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report also includes the ideas

sound working environment.

and goals we have for 2014/15.

These people are the force of the

Our main focus this year has

company, and we believe that

once again been accessibility,

providing a stable and positive

as we are still firm believers that

working environment will ensure

everyone has the right to access

a better quality of work as well

the web. We believe this is a basic

as a strong determination.

human right and hence a focus


area where Siteimprove has the

In an attempt to secure a positive

ability to make a difference.

working environment, Siteimprove has taken the initiative of creating

Knowing that 20 percent of the

our own soccer team. Furthermore,

population has a disability, we

we held a pedometer challenge

have fulfilled our goal from last

along with multiple social events

year to hire a second accessi-

that strengthen the bond between

bility expert, Kevin Rydberg, in

our employees. This ensures that

our US office. Kevin has more

the heart of Siteimprove keeps

than 20 years of experience in

beating healthily.

the accessibility field, so we plan on utilising his experience going

In the effort to minimise our carbon

forward. We have worked hard

footprint, we have encouraged

the last year to develop new initi-

each other to ride bikes to work,

Welcome to Siteimprove’s fourth

atives toward a more accessible

take public transportation or

report to the UN’s Global Compact,

web for our clients, through online

even carpool. We have planted

an important initiative that we

webinars and a new PDF checker.

trees in Malawi through the UK

joined in 2010. Global Compact

Furthermore, we now provide

‘Fruitful Office’ program, and we

is a program that has received

online accessibility certification

are recycling paper, cardboard,

worldwide recognition, which is

courses to our customers, so the

plastic and cans with consid-

why its 10 Principles function as

first private company to do in the

eration to the environment. We

the framework of our Corporate

US. We have now expanded the

have also begun sponsoring the

Social Responsibility (CSR) work

courses to cover the UK, Germany,

Hammerhead shark in an ef-

for our primary markets in the

Sweden and Denmark as well.

fort to protect this endangered

UK, US, Sweden, Germany and

species. These are merely some

A sound working environment

Co2 emissions and contributing

We are very proud to show the

While our focus lies within ac-

towards a cleaner environment

progress we have made in regards

cessibility, we are dedicated to

this year.

to CSR, and to demonstrate which

providing our employees with a

goals we have achieved. This

psychologically and physically




of our steps towards lowering

Charity and fundraising

Developing CSR initiatives is a

rately responsible. We still hope

As a new angle within our CSR, we

continuous journey for Siteimprove,

that other IT-companies will be

have chosen to extend our focus

and we know that our job is not

encouraged to share our vision

on charity and fundraising. We

done yet. We want to increase

of contributing to a sustainable

received a prize for our last CSR

our ambitions and spread our

information society for all.

report, which made us even more

initiatives to all of our offices.

enthusiastic about developing

We want to work with CSR in


our efforts in regards to being

new ways, and ensure that our

CEO - Siteimprove

a socially responsible company.

indirect influence through our

We have collaborated with the

supply chain is socially respon-

‘Family-to-Family’ NGO, we have

sible. With this CSR report, we

put on our running shoes for the

want to share our journey with

Syrian Refugees, and we have

you and demonstrate that even a

hosted a cake sale fundraising

Software as a Service company

for ‘Children In Need’.

can be both socially and corpo-





Accessing the web has gone

continue to work for and support

from being a superfluous utility

the rights of those affected by

to becoming a necessity in the

websites with poor accessibility.

increased digitisation of our

As such, we have come up with

society. To us at Siteimprove,

various initiatives to improve digital

this means that web access has

accessibility. You can read more

become a basic human right.

about this below, as well as our plans for the coming year.

Having a disability should not exclude anyone from accessing

Global Compact principles 1-2 1.

the internet. Since one fifth of the population is estimated to have a disability, it is our firm belief that it

The company should sup-

will prove essential for businesses

port and respect the protection

and organisations - private as

of internationally declared human

well as public - to increase the

rights, and

accessibility of their websites.


Ensure that the company

does not contribute to the violation

As online self-service solutions

of human rights

increase, we at Siteimprove



Turn >

WHY make it more DIFFICULT?

Experts on Accessibility

Since the accessibility issues that

survey asking them about their

At Siteimprove, we have provided

companies experience on their

accessibility efforts and how our

tools to help identify website ac-

websites have only grown over

tool has helped them. The results

cessibility issues since 2007. This

time, our US office also hired an

of the survey were overwhelming-

has been a great asset for our

Accessibility consultant last year,

ly positive as many Siteimprove

customers, but we have learned

Kevin Rydberg. With experts like

customers find our tool helpful in

that many find it difficult to solve

these, we are even more capable

making their websites accessible.

accessibility problems. Due to this,

of assisting our customers to

This confirms our belief that dig-

in 2011, Siteimprove DK hired Senior

help them make their websites

ital accessibility is an important

eAccessibility Specialist, Helene

accessible to everyone.

focus area. In the survey, our

Nørgaard Bech, to educate and

To further understand the needs

customers commented:

provide support to our customers.

of our clients, we rolled out a


“We don’t have an accessibility specialist.

