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december Augusta, Aiken & Columbia

E sca p e

t h e

o rdi na r y.

Get ready to kick the coming year into high gear. It’s virgin territory waiting for the trails you’ll blaze. Pack an imaginary backpack with the things you’ll carry. Include a calendar for your Want-To-Do list.

! U YO Y K rt!’s rful C LU ski onde ok W o st e B e o M Giv sid In

Keep a journal, even if it’s only one line a day. It’s the map you’ll make of where you’ve been. Think of a name for the rescue dog you’ll adopt

To Keep You Company along the way. Change direction if you get in a rut: Take baby steps toward being bold, or put your brashness on hold. Let generosity pave your way: Are you

Saving Those Hugs for a rainy day? Don’t be afraid of the dark or monsters or tests of courage. They’re part of every hero’s journey. Prepare for liftoff—2014 is waiting for you to arrive. Cover copy by Nikki Hardin, art by Aimee Sicuro

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most awesome view.” Edward Abbey

Annie Oakley’s heart target, private collection, Los Angeles, California, 2010. © Annie Leibovitz. From “Pilgrimage” (Random House, 2011)

October 4, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Members see it free | 1515 Main Street in downtown Columbia, SC | 803.799.2810 |

Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage is organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Bernie Stadiem Endowment Fund provided support for the exhibition. The C. F. Foundation of Atlanta supports the museum’s traveling exhibition program, Treasures to Go.

about skirt!

Publisher Nikki Hardin



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skirt! is all about women... their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. skirt! is an attitude...spirited, independent, outspoken,

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The Countdown Issue

Michael Rushbrook Cher Wheeler Meaghan Pafford Photography Molly Harrell Sara Caldwell

Essays Women make more than 80% of all purchasing decisions.

Stephanie Hunt ........................................................................... 13 Forty Effed Up Things About Being 40 skirt! is published monthly and distributed free throughout the greater Augusta/ Aiken/Columbia area. skirt! reserves the right to refuse to sell space for any advertisement the staff deems inappropriate for the publication. Unsolicited manuscripts must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Letters to the editor are welcome, but may be edited due to space limitations. Press releases must be received by the 1st of the month for the following month’s issue. All content of this magazine, including without limitation the design, advertisements, art, photos and editorial content, as well as the selection, coordination and arrangement thereof, is Copyright © 2010, Morris Publishing Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this magazine may be copied or reprinted without the express written permission of the publisher. SKIRT!® is a registered trademark of Morris Publishing Group, LLC.

Newtown, Old town

Amy Wruble ................................................................................ 14 Women spend almost 2 of every 3 healthcare dollars.

Features Women control 2/3 of the nation’s disposable income.

Letter from the Publisher......................................................... 8

Letter from the Editor ............................................................... 8 Women influence 80% of all car sales.

He’s So Original .......................................................................... 26

Meet................................................................................................... 31

Skirt Says ......................................................................................... 34

Skirt of the Month..................................................................... 39

XOXOnikki ................................................................................... 42 december 2013 2013 44  december


œV̜Àà œÃ«ˆÌ> ˆÃ >Ì Ì…i vœÀivÀœ˜Ì œv ܜ“i˜½Ã …i>Ì…V>Ài ˆ˜ ƂÕ}ÕÃÌ>° /…ˆÃ `iÈ}˜>̈œ˜ ܏ˆ`ˆwià œÕÀ «>Vi >à ̅i choice for women’s surgery. Doctors Hospital provides surgeries that allow physicians to operate with microscopic incisions - so there’s less scarring, less pain, and faster recovery. The American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS) has named Doctors Hospital a Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Surgery. This designation represents Doctors Hospital’s commitment to offering expert surgical care and new and proven medical technologies, including the daVinci ® Robotic Surgical System.

For more information about minimally invasive surgery, call 706-651-4343 or visit us on the web at

Each fall, Wade Plantation abounds with the South’s most desirable pecans.

To Order Call 1-800-414-7941 or visit

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Illustration by The Pretty Paperie.



