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Sustainable Water Solutions for a Changing Urban Environment Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

4 – 8 July 2011


Water Convention is jointly organised by:

Singapore International Water Week The Singapore International Water Week is the global platform that brings policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners together to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities and celebrate achievements in the water world. The event’s flagship programmes are • Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize • Water Leaders Summit • Water Convention • Water Expo • Business Forums The theme for Singapore International Water Week 2011 is ‘Sustainable Water Solutions for a Changing Urban Environment’.

Programme at a Glance TIME






Golf Classic Southeast Asia Water Ministers Forum

Technical Tours Monday 4 July

Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception Guest of Honour Mr Goh Chok Tong, Senior Minister, Singapore

World Cities Summit Mayors’ Forum Water Convention Co-located Events

Tuesday 5 July

Water Conversation with Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister, Singapore

Water Ministers Plenary

Singapore Water Lecture

Water Convention

Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize Award Ceremony & Banquet Guest of Honour Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor, Singapore

Water Expo China Business Forum Water Leaders Summit Roundtable & Workshops

Japan Business Forum

Wednesday 6 July

Southeast Business Forum Water Convention Water Expo Australia Business Forum

Americas Business Forum

Europe Business Forum Thursday 7 July

Middle East & North Africa Business Forum

India Business Forum Water Convention Water Expo

Friday 8 July

Technical Tours

Information accurate as of 1 March 2011


Co-located Events Co-located Events

Closing Dinner Guest of Honour Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore

Water Convention 2011 The Water Convention will provide a platform for water professionals to share experiences and case studies on technological solutions to solve water challenges, as well as examine issues related to water quality and safety, financing and urban water sustainability. The themes for Water Convention 2011 are designed to examine global challenges, especially in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. The four themes are: • • • •

Solutions for Water System Efficiency & Effectiveness Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions Water Quality & Health Governance & Finance

Programme Commitee Chairpersons 1. Darryl Day, General Manager, Sustainability, Power & Water Corporation (Australia) 2. Harry Seah, Director, Technology & Water Quality Office, PUB (Singapore)

Members 3. Anand Chiplunkar, Principal Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist (PPP), Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank (Philippines)) 4. Chen Xiaohua, Engineering Director, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (China) 5. Chong Hou Chun, Director, Water Supply Network, PUB (Singapore) 6. David Spector, Managing Director, CDM Engineering (Singapore) 7. Francisco Arellano, Head, Environmental Management & Development, Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Philippines) 8. Hao Xiaodi, Professor, Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture (China) 9. John Langford, Director, Melbourne Water Research Centre, University of Melbourne (Australia) 10. Jonathan Clement, Director, Strategic Business Development, PWN Technologies (The Netherlands) 11. Kala Vairavamoorthy, Professor and Director of School of Global Sustainability, University of South Florida (United States) 12. Marion Savill, Executive Director, Science Innovations (New Zealand) 13. Nicholas Apostolidis, Director, GHD Pty Ltd (Australia) 14. Ong Choon Nam, Expert Panel Member, Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality, World Health Organisation (Singapore) 15. Pascal Dauthuille, Director, Projects, CIRSEE Suez Environnement (France) 16. Robert Bos, Co-ordinator, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health (WSH), World Health Organisation (Switzerland) 17. Sun Yangbo, Deputy Director, International Cooperation Division, Yellow River Conservancy Commission (China)


Message from the Executive Director of Environment & Water Industry Development Council (EWI)

Khoo Teng Chye Executive Director, Environment and Water Industry Development Council & Chief Executive, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency

Singapore International Water Week is the global platform for water solutions. It brings policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners together to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities, and celebrate achievements in the water world. In 2010, the Water Week saw a record number of more than 14,000 participants from 112 countries and regions. More than 1000 delegates from 61 countries attended the Water Convention during which over 110 oral presentations and 80 poster presentations were made. The total value of announcements for projects awarded, tenders, investments into Singapore and R&D MOUs exceeded S$2.8 billion, up 27% from S$2.2 billion in 2009. We are now gearing up for Singapore International Water Week 2011, which will be held from 4 to 8 July 2011. Themed “Sustainable Water Solutions for a Changing Urban Environment�, the 2011 edition reinforces Water Week as a platform for exchanging solutions addressing the latest and most pertinent water issues as increasing global population, rapid urbanisation and emerging economies continue to put a strain on resources such as water, food and energy. Apart from challenges, these phenomena present immense market opportunities for solutions that not only address constraints stemming from resource scarcity but also promote sustainable growth. The theme therefore also reflects a broader focus beyond urban water solutions to other issues that affect the urban environment, such as climate change and the management of watersheds and river basins. Water Week 2011 promises to deliver value to delegates, trade visitors and exhibitors alike, with refreshing opportunities to promote practical and sustainable solutions to the water industry as well as water users in other sectors. With the many high quality submissions for the Water Convention that we have seen so far, I am confident that the Water Convention will be a rewarding experience for all. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Singapore International Water Week.


Message from the President of the International Water Association (IWA)

Glen Daigger President, International Water Association

The International Water Association is delighted to continue its partnership with Singapore as a strategic partner of the Singapore International Water Week 2011, and co-organizer for the Water Convention. Into its fourth year, the Water Convention has rapidly grown in stature and prominence as one of the leading water events for water practitioners in Asia to meet, share knowledge and exchange experiences to improve water and wastewater services delivery. This aptly comes at a time when many urban communities in the region are grappling with unprecedented water supply challenges exacerbated by unpredictable weather patterns and are in need of implementable, practical solutions. As a global network for water professionals that harnesses the extensive knowledge of our diverse membership of experts to create innovative, pragmatic, and sustainable solutions to challenging global needs, IWA is proud to be working with PUB Singapore to develop the technical content for the Water Convention, and deliver a high quality programme to delegates. We invite you all as leaders in your respective fields to join us at this event to contribute your ideas and share your experiences so as to enrich the discussions at the Water Convention in SIWW 2011.


Message from the Co-chairs of the Water Convention 2011 Programme Committee

Harry Seah Director Technology & Water Quality Office PUB, Singapore

Darryl Day General Manager, Sustainability Power & Water Corporation, Australia

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2011. The theme of Water Week 2011 is ‘Sustainable Water Solutions for a Changing Urban Environment’, focusing on the impact of paradigm shifts in water management and climate change, on the urban environment. A flagship event of the Water Week, the Water Convention has seen three very successful years in bringing together working professionals from various aspects of the water industry and academia to share their experiences. As we approach the fourth edition of the Water Convention, we want to build upon previous successes to bring more solutions and shared experiences to the delegates. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to your overwhelming response to our call for papers to the convention, where over 400 submissions from 50 countries were received this year. For Water Convention 2011, we will be introducing a series of focused workshops before the Water Convention. Through the discussions during these workshops, we would like to set the tone for the rest of the convention, for the benefit of speakers and participants alike. These focused workshops will address a wide range of water related issues and current trends in water treatment, distribution and reuse with a particular emphasis on Asian countries, discuss challenges in integrated river basin management, and share on the role of leadership and finance in water reforms. Another highlight this year to look forward to is the formal launch of the 4th Edition of WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality. With such an exciting programme, we believe that this year’s convention will bring more fruitful discussions. Please accept our warmest invitation to participate in the Water Convention 2011 and let the Convention be a platform for you to enrich others with your experiences.


Water Convention 2011 Programme


6 Jul 11 (Wed)

Theme 1: Solutions for Water System Efficiency & Effectiveness

Theme 2: Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions

Theme 3: Water Quality & Health

Theme 4: Governance & Finance

(A) Source to Tap

(B) Waste to Resource

Advanced Oxidation Systems

Planning For The Future – Strategies And Tools For Developing Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Systems

Climate Change Impacts On Urban Water Resources

Contaminants Of Emerging Concern (Part 1)

The Business Of Water: Going The Corporate Way

Clean Technologies For Water Treatment

Towards Achieving Energy Self-Sufficiency In Wastewater Treatment Plants (Part 1: Wastewater Treatment)

Planning For An Uncertain Future

Contaminants Of Emerging Concern (Part 2)

PPP: Drawing Lessons From Recent Deals

Unconventional Membrane Systems For Water Treatment

Towards Achieving Energy Self-Sufficiency In Wastewater Treatment Plants (Part 2: Sludge Treatment)

Building Adaptive Capacity For Global Change

Water Safety Plans: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment

Project Financing: Project-Readiness For Business

Low Energy Desalination

Wastewater Treatment Solutions For Developing Countries

Living Laboratories In The Urban Environment

Water Safety Plans: Different Scales Reforms: Walking The Talk

Smart Networks

Advances In Membrane Science And Process Control

Alternative Water Sources

Nutrient Recovery And Bio-Refining

Water Footprint In Urban Metabolism

Water Safety Plans: Quality Of Sources

7 Jul 11 (Thu)

Water Loss Management

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Public Education & Engagement

Collaborative Platform – Water Information System

Integrated River Basin & Delta Management

Water Quality Monitoring

Integrated River Basin & Delta Management

Advanced Analytical Systems

Credible Regulation: Are The Stakes High Enough?