One on the web team looks through the Siteimprove accessibility reports monthly to identify areas we need to improve.” /UK CLIENT/




These quotes clearly state that

website accessibility problems

accessibility is far from an easy

such as websites that require the

fix. Accessibility takes time which

user to activate various features

is why we believe that our servic-

by using the mouse, or important

es make a significant difference

information that is embedded in

in helping companies provide

graphics on a site making it impos-

accessible websites.

sible for a screen reader to identify.

Web Accessibility is an Eye-Opening Experience

Jacob says that he is happy to help

We work actively to put digital

fore, he often takes active part in

accessibility issues on the public

Siteimprove customer events, as

and private agenda, informing

well as participating in our other

people about challenges that

various projects such as our 2012

disabled users experience when

accessibility documentary that

navigating the web and utilising

we produced together with the

self-service solutions. As true

Danish Institute for Human Rights.

anybody who works to increase focus on digital accessibility. There-

believers of the fact that firsthand experiences are one of the best methods for teaching, we have begun collaborating with a Danish consultant, Jacob Nielsen, who has been blind almost his whole life. Jacob uses the web every day and is often challenged by websites with poor accessibility. During his talks he often points out common







Helping people see clearly

In Februar y 2014, we identi-

makes it easier for businesses

fied a pilot group of customers

and organisations to ensure that

from Denmark, Germany and

all web content, including the

Great Britain in order to test the

often forgotten PDFs, are meeting

American initiative within the

accessibility standards.

European market. The feedback we are contemplating rolling out

Accessibility Workshop in London

the program in 2014 for all Euro-

In an effort to contribute to

pean customers as well.

educating the UK on digital

was overwhelmingly positive and

accessibility, Siteimprove UK held

Siteimprove’s PDF Checker

2013, which was attended by

Siteimprove’s online Accessibility Certification Program

As part of our continued focus on

over 80 customers over two days.

accessibility and making the web

The overall topic was website

more accessible for everyone, we

accessibility, and as such one

In 2013, we introduced a free

are constantly looking for new

of Siteimprove’s senior e-Ac-

of charge accessibility certifica-

ways to improve our accessibility

cessibility specialists was there

tion program for Siteimprove’s

product offering. One major area

teaching the latest methods

US customers. The certification

in which we have made substantial

in ensuring accessible websites.

is designed for customers who

improvements this year is within

want to enhance their web skills,

the field of checking Portable

best practices and develop their

Document Formats (PDFs) for

Siteimprove Collaborates with Swedish ETU

Siteimprove-specific product

possible accessibility issues.

In early 2014, Siteimprove SE entered

training and knowledge on accessibility.

a website workshop in October

into collaboration with the Swedish It is a common misunderstand-

Accessibility consultancy firm

ing that PDFs are inaccessible

ETU that provides companies with

The two courses, technical and

but in fact, a PDF is a document

an overview of accessibility issues

non-technical, are offered online

for mat that can be greatly

on their websites. They help provide

and available for the participant

accessible to many users. Here

a tailored solution to the individual

any time anywhere. Each course

at Siteimprove we know that ac-

company, using the Siteimprove

consists of a series of videos and

cessibility can seem overwhelm-

Accessibility tool along with their

corresponding quizzes. The cus-

ing, and so, one major product

personal assistance.

tomer has to pass all quizzes with

enhancement we focused on and

at least an 80 percent final score

released in early 2014 was the

to be awarded a certificate that

ability to check PDFs on websites

they can display (and show off)

for accessibility.

in their office. In April 2014, 248

With an easy and simple layout,

customers had passed the test.

the new product enhancement



Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) In May 2013, Siteimprove kindly asked our customers to perform a series of website accessibility tasks. For each customer who participated, we donated money to various charities for blind people. After the event, one of the customers told us that:

“It was frustrating!

