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march Augusta, Aiken & Columbia Columbia/Augusta/Aiken

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S K I RT ! W O R D S O F A DV I C E : Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. Chili is always better the second day. Good friends, good karma and good credit are the best traveling companions. Mistakes aren’t tattooed on your forehead so

Don’t engrave them on your soul. Champagne pairs well with both toasts and tears. “An opportunity for growth” is generally an assignment no one wants. Pay attention to accidents—they might not be. A sexy text is a firecracker;

A Handwritten Letter is a love bomb. There’s no refund on the time you spend watching TV. An ironed pillowcase is one of life’s affordable luxuries. Face it…your dog won’t walk faster because you’re in a hurry. You are not your resumé, you are not your resumé, you are not your resumé. When you cross a finish line, always have a new start in mind. Cover copy by Nikki Hardin, art by Ali Douglass

“Breathe properly. Stay curious. And eat your beets.” Tom Robbins

about skirt!

Publisher Nikki Hardin



National Art Director Caitilin McPhillips National Editor Margaret Pilarski Market Manager (Augusta/Aiken/Columbia) Kate Cooper Metts Contributing Editor Columbia Jenny Maxwell

skirt! is all about women... their work, play, families,

Editor Augusta/Aiken

creativity, style, health and

Gracie Shepherd

wealth, bodies and souls.

Sales Executive Columbia/Aiken/North Augusta Libby Salvador

independent, outspoken,

Sales Executives Augusta Doressa Hawes

always passionate.

Elizabeth Jones Sisson Maidi McMurtrie Thompson Mary Porter Vann

skirt! is an attitude...spirited, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial,

sheMAIL skirt! 127-A 7th Street Augusta, GA 30901 Sales: 706.823.3373 Sales Toll-Free: 800.622.6358 FAX: 706.823.6083


Just Between Us

Stacy Appel....................................................................................... 9

Graphic Designer

All Things Dooley

Cher Wheeler Meaghan Pafford Photography Molly Harrell Sara Caldwell

The Advice Issue

Lisa Leshaw.................................................................................... 10 Women make more than 80% of all purchasing decisions.

Care and Feeding of a 40 Year Old

Amy Vansant ................................................................................ 32 skirt! is published monthly and distributed free throughout the greater Augusta/ Aiken/Columbia area. skirt! reserves the right to refuse to sell space for any advertisement the staff deems inappropriate for the publication. Unsolicited manuscripts must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Letters to the editor are welcome, but may be edited due to space limitations. Press releases must be received by the 1st of the month for the following month’s issue. All content of this magazine, including without limitation the design, advertisements, art, photos and editorial content, as well as the selection, coordination and arrangement thereof, is Copyright © 2010, Morris Publishing Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this magazine may be copied or reprinted without the express written permission of the publisher. SKIRT!® is a registered trademark of Morris Publishing Group, LLC.

Women spend almost 2 of every 3 healthcare dollars.


Letter from the Publisher.......................................................... 6 Women control 2/3 of the nation’s disposable income.

Letter from the Editor................................................................ 6

Feel Good....................................................................................... 14 Women influence 80% of all car sales.

He’s So Original........................................................................... 22

Meet.................................................................................................... 31

Skirt of the Month..................................................................... 29

XOXOnikki.................................................................................... 38

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The United Skirts of America was founded on the blood, sweat and estrogen of our

The Advice Issue

foremothers, who

While working on this issue, I’ve been thinking about the very good, very sensible

won us the freedom to

advice I’ve been given in the past that I’ve completely ignored. Like, “For god’s sake, break The

don’t elope with that white trash boy!” Did I take it? No! Should I have taken it?