The UniTed SkirTS of AmericA

The United Skirts of America was founded on the blood, sweat

from The foUnder And nATionAl ediTor

and estrogen of our

The Countdown Issue

foremothers, who

December is one long anticipatory countdown. Opening the doors of an Advent calendar,

won us the freedom to

being reminded that there are only X number of shopping days left, chanting backwards break The

from 10 as the ball drops on the 31st. Counting down the days until we get to open our presents, have the best party ever, get a fresh start on life. I love the hopeful heart

Rules, to wear combat

of December, but I loathe the day-after letdown. The leftover wrapping paper, the tinsel

boots or high heels, to

that suddenly looks tawdry, the forlorn balloons, the hangover from cheap Champagne.

run for office or run a

But most of all, I dread that flat-footed landing into real winter on January 1, the return to the reality of work, the optimistic list of resolutions I’ll gradually forget, the way

Aimee Sicuro

marathon, to form our

nothing really seems to change except the date on the calendar. This year, though, I’m

Aimee Sicuro received a

own rock groups instead

making only one resolution, and I’m determined to work on it every day. Carpe diem,

BFA from Columbus Col-

of being groupies, to

baby! I’m guilty of living backwards and forwards, but never now. Lists of things to do tomorrow, shame about a mistake I made in the past, a hundred worries about things

lege of Art and Design.

shatter Glass Ceilings

that may never come to pass. In a month that’s all about looking forward, I desperately

After experience work-

and Glass Slippers, to

need to learn to live in the house of now. I’ve read dozens of articles about being in the

ing as a line designer for

shoot hoops instead

present moment, but never really practice it. Instead I rush through the grocery, let my mind skip to “next” during a conversation and generally try to force my life to happen

American Greetings and

of settling for hoop

like I’d force bulbs to bloom out of season. And just in case I backslide, I probably

a Flash animator for a

skirts. The ones who

need to have it tattooed on my hand like an indelible message or prescription from the

once-budding dot-com in

came before us made

San Francisco, she packed

it possible for our

universe: Now, Nikki, now.


her portfolio and headed

daughters to dream

to New York. Inspired by

bigger, to have the

circumstance and in search

chance to grow up to

of a new perspective, she

be President and turn

from The ediTor

took a job as a project

the Oval Office into

The ice rink on Columbia’s Main Street is open. The State House Christmas tree is up.

manager and illustrator at

the Ovary Office. In

And yep, there goes poor Grandma, getting run over by a reindeer, on yet another store

a design firm in Soho. At

the United Skirts of

sound system, again. As an adult, I think of the holidays as rush, rush, rush. But when I was a kid, the days until Santa arrived seem to crawl by at an all-time slow. One year

Slover and Company she

America, every day is

when I was young, my parents went out of town the weekend before Christmas and

spent three years learning

Independence Day!

left my grandparents in charge. While the grands were napping in front of the TV, I did

the business of art and the art of business. Currently,

something sneaky. I unwrapped, then re-wrapped, two gifts with my name on them. I’d stared at those boxes under our tree, imagining treasures inside (Malibu Barbie, for example). The reality was pretty ho-hum (tube socks and shampoo). But the lesson’s stuck

Aimee lives and works as

with me: Don’t undervalue the joy of anticipation. This month, we profile women who

a freelance illustrator in

are waiting—and not because they’re stuck in traffic at the mall or dying a slow death

Brooklyn where she rediscovers life every day on the vibrant streets of New York.

8  december


in the checkout line. They’re waiting, as I should have that Christmas, for gifts that will reveal themselves, all in good time.

Jenny   december

2013  9





EZ Styles Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consulting Contact: Kourtney Keith •762-233-8604

LA Ti Da


Stacy Baker, Designer • 803.920.4934

Tapp’s Arts Center 1644 Main st. - Studio 2 • Columbia, SC 29201

Artisan Designed Jewelry

oric ville

ve. GA




ReseRve youR space!

