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Getting Here: Getting here is easy on Alaska Airlines, and the view from the sky is amazing. Multiple daily flights provide a variety of options, and it’s just a short plane ride from Anchorage or Seattle. For a more scenic trip, hop aboard the Alaska Marine Highway, a ferry system that treks up Alaska’s beautiful coastline. Vehicles can be transported on board, and private cabins are available. The more adventurous and budget-minded can choose to sleep in the viewing areas or on deck under the solarium. Sitka’s picturesque, mountain-lined shores are part of Alaska’s Inside Passage and a popular stop for both independent boaters and cruise ships. Cruisers seeking a personal, small ship experience will find it on Alaskan Dream Cruises, Custom Alaska Cruises, The Boat Company or Un-Cruise Adventures. Visitors who prefer a more traditional large ship experience can book through Holland America. Once in Sitka, getting around is easy. Downtown is walkable and the city prides itself on being a BICYCLE FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. To explore the road system outside of downtown, visitors can choose from car or bicycle rentals, taxi cabs, or the RIDE public bus system.

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Sitka Sitka

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January . . . . . . . . . . .39. . . . . 31 March . . . . . . . . . . . . .44. . . . . 33 May . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53. . . . . 42 June . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58. . . . . 47 July . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61. . . . . 51 August . . . . . . . . . . . .62. . . . . 52 September . . . . . . . .58. . . . . 48 November. . . . . . . . .44. . . . . 35

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Alaska Airlines Direct Flight Timetable – To/from Sitka

Anchorage . . 2 hours, 45 min Seattle . . . . . . 2 hours, 15 min Juneau . . . . . . . . . . 30 minutes Ketchikan . . . . . . . 45 minutes •

AK Marine Highway to/f to/fro o/from Bellingham, WA

Scenic view of Downtown Sitka - © Daryl Pederson/

Sitka, Alaska, Ranks 9th on Smithsonian’s Top 20 Best Small Towns to Visit


n an island in the Alexander Archipelago with roads that give up when they meet forests of massive hemlock and spruce, Sitka is cupped in a bay and protected from the cold, forbidding Gulf of Alaska by rocky green islets. It’s this stunning frame that strikes visitors first, inspiring amateurs off Inside Passage cruise ships as well as professional photographers to remove their lens covers. There are photo ops galore at Sitka National Historical Park, site of the last major battle between Europeans and Native Americans on the Pacific Coast. The park’s Totem Trail presents a haunting collection of Native American woodcarving art. “Sitka is the most historic community in Alaska, but for me it’s the thousands of years of occupation by the Tlingit people that add depth of culture,” said Teri Rofkar, a Native American weaving artist and Sitka resident. The woodcarving comes as a revelation, compelling visitors to see it less as artifact and more as art. The same goes for the miraculous Tlingit spruce root baskets, potlatch hats and Raven

rattles displayed at the Sheldon Jackson Museum on the campus of a small Presbyterian college, where James Michener lived while writing his epic novel Alaska. The Sitka Historical Society and Museum boasts 25,000 vintage photographs portraying local ceremony and society. It shares waterfront Harrigan Centennial Hall with a performing arts center, headquarters for the Sitka Summer Music Festival and Russian New Archangel Dancers. The celebrated Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi native dance company performs in the Tlingit Community House. No other town in the 49th state has Sitka’s charisma. To wander through its historic downtown is to appreciate how three cultures—Tlingit, Russian and American—were woven together. Built partly on bayfront pilings, the landmark Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall houses the first chapter of an organization founded in 1912 to fight discrimination against the state’s first people. The Lutheran Church, built in 1840 for Swedish and Finnish members of the Russian American Company, and •

onion-domed St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral, with its nearby Russian Bishop’s House, are reminders of Eastern influence. Above all looms 3,200-foot Mount Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano said to have attracted the Tlingit people to Sitka even before its last eruption around 2200 B.C. It looked about to explode again in 1974 when local prankster Porky Bickar set fire to 100 spare tires dropped by chopper in the mouth of the volcano— the whimsical side of Sitka’s character. – Article by Susan Spano, originally appeared in Smithsonian April 2013





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Totem Pole in Sitka National Historical Park - © Patrick Endres •

Sitka is a place where stories of the past come to life, and history is tucked into every corner. The Tlingit settled in the area thousands of years ago, living off of the land and the sea. They established and named the town Sheet’ka, which was later Anglicized to Sitka. Russians first arrived in 1799 in search of sea otter pelts for the lucrative fur trade. After several fierce, back-and-forth battles with the Tlingit, the Russians finally established a colony in 1804. This fortified settlement was named “New Archangel” and served as the capital of Russian America and the center of their worldwide fur trade. New Archangel became the most populated city on the West Coast, and was nicknamed the ‘Paris of the Pacific’ due to its culture of high society. Castle Hill was the site of the ceremonial transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States on October 18th 1867, and it still shows the remnants of Russian rule. Sitka commemorates the transfer each year with a week-long Alaska Day Festival that culminates on October 18th with a parade and reenactment

Alaska Day Festival - © James Poulson

ceremony. Besides being the birthplace of the Alaska Territory, Sitka also served as its capital for nearly 40 years. Those who desire to immerse themselves in both famous and lesser-known stories of Sitka will be delighted with the Sitka Historical Museum, where the Tlingit, Russian, and American eras spring to life through exhibits and artifacts. With such a diverse history, it’s no wonder that Sitka boasts 22 sites on the National Register of Historic Places.

St. Michael’s Cathedral - © Mercedes Angerman •


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Naa Kahidi Dancers - © Clark Mishler •

Distinct influences of Sitka’s indigenous people, Russian colonists, and Finnish settlers create unique local character. Within just a half-mile walk you’ll find a Tlingit community house, rare Russian architecture, and a Lutheran church founded in 1840 by Finnish immigrants which was the first Protestant church on the Pacific coast. Massive totemic panels stand watch outside the Sheet’ka Kwaán Naa Kahídi, a theater built in the style of a community clan house. Inside, the stage backdrop is fashioned from giant cedar panels that are adorned with hand-carved totemic designs and painted in traditional colors. A central fire pit and tiered seating creates an unforgettable setting for the Naa Kahídi Dancers, who offer stirring performances of ancient songs and dances of the Tlingit people. Explore the state’s largest collection of Alaska Native artifacts at the Sheldon Jackson Museum where native artisans demonstrate age-old crafts while visitors gaze upon more than 5,000 pieces contained in the collection. Step back in time with a visit to the Russian Bishop’s House, one of the only remaining examples of Russian log architecture in the Western Hemisphere. Located downtown, the building was completed in 1842 and served as the seat of the Russian Orthodox Diocese which spanned from California to Kamchatka

New Archangel Dancers - © William Greer

in the Russian far east. Today, the historic site looks much like it did at its commencement and is adorned with period furniture and Russian icons. Nearby, the prominent onion-shaped domes of St. Michael’s Cathedral mark the Sitka skyline as they have for nearly two centuries. Those who venture inside the active Russian Orthodox church will discover a remarkable collection of religious art, with pieces believed to date back to the 17th century. Energetic new life is breathed into Sitka’s Russian history by the New Archangel Dancers. This allfemale troupe provides remarkable entertainment through a variety of dance renditions that represent the cultures of Russia and surrounding areas.

