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Issue Three – November 2011

Skoolz Magazine


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The clocks have gone back, the days are getting shorter and we’ve located our hats, scarves and gloves. This can only mean one thing - winter is well and truly on its way! P a n to m

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·········· Editor: Josephine Bond E:

In this issue of Skoolz Magazine we explore the magical world of panto! OH, YES, WE DO! We speak to the star of King George’s Hall’s production of Dick Whittington, comedian Phil Walker, and we give you the details of all the local shows to make sure your family doesn’t miss out on seats. Our education expert tells us how reading can have a positive impact on a child’s life and our comprehensive What’s On Guide gives information on a whole host of fun-packed activities to take you through the chilly months. Finally, as pumpkin lanterns and bonfires light the way into the festive season, it’s important to remember to keep your children safe from the dangers that this exciting time of year can bring. Before the fun starts it’s always a good idea to refresh your family on firework safety and road safety. All that’s left to say is -


·········· Financial Director Louise Blenkinship



Interview With Phil Walker




·········· Production & Design Adam ‘B’ Creative E:

·········· Sales Director Trudy Riley E:

·········· Sales Lucy Nuttall E:

Christmas Treats


Things To Do


Internet Safety


Healthy Lifestyles


What’s On


Competition Time


·········· Editorial Contributors Alex McCue & Andrew Fletcher

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011



WIN! P33

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Skoolz Magazine

PHIL WALKER’S IN PANTO AGAIN! OH, NO, HE ISN’T! OH, YES, HE IS! Hurray, it’s panto season and this month Skoolz Magazine feels like the luckiest magazine in the kingdom because one of our lucky reporters got to meet the star of King George’s Hall’s production of Dick Whittington!

She comes backstage, keeps the cast entertained and she loves watching her old dad perform. Skoolz Magazine: In this year’s production you’re playing the role of Dick, but which character has been your favourite over the years? Phil Walker: Well, this year is sure to be a cracker as I take the lead role for the first time. Dick Whittington is also the writer, Dougie Squires OBE’s 400th

Skoolz Magazine: Why do you think

production, so it’s a huge milestone

pantomimes are still so incredibly

that needs to be done justice. That


said, another year that stands out for me is the one in which I played







Buttons in Cinderella on Ice. I always

pantomime as a child’s first venture

immerse myself completely in any role,

into the theatre, and what a fun one

but I particularly connected with the

it is! The writers and directors always

character that year.

make sure the shows remain relevant to the time by adding in popular chart


songs and current jokes, and audience participation

Phil Walker is perhaps best know

keeps the kids on the edge

by parents as a stand up comedian,

of their seats throughout.

but children throughout Lancashire


know him as ‘the funny man in the

British thing and I don’t

pantomimes’. For 10 years in a row

think many other nations

the Lytham-born comic and family-

would understand it, but

man has starred in Blackburn’s annual

it definitely helps form the

production and if previous shows are

sense of humour that our

anything to go by, Dick Whittington is

country is so well known

set to go down a storm.


Skoolz Magazine: Hi Phil! It’s a

Skoolz Magazine: Going

pleasure to meet someone that has

to a pantomime is a yearly

positively contributed to the childhoods

outing for most children.

of so many in our region. You must

Is your daughter, Verity,

really enjoy the panto season.

just as enthusiastic about




panto? Phil Walker: Oh, definitely! Although it can be hard work, panto season is

Phil Walker: Of course!

the most exciting time of the year for

She absolutely loves it!

me. The camaraderie with the cast,

She’s only eight, but she’s

the smiles on the children’s faces,


the laughs - that’s what has kept me

and a real character. I’m

coming back to King George’s Hall for

convinced she’s going to

10 years in a row.

follow me on to the stage.

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Skoolz Magazine Skoolz Magazine: Tell us more about Dick Whittington. What can the audience expect? Phil Walker: Well the story sees poor Dick and his sidekick, Tommy the Cat, set off on a great quest from London across the rough and dangerous open seas on a voyage to the exotic East where they set out to rid a kingdom of a crippling rat epidemic, brought on by the evil Queen Rat and her wicked cronies. I can promise that fans of traditional panto won’t be disappointed. There will be plenty of singing, lots of slapstick humour and a whole range of visual performance elements. Dance, acrobatics and puppetry have all been incorporated to create a spell-binding production for all the family to enjoy. Skoolz amazing!

Magazine: It We’re definitely

forward to it. How do we book our tickets?

Dick Whittington at King

Phil Walker: Call the King George’s Hall box office on 0844 847 166 or log on to to book them online.

opens on Wednesday 7th

George’s Hall, Blackburn December and runs until Saturday 31st December.

sounds looking

King georges hall and stageworks worldwide productions present

Fill in the entry form provided for your chance to win tickets for a family of 4 to see “Dick Whittington” at King Georges Hall in Blackburn between 7th – 31st December. Return the entry form to: Skoolz Competition, 3 Riverlea Gardens, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1QQ. The winner will be picked at random and notified on Monday 3rd October 2011.

Wednesday 7th to Saturday 31st

december 2011

Dick Whittington Competition You Name: ............................................................. Your Age: ............................................................... Your School:........................................................... The Name of your Parent/Guardian: ................................................................................ Your Parent/Guardian’s Telephone Number: ................................................................................ Your Address: ........................................................ ................................................................................ ................................................................................


box office 0844 847 1664

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

w w

.................................. Post Code: ..........................

