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hey say time flies when you’re having fun and as we’re up to our guts in 2011 it feels like this year’s skidding past us like Robert Kubica on crack. Christmas already seems like a hazy hallucination and only facebook photos and my bank ballance can authenticate what happened at New Years. But now is no time for nostalgia, we’re putting our best foot forward with these clumsy size 12s inevitably landing well and truly on the toes of all and sundry. Spring is well and truly in the air and last month Mother Nature dished out a big enough dose of sunshine to force even the most cold-blooded Bristolian to don socks and sandals and jump on the bus to Weston. But before we buy Superdrug out of sun cream and order ice in our cider, let’s take a rain check (excuse the pun), and enjoy all that spring in the west country has to offer. I don’t mean lambs and daffodils; I’m talking about big club nights, massive gigs... I’ll save the superlatives; you know what I’m talking about. This time round Viscount Mehyam’s now infamous American misadventure continues to ruffle feathers overseas. We take a sideways look at Mother’s Day and it’s international bedfellows, Becci gains a stone while checking out Bristol’s best Indians and Hazel shoots the breeze with Shop Dutty’s head honcho Diss Miss. The next two months are awash with quality live music, with Interpol, Gogol and James Blake in town. There’s more big nights at Blue Mountain, Motion and all the usual suspects and we check out what post-Oscars

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Summer Issue - Friday 15th April

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FRONT COVER Once the scourge of suburb walls; graffiti is now one of the UK art scenes biggest assets. Skint has been slapping bits of work on its front cover from day one and this time round we’ve swapped concrete for canvas and used one of former UWE student David Schmidt’s considerable portfolio. Dave grew up in East London then spent four big years in Bristol before returning to his home town holding solo exhibitions in Mayfair and Battersea. Dave’s skills with a stencil and a spray can have lead to some high profile commissions. Big thanks to Dave for donating his work.

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Bristol 10K Run 15th May


f you fancy burning off some of the booze and kebabs, and you think you can drag yourself out of bed at 9.30am on a Sunday, then the Bristol 10k may well be worth having a quiet Saturday night for. The run this year will be bigger than ever, with numbers expected to exceed last years 10,700 runners. This quarter marathon is much more accessible than a half or full marathon, because it doesn’t require months of rocky-like training. The run attracts novices and elite runners alike, so if raw eggs and 5am wake ups isn’t your thing, don’t worry, it’s only a 10k run, not fifteen rounds with Apollo Creed. The 10k (or 6.2 miles) is on the 15th of May and winds round the Bristol’s harbour-side, so the surroundings will certainly be pleasant and most importantly hills are kept to an absolute minimum. So dust off the trainers and don the trackie-Bs. Getting fit and helping charity all in one afternoon, this could well fulfill your quota of good deeds/new years resolutions in one day.

Have Your Say on Fees Last year the Association of Graduate Recruiters claimed that Labour’s drive to boost the number of teenagers going into higher education had “devalued the currency of a degree”. However, last month Imperial College London became the first university to announce that it would next year charge the maximum £9,000 a year tuition fees. Oxford and Cambridge soon followed suit and the NUS predicts the majority of institutions will do the same. With the price of a degree rising to a minimum of £27,000 a year, we’d like to hear from you about your reservations or concerns regarding British higher education. If you’re studying, applying or if you’ve already graduated we’d like to hear from you. Send your thoughts to

News Bath Comedy Festival 1st - 10th April


hat better way to spend April Fools’ Day than indulging in a spot of quality stand-up courtesy of the third annual Bath Comedy Festival. Just a 10 minute train ride takes you into the picture-postcard town of Bath, which now plays host to an array of international comedians for 10 days in April. Headlining this year’s event will be US comedian Doug Stanhope who plays Bath Pavillion on the 3rd of April. Despite being labelled ‘vulgar’ and ‘shockingly uninhibited’, Doug is two time winner of the Time Out New York “Best Comedy Performance” award, while The Independent on Sunday compared him to Richard Prior and Bill Hicks. Tickets for all shows are available via the what’s on section on their website.

Jamie’s Italian Opens in Bristol


ing of TV cookery and scourge of the dinner lady, Jamie Oliver has bowled into town to expand his ever growing imperial food empire. Having conquered Bath, Jamie and his troops are marching deeper into the south west. The restaurant opened on Park Street last week with the former bookshop undergoing a elaborate face lift before a low key opening. Spokesman for the restaurant and resident party pooper Peter Berry said: “The opening is February 28 and it will be business as usual. We never have a launch event”. If you’re looking to nail a quick pizza though you’re better off ringing Dominos as ‘Jamie’s’ is of a more pretentious breed of Italian restaurants. This traditional, thoroughbred approach to Italian cooking sticks its proverbial nose up at the Italian/American mongrel pizza restaurants to which we’ve all become a custom, instead reverting to old school Italian food, such as antipasti and fish and meat dishes. If you rock up expecting Jamie himself to be in the kitchen throwing some shapes, then you may be a little let down. Jaime’s currently on location filming in LA, and the chances of finding the big man elbow deep in tagliatelle are slim to none.


ith Valentines Day safely out the way for another year and Christmas all but a distant memory, it’s now Mothers Day’s turn to single handedly subsidise card shops and florists the world over. That’s right, another well timed non-event to plague the pockets of sons and daughters everywhere before we’re bombarded with chocolate rabbits and edible eggs at every available opportunity. Sorry Mum, your card is in the post, promise. But if you thought we had it bad over here, we’ve sent Jesse Sheriff to check out the weird, the wonderful and the dammed right bizarre calendar events that take place around the globe.

Ground Hog Day, USA: 2nd February


he 2nd of February sees the now infamous, annual Ground Hog Day take place in Gobblers Knob [insert innuendo as desired], Pennsylvania. The ridiculously named and worryingly popular Punxsutawney Phil (a rat-like burrowing creature), emerges from his pad, to a rock star reception, while wooing the crowds with his un-canny weather predictions. Perhaps the popularised Bill Murray comedy, “Ground Hog Day” detracts from the pure bizarreness of this one. Let’s look at the facts; a fat little rodent like creature emerges from his slumber, and in all its wisdom, predicts the forthcoming weather. Ok, lets discard literally hundreds of years of meteorological research and let the little rabbit fella decide… only in the States.

Camel Wrestling Championships, Turkey: 15th January


hile the Spanish have bullfights, the Italians cockfights and the English go hunting with hounds. The Turks however, have camel wrestling. Who on earth would bother with the man made wonder of the Pyramids, or The Valley of The Kings when you could instead admire two cumbersome camels lethargically hit into one another? Well it’s certainly a no brainer for the residence of the Aegean Region, when once a year they congregate to admire this ugly spectacle. The event does however occasionally provide excitement when occasionally a camel will charge off towards the crowd as the anxious spectators scramble hurriedly to safety. The antics of spectators trying to avoid a thousand kilograms of camel hurtling towards them provides the comedy you’d expect from an event such as this.


National Chimney Safety Week, USA: September 30th

But surely nothing tops the comically absurd, “national chimney safety week”, the week that celebrates, that’s right, the safe and proper use of ones chimney. But before you go eagerly making space in your diary for this rip-snorter, it may not be the off the hook party you were hoping for. No. Suprisingly, National Chimney Safety Week doesn’t attract the likes of Tommy Lee or Paris Hilton. On the contrary. Much more likely is the largest collection of heath and safety inspectors ever to congrigate on the planet. These guys flock in their masses to attend presentations and lectures all in the name of safe chimneys, in what could only be described as the safest, sterile party on earth.

National Mullet Day, USA: July 2nd


ottle of beer, string vest, shotgun. What’s missing from this equation? That’s right, a horrendous mullet. A key physical characteristic to the American redneck psyche, the two for the price of one hair cut, the barnett that has it all, the mullet. Everybody has a soft spot for the most comical hair cut known to man kind, but it would seem that our transatlantic cousins have embraced it slightly more than others, and never to do things by half’s, the yanks felt is was necessary donate an entire 24 hours of the calendar year to the hair cut. God bless the red necks and their bizarre ways.


Goose Day, Spain: September 5th

he Spanish famously don’t treat their bulls with the respect most think they deserve, but it isn’t just our bovine friends that feel the brunt of the Spanish desire to have a good time. Early September in Lekeitio (Lequeiti), the Fiesta de los Gansos (Goose Festival) sees a dead goose hung over the harbor while men jump to catch hold of it, trying to see who can hold on for the longest, and ultimately rip the birds head off. Animal rights activists have had some success here, as in the past the goose would have been alive when this was done (about. com). Thankfully, due to a pot of grease and two unhelpful Spaniards either end of the birds rope, the odds are stacked heavily in favour of the goose.







COLSTON HALL - 19.03.11 Taking joy from pain doesn’t make you a sadist, but it does mean that you are likely to be an Interpol fan and therefore selfflagellatingly happy about the news that the New York three-piece are soon to be in town. It hasn’t been long since the three parted company with their genius keyboard player and bassist Carlos Dengler. On the eve of the release of their latest self-titled album the band are evidently still adapting to his exit, however their trademark sound has been blissfully preserved. The darkly cinematic, brooding chords marry with the relentless to-and-fro of angular guitar song to underpin Paul Bank’s hand-wringing baritone. Up on stage the dark-suited Interpol have an almost regal austerity and their gigs provoke a myriad of crowd reactions. Don’t be surprised to find yourself bouncing on the spot with your hands in the air as if you were off your face at Global Gathering one moment, then weeping into your plastic-pint-pot of Carling the next. Even without the eye-catchingly eccentric Dengler amongst their ranks, Interpol are still a serious act and a post-punk tour de force capable of leaving other indie doom merchants in the shade. Wounded they may be, but turn your back on them at your peril.