Sheldon Jackson Museum - © Patrick Endres/ •


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Catch of the Day - © Don Larson


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For the avid angler looking for a great fish story, Sitka is a dream come true. The surrounding waters have the highest saltwater catch rate for King Salmon in the state of Alaska, not to mention world-class halibut fishing. Catch that mountable king and trophy halibut with one of Sitka’s many fishing guide services or combine convenience with the fishing trip of a lifetime by booking a multi-day package that includes lodging, daily fishing trips, in-town transportation and food.















For fishermen who prefer the finesse and control of the fly, inland rivers are ripe with different species of salmon and trout, depending on the season. Join a guide company that specializes in freshwater fishing, and travel by plane and boat to freshwater sites around Sitka. The secluded, untapped streams make for high quality angling trips. Put your angling skills to the ultimate test at the annual Sitka Salmon Derby. Local and visiting fishermen spend the two weekends around Memorial Day competing for tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Although each salmon holds the promise of a possible prize, the real hope is to land the biggest salmon of the derby and walk away with the prestigious title and all the awards that go with it.

Charter Captain ne tting client’s salm on © Don Larson

Freshwater Fishing Steelhead - © Tad Kisaka •



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Breeching Humpback Whale - © Tim Shobe, Shobe Studios •

The water and land surrounding Sitka are well known for abundant and diverse wildlife. Whether you dream of having an experience with one of the largest mammals on earth or watching loveable sea otters floating with their babies, a wildlife boat tour will bring your dreams within easy reach. Each excursion promises a unique showing of wild neighbors. For whale watching at its peak, come to Sitka in November for Sitka WhaleFest, when our surrounding waters are teeming with humpback whales prior to their winter migration. Besides whales and otters, expect to find seals, sea lions and a variety of sea birds, such as puffins, rhinoceros auklets, murres and black oystercatchers.


On the shore, plentiful bald eagles hunt from tall Sitka spruce and hemlocks, brown bears grab salmon from freshwater streams and the aptly named Sitka blacktailed deer forage for food. Join a guided sightseeing tour to seek inland animals, view marine life from the shores, and visit some of our wildlife centers. A memorable experience with coastal brown bears awaits you at the Fortress of the Bear, a refuge for orphaned brown bears cubs who would otherwise be euthanized. The sanctuary allows visitors to see bears at play in a created environment. The Sitka Sound Science Center brings sea life to you. See a rearticulated killer whale that washed up on a nearby shore, and get a tactile experience with one of many touch tanks that encourages hands-on interaction with starfish, anemones, abalone and












Bald Eagles - © Tim Shobe, Shobe Studios

barnacles. The facility also breeds four different types of salmon, serves as a hatchery, and releases smolts into Sitka Sound each May. Have a close-encounter with majestic bald eagles at the Alaska Raptor Center, a sanctuary that helps to rehabilitate injured raptors and release them back into the wild. Many other birds of prey from around the state can be viewed on site, including great-horned owls, golden eagles and red-tailed hawks.

Jumping Bear - © Eric Kruszewski •


Ocean Raft Adventures - © Ken Rear


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Beyond the city of Sitka’s tiny footprint sits thousands of square miles of unadulterated, purely wild, untouched country that includes temperate rainforests, freshwater rivers, inland bays, snowcapped mountains and Mt. Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano. For those who seek boundless adventure in the great-out-ofdoors, Sitka delivers beyond your wildest dreams. Motor over the backcountry on a four-wheeler with an ATV tour, explore volcanic caves at the base of Mt. Edgecumbe on an ocean raft adventure, head to the skies to get an aerial view of the Alaskan wilderness on a flightseeing excursion, or paddle through the harbor and surrounding islands with a kayak tour or rental, a personalized way to observe sea life. Those who prefer to spend their outdoor time on a golf course will enjoy the amazing views from the Sea Mountain Golf Course while testing their shot strategy with challenging elevation changes and tight fairways. Active adventurers can lace up and tackle the island’s many hiking trails, or rent a bicycle at the local bike shop and check out dozens of routes around

Alaska ATV Tours - © Ken Rear

Sitka – from smooth and easy rides to rugged terrain with steep climbs and descents. Outdoor equipment and fly fishing rentals are available for those who want to spend time in the wilderness on their own terms.


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Ocean Kayaking - © Barbara Reilly •


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Zuill Bailey - © Clark Mishler •

Sitka’s inspirational setting and eclectic atmosphere attract celebrated artists from around the world. There’s a bustling arts scene throughout the summer with Sitka Fest! This arts extravaganza combines the Sitka Summer Music Festival, Sitka Fine Arts Camp, science and humanities symposiums, art shares, and culinary parties. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful site for the Sitka Summer Music Festival, which attracts world-renown chamber musicians. The stage at the Harrigan Centennial Hall is backed by floor-toceiling windows, which provide stunning views of Sitka Sound throughout the performances. Promising young artists come from throughout Alaska and the United States for the Sitka Fine Arts Camp, recognized as an outstanding arts program by the White House and the National Endowment for the Arts. Nightly art shares allow locals and visitors to see the variety and caliber of talent embodied in the faculty and students.

HomeSkillet Fest - © Inua Blevins

HomeSkillet Fest brings in bands from around the nation to play everything from hip-hop to folk to blues. The weekend festival is put on by a local music label, also called HomeSkillet.

In January and early February, the Sitka Jazz Festival brings in jazz musicians from around the world to teach and perform. Clinics in jazz history, theory and improvisation helps musicians refine their craft, while concerts from local and international artists provide evening entertainment.

The Grind is a popular variety show that opens its doors to local performers during the fall, winter, and spring months. Variety is the key word, and each show features a unique set of acts. Tickets are cheap, and those who bring a homemade dessert get their admission refunded at the door.

Each spring, The Greater Sitka Arts Council hosts ArtiGras: a music and arts festival on the edge of the great Alaskan frontier. The arts celebration features performances and concerts from visiting and local musicians, a wearable arts show, presentations and classes, and gallery walks.

Sitka Fine Arts Camp - © Berett Wilber •



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For a full listing of current community events, visit





Russian Christmas is celebrated by the Julian calendar, on January 7th. The week-long celebration includes a Christmas feast, the Orthodox practice of caroling and sharing the joy of Christmas. All are invited. (907) 747-8120

A grand celebration complete with parade, demonstrations, game and food booths, fireworks display and more. (907) 747-8604, 4th-of-july.html



All ages music festival featuring local and out of town bands. Soul, Hip Hop, Blues, and Garage Style Rock n’ Roll.


World class jazz provided by students and guest jazz musicians. 907) 747-3653,




It may be cold outside, but the musicians of the Sitka Music Festival will provide plenty of heat. Performances by internationally celebrated musicians. (907) 747-6774,

Experience Alaska’s wild and sustainable seafood through entertainment, education and culinary delights.