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Skoolz Magazine

George Critchley for PMA Productions and Hyndburn Leisure present:

Snow White

and the Seven Dwarfs 7th-17th December 2011,

Civic Theatre, Oswaldtwistle Box Office: 01254 380293

Sponsored by:

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011




E CHILDREN VISIT .com/eat y r w o l e h .t www ILS. FOR DETA

Mon 12 December 2011 Sat 7 January 2012 TICKETS 0843 208 6010

Skoolz Magazine King georges hall and stageworks worldwide productions present

Family Performances All seats £8.25

School Performances All seats £7.00

for performances marked in this colour

Groups and Party Rates All seats £8.25

for performances marked in this colour

for groups and parties of 10 or more

Signed Performance for the performance marked in this colour


Adults: £13.25 all seats. Concessions: £10.25 all areas for children and senior citizens Family Ticket: £40.00 (4 people) Wheelchairs: One FREE with every full-paying carer (max 12 per performance). Wednesday 7th to Saturday 31st

december 2011





Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

7 Dec 8 Dec 10 Dec 11 Dec 12 Dec 13 Dec 14 Dec 15 Dec 17 Dec 18 Dec 21 Dec 22 Dec 23 Dec 24 Dec 28 Dec 29 Dec 30 Dec 31 Dec

10.00am 10.00am

1.15pm 1.15pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 1.15pm 1.15pm 1.15pm 1.15pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm

10.00am 10.00am 10.00am 10.00am


2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm



5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 5.30pm 7.00pm


box office 0844 847 1664

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w w w.king g e org e

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011



The Man behind the Story of Father Christmas / Santa Claus

St. Nicholas was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century AD in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey). He was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money. He was also a very kind man and had a reputation for helping the poor and giving secret gifts to people who needed it. There are several legends about St. Nicholas, although we don’t know if any of them are true!

The most famous story about St. Nicholas tells how the custom of hanging up stockings to get presents in first started! It goes like this... There was a poor man who had three daughters. He was so poor; he did not have enough money for a dowry, so his daughters couldn’t get married.

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

(A dowry is a sum of money paid to the bridegroom by the bride’s parents on the wedding day. This still happens in some countries, even today.) One night, Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney and into the house (This meant that the oldest daughter was then able to be married.). The bag fell into a stocking that had been hung by the fire to dry! This was repeated later with the second daughter. Finally, determined to discover the person who had given him the money, the father secretly hid by the fire every evening until he caught Nicholas dropping in a bag of gold. Nicholas begged the man to not tell anyone what he had done, because he did not want to bring attention to himself. But soon the news got out and when anyone received a secret gift, it was thought that maybe it was from Nicholas.

Because of his kindness Nicholas was made a Saint. St. Nicholas is not only the saint of children but also of sailors! One story tells of him helping some sailors that were caught in a dreadful storm off the coast of Turkey. The storm was raging around them and all the men were terrified that their ship would sink beneath the giant waves. They prayed to St. Nicholas to help them. Suddenly, he was standing on the deck before them. He ordered the sea to be calm, the storm died away, and they were able to sail their ship safely to port. St. Nicholas was exiled from Myra and later put in prison during the persecution by the Emperor Diocletian. No one is really knows when he died, but it was on 6th December in either 345 or 352 AD. In 1807, his bones

were stolen from Turkey by some Italian merchant sailors. The bones are now kept in the Church named after him in the Italian port of Bari. On St. Nicholas feast day (6th December), the sailors of Bari still carry his statue from the Cathedral out to sea, so that he can bless the waters and so give them safe voyages throughout the year.

In the 16th Century in Europe, the stories and traditions about St. Nicholas became very unpopular. But someone had to deliver presents to children at Christmas, so in the U.K. he became ‘Father Christmas’, a character from old children’s stories; in France, he was then known as ‘Père Nöel’; in Germany the ‘Christ Kind’. In the early U.S.A. his name was ‘Kris Kringle’. Later, Dutch settlers in the USA took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle became ‘Sinterklass’ or as we now say ‘Santa Claus’!

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Skoolz Magazine

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Precious Little Treasures

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thornton hall


Join us for an action packed adventure to remember on our specially adapted quad bike trail where you will encounter the compromising hills of our natural quarry, whirl through the open woodland, accelerate through the muddy becks whilst contending with obstacles along the way... 21/10/11

ut 1

Layo Quad voucher:

ut 1




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thornton hall hall thornton all ton h 872677 n r 07875 o h t Trekking Experience 72677 Quad


Quad Bike d Brieikncee 07875785 872677 Qua Trekking Expe Bike 078 QkukinagdExperience Call for more info:

Call for more



info: info@quadtrex .uk @quad fo in uadtrex. www.q

info: uk ll fortrex Ca uad




Thornton-in-Craven, near Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 3TJ

Clithroe Music 9 Moor Lane, Clitheroe, BB7 1BE

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07875 872677

* traditional toys for girls and boys * gift vouchers available

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31 Castle Street, Clitheroe, Lancs, BB7 2BT

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

The Old Bank, 143 Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Lancashire, BB9 6HQ. Tel: 01282 690520 ·

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• Fashion • Homewares • Footwear • Health & Beauty • Toys & Gifts • Electricals • Pet Accessories

and many, many more!