O2 - 13.03.11

It’s Gogol’s second time around the UK in only six months promoting ‘Transcontinental Hustle’ and as always this gig is set to be fully fuelled on that infamous gypsy-punk energy Gogol are renowned for. Bristol Academy remains only one of two gigs this time so aren’t we the lucky ones. Remove yourself from your musical post-modern aesthetic swamp, grab some suitably pissed comrades and prepare to experience a Romany-inspired ‘neo-optimistic communal movement of authentic energy.’ Think fast feet and fiddles, accordions and fire buckets, and percussion all round and finally, think of Borat on speed. Time to get tanked and have a proper knees-up, no holds barred - Ukrainian style with Eugene Hutz as your flaming sweaty ringmaster – Na zdorovje! (note: the exact origins of GB are yet to be deciphered, their style however says who gives a fuck, we know how to party).

Jessie J

Anson Rooms 04.03.11

The Fleece 13.03.11

Alabama 3

Chase and Status O2 15.03.11

O2 01.04.11

Somehow in keeping with the New York sound laid down by ‘The Strokes’ or ‘MGMT‘ though thoughtfully and beautifully lean and low-fi, Darwin Deez revel in low-key, super-cool indie that enjoys a prized uniqueness all of it’s own.

Rising with unwavering confidence from the heart of the London rave scene in the late 90’s, this genrebending collective fuse Country, Blues, Gospel and House music with effortless originality. Unrivaled and unplugged.

The London duo’s recent ascension from the grimy mire of London’s drum and bass scene - on the back of their commercially viable second album - has seen them rival Pendulum in packing nights, in spite of the more vacuous musical content.

Quite possibly the UK’s hottest property after topping the BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll and claiming the Critic’s Choice Award at the Brits, the über-talented Essex singer/songwriter has the industry at her feet and Bristol firmly in her sights.

Darwin Deez


JAMES BLAKE Thekla - 23.03.11

SILENCE!! It’s hard to hear myself think right now over the public clamouring for 22 year old dubstep reimaginator James Blake. The media has been going crazy in the wake of his debut self-titled album and runner up spot in the BBCs Sound of 2011, however the somewhat awkward South London based artist seems more comfortable letting his ethereal, trippy dub do the talking . Since the release of his CMYK and Klavierwerke EP’s last year, those of us with our heads in the clouds and an ear in the bass bin have shamelessly sought out the young maestro and reveled in his innovative sets. With his ‘Limit to Your Love’ single, James has opened up his sound to the masses, further exploring and layering his perfectly flawed haunting vocals. In a similar fashion to Bon Iver, this young artist has created a broken and vulnerable focus to float transcendentally with his lonely piano above the sparse dubby, electronica below. The album goes on to brilliantly display his craft, inventiveness and influences and above all has given him the material to take on more live performance, which he has responded to with an energising zeal. No longer confined solely to the DJ booth, Blake is enchanting audiences with his ability to perform tracks that are deeply soulful and engaging despite their reliance on electronic manipulation. These are exciting times for Blake, and for once you get the feeling that all this talk might be entirely justified.

Noah & The Whale

The Vaccines

Olly Murs

Thekla 04.04.11

Anson Rooms 04.04.11

Colston Hall 16.04.11

Thank God for the pain of heartbreak. It forced these once chirpy folkpop caterpillars into the cathartic break-up chrysalis of their epic second album. Now emerging resplendent with new single L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N they are a fully-fledged class act.

From the same indyfolk friendship group as the likes of Laura Marling, Noah & The Whale and Marcus Mumford, The Vaccines are at last enjoying some well-earned success of their own. Justly celebrated as the sound of a new era.

It’s easy to see why his tour is a sell out, such is the draw of X-Factor runner up. Murs - who’s cheeky grin and easy-going Ska&B - have his largely female following queuing up to throw him their money and undergarments. Idiots!


O2 28.04.11

Intelligent bass riffs, snappy drum licks, choppy samples and the enlightened beauty of strings, synths and occasional vocal glory collide to make Bonobo’s very own brand of sublime downtempo barstool kickback.




Laid Blak The Croft - 26.03.11

If you’re new to Bristol, or just want to get a taste of what the city’s music scene is really all about, then look no further as this night at the Croft just about ticks all the boxes. The Croft’s day job is putting on live bands from the UK and abroad, but more often than not - come the weekend - they’ll put on their glad rags and showcase some of the city’s best underground club acts and DJs. If you can spare 6 minutes, check out Laid Blak and Interface on youtube. ‘It’s A Pity’ still rings in my ears from many a summer soundsystem and beautifully combines two of tonight’s top names.

Eddie Halliwell O2 - 26.03.11

Whether you see it as good or bad, Slinky has left a lasting legacy in British dance music. Largely responsible for the invention of fluorescent furry boots, the sale of glow sticks and turning Bournemouth from a sleepy seaside town with an ageing population and a smack habit into one of nineties England’s hottest nights out. Since launching at Bournemouth’s legendary Opera House nearly 14 years ago, Slinky fast became one of southern England’s biggest club nights packing clubs and tents both here in the UK and on Ibiza’s fair shores. Eddie Halliwell’s credentials tell a similar story. Halliwell was almost a household name in the noughties picking up Mixmag’s DJ Of The Year Awards in 2003 and 2005 and hosting his own Radio 1 show. These two house stalwarts should bring a multitude of old house heads out of retirement and onto a sweaty O2 dance floor. A wise man once said; “reach for the lazers... safe as fuck”.

Burgaboy Crash Mansion

Seth Troxler and Claude VonStroke Blue Mountain

Andy C and Scratch Perverts Motion

High Contrast and Danny Byrd Motion


Basement 45

Blue Mountain


Aptly named club night Crazy Legs brings another big line-up to Bristol’s best kept secret, Crash Mansion. Manchester’s baseline specialist Burgaboy tops the bill with OMA Best Producer nominee S-X and East London’s young gun DJ Champion. 200 tickets max so get them early.

Just Jack utilise some transatlantic links to bring this frankly gargantuan tech-house duo to the reborn Bristol venue Blue Mountain. Former darling of the Detroit Techno scene, Troxler now plies his trade in Berlin to great success, finishing 3rd in Resident Advisors Top DJs of 2010 poll.

Drum and Bass nights in Bristol are two-a-penny, but if you like them big and banging then Andy C and Scratch Perverts in the main room will definitely tick all those boxes. Luckily if you like things a little more dark and intimate Hench are taking over the tunnel with Coki, The Others and Jakes.

Hospital Records return with their latest showcase line up featuring their two big hitters High Contrast and local favourite Danny Byrd. Byrd, who grew up in Bath, has enjoyed a couple of big top 40 singles including the Netsky collaboration ‘Tonight’ and the A.D.O.R rework ‘Ill Behaviour’.







Blue Mountain - 04.03.11

Friday the 4th of March sees The Garden Festival Tour come rolling into town, bringing with it all the warm, festival vibes of a hazy Croatian summer’s afternoon. The tour’s already been strutting its stuff around Europe, hitting up clubs in neighbouring Slovenia and Bulgaria and now they dance their merry dance down to legendry Bristol club, The Blue Mountain. The night looks promising, with the tour attempting to bring with it a ray of Eastern European festival sunshine, to brighten up even the darkest Bristol Friday night, giving the West Country a taste of things to come from one of Europe’s hottest new festivals. Nick Colgan, one of the founders of the Garden Festival, reiterates this sentiment, “Futureboogie’s Dave and Steve have put together some great dates already with promoters we love and have great relationships with…We want to spread some Garden magic and get people in the mood for the main event in the summer.” Headlining is Brighton’s finest, Bonobo, who’ll be delivering a DJ set which hopefully captures his unique blend of progressive dance music to a backdrop of melodic bass lines. Like


the festival, Bonobo’s offering up a cheeky taste of things to come as this set is closely followed by a live show with full band at the O2 next month. Motor City Drum Ensemble will be responsible for cranking the night up a notch or two, with their own modified version of classic Detroit house. Both these artists are at the forefront of their chosen division of dance music and both subsequently warrant a watch, whether you’re an avid fan or just interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. Whichever way you look at it, the formula’s ultimately the same, 10 pounds will buy you 5 hours of uninterrupted quality dance music. With additional sets from the night’s hosts Futureboogie, this night promises to blend a heady mix of banging dance music with hedonistic grooves. So if you fancy some summertime festival escapism, or just need a dose of festi-vibes to tide you over till summer this is definately the night for you. Because let’s face it, no other city caters for a festival vibe better than Bristol.



Battle: Los Angeles W

ith all that worthy Oscar nonsense of the last few months now behind us, it’s good to get back to the other kind of cinema we know and love: loud, brainless, colourful schlock and like the attire of a Fishponds Road nightwalker, it doesn’t get much trashier than this. If you’ve watched any of the trailers for this or looked at their website, then you’ll know that Colombia Pictures’ media machine is trying its best to nestle its apocalyptic invasion flick firmly in the realm of reality, with archive footage and witness accounts of paranormal sightings forming a prelude to the action. However, you have to be some kind of acidtripping, crop-circle enthusiast not to see it for what it is; Big, dumb nonsense action. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I for one let out whimpers of childlike excitement as aliens evaporated the White House in Independence Day, or bugs gutted grunts in Starship Troopers.


Just don’t dress this up into something it’s not. Riffing on just about every action cliche going, young South African director Jonathan Liebesman picks up the action on Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz’s (Aaron Eckhart) final day in the Marine Corps. However, the party is put on hold as his unit are rushed to Los Angeles to confront Alien forces now landing in the megalopolis. Can Nantz lead his platoon of caricatures into battle against the evil ‘Decepticons‘ (err, I mean aliens) in spite of the insipid leadership of his nappywearing Officer (did someone mention Sharpe?) Will they find a (ridiculously simplistic) way to rid the world of the alien scourge before we’re all motion sick from the violently shaky camera work or deaf from watching billions of dollars of military hardware going bang very loudly? Who knows. But with expectations set suitably low, this could just be fun.