January/February is our DOUBLE issue Space deadline – – December 13th11th Space deadline December



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40 Effed Up Things About Being 40

After a few years of not being able to read the fine print (apologies to my kid for the guess-the-dose Infant Advil), I broke down and bought my first pair of reading glasses. At the drug store counter, it was like the reverse of a teen nervously buying condoms. “First pair of reading glasses,” I informed the clerk, just to prove that I’m not at all embarrassed. “My mom wears those,” she smiled. And now I’m mortified. Here are 40 other effed up things about being 40: 1. Other than Teen Mom, I have no clue what’s on MTV. 2. When people say “middle-aged,” they might mean me. 3. I can’t wear sequins or I’ll look like a cougar. 4. I’m more likely to forget to have sex than to forget to floss.

Trusted by CSRA patients for over 35 years.

5. If I eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I’ve gained a size by dinnertime. 6. Even if I finally get a full night’s sleep, I still look like I was up all night. But not up all night doing something cool. 7. At the doctor’s office, I bypass Cosmopolitan and reach for Redbook. I’ll even read Family Circle. There are some great recipes in there. 8. I’m probably never going to be a Solid Gold Dancer. 9. Going out without makeup is beginning to seem more and more like an aggressive act. 10. The “me” in my head is like the foxy little sister of the “me” in the mirror. 11. Any girl can look cute like Rachel on Friends in her 20s. Only Jen Aniston looks cute like Rachel on Friends in her 40s. 12. If I strolled across a college campus, people would assume teacher, not student. (Upside: instant PhD!) 13. I’m old enough to drink, vote, rent a car and be elected to the highest office in the land. All that’s left on my age bucket list is admission to the AARP. Thanks, I’ll wait. 14. Most days, I choose comfort over style. I’m a traitor to my stilettos. 15. All the tanning I did in college is showing up now as brown blotches. Get a Sharpie and you could draw a cow on my chest. 16. The Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran and The Cure are now considered oldies. 17. Everything I wore in high school has been appropriated ironically by hipsters. 18. Only a fortysomething is old enough to remember the TV show Thirtysomething. More irony. 19. Oooh, my back.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release


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Breast Reduction

Arm Lift Blepharoplasty

RhinoplastyThigh Tuck Breast Lift Fat Grafting

20. Other than the Kardashians, I don’t recognize anyone in the tabloids. Who are these people and why are they famous?

Breast Reconstruction

21. Ages 31-39 are a total blur. I’m scared I’ll blink and be 200.

Dupytren's Contracture

22. All of sudden my tight mini-skirts make me look like I’m trying too hard. Hey sluts, incoming at Goodwill! 23. Uhhh, my back. 24. The Real Housewives and I are, like, the same age. Where’s my butler? 25. It’s occurring to me that I might not ever visit every single beach on the planet, and I’m actually okay with that, which feels weird. 26. When I flirt with the cable guy, I don’t get extra channels for free anymore. 27. I still think 21-year-old guys are hot. And they’re like, “Mom?” 28. Why didn’t I take naked pictures of myself when I was 30?

Permanent Makeup

Neck Lift Refresh

Scar Revision


Lower Body Lift Hydradenitis Panniculectomy Trigger Finger Lip Augmentation Chin Augmentation

29. I fantasize about taping up the sides of my face. Try it with your fingers— it takes 10 years off instantly. 30. Cripes, my back. 31. Touching my toes is not a guarantee. 32. Forget Fifty Shades of Grey—my nightstand is full of wrinkle cream and Bengay. The apothecary is open! 33. I even have one of those days-of-the-week vitamin boxes. 34. If I buy a turtle it might outlive me.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Randolph R. Smith, MD Christopher J. Ewart, MD

35. The bad habits I still have are probably here to stay. 36. I say things like, “What’s the name of that actor, you know, he was in that thing?” 37. I get a hangover from looking at liquor. 38. The next milestone birthday is 50.

Visit our website to learn more about us and view our before and after gallery. Surgical financing available.