Rules, to wear combat boots or high heels, to Ali Douglass

Ali Douglass was born in Muncie, Indiana, and after enjoying life in Boston, Kan-


Unequivocally, yes! But if I hadn’t made it through 10 years of mental and physical abuse, thanks to a mysteriously stubborn survival instinct, would I be the person I am today? Maybe there was an easier way to shake the dust of high school and low

run for office or run a

expectations, but I’m pretty sure that instead I would have stayed in Kentucky all my

marathon, to form our

life being bitter and unfulfilled because I’d never made it out of town. Or how about

own rock groups instead

the advice my mother gave me when my marriage broke up? “Get a job with the post

of being groupies, to

office!” Instead, I started college at 29, on the face of it a selfishly stupid decision by a single mother of three with no money. But if I hadn’t ignored her, I’d have missed out

sas City, New York City, and

shatter Glass Ceilings

San Francisco, she is happy

and Glass Slippers, to

world of big ideas. And when I moved to South Carolina after one of those great loves

to be living in Asheville,

shoot hoops instead

went sour, everyone thought I’d lost my mind. I had, of course, but living down and

NC. She has been working

of settling for hoop

out on the beach was just the healing experience I needed to move on. I’m not sure

as an illustrator for more

skirts. The ones who

than 13 years, illustrating

came before us made

magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, advertising, and more than 25 books. Her work has been recognized by American Illustration, Step Inside Design,

I could have done it otherwise. Later, when I decided to start a magazine, plenty of people gently pointed out that I had no experience, no business plan, no money. If I’d taken those objections to heart, I wouldn’t be writing this editorial today, so thanks,

it possible for our

naysayers, for tapping into my FU spirit. And when I was impelled by a nagging voice

daughters to dream

last year that said I needed to go on what I thought of as “walkabout”—three weeks

bigger, to have the

in New York City, a city that scared the confidence out of me—I know my friends

chance to grow up to be President and turn

L.A. Society of Illustrators,

the Oval Office into, sfgirlbybay.

the Ovary Office. In

com, and apartmenttherapy.

the United Skirts of

com. Books she has illustrat-

America, every day is

ed for American Girl have

Independence Day!

been winners of the 2008

on two of the greatest loves of my life and a mind-bending, eye-opening ticket to the

thought it was emotional disaster in the making for an introvert and homebody. And they were right. It was initially isolating and lonely and terrifying. But it was also one of the best pieces of advice I ever ignored.


FROM THE EDITOR Citizens gathered at a forum mid-February to share thoughts on making Columbia friendlier for cyclists and pedestrians. Urban planners were graciously asking for our advice. I sat in the back and listened as people offered ideas. Some were extravagant (underground tunnels), others more basic (finish sidewalks, plant trees),

Children’s Choice Award,

but all were given with good will, as the best advice should be. One panelist asked us to think about cities

International Reading Asso-

we’d visited, what we’d seen that worked. I thought about Oslo, Norway. I was charmed by a difference there

ciation and Children’s Book

that’s hard to describe. The best I’ve come up with is “people first.” It felt like a city that put people ahead

Council, and winner of the

of traffic flow, business efficiency, or any of those other things we seem to value so much. When I stepped

2007 Excellence in Financial

off the curb, cars stopped without screeching to a halt. When I wished there was a place to rest a bag while

Literacy Award (EIFLE), In-

I searched for my wallet, some thoughtful designer had provided just that. Maybe that was Oslo’s unspoken

stitute for Financial Literacy.

advice to me. People first. Something to remember when I’m waiting (impatiently) in my car for a pedestrian to totter across Assembly or Gervais.

Jenny 6  march


South Carolina’s Sex Ed Problem? #1










The Comprehensive Health Education Act (CHEA) was passed to standardize health and sex education in South Carolina schools. Twenty-five years and 250,000 pregnancies later, it’s clear. Part of our sex ed problem is the CHEA.

Download our report on why South Carolina needs sex ed reform and what you can do to make it happen.


The Tell Them e-advocacy network is a program of the New Morning Foundation.

Three-quarters of the state’s 85 school districts are violating a law designed to help students stay healthy and in school. Even worse? By denying students effective, appropriate instruction about sexual health, STI prevention and contraception we are shortchanging them — and South Carolina — for life.

