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FROM THE EDITOR | KATJA PRESNAL Hello friend! How do you define everyday love? In this issue we state things like your wedding day isn’t the best day of your life, or ask you to dress like you love yourself. We jump in the bed, but we focus why getting enough sleep is vital for you. I’d like to think we all rather live and love, instead of watch make-believe love stories on TV, but we know our everyday lives sometimes just call for Netflix (& chill). In this issue we will give you tips which movies to watch to take you to Europe for an hour or two. As always, we’d like to invite you to look at your travels from a new angle, and we always encourage you to bring something you love home. Often it is a life lesson, or a skill, but in this issue I talk about bringing souvenirs from your travels to create a home you love. We also interviewed a worldtraveling couple, who finally found home. We encourage you never to give up on something you love, and never give up on your biggest dreams. Crazy dreams can come true, and you can find create a new way of living as our community members will show you in this issue. As always - I’d love to see how you live life to the fullest, please use #skimbaco and #IGtravelThursday on Instagram! XOXO,

Katja Presnal

Editor-in-Chief /Owner

Pictured: Matt and I in Paris. Sometimes it is nice to do the iconic romantic clichés - then we usually learn to appreciate everyday love even more.


KATJA PRESNAL | editor-in-chief/owner | Nova Scotia, Canada Born in Finland, but left almost twenty years ago to travel the world with the love of her life and their three children. Founded Skimbaco Lifestyle in 2007 to inspire living life to the fullest. Awarded social media marketing strategist. INSTAGRAM: skimbaco | katjapresnal brooke Genn | Editor & Photographer | USA Creative and adventurous. International photographer and travel writer whose imagery draws you in and plants your feet on the cobblestone in whichever foreign town she and her husband are exploring. Prone to spontaneity, likely to set sail on a moments notice and always takes the road less traveled. INSTAGRAM: nomadicnewlysweds LEIGH HINES | Wellness editor | North Carolina, USA Obsessed with luxury hotels, likes healthy living and loves afternoon tea. Former TV journalist. Southern girl who loves everything European. Thinks a good luxury hotel is a destination of its own. Mother of two. Founder of Hines Sight Blog. INSTAGRANM: HinesSightBlog MATT PRESNAL | co-owner | Nova Scotia, Canada Matt has twenty years of experience in aviation industry and he has held positions from a military helicopter test pilot to a rescue pilot in the mountains to manage multi-national teams. His career has taken him around the world from Korea to Germany, and from Sweden to Canada. Traded the helicopter for a drone. INSTAGRAM: mattpresnal

WES HOLLAND | Luxury Lifestyle Writer | NYC, New York, USA Wes is a luxury lifestyle writer based in New York and the founder of Life Through Preppy Glasses He is the head of marketing and creative strategy for a top-producing luxury real estate team in NYC and the Hamptons. Wes can often be found enjoying a 4 glass of champagne or checking out the hottest spots in the city. INSTAGRAM: wes_holland | skimbacofashion tasha elkins | Travel Blogger | Oklahoma, USA "I have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I work in Oil & Gas. I refuse to let either of those things define me or keep me from living a healthy life and traveling” says Tasha . Tasha shares tips how to focus on Health Full Time on her healthy living focused site. INSTAGRAM: healthfulltime ISABELLA PRESNAL | Vlogger | Nova Scotia, Canada Watch Isabella’s A Vlogging Girl channel on YouTube. Despite her young age, she has traveled more than most ever do, and she has already lived in five countries. Currently a student, and holds the executive production manager title at her school’s student news broadcasting while studying for International Baccalaureate diploma. INSTAGRAM: avlogginggirl 6

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FASHION: Dress well to improve your



WELLNESS: Between the sheets: How

lack of sleep can impact your life


WELLNESS: Relaxing Essential Oils

for better sleep


WELLNESS: My tips for better sleep


LIFESTYLE: Our favorite movies filmed in

Europe & how to experience them


COMMUNITY: Melanie Gamez inspires

us to live holistic lifestyle


RELATIONSHIPS: Your wedding day

is not the best day of your life


HOME: Globally inspired home


LIFESTYLE: The scariest moment of my

helicopter test pilot career


COMMUNITY: Two Drifters finally at



TRAVEL: Travel in your hometown


MUSIC: Playlist to put you to sleep


WELLNESS: 8 reasons to join Young8




It happens to all of us at some point: standing in front of the closet wondering “what should I wear?!” It may not seem like it at the time where you are trying to run out the door and arrive to your destination on time, however, the selection you make can have a significant effect on your self-confidence. In a way, we are what we wear. Personal appearance, and clothing specifically, sends one of the largest messages of how one chooses to portray one’s self to the outside world. This choice then ultimately influences how others perceive and receive you. I am a firm believer in fashion’s close connection to selflove and self-respect as I have seen personal impacts in my own life. In my younger days, I used to not care as much about the clothing I would wear to school, out to dinner, etc. At that point in my life, I just wanted to be comfortable and felt that worrying about clothing would just be another stressor in my life. However, at the beginning of high school I made a conscious decision to focus on my fashion choices, beginning to become attuned to brands, styles, fits, and trends. This decision has continued to evolve to the point today where fashion is not only a passion of mine, but my friends and those around me regard me as a “stylish” and “fashion forward” person that always has the right look on. I noticed an impact on not only my self-respect and perception but also the way others perceived me. In a way, you adapt qualities of the clothing you are wearing. What is better than walking into an interview in a wellfitting suit? You embody what a suit mean, carrying yourself more confidently and embrace a business mindset in that moment. 10

Think this concept isn’t important? Take a look at the big business that has evolved out of image and branding. People hire image consultants and wardrobe stylists to dress them because they know that personal image is so important for selfconfidence and perception. It is important to note that dressing well and focusing on your image does not need to cost a fortune. It is all about finding clothes that fit you well, but more importantly

ones that make YOU feel good and make YOU feel confident. After all, if you are not confident with yourself, then who else is going to be? Next time you go to put on workout clothes to head to the home office, or jeans to that nice restaurant, I encourage you to pause and think about how these clothing choices given the environment will affect your mindset and confidence.



