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OUR VISION A community of contrast, gripped by the gospel of God’s grace, reaching out with the gospel of Christ.


Letter from our Rector Trustees’ Report

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Pillar Reports: Gospel Proclamation Gospel Formation Gospel Application

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Treasurer’s Report 2018 Financial Report Looking Ahead

LETTER FROM OUR RECTOR Our vision at St. John’s is to be:

A community of contrast, gripped by the gospel of God’s grace, reaching out with the gospel of Christ. We pursue this vision through the three ministry pillars that we introduced last year. This year’s report is structured around these three pillars:

Gospel Proclamation is what makes us a

Christian church. Prayerfully proclaiming Christ brings new life in the Spirit and grows us toward Christ. As we behold the glory of God in the face of Christ, we become increasingly gripped by the gospel. This pillar includes: Sunday gatherings, service planning, greeters, pastoral care, children, youth, young adults, community groups, ESL, prayer ministry, and all outreach. In the past year, we have refocused our prayer gatherings around sharing Christ with others, developed welcoming teams, and sharpened our Christmas outreach. In keeping with our emphasis on proclamation, our summer sermon series focused on “The Problem with Christianity” (the sermons may be found online). I am especially grateful to the Lord for causing our ESL ministries to flourish. We began a refresh of the Artizo program – drawing the Artizo training into St. John’s and welcoming Rev. Ben Roberts on staff as a half-time trainer. I am delighted to be part of this training again as we continue to develop core curriculum and apprentices.

Gospel Formation is the regular ongoing work

of the church. The aim of formation is to present each other mature in Christ. This happens by deepening our discipleship as we learn to serve God and one another. This pillar includes: our Sunday gatherings as well as most of our mid-week activities: catechism, community groups, leaders training, men’s and women’s groups, music, children, youth, and young adults. I am particularly thankful to God for the growing work of catechism.


Gospel Application is our growing edge

and requires a little more explanation. There is widespread agreement today that we live in a ‘post-Christian’ culture where Christianity has lost prominence, position, and population. This has been variously described as: the loss of the sacred, disconnection from the cosmic order, and the triumph of individualism, consumerism, secularism, and pluralism. Strongly embedded in post-Christendom is the belief that religion restricts individual freedom, happiness, and self-definition – therefore, it must be deconstructed or dismantled. For Christians, this has contributed to an increasing sense that our hearts and lives are both (1) alien in our culture and (2) being colonized by the values of our post-Christian culture. Christian ethics – beginning to end of life issues, the use of technology, sexual identity, the shape of the family, the care of the vulnerable, and so many others – are frequently contested.

Since our citizenship is in heaven, God calls us to be aliens and pilgrims in our communities; however, we are also deeply embedded in our culture. To make disciples of every nation means we refrain from either retreating from our culture or simplistically embracing every cultural value. It means we attempt to “live on earth as it is in heaven” This pillar includes: missions, the refugee committees, and our commitment to the Anglican Network in Canada. Locally, the Gospel Application team is attempting to develop an approach where we support, equip, and encourage each other for Missionary Critical Engagement. We hope that this will prepare us to live, work, play, and flourish in ways that serve Christ and enable us to better shine as lights for Christ in Vancouver. Sincerely, David Short


TRUSTEES’ REPORT We, as Trustees, are encouraged to see God convicting, challenging, and comforting us as we look back on 2018. Many of our leaders celebrated milestone years in 2018, demonstrating their long-term commitment to serve St. John’s Vancouver. Rector David Short celebrated his 25th year, Vicar Dan Gifford his 20th year, and Reverend Aaron Roberts his 10th year. We are grateful for their continued care for us as a congregation: serving us with robust, God-centred teaching and equipping us to be witnesses of Christ in our ever-changing city. The different sermon series strengthened us: Meet Jesus, The story of God with Us (Matthew), The Problem with Christianity, Daniel: Clash of Kings, and Come to Me (Matthew). The leadership team held the four-part learning series called CCQ (Connecting, Content, Questions), equipping us for evangelism and helping us answer hard questions that arise in evangelism. We have been nourished deeply by the gospel of Christ Jesus and look forward to continued nourishment and fruitfulness in 2019. This year, we have seen ministries continue to flourish as they align with the three pillars: Gospel Proclamation, Gospel Formation, and Gospel


