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News Autumn 2021

Autumn News 2021

Dito chair by Stefan Borselius

Lola chair by Margot Barolo

Tinnef table by Charlotte von der Lancken

Canard chair by Lars Hofsjö

Deep Forest wall panel by Nina Jobs


Happy reunions and brand new friends – a colourful get-together this autumn.

Both new acquaintances and cherished old friends are knocking on the door – our new autumn collection is now ready to be seen and wants to mingle. It will be an exciting gathering where togetherness is expressed in Scandinavian colours and soft, playful designs. Innovation and tradition meet creativity in a cycle that never ends. And the meeting between sustainability, ergonomics and design allows you to both sit comfortably for ages and to mingle – just what’s needed for casual and convivial gettogethers.


News / Autumn 2021

Dito chair and armchair by Stefan Borselius

Nobody can fail to notice when two-part Dito is in the room. In recycled plastic and hemp, the airy design and natural feel of these chairs make them easy to spread out, stack up or hang over the edge of a table. They come made entirely of plastic, semi-upholstered or fully-upholstered in contrasting colours. With arm rests – or without. Dito is at ease in all situations, whether these involve loud conversations or meetings in silence.


News / Autumn 2021

Lola chair

by Margot Barolo Lola is the friend you can trust and the friend you can lean on. In a shape that is friendly to look at, this chair has a personality that is both inclusive and humorous. A complete character with its fine details, solid stitching and careful pleating. But also comfortable and easy-going. With different fabrics, colours and materials, Lola can be configured to be chameleon-like in a room – or take centre stage as a real head-turner.


News / Autumn 2021

Tinnef - New table tops by Charlotte von der Lancken

Once breakfast is over, the yoghurt pots are given a new lease of life and transformed into a unique, attention-seeking table top. The white table top has silvery foil details and a frame in classic ash or oak. Or you can have both the top and frame made out of wood. Is it rubbish or is it material? Old or new? The answer is both – and together with its colourful cousins made from recycled plastic bottles, the Tinnef family becomes a natural talking point around the table.


News / Autumn 2021

Canard chair by Lars Hofsjö

Playful Canard lives up to its French name – just like a duck it looks as if it is challenging its sense of balance. But with an elegant metal frame and light ash seat, Canard is both stable and comfortable. Neat, stackable and suspendable, it looks good in any setting. In different colours or the same colour, Canard is a natural talking point. That’s when the chair itself isn’t doing all the talking.


News / Autumn 2021

Deep Forest ‒ 2 new patterns by Nina Jobs

The summer forest is now being joined by completely new tree tops on which to rest your gaze. A sparser winter forest? Or a slightly fuller spring forest? Or a mixture of both – as is usually the way. In the harmony of nature, voices are softened and with all the colours of the forest available, the background will be just as it should be – attractive without being obtrusive.


News / Autumn 2021


Dito by Stefan Borselius “We wanted to develop a chair that would be easy to use and comfortable to sit on – taking the opportunity to combine different materials and components based on how the chair is going to be used.” / Stefan Borselius



Chair and armchair available in 18 different combinations, view all models here!

Recycled polymers mixed with hemp. • 70-90% CO2 reduction • High recycled and bio content • Extreme UV resistance • Light and durable

COLOUR: Nature


New innovative material with sustainability in focus. Seat and backrest made of high-grade recycled polymers mixed with hemp.

DITO* S-1020

DITO* S-1040

DITO* KS-1160

DITO** KS-1125

DITO*** KS-1150

DITO*** KS-1170

* Recycled polymers mixed with hemp ** Backrest in recycled polymers mixed with hemp and upholstered seat *** Fully-upholstered seat and backrest 13

Dito chair and armchair in various models and combinations.





Dito stackable and suspendable armchair with Primo table, Nestor modular sofa, Allé plant divider, Deep Forest sound absorbing wall panel and Nagano coat stand.


Lola by Margot Barolo “Lola is a chair that wants to be your friend. Comfortable, fun and reliable. Lola’s strong personality is the exclamation mark that will add character to any room and contribute to a great atmosphere.” / Margot Barolo



Choose between 26 different RAL-colours. View Skandiform Colour Collection here!

RAL 8001 Ochre brown

LOLA S-001

RAL 9016 Traffic white

LOLA S-001

The dark and muted.

RAL 9005 Jet black

LOLA S-001

RAL 3012 Beige red

LOLA S-001

The light and pared back. 19

Margot Barolo with Lola chair.