Fast Five

The Eagle

Red Riding Hood

Scream 4

Pleasures don’t come much guiltier than this lad’s-mag wet-dream of a franchise. This episode sees Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s tough cop running Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s street-racing rats down to Rio for one final blow-out. (Subsequent plot largely irrelevant)

The testosterone that hangs in the air is as thick as the fog of Roman Britain where Channing Tatum’s young, buff military commander resides. Enlisting the aid of Jamie Bell’s gladiator slave-boy, the two endeavour to recapture the legion’s hallowed Eagle standard lost by his father.

‘Twilight’ director Catherine Hardwicke takes us down to the woods today, where the big bad werewolf is gobbling up more than just Grandma. Amanda Seyfried is the eponymous ‘Chaperon Rouge’ torn between the love of the moody woodcutter and the village rich-boy.

Hollywood’s hulking iron barge dredges the already thrice defecated shit off the cinematic seabed after a 10 year reprieve as the seminal 90’s slasher series earns a Wes Craven reboot and sees some new faces join erstwhile tragedy magnets Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox.









magine you woke up one day, and the world was convinced you were someone else. Your identity gone. Unsure and alone. Wouldn’t that be frightening? Wouldn’t that be... original? Well, no. But then entertainment doesn’t have to be groundbreaking and while the idea may have been executed better in the past (think the ‘Bourne’ trilogy or ‘Memento’) it still proves itself interesting enough to deliver a cracking thriller, especially with the irrepressible Liam Neeson at its centre. The Irishman with a voice that can trigger astral projections plays Botanist Dr. Martin Harris, who arrives in Berlin for a conference, but is quickly involved in a car crash that lands him in the krankenhaus. Waking after four days, the good doctor is surprised to find that he is an anonymous patient whose identity seems to have been hijacked. What follows is a slick, bounding romp through Germany’s oppressive capital as Harris tries to get to the bottom of it all by running, jumping, fighting people and driving really, really fast. Imperfect it may be, but familiarity can be super-fun.




ohnny Ringo was a legend of the West, a gunslinger extraordinaire. His exotically macho name is ubiquitous in the Western genre from Gregory Peck’s Jimmy Ringo to John Wayne’s Ringo Kid. Rango, on the other hand, is a small, green, cowardly chameleon in the costume of a cowboy and the latest revisiting of that Sunday snooze-time favorite; The Western. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ director Gore Verbinski is not alone in his desire to cash in on the Western’s charm after the Coen’s excellent ‘True Grit’ and Anton Corbjn’s update in ‘The American.’ But where as Corbjn and the Coen’s explored more adult themes of retribution and redemption, Verbinski stays on safe family ground with this animated tale of an outsider in an identity crisis. Johnny Depp voices Rango, an exquisitely animated pet chameleon - with both Hunter S. Thompson’s mannerisms and Hawaiian shirt who winds up in the lawless town of Dirt. Armed with little more than heroic aspirations, Rango finds himself as the latest in a long-line of short-lived lawmen and struggling desperately to fit in and stay alive in a town gone bad. A plethora of acting talent and an intriguing ensemble approach to capturing the voiceovers adds depth to proceedings. Verbinski’s visual flair means that parts of it play like his Miyazaki inspired ‘desert crab’ scene from ‘Pirates 3.’ All in all, this promises to be a riot, with just enough ‘Gonzo’ to make it perfect.

Source Code

Killing Bono

Sucker Punch

Route Irish

Built on the same tenuous technological foundations as Tony Scott’s ‘Déjà Vu’ or last year’s ‘Inception,’ this inventive thriller by ‘Moon’ director Duncan Jones sees Jake Gyllenhaal’s decorated soldier relive the last 8 minutes of a man’s life in order to identify the bomber on a packed train.

Rather than exploring the popular view that the planet would be a nicer, less self-righteous place without the Irish Jesus, this interesting little indy tells the story of the McCormick brothers, who’s quest for rock megastardom was ruined by schoolmates’ U2’s trip to the top.

‘300’ Director Zak Snyder crosses ‘Shutter Island’ with ‘Sin City’ in this comic-style action romp, as soon-to-be-lobotomised Babydoll teams up with her gorgeous inmates to escape the confines of the asylum through the boundless landscapes of the mind. Guff? Yes, but good looking.

Ken Loach returns to more visceral ground, personalising the politics of our ongoing involvement in Iraq through the story of a Liverpudlian private security contractor hell bent on conducting an inquest of his own into the death of his childhood friend on the infamous Iraqi highway.





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Bristolfoodie's best Indian Restaurants E

veryone loves a curry. Perfect for a cheap weekend in with a few beers, or on a Sunday night after a heavy weekend, but a good curry is sometimes hard to find. Here’s our take on the best Indian restaurants (and takeaways) in Bristol.

Oh Calcutta

216 Cheltenham Rd, Montpellier - T.0117 924 0458

By the arches on Cheltenham Rd, Oh Calcutta doesn’t look like your average Indian restaurant. Neon lights and metal give it a modern yet slightly retro feel, but the food is pretty good. A selection of regional dishes all come with Pilau rice, not bad when prices start from £8.50. The menu is rather typical and doesn’t really stray from the norm, but it still tastes really good!

Lal Jomi

2 Harcourt Rd, Redland - T.0117 942 1640

A bit of a trek down Coldharbour Rd but well worth it! Cosy booths and curtains draped from the ceilings make this a great option for a romantic meal for two. Established 20 years ago, the curry here is some of the best I have tasted in Bristol – not too greasy and each dish unique in its own right. Prices are average and it comes recommended by the Good Curry Guide (and Bristol foodie!).

Brunel Raj

6-7 Waterloo Street, Clifton - T.0117 973 2641

Tucked away in the heart of Clifton Village, Brunel Raj is an easy one to miss. I’d heard that food here was good and I jumped on the specials immediately - with claims of king prawns the size of small lobsters my mouth was watering as I read the menu! - We went for the Brunel Special - where the king prawns were indeed humungous - and a chicken pathia. Worthy of the hype and the good recommendations, I’m already planning my next visit!

Krishna’s Inn

4 Byron Place, Clifton - T.0117 927 6864

A small and humble looking curry house along from Magic Roll, Krishna’s is one of the best Indian restaurants in Bristol. Far from your regular curry house, Krishna’s serve traditional southern Indian cuisine originating from Kerala. Diners order a selection of smaller curries rather than one rice and main. Food is fresh, vibrant and refreshingly different from the standard curry experience we’ve come to expect, and super affordable with a meal including rice and sides costing under £10.




LunacyandEndangerment inLas Vegas... A Terrible Tale of Excess, Handguns & Crack Whores Part Two Time is a notional concept in Vegas and sleep is a rare commodity, almost impossible to procure for any longer than around four hours or so. The 'machine' remains in such a state of almost lossless motion, that without a watch on your wrist, traditional dividers like morning, afternoon and night are entirely intangible. According to the stereo on my bedside, it was a little after ten when I awoke the following morning. The hot tub was full to capacity with off-coloured, stagnant water. The club flyers which floated silently on its surface and the empty bottles of shower gel and bath foam that adorned the surrounding carpet suggested that someone had ignored the tub's operating instructions in the hotel's handbook. My attorney had risen by the time I emerged from the shower and the

pair of us possessing all the restraint of two children in an unattended sweet shop resolved to eat Chinese for breakfast and pointed the monstrous Mustang in the direction of the Wynn.

The Wynn Las Vegas sits proudly towards the Northern reaches of the strip, a monument to good taste compared with the plethora of themed hotels that surround it, and its glossy, curved form is executed with all the elegance of a grand piano. The sort of place, my attorney assured me, where two good old boys with weighty press credentials could eat whatever they liked for breakfast. With our hunger slaked, the afternoon was spent wandering about the resort, ordering cocktails, placing the occasional bet at the tables and trying to understand the game of Craps. Though it was explained at length by a cheery croupier with perfect breasts, I gleaned the best insight from a fellow gambler who turned to me and said 'Fantastic game this! Let me

show you how it works...' I waited for enlightenment. 'You put the chips wherever you like, like this see? Then you take these here dice and you throw them... Like that. Sometimes, this man here takes your chips away and sometimes, sometimes he gives you more...' I laughed, but there was wisdom in his words, sometimes it's better not to know too much.

Passing back through the lobby of our own hotel that evening, I booked a skydive for my attorney and I the next morning and got changed. The Wynn had made an impression on me, and I decided to start the evening at 'XS', a lavish nightclub at its sister hotel the Encore and reputedly one of Vegas' best spots. The previous night's bottle of Wild Turkey chimed as it fell empty and useless into the suite's metal waste paper bin and the door clicked shut behind us as we made for the Valet's desk. A little loose talk of scathing reviews, huge readerships and the relentless waving of


On the 3rd of May 2010, a man known only to us only as ‘Viscount Mehyam’ entered the offices of Skint Magazine searching for employment as a travel correspondent. In our enthusiastic ignorance we hastily signed contracts. Unfortunately, due to said water tight contract and a sharp legal mind on behalf of the Viscount, we are legally obliged to print the article and keep said individual in our employment. SKINT