Our trustees

Rector People’s Warden Rector’s Warden Treasurer

David Short Joanne Sawatzky Ewan Wilding Christine Klukas

Margaret Dymond Jeff Spruston Matt Strolz Kevin Unger

Application. This can be seen in the growth of the English as a Second Language (ESL) ministry – with an increased number of groups meeting throughout the week – and the joyful celebration of three baptisms. First Noel, one of our Christmas outreach events at VanDusen Gardens, continued to grow in size and provided evangelism outreach opportunities to the community. The youth ministry’s Friday night program continued to grow and the senior youth served in various ministries (Sunday School and Welcome) on Sunday mornings. After much anticipation, hard work, and prayer, the refugee committee is preparing to welcome the sponsored family from India.

This past year we sadly said goodbye to staff and welcomed new staff.

•W  e warmly welcomed Joanna Duyzer and Rachel Wilkowski to the administration team while saying goodbye to Donna Chapman Jones and Mariel Jones as they pursue new career paths.

He will continue to serve on the Building Committee seeking a new permanent home for St. John’s. We continue to ask for prayers in this journey.

As trustees, we are entrusted with overseeing the finances to which you sacrificially give each year. It is with much thanksgiving that we met our annual budget this year. Trustees and staff have prayerfully • Our small groups’ coordinator Lyn Unger stepped accepted the bequest and identified how the down to pursue a counselling degree and we funds will be used in addition to our core operating welcomed Joel Strecker into this role. budgets. The funds will help to grow our three pillars – Gospel Formation, Gospel Application, and Gospel •N  ick Portengen is supporting the Student Proclamation – further, deeper, and wider. We are Ministry while Nicole Inboden takes maternity grateful to God and to each of you. Through your leave. Nicole and Tad welcomed their daughter giving, we continue to build up the church of Christ Audrey in July. and draw people to our Lord Jesus Christ. •W  e said goodbye to two of our interns. Rev. Arnold Mayorga moved with his family to Ottawa Let us continue to be a congregation who is formed by the gospel, applies the gospel, and proclaims the and Katy Der is pursuing studies at Regent gospel in this ever-challenging world. College. •W  e welcomed Ben Roberts in the role of Director of Artizo Training.

We are also sad to say goodbye to Jeff Spruston, who faithfully served as a St. John’s trustee for seven years. His contributions to trustees will be missed.

It has been a pleasure to chat with many of you over the year. Feel free to reach out at any time. Sincerely, Joanne Sawatzky Trustee, Peoples Warden



GOSPEL PROCLAMATION St. John’s needs to have more than just “open doors”; we need to be actively reaching out and engaging people with the gospel. In 2018, the Gospel Proclamation team has worked to develop plans and programs to move us in this direction.

Team Members Aaron Roberts Tad Inboden David Short

Our goals:

•B  ecause all of our evangelistic plans and programs are useless without prayer, we strive to prayerfully and expectantly depend on God to make the gospel known through us.

• We want our congregation to be passionate about the gospel and equipped to share it.

• We must create opportunities for all newcomers to encounter Christ and have systems that help newcomers be welcomed into the church body.

Here are some things we have done in 2018:

•O  ur congregational prayer meetings were focused on praying for evangelism. We met together to pray for our church, our friends and families, and to hear testimonies of people who have recently given their lives to Christ.

•W  e started “Little Years,” a community group for babies/toddlers and their caregivers. It is held weekly at the Marpole Community Centre.

•W  e ran a four-part series called CCQ (Connect, Content, Questions) that was designed to equip us to better understand and share the gospel.

•W  e held First Noel, a congregation-wide Christmas outreach event, at VanDusen Garden.

This year, we had many drop-in visitors on their way to the Festival of Lights.

• We launched a dedicated “Welcome Team” at the Evening Service whose main job is to welcome newcomers.

• We produced a booklet for newcomers which is available for all visitors in the church foyer.

• Our children’s summer Bible camp is one of our biggest children’s outreach events. In 2018, we welcomed over 40 visitors.