Clitheroe Great Harwood Shawbridge Street BB7 1NA Tel: 01200 428784

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PANDORA Blackburn PANDORA Blackburn Victoria Court, The Mall 15 Victoria Court, The Mall Blackburn Blackburn BB1 7JE 7JE 01254 682938 682936 01254 Be inspired

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011


…the relaxed café bar at the heart of Backridge Farm on Twitter Lane At The Plate we harvest the finest ingredients from Lancashire’s artisan suppliers, and create a truly traditional English menu with a contemporary twist. Coupled with a relaxed and informal environment and our outstanding customer service, you’ll quickly discover why we’ve been awarded the highest level of accreditation from Taste Lancashire. As well as The Plate, Backridge Farm features a whole host of independent retailers and outside play equipment for the children.

After-School Christmas is Tea Treat coming… Bring the whole family for tea Tuesday – Friday 3.30pm-6.30pm

Join us on 10th, 17th and 22nd December for Kids meals £4.25 our special Christmas offer includes Chicken Goujons, Party Nights Mini Burger, Sausage & Mash FREE ICE CREAM with every featuring three childrens meal and FREE glass course meal and live of cordial plus special menu for entertainment. Mum and Dad featuring hot and cold sandwiches, paninis and mouth watering main courses.

£29.95 per person

To keep up to date on our offers and promotions visit

The Plate, Backridge Farm, Twitter Lane, Waddington, Clitheroe, BB7 3LQ Tel: 01200 427304 e-mail: Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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Skoolz Magazine

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Skoolz Magazine

Personalised Hoodiz, T-shirts, Team Wear, etc Specialising in Hen & Stag Do’s All sizes and colours available Huge selection of coloured vinyl, sparkly and Flex. Based in Clitheroe, Delivery available out of clitheroe. Competetive prices.

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Why not pay us a visit for that Special Xmas present or stocking filler. We sell the ever popular Satila Hats, Taggies & Daisy Roots. Games & Toys include The Gruffalo, Hello Kitty, Hungry Caterpillar, Elmer, wooden and Eco Friendly Toys, Jigsaws, Puppets and Dollies & Large Selection Of Books. Also Schoolwear, Scout & Brownie Wear, Swimwear, Baby & Christening & Accessories. Gift Vouchers Available

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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Things To Do We know how important it is for your child to have a wonderful party, and for you to be able to relax and enjoy it with them.

The Newly Fully Converted Double Decker Play Bus! AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! A fantastic childrens party venue that comes to you…..

The Creation Station Arty Party offers a variety of crafty activities, plus music, dancing and games, to keep all your party guests happy and entertained.

Excellent for: Birthday Parties Weddings • School Fairs • End Of Term Parties • Church Events • Nursery Fun Any Private Functions……

• A totally different birthday party experience for 1-11 year olds • Suitable for boys and girls • FREE invitations and party bags • Different price packages available • Fully trained, first-aid certified and CRBchecked Leaders

2 floors of soft play equipment including balls pits, tunnels, a slide, dance floor, picnic area and much more! Yummy buffet, unlimited juice, games, music, face painting, visit from Buzzbe Bee all available! Qualified primary teacher manager, crb checked staff, all first aid qualified.

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Narn ia Step into

this Christmas at Samlesbury Hall

Father Christmas

Festive Lunches

Christmas Fair

Sunday 4th, 11th &18th December

27th November until 23rd December

Sunday 27th November

£6 per Child

INCLUDING Christmas Day Lunches

(Which includes a gift, craft and entry to the Hall)

Booking required

Samlesbury Hall, Preston New Road, Samlesbury, Preston PR5 0UP

Page 16

A wonderful array of traditional & contemporary crafts. There will be Christmas food to sample; free parking and refreshments to complete a fantastic day out!

01254 812010

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Things To Do

Clitheroe Castle Museum

350 million out Through er b Novem le P r u end

to 24 Octoberber m ce e D 1 3

Steward’s Gallery Exhibitiony Open

ble Valle Inspired Rib s Gallery free d’ ar ew St . 2011 entrance.

Find o ches Wit t answer 27 Novemb

ec first corr wins a drawn g goody ba

Lancashire er D for the wh ay ole family Hot

years of history for all to enjoy Enjoy a day of exploration for all the family at the historic landmark of Clitheroe Castle and the museum that takes you on a journey through 350 million years of history.The museum is packed with family friendly activities to enjoy.

Pot and His Lancashire D tory: ay craft activities, gu ided Lancashire ho tours, t pot

Photograph by Angelo Hornak

For opening hours and admission prices: 01200 424568 Cub KartingQuarter_Quarter 11/10/2010 14:47 Page 1 Clitheroe Castle Museum, Castle Hill, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 1BA


Party Costs From £155 AVAILABLE INDOORS AT BURNLEY, SKIPTON, CLITHEROE & BLACKBURN SPORTS CENTRES OR YOUR LOCAL VENUE/SCHOOL/HOME Please contact us to discuss suitable party options to give your children a fun experience they will remember.