Mehyam surveys the wreck

Mehyam goes native with the locals

a homemade SKINT press pass twitchy, wired characters in to the suite to rest. I decided to spared us a lengthy queue at the reflect on the evening at the main loose fit jeans and sleeveless club's entrance. The interior was vests weave in and out through hotel bar with Brian, the barkeep awe-inspiring, with a crowded a labyrinth of heavily tattooed who worked the graveyard shift dancefloor that extended to prostitutes who sway about on and mixed the finest Singapore the horseshoe shaped outdoor clear five inch heels. The face Slings. As there seemed to be pool and gaming table pavilion of total moral corruption, even no chance of me sobering before beyond. The clientele, as was within a town such as Vegas the jump, I instead elected to rapidly becoming the status so utterly devoid of a line to try and maintain a 'workable' quo, comprised a sea of bleach separate 'right' from 'wrong', is level of intoxication and hope blonde hair and brilliant white still a harrowing sight up close. for the best. I chatted idly with porcelain veneers. My attorney My attorney quickly became him and played little games like and I were half cut on arrival locked in fierce negotiation with 'spot the hookers', which involved and the innumerable Mojitos did one of the prostitutes for deeds trying to guess which of the nothing to rectify this. Sated I cannot even bring myself to girls standing around were on with the luxury of top-end detail here and after a brief the game and which were guests, Vegas nightlife and having Brian had a trained eye. caused the pretty girls of XS nothing but outrage The free shuttle bus and offence with our feral dropped us off at the and depraved suggestions airfield at around eight for where the evening o'clock, reeking of hard may end up, however liquor. Miraculously, the eloquently delivered in he is about to become either short training session our exaggerated British without incident the victim in, or the prime passed accents, I thought it best to and despite our respective sample the darker side of suspect of, a murder case." conditions, we signed our Vegas and head away from legal disclaimers and the Strip. attempt to reason with him I were cleared to jump. Skydive instructors often seem to have summoned our car and forcibly The Palms Casino Resort on West ushered him out. wonderfully dark senses of Flamingo Road seemed to fit the humour, and the boys in Vegas bill. To stand in the hotel's The 'Engine Management' light were no exception. The small foyer and observe the crowd at had been on for some time and plane climbed steadily to a the Palms is an experience in soundtrack of questions like there was a rattle that seemed to itself. Don't be fooled by the emanate from the steering column 'Did you see where this clip statistical data for rainfall in as I piloted the monster back to came from buddy?' and arguments the Nevada desert, rain has been between themselves over which of our hotel. In a little over three falling steadily off the strip, hours we would be at the airfield us would hit the ground first if hard rain. The kind of 'Hard they cut us free. Tumbling out suiting up for a 15,000 foot Rain' that Dylan prophesied in skydive and my attorney retired of a plane wasted on cocktails the summer of 1962, unsettling, is an amazingly disorientating

"The gun club is no place for a paranoid

foreigner convinced that

thing to do, and in all honesty, probably best left to professionals like myself but for sheer drugfree exhilaration, skydives are tough acts to follow. The view from fifteen thousand feet is simply mesmerising and spans right the way from the Hoover Dam in Arizona to the Valley of Fire State Park. Following the jump and a violent argument with an Elvis impersonator in full costume in a McDonald's queue, which almost came to blows, my attorney was looking decidedly unwell. I too, was exhausted and lay down. I came to in the early evening, the suite a veritable wasteland forsaken by the gods and shrouded in a dense haze of Dunhill smoke. At length I satisfied myself that my attorney was still alive by virtue of the barely audible sound of breathing from beneath the covers of his bed. The audio from this portion of the trip is terrifying and is largely comprised of me ranting on the 'importance of vomiting in the hot tub' and my attorney groaning and repeating the phrase 'The fever, the Vegas fever'. Unable either to wake him or suffer the confines of the hideous room any longer, I readied myself and left. Tryst at the Wynn turned out to be yet another triumph of extravagant nightclub design complete with its own towering

In Vegas madness prevails

ninety foot waterfall and a similar indoor/outdoor layout to that found at XS. After a sweaty couple of hours on the dancefloor and a host of comehither advances from the kind of girls that cause coronaries - all of which I managed to adeptly sour and stomp out - I slumped on a plush velour sofa in the club's 'chill-out' area and lit a cigarette. 'Have you got a light?' the voice was sultry with an almost imperceptible Latin flavour. I lit her cigarette in silence and looked directly into her green eyes. She was quite a vision, tall, slender and blessed with arrestingly good looks, but different from the crowd inside somehow and clearly irritated by

something. 'Thanks' she uttered, drawing purposefully on the cigarette. 'Everything okay?' I asked. 'My stupid sister was supposed to meet me' her manner was bold and confident but there was a distinct desperation in her voice. We spoke frankly for about an hour, enough time for me to discern that the darker side of Vegas that I had sought to uncover the previous night was now seated beside me with her head resting on my shoulder. Eventually, she asked if she could use my phone to call her sister and I handed it to her. I couldn't work out what had kept her sister from making it to the club but after a few minutes, she passed the phone to me and I put it to my ear, 'Hello?' 'Are you going to look after my sister?' said the girl on the other end. 'If she'd like me to' I said, unsure of exactly how to take the question. 'Fine, can I speak to her again?' she said and I passed the phone back. The conversation continued for a further minute or two, then she apologised for her sister's concern and asked what I wanted to do next. I said that I could do with getting back to my hotel and implied an invitation. She agreed and we walked to the Wynn's taxi rank. My companion for the evening, so it transpired, had quite a

This can only end well.

colourful past. From a family of money launderers in Panama she had witnessed and suffered gang violence at an early age, run shady online 'sportsbook' betting for the Gambino crime family and prostituted herself to finance her drug habits - all this and only twenty six years old - 'this was it' I thought, the real scoop! We fell through the door of the suite to find my attorney, whom I had completely forgotten about, still asleep in his bed. Chuckling, I led her through to the lounge and opened another Wild Turkey and a bottle of Pepsi, lit us both a cigarette, rummaged through my pockets for the last of my cocaine and racked up two healthy lines on the coffee table. My attorney was emitting indecipherable murmurings from the next room but showed no signs of joining us. In hindsight, I am fairly sure that she expected more than conversation. I, on the other hand, ever the consummate professional, and quickly riddled with a mixture of virility-stifling substances saw the whole thing as an 'interview' in progress and chose to ignore her wandering hands. In the run up to daybreak, having decimated what remained of my supply of drugs, she said 'I have a little 'crystal', would you mind?' Having already introduced the semi-conscious figure in the next room as my 'attorney' and having forged an understanding between us as to my sense of humour, I

Mehyam exhibits his penchant for throat shots

was sure it wouldn't offend when I called out 'Hey, as my attorney would you advise me to do some Crystal-Meth with this prostitute?' She laughed. I paid her for her time and saw her off in a taxi shortly after sunrise. At midday, I received the first phone call. 'Are you with my sister?' I remembered the voice. 'No, I put her in a taxi this morning... around eight o'clock... okay, let me know when you fin- I mean, hear from her' By mid afternoon the phone calls had become panicked and distinctly accusatory. 'We've got a problem here. We gotta change rooms... Maybe even hotel!' I shouted at my inept attorney. 'Do you have any idea what kind of people she was mixed up with?! When her fucking pimp and his boys shoot their way through that door looking for the last people to have seen her, we're both FUCKED!!' 'You need to relax more, she'll show up. Let's go down to the gun club, I wanna fire some guns! It'll help you unwind' I was sure that the end was nigh, either at the hands of an angry pimp who was now one girl down, or the Nevada State Police Department who would likely want to know why I was the last person to be seen, on a thousand cameras, with the no doubt now

dismembered crack-whore they'd just had to dig out of a shallow grave in the desert. Accordingly then, I took the time to whackoff in front of the floor to ceiling window of the suite whilst enjoying an uninterrupted view of the strip, a practice which to my deep shame, had become a compulsive habit over the course of the trip. The gun club is no place for a paranoid foreigner convinced that he is about to become either the victim in, or the prime suspect of, a murder case. The range of 'packages' on offer there is enough to have you questioning your own eyes, from the 'Zombie' and 'Iraq' options for the blokes to the 'Pink AK47's' for the ladies right through to the reduced recoil fully automatic weapons for the under 12's. In the booth next to me as I took aim with a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum was a small child on the verge of tears holding an assault rifle he could barely lift, while his father, who stood behind him, yelled at him not to be 'a girl' and to just 'pull the trigger'. Taking the foul scene in, the urge to put the barrel into my own mouth and pull the trigger was genuinely difficult to ignore and thinking back on it now, I'm still not sure I made the right choice. Viva Las Vegas.

ThAt HaRvEy AnD FrAmE LoOk Where Science Geeks Are Super Cool By Hazel Frame

I spoke to Diss Miss, founder of Dutty Girl and Co-Director of Shop Dutty (which she runs in conjunction with Co-Director Joh Rindom) about her motivation, inspiration and our favourite boutique - Shop Dutty. The Goldmine is now open downstairs in Shop Dutty! If I were to make a mixtape right now now it would have to include a variety of different genres as I find it pretty impossible to stick to one. I’d put on what I see as the current best selection of each of those genres; Dubstep, House, Garage, DnB... It would be like... quite experimental, I like to surprise people and show how certain tracks could go together even though you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to. I would definitely also have to include some of the tracks that I’ve been making with DJ Dazee, featuring the Dutty Girl vocalists too! I am mainly inspired by innovation in my life. I am a creative person and I have a short attention span, so I am always looking for the next exciting thing. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it just means I am quite flighty and my mind is always working at 100 miles an hour. That has its good points and negative ones I suppose! The ideal customer for Shop Dutty is anyone that likes something one-off and likes to stand out form the crowd a bit. We strive to provide fashionable items that are on point for the current runway trends, but that are different from what you will find in the high street - so that you won’t be wearing what everyone else is wearing. We also select vintage that suits those current trends, and try to offer it all at really competitive prices! If Bristol was an item of clothing I would say it would be a pair of trainers. To me they represent how laid back Bristol is but yet you can get them in all shapes and sizes.

Jamie_imtheshit_Harding, Mac Geek extraordinare, has been kind enough to share some of his continuously growing list of online fetish items this month: 1. Bento Luch Box ( 2. The Paper Watch is a blank canvas, a plain watch made form tear-resistent paper-style material with a built-in digital watch ( 3. Cocaine and Heroin salt and pepper shakers (

4. Concept enviromentaly friendly USB stick thats created from cardboard ( 5. T-shirt design from Bristol based artist Tom Berry (

BECKA'S COMPOUND OF THE MONTH: “Acetone - the stuff in nail varnish remover - was used by the eqyptians for performing facial chemical peels. Old Skool.” Emma Zentner hails from London; she is a photographer, a graphic designer and (as if this girl doesn’t have enough talent) paints unique nail designs by commission at our very own Shop Dutty every Saturday from 2-7.