Plans for 2019 in Gospel Proclamation: We have developed an annual rhythm for welcome and evangelism.


•T  wice in 2019, we will run a four-week course for newcomers to St John’s.

•A  fter Easter, we will be encouraging all small groups to go through the evangelistic video course called Life Explored. This is a new video series by the creators of Christianity Explored. The idea is to experience and build our confidence in the course with the hope of running it later in the year for our non-Christian friends. As small groups go through Life Explored, we will simultaneously have a sermon series focused on unpacking the gospel.

• In 2019, First Noel will be held at VanDusen Gardens on December 21. This will be one of the busiest nights for the Festival of Lights. One of the questions the team will be addressing is: How we can better invite and share the gospel with strangers passing our event on their way to the Festival of Lights?

GOSPEL FORMATION The Gospel Formation pillar is interested in growing disciples. The goal of this pillar is to strengthen people in a life following Jesus so that they may be presented mature in Christ. As a result, each member of St. John’s is learning and growing in Christ Jesus throughout their lives. The ministries in this pillar provide a lifelong path of Bible study and discipleship programs that begin at birth. The children of St. John’s move through childhood in Sunday school, junior, and senior youth. As they enter their early 20s, they move into Ekklesia. Next, the adult path opens into various community groups including women’s and men’s ministry, Learners’ Exchange, ESL discipleship groups, and catechism.

Team Members Dan Gifford Kim Graham Jeremy Graham Tad Inboden Joel Strecker


Our goals:

1. T  o cultivate life-long discipleship for all members. This happens in all of our discipleship ministries, in our times of gathered worship on Sundays, in oneto-one discipleship, and in personal times of prayer and Bible reading. The purpose of all discipleship ministries is to facilitate growth in Jesus for every member of our church, regardless of how long they have been following Jesus. These ministries will develop discipleship paths that are suited to people in a variety of contexts including new believers, ESL, and those transitioning out of Ekklesia. 2. T  o develop lay leaders. None of the ministries at St. John’s can exist without lay leaders. We are grateful for the Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, and catechists who are crucial for discipleship programs that reach people of all ages. It is also essential we have leaders in hospitality, support, and pastoral care ministries. There are many opportunities for leadership and many at St. John’s who can potentially serve in this way; lay leaders and staff in the formation pillar will

regularly identify, encourage, and help to train new lay leaders for the ministries of St. John’s. We are committed to supporting leaders that God is raising in our church family. 3. T  o have every member serving the body of Christ. At St. John’s, we believe that serving is a sign that Jesus has taken hold of our hearts. Being formed by the gospel means moving from serving ourselves to serving Christ and others. Each of the ministries at St. John’s will encourage a life of service. We will endeavour to invite all members of St. John’s to serve God in a wide range of ministries including welcome, hospitality, administration, refugee support, governance of St. John’s, outreach, pastoral care, and the support of Sunday services. Please pray for the group that coordinates the activities of the Formation Pillar. They meet regularly to: (1) pray for the people of St. John’s in their life of following Jesus and (2) ensure that all the discipleship ministries work together toward these goals.

Some specific things we did in 2018:


•W  e continue to focus on equipping our lay leaders. In January, we held the parish-wide event “Equip to Lead.” Both Sunday school and student ministries provide ongoing training and orientation for leaders. Our Director of Community Groups provides support for community groups.

• Women’s ministry initiated several new programs including a women’s evening Bible study and monthly worship service called Welcome to Worship.

• Jim Tucker and Craig Gay led a 15-week overview catechism course using the Anglican resource To Be a Christian.

Plans for 2019 in Gospel Formation:

•W  e will finish training two new catechists: Janet Greenman and Ada Baylis.

•W  e are in the process of developing a new catechism curriculum that emphasizes how the Christian truths taught in To Be A Christian shape everyday life. Implementation will happen through catechists Bron Short, Ben Roberts, Jim Tucker, Julie Lane-Gay, Craig Gay, Janet Greenman, and Ada Baylis.

•A  “Learning To Lead” event will take place once a year to bring together the leaders of the Formation pillar ministries for teaching and mutual encouragement.

•A  comprehensive “St. John’s Leadership Expectations” document will be completed. The Formation pillar will coordinate the training of leaders in its various ministries.