WATER CONVENTION 2011 FOCUSED WORKSHOPS Six Water Convention Focused workshops will be offered during Singapore International Water Week 2011, all taking place on Monday, 4 July 2011. These workshops are intended to set the stage for in-depth discussions around “hot” topics of emerging importance from each Water Convention theme. Delegates will develop a fuller understanding of the topics, in preparation for the Water Convention session to follow throughout the week.

Workshop Programme The details of the six workshops are as follows:



Workshop Topics

Monday 4 July 2011

MORNING 0900 – 1200hrs

Workshop 1: Innovative Solutions for Asia Workshop 2: Managing River Basins in a Climate of Uncertainty and Rapid Urbanisation Workshop 3: Politics of Leadership: Why and how Water Reforms are Supported Workshop 4: Water Distribution and Treatment Solutions for Asia Workshop 5: Pathways to the Collection, Treatment, and Reuse of Wastewater in Asia Workshop 6: The New WHO Drinking Water Quality Guidelines

AFTERNOON 1400 – 1700hrs

For more details regarding the content of the topics and the speakers, please see

WHO Should Attend The workshop will be of interest to industry experts, academics, policy makers, and practitioners. The Focused workshops are open to all Water Convention delegates. Exhibitors and trade visitors may register to attend the workshops at a nominal fee of S$100.


List of Oral Presentations THEME 1A: Solutions for Water System Efficiency & Effectiveness – Source to tap

Leakage Detection Internal Video Assessment and Wall thickness Measurement in Hong Kong Trunk Water Mains Jon Boon. Pure Technologies Ltd (Hong Kong)

Advanced Treatment for Impaired Water Supplies: When Advanced Oxidation Systems are the Best Option C. Cotton, J. Collins, M. MacPhee. Malcolm Pirnie, Inc (United States)

Low-Energy Desalination Demonstration Unit Results T. LeTourneau, R. Knauf, L.S. Liang, M. Shaw, K.H. Ng, R. Fu. Siemens Water Technologies (Singapore)

Applications of Water Reclamation in Hong Kong SAR H.H.W. Lee and F. Whyte. Arup (Hong Kong) California Leads the Way for UV AOP on Drinking Water Treatment C. Vekataraman, R.A. Hulsey, R. Henderson, G. Witcher, C. Suskin. Black & Veatch (United States) Comparing Carbon Footprint of Taste and Odor Treatment Technologies Adam Festger, Scott Bindner, Ryan Peterson, Craig Hoover. Trojan Technologies (United States) Comparing the Sustainability of Two Surface Water Treatment Alternatives M.L. Bogosh, J.P. Malley, E. Koreman. University of New Hampshire (United States) Deciphering NRW in Primary Lines – Maynilad’s Way Rolixto Jodieres. Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Philippines) Distribution Optimization Through Pressure Control Robert Renner. Water Research Foundation (United States)

Microcystin Degradation and Toxicity Removal by UV/H2O2 Treatment A.J. Martijn, E.J.M. Penders, W. Hoogenboezem. PWN Water Supply Company North Holland (Netherlands) Minimizing the Environmental Impacts of RO Desalination. From Energy to Brine Management K. Glucina, S. Bertrand, G. Mercer, M.A.Sanz, J.-M. Laine. Suez Environnement (France) Minimizing Water Demand in Pastoral Bangladesh through Rainwater Harvesting M.S. Islam, M.H. Rahman, M.Z. Rahman, A.E.M.T. Hassan. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (Bangladesh) NRW Strategy in Western Jakarta Philippe Folliasson. PALYJA (Indonesia) Online Detection of Compromised Hollow Fiber modules using Membrane Integrity Sensor A. Yeo, C.Y. Sin, S.N.C. Lin, W.B. Krantz, S.T.V. Sim. Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (Singapore)

Electroflocculation – Microfiltration Hybrid for Minimizing Filtration Energy and Fouling Avner Adin and M. Ben-Sasson. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)

Performance Evaluation SIX®-Ceramac® in Comparison with Conventional Pre-treatment Techniques for Surface Water Treatment G.Galjaard, B. Martijn, E. Koreman, M. Bogosh, J. Malley. PWN water supply company North-Holland (Netherlands)

Energy Efficient Desalination Systems to Address Urban Water Scarcity R. Clement and K. Kuettel. (United States)

Pilot Scale Results on Pre-screen Performance and UF Membrane Performance on Seawater in Singapore S. Sreeramachandran and S. Cao. Siemens Pte Ltd (India)

High Performance RO Elements and Integrated Membrane System for Desalination & Water Reuse M. Henmi, M. Kimura, M. Taniguchi, T. Sasaki, T. Uemura. Toray Industries, Inc. (Japan)

Pressure Management to Reduce Main Burst and Water Leakage in Hong Kong Ricky C.H. Liu. Water Supplies Department (Hong Kong)

Intelligent water Distribution System and Management in Tokyo Fumio Sasaki. Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Japan) Investigation on Synergy by Integrated UV Disinfection Systems X.N. Chu, J. Hu, D.Q. Ng. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Production of Custom-Made Recycled Water for Various Reuse Purposes: Lessons Learned from the 15-Year Experience of the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility V. Lazarova, R. Kelly, G. Oelker, P. Dauthuille. Suez Environment (France) Real-time Monitoring of the Water Distribution System in Singapore: Overview of the WaterWiSe@SG Project A. Preis, M. Allen, A. Whittle, M. Iqbal, S. Srirangarajan, L. Girod, H.B. Lim. Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling (CENSAM), Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (Singapore)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


List of Oral Presentations Small-scale Solar Desalination Demonstration in Singapore using Novel Vacuum Multi-Effect Membrane Distillation (V-MEMD) G. van Gendt, F. Bollen, G. Lange, W. Heinzl, F.H. Choo. Memsys Clearwater Distribution Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Experience with the Design and Operation of Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Facilities for Water Reuse in Morocco and Jordan R. Copithorn, T. Young, J. Brinkley, J. Karam, O. Abu-Rayyan. GHD (United States)

Urban Stormwater Harvesting: a Valuable Source of Water Supply in Singapore Mong Hoo Lim, Leong Yin Hou, Tiew King Nyau, Harry Seah. Public Utilities Board Singapore (Singapore)

Exploring High Efficiency Wastewater Recycle-Reuse Models for Refinery, Chemical Industry and Power Plant Wastewaters based on Real Life Case Studies. D. Kachru, S. Kukada, A. Sarkar. Aquatech (India)

Using a Smart Water Approach to Control a Large Urban Network with Legacy Infrastructure: TaKaDu at Thames Water G. Horowitz and H. Scolnicov. TaKaDu (Israel)

Gasification as an Optimum Alternative for the Sludge Management C.Peregrina, J.-M. Audic, P. Dauthuille. Suez Environnement (France)

Victoria’s Emerging Intelligent Water Networks Ryan McGowan. Goulburn Valley Water (Australia) Water Challenges and Opportunities Xiaohua Chen. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (China) Water Treatment Plant Residuals Management Strategies for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam K.-W.R. Tsang, T.D. Phu, H.D. Pham, V.Q. Chau, R.L. Hurdle. CDM (United States)

THEME 1B: Solutions for Water System Efficiency & Effectiveness – Waste to Resource A Pilot Scale Study of Integrated UASB/MBR Process for Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation F.S. Wong, Y.P. Moy, W. Fang, S. Lin. Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (Singapore) Advanced Control System to Treat Ammonia-rich Effluent and Reduce N2O Emission by Using an SBR Operating via Nitrite Pathway J. Chauzy, R. Lemaire, F. Veuillet, K. Sorensen, S. Déléris. Veolia Water (France) Ammonium and Phosphate Recovery from Wastewater to Produce Energy in a Fuel Cell Peter Luimes. DHV (Netherlands) An Optimal Solution to Achieve the Energy Neutral Plant C. Amiel and M. Cantegril. Veolia (France) Down Flow Hanging Sponge Bio-Tower a Self-sustainable Method for Waste Water Treatment for Developing Countries Rakesh Kumar. Dyal Singh College Karnal (India) Effective Sewer Mining-The Case for Decentralized Treatment B.A. Petrik, K.-P. Chiu, P. Wong, J.B. Slapper. MWH (United States)