WWW.CUBKARTING.CO.UK Tel: 01282 869653 Email: follow us on faceboM

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

From £45 *subject to delivery


Please visit for more information!

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Things To Do

Surfing the net . . .

. . . just how safe is your child?

Whether it’s at school, on a laptop at home, a games console or a smart phone, children are increasingly accessing the internet whenever they can and wherever they are. Without doubt social networking is one of the phenomenon’s of the internet age and let’s face it, everyone including the world’s most famous celebrities are doing it, but take a step back and it’s an area where children are at their most vulnerable if care isn’t taken. Recent research by OFCOM indicates that a quarter of children aged eight to 12-years-old who use the internet have profiles on social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, even though some of them have a minimum membership age of 13. Further research by the EU Commission cites that 27 per cent of children in the UK admitted they had given an incorrect age to gain access to social networking sites.

Page 18

Clearly there is an obvious yearning from children within this age group to feel included in the social networking phenomena, and of course some peer pressure; but most sites don’t or simply can’t offer any reassurance that they won’t be exposed to inappropriate information, images or bullying. Thankfully many have come to no harm, but over recent years a number of high profile cases have served to highlight just how a simple messaging system can be exploited. Learning essential online safety skills needs to be just as important as learning to cross a road. If your child understands the risks and can make sensible and informed choices online, they can get the most from the internet and stay safe whilst doing so, particularly from those people who might want to harm them. Schools are now being encouraged to tackle this issue as part of their curriculum, and businesses such as Leeds based DigitalMe are developing programmes such as SAFE ( which have been specifically developed for primary school teachers to deliver classes that develop children’s skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social network sites.

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Things To Do As well the development of training tools for teachers, social

mum and dad” are immediately flagged up and accounts

networking sites specifically designed for primary aged

suspended automatically until they can be investigated by

children are starting to be developed, which introduce them

Jabble’s human moderators – a very reassuring feature for

to social networking in a protected but fun way.

parents. was set up earlier this year by mother of four Becca Morgan after she discovered that her eight year old daughter had set up an illicit Facebook profile. After closing the account down Becca wondered if she could create a site where youngsters could socially network in a fun but more controlled environment. The result is a site that is effectively Facebook with ‘stabilisers’. Youngsters who sign up can make friends and send messages, but it’s their parents who authorise the account and once it is up and running they can continue to

The team at Jabble work closely with schools and can

access it.

provide teachers with instructions on how they can set up

There is still the risk of someone opening a bogus account,

temporary accounts to let pupils try it out.

however the website features a range of security filters

Whilst these initiatives and websites are not the panacea, it’s

that automatically removes any telephone numbers and

a step in the right direction. So next time your child logs on at

addresses a child might be tempted to give out, and the

home, just take a moment and think about what they may be

software is sensitive to particular behaviour such as bullying.

exposing themselves to and ensure they understand how to

Conversations which include phrases such as “don’t tell your

explore and use the internet as safely as possible.

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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A Leading Co-educational Catholic Boarding and Day School in the Jesuit Tradition for 3 –18 year olds

Open Day 9.00am Saturday 5th November Stonyhurst College For 13+, 14+ and Sixth Form entry To find out more and to receive your invitation please contact the Admissions Office

Stonyhurst Clitheroe Lancashire BB7 9PZ T 01254 827073 F 01254 827135 E

Fashion This is a very special place to be. As one parent said “We love the friendly caring ethos. Children achieve and are happy”. There is no greater compliment than this. Our small nurturing school has served the community for generations but also provides the exciting challenges and opportunities of a larger school. Small classes and an enthusiastic, well trained staff all help to ensure that teaching and learning is of the highest standard.

            

The Foundation Unit provides a fantastic start for nursery and reception children. After an £18,000 refurbishment the outdoor provision now compliments the vibrant indoor learning environment. Experts deliver music, P.E. and Spanish. There are opportunities to learn a musical instrument, perform in a choir and excel in sport and dance. Able, gifted and talented pupils are encouraged to join workshops in school and further afield. Our creative curriculum and extra curricular activities have been enhanced through a Creative Partnership initiative enabling us to work with artists, musicians, authors and historians. Our two main feeder schools are Clitheroe Royal Grammar School and Ribblesdale High School. We are proud that our children take with them a determination to succeed, a love of learning and a caring disposition.

 

Sabden Primary School Whalley Road Sabden, Clitheroe Lancashire, BB7 9DZ

Tel: 01282 771000


...that in the heart of the Ribble Valley there is a village school…

• that is committed to providing a broad balanced education in a happy, safe and stimulating environment; • that has an inclusive policy where learning is tailored to a child’s individual needs encompassing those that need additional support as well as able and gifted children, and everyone in-between; • that expects good behaviour at all times and which encourages self-discipline and self-motivation in a friendly supportive atmosphere; • that provides a full and varied education where all children are encouraged to develop their talents and interests to the full, with a curriculum where strong emphasis is placed on ICT and which includes French from Year 2; • that has a strong programme of P.E. which includes athletic activities, dance, gymnastics and swimming and where we work closely with external coaches to ensure that a wide range of sports can be experienced and enjoyed; • that has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment programme which has resulted in light, bright, up to date classrooms each with interactive whiteboard and IT facilities and a new library and cookery/DT room; • that boasts the best outdoor play areas for miles around with large newly built playground, playing field and superb outdoor learning area for children in foundation stage, together with play house and vegetable garden, wildlife garden and extensive play equipment, all within a secure environment; • that enjoys manifold extra-curricular activities including cookery, netball, golf, streetdance, multi-skills and cheerleading and where annual residential trips for Years 5 and 6 permit the participation in outdoor activities such as canoeing, abseiling and orienteering or a cultural experience. • that has a thriving after school club which provides flexible after school care until 5.20 p.m. every day; • that has an active P.T.A which welcomes everyone and provides a strong link between school and parents, organising fund raising and socials throughout the school year;