   Morris Museum of Art

to the 2013 Gala





Sutton and Christian Stracke NBC 26 Augusta News Channel 6

Augusta ENT E-Z GO Nephrology Associates Royal Pain Center

Dickinson Architects


MAU Workforce Solutions

Anderson Horticultural Group/ Mosquito Squad

Moses Law Group

Augusta First Bank & Trust/Synovus Financial Corporation

Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company

Development Authority of Richmond County

Raymond James/Morgan Keegan


Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kirby

Dr. and Mrs. R.W. Schilling

ACHS Insurance

Mrs. George-Ann Knox

Mr. J. Noel Schweers III, PC

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson B.A. Knox

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyn Allgood

Mr. and Mrs. W.L.M. Knox Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Smith

Augusta Preparatory Day School

Mr. and Mrs. William Louis Macuch

Storey Founation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hale Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Mason McKnight III

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Storey

Mr. and Mrs. Braye Boardman

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Moretz Jr.

SunTrust Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Brigham

Outreach, Inc.

The Georgia Center for

Nan Connell

Oxygen Fitness

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Douglass III

Palm Beach Kennel Club

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Thielke

Garren Construction, Inc.

Platt’s Funeral Home

Ms. Margaret Woodard

Walter and Melissa Hopkins

Pollock Company

Dr. and Mrs. Jed Howington

Dr. and Mrs. J. Nicholas Powell

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Howington

Rhodes CPA Firm

Jones, Jones, Davis & Associates, CPA

Bob and Phyllis Richards


Anonymous Charleston Street Fine Flowers & Events Elliott Davis, LLC University Health Care System The Augusta Chronicle

Fulcher Hagler, LLP Georgia Bank & Trust GoldMech Mechanical Contractors Hull Barrett, PC

Potash Corp

Lloyd B. Schnuck Jr., M.D.


Facial Plastic Surgery

1 Tenth St. I Augusta, GA 30901 I 706-724-7501 I   march

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830 Meeting St. West Columbia, SC 29169 (803) 794-5010 &   march

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Joseph Joseph Measure & Mix Set

A Place For Everything

Lilly Pulitzer Caddy Cudos!

Keep It Simple Stickies Bohemian Home

1257 Augusta West Pkwy Augusta 706.737.8383

2736 Devine Street Columbia 803.779.4966

Vera Bradley CommuniGraphics

1400 Georgia Avenue North Augusta 803.278.7217   march

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2013 feelgood


olorgg c l l sheof an eed to e h T size relat ze i and imply and s it n s r are e colochicke . th the from of ame c

Feel Good About Mornings. Start someone’s day with a smile using this clever little device that makes breakfast eggstraordinarily fun.The Sunnyside silicon egg shaper wakes up your plate with a work of art. Just pour the egg into the circle and the yolk stays in the ring while the white flows out to fill the rest of the cast. It’s Over Easy! $12 from

14  march




Monet to Matisse

January 25 - April 21

1515 Main Street in downtown Columbia, SC

| 803.799.2810 |

Organized by the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis. Claude Monet, French, 1840–1926, Port of Dieppe, Evening, 1882, oil on canvas, Collection of the Dixon Gallery and Gardens; Gift of Montgomery H.W. Ritchie

Presented by:

Supporting Sponsors:

Helen & John Hill

Dr. Suzan D. Boyd & Mr. M. Edward Sellers

March 9, 2013 For more information and tickets, visit

The Cook Nook

craft . bar . happy

weekend Want to sell your crafts? Applications are accepted through Friday, March 22.

Friday - Saturday, June 7 - 8 803.799.2810 or   march

2013  17

Mom Knows Best and ��� Mom Knows Even Better! Event for Moms and Moms-To-Be!

Dr. Neifert featured on:

Saturday, April 27, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Doctors Hospital , South Tower, Classrooms 1 & 2 3651 Wheeler Road, Augusta, GA 30909

Featuring Dr. Marianne Neifert, aka Dr. Mom®, a renowned pediatrician and best-selling author who has been seen as seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, 20/20, and more! She will discuss work-life balance, positive parenting, breast feeding and how to get your spiritual health in order.