This annual Labor Day Weekend tournament invites softball teams from around the nation.

Wildlife is abundant as the herring gather and spawn in Sitka waters, turning the blue Pacific a milky green! Check the community calendar for upcoming events:



Fun Run! Lots of prize categories. Proceeds benefit Sitka Local Foods Network/Sitka Farmers Market. (907) 747-8604,

Regional Artists and Musicians offer live performances, workshops, Spring Gallery Walk and Wearable Arts Show. (907) 747-2787,



Showing new and historic quilts at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Call Jane: (907) 747-5998 JULIE HUGHES TRIATHLON


The transfer ceremony occurred in Sitka in 1867 when the United States purchased Alaska from Russia. Celebrations include ceremonies, a period costume ball, dances, dinners, contests, a parade and more! THE GRIND: OCTOBER - APRIL

6-mile run, 10 mile bike and 1,000 meter swim. Short course for ages 12 and under. Call Kevin at (907) 738-4664

This popular variety show opens its doors to local performers during the fall, winter, and spring months. Variety is the key word, and each show features a unique set of acts. Call Jeff at (907) 747-4821


Catch prize-winning fish in the sparkling waters of Sitka. Cash and prizes awarded. (907) 747-6790



Sitka Fest is a summer-long festival of music, art, science and the humanities that includes world-class performances, camps, workshops, TEDx talks, conferences, and festivities. (907) 747-3085,


Annual event featuring a symposium by world-renowned marine scientists. Features whale watching cruises, concerts, art show, a marine-themed market & more! (907) 747-8878,



World-class classical chamber music by internationally acclaimed musicians. Evening concerts held at Harrigan Centennial Hall, renowned for its breathtaking views. (907) 747-6774, SITKA FINE ARTS CAMP: JUNE - JULY

Since 1973, The Fine Arts Camp has been attracting students to study the fine arts of theatre, dance, music, visual arts, writing and Alaskan Native arts. (907) 747-3085,

SITKA ARTISANS MARKET The annual artisans market is a quality retail shopping experience that features hand-crafted items made in Sitka. Call Sarah (907) 738-5234, From top left clockwise: Breaching whale © Tim Shobe, Wearable Arts Show © Dave Nevins, 4th of July © Don Kluting, © Sitka Jazz Festival, Alaska Day Festival © William Greer, Grilled Paprika Salmon with Fingerling Potatoes and Chorizo © Talon Lodge, Alaska Day Re-enactment © James Poulson,. •


Dove Island Lodge…

Extravagance Amidst Isolation A True Alaskan Adventure

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Owner operated lodge with over 25 years experience Located on an exclusive private island, 5 minutes from downtown Sitka 5 course dinners prepared by world class chefs Full bar featuring fine scotches, cognacs and the largest wine list in Alaska All two room suites and cabins have oceanfront balconies with private hot tubs Saltwater fishing aboard our 36ft by 12ft Coldwater Sport fishing boats Flyout remote fishing aboard our Beaver floatplane Remote ATV fishing/sightseeing expeditions • 907-747-5660 or Toll free: 888-318-3474 Circle #1 on Reader Service Card

Dove Island Lodge is proud to be a USFS permit holder for the Tongass National Forest and an equal opportunity employer.

Reel Affair







STEP ABOARD. Allow our crew to assist you in personally designing your Alaskan experience of a lifetime. Whether you are seeking the majestic salmon, delicious halibut or one of our trophy saltwater species, we are here to assist you in making that dream come true. What’s included: • You will be guided 10 hours each day by an experienced, licensed captain and deck hand. • You will fish aboard one of our Coast Guard licensed vessels equipped with the latest in electronics and all the creature comforts of home. • Unlimited fish processing, vacuum sealing, labeling, freezing and boxing of your catch each day. • All required fishing licenses and stamps. • All fishing gear and tackle. Names like G. Loomis, Lamiglas, Seeker, Shimano, Penn and other quality brands. We even supply rain gear and boots. • Deluxe lodging each night. • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and soft drinks. • All ground transportation in Sitka.

(888) 966-2322 or (907) 966-2322 or email or visit

For reservations, please call

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BED & BREAKFASTS Alaska Ocean View Bed & Breakfast Inn 1101 Edgecumbe Drive • (907)747-8310 Absolutely wonderful, award winning, popular accommodation includes delicious breakfast served overlooking water. Special diets accommodated including raw, vegan, vegetarian. Organics. Snacks. Amenity loaded rooms with exceptionally comfortable K/Q beds, refrigerator, microwave. Hottub. WiFi. Outstanding hospitality. Central location. Concierge. Affordable. An Otter’s Cove Bed-N-Breakfast 3211 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-4529 Annahootz Bed & Breakfast PO Box 2870 • (907)747-6498 • Our bedroom suites feature private outside entrance, full baths, sitting rooms, mini kitchens, outside deck and WiFi. Centrally located. A short stroll to harbors, charters, downtown and points of interest. Ann’s Gavan Hill Bed & Breakfast 415 Arrowhead Street • (907)747-8023 • P

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CAMPING / CABINS / RV’S For more information, visit and click on “Stay” and “Camping/Hostel/RV Parks” Sealing Cove RV Parking On Japonski Island, adjacent to Sealing Cove Boat Harbor. (907)747-3439 Sitka Harbor Master departments/harbor/RVParking.html Sitka Sportsman’s Association RV Park & Camping Site 5211 Halibut Point Road • (800)750-4712 (907)747-4712 • P Waterfront, next to ferry terminal, 7 miles from downtown, RV and tent sites, water, electric and sewer, hot showers. Easy kayak entry. Close to estuary trail, popular for wild flower photography.

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HarborHeights Penthouse S itka , a laSka (866) 747-1032 toll free

• All Waterfront Rooms • Oceanfront Cedar Sauna • Kitchenettes Available Affordable • Laundry Facilities Luxury • All Nonsmoking Rooms on the • Free Wireless Internet Waterfront • Sportfishing Charters • SAVE with Combined Packages through Big Blue Charters!

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Dove Island Lodge

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LODGES Baranof Wilderness Lodge (See ad on page 26) PO Box 2187 • (800)613-6551 (907)738-3597 cell • Personalized wilderness lodge – remote of Sitka, with unpressured water. Diverse salt and freshwater fishery. Whale watching, sea kayaking, natural hot springs. One for your bucket list!

Fishermen’s Inn PO Box 8092 • Port Alexander, AK 99836 (907)568-2399 •

IslandView Resort and Charters (See ad on page 25)

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Talon Lodge PO Box 6506 • (800)536-1864 •

Wild Strawberry Lodge (See ad on page 26)

724 Siginaka Way • (800)770-2628 (907)747-3232 World Class salmon and halibut fishing! Multi-day fishing/lodging packages. Deluxe home cooking featuring fresh seafood. We promise “Warm Genuine Alaskan Hospitality” and memorable Alaskan experiences at Wild Strawberry Lodge. B & B lodging available off-season.