"Clothes make a man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." Mark Twain



Leigh is our top Young Living distributor in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you can connect with her on her website Living Young and Healthy and join her team by using her wholesale distributor number 310555.

Sleep. Every person on earth needs it. Most people love to do it. But yet, most people don’t get all the sleep their bodies crave and need. It's becoming a rising health problem.

However, most all who participated in that survey said they did not get good quality sleep during the week that they took the poll.

And with advancement in sleep technolAnnually in March, the National Sleep ogy in 2017, more and more people Foundation releases a new poll regard- know when they don't get a good night ing the state of sleep in America. These sleep because their electronic device studies go back decades. Each year, re- will tell how well they slept. searchers give valuable insight on sleep Max Hirshkowitz, Ph.D., DABSM, Chairhabits based on gender, age, and even man of the Board of Directors of the Naethnicity. Even though the topic of study tional Sleep Foundation, stated, “Millions within sleep may be different from year of Americans are sleep technology usto year, the results all point to the same ers. These devices provide a glimpse conclusion. Research and polls consisinto one’s sleep universe, which is othertently show that Americans need more wise unknown. The National Sleep Founsleep. dation’s guidelines on sleep duration, In one study, “Americans reported and now quality, make sense of it all— sleeping an average of 7 hours and providing consumers with the resources 36 minutes a night; on average going needed to understand their sleep. to bed at 10:55 p.m. and waking at These efforts help to make sleep science and technology more accessible to 6:38 a.m. on workdays, and sleeping the general public that is eager to learn roughly 40 minutes longer on nonmore about its health in bold new ways.”

workdays or weekends."


So what makes a good night's sleep? A group of sleep expert panelists came together to determine these key factors. The key determinants of quality sleep now include the following: • Sleeping more time while in bed (at least 85 percent of the total time) • Falling asleep in 30 minutes or less • Waking up no more than once per night; and • Being awake for 20 minutes or less after initially falling asleep.

As for how many hours of shut-eye you need, revised sleep charts advise that adults (ages 18 to 64) get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Over the age of 65, they need seven to eight hours per night. And what may be good for your spouse or sister may not be good for you. Sleep is based on your own body's needs, and to find that perfect balance you need to look at how you feel as well as your habits. “Getting enough sleep improves your health, strengthens your immune system, improves your mood and boosts productivity; chronic poor sleep is linked to poor health, mood disorders and low productivity,” cited Kristen Knutson, National Sleep Foundation Poll Fellow. Research shows that not enough sleep causes your brain to not function optimally, your mood takes a nosedive, and your stress levels rise. And unfortunately, the sleep deficit hits women hard. Another sleep study showed that women's lack of sleep affects almost every aspect of their lives, making them late for work, stressed out, too tired for sex and left with little time for friends. The list of ailments from lack of sleep continues to pile up. 15

Your reaction time to things around you is slower when you sleep less. Thinking and coordination become off, and too much cortisol from stress can break down collagen, causing premature aging and sagging of the skin. Cortisol is released when your body is sleep-deprived. Lack of sleep can impact your heart and your weight and take your immunity levels down a notch, leaving you more susceptible to colds and infection. Lack of sleep can also impact your sex life negatively, but at the same time, more sex can improve your sleep. Studies say it's true.

Sex boosts estrogen levels, enhancing your REM stage, causing a deeper sleep. Melatonin, a hormone produced in the Pineal Gland, also plays an important role in the sleep cycle. Melatonin helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle. Levels should rise in the late afternoon and will continue to rise through the night and then fall in the early morning as your body begins to wake. TV and bright lights in the evening can impact melatonin levels and cause it to get off kilter which can impact your sleep.

Just like proper nutrition, sleep is extremely important in order to achieve ultimate wellness. If your sleep is off, then your health The hormones oxytocin and prolactin re- will be off, too. Consider keeping a sleep leased during sex have positive impacts on journal like this one developed by the Nasleep. tional Sleep Foundation and discuss your findings with your physician if you continue There’s an added bonus for women in getto not feel rested. Sleep does the body ting a little more action between the sheets. good.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP = Better health. • Better weight control. • Less pain. • Lower risk of injury. • Clearer thinking. • Better memory. • Better sex life. • Better mood.

HOW to sleep better? • Learn to manage stress. • Create bedtime routine. • exercise more. • Limit Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. • get a better bed. • use natural supplements and aromatherapy. 16

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR BETTER SLEEP LAVENDER • Most used essential oil in the world with multiple benefits. • Relieves stress and improves sleep. • Add to bath or diffuser before bed time.