39. Did I mention my reading glasses? 40. One word: “Ma’am.” Amy Wruble is the author of, named a Babble Top 100 Mom Blog. Her writing has been featured in Parenting, Babytalk, Lifetime Moms, What To Expect, Pop Sugar, In the Powder Room, Families in the Loop and the St. Martin’s Press anthology What Was I Thinking: 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories. (706)533-1APS   december

2013  15

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Jingle bells,

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2013   december

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2013 CROP PECANS Custom Gift Tins • Gourmet Foods • Unique Gifts

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2013  33

SKI RT! SAYS: Be as singular as a snowflake.

34  december


Billy P. Lynn, M.D.

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10 Resolutions I Won’t Make Lose weight. (LMAO—the only way that will happen.) Start running. (Only if someone is chasing me.) Run for office. (If I won, I’d be a politician.) Learn French. (I already know how to say “how much?”) Become a morning person. (Nothing fun happens in the am.) Get off Facebook. (The narcissism is like digital crack.) Eat more kale. (I’m waiting for the kale pill.) Swim with dolphins. (Oh my god, leave them alone!) Read Lean In. (Even the book jacket made me tired.) View the glass as half full. (Only if it’s half full of wine.)


36  december


Attractive. Reliable. Convenient. Discover the Garage Door Women Adore.

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Holiday Open House



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Deadline is Thursday, December 9th. Photos will be published as space allows. To Advertise Call: 706.823.3702 | Ad Close: Dec. 31, 2013 38  december



Deluxe Guest Room Elegant Dinner Buffet 4 Drink Tickets Midnight Champagne Toast Breakfast Buffet for Two For reservations call 706 722-8900 For full event details visit

Illustration by Monkey Mind Design.

I dreamed I packed my skirt (and Italian dictionary) and rented a room with a view.

Copper Penny 610 Harden Street Columbia 803.376.4411

WHERE Will Your Skirt take you

next?   december

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xoxonikki December is the month for hanging twinkle lights inside and out, for hurrying home to porch lights at dusk before night falls, for candlelight that smells of fir or wood smoke, for stargazing and sunsets blazing, for huddling around a fire pit or a fireplace, for trees strung with multi-colored bulbs, for making light while we wait for the sun.

W h a t ’s k e e p i n g m e a w a k e a t n i g h t : Looking forward to:

Annual replay of Love Actually Buying stocking stuffers Feu de Bois candles all month Russell+Hazel’s big 2014 SmartDeck Key West for kids and Christmas I am jealous of:

Why is my 3rd eye out of focus? Choosing perfect presents. Realizing I’ll fail at the above. Do I have a spirit animal? Netflix streaming…open all night. The amount of $$ I spend on books. Can I justify a Jambox? No more Starbucks holiday gingerbread?! Why is my couch like a bed of nails? Just one more game of Word Warp before sleep.

W h a t ’s o n m y i Pa d :

W h a t ’s o n m y m i n d : is the blog of a wonderful (anonymous) photographer, and it’s filled with all sorts of images—hers and others— and memorable quotes. I’m like a magpie collecting inspiration, and when I go through her archives, I nearly hyperventilate at the beauty.

I still devour the New York Times every Sunday, but their recent T Magazine on Luxury made me realize how little patience I have for excess lately. Italian countesses who rent an extra apartment for their clothes. A raccoon purse for little girls for $450. Hotels with sheets that equal my mortgage. Maybe T should be called Let Them Eat Cake.

’ Jeffers Oliverveling tra book sketch om) tbook.c (looka

Note to self: THE BEST USE OF


HomArt Lucky Buddha Matches

Must-haves this month:

“Where’s your will to be weird?” Jim Morrison

Nutcase Bike Helmet

MUN No. 1 Aknari Serum

Teavana Rock Sugar Hillary iPhone 5/5s case Nikki Hardin is the founder of skirt! Magazine and the co-founder of Project XX ( She blogs at 42  december


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Skirt december 2013  

The Countdown Issue

Skirt december 2013  

The Countdown Issue