1). What inspires you? Everything! It could be some gaudy curtains, a bowl of fruit or

a pair of eighties patterned leggings.. Most things have the potential to inspire a nail design in some way or another! 2). You work in a variety of mediums, what is your favourite? Probably photography. I love design, and drawing as well as lots of other things, but photography has been my favourite hobby for as long as I can remember! 3). Does creativity come easily to you? I wouldn’t say it always comes easily, but I have always been creative, and I enjoy creative things! 4). Can you remember the first nail design you ever did ? Yep, anchors! The ‘Stay True’ nails with hearts on the thumbs were the first nails I did on someone else. 5). If Bristol was a nail design, what would it be? Something bright and lively! I’d probably do a mixture of different patterns and pictures. I’d add some music notes in as there is so much going on musically here. I’d probably do a bit of an outdoors vibe on a couple of nails, as my summers in Bristol are mostly spent in the park. I’d definitely draw some variety of alcoholic beverage on one of the nails, and maybe I’d do a camera as well to represent all the creative people that live here.

Close the curtains and crank up the woofer!! Six artists to get surfing for: You Got Me (I Got You) _Scuba

From the ‘Interpretations’ version of his seminal album Triangulation, SCUBA presents an extremely rewarding and danceable slice of light blue future garage that works in ways that are hard to work out… Strangely asymmetrical and enveloping.

Friend [Lover] _Evenings

Chilled-glo-fi-with-a-beat from the States. A really nice bit of space filling noise with finger pad drumming that’s a bit like some of the track’s on Salem’s Salem. Indispensible for any early morning ride home.

Ultramarine _Lone

This man never disappoints. With headquarters for his new Hoya:Hoya label established in Manchester, along with a clubnight of the same name, LONE continues to do exactly what he wants to be doing. Breezy and colourful beatsmithing from a key player in contemporary music.

The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke) _Modeselektor

Couple of years old now, increasingly relevant as the Berlin scene continues to inform and be informed by what’s going on in the UK. Swung bass roller for dubstep familiar dance people.

Live Act: United Vibrations

Mind expanding lyrics and bass guitar chords, superhuman drumming, a sax and a bone worthy of Coltrane; jazz you can dance your legs off to. On the 23rd Feb they played their album launch at Roundhouse, and they recently accompanied Brant Bauer Frick, James Blake, Mount Kimbie Scuba and Flying Lotus to play at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards.



GIGS March


The Streets – O2 Academy, 7pm - SOLD OUT

Everyone’s favourite cheeky, chirpy, cockney / brummie hybrid Mike Skinner is back with his band of merry men to kick off a good couple of months of live music in the South West. The Streets have slipped of the radar slightly since A Grand Don’t Come For Free but a loyal fan base made sure this one sold out way back.

Yoav, New Zero Kanada – Thekla, 7pm - £7 KT Tunstall – Colston Hall, 7pm – SOLD OUT Vialka and Boxcar Aldous Huxley – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £6 Armin Nico and Ruins Will Rise – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £3 Sound Of Guns, Centrefolds – Louisiana, £6 Kill It Kid, Mutant Vinyl, Port Erin – Fleece, 8pm- 6pm Charity Fundraiser for The Abandoned Youth Empowerment Project with Mango Factory, Three Colours Blue, Pieman Beatboxer – Mr Wolfs, £3


The Black Rat – The Louisiana Hercules & Love Affair – Club Cosmique at Metropolis, 8pm - £12-16 Electric Wizzard plus guests TBC - Bristol Bierkeller, 7.30pm £10/12 Storm In A D-Cup – Croft (Main Room)

MARCH/APRIL Worn In Red, Attack! Vipers!, A Thousand Arrows and Hold To This – Croft (Front Bar), 7.30pm - £5 Planting Claymore, Gargantuan, Enduring The End, The Black Rat – Louisiana, £4 ATACK! ATACK!, Max Raptor, Flights – Fleece, 8pm - £7 Wakey! Wakey! – Thekla, 7pm - £7


Devils Brigade, The Graveyard Johnnys and Cowboy And The Corpse – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £12 Bloodstorm (EP Launch), Unknown Fear and Imersed Earth – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 Triggerfish, Scout, Killers, In Colour – Louisiana, £4 Dastards – Cooler, 8pm – £5 Hunted, Memoirs Of A Magician, Future Pilots – Fleece, 8pm - £5 Three Blind Wolves, Greenwich Tea Party, The Islander, Owl The Sun – Mr Wolfs, £3


Robyn – O2 Academy, 6.30pm - £17.50

Sassy, Swedish songstress Robyn has been around for a while. Since her debut album (‘Robyn Is Here’) literally announced her arrival back in ’97, she’s become a UNICEF ambassador and earned a Grammy nomination. She’s also married to mixed martial arts specialist Olof Inger, so keep your distance boys.


T.I.I (EP Launch), Bravo Brave Bsts and Ashes to Ashes – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 The Get Outs, Audio Beaver and The Mutations – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £2 Parrington Jackson, Mutual Melodies – Louisiana, SOLD OUT Anna Calvi – Cooler, 7.30pm - £6.50 Devil Townsend, Aeon Zen – Fleece, 8pm – SOLD OUT Smokestack Shakers, Manana, Trish Brown – Mr Wolfs, £3


Termites, An Axe, Secret Shine, Club Demento DJs – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £5 Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The Sorry Kisses, Small Engine Repair – Louisiana, £6 Fujiya & Miyagi, Mirrors, Zoon Van Snook – Fleece, 7pm - £7 Heather Rose plus Guest DJ – Mr Wolfs, £3 Fiction (2) and The Heartbreaks – Start The Bus, £4/2

The Wild Gulloots, Phantom Quartet, Know Busses – Thekla, 7pm - £6

Unsigned local favorites The Wild Gulloots have got a few shows lined up in the next couple of weeks so take your pick. Destined for big things The Gulloots have been compared to The Enemy and Courteeners.


Peter Frampton – The Thank You Mr Churchill Tour – O2 Academy, 7pm - £24 Evita, Sommus, The Light Divided, Continents – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £6


Teller, Brother Steve and Ruby Lux – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £TBC Tim Crawley, Colour In The City, David MacSorley and Harry Cable – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 Detroit Social Club, The Nova Saints, Tin Pan Gang – Louisiana, £7 Saving Mary, Z, PPDog, Guest DJ – Mr Wolfs


The Decemberists – O2 Academy, 7pm – SOLD OUT Amputated, Hate Mechanism and Rager – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £5 Bats About Bats - Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 Wild Palms – Cooler, 7.30pm - £8 Celestine, Flags, Method – Mr Wolfs,


The Levellers playing “Levelling The Land” Live – O2 Academy, 7pm – SOLD OUT My Ruin – Thekla, 6.30 - £11 Flashguns – Louisiana, £6


Deadmaids, Isola, Language – Louisiana, £4 The Queers, Caves, Ssssnakes and The Murderburgers – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £6 Jackhatch, Dead Consent, My Chloroform and Towns – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4

send all listings to -




The Mysto Junior – Cooler, 8pm - £5 Daedelus, Teebs, Tokimonsta – Thekla, 7pm - £10


Show It Off, Sleeping With Satellites, The Following Announcement – O2 Academy, 6.30pm - £5 Mary Wilson of The Supremes with the Chi-Lites – Colston Hall, 7.30pm £27.50-£25 King Charles – Louisiana, £6 Submotion Ochestra – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £6 Virgil and The Accelerators – The Tunnels, £6 Pete and the Pirates – Cooler, 8.30pm - £7 King Tuts Revenge, Fight The Bear, Sick Wax – Mr Wolfs, £3


MARCH/APRIL Undercolour, Kiss Kiss Kiss and Heaven Asunder – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 Flats – Cooler, 7.30pm - £6 The Worm, Explosive, Nzakomba, Bobby Gandolf, Ewan Hoozami – Mr Wolfs, £3.50


Gogol Bordello – O2 Academy, 7pm Bloodwrath, Ventflow, Reign Of Fury, Unknown Fear – Croft (Main Room), 7pm - £4 Admiral Fallow – Cooler, 7.30pm - £7


Peter Katz – Louisiana, £8


Chase and Status – O2 Academy, 7pm – SOLD OUT Memoirs Of A Magician, Remedy, Call For Backup – Louisiana, £4

Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £5


City of Bristol College Charity Fundraiser: The Wild Gulloots, Marmalade Sky – Louisiana, £4 Wires – Cooler, 8pm - £5 Ben Pang Band, The Black Helicopters, Guest DJs – Mr Wolfs,


The Wombats – O2 Academy, 6.30pm - £13 Spectres, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Exit Project, Guiltless Adam, Friend Light Of Words – Louisiana, £4 Help For Heroes Charity Metal Fest – Croft (Main Room), 5pm - £5 Samantha Crockford, The Following Announcement (Acoustic Set) and Relentless Fish – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £3 Schnauser and An Axe – The Grain Barge, £4 Mango Factory, Monkey Puzzle, DJ Dad – Mr Wolfs, £3

Interpol – Colston Hall, 7pm - £22.98 Daytona, Bosc Monitor, Dear Leaders, A Tale Of Two Cities – Louisiana, £4 Tremor, Trouble At Sea and Fire Games – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 Figment, Cat Matador, We Aeronaughts, guest DJs – Mr Wolfs Polar Bear, Syd Arthur, Rae – Thekla, 7pm - £12.50


Idiom and Between The Embers – The Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £7


Silverstein – O2 Academy, 7pm - £12.50 Rumer – Colston Hall, 7pm - £23.50 Me Vs Hero and Summerlin – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £6 The Unthanks and The Trembling Bells - The Arnolini, 7.30pm - £15 Tally Koren, Insomniac Jack, Chester – Mr Wolfs

The Bad Joke That Ended Well – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £4 Lighthouse Family – WEDNESDAY 16 Colston Hall, 7pm – SOLD Glamour of the Kill – O2 OUT Academy, 7pm - £7 TUESDAY 22 Courtenay Hello Lazarus, Maps And Scanners – Merlin Louisiana, £6 SATURDAY 19 Down By Law – Croft (Main Legends and I, The LionApproved – Boys With Xray Eyes, Driving InstructorTV/ Smith Pass& The Plus Registered Valentines – Room), 8pm - £8 Louisiana, £4 Livewire and The Ashirra – O2 Academy, 7pm - £9 Lady Nade, DJ Lunchbox –

Learn to Drive in a Brand New Mini!

