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Shop: Motel 6 Beccles Comp 2006 Skateboarding an’ That And All The Regulars



Cover: Horsey - Ollie Over Moped!

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NEWS First off welcome to the latest issue, especially if you are reading this in one of several skateshops with the budget black and white versions of the magazine that I hand printed on my new laser printer and guillotine set-up.

Since the Big Push, Baines, Chewy, Smithy and Jerome Campbell have been out to Italy for a tour round the Roman land.

Brady has been busy getting a Sugar front Cover and a new pro truck sorted Quick bit of news about the with Venture. Big Push Death got Best The Lakai/blueprint Telford Film, Mackey - Best Trick, is in stores across the UK Best Individual - Kris Vile after the Royal Fam hand and Best Team - Blueprint. delivered them.


New Tees and “Born and Raised� deck from the Big Push Best Team, Blueprint

T R E V E R Revert


T-Shirts ÂŁ8.99

NEWS Nick at Power has been out in the US of A at ASR manning his first stall, showing off the new Vox collaboration. And the announcment of Patrick Melcher joining the Death fold from Black Label. Nick also took Ben Raemers and Ollie Tyreman out to meet the Consolidated team and tour the HQ as they now join them on the team.

Yet another Sam Taylor Boardroom Photo this time a Frontside Flip


Ali Boulala has his first shoe on Etnies out soon with Lace, Rubies and Cowboy Boot Stitching! Keep eyes peeled and pester a skateshop if you want it.

Etnies Girl have just held the webcast premiere of their first multi Sports movie “12 Pack” you can check the trailer on the Revert website.

Little sorry to Richard Pit for not fully crediting his Science front cover last month. The Boardroom in Leicester are having a Halloween shindig on the 28th hence another SPT photo in the same place, also read on for a review of his new video “Skateboarding an’ That” which got premiered at the Boardroom.

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If you shoot skate photos or are willing to write articles then we are willing to publish your work in this magazine, so long as it’s good content, we will run it and give you full credit for it too. Please send digital photos (JPG’s 4+ Mega Pixels) to

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Beccles Comp 2006 Presented by Smash Skates

This year’s Beccles Skate Comp at Beccles Skatepark in Suffolk, now in it’s third year. Was a rather successful affair with Smash Skates Ash Lever at the helm this year. Little Alex from Bucks. won the 13 and under blowing away the opposition showing great skills and balls! Local filmer Sharman showed that he’s more than just a filmer by winning the hotly contested 14-15 group. Finally Giles who came all the way from MK won the 16 and over group.

Results 13 and under 1st: Alex 2nd: James 3rd: Ashley 14-15 1st: Sharman 2nd: Chad 3rd: Matt 16 and over 1st: Giles 2nd: Ben 3rd: Jay

Visit the following and for more photos and footage 8

Smash Skates Rider Ben Rowley - Hardflip


Skateboarding an’ That

Photos: Lee Page

A video by Sam ‘SPT’ Taylor

Sam Taylor or SPT to most is the young Leicester media mogul, who runs the Pholow scene website. Shooting photos, filming and also happens to be pretty good on his board too. As you will see watching his video Skateboarding an’ That, which dropped on my doormat the other day. Straight into the DVD player it went despite needing to go to work in about 15 mins.

First up is SPT himself and it’s a good start, with nice smooth lines at the Quay in Leicester and other spots in and around Leicester and further afield. Plus some pretty banging tricks down the Poly Drop in Leicester. Next up is the smooth little fella’ Judah Thompson skating to Miami by Will Smith, class! This dude has a smooth fresh style and tricks to match. Nest is one of a several montage sections with footage from Leicester locals new and old. Eric Thomas follows this with some big tricks made look really easy, including some rather nice stuff from London.

Sam Taylor Noseslide


visit to get hold of the video and for more

Photo: SPT

After another montage comes little Curt Bagley a name you should expect to hear more from, judging by his amazing talent for a lad of only 13.