VACATION RENTALS Above the Sound Vacation Rental 102 Kincroft Way • (800)750-4712 (907)747-4712 •

Located on Sitka’s Down-Town Waterfront • The Loft: Sleeps up to 8, offers commanding views of sunset islands to the Northwest and Sitka Channel vessel activities from the balcony. • The Bunkhouse: 2 large adjoining units, sleeps 7 & 10 with 3 privacy bedrooms. Fully appointed kitchens, living and dining. Fisherman’s Quay, Ph: 907-738-3557 475 Katlian Street, Sitka, AK 99835

RESERVATIONS: 1-800-750-4712

Circle #9 on Reader Service Card

The finest lodging in scenic Sitka by the sea The Westmark Sitka Hotel welcomes you with warm northern hospitality whether you choose to explore Sitka’s rich culture, or simply to relax in your comfortable guestroom and enjoy harborside views.

Above the Sea Vacation Rental 1507 Davidoff Street • (800)750-4712 (907)747-4712 • Above the Sea Vacation Rental is a 1 bed, 1 bath, ocean view with hot tub located a mile from downtown. Experience Sitka, from your own private deck and hot tub. Biorka Guest House - In Town 611 Biorka Street • (907)738-7333 cell Chocolate Moose Vacation Rental 104 Lincoln Street (mailing) • (907)747-5159 Cottages on Monastery 207 Monastery Street (800)750-4712 (907)747-4712 • Dreaming Bear Suites 405 Etolin Way • (907)747-8601 Charming and cozy studio apartments in the heart of downtown, close to harbor, cafés and attractions. Full kitchen, deck, garden. Sleeps 3-5. Pets on approval. Smoke-free. Seasonal rates. WiFi. Fairweather Vacation Rental 308 Monastery Street • (907)747-8601 Cozy one bedroom, private, comfortable apartment located downtown close to the harbor, cafés, attractions. Full kitchen, deck, garden. Sleeps 4-6. Pets on approval. Smokefree. Seasonal rates. Free high speed internet.

Fisherman’s Quay

(See ad on page this page) 475 Katlian Street • (800)750-4712 (907)738-3557 cell

330 Seward Street Sitka, AK 907-747-6241 Central Reservations: 800-544-0970 Circle #10 on Reader Service Card


Forty Winks Sitka 211 Seward Street • (907)747-6460 • Frank & Gloria’s Place 109 Sand Dollar Drive • (907)747-8711 •

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.

Harbor Heights Penthouse (See ad on page 21)

329 Harbor Drive • (907)747-1032


IslandView Resort and Charters


Viewing from above a covered area, take photos and memories to last a lifetime.

(See ad on page 25)

4405 Halibut Point Road • (888)998-6544 (907)747-6544 •

Located 5 miles from the center of town, we are available through shuttles, tours, taxis and car rentals.

Mountain Ash House 300 Monastery Street • (907)747-3365 Ocean Front Vacation Rentals 2041 Halibut Point Road • (866)747-6533 (907)747-6533 •

4639 SAWMILL CREEK RD. SITKA, AK • 907-747-3032 w w w . f or t r e s s of t he be ar . or g Circle #11 on Reader Service Card

Sitka Rock Suites (See ad on page 21)

4256/4257 Halibut Point Road (907)738-1710 cell • Perfect when your stay is longer, waterfront and water view suites - 3bd, 2bd, 1bd & studios . Fully furnished, kitchen, phone, cable T.V. & wireless. Ideal for family, vacation & business stays. Smoke & pet free. Seasonal (May-Sept.), Off Seasonal (Sept.-May) monthly, weekly, daily rates. All you need is your suitcase! Sitka’s Home Away From Home 236 Lincoln Street, Suite 103 (mailing) (800)478-8558 • (907)747-8558 •

Circle #12 on Reader Service Card

RESERVATION SERVICE Welcome Home Vacations (See ad on page 21)

210 Lake Street, Suite B • (800)750-4712 (907)747-4712 •

Rehabilitation. Education. Research. Alaska Native Brotherhood & Alaska Native Sisterhood 235 Katlian Street • (907)738-6608 cell

1000 Raptor Way • Sitka Alaska 99835 907-747-8662 • Find us on: Circle #13 on Reader Service Card

Alaska Raptor Center

Join us for the

(See ad on this page)

Sitka Summer Music Festival! •

1000 Raptor Way • (800)643-9425 (907)747-8662 • Experience eagles up-close! Alaska Raptor Center, a world-class wild bird hospital and educational center, offers 25 raptors in natural habitats. See eagles flying in state-of-the-art eagle flight center. P

The best in classical music every June since 1972.

Fortress of the Bear (See ad on this page )

Located 6 miles from downtown 4639 Sawmill Creek Road • (907)747-3032

Please check for dates and details. Circle #14 on Reader Service Card

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.


New Archangel Dancers (See ad on this page 23)

208 Smith Street • (907)747-5516 Celebrating Sitka’s Russian heritage by performing lively, authentic, and professionally choreographed folk dances from Russia and surrounding regions. Regular summer shows are performed at Harrigan Centennial Hall in downtown Sitka. P

Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Dancers (See ad on page 21)

Sitka Sound Science Center 834 Lincoln Street • (907)747-8878 • St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church National Historic Landmark 240 Lincoln Street • (907)747-8120 P Tribal Community House 200 Katlian Street • (907)747-7290

200 Katlian Street • (907)747-7137 P Sheldon Jackson Museum National Historic Site 104 College Drive • (907)747-8981 • www.museums. P Discover the real Alaska at the historic Sheldon Jackson Museum. Built in 1897 the Museum’s collection features artifacts from Alaska’s native cultures – Inupiaq, Yup’ik, Aleut, Alutiiq, Athabascan and Northwest Coast. Sitka Historical Museum Sitka Historical Society 330 Harbor Drive • (907)747-6455 P Sitka National Historical Park 106 Metlakatla Street • (907)747-0110 P

The Boat Company PO Box 1839 • Poulsbo, WA 98370 (877)647-8268 • Celebrating over 30 years of Cruising, Conservation, Education and Fishing. The Boat Company is your one stop shop for hiking, fishing, kayaking, whale watching, sightseeing, photography and the only non-profit offering itineraries and activities tailored to your interests! Custom 8-day / 7-night all inclusive “Eco-Luxe” aboard our well-appointed vessels: the 20 passenger M/V LISERON and the 24 passenger M/V MIST COVE. May to September. Un-Cruise Adventures 3826 18TH Avenue West • Seattle, WA 98119 (888)862-8881 •

Alaska Marine Highway (See ad on page 30)

7559 North Tongass Highway Ketchikan, AK 99901 • (800)642-0066

Alaskan Dream Cruises (See ad on this page )

1512 Sawmill Creek Road • (855)747-8100 Small cruise ship line which highlights the unique areas of Southeast on adventure ships. Have local insider’s knowledge of where to go and what to do. Prices include shore excursions.