…that has a name synonymous with excellence


Headteacher: Mrs. C. Grimshaw Burnley Road, Gisburn, Clitheroe. BB7 4ET Tel: 01200 445406 Fax: 01200 415981 e-mail: Website:

OPEN MORNING Friday, 2nd December 9:30am to 11:00am

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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Skoolz Magazine

Patricia Chellal Tutoring Tel: 01254 580486 u Email: Patricia Chellal works one to one with your child, creating individual teaching plans, catering for all ages of primary school student from Reception to year 6. Please phone to arrange a free consultation. u Primary Maths and English u Primary and Secondary French and Spanish u Entrance exams/ 11+ study

u SATS Preparation

u English available as a second language u Highly recommended u References available

u CRB checked


u 16 Years teaching experience

In the last issue of Skoolz Magazine we ran a poetry competition offering the chance to win £15 worth of WH Smiths book vouchers, a signed copy of Terry Caffrey’s latest book, ‘It Wasn’t Me, Miss’, and the chance to see their poem in print.

From hundreds of fantastic entries we have chosen our winner! Emily Raine, aged 8 from St. Mary’s School in Langho, sent us her fabulous poem titled ‘What The Romans Did’, which particularly stood out due to its historical content and excellent presentation. Well done Emily - you’ve won and your prizes are on their way! WHAT THE ROMANS DID That Roman Emperor Had such a bad temper He shouted at all the men “Get into rows often” They followed all their orders Up to the Scottish borders Hadrian told them to build a wall “Make it strong and make it tall” “Don’t let them mix” They built their roads long and straight They have lasted to this date They washed in a public bath Which gave everyone quite a laugh The Romans left in 410AD Back to Italy they did flee Page 22

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Skoolz Magazine

READING IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS Last issue Skoolz Magazine’s resident education expert, local English teacher Andrew Fletcher, advised us on how to prepare for an entrance exam. Here he explains how reading can play a significant role in a child’s progression

The most valuable thing a parent can do is be aware of what their child is reading. The range of literature available for children is ever increasing and choosing the right book is paramount. It’s important to pick a book that is of interest to your child whilst also assessing whether it is suitable for their ability and age range.

We all receive books from relatives at Christmas and on birthdays. Reading from an early age is such an important skill for life. It provides children with a world of imagination, interesting characters and wonderful adventures.

You should get involved in your child’s reading by joining in at any opportunity. Words are all around us and so ensuring that children engage with their surroundings is incredibly important. Asking questions to make sure children have understood what they have read is also key in assessing your child’s development.

In a perfect world all children would love to read, however, we don’t all live in a perfect world. Reading must fundamentally be an enjoyable experience for children and parents. A love for reading is contagious, if a parent has a love for literature then it is more than likely that their child will follow suit.

Choosing the right time is a must. Don’t force your children to read as this can cause negative association and will more than likely cause them to become disengaged with reading. At a young age it is advisable to begin incorporating reading into your child’s bedtime routine. Encouraging your child to get comfortable in the peaceful

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

environment of their bedroom will allow them to get lost in another world. Dads, you’re not off the hook either! It is increasingly problematic to encourage boys to read later in their academic career, so you could make a massive difference to their progress by sitting and reading with your kids too. The benefits of books are two-fold in a child’s ability to read and write. Reading can support a range of literacy skills, not just comprehension and reading for meaning, but in written communication too. By reading children are able to implicitly learn a range of skills for writing, including familiarity with sentence structures, punctuation and a wide variety of vocabulary. By increasing a child’s familiarity with quality fiction and non-fiction, literature can support their progress in so many ways. So this year when you and your child rip open the wrapping paper to reveal the latest must-have books, remember that reading is for life, not just for Christmas.

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Skoolz Magazine

You can take a horse to water but only a DUCK will swim! Infant swimming classes have never been as fun as with Puddle Ducks. Thousands of babies and children nationwide enjoy our small, structured swimming classes every week; developing from water babies into confident swimmers without even realising that they are learning to swim. Join our classes at any age at either Swimsafe in Burnley, Foxfields Hotelin Billington or The Holiday Inn in Bolton. Check the website for more details.

Tel 01257 262622 Email

Life but swimmingly...

Ribble Valley Dance Ballet, Tap, Theatrecraft Modern Jazz Musical Theatre Zumba® Pilates For Children & Adults Clitheroe Studios Call 07881 854 944 Email

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Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Local History

TOP 10 TIPS ON HOW TO LEAD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 1) Lead the way: It’s essential to lead by example. Show your kids that you are active, and they will want to be as well.  Better yet, do activities together!