I definitely have new appreciation for accessibility and why it is so important. Two very popular news sites were selected for the test. One of the sites is known for being accessible and it was a breeze to navigate through. There were a few instances where I couldn’t navigate as smoothly as I wished, but I was very impressed by the ”skip to content” feature. The second site, which I assumed would be accessible, was very difficult to navigate and I quickly found myself in a never-ending keyboard loop. This GAAD experience will certainly kickstart our team’s work towards making our website more accessible.” MARIAN DOUCETTE Web Architect County of Huron Canada

In Denmark, we chose to donate the money to ‘Dansk Blindesamfunds Ungdom’ (Danish Blind Youth Society) for the children’s canoe trip in Sweden. Afterwards, they told us that:

“The trip was a great success! The weather was wonderful and luckily, no one fell over-

board! In the evening, we joined a big barbecue dinner with live music on the camping site, which wouldn’t have been possible for us without your donation. We returned home the next day, tired but happy!” MARK SONNE Dansk Blindesamfunds Ungdom



Dansk Blindesamfunds Ungdom canoeing in Sweden

Accessibility Advisory Board In November 2011, Siteimprove assembled an Accessibility Advisory Board consisting of various stakeholders, many of which work for large Danish public organisations. Since the assembly of the board, it has provided us with a forum in which to receive feedback on how we can improve our services. We convene throughout the year to remain up to date and have invited the board to act as BETA testers on several occasions in connection with planning and developing new features in our Accessibility tool.




We Believe IN our





69/107 50

New hires since May 2013

Average age 32Y9M16D

Average time of employment


Management division W54%






We are Close TO YOU

UNITED States Minneapolis Employees / 48 Customers / 1,091 Users / 19,431

DENMARK Copenhagen Employees / 39 Customers / 225 Users / 7,405

UNITED KINGDOM London Employees / 11 Customers / 432 Users / 6,913

Sweden Malmรถ Employees / 4 Customers / 99 Users / 1,406

GERMANy Berlin Employees / 5 Customers / 57 Users / 367


our successes (both small and big)

work began in 2014. It is estimated

with each other.

that by the end of 2014, employees

In the past year we once again broke

will be able to enjoy a ‘Bavarian’

all records in terms of growth and

beer-style garden where fresh air

new hires. We went from 76 to 107

is in abundance and employees

employees across our offices in Lon-

can socialise.

don, Minneapolis and Copenhagen. Our success adds a lot of energy and positivity to the organisation, but it also brings a fast pace and


continuous changes, which may affect the work environment in both positive and negative ways. In order to keep track of the general employee satisfaction we rolled out an annual workplace assess-

Global Compact principles 3-6

February 2014.


The company should support

The results of the AWA build the

the right to unionize and effectively

foundation for the evaluation of goals

recognise the right of collective

for the next year, and also help us


pinpoint which areas to focus on in


2014 in order to make Siteimprove

Support the eradication of

all forms of forced labour 5.

an even better workplace.

Support the effective erad-

ication of all forms of child labour 6.

ment (AWA) for the fourth time in

Eradicate discrimination in

Physical work environment

respect to employment and occu-

The physical work environment is


the base of our company and our employees deserve only the best.

Siteimprove’s success relies 100

Every year, we look to improve the

percent on every single employee

working environment and in 2013,

and therefore it is fundamental to

the US office took the biggest step

our success that everybody is in

by moving the entire office. This

the game with all they have got.

has resulted in much more suitable

We believe that happy people work

conditions for all employees.

better, and we enjoy finding new ways and reasons to improve the

In 2013, we set a goal to have a patio

working environment and celebrate

in our Copenhagen office and this



Nominated for best place to work in Minneapolis

facility in Copenhagen. This is a

We are very proud to announce

the company of great colleagues.

that for the third year in a row,

In the spring of 2014, Siteimprove

Minnesota Business Magazine has

US signed up a softball team

named the US office as one of the

with the local softball league in

‘100 Best Companies to Work For’.

Bloomington, MN. We see this as

fun way to exercise and unwind in

a great way to support an active

Pru Health: Prevention is the best cure!

ticipating employees and have

Whilst Siteimprove strives to help

therefore decided to cover the

and motivate employees to utilise

league’s fees so the employees

their potential in the workplace,

can play free of charge.

and social lifestyle for the par-

we also recognise the importance of a healthy work – life balance.

Pedometer challenge – let’s get moving!