• We will develop a rule of life outlining what growth in Christ looks like throughout one’s life as a resource for small group Bible studies.

• The newly-formed ESL Discipleship Committee will coordinate follow-up and discipleship support for new ESL members of St. John’s.



GOSPEL APPLICATION One of the three pillars of our church is Gospel Application. When the gospel grips our hearts, we know Christ’s work on the cross saves and sends us into the world to do his ongoing work as His servants. We don’t accomplish this by our strength but through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit’s power makes us agents of Jesus’ Kingdom to sometimes confirm and other times confront culture where it is out of step with the Lord’s Spirit. This makes the church Christ’s change agents. Our culture is changing at a rapid rate. It is staggering to keep up with the pace. No matter how frenetic the pace, the application of our heart, mind, soul, and strength to love the world by the power of God makes impossible change possible. So, we ask God in prayer to help us apply the gospel for the glory of God and the good of creation and culture. Furthermore, gospel application is not limited to our culture. St. John’s is engaged with many ministries

Our goals:

•W  e need to be able to think critically about the culture in which we participate: affirming where we can and bringing the gospel to bear where it conflicts. Because of this, we will equip and resource every member for Missionary Critical Engagement.

• In order to know what our congregation is doing as we engage the culture, we will celebrate the stories of how members apply the gospel through Missionary Critical Engagement.

Team Members James Wagner Andrew Buchanan Michele Konnert Stephanie Lawton Constant Leung Leo Song Carillo Kathy Shain Ross David Short outside of Vancouver. This makes our reach with the gospel local, national, and international. Our motivation isn’t just to maintain relationships but also to initiate and build new relationships with other ministries so that the gospel is applied appreciatively and critically among the diverse cultures and contexts of the world.

• We will equip and resource gospel ministry outside St. John’s. This is primarily accomplished through the Missions Committee and our financial support of other ANiC Churches.


Some things we did in 2018:

•W  e formed the Gospel Application team. This is a group of staff and lay people who are working together to develop an approach where we support, equip, and encourage each other for Missionary Critical Engagement.

• In May, we held a two-part series designed to help parents think critically and navigate the world of technology within their families.

•T  he Missions Committee oversaw the support of over 17 mission organizations and missionaries

who are working throughout the world. Our primary mission partners remain Ratanak, Helping Point, and the Diocese of the Upper Shire in Malawi. We also sent a team of four to visit Helping Point and Jeremy Curry in Nepal.

• We provided financial support to two ANiC churches in the lower mainland.

• We welcomed a new chair of the Missions Committee. Thanks to Leo Song-Carrillo for taking on this important role.

Plans for 2019 in Gospel Formation:


• In February 2019, we will have a three-part series called “Tech: Not Neutral” led by Craig Gay.

•W  e will run a two-part series exploring gender identity and the new SOGI school curriculum.

•T  he Missions Committee formed a subcommittee to think about how to use the restricted bequest mission fund.

PASSAGES Baptisms Arina Lai Thea Stutheit Hanna Strecker

Confirmations Joel Strecker Arnold Mayorga Ben Cunningham


Kathy Ross & William Shain Juhee Kim & Noah Friebel Meredith Cochran & Derek Witten

In Memoriam Phyllis Burt Shirley Coleman Brendan Hipp Rhoda Morrison Colin Samson Janet Street Carolyn Thomas Lyndon Twiss Gordon Watts


ANGLIGAN NETWORK IN CANADA (ANIC) The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) continues to be the vibrant and faithful Anglican platform for gospel ministry that it has been for the past eleven years. It has matured into a diocese that is looking forward to how it can best enable gospel ministry in Canada. There has been slow and steady growth in the number of members and churches since ANiC began. ANiC is currently considering how to strengthen its churches as they reach out with the gospel. One proposal that was considered at synod in November 2018 was called “Beyond a Lifeboat.” The proposal called for the creation of multiple dioceses to relieve some of Bishop Charlie’s workload (as


the leader of ANiC) and to help bishops focus time and energy on outreach in an area or grouping of churches. However, the synod determined that there had not been adequate consultation with congregations on how the proposed structural changes would strengthen gospel ministry. It was agreed that a year of discernment was required to engage with all churches and consider the best way forward. Bishop Charlie has set up a task force chaired by Dan Gifford to implement this season of discernment and make recommendations at the next synod in November 2019. Please pray that during this year God will provide direction that reflects His will for the gospel mission of the churches in ANiC.