Alaska Day Festival (October) PO Box 1355 • Sitka Fine Arts Camp PO Box 3086 • (907)747-3085 Sitka Seafood Festival

Sitka Summer Music Festival (June) (See ad on page 23) PO Box 3333 • (907)747-6774 Join us for magnificent music at Alaska’s premier chamber music festival. Internationally acclaimed musicians are featured in weekend concerts and a series of free events, June 6-29, 2014. Sitka WhaleFest (November) 834 Lincoln Street • (907)747-8878

Alaska Getaway 1009 Halibut Point Road • (907)966-3474

Baranof Wilderness Lodge (See ad on page 26)

PO Box 2187 • (800)613-6551 (907)738-3597 cell

Classic Casting Adventures (See ad on this page 25)

Circle #15 on Reader Service Card


Circle #16 on Reader Service Card

PO Box 6398 • (907)738-2737 cell • Freshwater fishing excursions for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout. Rivers are accessed by boat and float plane. Fly fishing and spin casting available. Waders and fishing gear provided. Salt water fishing also available.

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.

Dove Island Lodge (See ad on page 18) PO Box 1512 • (888)318-3474 (907)747-5660 • (907)738-0856 cell

Sitka Alaska Outfitters (See ad on page 28) 105B Monastery Street • (866)966-2301 (907)966-2301 • (907)738-3301 cell

Circle #17 on Reader Service Card

ABC Island Guides 3004 Barker Street • (907)738-3141 cell Alaska Adventures Unlimited, Inc. PO Box 6244 • (907)747-5576 • Alaska Glacier Adventures PO Box 6522 • (907)738-5000 907-738-2737 • Classic Casting Adventures Special Use Permit Holder Tongass National Forest

Alaska Premier Charters, Inc.

Circle #18 on Reader Service Card

(See ad on page 26)

PO Box 2300 • (800)770-2628 (907)747-3232 World-class salmon and halibut fishing! Multi-day fishing/lodging packages. We promise “Warm Genuine Alaskan Hospitality” and memorable Alaskan experiences at Wild Strawberry Lodge. Saltwater Sportfishing at its finest!

Alaskan Reel Affair Charters (See ad on page 19)

PO Box 1825 • (888)966-2322 (907)966-2322 •

Circle #19 on Reader Service Card

Angling Unlimited, Inc. 4256 Halibut Point Road • (800)297-3380 (907)747-3736 •

Annahootz Alaskan Adventures (See ad on page 27)

PO Box 52 • (907)747-2608 (907)738-0996 cell •

Baranof Wilderness Lodge (See ad on page 26)

PO Box 2187 • (800)613-6551 (907)738-3597 cell

Circle #20 on Reader Service Card

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.


Beyond Boundaries Expeditions PO Box 2187 • (800)613-6551 (907)738-3597 cell

Big Blue Charters (See ad on page 25)

PO Box 2956 • (877)747-5161 (907)747-5161

Charter Alaska

(See ad on page 24)

236 Lincoln Street, Suite 103 (mailing) (800)478-8558 • (907)747-8558

Classic Casting Adventures (See ad on page 25)

PO Box 6398 • (907)738-2737 cell •

Dove Island Lodge (See ad on page 18)

PO Box 1512 • (888)318-3474 (907)747-5660 • (907)738-0856 cell Frontier Charters & Lodge 3922 Halibut Point Road • (800)388-1218 Circle #21 on Reader Service Card

IslandView Resort and Charters (See ad on page 25)

4405 Halibut Point Road • (888)998-6544 (907)747-6544 •

Kingfisher Charters and Lodge (See ad on page 31)

PO Box 1781 • (800)727-6136 (907)747-6136 •

Sitka Alaska Outfitters (See ad on page 28)

105B Monastery Street • (866)966-2301 (907)966-2301 • (907)738-3301 cell Talon Lodge PO Box 6506 • (800)536-1864 •

Vonnie’s B & B and Guide Service (See ad on page 25)

101 Shelikof Way • (907)747-6401 •


Circle #22 on Reader Service Card


Sitka Tours PO Box 1001 • (907)747-5800 All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.

Sitka Tribal Tours

Dove Island Lodge

(907)747-7137 Learn about the Tlingit native way of life and their living culture with Sitka’s Tribal Tours. Our modern coaches provide comfortable viewing while experiencing authentic Sitka.

PO Box 1512 • (888)318-3474 (907)747-5660 (907)738-0856 cell

(See ad on page 21)

(See ad on page 18)

Sitka Wildlife Tours (907)738-1733 cell •

FLIGHTSEEING TOURS Air Sitka 485 Katlian Street • (907)747-7920 (907)738-2363 cell •

Esther G Sea Tours 215 Shotgun Alley • (907)747-6481 (907)738-6481 cell • Join us for spectacular marine wildlife tours in Sitka! Experience marine mammals, the magic of Saint Lazaria Island National Seabird Refuge and the breathtaking beauty of the Tongass National Forest.

Ocean Raft Adventures (See ad on page 28)

Dove Island Lodge (See ad on page 18)

PO Box 1512 • (888)318-3474 (907)747-5660 • (907)738-0856 cell Dove Island Lodge offers guided and unguided half and full day excursions to Southeast Alaska’s lakes and streams. Imagine flying out and fishing for Rainbow, Cutthroat, Salmon, or Steelhead in our deHavilland Beaver Floatplane.

Harris Aircraft Services, Inc. (See ad on this page)

400 Airport Road • (877)966-3050 (907)966-3050 • Harris Air offers flight-seeing tours in our deHavilland Beaver and Cessna 185. Passengers get the chance to see glacier-ice fields, bears, mountain goats, whales and more. Tours include a water landing at a remote lake. We also offer a Bush Pilot and Glacier Bay Tour, call for information and pricing.

105B Monastery Street • (866)966-2301 (907)966-2301 • (907)738-3301 cell Enjoy thrilling rides aboard an ocean raft in the awe inspiring setting of Sitka Sound. Have fun, exploring mysterious sea caves, viewing awesome volcanic rock formations and watching incredible wildlife. Sitka Sound Tours 312 Cascade Street • (907)738-1190 cell

• Floathouse Rentals • Fishing Charter Packages • Marine Wildlife Tours • Hunting Packages (Deer, Bear, Goat) 907-747-2608 or (cell) 907-738-0996 Email: Circle #23 on Reader Service Card

Harris Aircraft Services Tours • Charters • Scheduled Service

Call & book your flight today! Toll Free: 1.877.966.3050 Circle #24 on Reader Service Card

WILDLIFE BOAT TOURS AAA Captain Black Bart’s Charters 2716 Halibut Point Road, Suite 13 (907)747-7416 • (907)738-6542 cell

Allen Marine Tours (See ad on this page)

Sitka Wildlife Quest PO Box 1049 • (888)747-8101 (907)747-8100 Cruise Sitka Sound with Alaska’s most experienced tour company. For over 40 years, it has been our privilege to transform the Alaska dreams you bring with you... into a perfect day filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Annahootz Alaskan Adventures (See ad on this page)

PO Box 52 • (907)747-2608 (907)738-0996 cell • Circle #25 on Reader Service Card

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.