Hybridization of Aquifer Recharge and Recovery (ARR): New Concepts in Multi-Barrier Treatment for Wastewater Reuse G. Amy, S. Sharma, M. Yoon, S.K. Maeng, S. Sudhakaran. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) (Saudi Arabia) L’ Oréal and Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies: A Successful Combined Approach Towards Wastewater Reclaim J.-P. Filhol, B. Pouch, M. Otten. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Singapore) Membrane Bioreactor Technology: Design Trends D. Thompson, J. Peeters, S. Katz. GE Water (Canada) Operation and Maintenance of a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in a Developing Country Binh Hung Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam N. Khai and R. Huntington. CDM (Vietnam) Phosphorus Recovery Using a Crystallization Process for Sewage Treatment Plant K. Shimamura and T. Kurosawa. Ebara Engineering Service Co.,Ltd (Japan) Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Contest Yields Innovative Ideas for the Future C. Wallis-Lage, M. Schiltz, A. Shaw, J. Barnard, C. deBarbadillo, J. Fitzpatrick, G. Shimp. Black & Veatch (United States) The Economics of Wastewater Reclamation using the Latest Energy Saving RO Element Designs R. Franks, C. Bartels, S. Sunano, T. Knoell. Hydranautics (United States) Thermal Processing – The Future of Biosolids Treatment? K.-W.R. Tsang and F. Sapienza. CDM (United States) Towards a Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plant E. Schrijber and A. Visser. Royal Haskoning (Netherlands)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


List of Oral Presentations Towards Energy Self-sufficiency in Wastewater Treatment by Optimized Sludge Treatment M. Arnold and E. Merta. VTT (Finland) Used Water Polishing Using Algae Isolated from the Natural Environment G. Singh, P.B. Thomas, B. P. Nadappuram. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) Water Recycling in the Australian Food & Beverage Industry A Case Study – Reduced Environmental Footprint C. Hertle, E. van Driel, M. Kinder. GHD Pty Ltd (Australia)

Theme 2: Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions A Multifaceted, Cultural Approach to Community Engagement: Case Study in Urban Water Management C. Berryman, S. Burgin, T. Webb. Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (Australia) Africa: Dam or be damned! Portia Tarumbwa. Schiller-Institute (Germany) Assessment of Physical and Social Dimensions of Climate Change as an Initial Step in Water Resources Management: A Case Study of Kali Gandaki River Basin (KGRB), Nepal S. Manandhar, V.P. Pandey, F. Kazama. University of Yamanashi (Japan) Challenge in Water Management during Climate Change in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand P. Asava-Aree and M. Rungvetvuthivitaya. East Water (Thailand) Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater Modeling in Varada River Basin, India H. Rames and A. Mahesha. National Institute of Technology Karnataka (India)

Flood Relief Solutions in Metropolitan Cities the Hong Kong Experience K.K. Chan, K.W. Mak, S.K. Tong, K.P. Ip. Black & Veatch (Hong Kong) Impact of Climate Change on Urban Areas in Asia Xia Jun. Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) Integrated Urban Systems: New Tools to Support Sustainable Water Resource Management A. Cannan and X. Zhang. CDM (Singapore) Investing in Water Infrastructure to Ensure Near and Long-term Clean Water Supply J. Percival and T. Glover. ITT Corporation (United States) Modeling and Tracking Tools for Integrated River Basin Management, from Planning to Implementation L. van der Tak, T.B. Ajello, D.S. Baughman, A.S. Patwardhan. CH2M HILL (United States) Public Acceptance is Crucial for the Viability of Sewage By-Products Reuse A.K.M. Din, Y.F.Abdul Aziz, M.H. Abdul Hamid. Indah Water Konsortium Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia) Resolving Complex Issues In Large Scale River Restoration; A Case Study – The San Joaquin River In the California Central Valley William R. Swanson. MWH Americas, Inc (United States) Singapore – A Holistic Approach to Sustainability David Aidan Lloyd Owen. Envisager (United Kingdom) Spatial Risk-based Assessments of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation using the SimCLIM Modelling System: A Case Study of Domestic Water Harvesting Systems Ri. Warrick, P. Kouwenhoven, Y. Li, P. Urich, W. Ye. University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)

Collaboration Platforms in Water Management P. Williams,C. Hidaka, H. Kolar. IBM (United States)

Structural Analysis of Urban Water Cycle in the City of Changwon, South Korea H. Lee, G. Seo. Changwon National University (Korea)

Creating a City of Gardens and Water – Singapore’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme K.G. Yap, N.S. Tan, A. Koh. PUB (Singapore)

The Water Impact Index: A New Tool for Water Footprinting J.-B. Bayart, E. Aoustin. Veolia Environnement Recherche et Innovation (France)

Developing a Sustainable Solution for the Future of The Upper Canal D. Cho, G. Begg, G. Mullen, D. Barnes, T. Church. Sinclair Knight Merz (Australia)

Tidal Gravity Fresh Water Supply for Integrated Water Resources Management in Nyaungdone Island for Food Security of Yangon City Urban Population Aye Myint. National Engineering and Planning Service Company Ltd. (Myanmar)

Facilitating Decision Analysis for Integrated Resource Planning: a System Dynamics Model of Singapore Water Policy K.N. Welling and J,E. Fernández. MIT (United States)

Using Information Technology (IT) for Business Water Footprint – A Concept H. Hegde and A. Sondhi. WIPRO Water (India)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


List of Oral Presentations Using The Public To Stop Water Loss Rajesh Shah. Peer Water Exchange (India) Water Related Information System for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam C. Kuenzer, F. Moder, V.K. Tri. German Remote Sensing Data Centre (Vietnam)

Theme 3: Water Quality & Health Biotransformation of Erythromycin by Acclimated Microorganisms in Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) C. Fan and J. He. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Developing Sanitation Options to Protect the Water Quality of the Drinking Water Source of Herat City, Afghanistan H. Zohran, N. Noori, N. Khawaja. GTZ (The German Technical Cooperation) (Afghanistan) Evaluation of Antimicrobial Resistance at Environmental Samples in Singapore J.L. Ong, X.Yi, Z. Zhou. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Groundwater Recharge with Treated Wastewater Effluents in Oman: Solution for Saline Water Intrusion or Contamination of Groundwater Aquifers? Mahad Said Baawain. Sultan Qaboos University (Oman) Health Risk Assessment for Use of Urban Stormwater as a Drinking Water Supply P. Dillon, D. Page, K. Hyde, T. Gardner, S. Toze, C. Devitt, H. Seah. CSIRO (Australia) Human Health Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals, Metabolites and Transformation Products in Surface Water and Drinking Water in the Netherlands C.M. de Jongh, P.J.F. Kooij, J.A. van Leerdam, T.L. ter Laak. KWR Watercycle Research Institute (Netherlands) Impact of ‘NEWater’ on Lake Phytoplankton Community in a Manmade Reservoir: Unexpected Benefits E-W. Low, E. Clews, T.M. Sin, P.A. Todd, Y.C. Tai-Chiam, P. Ng. Public Utilities Board (Singapore) Innovative Sensor Technology for Effective Online Water Quality Monitoring M. van Wijlen, R. Xie, W. van Delft, A.N. Puah. Optiqua Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Integrated Bio-chip and System for Rapid Monitoring of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in Drinking Water H. Gong and H. Liu. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Integration of Social, Economic and Health Criteria into Sustainable Water Supply Solutions J. Manuszak, M. MacPhee, A. Roberson. Malcolm Pirnie Inc. (United States) Mitigation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products by Plants D. Reinhold and N. Aryal. Michigan State University (United States) Predictive Models for the Occurrence of the Viable but Non-culturable (VBNC) Bacteria under Various Environmental Stresses S.G. Goh, K.Y.-H.Gin, N.R. Panda. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (Q-RT-PCR) Test for Fast, Sensitive Detection of Coliforms and Enteroccoci Contamination in Recreational Waters M. Dutang, A. Friedmann, N.C. ben Tabasssi, F. Enguehard. Veolia Environnement (France) Source Water Protection and Process Optimisation David Garman. ECBCR (Australia) Status of Urban Drinking Water Quality in Nepal B. Dangol, Y. Shrestha, M. Maharjan. Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) (Nepal) Water Quality & Health Maria Neira. World Health Organization (Switzerland) WSP4IP Project: Development and Implementation of Community-Based Water Safety Plans (WSP) for Two Peri-Urban Indigenous People (IP) Communities in Mindanao, Philippines A.C. Sales, A.N. Tiotangco, H.R. Maspiñas, S.G. Anima. Far Eastern University (Philippines)

