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Siwertell global representatives meet in Croatia


Safety in biomass handling


Unloader conversion meets changing market needs

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Cargotec benefits from Siwertell’s boom year


Siwertell News is one of Cargotec’s customers magazines Distribution: 1500 copies Publisher: Cargotec Sweden Bulk Handling AB, P.O. Box 566, SE-26725 Bjuv, Sweden Editors: Malin Pekberg / Emily Cueva Layout: Copied from original by maggie/zeeland Printed: Tryckaren Engelholm AB. The opinions expressed by the authors or individuals interviewed do not necessarily represent the views of Cargotec. The content of the magazine (with the exception of photos) may be reproduced provided that the source is mentioned.

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

Dear reader, What a successful year for Siwertell, with a wide range of orders received from across the globe. We got off to a great start in January with a contract from a returning customer, PT Petrokimia Gresik, for a Siwertell sulphur unloader fitted with our award-winning Siwertell sulphur safety system (4S). Most recently we have secured a breakthrough contract from the steel plant industry. Until now the industry has been reluctant to invest in separate intake systems for coal and iron ore. However, in view of the huge cost savings – in the region of $2.5 to $3 million per year – which our Siwertell systems can deliver in comparison to traditional systems, one of the largest corporations in the world is now investing. The order, by Formosa Plastics Group, includes the biggest Siwertell unloaders designed so far and we are confident that this order will start a trend that sees more steel plants using Siwertell machines for dedicated coal unloading. We are experiencing continuing success in the biomass industry, which is going from strength to strength. We secured an important order from Dong Energy in Denmark, for a Siwertell unloader designed to handle both coal and wood pellets. I am pleased to see that the market for our Siwertell road-mobile unloaders has returned to a healthy level with a number of new orders during the year. To top it off, we have also signed a number of new contracts for our Siwertell ship loaders. Taken together, this year’s wide variety of orders illustrates the great versatility of Siwertell products. More information about these and other achievements can be found throughout the magazine. I hope you enjoy the read! Per Karlsson President

About Siwertell Cargotec offers environment-friendly and efficient ship unloaders, road-mobile unloaders, ship loaders and bulk terminal solutions under the brand name Siwertell. All conveying systems are totally enclosed, reducing dust emission to a minimum and eliminating spillage completely. Virtually any dry bulk material can be handled by Siwertell systems.

Ship unloaders

Road-mobile unloaders

Ship loaders

Bulk terminal solutions

Siwertell is a global market-leading brand in dry bulk handling. Customer-driven Siwertell engineering and service solutions for the dry bulk handling industry are used in import and export terminals worldwide. Siwertell News | Autumn 2012



Cargotec benefits from Siwertell’s boom year A winning basic design, customised to meet the needs of almost all areas of bulk cargo handling across the world, sees a series of successful Siwertell deliveries and a healthy order book. “The quality and performance of our products is perfectly reflected in the enviable number of orders and deliveries over the last twelve months,” he says. “Not surprisingly, many of our contracts represent repeat business or build on the good local reputation our products and service have generated.”

Cargotec has experienced a boom year for sales of its Siwertell products says Juha Huovilainen, Cargotec Sales Director for Bulk Handling. “Initially developed for cement handling, our Siwertell loaders and unloaders are among the world’s most popular systems for a wide variety of bulk trades. This is our reward for continually striving to meet and exceed our customers’ demands and expectations.” “Our unique screw conveyor technology, combined with belt conveyors and aeroslides, can handle almost any dry bulk cargo, including coal, cement, fertiliser, agribulk, clinker, sulphur and grain. More importantly, all these cargoes can be dealt with in a highly efficient, reliable manner that cuts the environmental impact of bulk cargo handling down to the absolute minimum.”


Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

Most recently Cargotec has received an order from one of the world’s largest corporations, Formosa Plastics Group, for two large Siwertell coal unloaders, each with a rated capacity of 2,400t/h, to feed coal to the company’s

newly-built Ha Tinh steel plant in Vietnam. These will be the biggest Siwertell unloaders designed so far. Prior to this, a rail-mounted Siwertell ship unloader, with a rated capacity of 1,500t/h, has been ordered by US global engineering, consulting and construction company Black & Veatch Corporation. It will be used to discharge coal at the company’s greenfield power plant under construction near the city of Davao, Mindanao Island, in the Philippines. The unloader is scheduled for delivery in December 2013 and will be transported in pre-assembled sections. “The client had an early preference for a continuous ship unloader, and for a screw type unloader in particular,” explains Mr Huovilainen. “This was because of its efficiency, reliability and environmentally friendly operation. The system’s slim footprint and low weight also mean that it offers savings in jetty construction costs.” At the end of last year, Cargotec secured an order for a Siwertell barge unloader type-ST 790-M from the Brazilian company, Rio Turia Servicos Logistica

Ltda, a subsidiary of Bunge Brazil, itself a part of the Bunge agribusiness empire. “Cargotec’s Siwertell technology has an enviable reputation in South America for high-capacity totally-enclosed bulk conveying,” notes Mr Huovilainen “This system, which will be used to discharge soybeans, soya meal and corn from barges, appealed to the customer because of its very high unloading capacity and the totally-enclosed conveying line which eliminates dust emissions and spillage.” Then in January, Cargotec secured a follow up contract for a Siwertell ship unloader from the Indonesian fertiliser producer, PT Petrokimia Gresik. “In this case, the customer came to us again, because they wanted a highly-efficient continuous screw-type unloader, which was also capable of safely handling potentially explosive materials, such as sulphur,” he explains. “They know that we have market leading knowledge and experience of screw-type unloaders, and that we can offer them at competitive prices.”

“This unloader has our award-winning Siwertell sulphur safety system (4S), which is designed to detect fires and minimise the risk of explosions. We now apply the 4S to all ship unloaders used for handling sulphur, including our road-mobile unloaders used for smaller ships.” Four mobile Siwertell units ordered from Cargotec to meet the particular needs of four very different ports illustrate the versatility of Siwertell products. Two of these new systems, both dieselpowered, trailer-based Siwertell 10 000 S units with a dual bellows system and dust filters, have already been commissioned. One is for cement handling at a rated capacity of 300t/h for Muhammet Gümüstas, in Trabzon, Turkey and the other is for fly ash handling at a rated capacity of 250t/h for Aalborg Portland in Aalborg, Denmark. “For the Trabzon installation, a mobile mechanical solution was preferred by the client, as it will be operating in different locations” explains Jörgen

Ojeda, Sales Director of Cargotec’s Roadmobile unloaders. “A similar unit is due to be commissioned for a third client - an undisclosed cement company in Spain.” The fourth mobile order is for an electrically-powered, gantry-based, ATEX-classified Siwertell 15 000 S unit with a rated capacity of 330t/h, which will be an integral part of Swedish plans to provide resource and climate neutral district heating by 2030. Scheduled for commissioning by the end of 2013, the system has been ordered by Fortum Värme, the Swedish part of Fortum Heat Scandinavia – which produces district heating, district cooling and electricity in combined heat and power plants – for its new fuel handling facility, Energihamnen, under construction in Stockholm. The unloader will handle biomass including olive kernels, wood pellets, and wood briquettes. It will be equipped with tube sleeves and noise hoods to minimise noise pollution. “Our customers will enjoy reliable, efficient, dust free, high-capacity unloading operations” Ojeda adds.

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012


Worldwide connections

Close relation with local representatives strengthen worldwide service In April, Cargotec met up with its national representatives from all parts of the world to strengthen one of our core values, that of being a company with a local presence worldwide. “We believe key elements of this to include communicating with customers in their own languages, is good cooperation and maintaining good, strong relationships with our representatives,” says Mr. Juha Huovilainen, Cargotec’s Sales Director for Bulk Terminals. “So every other year we meet up over the course of a few days to brainstorm new ideas, exchange news within the terminal and dry bulk handling business, inform each other of internal company changes and news, as well as making sure we have some leisure time together; sometimes the best ideas are born in this way.”