(See ad on this page) 105B Monastery Street (866)966-2301 • (907)966-2301 (907)738-3301 cell • Alaska ATV Tours offers all inclusive guided OHV tours in the Tongass National Forest. Enjoy spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife. Watch Bears in a natural setting, view incredible wildflower meadows and have a picnic on a beautiful ocean beach.

BICYCLE RENTALS AND TOURS Yellow Jersey Cycle Shop 329 Harbor Drive • (907)747-6317


Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures 112 Toivo Circle • (907)752-0660 cell • Explore the coast less paddled on an intimate guided sea kayak adventure. Day tours, expeditions, outfitter services and water taxi. Please check out our Tripadvisor reviews online to learn more.

City and Borough of Sitka 100 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3294


Greater Sitka Arts Council PO Box 564 • (907)747-2787 •

Fly Fish Sitka (See ad on page 25) 514 Lake Street, Suite E • (907)738-2737 cell •

Sitka Alaska Outfitters (See ad on this page)

105B Monastery Street • (866)966-2301 (907)966-2301 • (907)738-3301 Guided and self guided trips for fishing, OHV riding and camping. Outdoor equipment sales and rentals, fly shop, fly fishing outfits, boats, camping equipment, OHV’s and trip consulting.

Sea Mountain Golf Course 301 Granite Creek Road • (907)747-5663

CLIA Alaska 360 K Street, Suite 300 Anchorage, AK 99501 (907)339-9340 •

Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce 329 Harbor Drive, Suite 212 (907)747-8604 • Sitka Charter Boat Operators Association PO Box 2422 • (907)747-3232 Sitka Conservation Society 201 Lincoln Street, Suite 4 • (907)747-7509 • Sitka Economic Development Association 329 Harbor Drive, Suite 212 (907)747-2660 • Sitka Harbor Department 617 Katlian Street • (907)747-3439

KAYAK TOURS / RENTALS Alaska Travel Adventures 9085 Glacier Highway, #301 Juneau, Alaska 99801 • (800)791-2673 (907)789-0052 •

Alaska Department of Fish and Game 304 Lake Street, Room 103 (907)747-5355 (fishing) (907)747-5449 (hunting)

Sitka Trail Works, Inc. 801 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-7244 • US Forest Service - Sitka Ranger District 204 Siginaka Way • (907)747-6671

Circle #26 on Reader Service Card


All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.

Sitka Backdoor 104 Barracks Street • (907)747-8856 Baranof Island Brewing Company 215 Smith Street, Suite A • (907)747-2739

Bayview Pub (See ad on this page) 407 Lincoln Street (Upstairs) • (907)747-5300 Best views in Sitka! Top craft beers of the NW/Alaska + a fantastic wine list & a full liquor bar featuring classic craft cocktails. Locally caught seafood & daily homemade specials. PLUS, pool tables, shuffleboard, darts, live music AND all your favorite sports on the TV’s! Family-friendly until 9pm & late-night entertainment!

FREE SuperStart® Breakfast • FREE Hi-Speed Internet • Whirlpool • 24-Hr. Gst. Laundry Only Hotel in Sitka w/AC • FREE In-rm. Microwave/fridge, Coffee, Hairdryer & Safe • HBO

At Traffic Circle Intersec of Halibut Pt. Rd. & Sawmill Creek Rd. • 404 Sawmill Creek Rd. Sitka, AK 99835 • (907) 747-8804 Destination Super



All Super 8 hotels are independently owned and operated.

En Español 1.877.202.8812

Circle #27 on Reader Service Card

Bear Country Coffee 303 Lincoln Street • (907)747-5600 Channel Club 2906 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-7440

Dock Shack Restaurant /Lounge (See ad on page 20)

201 Katlian Street • (907)747-5411 Food Court - located in SEAMART 1867 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-6266

Circle #28 on Reader Service Card

Harry’s Soda Shop & Pharmacy Photo (See ad on this page)

Sea Mountain Restaurant & 19th Hole 301 Granite Creek Road • (907)747-5663

106 Lincoln Street • (907)966-2123

Victoria’s - located in the Sitka Hotel 118 Lincoln Street • (907)747-9301

Highliner Coffee 327 Seward Street • (907)747-4924 Homeport Eatery 209 Lincoln Street • (907)623-0850 Homeport Eatery Alaska’s only gourmet food court. Offering something for everyone under one roof! Espresso, creperie, juicery, smoothies, deli, Alaskan seafood, beer and wine. Outdoor beer garden and free WiFi. Mention this ad and receive 25% off of our smoked salmon platter! Ludvig’s Bistro 256 Katlian Street • (907)966-3663

Raven Dining Room (See ad on page 22)

Located in the Westmark Sitka Hotel 330 Seward Street • (907)747-0979 Reindeer Redhots Corner of Lake & Lincoln Street (907)738-5559 •

Abby’s Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks 231 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3510 Circle #29 on Reader Service Card

Alaska Raptor Center Gift Shop (See ad on page 23)

1000 Raptor Way • (800)643-9425 (907)747-8662 • P Artist Cove Gallery 241 Lincoln Street • (907)747-6990 Baranof Island Artists Gallery 205 Lincoln Street • (907)747-6536 P Bear Country Gifts / Colliver Shoes 401 Lincoln Street • (907)747-8090

Big Blue Fisheries, LLC (See ad on page 25)

216 Smith Street, #B • (907)966-9999 Brenner’s Fine Clothing and Gifts 124 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3468 Fishermen’s Eye Gallery 239 Lincoln Street • (907)747-6080 Goldsmith Gallery 407 Lincoln Street • (800)360-5744 (907)747-5744 •

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.


Sitka Flowers - Chocolate Moose 104 Lincoln Street • (907)747-5577 A small locally owned shop with delicious gourmet chocolate, creative flower arrangements and gifts you love to get. Local and Alaskan made products available here.


SEE ALASKA... Aboard a state ferry. We connect you to dozens of communities and special places you don’t want to miss. Visit us online for routes, videos and more.

Sitka Historical Museum Gift Shop 330 Harbor Drive • (907)747-6455 P Sitka Rose Gallery 419 Lincoln Street • (888)236-1536 (907)747-3030 • Steller Books C/O The Fishermen’s Eye • 239 Lincoln Street (907)747-6080 • Wintersong Soap Company 321 Lincoln Street • (888)819-8949 (907)747-8949 • Work & Rugged Gear Store 336 Lincoln Street • (907)747-5050 Men’s & women’s outdoor and lifestyle apparel and footwear – work wear – outerwear – underwear. Best in Outdoor Brands: Patagonia, Salomon, Arcteryx, Carhartt, Smartwool, Columbia, Levi & more. We have you covered. 1-800-642-0066


RadioShack 303 Lincoln Street, Suite 2 • (907)747-3999

Seasons Cards & Gifts 332 Lincoln Street • (907)966-2160 Sheldon Jackson Museum Gift Shop Located in a National Historic Site 104 College Drive • (907)747-6233 P Sitka Bazaar 215 Lincoln Street • (907)747-5510


105B Monastery Street • (866)966-2301 (907)966-2301 • (907)738-3301 cell Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures 112 Toivo Circle • (907)752-0660 cell •

TO / FROM SITKA Alaska Airlines 600 Airport Road • (800)252-7522 (907)966-2422 •

Alaska Marine Highway (See ad on this page)

7559 North Tongass Highway Ketchikan, AK 99901 • (800)642-0066 Explore Alaska aboard our fleet of 11 state ferries. Walk on, bring your car, RV or motorcycle, and enjoy the ride. Visit us online for routes, videos, itineraries and more.