BERGAMOT • Cheering & uplifting. • Helps to release negative emotions. • Purifying; add to bed time bath. • Citrusy scent, you might know it from Earl Grey Tea.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE • One of the best oils for lowering feelings of stress. • Supports female hormones. • Improves quality of sleep. • Excellent for dry skin. • Floral, fruity scent.

ROYAL HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD • Calming & grounding • .Excellent for meditation. • Promotes deep, restful sleep. • Great for skin! • Woody, sweet, lovely scent.

YLANG YLANG • Relaxing & stress-relieving. • Can restore sexual desire. • Helps to drift off into a deep and restorative sleep. • Floral, sensual scent, popular in perfumes, like Chanel No 5!

VETIVER • Calming & relaxing. • “The oil of tranquility.” • Can increase libido. • Excellent for bath salts. • Sweet, woody, smoky scent.

MARJORAM • Calms the nervous system. • Use after working out. • Add to massage oil for tired muscles. • Soothing & can lower libido. • Sweet, herby scent.

CEDARWOOD • Helps to relive tension and stress. • Induces restorative sleep. • Great for metabolism & digestive system. • Skin healing properties. • Woodsy, pleasant aroma.



small spray bottle (and fill it with water), and use it as a linen spray.

Other ways to incorporate essential oils in Essential oils are the aromatic liquids your bedtime routine; add a few drops in found within plants obtained by distilla- your bathwater for a relaxing hot bath, or tion. These oils contain unique constitu- add a few drops in a massage oil and ask ents that provide aromatherapeutic re- you spouse to give you a relaxing massults, and they can potentially help you to sage. fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. You Note that some essential oils have quite might have to test a few oils to find the oils the opposite effect: they can energize and that work the best for your blissful sleep. prevent you from snoozing off fast. Start You can also try mixing 1-3 oils together. experimenting with some of the oils on the The best way to use essential oils is by dif- previous page. fusing, it breaks and distributes essential Try also these Young Living porducts: Sleep Esoil molecules into the air effectively, and sence, Tranquil Roll-On, and these essential oil you can maximize the aromatherapeutic blends: Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Dream properties of essential oils. Catcher, Surrender, and Sleepyize essential oil Add 4-8 drops of essential oils in your diffuser and diffuse for 20 minutes.

blend for kids.

If you don’t have a diffuser, try adding a few drops of essential oils in a cotton ball, and place it next to your pillow. You can also add 15 drops of essential oils in a


Square Breathing Technique



Banana Peel Tonic Bananas actually help your body to absorb calcium and their peel is rich in magnesium & other sleep inducing vitamins & minerals (think, tryptophan - the body converts this to serotonin).Sadly, banana peels aren’t exactly delectable & not really what I would think of as “easily digestible”. The most advantageous way to reap the benefits of that peel are through boiling it & drinking the tonic it creates. How To: Grab a washed, organic banana & cut it into thirds (width-wise). Throw it into 4 cups of water with 2 sticks of cinnamon. Bring to a boil & then let it simmer for 5 minutes. Allow the tonic to cool for another 5 minutes & enjoy. Newly ripened bananas work best!

Square breathing techniques sound silly, but if your mind is running a million miles an hour - this is a sure fire way to get it to calm down. While you’re laying there staring at the ceiling, give it a try! You have nothing to lose, you already can’t sleep. How To: Breath in for 4 counts, hold that breath at the top for 4 counts, breath out for 4 counts, hold that breath at the bottom for 4 counts. Repeat until you find yourself to be less anxious & more apt to fall asleep. Feel free to change the count from 4 to whatever is most comfortable for you.

Yoga in the dark Yoga in the dark. Why is it in the dark? Because if you’re like me, you may have someone sound asleep in the bed next to you & flipping a light on in the middle of the night may result in anger. Also, the dark is conducive to sleep. Light tells your brain it should stay awake or wake up. How To: If you’re not an avid yogi, just do some stretches that are familiar to you, that don’t involve much thought. Hold each stretch a little longer than normal. If you have done some yoga in the past, make up a quick little vinyasa & just let if flow out of you for 5 to 10 minutes. 19

“I’ve trained myself with these hacks to know it’s bedtime & my mind follows along.” Tasha Elkins


Our Favorite Movies Filmed in Europe & Travel Tips How to Experience Them! BY KATJA PRESNAL



FROM ITALY TO ICELAND - WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? EAT, PRAY, LOVE The movie is really a trip around the world, but let Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts in the movie, tell you he best Italian lifestyle secret – Il bel far niente, the beauty of doing nothing. Elizabeth will make you want to eat pizza, enjoy gelato and give yourself a permit to indulge. EXPERIENCE IT: rent an apartment close to Piazza Navona in Rome and purchase ingredients for simple pasta dish from nearby Campo de’ Fiori market place and live like a local. THE TOURIST Mysterious Elise (Angelina Jolie) meets an American tourist (Johnny Depp) in a train on the way to Venice. Everyone chasing Elise’s boyfriend think the tourist is the boyfriend. Comical action movie plays with the best parts of Venice like the luxurious hotels with balconies over the canals. This movie will make you want to drop a fortune first on your travel wardrobe and then head to Venice in style. EXPERIENCE IT: Book a room at the Hotel Danieli, close to the Bridge of Sighs and San Marco Square and experience the luxury seen in the movie. Visit also the fish market close to the Rialto bridge and you will find the location where the scene o Johnny Depp jumping off the balcony to a market place was filmed.