Last part goes to Wilko who had the front cover of Revert not so long ago with a nice Crook which features in the video. Alongside a super smooth Switch heel down the Poly Drop! This video if well worth getting in touch with SPT for a copy as it’s a rather fun scene video with some really good skating to back it up too. Only bad point that might get to the geeks like myself is the video quality in places, but you get past it quickly when watching the skating.

Josh Whitelaw Frontside 5-0


Curt Bagley Switch Crook


Moments from the





Featured skater owned shop...

Motel 6,

Wych Elm, Harlow

Latest shop in our Featured Skater Owned Shop series is the infamous Motel 6 in Harlow. Run by the very capable hands of eBay feedback king (2266 at last look) Steve Hemming. Bombed it down to Harlow in a quicker than anticipated time, which was useful as it took me a little bit to find the shop. Thought I was in the wrong place and that Google Maps had failed me, but I was in the right place just not looking up! Good luck Hem and Mummy Motel 6, I hear you’ll be parents very soon!


details address: 20-21 Wych Elm, (Above the Bike Shop), Harlow, Essex CM20 1QR tel: 01279 444493 web:

Tour Guide and Freelance Rider Luke Mayes - Wallride Fakie



Horsey - Blunt Rag to Fakie - Harlow Skatepark

Questions with owner...

Steve Hemming Usual starter for ten, introduce yourself etc? Previously “Bigworms” based in Harlow. Myself, Steve Hemming, been skating since 87 and love aircon and cheese. I’ve been working in skateshops since 1992 and am the best grip taper around (11 secs). Tell us about the evolution from Big Worms to Motel 6? Towards the end Bigworms was based in the local indoor shopping centre next to Burger King, as you could imagine this proved well expensive and f*cked us up completely. The Bigman pulled the plug and sent me packing. Six months passed and I found a decent cheap shop and started “Motel6”. I wanted a new name which was all mine to start the new chapter.

So how long has Motel 6 been around then? Since Nov 2004 “Gunshot” When’s the follow up to Skidding the Rim coming out and will you have a full section with handrail bangers included? Man I’m all over the rails, I can’t get down enough! Filming is always taking place by Monk, Mark and Parrot so I guess I’m waiting for Mark’s word and it will be action stations. Mark loves it, his just turned my first underground vid Exhibit A “Ched” from 97-99 into DVD, Its so funny I’m loving it. I made it with no computer in sight, I used turntables a mixer and 2 VHS players.

How’s the business going at the moment then? Pretty slow compared with previous years. Shop sales suck but the net helps the figures add up. I don’t sell clothes as they just don’t sell which I thought was a good move. My main priority is hardware and shoes but it leaves the shop quite empty looking as its all on the walls only. Saying that it’s good for my break dancing training in the middle of the shop. And lastly any shout outs to anyone etc? No F*ck em.


Describe your team riders in 10 words or less Nicolson - Nice polite young man. Wag - Getting fat and even more stupid than ever. Brewster - Mazda guru with smooth computer technics. Cates - Complete c*nt, just a c*nt I like him though. Horsey - Emo and trendy, reminds me of Evil Knievel. Rodney - Gangsta steez and strong. Zorlac - Arristo twin turbo eater with black shoes. Si Skipp - Easy going gentleman with fast wheels. Cundall - Women hungry C*m Bucket Tom Ball - Loyal chap with mad skills in woodwork. Andrew Willis - Very handsome with nice pecks. Sadie Hollins - Shockingly Good, never wears a mini-skirt.


Sadie Hollins - Switch Heelflip - Photo: Hem

Wag - Styled Frontside Flip



Charlie - Pop Shove Gap - Harlow


Tom May - Polejam

Ash Lever - 360 Flip

Marcus Mehta - BS Flip Photo: Paul Musson


Revert Magazine - Issue 7  
Revert Magazine - Issue 7  

Issue 7 of Revert skateboarding magazine from October 2006. Featuring:- Skateboarding an That Motel 6 Beccles Skate Comp 2006 Note:- This...