Siteimprove provides private

Siteimprove DK decided that it was

healthcare to every employee in

time to get up and get moving. In

the UK. Our provider -Pru Health-

that spirit, a four day pedometer

not only caters for any employee's

challenge was arranged. Every

medical needs, but also embodies

employee wore a pedometer, meas-

the idea that prevention is the best

uring their every step, and with a

cure, offering excellent benefits

luxurious spa treatment prize so

and rewards for daily activities

close they could almost feel the

with exercise. We have been

massage, motivation was not an

members of Pru Health for over

issue. Other incentives included

a year now, and the benefits have

diplomas, inspiring posters around

contributed to many employee's

the office and goodie-bags for all

sporting achievements.

daily winners that contributed towards making the challenge a

Health and Sports

big success. This is a new tradition

In the fall of 2013, a dozen Danish

at Siteimprove, and one which

Siteimprovers decided to get to

we look forward to expanding in

know each other on a whole new

2014 and 2015.

level by creating a Siteimprove DK soccer team. The players meet up twice a month for a few hours of adrenalin pumping soccer playing in a central indoors




47,552 Steps /out of 420,662 24


Average step length 45CM


Total length

35 189.3Km

• The employees felt less stressed

values, business model, work

in 2013 compared to 2012

ethics, requirements, company

• HR-responsible employees ap-

and history. This program allows

Psychological work environment

pointed in all offices

us to bring on a large number of

• Improvement in clear expectations

new employees whilst embracing

Siteimprove never sleeps and

and goals

the spirit of Siteimprove and better

therefore the pace is high, which

utilising the resources required for

can lead to stress. A wide range

training. The feedback from the

of initiatives were implemented in

Employee Satisfaction

employees has been extremely

2013 and 2014 to help keep a good

The AWA 2014 showed that the

positive and as a result, we have

work-life-balance, and the latest

overall job satisfaction across

started to have new employees

AWA findings proved that we are

all markets grew positively and

from Siteimprove’s other offices

moving in the right direction as

that a stunning 96 percent of

flown in to participate.

employees indicated that they

employees stated that they are

feel less stressed compared to

either satisfied or very satisfied.

last year. Management will keep

Between June 2013 and June 2014, the UK office ran over 16 training

employees who were appointed

Training and Competence Development

have a wealth of knowledge and


At Siteimprove, we care about

experience across all three offices

the personal development of our

(UK, Denmark and USA), and we

Another positive result of the

employees, and we are passion-

channel this through internal

AWA in 2014 was that employees

ate about investing in our work

training to empower the rest of

feel that management has gotten

force. We believe that improving

the Siteimprove community.

better at communicating goals

the teams’ personal skills will

and expectations, and that the

enable them to expand their job

We are proud of the fact that all

wellbeing of the employees has

skill repertoires which both ben-

European sales staff members

improved. Employees feel that they

efits Siteimprove as well as their

participated in a three day sales

can come to management with

future employability. There is also

training program in London in

their problems and concerns to

the added benefit of stimulating

January 2014 and that a total of

a greater extend. We expect that

the mind and improving morale

63 per cent of the Danish full time

this improvement also reflects

through learning new things and

staff have received competence

positively on the level of stress.

taking on new challenges.

development in the period May

focusing on the subject, as will the

sessions. We are lucky enough to

2013 to May 2014. In 2014, we Finally, we are doing our best to

With a growth rate close to 100

have external training plans for

nurture a culture where all Site-

percent per year, the US office

the Customer Experience team

improvers not only watch out

has decided to implement a two

and office management and we

for themselves, but also for their

week on boarding program de-

will expand the US on-boarding

colleagues and that they raise a

signed to give new employees

program to the EU markets in

red flag if the pace gets too high.

a better understanding of our

order to provide new hires with



plans for EU market expansion.

Social events in the US office:

The AWA results reflect the

• A summer party where the entire

satisfaction of employees with

office and their significant other

regards to Siteimprove meeting

went on a boat cruise around Lake

their training needs.


better training and to meet the

• A Halloween pumpkin carving

Knowledge Sharing


Knowledge sharing has not always

• A winter holiday party in down-

been Siteimprove’s strongest suit,

town Minneapolis with car service

which has caused some frustration

before and after the event in line

among the employees. To bridge

with Siteimprove’s strong stand

this gap we introduced a ‘new

on drinking and driving

ideas’ forum in 2013 in our cus-

• A roller derby game

tomer relationship management system that allows sales staff to

After the boat cruise, Steve Hennigs,

give their input and vote on their

Senior Product Specialist, said:

favourite ideas, thereby influenc-

“I am grateful that our leadership

ing the development process to

places a premium on the ‘work

a higher degree. Additionally our

hard, play hard’ culture. It was

project manager and head of

great seeing everyone and meeting

development now present every

some new people on this year’s

sprint (development cycle) to all

Social Activities

cruise. Here’s to another year of

employees in order for everybody

At Siteimprove, we place a high

success and next year we may

to get a better understanding of

value on employee satisfaction,

need a bigger boat!

the coming releases.

and one way in which we assure this remains high is through the planning of numerous social activities. These activities are a great opportunity for employees and their families to spend time together. Throughout 2013 and 2014, we arranged a number of social events, which is a great way for management to show their appreciation, and for everyone to get to know each other outside the offices. We definitely work hard and play hard!