 Frances Mayes, played by Diane Lane, buys a 200-year old farmhouse in Tuscany and redefines the meaning of “a family” and importance of great friends in your life. This movie came out already in 2003, but it is a timeless story set in the never-changing scenes of Tuscany. EXPERIENCE IT: Rent a villa in Tuscany to experience Tuscany like Frances. For example FlipKey has several options in Tuscany (one of their rentals pictured) Get Frances Mayes’ book The Tuscan Sun Cookbook: Recipes from Our Italian Kitchen on Kindle and cook her dishes both in your rental villa in Tuscany and when you are at home. LETTERS TO JULIET
 Sophie goes on a trip to Italy with her fiancé only to spend most of the trip chasing for a long lost boyfriend from the rolling hills of Tuscany. And no – not even hers! The long lost boyfriend belongs to Claire who hasn’t seen him for 50 years. The best about this rom-com is the Italian scenery. EXPERIENCE IT: Visit Casa di Giulietta, the Juliet’s house and the statue in Verona, and then head to Borgo Scopeto Relais just outside Siena to experience the luxury seen in the movie. Don’t forget to rent a car to experience the rolling hills of Chianti area. 24

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS What if you could see how Paris looked in the 1920’s? Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) finds out in a romantic time-traveling movie set in Paris. Charming movie directed by Woody Allen will make you want to learn more about famous Americans who have called the city of lights home. And of course to book a trip to Paris. EXPERIENCE IT: Stay at Hôtel Le Bristol in the 8th arrondissement, and visit the famous sights from the movie: the Rodin Museum, Palace and Gardens of Versailles, and shop at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen flea markets and Shakespeare and Company book shop.

THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) needs to find the perfect Time cover photo to save his job, and he embarks on a crazy adventure to find a famous photographer. He travels the world from Iceland to Afghanistan and will make you want to pack your bags for an adventure of a lifetime. EXPERIENCE IT: Head to Iceland to visit several incredible scenes from the movie. Visit fishing villages like Grundarfjörður, Garður and Stykkishólmur, and Höfn in Hornafjörður harbor where you can see the Vatnajökull glacier. 25

THE DANISH GIRL Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander) are happily married Danish artist couple whose love it put to test as Einar turns into Lili Elbe, one of the first people to undergo gender reassignment surgery in 1920s. Movie is based on a true story and set in gorgeous settings around Europe, mainly in Copenhagen. Part of the movie is set in Paris. EXPERIENCE IT: Walk in the cobble stone streets of the Copenhagen Harbour and Nyhavn, one of the oldest ports in Europe and have a famous Danish open-faced sandwich. Then enjoy art at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, where you will find one of the largest and most beautiful spaces for contemporary art in Europe.



MELANIE GAMEZ INSPIRES US TO LIVE A HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE Melanie Gamez has been a Photo Art Director with a well known large retail store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the past 12 years. She is married to the light of her life, best friend and biggest supporter for over a decade. Her husband rounds out their creative family as a talented musician playing with several bands in the Midwest. The two of them have an inquisitive and loving 8-year-old son and she has 2 beautiful step daughters. Melanie’s life changed five years ago when she had a health scare, and since then she adopted a holistic lifestyle in search of a resolution to chronic health concerns. Essential oils fit well into her health regimen. Throughout the past 2 years she has developed a passion for Young Living products. The encouragement and motivation of her husband has given her the drive & confidence to share this resource with others.

Melanie is our top Young Living distributor in Midwest, and you can connect with her on her Facebook page Distilled Wellbeing and join her team by using her wholesale distributor number 310555. 27

“Living to the fullest means to me waking up each day with Happiness.” Tell us about your path to wellness lifestyle?

About 20 years ago. My “Hippie” friends used them. Mostly Patchouli and Lavender. I had a skewed perception of essential oils due to the lifestyle that was associated with the use. My adolescent judgment didn’t allow me to understand the benefit at the time.

My life changed 5 years ago as I was driving the freeway to work when I had an “episode”. I woke up on the left shoulder of the freeway, car in gear, seatbelt fastened, slumped over the steering wheel. Luckily I wasn’t severely injured, nor did I injure anyone else. My westWhen did you change your mind and ern medicine doctors had diagnosed my epijoin Young Living? sodes as panic attacks, and I had this incident despite the 3 prescriptions he preI joined a little over 2 years ago. scribed for said panic attacks. I knew I had to make a change. That is the day I began Why did you choose Young Living? my Holistic journey. I chose Young Living because the brand is unrivaled amongst other brands in the marWhen did you hear about essential oils ket. The quality of Young Living is superior. The Seed to Seal guarantee is unparalleled 28 the first time? to any other company.

I am also impressed how Young Living formulated specific collections created specifically for kids and animals.

“Living to the fullest is showing those I love, how much I love them. Encouraging others. Empowering others. Making a difference in TODAY. Being in competition with no one, other than the person I was yesterday.” Melanie Gamez

I know exactly what I’m getting from Young Living. That allows me to use my oils with confidence & ease.

What has surprised you the most about using Young Living’s products? They work! The difference they truly make is incomparable. When my 8-year-old asks me for oils… I know they work. Our family is healthier now, thanks to Young Living! I feel compelled & confident knowing my family is healthier.