This year’s meeting was held in Opatija, Croatia and was organised by our Croatian representatives, Josco Marochini, Dean Brkic and Karmen Rajnovic from the company Mar Con. It was located near to one of Cargotec’s Siwertell installations at Plomin Power Station, which kindly permitted a visit to the site. The Siwertell unloader has a rated capacity of 1,200t/h and has been unloading coal from ships – up to Panamax size – at this power plant for 13 years. Port Chief, Zivco Cetina, and his team generously received the group and were available for questions and answers throughout the visit. Cargotec thanks everyone who attended the meeting and extends a special thank-you to the team in Croatia whose excellent planning ensured the gathering was a great success.

We thank Port Chief Mr. Zivco Coetina and his team at Plomin Power Station for their kind attention during our visit.


Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

At total of 25 representatives from 18 countries as well as 18 Cargotec employees from Sweden met up in Croatia to visit the Plomin installation and exchange business ideas.

Meeting organizers Dean Brkic and Josco Marochini from Mar Con here with Cargotec’s Cecilia Lo Greco Laustsen.

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012


Biomass handling

Award-winning system for handling biomass safely All Siwertell ship unloaders designed to handle potentially explosive materials such as wood pellets and sulphur are CE and ATEX classified, if required. This classification is based on the ATEX zones required at the operational site, along with the dust properties and design parameters for the range and types of wood pellets or sulphur to be handled. If the equipment is ATEX classified, a full risk analysis will be carried out. Depending on the classification and whether there are any risks of fire and/or explosion, the unloader will also be fully equipped with an automatic safety system, based on Siwertell’s 4S safety system, which won the International Bulk Journal’s Safety in Bulk Handling award, in 2011.

detected, and automatically diverted to the jetty or into a separate container on the quayside. This eliminates the dangerous possibility of any overheated cargo being conveyed to the storage facility, without affecting the continuous, high capacity ship unloading operation.

The design and outfitting of any new Siwertell ship unloader will be similarly risk assessed following receipt of all the relevant information from the client. The Siwertell unloader is then, as is standard practice, tailor-made to suit both the site conditions and the range of cargoes to be handled.

In addition to fully addressing these crucial safety and dust emission issues, Siwertell’s ship unloaders benefit from lightweight construction and offer significant operational benefits to the terminal operator. Compared to grabtype unloader and cranes, they have some outstanding advantages.

In addition, for materials such as wood pellets and sulphur, Siwertell ship unloaders are equipped with heat and spark detectors. These are installed in suitable locations; in every conveyor transfer box, for example. This ensures that the temperature of the cargo is constantly monitored while it is passing through the unloader. As a result, any overheated portion of cargo can be


Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

Siwertell ship unloaders are totally enclosed, so once the cargo enters an unloader, there are absolutely no emissions of potentially volatile and explosive dust into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the unique Siwertell layer-by-layer ship unloading process minimises cargo avalanches in the ship’s holds, significantly reducing dust creation.

Low cargo degradation means less potentially hazardous dust is produced, while the high unloading efficiency delivers short in port turnaround times. The hydraulically-controlled arm system and slim steel structures mean the unloader is not subject to wind damage, and full capacity operation can continue even in high wind conditions, typically up to wind speeds of 25m/sec.

Faster hold clean-up minimises the time personnel must spend in the holds handling oxygen-consuming cargo. Easily exchangeable inlet feeders mean it is a simple matter to set up the system for different cargoes. The benefits extend to the shore infrastructure. The continuous cargo flow from the vessel means it is possible to install smaller capacity on-shore belt conveyors to move the material to the storage facility. Siwertell ship unloaders have handled millions of tonnes of potentially volatile cargoes, such as pellets and prills, without any problems of material degradation. The low level of material degradation has been verified by the leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, Societé Génerale de Surveillance (SGS). Consequently, terminal operators have been able to secure valuable contracts for the handling of pellets and rice precisely because they operate Siwertell ship unloaders. Cargotec is receiving increasing numbers of orders for biomass unloaders because the trade is growing on a global scale. With hundreds of Siwertell unloaders installed for satisfied customers worldwide, there are plenty of references to demonstrate that a Siwertell ship unloader is an excellent choice, regardless of the type of dry bulk material to be handled.