Social events in the Copenhagen office:

Social events in the UK office:

• A Halloween pumpkin carving

• A circus themed party where

• A summer party with bowling,

• A Christmas party at the Artillery

all employees learnt new circus

cocktails and flamingos, 1950’s

Gardens HAC in London

skills such as juggling, tightrope

style at the All Star Lanes in Hol-

• An ‘Into the wild’ costume day

walking and acrobatics.

born. Followed by dinner at the

in favour of “Children in Need”

• A gala held at the National

South Kensington Gardens

fundraising Day


Aquarium Denmark to celebrate

• Santa’s little helpers costume day

Siteimprove’s 10-year anniver-

for the “Save the Children” cause

sary. With well over 100 people in attendance - employees and their partners - the event was the roaring success with guests enjoying personalised behind the scenes tours, as well as being treated to an exclusive threecourse meal whilst surrounded by floor to ceiling tanks. • A Halloween pumpkin carving contest • A festive Christmas party driving go-karts, followed by a restaurant dinner, cocktails and all night dancing • A Mexican Friday Bar



WHERE can we do BETTER Support & Acknowledgement The AWA 2013 indicated a decrease in support and acknowledgement from management. We have added a significant amount of new people to the Siteimprove family in the past year, and combined with the US office relocation there is no doubt that every single manager

Profit Sharing

on all markets has been extreme-

Since 2011, a yearly bonus based

ly busy. However, this is not an

on a percentage of Siteimprove’s

excuse, and as mentioned earlier,

annual profits has been divided

Siteimprove relies 100 percent

between all employees based on

on every single employee, and

length of service seniority. The

therefore it is fundamental to our

purpose of the Profit Sharing

success that everybody is in the

program is to recognise and award

game with everything they have.

the staff’s efforts and hard work.

In 2014, management will focus

The program will continue in 2014,

on doing everything they can to

allowing us to once again share

help everyone be successful in

the company’s success with all

their role.

of our employees.




that we buy our electricity from


wind turbines. Through this, we furthermore contribute to the construction of the new wind turbines on Avedøre Holme. You can read more about our commitment to the environment and our green initiatives below.


Siteimprove DK travels on two wheels At Siteimprove Denmark, we are very committed to reducing our carbon footprint. As a result, and in a bid to aid the well-being of

Global Compact principles 7-9

Copenhagen office is encouraged


to ride their bike to work.

The company should support

our co-workers, everyone in the

a careful approach to environmental challenges

With the infrastructure in Co-


Take initiatives to promote

penhagen developed to make

increased environmental responsi-

it easier to ride a bike, it is not


only the healthy option but the


Encourage the development

smart option, especially since it

and dispersion of environmentally

is often both faster by bike, and

friendly technologies

easier to find a parking spot. An internal poll actually showed that

At Siteimprove, we are very

70 percent of our employees ride

committed to minimising our

their bike to the office, whilst 27

carbon footprint, which is why

percent takes public transport

we strive to live up to climate

and the last 3 percent arrives to

and environmental principles.

the office by foot.

Due to this commitment, we have since the beginning of 2011

While Siteimprove does not wish to

been a member of a climate part-

dictate that all of our co-workers

nership with Denmark’s largest

should ride their bike to work, we

energy producer; DONG Energy.

do find it important to increase

This climate partnership means

awareness of a healthier lifestyle.







More people – More Space During 2013, Siteimprove US

Preserving the Beautiful Nature of the World

employee numbers grew from 18

Interior landscaping is great for

to an impressive 31. This growth

buildings and people. Although

pushed the limits of our 5,500

the effects may be subtle, plants


ft. Minneapolis office to a point

are fundamental in a tranquil and

Since the office move in January

where it was no longer possible

stress relieving work environment.

2014, a few US Siteimprovers have

to uphold the level of comfort

‘Enterprise Plants’ supplies the

been carpooling to work for envi-

for our employees that we feel

Siteimprove UK office with leafy

ronmental, ethical and financial

they deserve. As a result, we

friends from near and far.

reasons. Two colleagues make the

started looking for a new space

trip together four days a week,

in October 2013.

and sometimes more colleagues

Through our work with Enterprise Plants, we are also contributing

join in as well. The roundtrip is on

After researching all the different

to efforts and projects on a much

average 30.5 miles/ 50 kilometers

options the Twin Cities have to

larger scale. Over the past year

a day, amounting to 122 miles/200

offer, a 14,000 ft. office in the

we have helped towards safe-

kilometers a week. This great

8000 Tower in the Normandale

guarding forests in Central and

initiative saves both gas and the

Lake Office Park in Bloomington

South America, in turn protecting


was selected – almost tripling the

some rare breeds of animals such

square footage. The 8,000 Tower

as Pygmy Elephants, Orangutans,

Prestigious green award for our Data Center

is a ‘Class A’ office building and

Proboscis Monkeys, Silver-leaf

offers a ton of amenities, including

monkeys and macaques!