Theme 4: Governance & Finance Governance of Urban Water Supply in India – Experience and lessons Manisha Gulati. Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. (India) Overview and Emerging Trends of Models of PPP Projects Around the World Booky Oren. Miya Water (Israel) Pricing Water for Sustainable Cost Recovery: a Study on China’s Water Tariff Reform Huijuan Wu. University of Oxford (United Kingdom) Water Sector Reform in Romania; Experiences with a Performance driven Approach for Institutional and Organizational Change E. Schrijber, A. Sannen, V. Ciomos. Royal Haskoning (The Netherlands)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order) A

A Case Study of Effective Sewerage Design C.H. Lai, K.N.F. Lau. Black & Veatch HK Ltd (China)

A New Approach of Water Quality Monitoring and Phytoremediation for Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen in the Tropics N.H. Hassan, S.N. Tan, W. Hong, J. Yong. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

A New Private Equity Approach to Solving Asia’s Water Crisis Wai Cheong Yeong. AmWater Investments Management Pte Ltd (Singapore)

A Novel High Rate Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) Process for Removal and Recovery of Nutrients M.A.H. Johir, S. Vigneswaran, J. Kandasamy. University of Technology Sydney (Australia) A Performance Study on the Existing 20 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, India J. Venkatraman, J.Singaram, V. Chaitanya. Excel College of Engineering for Women (India)

A Pilot Plant Study of Disinfection By-Products from Drinking Water by Composite Alloy Particles of Iron-Silicon and Magnesium-Aluminum B. Chu, Y. Liu, S. Zhao, T. Li, P. Wan, X.J. Yang. Beijing University of Chemical Technology (China)

A Policy Framework for Governing Water Services Lina Suleiman. Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

A Study of Feasibility of Artificial Recharge and Identification of Suitable Sites for Groundwater Recharge Karuppiah Kalphana. Fatima Michael College of Engineering and Technology (India)

A Study of Groundwater Quality In and Around the Perungudi Dumpsite, Chennai: India Shanthi Selvam. Jeppiaar Engineering College (India)

A Study on the Effectiveness of Available Household Drinking Water Quality Improvement Techniques Used in Sri Lanka, Considering the Technical, Social and Economical Aspects Shiromi Karunarathna. University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka)

A Sustainable Approach for Simultaneous Desalination and Wastewater Treatment K. Jacobson, D. Drew, Z. He. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (United States)

A Systematic Review of the Diagnostic Accuracy of the H2S Test versus Indicator Bacteria Tests for Faecal Contamination of Water J. Wright, H. Yang, K. Walker, S. Pedley, J. Elliott, S.W. Gundry. University of Southampton (United Kingdom) A Zirconium Based Nano-sized Adsorbent for Significantly Enhanced Adsorption of Arsenate from Aqueous Solution Y. Ma, Y.M. Zheng, J.P. Chen. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Addressing Safe Water Interventions using Sustainable Traditional Storage Method in Kikoma village, Mijwala Sub County in Ssembabule District in Central Uganda Namuyimba Henry Brian. Serenity Centre (Uganda) Addressing the Challenges of Retrofitting UV Disinfection into LADWP’s 600 MGD WTP C. Cotton, M. MacPhee. Malcolm Pirnie, Inc (United States) Addressing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Issues of Urban Water Management with Science Based Water Policy and Technology: Milwaukee’s Water Industry – University Partnership as a Model C. Scanes, C. Dunkelberg. Milwaukee Water Council (United States Advanced Water Treatment Technologies for Energy Industry – Solutions for Water System Efficiency and Effectiveness and Minimized Pollution Karl Michael Millauer. Aqautech International (United States Minor Outlying Islands) Advantages of Optical DO Measurement for Field Analysis of Surface Water Quality Frank Honold. ITT Analytics – WTW GmbH (Germany) An Evaluation of Water Quality in the Battinah South “Wilayat of Barka” Distribution System: A Case Study Saleh Mohammed Al Kindi. Public Authority For Electricity & Water (Oman) An Integrated Approach to Water, Biosolids, Energy, Air, and Transportation Planning David Parry. CDM (United States) Analysis of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Polychlorinated Dibenzofurans in Water Using Isotope Dilution HR-GC/MS J. Yue, Y. Xiao, L. Zhang, Z. Yang. PUB (Singapore)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Application of Chlorine Dioxide in Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Process G.D. Kim, S. Smith, H.K. Roh, Y.C. Choi. Doosan Hydro Technology (United States) Application of Immobilized Laccase Enzyme in Removal of Ibuprofen in Water M.H. Sung, H.Y. Lu, C.C. Hsu. Tunghai University (Taiwan, Province Of China) Application of Novel Advanced Oxidation Methods for the Reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand F.-J. Spiess and A. Hauser. Siemens AG (Germany) Assess the Changes in Groundwater Resources Due to Water Market Saranya Balasubramanian. Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College (India)

Better Sources, Better Drinking Water E. Schrijber, G. Ijpelaar, Y.K. Lan. Royal Haskoning (Netherlands)

Biodegradation of Tetracyanonickelate by Immobilized Cells System of Klebsiella Oxytoca under Anaerobic Conditions C.Y. Chen, S.C. Chen, C.C. Chien, K.F. Chen, Y.S. Luh. Meiho University (Taiwan, Province Of China)

Assessing Climate Change Impacts in Urban Streams: Santa Fe, New Mexico, Case Study E.J. Lopez-Calva,T. Cox, A. Navato. CDM (United States)

Assessing Impact of Urban Growth on Efficiency of Water Utilities Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) P.K. Banerjee, P. Chitkara. Housing and Urban Development Co. (India) Assessment of Microbiological Quality of Swimming Pools in Ibadan, Nigeria E. O. Oloruntoba, M.K.C Srdhar, O.C. Tagbo. University of Ibadan (Nigeria) Assessment of the Factors that Influence Water Consumption and Losses in UAE M. M. Mohamed. United Arab Emirates University (United Arab Emirates)


Asset Control: new technology improves wastewater transport systems performance E. Schrijber, C. Lubbers. Royal Haskoning (Netherlands)

Automated Staining and Counting of Bacterial Cells in Freshwater Environments by Using a Microfluidic Device N. Yamaguchi, Y. Uebayashi, M. Torii, M. Nasu. Osaka University (Japan)


Benefits of Water Networks Model Calibration – An International experience Jivirkumar Viyakesparan. Parsons Brinckerhoff (Australia)

Biosorption of Organics by Live and Inactivated Aerobic Bacteria L. Xiao, W.J. Liu, S. Pradhan, K. Boopathy, R. Wikramanayake, E. Jordan, J. Hu. Siemens Pte Ltd (Singapore) Bipolar Membrane: Towards a Green and Economic Process R.Q. Fu, G. Gu, J.C. Lin, M. Shaw. Siemens Pte Ltd (Singapore) Building a Water Business Program: One University’s Experience L. Reid and C. Clements. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (United States) Building an Energy-Saving Water Recycling System in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area H. Sakamoto, O. Dodo, M. Hayashi, N. Ueshima, M. Takemura, A. Kanda, T. Morimoto, Y. Yamasita. Federation of Japan Water Industries, Inc. (Japan)

Capability of the NexION300 for Analysis of Trace Heavy Metals in Drinking Waters and Waste Water Samples Kenneth Ong. PerkinElmer Singapore Pte. Ltd (Singapore) Carbon Nanotubes as Electrode Material for Microbial Fuel Cells N. Thepsuparungsikul, N. Phonthammachai, H.Y. Ng. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Case Study: Batam Water Supply Concession, Indonesia Paul Bennett. Sembcorp Industries Ltd (Indonesia) CFD modelling for Hydraulic Performance of Grease Traps K. Liu, K.Y. Ng, S.K. Lui, G. Teo, K.W. Loke. Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore) Challenges and Opportunities for MBR Retrofit Solutions on Brownfield Wastewater Treatment Plant Infrastructures for Wastewater Recycling in Asia Philippe Wind. WorleyParsons (Indonesia)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Characterization of Natural Organic Matters from a Local Reservoir F.Y. Lim, L.M. Cheng, J. Hu. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Clean Data and Reliable Event Detection Turning results from online sensors into Information J. van den Broeke, F. Edthofer, R. Wurm, A. Weingartner. scan Messtechnik GmbH (Austria)