Do you think people have misconceptions about Young Living because it is a multilevel marketing company? Unfortunately, yes I do. I try to explain the structure as Costco or Sam’s Club, but better! However, you don’t have to pay a yearly membership fee! You simply order 50PV a year. Which is simple, I exceed that monthly, and even get points for free products thanks to the Essential Rewards program. 29

What kind of difference Young Living has done in your family's life? Young Living has had a tremendous impact on our lives. I suffered from chronic seasonal issues for year and was sick for at least four months of the year. I decided to try Young Living’s Inner Defense and also began applying Thieves Essential Oil to my feet nightly. My quality of life improved vastly and I have not had to get doctor prescribed or over the counter medicines in three years for seasonal symptoms. I also use Thieves Essential Oil with my 8-year-old son. I apply it on his feet and diffuse the oil in his room. In addition, we have rid our home of most toxic chemical. Cleaning supplies, candles, and skincare have been replaced by Young Living products. I am happy to say that we are no longer taking prescription medicines or over the counter drugs found in drug stores.

Please name some of the favorite Young Living products that your family loves. My 8 year old son’s favorite oils are: Lavender, Lemon, RC, Tranquil & Thieves essential oils. Every night at bedtime, he puts Tranquil on his favorite stuffed animal. My husband’s favorite is PanAway. 30

I have several favorite Young Living products! My everyday use consists of Thieves, Lavender, Peace & Calming, Abundance, Joy, Grapefruit, Frankincense, DiGize & Lemon essential oils. I diffuse at home & in my car. I apply to my feet & sensory points. I put some in my water & tea. I cook with the Vitality-line oils and I even drop some right under my tongue! I would love you to join Young Living with me to find YOUR greater wellness! 31

Inner Defense reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves® which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support.

Thieves® essential oil is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. With the benefits of Thieves oil including cleaning power and an irresistibly spicy scent, Young Living offers it as an essential oil blend and as an important ingredient in a full range of home cleaning and personal care products, from dish soap to toothpaste.

Abundance™ essential oil blend combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. This oil blend is said to help to attract wealth and health in our lives.

DiGize Vitality essential oil helps you enjoy each meal! DiGize™ Vitality™ blends Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli essential oils for a fresh-tasting blend—a perfect follow-up to any meal. Some cultures munch on fennel seeds after meals. Take DiGize Vitality instead in a gel capsule, or mix it with water and Peppermint Vitality for a rejuvenating infused water, or combine it with honey for a sweet treat.




A note from a pair of married wedding photographers who hope your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding.





Your wedding day will be fantastic; it’ll be gorgeous, fun and monumental. There will undoubtedly be memories created that are irreplaceable. Having all of your favorite people in one place, celebrating in love and joy, is priceless.

It’s a magical event - but we’re sorry to say, it cannot be the best day of your life. My husband and I make a sizable piece of our income as boutique wedding photographers, and as such, receive surprised reactions when we’re candid on our belief that

the wedding-day-hype is absurd. We’re not talking money - we’re talking mindset. Since spending on a wedding is relative to each situation - we’re not judging the dollars today - just the sense! Weddings are beautiful things. We dig ‘em, we believe in ‘em - heck, we even hosted a full beachside weekend affair for our 40 closest family and friends to kick off this thing called marriage a few short years ago. Wedding days are special, whether courthouse ceremonies, elopements or 300 guest list events - they’re the marker of a lifetime commitment, a new chapter and the creation of a family. 35


Somewhere along the line, though, some well-intentioned fool muttered, “your wedding day is the best day of your life.” It sounds nice. It might even sound true. But it’s not and, in fact, we posture that it may be a downright dangerous mindset trap to fall into. A wedding day is just that, one single day. A celebratory one, but just a day nonetheless. It’s a mere moment in a lifetime, a milestone meant to toast the commitment of choosing to love and celebrate each other, every day going forward.



Everyday love. We’re so excited the couples we work with focus much more on their everyday love, their lives together and their futures than they do on the wedding day. That’s not to say they don’t throw a big bash, have their stressful planning moments or even get carried away occasionally throughout the hustle and bustle of planning the event. To some extent, that happens to us all.

Hiccups in the plans that might otherwise agitate a couple on their big day, seem to be taken in great stride by those who know this is but a honoring of a commitment, a celebration of a start, a decorated page in the story that will be their marriage.

If you’re engaged… Here’s hoping your wedding is lovely, romantic and memoraBut what we see is, couples who are fo- ble. That, whether elaborate or intimate, cused on their everyday love, on each it’s the day you’ve dreamt of. Here’s hopother and on their union (rather than their ing you enjoy the planning and the big, ceremony) push through the stresses that beautiful event but more than that - here’s come with hosting this grand event with hoping you always see just past them, into the future - into your marriage. 39 grace!

Brooke and Wilhelm Genn are the founders and creative duo behind Nomadic Newlyweds, offering swoon-worthy boutique photography specializing in elopements and destination weddings. They believe being “newlywed” is a frame of mind rather than a period of time. Whether scoping out hidden gems in their own city or strolling down the cobblestone street of a foreign town, these two will whisk you away with their airy photos and adventure-soaked tales. This travel-loving pair draws out the timeless story behind each couple by celebrating the extraordinary beauty of seemingly ordinary moments. Their approach to life and photography is intentional yet laid back and, as such, consistently captures authentically romantic and emotion-filled memories. Brooke and Wilhelm’s enchanting imagery invites you on a stunningly curated journey that inspires you to keep your relationship forever-young by chasing dreams, hand-in-hand, with your love. 40