News items

Next generation of high capacity unloaders

sets a new benchmark In response to market demand for increased unloading capacities, particularly for coal cargoes, Cargotec is currently developing a new generation of high-capacity Siwertell ship unloaders, which are expected to become available to the market by mid-2013. At present, the maximum unloading capacity of a Siwertell coal unloader is 2,400t/h. The new unloader, the Siwertell ST1090-DOB, will be able to discharge vessels of up to 200,000 dwt at a rate of 3,000t/h for coal. This will represent a new benchmark in the coal unloading segment of the dry bulk handling industry.

Increasing the unloading capacity is not simply a matter of constructing bigger conveyors; a totally new, improved and stronger design for the steel structure is also required. The main motive for this exciting new design project is simple; coal is being shipped in larger vessels than before, and operators naturally want to maintain cost-effective operations by minimising the time that their vessels spend in port.

The road to increased service life of

Siwertell screw conveyors continues We always strive forward to improve our products and services. One of our latest developments is in relation to the wearand-tear capabilities of the conveyor screw.

ship unloader operating at the Mainova Powerplant in Frankfurt, Germany. The results have been extraordinary. The test transport screw, used for discharging coal, has now been running for more than 2,500 hours, and so far it has experienced almost imperceptible wear.

To conduct experiment with our newly designed screw conveyor, we have been using a 2001-delivered Siwertell

For more information on our new transport screw, please contact bulk.

Cargotec never sleeps!

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012



Indonesian refurbishment project

optimises coal-handling performance Cargotec, together with PT Gadelius, Cargotec’s representative in Indonesia and consultant for this project, have recently completed the commissioning of a totally-refurbished Siwertell ship unloader for PT Semen Gresik in Indonesia. The unloader had not been used for several years and to meet the customer’s new requirements for unloading approximately 2.2 million tonnes of coal per year, it needed to be refurbished and upgraded to a rated capacity of 700t/h. The modernised unit will unload barges of between 6,000 to 10,000 dwt and use a belt conveying system, which was installed during the project, to handle the coal from the Siwertell ship unloader to the port’s receiving facilities. Due to the


Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

large amount of coal and limited jetty access, especially during the rainy season, Cargotec recommended that the existing discharge methods would be the most effective set up. Alongside Cargotec’s personnel, Triswono Nilam, from PT Gadelius, planned the project, the supply of equipment and the design of the unloader. The parts that needed to be refurbished and upgraded to today’s Siwertell standards were the complete conveying system for high capacity and wear resistance, the electrical and hydraulic motion system as well as the electrical system with a new PLC control system, HMI monitoring system and a new operator’s cabin.

The unloader refurbishment work was made in five main phases: 1. Engineering and equipment supply from Sweden 2. Local overhaul of equipment, reinforcement of structure and painting 3. Dismantling into vertical arm, horizontal arm, upper turret and gantry 4. Installation of new equipment and system as described above 5. Commissioning and training Commissioning was performed after the mechanical and electrical parts of the ship unloader were installed. This was followed by an on-site training session for the operator, including classroom training.

Exhibiting Siwertell The Siwertell unloader before the refurbishment project began; it had not been used for several years.

Cargotec attends a long list of exhibitions and conferences worldwide each year. For representation of its Siwertell brand Cargotec will be present at the below exhibitions during the first half of 2013.

12-13 March, Goa, India

The assembly of the slewing bearing; the work was performed in the storage area where the spare parts were located.

12-14 March, Hong Kong

12-14 March, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The conveyors were assembled on site.

13-15 March, Dakar, Senegal

Bulk Ports, Terminals & Logistics

12-14 May, Antwerp, Belgium After assembling the arm conveyor, the heavy mobile cranes were moved, and work continued with smaller mobile cranes and scaffolding.

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012



Customer seminars provide opportunities for all parties For some years now we have arranged customer seminars because we believe that two-way communication is essential for successful longterm partnerships. 12

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

For this year’s event, we invited several Korean customers to participate in our Siwertell maintenance seminar in Taiwan. It was held in August and arranged by Tony Aronsson, who is stationed in the region. “These events get people together to exchange experiences and enable customers to ask questions face-to-face,” says Mr. Aronsson, Area Manager for Bulk Handling Services, APAC. “We also take the opportunity to inform customers of any new developments in our products or services.”

been with the company since 1997 and has been responsible for the conveyor design for the past ten years; he is very familiar with Siwertell products. During this session, Mr. Aronsson also showed our new Siwertell movies, one demonstrating a range of installations and the other showing a Siwertell ship unloader handling coal. Our Siwertell Care service agreements were also highlighted by a presentation of a case study. This created great interest and led to discussions, which raised different kinds of solutions for maintenance support and training.