Climate Change – Case Study of a Risk-Based Framework T.W. Lee, S. McGuigan, J. Rourke. CH2M Hill (United States) Climatic Vulnerability And Developing A Leadership Network In Himalayan Mountains Kashinath Vajpai. Climate Himalaya Initiative (India) Combination of O3/H2O2 and UV for Multiple Barrier Micro Pollutant Treatment and Bromate Formation Control – One Year Pilot Plant Research J. Scheideler, A. Ried, K. Lekkerkerker-Teunissen; T. Knol, J. Verberk, H.V. Dijk. ITT Water & Wastewater (Germany)

Comparison of Biological and Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Technologies: SBR, MBR, Membranes and Filters. J.E. Koch and M.G. Gehring. ITT (United States) Comparison of Elemental Distribution in Rat’s Brain after Lifelong Treatment with Excessive Mn2+ in Drinking Water and the Health Implications S. Leung, G.L. Wright, A. Chan, M. Minski, J.C. K. Lai. Idaho State University (United States)


Comparison Study after Boosting Chlorine in Pumping Station, Case Study Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Bangkok Thailand Nisapas Wongpat. Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (Thailand) Compliance to the Rules Governing Municipal Solid Waste Management – A Case Study R. Sundarapandian and C. Arul. Anna University (India) Comprehensive Decision Support for Membrane System Operation G. Eng and M. Gauder. ABB Industry Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Considering Spectral Absorbance for Medium Pressure UV System Performance C. Bokermann, R. Bemus, H. Wright. ITT Water & Wastewater Herford GmbH (Germany)

Cost Efficient Water Reuse through a Flexible Control Strategy of Low Pressure Membrane Filtration Processes J. Van Dierdonck, R. Van den Broeck, C. Dotremont, T. Mann, P. Nijskens, F. Logist, J.F. Van Impe, I.Y. Smets. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) Creating a Flexible, Innovation and Sustainable Water Distribution System through SMART Design A. Hossain, J. Kamer. Meinhardt (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Singapore) Crisis of Governance in Groundwater Stressed Urban Agglomerates with Reference to UP state, India B.B. Trivedi, C.C. Prabhat. Government of India (India) Current Status and Development Countermeasures of River Discharge from Store-water Pumping Stations in Downtown Shanghai J.F. Ye, D. Li, Z. Zhao. Water Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of Environmental (China) Cutting Edge Technology for Sustainable Drinking Water Production E. Schrijber, D. Schippers, M.V. Eekeren, R. Schotsman. Royal Haskoning (Netherlands)

Decision Processes for Water Supply Planning: A Comparison of Practices L. Lampe, K. Reedy, P. Kenel, J. Currie. Black & Veatch (United States) Demystifying the Water, Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions: Public Education & Engagement P. Aggarwal and D. Jolly. Coca-Cola India and South West Asia (India) Design and Fabrication of A Small Scale MED (Multiple Effect Distillation) System for Production of Low TDS Water and its Applications for Low Salinity Crop Species A. Mudgal, V. Mudgal. CET, IFTM Campus, Moradabad (India) Design, Validation, Performance and Costing of Pressurized MF and UF Membranes for Recycled Water in Australia S. Caothien, T. Wachinski. Pall Corporation (United States) Detection and Characterization of Engineered Gold Nanoparticles in Aqueous System R. Fan, J. Yue, Z. Yang, L. Zhang. PUB (Singapore)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Determination of a Fishing Refrigerating Company Wastewater Characteristics (Tuléar - Madagascar) C. Razafindravap, G. Razanamalala Luy, G.G. Todinanahary, H. Raharison, G. Lasserre, Y. Leif. Toliara Univeristy Madagascar (Madagascar)

Determination of Tetracycline Antibiotics in Water Samples by Solid-phase Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry J. Wu, S. Shahnavas, H.K. Lee, Z. Yang, L. Zhang. PUB (Singapore)

Determination of Trace Chlorinated Benzenes in Dam Water K.G. Moodley, D.K. Chetty, S.R. Ramphal, G. Gericke. Durban University of Technology (South Africa) Determination of Trace Selenium in Water: Interference Elimination in ICP-MS and Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry W.N. Yap, W. Zhang, Z. Guo. PUB (Singapore) Development of a Sustainable Potable Water Solution for Perth, Western Australia. P. McCafferty, M. North, P. Taylor, H. Rabiasz, P. Blair. ChemCentre (Australia)

Development of a Continuous Flow System for Detection of Estrogen at Low Concentrations Using Male Transgenic Medaka Fish M. Gomez, R.J. Xie, T. Yan, Z.Y. Gong, L.F. Zhang. Public Utilities Board (Singapore)

Environmental Hormones: Risk, Fate and Potential Measures to Reduce their Entry into the Water Cycle P. Burkhardt-Holm, K. Götz. Institute Programme Man-Society-Environment (Switzerland)

Drinking Water Taste & Odor Control: Engineering Considerations T. Chen, S. Dai, J. Burnett. AECOM (China)

EcoHealth Approach: Methodology to build sustainable strategies to Solve Surface Water Pollution. The Case of the Dam of Yitenga in Burkina Faso L. Yiougo, J. Wéthe, S. Yonkeu, H.Y. Yacouba, A.H. Maiga, E. Traoré, A. Tamboura, C. Somé, S. Thiam, A. Mbenda. International Institute of Water and Environment Engineering (2iE) (Burkina Faso) Effective Energy-Efficient Wastewater Treatment with the Anaerobic Fluidized Membrane Bioreactor P.L. McCarty, J.H. Kim, K.H. Kim, H.Y. Ye, E.Y. Lee, C.H. Shin, J.H. Bae. Stanford University (United States)

Efficient Aeration Control in Waste Water Treatment Plants Using Ion Selective Electrodes for Ammonium and Nitrate Frank Honold. ITT Analytics (Germany)


Effects of Lifetime Consumption of Excessive Mn2+ in Drinking Water to Elemental Distribution in Vital Organs S. Leung, A. Chan, M. Minski, J.C.K. Lai. Idaho State University (United States)

Energy Efficiency Assessments for the Water Industry M. Gauder, G. Eng, W. Janik. ABB Industry Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Effects of Antiscalant Dosing on RO Membrane Performance H. Kyllönen, E. Järvelä, M. Hesampour, J. Salonen, V. Mahendraker. VTT (Finland)

Effective Use of Groundwater by Chemical-Free High Speed Biological Water Treatment N. Hayashi, K. Imao, K. Mukai, H.L. Cai, T. Kawaguchi. Nagaoka International Corporation (Japan)


Evaluation of a Hybrid Process of Bio-sorption and Anaerobic Digestion on Harvest Inherent Energy in Wastewater L. Xiao, W.J. Liu, K. Boopathy, R. Wikramanayake, P. Tan, E. Jordan, J.Y. Hu. Siemens Water Technologies (Singapore) Evaluation of Online UV/Vis Spectrometry based Event Detection Systems at Bratislava Waterworks Robert Wurm. Bratislava Water Company (Austria) Extending a Watershed and Reservoir Water Quality Model for Stakeholder Involvement with EDSS S. Kumar, T.J. Grizzard, A.N. Godrej. Virginia Tech (United States)

Fabrication of Multifunctional Nanocomposite Membrane Xiaoxiao Song. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Financing Investment in Asian Water Infrastructure: The Difficult Challenges for Non-sovereign Loans and PPP’s Approach. Philippe Wind. WorleyParsons (Indonesia)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Flocculative Properties of Freeze Dried Active Proteins in Moringa Oleifera Kon Kwok Leong. Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore)

Flood Water as Source for Urban Water: Study for Surat, South Gujarat, India R.M. Tailor, C.R. Patel, N.C. Shah, M.D. Desai. SVNIT (India)

Formation of Haloacetic Acid (HAAs) in Electrochlorination-based Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) Y. Ma, Y.M. Zheng, J.P. Chen. National University f Singapore (Singapore)

Forward Osmosis Membrane Cleaning and Flux Recovery Studies V. Parida and H.Y. Ng. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Fouling Simulator for RO Membrane Fouling Prediction M. Nozoe, S. Sunano, E.H. Liu, T. Konishi, K. Maruyama, M. Kobuke, M. Namba, T. Akiyama, R. Franks. Nitto Denko Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Freshwater Biomonitoring in Singapore A. Quek, E. Clews, B.E. Beulah, Y. Lin, H. Eikaas, P. Ng. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