Learn to Drive in a Brand New Mini!

Merlin Courtenay

Approved Driving Instructor Pass Plus Registered

Covers all of Bristol area

Friendly, Reliable and Patient Instructor. Nervous Pupils Welcome.

Extremely Competitive Rates. Discount for block bookings/students!

Call for details: T. 07886 894 267 30 SKINTMAGAZINE.CO.UK

send all listings to -


Mr Wolfs, £3

Glasvegas – Thekla, 7pm SOLD OUT

Glasvegas’ 2008 self titled album won the 2008 NME ‘Philip Hall Radar Award’ for most promising new band and the follow up is set for release on April 4th. Expect upfront, honest backed by pure grizzly melodies.


Zodiac Mindwarp – O2 Academy, 7pm - £13 Vapour Trails, Dead Elms, Ataraxis Vibration, Peyote – Louisiana, £4 In Colour, Social Flatline and Hold The Fight – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 James Blake, Cloud Boat – Thekla, SOLD OUT


The Stranglers – O2 Academy, 7pm - £23.50 Edge Of Reason, The St Pierre Snake Invasion

and Uphills – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £4 XISFOREYES, The Finest Bloodlust, Spawn Of Cerberus and Black Polaris – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £7 Lights and Clockwork – Cooler, 8pm - £5 The Rockers Covers, guest DJs – Mr Wolfs, £3 The Overtones – Thekla, 7pm - £10


The Fillers (The Killers Official Tribute Band) – O2 Academy, 6.30pm - £10 Archimedes EP Launch, Kill Cassidy, Last Casanovas, Skinny Machines, JD Williams – Louisiana, £TBC Hype Williams, Raime, DJ Steve Rice, Hacker Farm – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £5 Stars and Sons – Cooler, 8.30pm - £5


The Heartbreaks – Cooler, 7.30pm - £6 Cars On Fire, The Solvents, The Hookers – Louisiana, £4

Bijoumiyo, Pick Up The Pieces DJs – Mr Wolfs, £3


Stiff Little Fingers – O2 Academy, 7pm - £14 C.O.I – Thekla, 7pm - £6 Emma’s Imagination – Thekla, 7pm - £10


Chixdiggit, Mike TV and Everything We Left Behind – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £7.50 Rebecca Cant, Lonely Tourist, Suzie Hall, Guest DJ – Mr Wolfs Patrick Wolf, Rowdy Superstar – Thekla, 7pm £12.50


We Start Partys – O2 Academy, 7pm - £5 Dave Rotheray, Eleanor McEvoy – Louisiana, £10 Extreme (Bristol Uni Fundraiser with Live Bands and DJs) – Mr Wolfs, £3


Dark Decadence Tour with The 69 Eyes, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet – O2 Academy, 7pm £13.50 CunninLynguists, Pack FM –


Thekla, 7.30pm - £9


The Joe Public – Cooler, 8pm - £5 An Axe, The Horfield, Cardinal Assault, Lonely Cardinals – Louisiana, £TBC Daddy Long Bones, The Dynamite Pussy Club, The Mucky Pups – Mr Wolfs, £3 Young Brother – Thekla, 7pm - £10


Jessie J – O2 Academy, 6.30pm – SOLD OUT Clare Maguire – Thekla, 6.30pm - £10


Today Is The Day and Retox – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £8 The Dancing Bear Trio – The Tobacco Factory


Noah and The Whale – Thekla, 7pm – SOLD OUT




The Old Duke

• Live music every night and sunday lunchtime • Free admission • Open mic night Tuesdays •



Michael Monroe – O2 Academy, 7pm - £12.50 Run, Walk!, Blackwolf and The Dynamite Pussy Club – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £5



Kyuss Lives! – O2 Academy, 7pm – SOLD OUT The Crookes – Louisiana, £7 Orestea and Vier – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4


Mouthwash – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £6.50


Eliza Doolittle – O2 Academy, 6.30pm – SOLD OUT


Big Audio Dynamite – O2 Academy, 7pm - £27.50

The Undertones – Thekla, 7.30pm - £15

The Undertones will always be famously remembered for penning John Peel’s favourite track of all time ‘Teenage Kicks’, a song about adolescent masturbation. Reformed in ’99 minus former front man Feargal Sharkey, the Northern Ireland outfit have lost none of their seventies punk swagger.

This Cuban collective have played together for over fifty years and can claim to have given birth to both Mambo and Salsa. European dates don’t come by very often so get your tickets early.

De Staat – Louisiana, £6 Maps And Legends, The Black Rat and The Show – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4 Dizraeli and The Small Gods – Thekla, 7pm - £8


Eric Bennet – O2 Academy, 7pm - £22.50 Her Name Is Calla and To Bury A Ghost – Croft (Main Room), 7pm - £6 The Scout Killers, The Soulvents and Interroband – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £4



No Friends, Brothers and Fresh Milk – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £7 Cloud Control – Cooler, 7.30pm - £7

TUESDAY 12 Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club featuring Omar – Colston Hall, 7.30pm £32.50-28.50

Room), 8pm - £4 Hammer No More Than Fingers, Bedford Falls, Jim Lockey and The Solemn Son and Cassette Culture – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £5 The Mummers – Thekla, 7pm - £8

[spunge] – O2 Academy, 7pm - £9 As Gods, Drown In Entropy, Blackwaters and Acedia – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £5 Lykke Li – Trinity Centre, 7.30pm - £12.50 The Jim Jones Revue – Thekla, 7pm - £10pm


Cee Lo Green – O2 Academy, 7pm - £TBC


Big Country – O2 Academy, 7pm - £20 Dead Elms, Pan Arcadia and Vegas Brawl – Croft (Main

Cockney Rejects – O2 Academy, 7pm - £12.50

Ageing seventies punk bands are like busses in Bristol, you wait ages and loads come along at once. Slightly more agro than The Undertones, The Cockney Rejects started the poetically titled Oi! musical sub-genre which gives you a clue about their lyrical prowess.


Saxon: Call To Arms - World Tour – O2 Academy, 7pm - £17.50 Flobots – Thekla, 7pm - £9


My Passion – O2 Academy, 7pm - £9 Joe Driscoll, DJ Moneyshot, Rackabeat & Bar-Low and


DJ Yoshi – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £7 Evilive and Epic Fail – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £6 Heaven Asunder – Cooler, 8pm - £5


Sloppy Joe – O2 Academy, 6.30pm - £5 Keelhaul, Knut and Zonderhoof – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £9 The Goodness – Cooler, 8.30pm - £5


Kassidy – Thekla, 7pm £7.50


Katie Melua – Colston Hall, 7pm – SOLD OUT Beans On Toast – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £5 A Tale Of Two Cities, Silent Empathy, Stars and Flights, Infatuated – Croft (Front Bar), 8pm - £5


The Street Dogs and The Mahones – Croft (Main Room), 8pm - £10


Bonobo Live – O2 Academy, 7pm - £13.50 Tommy Emmanuel – Colston Hall, 7.30pm - £25 Miss Scarlet – Cooler, 8pm - £5


Bring Me The Horizon – O2 Academy, 6pm – SOLD OUT


Katy B – O2 Academy, 7pm – SOLD OUT

SEND ALL MAY/JUNE LISTINGS TO send all listings to -




If Destroyed Still True

(01-12 Mar) – The Brewery, 8.15pm - £9/7

Chess: the Musical (0105 Mar) – Hippodrome, see website for details

Storytelling Sundays: Old Tom’s Tale (06 Mar) – The Brewery, 8.15pm - £9/7

Wolves of Willoughby Chase (06 Mar) – Tobacco Factory, 11am and 2pm - £5

The Chippendales – The Most Wanted Tour (06 Mar) – Hippodrome, see website for details

Yellow Moon (07-11 Mar)

– Alma Tavern, 8pm - £5/4

The Naked Truth (08-09

Mar) – Hippodrome, see website for details


Theatre Without Borders

Yalla Yalla (22 Mar – 02

Buddy (14-19 Mar) –

Tell Me On A Sunday (23-

(13 Mar) – The Brewery, 7.30pm - £6.50

Hippodrome, see website for details

Oh Mary (15-19 Mar) – The Brewery, 8.15pm - £9/7

How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found (15-19 Mar) – Alma Tavern, 8pm - £9/6

“What makes you who you are? A name? An address? A random collection of experiences, a few memories? ... You are who you can prove you are. You are what people think. And that’s the easiest thing in the world to change.”

One Man In His Time

(20 Mar) – The Brewery, 7.30pm - £9/7

Hippodrome, see website for details Old Vic, 8pm - £12/8

Steve’s worried. He’s put on a few pounds and thinks he’s looking ‘wobbly’. So he’s at the gym with his mate Terry but he’s wrestling with a much weightier issue than pumping iron. But Terry’s spotted Dan, a huge powerhouse of a man who loves nothing more than liquid protein and girls... Three men. one gym. A disaster waiting to happen... dark comedy about pumping iron and loving thy brother.