GLOBAL ANGLICAN FUTURE CONFERENCE (GAFCON) GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) is a movement within the Anglican communion comprised of at least 70% of Anglicans throughout the world. It works to renew the vision of the Anglican communion to faithfully proclaim Jesus to all the nations of the world. In an age where there are powerful forces attempting to distort the gospel of Jesus and pull the Anglican communion from its foundation on the word of God, the members of GAFCON are standing firmly on this foundation and actively bringing Jesus’ true gospel to people throughout the world.

Over the past year, we had a few opportunities to support other churches facing difficult decisions. At GAFCON, St. John’s delegates met with a group of clergy from New Zealand. David Short travelled to New Zealand and Ireland to offer wisdom and encouragement to Anglican leadership as they make sacrifices similar to ours for the sake of the gospel. A representative from New Zealand travelled to the ANiC synod in November for encouragement and help in setting up their own network of Anglican churches.

This past June, the GAFCON conference was held in Jerusalem with two thousand Anglican delegates in attendance from forty countries. It was a great joy for David and Bronwyn Short, Jeremy Graham, Ben Roberts, and Dan Gifford to attend alongside so many Anglicans. David Short spoke at four sessions to strengthen the delegates in their faith and gospel work. He spoke about God’s strategy for the world from the book of Titus. Throughout the conference, St. John’s delegates both provided and received much encouragement.

The GAFCON conference launched goals to plant churches, provide sound theological training, form mission partnerships, promote patterns of biblical marriage and family life, and reach children and young people throughout the world with the gospel of Jesus. GAFCON has matured into an effective missionary movement for the gospel. Pray for this worldwide movement and our place in it as we work together on initiatives outlined in Jerusalem.

St. John’s is considered a senior church in GAFCON because we led the way for this movement by standing firm with the gospel when the Anglican Church of Canada departed from the doctrine of the Bible and gospel. Sadly, there continues to be a willful rejection of the Bible amongst Anglicans in the West, demonstrated by the same-sex marriage of a Toronto Anglican bishop last month and the Church of England releasing official guidance for baptism-like services for transgender people to mark their transition. As a result, many churches are taking a stand for the gospel just like St. John’s did 16 years ago. We have been able to provide help and guidance to some churches as they walk through this.


TREASURER’S REPORT As we reflect on 2018, the fingerprint of our Lord Jesus was evident in so many areas of our life together but none was marked by such tangible clarity as our finances.

great privilege and opportunity to give back to God and declare the gospel to those who do not yet know the love of Christ Jesus in Vancouver, Canada, and the world.

We ended the year on December 31, 2018 with a total surplus of $2,295,572 in our general fund.

We are incredibly grateful as well for the significant bequest received in 2018 for which 90% ($2,250,000) was designated to the general fund. We are thankful for the life of this donor who was a beloved longtime member and lived a life serving Christ. This gift will allow St. John’s to further God’s gospel purposes in our church. We will use the funds for advancing initiatives associated with our three pillars that we would otherwise be unable to fund within our current operations budget. As outlined in the bequest celebration on December 9, 2018, the Trustees have determined to create a perpetual reserve of $300,000. The remaining money will be used in line with the wishes of the donor, spending the balance of the funds over approximately ten years.

This amount comprised a net surplus of $45,572 in our core operations and is an excellent testament to the generosity of our members in giving toward our core operating budget. At the end of August 2018, our surplus was significantly augmented with the receipt of the first tranche of a bequest of $2,250,000 designated for general fund operations. In 2018, actual offerings amounted to $2,194,452, exceeding our 2018 budget by $2,452. We collected $13,343 in interest income from the bequest and our actual expenses were under budget by $29,777. In total, we have a $45,572 surplus in our core operations for which we are incredibly grateful. Our base of committed donors was consistent with prior years but our pattern of giving remained heavily weighted with 25% of our offering budget received in December. This pattern of giving continues to highlight our dependence on God. Indeed, God at work in our midst — especially in our finances — is nothing short of a miracle year after year. Our financial results bear witness to the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives as we respond to God by giving our talent, time, and resources. Thank you for your ongoing partnership in the gospel and your generosity to St. John’s. May we count it a