From Asset Management to Asset Control – Intelligent Water Management System E. Schrijber, R. Wielinga, M.V. Eekeren. Royal Haskoning (Netherlands)



Full Cost Recovery in Water Reuse Schemes – Examples and Lessons Learned from Development Cooperation Projects R. Bufler, M. Salazar. Pöyry Environment Gmbh (Germany)

Get More Capacity out of Your Plant without Major Capital Improvements Y. Sun, B. Monk. CDM, Inc. (United States)

Global Approach for Control of Odour Nuisance V. Lazarova, E. Senante, R. Kelly, P. Dauthuille. Suez Environment (France)

Good Governance and Decision-Making via Peer Review Rajesh Shah. Peer Water Exchange (India)


Green Chemistry utilizing Eucalyptus Bark for Removal of Chromium from Industrial Effluent Vikrant Sarin. Aquatech Eastern FZE (United Arab Emirates) Green City, Clean Waters: Effective Stormwater Management in the Urban Landscape R..D. Myers, J. Smullen, M. Cammarata. CDM (United States) Green Soda Ash – a Sustainable Approach for Brine Management in the Coal Seam Gas Industry in Australia. C. Hertle, P. Gamble. GHD Pty Ltd (Australia) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Sudirman Pipe construction Ø300mm R.S. Wongso and E. Mauro. PALYJA (Indonesia)

Hierarchical Nitrogen-Doped “Nut-Like” ZnO Nanostructure Assembled Membrane for Water Purification Hongwei Bai. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Highly Efficient Two Stage UF/MF Drinking Water Plant Treating Ground Water M. Blazavski, J. Cadera. GE Water and Process Technologies (Canada) Human and Climate Impacts on the Columbia River Mean Flow and Sediment Transport P.K. Naik and D.A. Jay. Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture (Bahrain) Hydrodynamic Separations Reduce Cost of Drinking Water Pre-treatments: from Desalination to Water Recycle and Reuse H.B. Hsieh, M.H. Lean, A.R. Völkel, N. Chang, A. Kole, K. Melde, F. Torres. Palo Alto Research Center (United States)

Identification and Reduction of Estrogenic Activity in Industrial Effluent B.Y. Ahn and J. Jung. Korea University (Republic of Korea) Identification of Relevant Pollutants and Assessment of Treatment Solutions in Wastewater Treatment Plants S.M. Ruel, J.M. Choubert, H. Budzinski, C. Miège, M. Esperanza, M. Coquery, P. Dauthuille. Suez Environnement (France)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Identification of Total and Fecal Coliforms and Heterotrophic Plate Count through Microbiological Method and E.coli O157:H7 by Immunological, and Real Time PCR methods in Isfahan Water Treatment Plant P. Atabakhsh, M.M. Amin, H. Mortazavi, M. Yaran, A.A. Sepahi, M. Jalali. Isfahan Water and Wastewter Company (Iran, Islamic Republic of)

Impact of Seawater Intrusion on Agriculture in Tamil Nadu Jahanmohan Ramachandran. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (India)


Impact of Urbanization on the Groundwater Regime – A Case Study P.K. Naik and J.A. Tambe. Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture (Bahrain)


Impacts of Rapid Urban Development: Heavy Metals in Yamuna River basin, Delhi Segment M. Sehgal and S.K. Gautam. Australian International Health Institute (India)

Implementation of Pressure Management – A Strategic Measure to Reduce Non-revenue Water in Hong Kong C.M. Lam, S. Shou, S. Chan, K. Chiu. Black & Veatch (Hong Kong) Infiltration / Inflow and Exfiltration Study for Sewerage Network in Singapore Eastern and Western Catchments O. Au-yeung, A. Lawrence, C.H. Tay, M.S. Woo, J. Poon. Scott Wilson Ltd (Hong Kong)

Influence of Metallomic Distribution in Brain by Prolonged Consumption of Contaminant in Drinking Water G.L. Wright, J.C.K. Lai, A. Chan, M. Minski, S.W. Leung. Idaho State University (United States) Innovative Network Monitoring Technologies to Support the Never-ending Task of Water Loss Management P.J. Martinek, J. Kölbl. MWM-Martinek Water Management GmbH (Austria) International Best Practices for Sustainable Water Resources Management L. Lampe, A. Man, J. Currie, P. Kenel. Black & Veatch (United States)


Investigation of Nitrate Leaching Changes Process Below the Root Zone in Karaj Farms with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) A. Kaviani, A. Liaghat, T. Sohrabi. Khodabande Branch, Islamic Azad University (Iran, Islamic Republic Of)

Irrigation Water Use efficiency in Sugarcane Farming Under Different Methods of Irrigation S.J. Patil, S. Roy, M. Dhar. WWF-India (India) ITT Proposes Efficient and Effective Water Supply Pumping Solutions A.Scarinci, M. Dola, B.J. Lim. ITT (Singapore)

Karaj Groundwater Simulation using NLEAP Model and GIS A. Kaviani, A. Liaghat, T. Sohrabi. Khodabande Branch, Islamic Azad University (Iran, Islamic Republic Of) Leakage Detection Internal Video Assessment and Wall thickness Measurement in Hong Kong Trunk Water Mains Jon Boon. Pure Technologies (China) Ltd (Hong Kong) Lessons from Animal: Biomimicry of Advanced Anaerobic Digestion of Sludge J.-J. Godon, L. Arcemisbéhère, R. Escudié, T. Bouchez, A. Guillot, T. Li, S.M. Ruel, P. Dauthuille, E. Miambi, A.R.J.-P. Steyer. Suez Environnement – CIRSEE (France) Light-induced Degradation of Emerging Organic Contaminants in Aqueous Algae Suspension T.V. Nguyen, K. Gin, M. Reinhard. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Liquid Stream Phosphorus Recovery Using a New Ultra-Low Adsorption Process C. Wallis-Lage, J. Fitzpatrick, C. deBarbadillo, S. Koh, H. Aoki, I. Midorikawa, M. Miyazaki, A. Omori. Black & Veatch (United States)

Major Water-related Issues in Central Asia – A Case Study: Republik of Uzbekistan A. Gadaev, I. Niyazov. Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute (Uzbekistan) Managing Beyond Stormwater Treatment – A New Approach by Ecoclean Technology using CDS Technology Y.Y.L. Wong, A.W.M. Wong, Y. Khan. Ecoclean Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) Mazy Filtration Assisted Nano-technology for Water Purification Q.L. Wang, Z.J. Jiang, Y.B. Hong, W.G. Lan. Sinomem Technology Limited (Singapore)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

MBR Process Modeling Optimization: Case Study of Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant with Future Scale-Up Consideration J. Chen, R. Luo, W.J. Yap, S. Mu, Z. Zhang, M. Andersen, P.E. Jorgensen. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Mechanism and Control Strategies of Membrane Fouling in MBR+RO Systems T.Kitade, B. Wu, T.H. Chong, F.-S. Wong, A.G. Fane, T. Uemura. Toray Industries, Inc. (Singapore)

Membrane Biofouling Control by Ferritin-Based Phosphate Removal A. Oudshoorn, N. Lal, H. Vrouwenvelder, F. Hagen, M. Van Loosdrecht. Biaqua B.V (The Netherlands)

Microbial Diversity of a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (SMBR) and a Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) system treating wastewater from a sugar manufacturing industry S. Kumari, A. Moonusamy, D. Chetty, F. Bux. Durban University of Technology (South Africa)

Microbial Fuel Cells for Wastewater Treatment A.C. Lee, Z.C. Lim, J. Ambler, C. Martynuk, J. Gifford, L. Ng. Siemens Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Microbial Water Quality Assessment for the Great Lakes in Michigan Y. Huang, M.P. Verhougstraete, A.D. Kendall, J.B. Rose. Michigan State University (United States)



Neo-tectonics and its Role in Framing Up Arsenic Free Aquifers in Patna and Ara; Two of the Important Commercial Towns in Bihar in Middle Ganga Plain, India S. Sahu, R.R. Shukla. Central Ground Water Board (India) New Actinometery Procedure for Industrial UV Applications C. Sichel, C. Garcia, J. Winstel, K. Andre. Siemens Water Technologies (Germany)

New Efficient treatment of Produced Water for Oil and Gas Industry S. Prakash and G. Eng. ABB Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

New Suggested Water Pricing Policy for Iraq H. Sargsyan and A.M.J. Al-Khateeb. UNICEF (Iraq)