Open collaboration finale – Skandiform and Margot Barolo launch the Lola chair.

From one experimental project to another. Skandiform and designer Margot Barolo have turned the traditional way of working together upside down. And the combination of digital meetings and practical developments has been open for everyone to follow.

big wide world around us. Lola was cool, sharp and funny – but at the same time dependable when times were tough,” says designer Margot Barolo, who is also a Programme Director and senior lecturer at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm.

“It has been a very exciting development process, made even more enjoyable by the fact we have been able to invite everyone who was interested to follow us throughout the entire journey. As the pandemic set limits, the collaboration also became completely digital – and I think that challenge has made a good chair even better,” says Johanna Cahné, Design and Marketing Manager at Skandiform.

Within the framework of The Kinship Method, five Swedish designers each developed their own chair and then built on each other’s ideas to create new versions. In a new collaboration, Skandiform has worked with Margot Barolo – the designer who initiated The Kinship Method – to develop one of the first generation chairs even further. The project, which began during spring 2020, is now due to be launched in autumn 2021:

“The Lola of my childhood always dressed in a turban with red lips and high-heeled sandals” Lola chair – the friend you can trust and lean on. “The Lola of my childhood always dressed in a turban with red lips and high-heeled sandals to pick raspberries for our quickly thrown-together cream cake. Summers were followed by winters with a home filled with exciting furniture and deep scents from the

the seat and angles to achieve maximum comfort. While concentrating on the stitching and pleating added refinement. The comfortable character of Lola with thoughtful details and solid stitching was then introduced in her various guises at the Southern Sweden Design Days in May 2021.

Prototype 1, 2 and 3

It has been possible to follow the Barolo Project – which during the pandemic became an entirely digital collaboration – through various channels and social media platforms. Over the course of the year, four prototypes were tested and refined before the finished version of Lola finally emerged. During construction, numerous adjustments were made to the metal frame to create the neatest and most durable chair possible. Work on sitting comfort involved continuously testing


The open collaboration can be found on Skandiforms Instagram stories, in the highlight “Barolo Project”. View the journey here!

Tinnef by Charlotte von der Lancken “In our efforts to reduce our impact on the climate by making greater use of fossil-free plastics, we also need to take care of the plastics that already exist.” / Charlotte von der Lancken


Tinnef Collection

Table with frame in oak or white pigmented ash. View collection here!






Tinnef recycled table tops are made of recycled PET cosmetic bottles or recycled yoghurt pots. TINNEF LB-644 Table tops:

White marbled* Recycled yoghurt pots

Ash White pigmented

Multicoloured* 100% recycled PET cosmetic bottles


TINNEF* LB-664 * Every table top made of recycled material is unique and can vary in colour and appearence. 23

Canard by Lars Hofsjö

“It’s the balance, proportions and tiniest of details that can make a difference. Canard has a neatly-proportioned, soft style at the same time as its slightly sturdier frame makes it stable and sassy. It’s a fun chair, quite simply.” / Lars Hofsjö


Canard series

Choose between 26 different RAL-colour. View Skandiform Colour Collection here!

RAL 9005 Jet black

ASH White pigmented


RAL 9016 Traffic white


RAL 8001 Ochre brown


RAL 6034 Pastel turquoise


RAL 6021 Pale green


Canard chair is neat, stackable and suspendable.

*Seat and backrest in optional stain colours. 25

Canard chair with Aplomb table, Matsumoto Mini, Nagano coat stand and Allé plant divider.



Deep Forest by Nina Jobs “The forest has grown! The addition of two new family members Winter and Spring means you can now create your very own individual forest”. / Nina Jobs


Deep Forest Collection View the collection here!






Deep Forest soundabsorbing wall panel is easy to place and has a filling made from recycled textiles. Magnets for mounting on wall is included and you can easily move around the panel, change pattern and mix colours.







Standard lacquers

RAL 9016 Traffic white

RAL 9006 White aluminium

RAL 9005 Jet black

Yellow & neutral


RAL 1018 Zinc yellow

RAL 8023 Orange brown

RAL 4009 Pastel violet

RAL 3012 Beige red

RAL 3005 Wine red

RAL 6034 Pastel turquoise

RAL 5014 Pigeon blue

RAL 5008 Grey blue

RAL 6003 Olive green

RAL 6012 Black green

RAL 1014 Ivory

RAL 8001 Ochre brown

RAL 1019 Grey beige

Pink, red & purple


RAL 5004 Black blue

Green & brown

RAL 6021 Pale green White & grey

RAL 9003 Signal white

RAL 9001 Cream

RAL 7038 Agate grey

RAL 7037 Dusty grey

RAL 7040 Window grey

RAL 7011 Iron grey

Textured lacquers

RAL 9016 Traffic white

RAL 9005 Jet black

This colour guide is produced by Skandiform. For technical reasons to do with printing, there may be differences between the colours on the actual products and those mechanically or digitally reproduced. Please always check the exact colour in RAL original colour guide or order a colour sample from us. 30