“Customer participation and the exchange of knowledge, along with honest and helpful feedback, give us the best opportunity to improve our services,” he adds. “Our most recent participants were pleased with the event and are looking forward to other similar seminars.” The conference started with a visit to Hsinta Power Station, which has two Siwertell ship unloaders operating on site. A ship had just arrived in the harbour during our visit, so it was possible to watch the unloading process. The seminar’s participants studied the operation and exchanged experiences with regard to unloading techniques; they also pointed out how important it is to have trained operators to reduce unloading times, avoid accidents and minimise wear and tear to the unloader. After lunch we visited Cargotec’s certified Siwertell workshop and discussed the importance of proper maintenance, repairs and balancing of the transport screws.

for Capesize ships up to 150,000 dwt, each operate with a rated capacity of 2,200t/h. Later that day, participants moved to the conference room where Mr. Aronsson introduced Mats Lindberg, our new Key Account Manager for the north Asia region (succeeding Mr. Per Hansson, who will now move forward in our organisation). Mr. Lindberg has

Seminars are one of Cargotec’s tools to support its customers in a sustainable way.

The second day started with a tour of the Talin Power Station, where two Siwertell ship unloaders, designed

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012



Siwertell horizontal and vertical screw conveyors Siwertell screw conveyors have been a central part in loading/ unloading systems for dry bulk material handling on ships and ashore all over the world for more than half a century.

14 14

Siwertell Siwertell News News || Autumn Autumn 2012 2012

Horizontal and vertical screw conveyors are included in our product group for dry bulk terminals. Cargotec’s scope of supply for dry bulk terminals include: • Ship loaders and unloaders • Conveying and storage systems • Horizontal and vertical screw conveyors • Transfer terminal solutions Siwertell horizontal and vertical screw conveyors are designed to handle a great variety of dry bulk materials, such as cement, lime, apatite, urea, fly ash and gypsum under tough conditions. For significant horizontal and vertical conveying distances, two or more screw conveyors are arranged in series. When large capacities need to be handled, conveyors can run parallel to each other. The screw conveyors are completely enclosed, which reduces dust emissions to a minimum. Numerous systems have been supplied to customers all over the world for installations that include industrial units, port terminals, ships, silos and power plants.

Jurong Port, Singapore A great example of a cement terminal application can be found in Jurong Port, Singapore, for Sin Heng Chan Pte Ltd, where screw conveyors and aeroslides are combined in a highly flexible distribution system. Cement is conveyed from the jetty by either pneumatic or belt conveyors to the distribution system located above the flat storage area. The terminal’s total storage capacity is about 60,000 tonnes. Existing flat storage areas and grain silos were used to keep the total costs down.

Cecime Cimentos, Portugal Another customer reference is an unloading system for Cecime Cimentos in Portugal. The terminal is designed to receive bulk cement from ships of up to 10,000 dwt. Cement is unloaded by a port mobile ship unloader, conveyed to the storage building, reclaimed and conveyed to two truck loading stations located at the rear of the terminal. The unloaded cement is conveyed to the

storage facility by a system consisting of horizontal and vertical screw conveyors and aeroslide conveyors; all according to Cargotec’s design. In the flat storage area, cement is reclaimed by a front end loader and conveyed through a reclaiming system to the truck loading stations. The rigid, heavy-duty construction of these horizontal and vertical screw conveyors reduces wear and enables easy maintenance, which is only required at infrequent intervals. They also feature easily replaceable intermediate bearings, which have been specially developed to resist wear. Siwertell screw conveyors are suitable for applications in any kind of environment, indoors as well as outdoors. Their modular construction ensures swift and easy installation in new and existing bulk conveying systems.