2) Set realistic goals: Ensure that the goals you set for your kids are achievable to avoid disappointment and overreaching. Encourage your kids, and yourself, not to quit just because an activity is new, or perhaps you’ve eaten something not perfectly healthy. You are embarking on a long-term effort which will succeed by small steps and lots of positive encouragement.

3) Start with walking: Instead of trying to achieve the government ‘out of school’ guideline of 3 hours of exercise per week at once, set slow and steady goals to end up at 3 hours per week over a few months. That way, the exercise will become part of your child’s routine in an easy manner, and they will barely notice the building change, but they will feel better and be able to do more.  Start with walking to school as much as possible.

4) Taking Breaks: Take breaks, when you are exercising, work as hard as you can but take regular breaks to let your heart rate recover. This will also give you more energy to get up and go again.

5) Just get active: If sport is not your child’s thing, try out aerobic classes, swimming or dance. Be positive there is something out there for everyone!

6) What to eat: It’s all about being sensible. Don’t cut out all snacks, but reduce them over time.  For instance, if your child eats one bag of crisps per day, cut it down to 3 bags per week in

month 1, then 2 bags in month 2 and so on until the unhealthy snacks are not a part of any regular routine.  Modify your goals every 2 weeks so that they are manageable in terms of the amount of change you are trying to achieve. Make a note of what your children are eating; seeing it written down will help you to notice any bad eating habits and the times you are having your meals. Aim for your family to have 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks daily.

7) When to eat: Always eat breakfast as it kick starts your metabolism, and gets your body burning calories quicker and for longer! Try to have your last meal before 8pm. Eat lighter meals in the evenings as this is the time your metabolism is at its slowest.

8) Drink plenty of Water:  Aim for your children to drink 2 litres of water a day. In addition to keeping you hydrated, it helps to break down fat stored in the body and aids weight loss.

9) Self Esteem: It’s essential to stay positive about what your child, and your family are trying to achieve. Regardless of what they have achieved, pat your child on the back for trying.  Don’t express disappointment if they were only able to walk halfway to school for instance, but be excited that they tried their best.  Remember that in most cases, you are dealing with a teenager who is going through enormous hormonal and emotional change and for whom each day is different.

10) Commitment: This is your family’s Chance for Change. Show your children that you are all in it together by slowly modifying all of your eating and activity habits.  Over time, these new routines will become a natural part of everyday life and will contribute to every one of you feeling better, being fitter, and maybe even losing weight.

These tips have been provided by Fit For Sport For more information please visit or call 0845 456 3233 Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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What’s On

WHAT’S ON GUIDE Your family will never be at a loose end with Skoolz Magazine’s comprehensive guide to what’s on in and around Lancashire. Simply choose your event, wrap up warm and enjoy a day out to remember!


When: Tuesday 8 November Who: Working parents

How much: Free for all attendees to register online

More info: Get the opportunity to meet with family friendly employers face-to-face, find flexible job opportunities, get advice on being self-employed, starting a business or setting up a franchise and much more. Contact: Refer to website

What: Clitheroe Fireworks and Bonfire Night Where: Clitheroe Castle When: Saturday 5 November 6.30pm - 9pm Who: Open to all ages How much: FREE

Website: What: Conservation Crew @ Beacon Fell

Where: Beacon Fell Country Park, Goosnargh, Preston, PR3 2NL When: Saturday 12 November, 10.30am to 3.30pm

More info: Bonfire, firework display and a hogroast. Hot snacks, drinks, toffee apples and other novelties will be available for sale. What: LIVE

Where: The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Place, Chapel Wharf, Manchester, M3 5LH






17th November

Open until 8pm

Fireworks Display and Christmas Lights Switch-on


20th November

10am - 4pm


24th November

Open until 7pm


27th November

10am - 4pm


1st December

Open until 7pm


4th December

10am - 4pm


8th December

Open until 7pm


11th December

10am - 4pm


15th December

Open until 7pm


18th December

10am - 4pm

9.30am - 4pm 9.30am - 4pm 9.30am - 4pm

Who: Ages 14 to 18

How much: Call for more information

More info: Gain experience of the work of a ranger? Throw on some suitable clothing, bring your lunch and get ready to join in on the second Saturday of every month.

Contact: For more information and to book call 01995 640557

Christmas Opening Hours Thursday 24th November

9.30am - 4pm

9:00am – 8:00pm

Thursday 1 December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm

Thursday 8th December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm

Thursday 15th December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm

Monday 19 December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm

Tuesday 20 December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm

Wednesday 21 December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm



9.30am - 4pm

Late night shopping



Thursday 22 December

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm

Late night shopping

9:00am – 8:00pm



19th December

Open until 6pm

Friday 23rd December


20th December

Open until 6pm


21st December

Open until 6pm

Saturday 24th December

Christmas Eve

9:00am – 16:30pm


22nd December

Open until 7pm

Sunday 25 December

Christmas Day


Monday 26 December

Boxing Day

09:00am – 17:30pm

Tuesday 27 December

Bank Holiday

09:00am – 17:30pm

Saturday 31 December

New Years Eve

9:00am – 16:30pm

New Years Day


Bank Holiday

10:30am – 16:30pm




23rd December

Open until 7pm


24th December

Open as normal



25th December




26th December

10am - 4pm



27th December

Open as normal

Sunday 1st January


28th December

Open as normal

Monday 2 January


29th December

Open as normal


30th December

Open as normal


31st December

Open as normal



1st January




2nd January

Open as normal

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Keep up to date with all marketing opportunities and the latest retail offers by following The Mall Blackburn on you favourite social media sites:

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

What’s On

DECEMBER What: Tree Planting Day Where: Witton Country Park Visitor Centre, Blackburn, BB2 2TP When: Thursday 1 December, 9.45am Who: For all the family How much: Free More info: Be green and come along to plant a tree or two! Join National Tree Week with our voluntary group, the Green Gym. Meet at the rear of the Visitor Centre.

What: Junior Rangers Where: Bowland Visitor Centre, Fell House, Beacon Fell Country Park, Goosnargh, Preston, PR3 2NL When: Saturday 3 December, 10.30am - 12 noon Who: Children aged 6 to 14 How much: Call for more information More info: Have a wild time at the Wildlife Club on the first Saturday of every month. Contact: For more information and to book please call 01995 640557 What: Victorian Christmas Craft Fair

What: Pickwick Night Where: King Street, Whalley

Where: Helmshore Mills Textile Museum, Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Rossendale, BB4 4NP

When: Thursday 1 December, 6pm - 9pm

When: Sunday 4 December, 10.30am - 4.30pm

Who: For all the family

Who: All the family

How much: Free

How much: £2 per adult, accompanied children FREE

More info: Whalley has an annual Dickens of a good time as it soaks up the sights and sounds of a Victorian Christmas during a mammoth festive street fair with a Victorian theme.

More info: Handcrafted gifts for all the family to purchase and enjoy, a brass band and a choir as well as Father Christmas. Come experience the festive cheer!


Contact: For information call 01706 226459

Trafford Centre Christmas Trading Hours 2011 Saturdays:- 9am to 9pm From 1st October to Saturday 17th December Monday to Friday:- 10am to 11pm From Monday 5th December to Friday 16th December Christmas Week:- 9am to 11pm Monday 19th December to Friday 23rd December Christmas Eve:- 9am to 6pm Boxing Day: Monday 26th December:- 9am to 10pm Tuesday 27th December to Friday 30th December - 9am to 10pm


New Years Eve:- 9am to 6pm New Years Day:- 12noon to 6pm Monday 2nd January 2012 (Bank Holiday):- 10am to 8pm

The Trafford Centre Manchester M17 8AA TEL: 0161 749 1717/18 Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Page 29

What’s On What: Cinderella Where: Darwen Library Theatre, Knott Street, Darwen, BB3 3BU When: 8 - 24 December Who: Fun for all the family How much: Tickets- Adult £10, Concession £8.00, Family £7.50 per person (max. 4) More info: Full of music, dance and all the usual pantomime wit and charm, just what you need around this magical time of year!

JANUARY What: Sinbad Where: Thwaites Empire Theatre, Aqueduct Road, Ewood, Blackburn, BB2 4HT When: 1 December 2011 – 2 January 2012 Who: Everyone How much: Call for details More info: A swashbuckling family pantomime.

Contact: 01254 706006

Contact: 01254 685 500

What: Meet Father Christmas at Witton Country Park

What: Birds in the Wood

Where: Witton Country Park Visitor Centre, Preston Old Road, Blackburn, BB2 2TP When: Sunday 11 December, 1pm - 4pm Who: Everyone welcome How much: Call number below for details More info: Father Christmas has taken time out from his busy schedule to make a special appearance at Witton Country Park Visitor Centre. Meet the man himself and take part in many other Christmas activities Contact: 01254 55423

Where: Sunnyhurst Wood Visitor Centre, Darwen, Blackburn, BB3 0LA When: Sunday 29 January, 8.30am Who: Anyone How much: £1 per person More info: Take a wintry early morning stroll through Sunnyhurst Wood and listen and look for a variety of birds, followed by tea and toast. Children must be supervised Contact: To book telephone 01254 55423

ribble valley classes sept 2011 2_Layout 1 26/09/2011 19:57 Page 1

s ' n e r Childnastics Gym s e s s a ages l C 4-16 Monday Classes

@ st James Primary Juniors from 4yrs 5:45-6:45pm Intermediates 8-13years 6:45-7:45pm


Thursday Classes

@ Chatburn Primary squad training 9-11am

@ West Bradford village hall Juniors 4-5pm, Intermediates 5-6pm elite 6-7pm

frIday Classes @ Chatburn Primary Juniors 5-6pm elite 6-8pm




@ st James Primary 5:30-7pm 5-11yrs

all coaches hold British Gymnastic qualifications & full enhanced CrB

Visit our website for more information ring Toni 07775597768 or email

Page 30

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

What’s On

FEBRUARY What: Pottery on the Park Where: Witton Country Park Visitor Centre, Preston Old Road, Blackburn, BB2 2TP

What: Lantern Walk Where: Sunnyhurst Wood Visitor Centre, Darwen, Blackburn, BB3 0LA When: Thursday 16 February

When: Saturday 11 February, 1pm - 4pm

Who: Fun for everyone

Who: All the family

How much: Booking essential, tickets £2

How much: Free

More info: Experience a guided walk at night, but only if you dare!