18  march


Event will include: r Panel discussion with new moms r Vendor booths and free giveaways r # HTGG IKHV HQT VJG ƂTUV  guests


r Delicious Refreshments r Free Valet parking

To register, call: 706-651-4343   march

2013  19

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2013   march

2013  21

22  march



Thereisstillnoplace likehome.

Excellent Senior Care in the privacy and security of your own home. t $PNQBOJPOTIJQ t "M[IFJNFST BOE 3FTQJUF $BSF




March 2, 2013



CAbi Spring ‘13 Hot off the runway Designer Clothing Sold in the comfort of your home with a personal style consultant.

Learn more about the best way to • Gail Del Vecchio 865.474.0507   march

2013  23


Book your appointments online

Tangles of Evans wants to congratulate Amy Mcdade as the areas one and only Certified Redken Haircolorist!


Our goal is to provide a superior experience for every client; with brilliant color services, distinguished cutting techniques, stunning styling results, and luxurious hair treatments.



1202 Town Park Lane | Suite 103 | Evans, GA 30809 706.922.HAIR (4247)


CPC-Crossroads CPC-Central


CPC-N. Augusta CPC-Aiken

706-798-1700 706-650-7563

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706-922-6600 803-279-6800

706-868-7380 803-649-6941   march

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Julie Hewett Noir Lipsticks

WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN AT 20. 1. The worst that can happen rarely does. 2. Getting your heart broken is inevitable. 3. Getting over it is also inevitable. 4. So much depends on the right shade of red lipstick. 5. A childhood BFF keeps your ego in check. 6. Cheap suitcases will always let you down. 7. Office drama is never interesting in retrospect. 8. A clean car gets better mileage. 9. No SPF = expensive-to-remove sun spots later on. 10. Being single doesn’t mean you’ll end up a cat or bag lady.


26  march


Finee Gifts For Every Ocass Ocassion!


GIFT REGISTRY GIF Calaisio • Pickard • Skyros Designs • Julia Knight Le Cadeaux • Anna Weatherley • Match Pewter Michael Aram • Spode • Simon Pearce

141 Laurens Street, SW | Aiken, SC 803.648.7592

Your Steeplechase Party Place! • Downtown Aiken

131 Laurens Street SW • 803.648.6124 Monday - Friday 10-5:30 • Saturday 10-5

Good advice

Inner Beauty MD is focused on the individual as a whole. It is true, to achieve as a sense of total well being, you must feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. As Aiken’s first Wellness and Aesthetic Center, we offer a full menu of services and treatments customized to improve your overall health. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultaion.

Preventive Medicine

Aesthetic Services

• Medically Supervised Weight Loss • Nutritional Counseling • Medical Grade Vitamin and Supplement Therapy • Wellness Treatments for: - Menopause - Thyroid Disease - Depression - Anxiety - Metabolic Syndrome

• TruSculpt Body Contouring • Botox and Dermal Fillers • Chemical Peels • Laser Vein Therapy (spider veins) • Laser and Nufree Hair Removall • Dermaplaning • Laser Genesis • LimeLight IPL Laser Treatments for skin rejuvenation • Therapeutic Facials (treatment for ageing skin, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and more)

116D Pendleton ST SW Aiken, SC 29801 803.226.0097

Dr. Mae Jean Englee

Make Your Garden A Party!

is to

measure twice (or thrice), cut once.

345 HAYNE AVE. SW | AIKEN, SC | 803.644.0990 MON-FRI 11-5 , SAT 11-3 W W W. B A R B A R A S U E B R O D I E . C O M

409 Hayne Avenue (at Pendleton) Aiken, SC 803.642.9524 •   march

2013  27


South Carolina

Building traditions on vacation!

Savannah…20 minutes Beaufort….30 minutes Hilton Head Island…30 minutes

Our hotels are offering rooms from $35 - $79 with this ad. With the ad visitors will receive a “Destination Packet” with ideas and suggestions for day trips from Hardeeville.

28  march


Illustration by Monkey Mind Design, Unique Paper Expressions.