Sincerely, Christine Klukas Treasurer

2018 Financial Report

Revenue 2018 Offerings to the General Fund Interest Income



$2,194,452 $13,343

Bequest to the General Fund


Bequest to the Restricted Mission Fund Total Income (General Fund)

250,000 $2,207,795


Programs and Outreach Salaries



Ministry Program Disbursements



Building and Facilities



Office and Administrative Costs











Missions (local, national, and international)



Total Mission Expenses







Expenses 2018 (General Fund) CHURCH OPERATIONS

Total Church Operations OUTREACH

ANiC support Outreach, support, and training Total Outreach Expenses MISSIONS

Total Expenses (General Fund) SURPLUS FOR THE YEAR (General Fund) BEQUEST to the Restricted Mission Fund


In 2018 donors also contributed to the following restricted funds Building Fund


Team Missions Trips Fund


Refugee Fund


*The building fund balance as of Dec 31, 2018 was $1,047,423


EXPENSES 58% 10% 10% 9% 6% 3% 2%


Program and Outreach Salaries ANiC Building and Facilities Missions Office and Administrative Costs Ministry Program Disbursements Outreach, support, and training


What's included

Program and Outreach Salaries

This category includes all wages, benefits, and honorarium costs.

Ministry Program Disbursements

Church services and supplies, Children's, Student, Men's, Women's, Seniors, International, Pastoral Care, Catechism and Music ministries.

Building and Facilities

Everything we spend related to facilities: Church, Office and other facility rentals, heat, light, repairs, and maintenance.

Office and Administrative Costs

Communications, printing, machine leases, office supplies, hardware, software, phones, internet, and professional fees, etc.

Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC)

As a member church of ANiC we direct a portion of our offerings to support our Diocese. This year it also includes our clergy participation at the GAFCON conference.

Outreach, suppport, and training

In 2018 we donated to two other ANiC churches in need, the Gospel Coalition as well as supporting two local refugee organizations. Artizo donations were reduced as St. John's took on some of the costs associated with training interns, of note the Director of Training became a St. John's staff member.


St. John's mission budget includes funding local, national, and international missionaires and missionary organizations.

LOOKING AHEAD Gospel Proclamation

We are developing an annual rhythm for welcoming newcomers. We have just finished our first four-week Newcomers Course and will repeat it in the fall. After Easter, we will feature a seven-week series called Life

Gospel Formation

The team is developing discipleship criteria for all our small groups as well as support and training for all lay leaders. Our growing group of catechists is trialing a seven-week catechism “taster” on Sundays which focuses on one area of catechism each week. This is in addition to the 15-week catechism overview.

Gospel Application

Please pray for the Gospel Application team as they seek ways to equip and encourage us to represent Christ in Vancouver. We want to develop an approach called Missionary Critical Engagement (MCE):

•M  ISSIONARY – We will seek to draw people to Christ as we learn how to live faithfully. •C  RITICAL – We want to apply the gospel through critical thought and humility with the help of the Spirit of Christ. •E  NGAGEMENT – We trust that God has placed us in Vancouver for his honour and glory as we engage with our city.

Explored in our home groups and on Sundays. This series is designed to help us live and share Christ in our post-Christian culture.

Both will continue to be offered and refined this year. Historically, catechesis has used the three creeds, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments to ground believers in the gospel over 15 weeks. I hope every single person at St. John’s will go through our catechism course.

We have begun to host events to equip us in this direction. We have just finished three weeks of “Tech: Not Neutral” led by Craig Gay as well as two parent nights that helped us think through how we can engage with SOGI. Over the next three years, we plan to draw on the resources of the wider church to help us toward MCE. Sincerely, David Short


We meet on Sundays at: 5350 Baillie Street, Vancouver Our church office is at: 2325 Burrard Street, Vancouver (604) 558-4400

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St. John's Vancouver 2018 Annual Report  

St. John's Vancouver 2018 Annual Report  

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