Alaska Pacific Bank & ATM machine 315 Lincoln Street #206 • (907)747-8688 P

Old Harbor Books 201 Lincoln Street • (907)747-8808 •

Russian American Company 134 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3354 (907)747-6228 •

(See ad on page 28)


Knitting with Class 300 Harbor Drive • (907)738-0957 cell

Russell’s 208 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3395

Sitka Alaska Outfitters

Baranof Taxi and Tours 2716 Halibut Point Road # 25 (Mailing) (907)738-4722 cell Ferry Shuttle (907)747-5800 • North Star Rent-a-Car 600 C Airport Road • (800)722-6927 (907)966-2552 •

Visitor On/Off Bus (See ad on page 21)

Operates May through September (907)747-7137

WATER TRANSPORT Aquatic Alaska Adventures 307 Charteris Street • (907)738-7873 cell

Classic Casting Adventures (See ad on this page 25)

PO Box 6398 • (907)738-2737 cell • Esther G Sea Tours & Taxi 215 Shotgun Alley • (907)747-6481 (907)738-6481 cell •

ALPS Federal Credit Union & ATM machine 401 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-6261 P First Bank & ATM machine 203 Lake Street • (907)747-6636 P First National Bank Alaska & ATM machine 318 Lincoln Street • (907)747-7000 P Wells Fargo & ATM machine 300 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3226 P

FISHING / MARINE SUPPLIES Murray Pacific 475 Katlian Avenue • (907)747-3171

GROCERIES / LIQUOR STORES / BARS Ernie’s Old Time Saloon 130 Lincoln Street • (907)747-3334 House of Liquor 705 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-5322 Market Center 210 Baranof Street (downtown) (907)747-6686

All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.

Pioneer Bar & Liquor Store 212 Katlian Street • (907)747-3456

Victoria’s Pour House 118 Lincoln Street • (907)747-5451

Old Sitka Dock at Halibut Point Marine 4513 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-4999 Old Sitka Dock is a private deep water port offering moorage facilities for vessels up to 1100 feet including cruise ships, yachts and commercial vessels.



Scott Insurance Services 7395 Roundup Lane NW, Silverdale, WA 98383 (360)698-0485 •

Baranof Realty 315 Seward Street, Suite A • (907)747-5636

SEAMART Grocery Store 1867 Halibut Point Road • (907)747-6266

Venneberg Insurance, Inc. 225 Harbor Drive • (907)747-8625

Sitka Realty 228 Harbor Drive • (907)747-8922 • P

SPA Botanika Organic Spa, Eco-Boutique & Tonic Bar 419 Lincoln Street (Pink side door on Sitka Rose Gallery) • (907)747-2638 (907)738-4887 cell •

This guide includes businesses that have made a commitment to Sitka’s visitor industry by joining the SCVB. The SCVB does not guarantee the accuracy of the listings, and is not responsible for the quality or safety of any operator.

MEDIA Daily Sitka Sentinel 112 Barracks Street • (907)747-3219 Frankenstein Productions PO Box 6224 • (907)738-2174 cell • Pioneer Videography (210)865-8370 Raven Radio Foundation, Inc. KCAW FM 104.7 & 90.1 • 2 Lincoln Street, Suite B • (907)747-5877 • Shelter Cove Publishing 215 Smith Street Apt. G • (907)747-2860 (907)738-2888 cell Shobe Studios PO Box 6501 (907)738-9171 cell

CheCk our website for Current speCials All-inclusive packages and full-day fishing charters available K i n g f i s h e rc h a r t e r s . c o m • (800) 727-6136 Circle #30 on Reader Service Card

Send in your photo of Sitka for a chance to win 1 of 4 cash prizes!

PHARMACIES Harry Race Pharmacy and Photo (See ad on page 29)

106 Lincoln Street • (907)966-2130

White’s Pharmacy (dba Harry Race) (See ad on page 29) 705 Halibut Point Road • (907)966-2150

1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th:

$450 $200 $100 $50

For full rules and details, visit or call 1.800.557.4852

OFFICE SUPPLIES / SERVICES Aurora Business Supplies, LLC 327 Seward Street, Suite 2 • (907)747-4704

PORT SERVICES / MOORAGE Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska 124 Lincoln Street, Suite 204 (907)747-3377 • All addresses are Sitka, Alaska 99835 unless otherwise noted.



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Turnaround Park U.S. Forest Service aka Sigin




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© 2012 S.C.V.B. All Rights Reserved.

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Airport ½ Mile

U.A.S. Sitka Campus


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Fuel Dock



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Sealing Cove RV Park

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Sealing Cove Harbor

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Post Office




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Crescent Harbor




O’Connell Bridge Lightering Facility





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12. Harrigan Centennial Hall & Summer Information Desk 13. Russian Bishop’s House 14. St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Church 15. Sitka Sound Science Center 16. Sheldon Jackson Museum 17. Sitka Fine Arts Campus 18. Sitka National Historical Park/Totem Park 19. Alaska Raptor Center 20. Fortress of the Bear Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau

Sitka National Historical Park/ Totem Park Trails



St. Michael’s to Fortress of the Bear 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.0 miles

St. Michael’s to Raptor Center 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.2 miles

St. Michael’s to Sitka National Historical Park 18 . . . . . . . . . 0.75 miles

Crescent Harbor Lightering to St. Michael’s 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.2 miles

O’Connell Bridge Lightering to St. Michael’s 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.2 miles

1. Russian Cemetery 2. Princess Maksoutoff’s Grave 3. Russian Blockhouse 4. Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall 5. Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House 6. Totem Square 7. Pioneer Home 8. Castle Hill 9. Sitka Lutheran Church 10 St. Michael’s Cathedral 11. Sitka Historical Museum



Fortress of the Bear 5 Miles 20

Sitka National Historical Park/Totem Park Trails


ill Creek Rd. Sawm

Crescent Harbor Lightering Facility

Public Library 12




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Indian River Trail Head ½ Mile

Russian Obser vat ory al Cemetery 10 2 Ame Prin rican cess 9 Barra cks




Mt. Edgecumbe High School Seward

5 Miles

Old Sitka Deep Water Dock

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Halib lock Hem Spru ce

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Docking Area


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Harbor Master Thomsen Harbor

Eliason Harbor

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Gavan Hill Trail Head



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Moller Field


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Sitka High School Performing Arts Center

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Sitka National Cemetery







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St. Michael’s Cathedral – Located in the heart of downtown, the Russian Orthodox cathedral is an exact replica of the original that was destroyed in 1966. An important collection of art and rare treasures are housed inside. NHLS P ■ $

