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leave the hospital the next day following surgery with minimal recovery times,” he said. “The risks of obesity far outweigh the risks of surgery,” added Levy. Once a patient qualifies for surgery at the Tulane Bariatric Center, they work with the professional team there for six months of pre-operative education, sessions and evaluations. Then after the surgery, they work with patients to help them keep the weight off. “What you eat and getting exercise is so important in weight loss and maintenance,” said Levy. DuCoin advises a minimum of 20 minutes of activity a day, and Levy adds that people need to drink 64 ounces of water daily. But it’s not easy since much of weight is “out of our control,” said Levy. “Seventy percent is genetic and only 30 percent is diet and exercise. It’s fighting a genetic battle. We should not blame ourselves or ever feel ashamed. There are positive solutions.” She said that most patients are aware that weight loss and successful bariatric surgery help those who suffer from diabetes, sleep apnea as well as elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels. However, many are surprised to learn how weight loss can contribute to lessening one’s chances for developing certain cancers — close to onethird of all cancers. “Fat cells cause inflammation and make the cells more susceptible to cancer,” said Levy. “We already know, for example, that Ashkenazi Jews have a higher propensity for developing breast cancer due to the BRAC gene. Excess fat cells also could cause a woman’s body to produce excess estrogen, thus also increasing the risk for breast and some other cancers.” Levy and DuCoin both are professors in the Tulane School of Medicine. “We love educating future medical professionals and in our practice we love educating patients on healthy living,” said Levy. Adds DuCoin, “the beauty of bariatric surgery is that you can fall back in love with the person you look at in the mirror as well as live a longer, healthier life.”

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For opioid addiction, Methadone and Suboxone are not the answers

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Every summer we get at least one or two phone calls a week from people who are going on vacation and have to find a place for their Methadone treatment. Seriously? The same can be said for Suboxone. Both of these forms of “treatment” are costly and are just another dependency. In fact, they’re called “replacement therapy,” which is appropriately named since patients are replacing heroin and other opioids with these. We’ve had many clients who have used these forms of treatment and finally realized the trap they were in with them. Likewise most, if not all, said that they reached a point where they couldn’t afford the “treatment” any longer so they went back to using heroin. Now with the government’s attention on the opioid addiction these centers will flourish, and probably with government (our) money. If you or someone you know in this trap or heading toward it, there is a better answer. It’s not a short-term medical detox or the big box rehabs where patients go from one 12-step meeting to another. It’s Bayshore Retreat, where we sweat the toxins out, replenish the nutrients the body has lost and work with clients through quality counseling to restore confidence and self-esteem. Clients bring their cell phone and laptop and are able to stay in touch with family and work. We allow this because many times it helps us identify some of the stress factors the clients endure and address it with them. There is a better way to beat addiction, and we have it. Bayshore Retreat’s small home environment is different and it makes a difference.

SJL New Orleans, July 2018  

July 2018 New Orleans edition of Southern Jewish Life, the official Jewish news magazine of the Greater New Orleans Jewish community.

SJL New Orleans, July 2018  

July 2018 New Orleans edition of Southern Jewish Life, the official Jewish news magazine of the Greater New Orleans Jewish community.