Skirt by Vignettes, 1415 Monte Sano Avenue, Augusta, 706.733.5100   march

2013  29

Get Tournament Ready

Curtain Call’s designers will help you choose the look you will love long after your Tournament guests are gone.

Visit our store and talk with our team of expert Design professionals to get your home Tournament ready.

Choose from Designer Fabrics, Exclusive Furniture & Accessories Exclusive dealer of Highland House Furniture

Your life Your style Your home

Augusta's Priority Dealer

320 Baston Road Augusta, GA 30907 | 706.868.5757 868.5757

Americans are $5.00 OFFcars 3 driving their OIL CHANGE years longer INCLUDES on average. FREE Maintenance TIREmatters! ROTATION!

ˆŽi˜ nnä ° *ˆ˜i œ} ,`° U näΰÈ{n°x{xÓ Õ}ÕÃÌ> ÓnäÈ 7>ň˜}̜˜ ,`° U ÇäÈ°ÇÎÈ°ÇÓÇx Call for an appointment today

Brakes, tires, and total car care 30  march

2013   march

2013  31

32  march


A Taste Experience that’s

Simply Devine

A Ne

Si D

EST. 2012 2012

Like us on facebook to see our new arrivals

139-D Davi Davis Rd Rd, Martin Martinez Mon.-Sat. 10am-5pm


Now accepting new consignments!



Newly expanded parking lot in the back.Back door will be open for easy access. 2901-C Devine Street | 803.771.7774 |















Careers like this need people like you. If you desire a career helping others look and feel their best then Miller-Motte Technical College can help. Get the training you need to help others in the field of

Cosmetology Also offering Massage Therapy


866-394-7019 Changing Futures. Changing Lives.ÂŽ

621 NW FRONTAGE RD, AUGUSTA, GA 30907 MMT.MAC.0709.C.101 • MMTCASM1302 • ŠDCE 2013 • AUTHORIZED BY THE NONPUBLIC POSTSECONDARY EDUCATIONAL ACT OF 1990 For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed this program, and other important information, please visit our website at:

0,'/$1'6 5($/7< 0,'/$1'6 5($/7<

Â?Ă&#x201C;A Â&#x2DC;¨Üe 5($/725Â&#x160;


 &$//7(;7 0( 72'$<



 [A¨ Ă&#x161;pÂ?Â? Ä ÂŽĂąĂ&#x2013; Â&#x2018;ÂŽĂąĂ&#x161;p AĂ&#x161;ĂŚ} Ä&#x20AC;[pÂ?Â?p¨Ì !AĂ&#x2013;Â&#x153;pĂŚÂ&#x201D;¨Â&#x2C6; 0Â&#x153;Â&#x201D;Â?Â?Ă&#x161;

pĂ&#x2013;ĂŚÂ&#x201D;Â&#x20AC;pf ÂŽÂŁp 0ĂŚAÂ&#x2C6;pĂ&#x2013;

\Ă ~Ĺ&#x2018;¤ð AÄ&#x153;Ć&#x2021;ğğğ

Ć&#x2021;Ć&#x2021;Ć&#x2021;ÄźÄ&#x2026;ĂľĹ&#x2014;~ÄźĹ&#x2014;¤à Ć&#x2030;þżğ¤Ä&#x153;Ä?

Serving 'ĂľÄ&#x201D;´ ~ +Ä&#x153;Ä?Ă ĂľÄ&#x201D; )Ĺ&#x2018;Ă ~ĹĽĂ Ĺ&#x2018; Columbia Ä&#x153;Ä&#x2026;ĹłÄ?Â&#x2DC;Ăľ~ ~Ä&#x201D;´ ;~Ä&#x192;Ă ?ĹłĹ&#x2018;Ĺ&#x2018;~Ć&#x2039;Âą \Äź Greater and Lake Murray â&#x20AC;&#x192; march

2013â&#x20AC;&#x192; 33

34  march


More than 20 years experience in the Augusta area. Specializes in a full spectrum of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, with a special emphasis on breast surgery and body contouring.