Being a SaaS-company, Siteim-

a free-to-use gym, covered parking,

prove is very concerned with the

daycare, an outdoor patio, and

inevitable CO2-emissions caused

several restaurants.

by our many servers. The new building is a much more For more than ten years, our

energy efficient building and offers

data center Interxion has worked

a more comfortable and tranquil

actively with optimising energy

indoor climate due to multi zone

efficiency, reducing CO2-emis-

HVAC and high efficiency windows.

sions and minimising their overall

The noise levels are also handled

environmental impact.

more efficiently in the new space with a sound absorbing dropped

Interxion have proven to be ex-

ceiling, a white noise system, and

perts in their field, as they were

28 private offices.

appointed Denmark’s greenest

We started working out of the

data center both in 2013 and 2013.

new office on January 2, 2014.



We planted

24 fruit trees in


Fruitful Office Fruit is available to employees in every Siteimprove office. In the UK, the fruit is delivered by the company ‘Fruitful Office’ that plants trees in Malawi. As a result of our fruit consumption, Siteimprove UK planted 24 fruit trees in Malawi, Africa, during the period July 2013 to December 2013. The UK team is proud of this achievement, and it makes eating from the fruit basket even more enjoyable!

Going Green! Literally! Siteimprove is passionate about preserving the environment and endeavour to do so at any given opportunity, whether it be through creating a more environmentally friendly office environment, or educating the employees on being pro-eco! We also have a ‘Head of Recycling‘, who is constantly looking for new ways we can be more green! To kick start our ‘Going Green’ campaign in 2013, Siteimprove UK invested in 14 eye-grabbing illuminous green recycling bins. They are stationed all around the office, leaving no room for stray paper! With the excellent effort of the UK team, we were able to recycle 14 bin loads of paper within the first few months.



Siteimprove and the Hammerheads

these mouse mats have been made

In 2013, Siteimprove Denmark en-

from old, disused car tyres!

mats. We say ‘new’ but, ironically,

tered into a sponsorship agreement with the newly opened National

Remarkable Mouse Mat is an in-

Aquarium Denmark, which is the

novative UK eco-manufacturing

largest aquarium in Northern

company, driven by a passion and

Europe. As a sponsor, we were

belief that the environment needs

also given the chance to choose

to be treated with care. They make

an endangered species close to

economically viable, good quality

our heart that we could support.

‘new life’, cool everyday products.

After a lot of fun discussion, we chose to support the Hammerhead Shark, which features on the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) list of endangered species. We chose this animal not only because we are dedicated to protecting the marine environment around us, but also because of the close relationship between the Hammerhead’s name and what we here at Siteimprove do best – which is helping our customers hit website errors on the head! As a sponsor, we get entry passes that we use to spoil our customers and employees.

Something Old, Something New Each UK team member has recently been treated to brand new mouse




5/6 AntiCorruption

Global Compact principle 10 10.

Businesses should work

against all forms of corruption including extortion and bribery

In spite of us working in a low risk market, we at Siteimprove have a very firm policy in regards to corruption and bribery. In the event that an employee should receive a present, or any form of bribery from a supplier or customer, the employee must notify his or her manager immediately. Failure to report may have consequences for future employment.





Siteimprove Receives CSR Award for Social Responsibility

and Birgitte Mogensen, chairper-

At Siteimprove, we proudly look

Committee, said:

back on the year 2013 as being the

impressed the panel of judges, son of Danske Revisorers CSR

year we received our first CSR

“Siteimprove has chosen to con-

award. In September, FSR – Danske

centrate their efforts on making

Revisorer (Danish Accountants),

the web accessible to people who

granted us with the award of Best

are e.g. visually impaired or have

Emerging CSR Report at their an-

a physical disability. Being web

nual conference 'Revisordøgnet'.

specialists, Siteimprove sees it as

We share the award with Dansk

their joint responsibility to support

Almennyttigt Boligselskab, which

the development of accessible

is a Danish housing association.

websites, and they have delivered a solid presentation of that work

Our dedicated focus on making

in their CSR report.

the web available to everyone

Siteimprove principles 1.

Provide clear guidelines as

to how our CSR work progresses and especially in regards to what we can do better from year to year 2.

