Explore, Dine, Shop

Trash & Treasures

MID-CENTURY MODERN HOME FURNISHINGS Trash & Treasures is an urban retail shop in Evanston IL specializing in Mid-Century Modern, Vintage Furnishings and Art. This carefully curated eclectic mix of merchandise is always changing. 611 Dempster St. Evanston IL, 60201 Tues-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4 call or text 847-579-9707

9 3 0 1/2 C h i c a g o A v e . | 2 2 4 . 9 9 9 . 7 3 6 8


Specializing in Haircuts, Coloring, Brazilian Blowouts and Special Event Styling “Matt Weatherford is the best stylist I’ve had! He is always up with the latest trends, techniques, hairstyles, and hair care products.” —Dayna Z. “I received my first amazing Brazilian Blowout treatment from Kelsey. She’s a hair goddess!” —Nicole F.

Serving the North Shore for Over 15 Years





his holiday season make sure to visit the diverse, vibrant and hustling business districts of Evanston. Whether you are on the Main Street corridor, the Chicago-Dempster area or the Central Street district, you can find the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. Evanston thrives with a variety of specialty shops, restaurants, art, and theaters specifically tailored to meet the needs of our community. Gift giving is made easy in Evanston if you know where to look! Take a short bike ride, train ride or walk to the intersection of Main and Chicago and you can find the largest fair trade shop on the North Shore, Amish furniture, a Rock shop and two museums, the largest fabric store in the Midwest and even hand-made Belgian chocolates right in our own back yard. Of course, if libations is what you seek, then rest assured this area offers a variety of restaurants serving up tacos to omelets to Greek food and even French cuisine to please the most discerning foodies in town. You can even find a local wine shop, distillery, and craft beer destination. Head north on Chicago Ave, past the auto-dealership, and you will find an eclectic mix of stores and eateries tucked conveniently into a two block radius known as the Chicago-Dempster shopping district. Located a few blocks south of downtown Evanston and easily accessible by El and bus routes, this sophisticated yet down to earth neighborhood welcomes shoppers who enjoy unique “finds” and delicious food. Explore and unearth hidden treasures at a variety of antique and vintage stores, and discover handmade quilts, pottery, and glassware at one of kind craft shops. The area sparkles with beautiful baubles thanks to the jewelers and designers in the area. And if you seek culinary pursuits—you won’t be disappointed! Food lovers from all around the North Shore and Chicago gravitate to the restaurants in this area. You can find gustatory delights to satisfy every taste and craving! Finally, head north of downtown Evanston and spend an afternoon on Central Street. Stroll down this charming street and visit the friendly, diverse community of independent stores. Find hand-ground spices, clothing, jewelry, and gift boutiques, southwestern art, antique maps and furniture, a pet bakery, natural health products and more. There is something for everyone at one of the local eateries – choose from French bistro, American, Thai, Asian, and pub cuisine. You are certain to find what you need. So this holiday season, grab your gift list, a friend, and your walking shoes and make sure to shop small during this thanksgiving season. Explore it all! n



Small Business Saturday Sale 40% off these select styles

2014 Central St. Evanston IL, 60201

Easy Clothes for a Busy Life Heartland Slat Recliner

Jaymont Bed (Queen)

Heritage Misson Pantry

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The Buy of the Year. For one day only, with special permission from our builders, the three items you see in this ad are available for 40% off. Pick one of these best-selling designs, and we will have it made to order for you in your choice of fabric, wood, stain, and size. Prices subject to change based on choice. Sale is valid only on 11.25.2017 from 10am-6pm. More Ways to Save. In addition to the special items sale, select showroom items will be on sale at 10%-40% off. We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see you on Small Business Saturday, November 25.

• Cozy Sweaters & Cardigans galore • Fabulous French Dressing Jeans • New line of fabulous Mona Lisa jackets • Dressy Scarves & Funky Jewelry • Great tunic tops • Fat Hat cotton down Tees this year


|713 Main Street Evanston, Il 60202 | 847.491.9210 | | ||

LOCAL • PROFESSIONAL • DEPENDABLE Carpentry • Assembly • Drywall Work • Fixture Replacement

847.370.0131 • Serving the North Shore

Doctor Handyman-evanston






ity, race, gender, sexuality, and/or immigration status. At Piven’s actor training center, the theme of Home will be incorporated in texts, instruction, class discussions, and theatre games. In its outreach programs with women in Cook County Jail, veterans and their families, domestic violence survivors, marginalized youth on the west side of Chicago, adults and youth with developmental delays, and youth in residential care, Piven Theatre Workshop will examine themes related to “home” in all story and scene work, games, and performance opportunities. On stage, the Home theme will be highlighted in monthly Lab @ Piven productions, woven throughout the annual Story and Sketch series, within its advanced youth productions, and within its capstone -- a world premiere play written by Evanston›s own award-winning playwright, Tania Richard and directed by Fleetwood Jourdain’s Artistic Director, Tim Rhoze. The play is a fictionalized narrative, investigating the community-wide impact of a time in Evanston when blockbusting, redlining, and the physical relocation of homes were utilized to create wards on the west side of town. Piven›s partners for The Home Season include Open Communities, Fleetwood Jourdain Theatre, Dear Evanston, Cradle to Career, Family Promise, and Refugee One. To buy tickets, register for a class, or find out more, visit Piven Theatre Workshop at, or by calling 847.866.6597. n