Contacts for horizontal and vertical screw conveyors NEW SALES Mr. Conny Johanson

AFTER SALES & SERVICES Mr. Bengt Estberger

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012



Unloader conversion meets changing market needs Business conditions are always changing and with a Siwertell ship unloader operators can adapt to these fluctuations.

A good example of meeting changing market needs came from a customer enquiry in 2011. It wished to convert one of its two Siwertell ship unloaders from handling cement to wheat for its growing operations in Nigeria. The project will start at the end of this year and requires a number of parts on the ship unloader to be modified and/ or replaced. These include the vertical conveyor, the horizontal conveyor and the gantry conveyor.


Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

In addition to the conversion of one of its Siwertell machines, the Nigerian operator has also contracted Cargotec to replace the old PLC control system on its other ship unloader. The advantage of this replacement is that the operator will now have a similar PLC on both machines and by running the latest PLC system, spare parts are more easily available and affordable. A key advantage of unloading wheat with a Siwertell ship unloader is low dust emissions. The unloader

is a totally-enclosed machine, once cargo enters it there are absolutely no environmentally-damaging dust emissions or spillages, resulting in no loss of cargo and clean-up expenses. Several tests, which were controlled by independent organisations such as leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS, show that a Siwertell machine causes negligible grain damage. A test, under SGS control, carried out at Nordmills AB, in Sweden, on a shipment of durum wheat, showed a maximum increase

of up to 0.2 percent in broken kernels after passing through the Siwertell machine. Some Siwertell users unload extremely delicate products, like rice, without any problems. A Siwertell unit is equipped with an arm system, as well as an inlet feeder, which is designed to pick up cargo in all directions, including heavy digging, to allow layer-by-layer ship unloading. They handle a wide range of commodities including powders and granules like cement, alumina,

fertilizer, grain and cattle feed and also larger-pieced materials such as coal and limestone. Current models have rated capacities of up to 2,400t/h. As a result of its design and construction, Siwertell unloaders can also operate at full capacity in high wind conditions. Cargotec has vast experience handling most kinds of bulk materials. With a Siwertell ship unloader we can fulfil your requirements; why not give us a try?

Siwertell dry bulk handling systems are all tailor made

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012


Siwertell representatives worldwide NEW SALES ALGERIA Mr. Dominique Faath Tel: +33 389 32 14 61 Mob: +33 672 268 213 AUSTRALIA Mr. John Ketley, Cargotec Tel: +61-8 8356 4547 Mob: +61 410 541 138 AZERBAIJAN Mr. Sten Olof Bjorkner Mr. Michel Hingant MCS International LLC Tel: +971 4 4270 850 Mob: +46 70 849 6230/ +33 608 3092 35 BAHRAIN Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 4845287 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Mr. Josko Marochini Mar Con d.o.o. Tel: +385 51 211 842 BRAZIL Mr. Paulo Lemgruber Interocean Engenharia & Ship management Ltda Tel: +55 2122626023 /2122620582 Mob: +55 21 2215 8944 BULGARIA Mr. Valentin Bulkin YTS Limited Tel: +380 482 304014 Mr. Sten Olof Bjorkner Mr. Michel Hingant MCS International LLC Tel: +971 4 4270 850 Mob: +46 70 849 6230/ +33 608 3092 35 CHINA Mr. Sun Guangxiang, Cargotec Tel: +86 21 2606 3091 Mob: +86 1370 192 5420 CROATIA Mr. Josko Marochini Mar Con d.o.o. Tel: +385 51 211 842 FRANCE Mr. Dominique Faath Tel: +33 389 32 14 61 Mob: +33 672 268 213 18

Siwertell News | Autumn 2012

EGYPT Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 4845287

JORDAN Mr. Khalled Zalloum Trust Industrial Supplies Tel: +962 6 55153183

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NEW ZEALAND Mr. John Ketley, Cargotec Tel: +61-8 8356 4547 Mob: +61 410 541 138