26 Mar) – Hippodrome, see website for details

The Comedy of Errors (24 Mar – 30 Apr) – Tobacco Factory, 7.30/8pm - £2012

Malina’s Dream (27

Mar) – Tobacco Factory, 11am/2pm - £5

Eight (28 Mar – 02 Apr) – Alma Tavern, 8pm - £9/7

Welsh National Opera

(30 Mar – 02 Apr) – Hippodrome, see website for details


Fugitive Songs (10 Apr) – The Brewery, 8pm - £9/7

Prototype (10 Apr) –

Tobacco Factory, 8pm - £3

Macbeth (11-13 Apr) – 8pm – 6pm

HAIRSPRAY The Musical (12-30 April) –

Hippodrome, see website for details

Frankenspine – my big break (14-23 Apr) – Old

Vic, 8pm - £12/8

Madhouse (14-16) – Alma Tavern, 8pm - £9/6

Bedlam: The Movie (1930 Apr) – The Brewery, 7.45 - £9/7

Storytelling Sundays: Crow (03 Apr) – The Brewery, 8.15 - £9/7

Drumchasers (22 Mar) –

Muscle (08-12 March) –

Apr) – The Brewery, 8.15pm - £9/7

DrumChasers is the new percussion spectacular from the creator of international success Noise Ensemble. 10 fantastic percussionists and dancers take to the stage in an explosion of sound and light with a story of rivalry, romance and rhythm. Powerful and energetic, moving and funny, DrumChasers is a show for all ages and promises an evening quite unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Lenny Henry in Cradle to Rave: A Musical Journey (03 Apr) – Hippodrome, see website for details

The Softening of MAO-A (04-09 Apr) – Alma Tavern, 8pm - £8

The Station: Fourstones

Thriller Live (04-09 Apr) –

From a deserted railway platform Al explains why he’s searching for a tropical Northumberland. The Station: Fourstones is the journey of someone trying to connect with a Grandad he never knew he had. Funny, poetic, sad and beautiful this expedition proves to be an adventure doomed to fail but willed to triumph.

Hippodrome, see website for details

After The Accident (0516 Apr) – The Brewery, 8.15pm - £9/7

And The Rain Falls Down (06-10) – Old Vic, Times vary - £9/6

(26-30 Apr) – Alma Tavern, 8pm - £9/7

send all listings to -



Ugly For Television (17 Mar) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £10

Simon Munnery: UK Tour 2011 (3 Mar) – Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £12

Stuart Goldsmith plus guests (4-5 Mar) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £11

(4-5 Mar) – Jesters, 7pm - £16

Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser (8 Mar) – Colston Hall, 7.30pm - £20

Micky Flanagan (10

Mar) – Colston Hall, 8pm - £17.50

Dougie Dunlop plus guests (11-12 Mar) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £11

Michael Legge, Joe Rowntree, Mark Maler (11-12 Mar) – Jesters, 7pm - £16

John Bishop (11-12 Apr) – Colston Hall, 8pm - £25

The multi-award winning comedian and star of Live At The Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow, Skins, Mock The Week and 8 Out of 10 Cats, performs his brand new show. This has got to be a Skint’s pic of the bunch for guaranteed shits and giggles...

Jon Richardson: Funny Magnet (13 Mar) –

Tobacco Factory Theatre, 7.30pm

Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, regular Have I Got News For You panellist and star of Live At The Apollo will be taking his new show ‘Funny Magnet’ across the UK in 2011. With a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe behind him, Funny Magnet sees everyone’s favourite grumpy young man return to the stage. Embracing his misanthropy, the show features the best bits from his sold out, critically acclaimed Edinburgh show ‘Don’t Happy Be Worry’ as well as some brand new material. Discussing the everyday items that have a profound effect on his outlook, Jon Richardson takes his audience on an eclectic journey from cheating footballers to decapitated alligators. Funny Magnet see’s Jon working his pessimism with some hilarious consequences, and as always with his loveable vivacious delivery.

Popcorn Comedy: The Best Comedy Films & Live Comedy (16 Mar) -

Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £7

Andrew Lawrence: Too

send all listings to -

Chicken, 7.45pm - £12

Sully Sullivan plus guests (18-19 Mar) –

Carey Marx plus guests

Jesters, 7pm - £17

(15-16 Apr) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £11

Matthew Hardy plus guests (18-19 Mar) - Hen

Mark Olver, James Dowdeswell, Miles Jupp

& Chicken, 7.45pm - £11

Brendan Dempsey, Pierre Hollins, Duncan Oakley

Robin Ince’s Bad Book Club (14 Apr) - Hen &

Brendan Dempsey plus guests (25-26 Mar) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £11

Rob Collins, Nathan Caton (25-26 Mar) – Jesters, 7pm - £16

Milton Jones: Lion Whisperer (27 Mar) -

Tobacco Factory Theatre, 7.30pm

Dan Clarke Live: UK Tour 2011 (28-30 Mar) - Hen &

(15-16 Apr) – Jesters, 7pm - £16

Arthur Smith: Arthur Smith Exposed! (17 Apr) Tobacco Factory Theatre, 7.30pm - £16

Shazia Mirza: Multiple Choice (21 Apr) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £12

Simon Clayton, Sean Percival, Alan Francis (22-23 Apr) – Jesters, 7pm - £16

Chicken, 7.45pm - £15

April Tom Stade (1-2 Apr) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £12

Bethany Black, Elis James, Liam Mullone

(1-2 Apr) – Jesters, 7pm - £17

Ian Stone plus guests

(8-9 Apr) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £12

Nick Page, Jeremy O’Donnell (8-9 Apr) – Jesters, 7pm - £17

Popcorn Comedy: The Best Comedy Films & Live Comedy (13 Apr) -

Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £7

Simon Evans: UK Tour 2011 (29-30 Apr) - Hen & Chicken, 7.45pm - £12

A veteran of sell-out shows worldwide, Evans performances have won praise from comics and critics alike, prompting reviewers to describe him as ‘Demonically dry’ and ‘Sublime’. Simon’s aloof charm and sharp tongue ensures an evening spent with this comedic connoisseur is undoubtedly one of the finest in comedy.

Sally-Anne Hayward, Johnny Candon, Mark Maler (29-30 Apr) – Jesters, 7pm - £16







Wednesday 2

Basement 45 - Bear Beats Round 3 feat. Mensah with Unbearable Bearz and Pickpocket DJs

The bears are back for their third outing at Basement 45 with H.E.N.C.H’s Mensah on the decks with support from the Unbearables them selves. Mensah’s been one of the brighter prospects to emerge from the Bristol Dubstep scene in the past year or two with big remixes for the likes of Baby D and Skepta

Friday 4

Blue Mountain – Futureboogie presents A Garden Get Together with Bonobo, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Julio Bashmore, Crackazat, Joe 90, El Harvo, Kid Bongo, Thekla – Walk The Plank 005: Raffertie & Alphabet Pony Dojo – Freejive & Herd present Death On The Balcony plus Jean Malle, Louie MacKenzie, JT, Sam Wicks Crash Mansion – Burgaboy, S-X, TRC, DJ Champion, EFA, DJ Shady Black Swan – Bristol Dub Club inc. Roots Vibration feat. Terry Gad, Powercat & David Judah, Papa Roots and Maasai Warrior Timbuk2 – Caravan presents October, Kowton and Chris Farrell Basement 45 – Concrete Dub with Alix Perez, Jubei, AMC, DJ Illusive

Cosies – DJ Dad

Saturday 5

Motion – SHIT THE BED with Rusko, Shy FX, Craze, Redlight, Baobinga, Funtcase, Nu:tone, Fantastic Mr Fox The Farm – Pigpen Social with Soulfi (live Funk) and DJs (D&B, Dubstep, Breaks) Start The Bus – Detectives of Perspective with Kidkanevil, DOP Allstars, Dojo – Drama Allnighter with [SIC], Harry Brandrick plus Deep Thought, Dave Kirik, Greg Shaw Blue Mountain – Fresh featuring Freefall Collective, Kelvin 373, Fresh DJs Timbuk2 – Werk March Welcomes with Tonny Lasar, Stuart Wilkinson, AMTR and Staffy Take 5 Cafe – Sync-Soup with Matt Ma G, Sam Monori, Jester Cosies – Code Of The Style: DJ Style, Fagan Start The Bus – Detectives of Perspective, Kidkanevil, Dop Allstars

Sunday 6

Cosies Wine Bar – Island Fever, Skylion, Guest DJ

Thursday 10

Mr Wolfs – Dirty Old Town: Dirty Cuts, The Disablists, Central Spills, Ed Bayling, Rackabeat, Bar-Low Thekla – Pressure Live presents Dog is Dead

Friday 11

Blue Mountain – Just Jack presents Seth Troxler and Claude Von Stroke plus Tom Rio, Dan Wild Lakota – Champion Sound: Simply The Best of Jungle D&B with The Dream


Team, Adam F, Natural Born Chillers, DJ SS, Ellis Dee, Mir Crew, Ed Solo, Nicky Blackmarket, Stanza Start The Bus – Crack Cosmique with Optimo, Marcus Marr and Pardon My French DJs

Special Guest DJs, Matt Gggs, Tina Turntable, Niami Nite Fiddlers - Number 1 Station, Downbeat Melody Sound System, John Stapleton

Sunday 13

Cosies - Addis Snoopy, Guest DJ Mr Wolfs – DJ Lunchbox Mr Wolfs - Ole Vybz: DJ Diversion

Wednesday 16 Timbuk2 – Nebula with Brockie, Foul, Link, Unity and more

BROCKIE, owner of Undiluted Recordings, is undoubtedly one of the busiest and most respected DJ/producers in the drum & bass scene. He is responsible for some of the scenes biggest tunes. He is partly responsible for the best, longest standing drum & bass radio station in the world – Kool FM 94.5