Billy P. Lynn, M.D. is proud to announce the opening of Savannah River Plastic Surgery P. C. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

4350 Towne Centre Drive Suite 1400-Evans, Ga 30809 (706) 651-8400

Ladies Apparel Located in Historic Summerville 1502 Monte Sano Ave. Augusta, GA 706.738.4888 Mon–Fri 10–5:30 Sat 11-4

contemporary jewelry • southern art and jumble of artful gifts 137 laurens st sw • downtown Aiken M-F 10-5:30, Sat 10-5 • closed Sunday


Like us on   march

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S. U.

N ews & W o

r ld


Repor t


USC AIKEN c a . e d u   march

2013  37




I always think a peak moment has to be the result of an outsize experience like jumping out of a plane or summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. But on a walk one recent afternoon, the sun was coloring outside the lines in bleak midwinter, the sky was an exceptional eye-of-God blue, and I was listening to "Days Don't Fade" by Lindbergh Palace at full tilt on my earphones. Suddenly, all these little factors lined up like a row of cherries on a slot machine for a peak-moment payoff, and the world vibrated with meaning for a few euphoric seconds. Lucky, lucky me!

W h a t ’s k e e p i n g m e a w a k e a t n i g h t : Looking forward to:

Buckets of daffodils Spring fever March Madness One fabulous pair of shoes Power walking Piercing my ears One fabulous house guest Sunlight savings time.

Transatlantic night-flight fantasies Tax time nightmares Missing Target’s Prabal Gurung launch Full moon hormones Compulsive iTunes shopping Too much Meiomi Pinot Noir Mentally packing and repacking my suitcase Running out of memory on my Mac My running wish-I-hadn’t list Damages binge-a-thon

W h a t ’s o n m y i Pa d : I never get tired of the Flipboard app. This digital magazine collects news from dozens and dozens of different publications that I choose and then throws it up on the screen like a magic lantern show of messages from the world—some of it trivial, some of it deep, all of it constantly changing—a mashup that I have to sift through and choose to pause on or pass on by. The iPhoneography section is just one of the curiosities I might not have found had it not been on the Flipboard menu.

I am jealous of:

d a frient this o g who bracelet retro alentine’s for V Day.

W h a t ’s o n m y m i n d : The 90-day yoga challenge I signed up for requires four classes a week, and that can include group meditation sessions, which I’m starting to crave. I enrolled in the challenge because I needed to poke a stick at my life, to get it moving again. Now, every tiny change I sense in my body and mind is like green spring growth after a gray, stagnant winter.



Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink

Must haves this month: Ola Kai flip flops

Rimowa violet suitcase Cutler and Gross sunglasses Kate Spade New York Nikki Hardin is the founder and publisher of skirt! magazine. She blogs at 38  march


Note to self:

Don’t forget to vote March 19 for Elizabeth Colbert Busch!



Nineteenth Century Paintings of the South from the Johnson Collection March 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; May 26, 2013

1 Tenth St. I Augusta, GA 30901 I 706-724-7501 I

James Reeve Stuart, General Thomas Jonathan â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stonewallâ&#x20AC;? Jackson (1824â&#x20AC;&#x201C;1863), 1869. Oil on canvas, 42 Âź x 30 š/â&#x201A;&#x2C6; inches. The Johnson Collection.

SPRING 2013 Sienna by DANNIJO

“Stylish South Carolina ladies come here for runway favorites ranging from Tibi dresses to necklaces from boho-rocker line Dannijo, Melissa Blanchard and her staff are pros at helping shoppers build dream wardrobes.” — Southern Living, September 2012 Loeffler Randall



D a n n i j o J ewe l r y


Rag & Bone

White + Warren

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Tucker


Helmut Lang

By Malene Birger

Notte by Marchesa

T h e o d o s i a J ewe l r y Tory Burch


3.1 Phillip Lim

J Brand

Rebecca Taylor

2734 Devine Street, Columbia, South Carolina 803.252.4339 VISIT US ON FACEBOOK


skirt! Augusta, Aiken, Columbia March 2013  

The Advice Issue

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