Mr. Sten Olof Bjorkner Mr. Michel Hingant MCS International LLC Tel: +971 4 4270 850 Mob: +46 70 849 6230/ +33 608 3092 35 GREECE Mr. Alexander Stefanidis Emesco Ltd. Tel: +30 21 0 612 2393 / 5 INDIA Mr. Shashi Pradhan Engineering Systems Private Ltd. Tel: +91 80 3928 1126 INDONESIA Mr. Triswono Nilam PT Gadelius Service Tel: +62 21 5140 1282 IRAN Mr. Kh Razzazchian MCS Corporation (Machinalat 444 Shomal) Tel: +98 21 8850 2900 Mob: +98 91 111119 16 IRAQ Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 484528 ITALY Mr. Paolo Sancin Marine & Industrial Multiservices Tel: +39 (0)40 3229900 IVORY COAST Mr. Dominique Faath Tel: +33 389 32 14 61 Mob: +33 672 268 213 JAPAN Mr. Hirokazu Handa and Mr. Masahiro Handa Japan Maritime Ind. Tel: +81 3 3508 8861

KUWAIT Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 4845287 LEBANON Mr. Salim Alaybeyi Molino Makina Sanyi ve Ticaret A.S. Tel: +90 332 2390950 Mob: +90 532 2139 458 LIBYA Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 4845287 MACEDONIA Mr. Josko Marochini Mar Con d.o.o. Tel: +385 51 211 842 MALAYSIA Mr. Herbert Tan TecGates (M) Sdn Bdh Tel: +60 3 563 49088/ +60 3562 12899 Mob: +60 0193 319 707 MAURITANIA Mr. Dominique Faath Tel: +33 389 32 14 61 Mob: +33 672 268 213 MOLDOVIA Mr. Valentin Bulkin YTS Limited Tel: +380 482 304014 Mr. Sten Olof Bjorkner Mr. Michel Hingant MCS International LLC Tel: +971 4 4270 850 Mob: +46 70 849 6230/ +33 608 3092 35 MONTENEGRO Mr. Josko Marochini Mar Con d.o.o. Tel: +385 51 211 842

PHILIPPINES Mr. Roy Javier Totus Factors Inc. Tel: +63 2 7246105/ +63 2 7236764 Mob: +63 917 241 3900 PORTUGAL Mr. Alberto Andrade Cogema Tel: +351 213140162/ +351 21355 6843 QATAR Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 4845287 ROMANIA Mr. Valentin Bulkin YTS Limited Tel: +380 482 304014 Mr. Sten Olof Bjorkner Mr. Michel Hingant MCS International LLC Tel: +971 4 4270 850 Mob: +46 70 849 6230/ +33 608 3092 35 RUSSIA Mr. Eduard A Sitnikov EROST Group Tel: +7 812 3467349 Mr. Valentin Bulkin YTS Limited Tel: +380 482 304014 SAUDI ARABIA Mr. Adel Yacoub Al-Ghanim Alghanim Sons Group Tel: +965 4845287 SENEGAL Mr. Dominique Faath Tel: +33 389 32 14 61 Mob: +33 672 268 213 SERBIA Mr. Josko Marochini Mar Con d.o.o. Tel: +385 51 211 842

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SOUTH KOREA Mr. J S Kim Daishin Int. Co. Ltd. Tel: +82 2 4456259/6260 Mob: +82 113010212 SPAIN Ms Maria Adelaida Iba帽ez Lopez Tel: +34 91 351 5699 SYRIA Mr. Salim Alaybeyi Molino Makina Sanyi ve Ticaret A.S. Tel: +90 332 2390950 Mob: +90 532 2139 458 TAIWAN Mrs. Michelle Lin Wei-Yu Enterprise Co. Ltd. Tel: +886 2 2737 4229 THAILAND Mr. Luechai Thitayanapong First Multitech Co. Ltd. Tel: +668 2714 4246-7 Mob: +668 1625 2009

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launched this year

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Cargotec is present throughout the world.


Cargotec improves the efficiency of cargo flows by offering solutions for loading and unloading goods on land and at sea – wherever cargo is on the move. For handling dry bulk materials, Cargotec provides engineering solutions through its Siwertell brand. Designed to ensure environmentally-friendly and efficient cargo operations, Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders are based on unique screw conveyor technology, in combination with belt conveyors and aeroslides and can handle virtually any dry bulk cargo.

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Siwertell News - Autumn 2012  

News and product updates on Cargotec's Siwertell solutions, including ship unloaders, road-mobile ship unloaders, ship loaders and dry bulk...