Basement 45 – Automate with Raiden, Meth, EBK, KR4Y, Esion, Deficit Cosies – Shanti Sounds Start The Bus – Club Cosmique + Crack: Optimo DJs

Saturday 12

Motion – Run with Andy C, Scratch Perverts, Grooverider, Loadstar, D*Minds, GQ, Dread, Tonn Piper, The Others, Jakes, Silkie, Mensah, Eddie K Lakota - Jigsore vs Rutfuk Pt 9 Punk vs Rave, Istari Lasterfahrer, Radioactive Man, Johnny Sideways, Warlock, Dr Um, Computer Says Timbuk 2 – Headrush with Tom Dicicco, Furesshu, Tom Grant Cosies – Ghettospheric:

Metropolis – Hercules Love Affair, Special Guests, Pardon My French DJs

Friday 18

Black Swan – Bambi Legs Pt. III with Gypsi Unit, Sick Wax and More Lakota – Absolute OldSkool with Nifty, DJ Rascal, DJ Twisted, Biglee, Rudy, Dan Avery Dojo – Beat*Bristol with Hazard, Die, Wilkinson, Illusive Cosies – Pick and Mix: DJ Bunjy Mike Freedom

Saturday 19

Start The Bus – Club Cosmique with Padded Cell (Live), Richard Sen, Lukas (Live), Pardon My French DJs Lakota – Infidelity Vs HiFidelity in Association with Anticlone with Mistajam, Brookes Bros, Mz Bratt, Terror Danjah & Bruza, Hatcha, Skinnyman, Mampi Swift Black Swan – MoustacheAlaf with Cut & Run, Duran Duran Duran, Simtek, Ray Pest, G-Zus and more Cosies – Deep Beat

Sunday 20

Cosies – Bo Bo Mr Wolfs – DJ Big Chief Weird

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MARCH/APRIL Thursday 24

Timbuk2 – Clown Club presents... line up TBC Mr Wolfs – Cleverhead: DJ Sho’nuff Thekla – Pressure Live presents Mr Frogg

Friday 25

Dojo – Work vs UFO Lakota – Promoter Battles with Jungle Syndicate, Avalaf, Finite, Autopsy, Abstractions

Saturday 26

Start The Bus – Club Cosmique with Space Dimension Controller (Live), Gallops (Live), Kowton, The Kelly Twins, Vast and Bulbous, Pardon My French DJs Lakota – Tribe Of Frog: Frogs In Space with

Dickster, Touch Tone, Dick Trevor, Pie Man, Atomic Drop

Suckley, Lee Haslam Croft – Laid Blak, Ed Sheeran, Obnoxious Toddlers, Sam Interface Cosies – Ruffnek Diskotex: Dub Boy, Guest DJ

Sunday 27 Blue Mountain – The Blast with Ms Dynamite, Dark Sky, Greenmoney, Dream, Arsequake, Dubious, Koast Former golden girl of British R&B, Ms Dynamite is now strutting her stuff round the UK club scene with a new grimy, bashment rasp in her voice and a swagger in her step.

O2 Academy – Slinky Bristol presents Eddie Halliwell, Jim Rivers, Jordan

Cosies – Andy Scholes 2 Kings, Ambasador Mr Wolfs – DJ 16:33


Friday 1

Blue Mountain – Autonomic Bristol with dBridge, Intra:mental, SPMC, Lukes Anger, Mortal Wombat Basement 45 – Shogun Audio with Icicle album launch, full line-up TBC


EVENTS Saturday 2

Motion – The Warehouse Experience: Hardcore Heaven, Gammer, Klubfiller, Darren Styles and more O2 Academy – Logan’s B’day Bash with Logan, DJ Sly, Taxman, Sub Zero, Micky Finn, Nicky Blackmarket

Thursday 28

Croft – Suck Yu Mumma with Imangie (aka Badness), Tokin’ Man Dem, Tele Bigeta

Friday 29

Motion – Hospitality Bristol with High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Logistics, Spectrasoul, Camo & Crooked, Cyantific, Sigma, Boro & In:Sight, Wrec


send all listings for March/April to -



The Den – New Wave Mbargo – Suisse Tony presents Bounce – Fun and funky feel good groves to start your week with a bounce in your step - free entry open till 2.30 Bunker - Bed – Commercial, Electro and Party Beats Oceana – The Lash Elbow Rooms – Old Skool Illusions – Live Magic from 7.30 Lizzard Lounge – Free Entry b4 11.30 The Lanes – Monday Club


Mbargo – DJ Jewel presents Diamond in the Rough – Playing the tracks you love all night long. The Hippest, happiest place to be – free entry open till 2.30 Bunker – The Mash Up, the biggest student drum and bass night. THe Den - Disco Bloody Disco Elbow Rooms – Glastonbury Greats Illusions – Live Magic from 7.30 The Lanes – Strike Night Lizzard Lounge – free entry b4 11.30


Brass Pig - Quiz Bunker – Kitch, the ONLY university sports night! Mbargo – Benny Kane presents Slam on the Breaks – Our jet setting DJ showcases why he’s in demand all over the world - free entry open till 2.30 Oceana – Fuzzy Logic The Den – iDENtity, great music, cheap drinks and indie madness

MARCH/APRIL Basement 45 – New weekly bass-music night featuring the besr in national and local DJ talent. Big Chill Bar – Live Music Dojo – Groove On – Electro, techno, house, disco and more. Elbow Rooms – 90’s Dance Illusions – Open Mic Night for all budding magicians The Lanes – 241 Cocktails Lizzard Lounge – Sports Night Platform 1 – Varsity Syndicate – Propaganda – DJ Dan plays the best new and classic indie and alternative - £3 NUS / £4


Mbargo – DJ Amo and DJ Dre present Daft Funk – Both DJs serve up a selection of tracks spanning across the years - free entry open till 2.30 Bunker – Rehab – All music genres, Open Decks in room 2 Thekla – Pressure Java – Kizomba Dance Night Elbow Rooms – Rack em Up Thursday at The Hatchet DJ Chunky spins rock, punk and metal. Oceana - Frisky Big Chill Bar – Root Elevation, soul music from the past present and future Illusions – Kareoke Night La ROcca – The Weekend Starts Here - Cheese Lizzard Lounge – Party Night Po Na Na – Shisha Mash Up Prive – Glit and Glow Start The Bus – Hear No Evil



Mbargo – Suisse Tony presents – Melting Pot – Start the weekend with a bang with Suisse playing music that will keep you going all weekend long. Thank funk it’s Friday – free b4 10 / £2 after Bunker – Shake It! is The Bunker’s new weekly Friday night shindig! Featuring special guests DJ’s on rotation. This is the ultimate end of week party! Java Fridays – Open until 4am, with the cocktail bar starting from 5pm and a DJ bringing the dance floor to life at 10pm Oceana – Who’s Up For It The Hatchet – Gimme Shelter – Live music starting at 9.30pm, John the Mod plays 60s psych and garage, northern soul, rock and roll. Elbow Rooms – Purple Blaise Illusions – Live Music and Live Magic La Rocca – The Ultimate After Work Party Lizard Lounge – The Weekend Starts Here Panache – Phat Fridays Po Na Na – Fancy Footwork Syndicate – I Love the 90s – All the tunes you remember from your walkman - £2


Mbargo – DJ Jambo presents Higher Ground – Our trusty DJ whisks you away to a melodious wonderland to leave you content with merriment and probably hung-over – free b4 10 / £3 after Bunker – Unisex, Saturday’s biggest student

night by far. The Den – Indiescretion, never be at a loss for how to spend your Saturday again Java -Signature Saturdays An eclectic range of contemporary music to launch you on to the dance floor until 4am! The Hatchet - Generation X - Generation X has been ROCKING Bristol’s rock scene for over 9 years now and as ever we will be bringing the best in: Punk, Metal & Alternative Thekla - We Multiply Elbow Rooms – By the Pool Illusions – Live Music and Live Magic La Rocca – The Big One – Cheesy Classics Lizard Lounge – The Big Saturday Panache – Papparazzi Po Na Na – Po Na Raa Prive – Prive Saturday Sessions Syndicate – Hanky Panky – Bristol’s biggest party of the weekend – free b4 midnight £2 after with flyer


Mbargo – Alex Taylor Presents Thankyou please – Alex playing live music the way only he can, plus look out for special DJ sets by DJ Amo and Jambo - Free entry open till 3 Cosies – Regae Sunday Elbow Rooms – Grass Roots Po Na Na - I Luv Comfy Sundae Big Chill Bar - Big Chill Brunch – Chilled Out Tunes - 25% off all drinks every week for those working in the bar trade (bring payslip)

send all listings to -

FRI 04


SAT 05

TONY LASER//MARK DAVIS// old schooltechno// house STAFFY//LUKAS HOPWOOD £6 entry//£5 NUS

FRI 11


£5 entry tech house//

drum and bass// party breaks £5 b4 12//£6 after

TOM DICICCO [Baud//Traut Musik//Inner Surface]

underground house//techno// hip-hop//bass

//FURESSHU [Project Squared]

£5 b4 12//£6 after

FRI 18


SAT 19

DEXTER [Klakson//Clone//Delsin NL]

FRI 25


SAT 26


//RACK N RUIN [Ministry of Sound]

dubstep// hip-hop//breaks £5 entry

underground house// techno//dubstep//funk// dnb//hip-hop//reggae//

£5 adv//£6 b4 12//£7 after

dubstep//drum and bass//bass music £6 entry//£7 entry

electro//disco//hip-hop// techno //Italo disco adv tickets £7 @Bristol Ticket Shop

design//illustration by Jemma Davies

SAT 12

deep house// techno//tube tv art installation

Bristol’s No.1 Student Venue

Skint Spring Edition 2011  

Skint Magazine Spring Edition - Issue 4