How are you decorating your home? Does it reflect you and your lifestyle? I love modern design, and we have a few expensive design splurges at home, but they are all balanced with treasures we have found from our travels. I especially love flea markets and bazaars for home decor shopping. My home decorating style is modern Scandinavian eclectic global mix: I love to mix modern furniture with vintage finds with travel souvenirs and things that I have brought in from our travels. Our home reflects our nomadic lifestyle: easy to pack up and go again, and the more minimal, the easier it is to move again. Bottom line: I love hanging out at home even more than traveling, and that itself says a lot. Bring your travels home, and decorate your home with treasures from your trip. Here are some of the places I’ve visited and found treasures for our home, and tips how to buy from your trips. 41



Paris is really more of a luxury shopping destination, and even the flea markets are expensive compared to smaller French towns or other European countries (not to even mention other continents). However, there is no place like Paris even when it comes to flea market shopping, and at least you will come home filled with ideas how to bring the Paris flea market style for your home. The most famous flea market in Paris is at the Porte de Clignancourt, just outside the 18th arrondissement. It is known as Le Marché aux Puces de SaintOuen, or Les Puces (The Fleas) by the locals. It is a very large area with hundreds of sellers, and it can be very overwhelming. What you really are looking for is the vintage shops and antique malls, like the Marche Dauphine.

It is easy to get carried away, so I recommend making a list of things you are looking for, and sticking to your budget! Of course, never walk away from things you will never again have opportunity to purchase again. Remember to check out flea markets back at home before you go on a trip too. You might be able to find same items from the flea market next to you for fraction of the price, you just never know, and that’s the beauty of flea market shopping. Checking similar items on eBay isn’t a bad idea either. Many antique markets, including the Marche Dauphine flea market at Le Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen have a shipping company within the premises, and you could easily shop for larger items and have 42 them shipped back home.

WHAT TO BUY: Unique art for

DON’T FORGET: Travel memo-



Flea markets are the best places for finding unique art for your walls. Whether it’s paintings, litographs, drawings, travel posters, photos or you name it. When traveling I look for “things that I can frame” – because they are also going to fit in my bag! Other items to look for: old magazines or comic books that can have pages and pages of frame-worthy content.

Flea markets are the best place to find any kind of “travel souvenirs” for your home. Many of us tend to buy souvenirs from travels and then realize they don’t fit our decorating style at all at home and the items get donated to flea markets.

The art you find might not be original art, but a reproduction. Price is typically a good indication. Don’t let it bother you too much, if you are looking for cheap fun art for your walls, and not an investment!

Vintage suitcases and travel trunks are amazing flea market finds and look awesome in your home. We’ve used a travel trunk as a coffee table, but they could even work as a bed side table. Another favorite among travelers: look old globes. They are great as home cor. Don’t forget to look for clothing & cessories! They can also be great decorative purposes.

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Marrakech, Morocco, is an exotic destination to add on your travel list, and you will want to bring an empty suitcase. Head to the Marrakech Souk indoor markets, and the Jemaa el-Fnaa outdoor market place for some serious home decor shopping.

Surround yourself with small memories from the travels, and think how you can bring home items that you can use everyday.

Dishes, like coffee mugs, a tea pot or serving dishes. Bring items for your kitchen like trays, wooden chopping blocks, kitchen tea What to buy? For example Moroccan wed- towels or table clothes. Think what you ding blankets, poufs, tea glasses, lanterns could use in your bedroom, like blankets, and pottery. Since many of these are trendy jewelry boxes, or pillows. at the moment, I recommend checking My rule of thumb is to stick to certain colors prices back at home from online shops so and materials, so I know my travel souveyou understand what kind of deal you are nirs from around the world match together. getting. The market sellers in Marrakech For example, my grandmother in Finland, like to haggle, so think of a price you are gave me turquoise flower vases when I was willing to pay before even asking for a a teen, and I have stuck to buying someprice. And haggle away! thing turquoise from around the world to match with the memories of my grandmother. 44



TEXT & PHOTOS BY MATT PRESNAL My first memories of becoming a pilot were when my parents would take me to the Air Force Base outside of Austin for the summer air show. There were jet powered trucks, classic World War II warbirds from ages past, fighter jets with engines screaming across the cloudless summer sky, and giant planes with wings bigger than my whole world. From that first day, my dreams were set in motion to become a pilot, just like all the aces I saw on that airfield that day. 46

“The scariest moment in my career as a helicopter test pilot happened before it even began.� Matt Presnal

Like most childhood dreams, me becoming an adult as fast as I could got in the way. I found myself on the wrong paths, and when I should have been studying, and getting the good grades, I was off in another dream, and not thinking about the priorities that were going to get me where my real path in life actually was and where I wanted to be.

The scariest moment in my career as a helicopter test pilot happened before it even began.

At 19, I joined the Army. I was determined to get myself back on track, disciplined, in control of my own life. I worked hard to get myself from an enlisted private, into flight school and make something of myself. A few days after arriving in Dothan, Alabama, for flight school on a regular fall day, my class went to have a regular flight physical as we had taken before when we first sent in our applications. Today was different for me though, as that afternoon after taking some random eyesight tests, the doctor told me that I had failed one of 47

them, and most likely could not continue on with becoming an Army pilot. I was devastated. How could this be? After all the hard work and effort, to get all the way here and be stopped before I even got through the door.