Having difficulty deciding? Finding mixing and matching a challenge? Skandiform Colour Collection will help you to chart your way in a landscape of colours. Natural shades come together with earth tones for calm harmony. Colours for those who want to stand out are met with tones that clash with each other in exactly the right way. The light and pared back. The dark and muted. Skandiform’s world is beautiful and colourful, classic and elegant. And now also easy to navigate.


Designers - Autumn News 2021

NEW COLLABORATION! Margot Barolo Lola Margot Barolo is a designer who studied at Beckmans College of Design and the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. She now runs the design agency Brave Production. Over the years, she has worked in product design as well as engaging in her own production and has received several awards. Most recently, Barolo has delved into deeper issues, challenging the image of production, the role of the designer and the value we place on people and the creation of products. Barolo lectures and teaches at several design colleges and is responsible for the product design programme at Beckmans College of Design.


Stefan Borselius Dito, Spino, Primo, Fendo

Nina Jobs Deep Forest, Bolero

Stefan Borselius has a solid background as both a designer and furniture maker. His keen interest in new techniques and materials combined with his knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and modern industrial processes continuously results in unique, innovative products.

Nina Jobs is an internationally renowned designer who values simplicity, sustainability and timeless design. She designs everything from interior details to wallpaper, fashion and furniture. Multitalented, she is not only a renowned furniture designer, but also an art director and curator of numerous exhibitions on Swedish design.

Charlotte on der Lancken Tinnef

Lars Hofsjö Canard, Nestor

CVDLAB was established 2015 by Charlotte von der Lancken, previously known as the co-founder of Front Design. Charlotte von der Lancken works within various fields of design, from product design to art. CVDLAB is both a design studio and a platform for border crossing collaborations and investigative projects.

Lars Hofsjö has a background in both industrial and furniture design, which is why his furniture often has an extra dimension offering a wealth of possi- bilities. He loves to develop details that either simplify the production process or add an unexpected extra function to his furniture – or both.




Certifications In support of our sustainability work, Skandiform AB maintains a certified operating system with processes and procedures that comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. To ensure the origins of our wood supplies, we are also certified in accordance with the FSC@ Chain of Custody. Sustainability requirements are addressed in dialogue with our customers and other interested parties and through the environmental and sustainability labelling with which we mark our products, such as Möbelfakta.

Sustainability Skandiform defines sustainability as a way of ­working that values a holistic approach com­prising environmental, quality, and work environment aspects. With this mind-set, we develop timeless furniture designs, always keeping comfort and life cycle in focus.

Design We ensure that the furniture we produce is well thought through, sustainable by having as little an impact on the environment as possible, can be ­recycled and gives a high level of comfort and w ­ ellbeing. We take care to select materials and suppliers that can meet our high standards. Our products are made to stand the test of time from both a quality and design perspective.

Agenda 2030 The UN’s Agenda 2030 is a collection of global sustainability goals. It’s an obvious step for Skandiform to engage in and contribute to this. We are contributing to several of the Agenda’s goals through our sustainability efforts.

Social responsibility We strive to maintain good working relationships throughout our entire value chain in order to create a safe and progressive work environment that minimises injuries and ill health. We conduct risk assessments of our suppliers and enter Code of Conduct agreements. Internally we operate within the framework of work environment certification in accordance with ISO 45001.

CERTIFIERAD ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Ledningssystem för kvalitet och miljö



Customer Service Customer Service Manager Magnus Svendsen 044 855 57 Customer Service, Sweden and Norway Linda Troedsson 044 855 52 Customer Service, Export Jessica Persson 044 855 60

Representative Sales Manager Eva Syverstad 0706 99 33 90 Representative Malmö, Eastern Sweden and Norway Charlotta Hägge Jacobsson 0707 84 66 84 Representative Gothenburg and Western Sweden Åsa Juneström 0706 99 33 93 Representative Stockholm and Northern Sweden Kristina Rung 0707 84 66 83 Area Sales Manager Export Anna Werntoft 0706 90 25 22


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