More info: Pottery in the Park is opening its doors and running a free pottery activity open day. Come along and have an amazing day out and take part in these activities.

Contact: To book telephone 01254 55423

Contact: 01254 55423 What: Mask Making Week Where: Witton Country Park Visitor Centre, Preston Old Road, Blackburn, BB2 2TP When: 13 - 17 February, 1pm - 4pm Who: All the family How much: Free More info: Come and make an animal mask for free. Contact: 01254 55423


Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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Competition Time

COMPETITION TIME SKOOLZ MAGAZINE ISSUE TWO COMPETITION WINNERS: Horrible Histories Winner: Joe Lewis Holt, Age 6, Peel Park Primary

Lego Land Tickets Winner: Noah Stinson, Age 5, Rishton Methodist


Dick Wittington Tickets Winner: Owen Howe , Age 4, Moorend Primary

Poetry Competition Winner: Emily Raine, Age 8, St Marys Primary Langho To have a read of Emily’s winning poem turn to page 22

Win a family portrait voucher comprising of a 1 hour session, consultation, personal viewing and framed 10x8” print courtesy of local company Andrew Hale Photography. For a chance to win, Circle the ten differences between the two pictures of Clitheroe high street, fill in the entry form provided and return to: Skoolz Competition, 3 Riverlea Gardens, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1QQ. The winner will be picked at random and notified on Monday 12th December 2011.

Andrew Hale Competition You Name: ............................................................. Your Age: ............................................................... Your School:........................................................... The Name of your Parent/Guardian: ................................................................................ Your Parent/Guardian’s Telephone Number: ................................................................................ Your Address: ........................................................ ................................................................................ ................................................................................ .................................. Post Code: ..........................

Page 32

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Competition Time Specialist Suppliers Of All Types Of Home Leisure Equipment

We’ve teamed up with local company, Games Room Classics, to offer you the chance to win a brand new X-Box 360. Simply fill in the entry form provided and return the entry form to: Skoolz Competition, 3 Riverlea Gardens, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1QQ. The winner will be picked at random and notified on Monday 12th December 2011.

X-Box 360 Competition You Name: ............................................................. Your Age: ............................................................... Your School:........................................................... The Name of your Parent/Guardian: ................................................................................ Your Parent/Guardian’s Telephone Number: ................................................................................ Your Address: ........................................................ ................................................................................ ................................................................................ .................................. Post Code: ..........................

Fill in the entry form provided for your chance to win Free tickets for a trip to Blue Planet Aquarium for a family of four. Return the entry form to: Skoolz Competition, 3 Riverlea Gardens, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1QQ. The winner will be picked at random and notified on Monday 12th December 2011.

Blue Planet Competition You Name: ............................................................. Your Age: ............................................................... Your School:........................................................... The Name of your Parent/Guardian: ................................................................................ Your Parent/Guardian’s Telephone Number: ................................................................................ Your Address: ........................................................ ................................................................................ ................................................................................ .................................. Post Code: ..........................

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

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CARS & VANS - ALL AGES CONSIDERED Personal injury, with a personal touch

Had an accident within the last 3 years? Not your fault? Contact RVC today to start your no win no fee claim. You will receive 100% of the compensation!

07890 795577 Ribble Valley Claims is regulated by the Ministry of Justice, Authorisation number CRM27135. Please see for more details. Registered address Glendene, Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Nelson Lancashire, BB9 6AU

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TEL: 07966 287 665 Do you want to promote your business to 75,000 readers in the Ribble Valley, Hyndburn and Pendle areas? Skoolz Magazine offers advertising space at affordable rates! To find out how Skoolz Magazine can get results for your business, please call Trudy on 07875 411447 or email

Skoolz Magazine – November 2011

Rufus Carr Ltd Est 1928

Sale of New Ford and all makes of used cars including Honda, Peugeot, Vauxhall & VW

Great prices on Brand New Fords! Bawdlands Garage Clitheroe T: 01200 422173


Stunning Success Moorland School Reception Class children outstripped national and local schools for progress in Maths and Reading by miles last year. Under the careful tuition of Miss Wright the whole class greatly exceeded all expectations both academically 160






and socially. The Junior School’s new facilities for Early Years and Reception proved an ideal learning environment and all the children flourished in the unique ‘family’ atmosphere. Older children in the Junior School made


h Sc















Reading Raw Scores (End)

Reading Raw Scores (Start)




excellent buddies for the Reception class, guiding them around the lovely 15 acre rural site in Clitheroe. The children also benefit from specialist teachers for French and PE, which includes FA football coaching under Man City Coach Mr Charlie Jackson, and British Gymnastics Champion Miss Rennox. In addition the professional drama tutors for Little Voices developed their speaking and singing skills, which produced an


Moorland Average


Local Average


National Average

One School

excellent production of Annie, which was created during just one single week of Summer School in August 2011.

One Result

One Future

Moorland School · Clitheroe · Lancashire · BB7 2JA · Tel: 01200 423 833 ·

Issue 3  

Skoolz Magazine Issue 3