Strive to keep focusing on

charity and provide a helping hand wherever we can. At Siteimprove, we believe in good karma. We value charity work and giving back to the communities around us. In this spirit, employees across all our offices have been volunteering to participate in charity events and supporting charity organisations. You can read about these activities in the sections following.



In 2010, Siteimprove joined The

At Siteimprove, we are excited and

locations were targeted due to

UN Global Compact, which is the

honored to receive such recogni-

the limited resources available in

largest voluntary corporate re-

tion and appreciation for our CSR

the community, especially in light

sponsibility initiative in the world.

focus. We are a passionate and

of the average per capita income

Hereby, we committed to meeting

goal-orientated company, and we

in Kermit, WV, which is less than

certain standards in the areas

will continue to work hard and

$15,000, with approximately 10

of human rights, labour rights,

hopefully earn our right to more

percent of the community living

environment and anti-corruption,

awards in the future.

under the national poverty line.

as well as creating yearly CSR

The Shop/Pack/Ship program

reports. Chief of Communications


connects Siteimprove staf f

and Markets, Camilla Simonsen,

Siteimprove’s US office collab-

families with partner families in


orates with Family-to-Family

economically-depressed commu-

(F-to-F), a 501 ©(3) nonprofit

nities through a monthly box of

organisation based in New York

non-perishable groceries and basic

social responsibilities to create

with a primary focus on nation-

toiletries. Families were matched

awareness and increase focus on

al hunger and poverty relief in

based on the ages of the children

the approximately 20 percent of

the US. Currently, Siteimprove

to ensure ’hand-me-downs’ were

the Danish population that daily

is assisting 11 partner families

available as well as to assist staff

experience severe difficulties when

in three different communities

in teaching their own children

utilising the web and self-service

(Kermit, WV; New Orleans, LA;

about charitable giving. Our first


and Hopkins Park, IL) through the

box was packed in December 2013

Shop/Pack/Ship program. These

and we will continue onwards with

“We perceive it as one of our core

a one-year commitment.



Siteimprove UK goes wild - ‘Children in Need’ fundraising Day

the day was Siteimprove’s London

In November 2013, Siteimprove

2013 Office Olympics. Precision,

In September 2013, a number of

UK embraced their inner child,

power and strength were themes

Danish Siteimprovers were ac-

donned animal onesies (much

for the day as employees com-

tively involved in raising money

to the amusement of twitter

peted to see who could score the

for Syria through a charity run for

followers) and raised money for

most baskets in a minute and who

Dan Church Aid’s Syrian Refugee

the wonderful charity ‘Children

had the best arrow accuracy in

Program. This project caught the

in Need’.

darts all at 50p per play! The

Copenhagen Charity Run for Syrian Refugees

attention of Siteimprove CEO

But that was not all, another exciting and exhilarating event on

animal onesies turned out to be

Morten Ebbesen, who decided to

Siteimprove UK kicked off pro-

excellent for mobility, but the

support the cause along with the

ceedings with a cake sale. The

humungous feet did put some at

rest of the Copenhagen office.

irresistible selection of cakes to

a slight disadvantage, but rules

The run was a huge success and

indulge in attracted people from

are rules! The wild and whacky

enough money was raised to feed

near and far, and in no time at all

day was a roaring success and

no less than 4,600 refugees for

a selling frenzy erupted and items

over 300 pounds was raised for

an entire day!

sold like hotcakes!

Children in Need!



Save the Children

vide the Wish Child with themed

The UK Siteimprove team certainly

entertainment and games during

is not deterred by the prospect of

their flight including a beach ball,

looking silly, especially not when

a pair of sunglasses, candy, Legos,

there are donations for a great

and other fun games. In addition

cause at stake!

to these items, Siteimprove also wrote personalised cards to each

In December 2013, they embraced

child to help them through their

the festive season dusting off their


holiday jumpers and attending work looking like nothing less than Santa’s little helpers! This was all in the name of a worthy cause – Save the Children.

Airplane Travel Bags for Children with Life-Threatening Conditions In 2014, Siteimprove US increased its charitable giving through the installation of quarterly community engagement events that collaborate with local philanthropic endeavours. For the first quarter, they partnered with Make-A-Wish’s Minnesota Chapter, an international 501 © w(3) nonprofit organisation focused on granting wishes for children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions. Because over 75 percent of Minnesota Wishes involve travel, with a majority to a beach location, Siteimprove staff packed approximately 50 ’Airplane Travel bags’. These ’Airplane Travel Bags’ pro-



Goals PAST AND Present

Human Rights

Goals achieved 2013/14

Goals for 2014/15

Contribute to making public and private web-

PDF accessibility checker was released in

Continue development on the Siteimprove

sites more accessible

April 2014.