Nonlinear Flood Routing using Genetic Algorithm Pramodh Vallam. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Occurrence of Artificial Sweeteners in Singapore Water A. Duarah, J.M. Wu, K.K.Y. Koh, G. Yang, L.F. Zhang. PUB (Singapore) Odour and Emission Control at Sewage Pumping Stations – High Tech Helps Oliver Augustin. Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH (Germany) On-Condition Monitoring of Surface Assets for Water Supply in Hong Kong P. Fan, S. Shou, J. Searle, G. Lam, D. Tang. Black & Veatch (Hong Kong) Operations Optimization for Bulk Water Supply Systems – A South Australian Case Study D. Broad, S. McMichael, D. McIver, R. Curtis, G. Dandy, P.J. Smith. Optimatics (Australia) Opportunities for Carbonaceous Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Wastewater Treatment Plants Ivan Xuetang Zhu. ITT Water and Wastewater Inc (United States) Optimizing the Aeration System Design Process for Capital and Operational Cost Reduction within Biological Treatment John Christoffer Arvidsson. ITT Water & Wastewater AB (Sweden)

Packaged Water Regulation: Improving Local Processes for Sustainable Water Delivery in Developing Nations A.C. Dada and O.D. Dada. Obafemi Awolowo University (United Kingdom) Panel diffusers Aeration System Saves Energy? – A Full-scale Comparison between Panel and Disc Diffusers D. Fujii, L. Mombers, E.D. Jong. ITT Water & Wastewater (Sweden) Performance Comparison on Water Quality and Energy Consumption between Plants B and C of Johore River Waterworks Q. Lu, N.S. Lim, C.J. Tee, C. Kong, C.S. Sia, S.L. Fam, Q.W. Chow, K.N. Tiew, Y.Y. Wong, M.H. Lim. PUB (Singapore) Performance of Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor on Pilot Plant Test in Singapore A. Oishi, T. Niwa, H. Noguchi, H. Lie, K. Kekre, G. Tao. Meidensha Corporation (Japan)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Photocatalytic Application in Wastewater Treatment P. Mukherjee, A. Galistan, P. Koh, P. Goh, J. Chang, J. Weng, Q. Fang. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)


Piloting Advanced Oxidation to Target Microconstituent Removal for Wetlands Application S. Sansom, J. Ferguson, K. Kinser, J. Oppenheimer. MWH Americas, Inc. (United States)

Piloting School Point of Use (POU) Technologies in Selected Schools in Nepal B. Dangol, B. Tuladhar, L.G. Shrestha, A.M. Shrestha. Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) (Nepal)

Planning and Management of Urban Water Supply Systems: A Comparative Study of Chandigarh (India) and Nairobi (Kenya) Richard Kipkirui Sigei. Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (Kenya)

Polyurethane Foaming System R. Sitorus, L.Sumihar, H. Wiartie, M. Siahaan. TSD (Indonesia)

Portable Test Bench as A Mean of Meter Investigation A Case Study of Suspected Meter Tampered – Jakarta, Indonesia Y. Andriani, I. Larasati, N. Manurung. PALYJA (Indonesia)


Preliminary Investigations on the ‘Defluoridation of Water using Marble Slurry’ J. Hussain and A. Prasad. National River Water Quality Laboratory (India)

Producing Ceramic Membranes for Water Harvesting from a Waste Material G. Singh and J.A. Prince. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)

Providing Millions of People with High Quality Household Drinking Water Using a Novel Flocculent/Disinfectant Technology: Efforts during the 2010 Pakistan Flood, 2010 Haiti Cholera Crisis, for People Living with HIV/AIDS, and for Malnourished Children Greg Allgood. Procter & Gamble (United States)

Quantifying the Benefits of Model Predictive Flow control at Different Water Supply Systems in the Netherlands M. Bakker, J. Verberk, L. Palmen, V. Sperber, G. Bakker. DHV B.V. (Netherlands)


Rapid Detection of Caffeine in Water by HPLC-DAD Coupled with On-line SPE R. Hu, Z. Yang, L. Zhang. PUB (Singapore) Rapid Detection of Cryptosporidium Oocysts with Integrated Bio-chip and System H.Q. Gong, H.B. Liu. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Rapid Methods Make Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Treatment Plants Easier, but What Do the Results Tell Us? B.C. Franklin, P. Hunt, T.Y. Chui. AECOM (United Kingdom) Real-time Urban Stormwater & Wastewater Management Systems T. Parkinson, J. Hanson. MWH Soft (United Kingdom) Reduction of Bromate Formation During Ozonation of Drinking Water M. Antoniou, C. Sichel, K. Andre, H.R. Anderson. Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) Relationship of Capillary Suction Time & MLSS Concentration on Critical Flux Determination in Submerged Membrane Bioreactors R.D. Conde, L. Xiao, R. Wikramanayake, S.K. Venkatesan, K. Shanmugam, W.J. Liu, E. Jordan. Siemens Pte Ltd (Singapore) River Bed Filtration (RBF) system for sustainable water quality in Uttarakhand (India) - A case study A.A. Khan, P.C. Kimothi. Government of India (India) Riverbank Filtration Project at Cilandak as a Solution of Limited Water Supply in South Jakarta – Indonesia A. Utari and E. Mauro. PALYJA (Indonesia) Role of Bacteriophages Regulating Pathogenicity among Bacteria in Aqueous System W.N. Paunikar, S.G. Sanmukh, T.K. Ghosh. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (India) Role of GIS and Satellite Images in Monitoring the Flood Risk of Pallikaranai Marsh- A Management Solution for Better Governance V. Sujatha and J. Vijayaraghavan. Sri Sairam Engineering College (India)

Say NO to Bottled Water: Enhancing Water Conservation through Awareness Raising S. Burgin, T. Webb, J. Dollin. University of Western Sydney (Australia)

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List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

Scale Control In RO With A New Phosphorous-Free Antiscalant B.B.J. Yao, H. Lohokare, A. Urmenyi, D. Musale, R. Yeleswarapu. Nalco Company (United States)

Seasonal Monitoring of Water Quality: A Case Study of Lower Yamuna Basin Ritu Ahlawat. Miranda House, University of Delhi (India)

Sewer Rehabilitation by SPR Method Kl. Langenbach, K.K. Lim, H.C. Lee. Sekisui SPR Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Sharing of Research Experiences on Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor (OMBR) Systems W.C.L. Lay, J. Zhang, C. Tang, J. Qin, R. Wang, Y. Liu, A.G. Fane. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) Simplicity is Essential Innovative MEMS Disposable Self-calibration Sensor for On-line Ultra-traces Dissolved Oxygen Measurement C. Gispert, L. Auret. Neosens S.A. (France) Smart Choices in Water, Energy, and Carbon Efficiency Uncovering Embodied Resources within Resources Rowan Alexei Roderick-Jones. Arup, Ltd (United States)

SMART Meter Verification Simplifies Water System Management and Improves Efficiency T.J. Duncan, T. Ball, J. Woo. Emerson Process Management (Singapore)

State of the Art Passive Nutrient Removal Technologies William Lucas. Integrated Land Management, Inc. (United States)

Staying on Track with Hydrotrak Mal Hill. South East Water Limited (Australia)

Strategies from Implementing ABC Waters Projects in an Urban Watershed T.W. Lee, S.C. Chan, Q.H. He, H.C. Chan, N.C. Tan. CH2M Hill (Singapore)

Successful Application of Advanced Treatment Technologies to Meet Stormwater Discharge Limits More Stringent than Drinking Water: From Pilot Studies to Final Implementation A. Burbano, M. Bordelon, D. Collins, A. Sandu, E. Fujii, B. Kelly. MWH Americas, Inc. (United States)