Piven Theatre Workshop Announces its 2017-2018 Season Centering on the Ideas of Home


or 46 years, Piven Theatre Workshop has used improvisational play to encourage connection, creativity, and community engagement, carving out a unique place as part of Chicago’s legacy of improvisational theatre. Whether it is scripted or improvised, story or scene, performed by student or mentor, novice or professional artist, all of our work strives to engage all participants in meaningful and relevant artistic conversations. For the past several seasons, Piven has created a thematic framework to guide and connect the wings of its institution: the training center and off-site theatre residencies which serves over a thousand students a year, its Lab @ Piven which supports emerging artists, its Equity stage, and its extensive community partnerships and audience development initiatives By exploring this thematic model, Piven has found new ways in which performance and play can act as a hub for relevant, multigenerational, community-wide creativity and conversation. This season Piven will explore the theme of “home.” The Home Season will examine issues related to displacement, community violence, and feelings of “otherness” as a result of income dispar-


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Books and Vintage Vinyl. For the DIYers and crafters, stop by Lemoi Ace Hardware, Blick and Close Knit and pick up vintage finds at Stepping Out on Faith. Looking for home accessories, jewelry and unique clothing? Try Dragonfly. Know someone getting engaged this holiday season? Suggest Eve J. Alfille for a unique engagement ring or pick out an extra special gift for that extra special someone. Give the gift of jewelry or the experience of jewelry making from Ayla’s Originals. Don’t forget to stop in at The Pop Up Gallery Evanston offering a variety of arts, crafts, jewelry and gifts.

Shop Downtown Evanston this Season!


e Love Downtown Evanston and we know you do too – now prove it! Join fellow Evanstonians on November 25 to #ShopEvanston for Small Business Saturday, a nation-wide celebration of small and independent businesses! As November is the month of giving back, when you shop and dine at local establishments, you automatically give back to our community. On November 25, bring friends and family members downtown to check out special offerings and events, enjoy FREE cookies on a Cookie Crawl, and participate in a fun shopping passport program with exciting giveaways. One of our favorite things about Evanston is the great civic pride and an extremely strong sense of community. So, let us remind you why it so important to support our downtown businesses: • • • •

Have a few holiday parties coming up? Find a classy, festive outfit at CouCou and Olive, Gigi Bottega, Talia, Accents Plus or the seasonal pop up shop at 900 Church Street – Kovet Boutique. Pick up the perfect hostess gifts at Vinic Wine, Spice and Tea Exchange, Bloom 3, Saville Flowers and Flowers Flowers. Freshen Up for holiday parties at Egea Spa, Ergo Salon, Salon Roula, Salon Texture or Asha Salon. And, as the holidays can be stressful, we recommend visiting Grateful Yoga and Bikram Yoga Evanston. And last, but of course not least at all, the kids! Pick up creative, educational and fun toys at Becky and Me Toys. Come out and support Evanston’s independent merchants on Small Business Saturday, November 25 and every Saturday and Sunday this holiday season. Details at www.downtownevanston. org/smallbusinesssaturday. n

Local shopping helps keep a community authentic and unique. Local merchants support local non-profit organizations (when was the last time Amazon provided a gift card for a local charity fundraiser?) Supporting your local economy supports your neighbor; small businesses hire from within the community. Brick and mortar stores pay taxes that provide services to your community.

With all of this in mind, here are some local shopping suggestions for everyone on your holiday list. For the active folks on your list, Uncle Dan’s and Wheel and Sprocket provide service and knowledge of their products you just can’t get on-line. For health nuts, consider a gift card for a class or lesson at our many unique fitness studios such as The Barre Code, Pure Barre, Cycle Bar, TruFit Personal Training Studios and Title Boxing Club. For winter staples, William’s Shoes offers fashionable boots and socks. Finding something for the creatives in your life is easy at The Alley Gallery, Bookends and Beginnings, Comix Revolution, Amaranth


Knowledge is Power. Experience Counts. C L A R I T U S - G R O U P. C O M

Eat, Drink, Shop & Be MERRY in downtown evanston this Holiday Season! NOV. 25 SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY 10AM-5PM

DEC. 7 5-8PM

DEC. 9 5-8PM

{Brunch Specials, Cookie Crawl, Shopping Passport with Giveaways & Raffle}


{Sip ‘n Shop at stores in Downtown Evanston and Main-Dempster Mile}


{Live Music, Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Hot Chocolate and more!}


Trio Evanston Atelier A Salon Servicing Men & Women. Stylist Cuts, Amazing Color Bring in this ad and receive

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Blow Dry Salon

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