Accessibility tool to support private and public webmasters in quality assuring accessible

We hired an accessibility expert to support


the US team and US/Canadian customers. Plan to offer the Accessibility Certification to Included a question in our yearly customer

all European customers in 2014.

satisfaction survey asking whether they have hired a disabled user because of our initiatives.

Produce more blogs and whitepapers on accessibility.

We took part in the GAAD in May 2013 and donated the money raised to the Danish Blind

Participation in GAAD May 2014, to further

Youth Society.

increase awareness.

In May 2013, our UK office raised funds for the

The UK team will be offering the Accessibility

Royal National Institute of the Blind.

Certification course free to all clients and prospective clients.

Free consulting and education

We completed 24 webinars across all markets.

Continue our focus on providing customers with free webinars as needed.

UK office Accessibility Workshop completed in October 2013 with over 120 customers sub-

UK event in October 2014 for clients and po-

scribing to the event and material.

tential clients. With expert speakers providing workshops and round table discussions.

Partnership within accessibility

Facilitation of network

We started collaborating with the Swedish

Establish a partnership with a UK or US NGO

accessibility consultancy firm ETU.

promoting accessibility.

Collaboration with Danish consultant Jacob

Continue to work closely with the disabled

Nielsen, who has been blind almost his entire life.

community in regards to accessibility.

Continue to be in contact with the Accessibility Advisory Board.



Goals achieved 2013/14

Goals for 2014/15

Performance reviews for all employees across

Increase levels of support and acknowledge-

all markets.

ment from management.

Online workplace assessment completed on

In 2014, we will expand the US on-boarding

all markets.

program to the EU markets in order to provide

LABOUR Rights The Psychological Work environment

new hires with better training. HR-responsible employees have been appointed in all offices.

Decrease stress levels further in 2014/15.

A decrease in stress levels compared to the

Complete more events on health and physical

previous year.


Events completed on health and physical

Increase overall job satisfaction across all


markets even further.


DHL participation 2013


Pedometer challenge

Increased job satisfaction across all markets

The Physical Work Environment

US expanded their new office by adding ad-

Finish ongoing work on the outdoor patio at

ditional footage.

the Copenhagen office. To upgrade UK office facilities: Water dispenser and improvements to the lunch area and game room.

Employee Welfare

Weekly (UK + US) and biweekly (DK + SE + DE)

Continue weekly/biweekly staff meetings

staff meetings Social events

Continue to prioritise fun social events in The number of social events has exceeded the

the offices.

expectations with an average of four events per office in the past year.

Improve in-house knowledge sharing.

Internal training completed for sales staff

The UK office has external training plans for

on all markets.

the Customer Experience team and office management in 2014.

UK decided to offer private health care to UK

Thorough update of all employee handbooks.


UK plans to continue the programme throughout 2014/15.

Bonus Scheme

Profit sharing from 2013 completed among all

The board has once again decided on profit

Siteimprove employees in June 2012.

sharing from 2014 to all Siteimprove employees based on length of service.



Environment Reducing carbon footprint

Goals achieved 2013/14

Goals for 2014/15

DK office rides bikes and uses public trans-

To provide a “Bicycle emergency kit� for DK

portation to get to work.

employees containing: a bicycle pump, puncture repair kits and bicycle lamps.

US carpooling four days a week - saving both gas and the environment.

Continue successful climate partnership with DONG Energy.

Climate partnership with DONG Energy still going strong.

Continuous collaboration with green primary suppliers.

Environmental policy

Started sponsoring the Hammerhead shark at the National Aquarium Denmark in order to help preserve the species. Helped safeguarding forests in Central and South America. Planted 24 fruit trees in Malawi, Africa.

Recycling policy



Recycling system for bottles, cans, paper and

Use recycled materials for office supplies to


a larger extent.

Charity and prizes

Goals achieved 2013/14

Goals for 2014/15

Awarded ‘Best Emerging CSR Report’ by FSR

US: Establish an employee run board that can

- Danske Revisorer (Danish Accountants).

decide which social activities we participate in. Siteimprove will give the board monetary

Siteimprove US started collaborating with

budget and the ability to ask employees to

the non-profit organisation Family-to-Family

volunteer up to three full work days per year.

to help families who have limited resources. We partnered with Make-A-Wish Minnesota, granting wishes for children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions by packing 50 “Airplane Travel Bags”. Raised money for Syrian refugees through a charity run in Copenhagen. Held a fundraising day for the charity ‘Children in Need’. Funny Christmas jumpers’ day in the UK office. December 2013 for Save the Children.



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