Sustainability of Deeper High Yielding Aquifer in Urban Areas in Middle Ganga Basin, Bihar India S.N. Dwivedi, R.K. Singh, P.C. Chandra. Central Ground Water Boar (India) Sustainable Cities – Strategies to Maximize Economic Value T.W. Lee, J. Witherspoon, S. McGuigan, K. Sears. CH2M Hill International (United States) Sustainable Development of Groundwater along East Coastal Tract of India P.C. Chandra, K.C. Naik, A. Ramakrishna, S.C. Singh, Mohd. Adil, P.H.P. Reddy. Central Ground Water Board (India) Sustainable Planning to Remediate the Jeddah Sewage Lake W.A. Kreutzberger, M.M.M.A. Alqadi, W.A. Kreutzberger. CH2M HILL (United States) Sustainable Recycled Water Treatment – It’s All About the Validation Cameron Staib. MWH (Australia) Sustainable Solutions for Water-Energy Issues in Pakistan Zaheer Hussain Butt. Water Resources Development (Pakistan) Sustainable Water Solutions for a Golf Course in Singapore Xianyong Tian. Ace Water Pte Ltd (Singapore) Sustainable ‘Watering for Purpose’ in Urban Landscapes: Developing Irrigation Benchmarks S. Burgin, B. Devi, T. Webb. University of Western Sydney (Australia) Sustaining Urban Water Supplies and Environmental Quality in an Era of Increasing Competition D. Wicheln and R. Waireri. International Water Management Institute (Sri Lanka) SWAFIA - A Successful Case for Increasing Water Productivity and Soil Productivity as a Social Movement in Rural Tamil Nadu, India S. Vijayabaskaran, A.K. Mani, K.R. Jahanmohan, B.J. Pandian, S. Chellamuthu. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (India) System of Rice Intensification (SRI) -– An Adoptive Measure to Climate Change for Water Resource Management B.J. Pandian and S. Chellamuthu. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (India)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order) T

Technical Advisory Services for PPP projects: Arup’s Risk Based Approach. D. Lambert, B. Kracman. Arup Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore)

The Development of Drinking Water Supply Area in Jakarta R.W. Rasmidan and E. Mauro. PT. PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Indonesia)

The Effect of Catchment Protection on Macroinvertebrate Communities and Water Quality in Singapore’s Tropical Reservoirs E. Clews, E.-W. Low, C. Belle, P. Todd, Y.C. Tai, P. Ng. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

The Effect of Climate Change on Streamflow Reduction in Murray-Hotham River Catchment, Western Australia A.H.M.F. Anwar, M. Bari, R.M. Want, S.A. Islam. Curtin University (Australia)

The Effect of Two Different Catalysts on the Formation of Disinfection By-products in Catalytic Ozonaiton K.-C. Chen, Y.-H. Wang, Y.-S. Tsai. National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan, POC)

The Financing of Water Resources Management in the Brantas and Bengawan Solo River Basins Indonesia T.W. Subijanto, F. Hidayat, Harianto, A. Rianto. Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation (Indonesia)


The Pleasure of Water - A Comparative Study between Paris and Singapore L. Xue, C. Boucharenc, C. Gaubert, M. Coirié. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

The Polychaeta Annelid Marphysa Mossambica, Water Pollution Indicator and Heavy Metals Bioconcentrator (Bay of Toliara, Madagascar) G.G.B. Todinanhary, G.R. Luy, H. Raharison, C. Razafindravao, G. Lasserre, Y. Leif. Toliara University (Madagascar)

The Role of CFD Simulations in Complex Flow Solutions for Water System Efficiency Mikhail P Strongin. ITT, R&CW (United States) Tomato Response to NPK Nutrition via Drip Fertigation Asokaraja Natarajan. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (India)

Total Water Management: A New Paradigm for Urban Water Systems D. Rodrigo, E. Lopez-Calva, A. Cannan. CDM (United States) Toward the Zero Environmental Footprint of Wastewater Treatment V. Lazarova, S. Martin, B. Barillon, P. Dauthuille. Suez Environment (France) Towards Improved Urban Water Management through Aquatic Science Centres in Singapore C. Han, S. Reuben, V. Kuppusamy, U.M. Joshi, N. Pham, K.M. Chakravarthy, G. Saxena, S. Swarup. National University of Singapore (Singapore) Towards the Positive Energy WWTP : Increase the Efficiency of the Overall Aeration System S. Besnault, S. Martin, G. Carrand, P. Dauthuille. CIRSEE Suez Environnement (France) Treatment & Recycling of Wastewater on the Maintenance Lines of Indian Railways Anshuman Jaiswal. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) (India) Treatment of Methyl Tert-butyl Ether (MTBE) in Groundwater using Enhanced Persulfate Oxidation K.-F. Chen and, Y.-C. Chang. National Chi Nan University (Taiwan, POC)

Urban Water Cycle Sustainability and Policy Development W.D. Bellamy, J. Curl, T.W. Lee. CH2M HILL (United States) Urban Water Sector Financing and Governance in India Piyush Tiwari. Infrastructure Development Finance Company (India) Use of Decision Support System for Increasing Water Use Efficiency S.J. Patil and R.K. Panda. WWF-India (India) Utilisation of Polymers Based on Renewable Substrates in Sludge Treatment T. Li, S.M. Ruel, S. Wohlgemuth, D. Karcher, P. Dauthuille. Suez Environnement – CIRSEE (France) Utilization of GIS (Geographical Information System) in Finding Potential Area for a New Connection in PALYJA D. Amanda and P. Mappa. PT PAM LYONNAISE JAYA (PALYJA) (Indonesia)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


List of Poster Presentations (in alphabetical order)

UV and UV/H2O2 for Disinfection and Nitrosamines Treatment: an Update R. Peterson, A. Festger, W. Lem, R. Haas, N. Brown. Trojan Technologies (United States)

UV-based Innovation in Indirect Water Reuse J. Derks, H. Provoost, L. Rietveld, G. IJpelaar. Royal Haskoning (Netherlands)


Variable Speed Pumping: A Way to Improve System Efficiency and Lower Life Cycle Costs Adarsh S Iyengar. ITT Corportation – Industrial Process Division (United States)

Asha Ashok Verulkar. J.D.C. Bytco IMSR, Nashik (India)

Water Conservation Issues in an Urban Zoo P.E. Cooley, T.Y. Cham, K.B. Choo, C.E. Eccles, E.T. Howland, M.A. Lindsey. MWH (Singapore)

Water Environment Protection under Pandemic Influenza Medical Response- an Emerging Issue of Environmental Concern G.C. Ghosh, H. Tanaka, N. Yamashita, N. Nakada. Kyoto University (Japan)

W Water and Health: A Case Study of Nashik

Water Quality Management in Seoul Waterworks and Future Strategies in Response to Climate Change S. Han and C. Park. Seoul Waterworks Research Institute (Republic of Korea) Water Quality Studies in Kranji Catchment, Singapore: Use of Organic Tracers and Polyethylene Devices for Identifying Potential Sewage Sources A.M. Sagel, P. Shanahan, J. MacFarlane, P. Gschwend. Enviro-access Inc. (Canada) Water Supply Services in Difficult Terrain in Sultanate of Oman - Case Study of Al Jabal Al Akhdar Water Supply Project Khalid Said Almuharbi. Public Authority for Electricity and Water (Oman)

Water Governance in Maharashtra, India with Special Reference to Water Pricing & Equitable Distribution Suresh Vithal Sodal. Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (India) ‘Water Miles’: A Concept that Parallels ‘Food Miles’ to Encourage Urban Water Conservation S. Burgin and T. Webb. University of Western Sydney (Australia) Water Pricing as a Strategy to Sustainable Water Management in South Africa- Case of the Vaal River system F.O. Otieno, B. Dzwairo. Tshwane University of Technology (South Africa) Water Pricing Trend in Nepal: Case Study of 20 Town Projects Managed by Users Committee. N.R. Khatri and H.P. Pandey. World Health Organization (Nepal) Water Quality as a Global Problem Maruf Kuzibaev. Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute (Uzbekistan)

FOOTNOTE: The confirmed list of presentations is accurate as at 24 Feb 2011. For an updated list of presentations, please visit


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International Water Association (IWA) The International Water Association (IWA) is a global network of water professionals, spanning the continuum between research and practice and covering all facets of the water cycle. With more than 10,000 members in over 120 countries, IWA members collaborate to promote the development and implementation of innovative and effective approaches to water management. The strength of IWA lies in the professional and geographic diversity of its membership – a global mosaic of member communities including academic researchers and research centres, utilities, consultants, regulators, industrial water users and water equipment manufacturers. IWA members from each of these communities represent the leading edge in their fields of expertise; together they build new frontiers in the research and implementation of water and wastewater treatment technologies, within the framework of the total water cycle. The IWA East Asia & Pacific regional office is based in Singapore and is responsible for driving IWA’s events, programs and membership activities in more than fourteen countries in the Asia-Pacific region. For more information about IWA, visit

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB is Singapore’s national water agency and a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. It manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchments and sewerage in an integrated way. PUB manages the whole water cycle, from sourcing to the collection, purification and supply of drinking water, the treatment of used water and its reclamation into NEWater, as well as the drainage of stormwater. The agency has ensured a diversified and sustainable supply of water with the Four National Taps – local catchment water, imported water, NEWater and desalinated water.


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Water Convention Advance Programme 2011  

Water Convention Advance Programme 2011

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