I remember a classmate telling me calmly that I could do something else…find another dream. That was an impossible statement for me to grasp in that instance. THIS was my dream, how could I possibly turn away from it? What else could I possibly want to do? One lifelong dream ending, and the unknown ahead of me, I was scared. In the next few weeks, I found myself back on the path to my dream. But not because I sat back and let it come to me. I

was in the doctor’s office as much as they would tolerate me, showing them my past medical exams, training records, flight hours, anything to convince them that I had what it takes. In the end, the doctors agreed. My persistence and refusal to give up had pulled me through. I told myself that this was my dream, look how far I had come to get to this point. I wasn’t going to let it end by anyone else telling me I couldn’t live my dream. I’ve lived that dream for 20 years now in one way or another.

I hate to think who I would be if I had given up and cast my dream aside.


TWO DRIFTERS FINALLY AT HOME BY BROOKE GENN Amy & Nathan, the word-travelers behind the blog Two Drifters are the epitome of #couplegoals. They’re adventurous dreamers you’d love to share a cup of coffee with! They work hard, ever-pursuing their dreams, together. It’s the combination of these qualities that have opened up worlds of wonder and travel for this rockin’ couple. Amy & Nathan tumbled into a beautiful romance after their meet cute at a hostel in Edinburgh. They knew it wouldn't be easy but once the spark had been lit, they were determined to fan the flames to make a long distance relationship work. After a year and a half in separate countries, Amy & Nathan were finally in the same place at the same time for good. Quickly thereafter the two (both having location-independent work) decided to travel the world together, full-time! The twist comes this year, as the Two Drifters have announced a decision none of their tens of thousands of followers could have seen coming. It’s a decision indicative of their own definition of everyday love and it’s a testament to the fact that everyone’s definition is their own, and even that within each person these ideas of everyday love and success49are fluid and ever evolving.

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve likely spotted @TwoDriftersXO Dreamy landscapes, from castles to countrysides, often with two beautiful souls holding hands or lovingly gazing at one another.

He’d saved a lot prior to his trip and I think INTERVIEW WITH his goal was open-ended travel and the AMY & NATHAN ability to do his writing. Now his goal is the same with his fiction writing - and to turn it into a career, but without the open-ended When you met, what were your inditravel part.

vidual goals?

When you got married, why did you We met more than 5 years ago in Edindecide to travel full time? burgh. It was quite serendipitous! At the time, I (Amy) was in the middle of a European backpacking trip. Fresh out of college, my goal was focused only on that trip, I must admit. I don’t know if I had a precise plan for when I went back, but the trip definitely changed my life in more ways than one. I was still unsure about my career path and that trip prompted me to go back to school to earn my Master’s degree.
 Nathan was just finishing up a solo trip that had mostly been based in Morocco.

We just sort of fell into the full time travel thing, though in actuality it looked more like work-save-travel for several years. Even when we weren’t on the road travel was always the end goal and we did what we had to in between and stopped when it was necessary (such as saving/planning for our wedding). We took opportunities as they arose and when we started working online, we knew we could be based anywhere, and the possibility of a nomadic lifestyle arose. 50

What are three key things you learned while traveling the world?

What was the most difficult part of traveling full time?

We learned that what initially seems crazy and impossible is usually quite within reach. It just takes a little planning and a bit of bravery, at times. As a couple, we discovered how precious it is to share these lifechanging moments and experiences together, and there’s no denying travel is a wonderful way to grow closer to your partner. And lastly, we realized that the world, in a way, is so small. Not in a bad way, but rather, that people are just people wherever you go. We all share the same kinds of struggles, and in the end, everyone is just looking to live a happy, good life.

Money, unfortunately. Working online is awesome, but when attempting to travel at the same time, one or both things ends up suffering. We were working a ton, which made us less able to see & enjoy each destination. And when we were off adventuring, we often felt guilty about the work we knew we *should* be doing. I think traveling full time IS doable, but sloooow travel is the right way to go, giving you time to really dive into a destination.


Where have you landed now and low for us to focus more on our careers what’s your favorite part about be- but also enable us to return to hobbies we’ve neglected over the years. Nathan ing there? used to be into martial arts some years Right now we’re planning to *settle* a bit ago, and I think he’s looking forward to a in New England. It’s fresh and exciting to chance to do something of that nature. both of us and honestly, New England of- And I’m a theatre kid from way back. fers so much, in every season. It’s an Looking to jump into some community awesome destination. If we’re not going theatre musicals; I’ve missed singing to be traveling all the time, at least we a n d d a n c i n g s o m u c h !
 can be in an iconic, beautiful place. 
 Also, we’re planning to get a puppy in What are you most excited about the next couple months. SO EXCITED!

in this new life?

In our long term goals; who knows We’re really looking forward to the oppormaybe we’ll have a baby in the next coutunity to develop a routine, which will alple of years and ideally, our travel blog


and Nathan’s writing will be our full-time career, and we’ll be able to travel regularly and show our child a bit of this beautiful world.

What is one piece of advice you have for others who are determining and chasing their dreams?

about what I hope our future looks like. I t ’s a l l s t i l l t r u e .
 We’ll tell them that no matter what, love is the most important thing, and we really believe that. Seeing the world is wonderful. It’s an absolute dream and a privilege that not everyone gets to have. But all the adventures in the world pale in comparison to love and companionship. This doesn’t just apply to romantic love. People are what is most important in this life, and I think that’s an important lesson to instill in the young. Being helpful and compassionate. That matters. And the world needs it more than ever.

