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with Zaelly-Rose

Jendi the Frog (Crapaud)

Created by Serissa Rawlins

Jendi the Frog (Crapaud)

Illustrated by Dehneze

This book is dedicated to the life and memory of our beloved Granny, Ms. Elizabeth ‘Mama Miss’ Claxton. I will be ever grateful that I was fortunate to grow up literally at her feet. I have no bad memories of our Granny and that is her Legacy. My children Zaria, Chantal, Khaya, Taliyah and Azaelea, my grandson Adissa, and my godchildren, Anouska, Taylor, Jordyn, Edin, Paige and Nadric this is for you too. To my friends and support system, Earla, Adeola, Amy,Vincia

Zaelly-Rose is 7 years old and lives in the little blue house right between Grove Park Range and Government Road. The modest wooden structure stands out in the village because it is the one with the egg-shells on the Cacti at the entrance of the yard. This early in the morning, the only others that were up were the roosters. She slowly shook her head to rid herself of the fading sounds of several straggling mosquitos as she quickly sat up in her bed and threw off her covers. Zaelly-Rose lives with her mother (Mommi), older brother (Bant) and her aunt (Angel) in the 4 bedroom house. On these mornings though, she never saw them as she was out of the house before they even woke up. Zaelly-Rose could hear the increasingly loud crows of the waking fowls, as she hopped down onto the wooden floor to get ready for the day. As she rubbed her eyes, Zaelly-Rose grabbed her tiny tube of toothpaste off the shelf over her bed.

Walking through the house on her way to find her Granny, she realised that it was a bit brighter in the room than usual for this time of day. She had overslept! As she rushed outside through the side door to brush her teeth she saw that her Granny had already started a little fire over which they would cook their morning breakfast. After moistening her toothbrush at the standpipe in the back corner of the yard, she ducked down under a hanging sheet as she made her way to the Mint bushes lining the base of the tall Clammy Cherry tree, at the rear right corner of the backyard. One medium sized branch held one end of the clothes line in place while the other was secured on the corner of the house roof. After completing her morning routine Zaelly-Rose picked up the Mint leaves and passed them to her Granny as she went back inside the house to finish her ministrations.

In a few moments Granny and Zaelly-Rose were sitting on the back stoop sipping their hot cups of tea and watching the first rays of the sun climb over Nevis Peak. Over steaming bowls of cornmeal porridge topped with grated cinnamon spice and brown sugar the two ladies discussed their plans for the day ahead. Granny reminded Zaelly-Rose of the visiting boat from Dominica, which was scheduled to dock at the Gallows Bay Marina, sometime during the early afternoon. Whenever a boat docked it seemed like Christmas to Zaelly-Rose. The Dominicans with their exotic (Creole)accents and different names for saying things always kept her entertained. She enjoyed trying the new fruits and vegetables and even pastries that flowed in abundance for that whole day. Hurriedly gulping down the last few mouthfuls of her breakfast, Zaelly-Rose quickly returned to her bedroom to get dressed for Town.

After grabbing her favourite book and bucket sheran out through the damp grass to meet Granny at the gate as she did every Saturday. They always held hands as they passed through the jumble of wooden houses that made up the Village. As they walked down the stoney, foot path that led to Government Road, Zaelly-Rose could see that most of the windows and doors of the homes were still closed. Her Granny led the way as the two navigated the rusty, galvanized, metal maze for a few minutes before finally bursing out onto the black asphalt on Government Road. Humming along with Granny as she sang her favourite hymn, “Morning Has Broken”, Zaelly -Rose couldn’t help but smile. She was so looking forward to spending the day with her Granny! They began a slow stroll to Charlestown. They walked past Ms. Maisie’s Plum tree, Zaelly-Rose glanced at the ripening fruits and resolved to return later that day to raid the heavily loaded limbs. They walked past the Water Dam that sits between the Jewish Cemetary and Hunkins Funeral Home.

The water source was one of the oldest on the island and provided water for many villagers. Already, a small line had formed as people came to fill their buckets and metal Bath Pans. Younger kids like Zaelly-Rose waited in line with recycled Clorox Bottles that were easier to carry and lighter for them. Turning a slight corner, they walked past the Nest. Zaelly-Rose liked to admire the Manequinns in the shops two big windows. There was always some shiny piece of jewellrey or flashy shoes on display- today was no exception. As Granny tugged slightly on her hand to urge her slowed gait, she noticed that they were about to cross over onto Main Street.They were almost half-way to the Market! The downward slope made their steps go faster and soon the towering building of the Charlestown CourtHouse / Public Library cast a shadow over their steps.