Sitka Lutheran Church – The site of the first Protestant Church on the West Coast of North America. Contains artifacts from the original 1843 Finnish Lutheran Church: 1844 Kessler organ, chandelier, pulpit, & communion rail. P ■

Castle Hill – With stunning panoramic views of Sitka, this was an early stronghold of the Kiks.adi clan. Later, successions of Russian buildings occupied the hill including “Baranov’s Castle” from 1837 to 1894. This is also the site of the Alaska transfer from Russia to the United States on October 18, 1867. NHLS P

Pioneer Home – This state home for elderly Alaskans was built in 1934. A massive pioneer statue, made of bronze by Alonzo Victor, graces the building front. Visitors are welcome. NRHP P ■

Totem Square – Recently refurbished, Totem Square is a grassy park area in downtown Sitka. P

Sheet’ka Kwaán Naa Kahídi Community House – Built in the style of a Tlingit clan house, with the largest hand-carved house screen in the Pacific NW. Sheet’ka Kwaán Naa Kahídi Native Dancers perform onsite during the summer. P ■

Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall –Built in 1914, located in the Tlingit village, it serves as an Alaska Native community center. NHLS P

Russian Blockhouse – Replica of the blockhouse that separated the Russians from the Tlingit, when the Tlingit returned to the area in the 1820s.

Princess Maksoutoff ’s Grave – Princess Maksoutoff was the wife of the last Russian governor, Dimitri Maksoutoff.

Russian Cemetery – Over 200 years old with many headstones crafted from the ballasts of Russian Ships; a fascinating reminder of Sitka’s Russian past.

history converge. Packed with displays, photographs and artifacts from Sitka’s Tlingit, Russian and American history, the museum is a worthwhile stop! P ■ $

11 Sitka Historical Museum – This is the place where all elements of Sitka’s











bears roam in a naturalized setting. Viewing from above in a covered area, take photos and memories to last a lifetime. P ■ $

20 Fortress of the Bear – A bear rescue center where magnificent resident

encounters with bald eagles and other birds of prey. The goal is to rehabilitate injured birds and release them back into the wild; however, a few never recover flight and remain housed at the center’s outdoor display. P ■ $

19 Alaska Raptor Center – A pioneering wildlife project offers close-up

preserves and interprets the site of the battle of 1804 between the Tlingit and Russians. Haida & Tlingit totems from the Louisiana Exposition in the early 1900s are located along a gravel pathway that meanders through the rainforest. NRHP P ■

18 Sitka National Historical Park (Totem Park) – This 107-acre park

acclaimed program that provides artistic development for youth K-12 in visual arts, music, dance, theater, writing, and Alaska Native arts. NHLS P

17 Sitka Fine Arts Campus, formerly SJ College – Home to a nationally

and housed in the state’s first concrete building. Collected from 1880– 1900, this is the largest collection of Alaska Native artifacts in the state. P■$

16 Sheldon Jackson Museum – Est. 1895, this is Alaska’s oldest museum

many creatures that thrive in our surrounding waters at the aquarium, wet lab, and onsite fish hatchery. P ■ $

15 Sitka Sound Science Center – Experience the amazing diversity of the

wood, this is the oldest standing church in Sitka. The first service was held in 1899. NRHP

14 St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal Church – Made of natural stone and

Company as a residence for the bishop of the Orthodox Church, it’s the oldest intact Russian building in Sitka. Saint Bishop Innocent (Father Veniaminov) was its first resident. NHLS P $

13 Russian Bishops House – Built in 1842 by the Russian American

1967, this public auditorium houses the Sitka Historical Society/Museum and a wildlife display. During the summer, a visitor information desk is available and the New Archangel Dancers perform. P ■

12 Harrigan Centennial Hall & Summer Information Desk – Built in

KEY: NHLS = National Historic Landmark Site | NRHP = National Register of Historic Places | P = Wheelchair Accessible | ■ = Gift Shop | $ = Admission Charge


ft 1000

500 ft

Starrigavan Valley Trail


Tony Hrebar Shooting Range

Starrigavan Bay

N a me C r e


Gavan-Harbor Shelte

Sitka Sportsman's Assoc. RV Camping Shooting range


3160 ft 25 2000 00 ft

1000 ft


Harbor Mt. Picnic Area

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Halibut Point State Rec. Site Halibut Point Rec. Trails .5 miles, easy

Harbor Mt. Trail 2.5 miles, moderate Muddy sections

bor Mt. Har

Cascade Cr

Sea Mountain Golf Course

Harb or


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C re ek Mo un tai nR


1 500 ft


2000 ft

Ferry Terminal



Sitka Cross Trail

Sandy Beach

Starrigavan Recreation Area Mosquito Cove Loop 1.25 miles, easy Gravel and boardwalk

Pioneer Park

Japonski Island

Backpacker Camping Starrigavan Campground

John Brown's Beach Trail .15 mile, easy Sitka Ro

Creek van S t a r r i ga

Bird Viewing Deck Estuary Life Trail .25 mile, easy Old Sitka State Historic Site



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Western Channel

Old Sitka State Boat Launch

Forest & Muskeg Trail .75 mile, easy Gravel and boardwalk

Pedestrian Walkway Alaska Marine Highway Starrigavan Terminal


Halibut Point Road

1.800.557.4852 • •

Blue Lake


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3280 ft ft

Sawmill Creek Campground ek Sawmill C re

t 0f 50 t 1500 f 0 ft

ke Road Blue La

1 00

Herring Cove Trail 1.5 miles, moderate Steep gravel

Heart Lake

3310 ft

Herring Cove

Green Lake Road 3.4 miles to Medvejie Hatchery 6.8 miles to Green Lake

Indian River Trail 4.1 miles, easy Gradual climb 1000 ft to waterfall

5 00 f t

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M t. Versto

Gavan Hill Trail 3.5 miles, moderate Steep stair climb


250 0f


500 ft

1000 ft


Beaver Lake Trail 2.9 miles, moderate Steep gravel, boadwalk


Thimbleberry Lake Heart Lake Trail 1.8 miles, moderate gravel with switchbacks

Mt. Verstovia Trail 2.5 miles, difficult Steep terrain

Sawmill Creek Road Jamestown Bay


Silver Bay

ia n River

Whale Park

Sitka Outdoor Recreation Guide 2013


Sitka National Historical Park 1.5 miles, easy

Thimbleberry Bay

Eastern Channel


z Airport

distance=1 mile

Trail Legend


Hiking Trail Unimproved Road (Not suitable for RVs) Maintained Roadway

Sitka Sound •

This guide has been developed for reference purposes only. The authors make no representations concerning the actual condition of the facilities depicted hereon. This guide made possible with the generous support of the National Park Service Challenge Cost-Share Program, Alaska State Parks, Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau, SEARHC, USDA Forest Service, Sitka Trail Works and the City & Borough of Sitka. Links to additional info on health, safety and activity options at Map credit: Reber Stein


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2014 Sitka Vacation Planner  

The official 2014 Sitka Vacation Planner

2014 Sitka Vacation Planner  

The official 2014 Sitka Vacation Planner