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2 Making sense, attracting senses.

News / Autumn 2022

Central by bonpart Roll by Louise Hederström Deli Lounge by Thomas Pedersen Tinnef by Charlotte von der Lancken

The 2022 Autumn Collection by Skandiform is all about character. It truly embodies who we are and the essence of Scandinavian design. Let’s welcome our new sensations Central and Roll as well as updated versions of Tinnef and Deli lounge. Show the best version of yourself and your true character this autumn. Enjoy it with all your senses.


News / Autumn 2022

Be the centre of attention

Central lives up to its name thanks to its unique characteristics. It’s always the centre of attention. Central isn’t only neat and tactful, but also stable and conspicuous, bridging the gap between a regular chair and a lounge chair. The simple and clean design allows it to stand out while blending in. Central’s beautiful upholstery, its attentive sewing details in the back, and the rectangular legs add structure and new dimensions to the shape. The design duo, bonpart, has designed a well-thought-out armchair that truly puts people at the heart of things. Even though it’s easy getting up from it, you probably don’t want to. It’s that comfortable. The flexibility allows you to create character in a variety of spaces for different states of mind. No matter how you like it, Central plays an important role. Hence the name.


Let’s rock, and roll

At a first glance, Roll looks like a traditional coat hanger, but there’s more to this character than meets the eye. There’s nothing ordinary about it. Roll is a coat hanger on wheels, shaped like a tree with its stem, crown, and roots. It’s inspired by the kingly giants of the forest, but also by a king on an entirely different stage. Louise Hederström, a designer based in Skåne, loves the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis Presley. Roll doesn’t move like Elvis, but it can easily be moved from one space to another. Thanks to its 5 wheels, Roll can be used in flexible meeting rooms, lounge spaces, and every space in between where people meet. The wheel construction also makes cleaning easy. Roll is balancing on a thin branch between functionality and decor. Its’ austere, yet playful, giving character to every space. Roll with it.


Take freedom for a spin Deli, our award-winning chameleon, has always been on a borderline between an armchair and an easy-chair. It’s neither and both. Its expression is enhanced by a two-part design which enables unique colour combinations. Now, Thomas Pedersen’s renowned and characteristic design has evolved into yet another voluminous sibling, the swivelling version of Deli lounge. The new turntable makes Deli lounge even more comfortable and confident. This feature changes your perspective on things, allowing you to rotate in all directions. It also contributes to unexpected and spontaneous interactions with people around you. The fully upholstered back creates an embracing feeling and the soft shapes invite you to pause for a moment. It’s relaxation in 360 degrees. Just sit back and let new things play out.

News / Autumn 2022

New swivelling version

From trash to table Since Tinnef saw the light of day, it has evolved into something even more sustainable. When launched, the Multicoloured and White marbled tabletops, set a new standard using recycled plastic from cosmetic bottles and yoghurt packages. The metamorphosis is still undergoing with our latest addition, Black coal, a distinct black coloured tabletop, interspersed with small islands of bright dots. It’s made of recycled plastic from old medical equipment such as packages, and food containers. Each Tinnef table with a plastic tabletop is one of a kind. The pattern is always unique. We’ve also added a large new coffee table to the range. With Black coal, Charlotte von der Lancken has yet again created a new life for plastic waste through colourful explosions, reminding everyone of the fragility of our planet.

New size and tabletop
12 Central / BONPART
”Central is a small footprint easy chair. With its rather upright but highly comfortable design, it bridges the gap between a regular chair and a lounge chair”

Central Collection

13 CENTRAL F-259 CENTRAL F-257 CENTRAL F-259 LACQUERED METAL* 9005 Jet black ASH** white pigmented OAK** Central’s beautiful upholstery, its attentive sewing details in the back, and the rectangular legs add structure and new dimensions to the shape. FRAME LACQUERED METAL* 9016 Traffic white NEW
Frame in lacquered metal, oak or white pigmented ash. VIEW COLLECTION HERE! NEW NEW * Skandiform Colour Collection (RAL) as option. ** Stain as option.
16 Roll /
“I have tried to find the balance between the functional and decorative. A classic coat stand updated with casters.”

Roll Collection

17 ROLL* T-410 ROLL* T-410 * Skandiform Colour Collection (RAL) as option.
Choose between 26 different RAL-colours. VIEW SKANDIFORM COLOUR COLLECTION HERE! NEW NEW

Deli Lounge

“With its clearly organic design and high level of comfort, this easy-chair can be used in many different ways in many different lounge settings.”
21 DELI LOUNGE* F-291 DELI LOUNGE* F-291 DELI LOUNGE** F-261 DELI LOUNGE* F-260 Deli Lounge Collection Frame in lacquered metal or legs in oak or white pigmented ash. VIEW COLLECTION HERE! The new turnable makes Deli lounge even more comfortable and confident. NEW NEW * Skandiform Colour Collection (RAL) as option. ** Stain as option.