It’s ok to have a really unclear path in the beginning. Dreams are like that... they sort of just unroll as you go. The important thing is to keep taking action. Only stagnancy will keep you from your dreams, but forward motion, however haphazard, will keep teaching you lessons and helping you get there. It’s cliche, but you have to believe in yourself and know that the right end goal for you is out there and that you’re strong and What is your definition of everyday love? smart enough to make it.

What advice would you give your newlywed selves? We’re still technically newlyweds, with our anniversary just under one month away! But the advice we need to hear is that everything will be ok, and to remind ourselves to slow down, breathe, and trust in God and one another.

When you’re 90 years old, what will you tell your grandchildren? We hope we have plenty of stories to tell them. I wrote this post a few years ago

One thing that we believe in is meeting our own needs. Your partner is going to be there to love, support, and help you in many ways, but they can never be a substitute for the vital self love you need to foster. It’s an ongoing learning process, but when we attend to our own needs we are much better equipped to show up for one another and be fully present and compassionate.

Visit 53






TRAVEL IN YOUR HOMETOWN Some of you may be missing out on something wonderful. You have it in your head that a vacation has to be some sort of destination or, at least, a place that would be too far to drive back and forth in one day. Do I see your head nodding in agreement? Well, toss those thoughts out of your head right now because I’m here to tell you that a vacation is what you make of it, even if you only drive 30 minutes to a bed and breakfast in your own hometown for the night. Getting away is not just about sightseeing; it’s about rest, relaxation, and escaping your busy lives. When you are a parent, it’s also about spending quality time with your spouse without the kids.




You can accomplish this so easily in your hometown, so stop thinking a romantic getaway has to be a faraway destination. I have a fondness for luxury inns, but that in part is why I feel a staycation in my hometown is so fulfilling. I’m indulging in an “experience.” I suggest looking for special packages on a hotel or Inn’s website. Often times, you will find special perks to make your hometown getaway seem more like a vacation. For example, a “Beer Lovers Package” in which you can tour several breweries while staying at the Inn, or perhaps a Broadway show and a romantic dinner is more your style. Look also for special offers for Baby Moons, romantic weekends, girls’ night out or a special spa weekend packages. Hotels are realizing that people work more than ever now in America, so they are creating packages that cater to both their in-town and out-of-town guests. If an overnight stay is too difficult for childcare, then create your own ministaycation by booking a sitter early in the afternoon to mid-evening. Take in a leisurely afternoon at a museum, followed by dinner al-fresco at a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Be adventurous. If you like to be active, then take a long hike on an area trail or a bike ride in a nearby county, then end all that activity with a splurge at a local cupcake shop. The possibilities are endless. Once you realize that every destination can be a vacation, you’ll never look at your hometown the same way again.

13 IDEAS FOR TRAVELING IN YOUR HOMETOWN 1. Try a new exotic restaurant. 2. Try new kind of transportation: think of a bike ride (or skis if you have snow!), horse carriage, rent a limo.. 3. If you live by water - take a mini-cruise, take the ferry, eat in a restaurant boat. 4. Picnic at a park. 5. Stroll through farmer’s market or smaller food markets. 6. See a show; opera, theatre, circus.. 7. Listen to live music - even if it’s just in a pub! 8. Visit a microbrewery. 9. Go to a museum or art gallery. 10. Spend a night in a B&B. 11. Go to a spa. 12. Visit a botanical garden - or a local farm. 13. Visit your local library for books about your region and your local tourist office for more ideas what to do




This Barren Land - Jasper TX Subtext - John Foxx Borrowed Peace - Peter Sandberg Lullaby - Regina Mira Ferme Les Yeux - Sylvain Chauveau Tomorrow’s Song - Ólafur Arnalds Paige and June - Hauschka Ella’s Lullaby - Enno Aare Atoms - Ana Olgica Chasing Cloud Nine - LUCHS Archipelago Fields - Halcyon Fields Bells in the Wind - Bud Hollister Avril 14th - Aphex Twin




1. Essential oils offer health-promoting benefits. One small essential oil bottle can last for months, or years, and be used for multiple different purposes. 2. Young Living’s natural products can enhance fitness experience, give you more energy, and help to recover faster. Travelers love the help they get for jetlag too! 5. Try the natural beauty products and discover how to fight against wrinkles, and aging, and keep your skin healthy - naturally. 6. Young Living’s natural supplements in addition with your healthy diet help you to meet your nutritional needs. They can also help you to lose weight or maintain healthy weight. 7. Getting enough sleep plays an essential part in your health, mood, sex life, weight control, and more. Aromatherapy can help you to sleep bet3. Their natural household cleaner, dish and laun-
 dry soaps help you to eliminate using cleaners
 with toxic chemicals. ter. 4. Spa-like scent & aromatherapy at home! The artificial fragrances in scented candles can effect as negatively as second hand smoke from the cigarettes. Be good to yourself and start dif- fusing essential oils. 8. Save money in the long run. Essential oil lifestyle can typically save money on various ways. Staying healthier keeps your medical costs lower, and essential oils can replace other products you would normally buy.

JOIN YOUNG LIVING TODAY Enroll with the ultimate Young Living product and business experience! The Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop diffuser is $160, but has products worth around $300. An extraordinary value that offers a comprehensive introduction to the power of essential oils, the Premium Starter Kit is the perfect option for those who are serious about transforming their lives. Join our team and we will send you a large essential oils reference book & invite you to private Facebook groups where you get support 24/7. JOIN AND USE YL#2437916 Read more.

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