“In the move towards using fossil-free plastics, we must take care of things that already exist. I have created a new life for plastic waste in the form of a colourful table that still bears the marks of its history as a plastic bottle.”



23 TINNEF** LB-664 TINNEF LB-644 TABLE TOPS NEW TINNEF* LB-646 TINNEF* LB-644 New coffee table to the range and new tabletop in black coal.
Collection Table available in various heights and sizes that can be used individually or as part of a set. VIEW COLLECTION HERE! WHITE MARBLED* recycled yogurt pots. Size: Ø45/Ø73cm ASH white pigmented Size: Ø45cm MULTICOLOURED* 100% recycled cosmetic bottles. Size: Ø45/Ø73cm OAK** Size: Ø45cm BLACK COAL* reclaimed medical equipment, combined with ”waste” food packaging. Size: Ø45/Ø73cm NEW * Every Tinnef tabletop is unique and can vary in colour and appearence. ** Stain as option.

Making sense, attracting senses

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. In those moments, you’re learning new things about yourself and the world. You’re also activating pleasures and memories, hopes and dreams, your very heart and soul. That’s our context. For more than 60 years, Skandiform has cherished and celebrated the meeting between people with beautifully crafted furniture. Our products don’t only feel reasonable, they awake a greater sense of emotional and physical well-being, attracting your senses with Scandinavian design. That’s what we do and love doing. When you’re in love, all love songs start to make sense. Fall in love with our furniture at



bonpart is a Vienna based furniture and product design studio by Verena Waidmann and Lukas Gstöttner.

In their work, bonpart aim for timeless beauty and intelligent solutions, resulting in projects with a certain calmness of clear-lined shapes, yet always with a playful twist. Their sculptural approach goes well with a focus on technical refinements and attentive details.

The work of bonpart comes from a unique, personal gaze and perception of surroundings. They pay attention to the sustainability of their projects, not only in terms of adequate material properties and quality processing, but also when it comes to aesthetic perception.

New Collaboration Designers - Autumn news 2022



Louise Hederström’s work spans a wide range, with everything from interior decor details to furniture and rugs. Louise’s products often contain elements of her characterful playfulness as well as nature, from which she draws her inspiration.


CVDLAB was established 2015 by Charlotte von der Lancken, previously known as the co-founder of Front Design. Charlotte von der Lancken works within various fields of design, from product design to art. CVDLAB is both a design studio and a platform for border crossing collaborations and investigative projects.


Thomas Pedersen’s designs have a typical Danish influence with a clear emphasis on simplicity. He combines classic organic lines with innovative ideas and details.



Life cycle in focus.


Skandiform defines sustainability as a way of working that values a holistic approach comprising environmental, quality, and work environment aspects. With this mind-set, we develop timeless furniture designs, always keeping comfort and life cycle in focus.


We ensure that the furniture we produce is well thought through, sustainable by having as little an impact on the environment as possible, can be recycled and gives a high level of comfort and wellbeing. We take care to select materials and suppliers that can meet our high standards. Our products are made to stand the test of time from both a quality and design perspective.


We strive to maintain good working relationships throughout our entire value chain in order to create a safe and progressive work environment that minimises injuries and ill health. We conduct risk assessments of our suppliers and enter Code of Conduct agreements. Internally we operate within the framework of work environment certification in accordance with ISO 45001.


In support of our sustainability work, Skandiform AB maintains a certified operating system with processes and procedures that comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

To ensure the origins of our wood

supplies, we are also certified in accordance with the FSC® Chain of Custody. Sustainability requirements are addressed in dialogue with our customers and other interested parties and through the environmental and sustainability labelling with which we mark our products, such as Möbelfakta.


The UN’s Agenda 2030 is a collection of global sustainability goals. It’s an obvious step for Skandiform to engage in and contribute to this. We are contributing to several of the Agenda’s goals through our sustainability efforts.



Customer Service Manager

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Customer Service

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Sales Manager

Eva Syverstad + 46 706 99 33 90

Area Sales Manager, Gothenburg and Western Sweden Åsa Juneström + 46 706 99 33 93

Area Sales Manager, Stockholm and Northern Sweden Kristina Rung + 46 707 84 66 83

Area Sales Manager, Malmö, Eastern Sweden and Export Anna Werntoft + 46 706 90 25 22

Area Sales Manager, Norway and Export Elin Wallin + 46 707 84 66 84

31 Contact

Photography: Marcus Lawett, Saga productions

Interior design/Styling: Caroline Richter, Sofie Lawett

Design & Copy: Ny studio


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