The Memorial Square facing the large stone building was busy with early morning bees, who made good use of the colourful garden lining the border of the fenced off space. Before long Zaelly-Rose spied the big, green gates that marked the entrance to The George (Mobray) Hanley Public Market. As usual, Zaelly-Rose’s eyes did not know where to look first. No matter how many times Zaelly-Rose came to the Market, there was always something that was new and exciting to discover. Her Granny’s stall is unlike any other in the Market. For one, it is wooden and stands alone. All the other stalls were of concrete and adjoined each other. Granny’s faced West and sat right inside the entrance of the Market, up against the wall. An oversized yellow and white umbrella propped up and open and hanging just over the outside of the wall, signalled when she was in Town. Setting up for the day’s business took a few minutes as Zaelly Rose and Granny retrieved baskets of potatoes, carrots and breadfruit from under her table.

A few moments and baskets later Zaelly-Rose had arranged the table top so that the weight and scale, and produce were on full display as soon as shoppers entered the Market gates. Plopping down on her little stool behind the stall Zaelly-Rose watched her Granny do the same on her larger seat. Very soon a group of older women came through the main Market gates and approached her Granny’s stall. She smiled and got up to help, listening as the ladies greeted each other with big smiles and loud hellos. Soon they began to shout out their individual orders. In between laughs and gossip, Zaelly-Rose fetched back and forth as her Granny’s regular customers milled around her tray. Soon enough the ladies were engaged in raucous conversation. Luckily, Zaelly-Rose knew each ladies order by heart. Mrs. Doras was there to get her weekly supply of sweet potato and pumpkin; 2lbs each. A dark slender woman she wore her favorite color dress today - Bright Orange.

Ms Lake, a short, plump light skinned lady, grabbed her carrots and onions and added some string beans and plantains to her order. Zaelly-Rose bagged each order for the ladies with a smile. Mr. Hill made some of the best Lemonade at his restaurant Callalloo, which sat at the bottom of Government Road. He was right on time with his Lemon and Limes order, which he used to make the refreshing elixir that was served after each of his Friday afternoon Childrens’ Programs. While tallying and making change for the chatting ladies and man, Jendi’s eye was caught by the image of Queen Elizabeth II. It stared back at her from the front of the red 1$ dollar bill she had prepared for change. It was a reminder of just why this Saturday was an especially special day! This was the last Saturday before St.Kitts and Nevis celebrated the anniversary of their Independence from Great Britain in 1983. The National Flag could be seen flying in every open door and window.

The matching garlands winded from pole to pole from the Bayfront all the way up along Main Street. Designed in 1983 by Ms. Edrice Lewis, the national flag of St. Kitts and Nevis is made up of 5 different colours ; RED, GREEN, BLACK, YELLOW and WHITE. These colours all hold special meaning to the citizens of St.Kitts and Nevis and Zaelly-Rose was no exception. She was already excited for the Parade on Independence Day, she was going to be a part of the parade with her class! She grinned in amusement as she realized this was one of the only times she was ever happy to be dressed up for school. Although not looking forward to standing through all the numerous speeches of the day, Zaelly-Rose was excited to see and hear the first Prime Minister of St.Kitts and Nevis. Hailed as the The Father of the Nation, Dr. Kennedy Simmonds was elected in 1983, and was scheduled to speak at the event.

He was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George. And in 2015, he became the fifth person to be named as a National Hero by the National Assembly; the first living person to receive this honour. Every year the Prime Minister and other dignitaries would speak to the citizens, usually after the big parade that culminated at the Elquimido T Willet Stadium formerly known as Grove Park. Zaelly Rose along with many other school children across the federation, dressed up in their pristine school uniforms and marched through the streets of Charlestown. The Cadets and the Royal St.Kitts and Nevis Police Force also were a big part of the display. Everyone came out looking their best proudly celebrating our Nation and Government. The sound of a horn blast directly outside the Market doors jolted Zaelly-Rose out of her musings. She turned her attention back to the task at hand. Making sure all the customers had their orders and change if necessary.

After clearing the crowd around Granny’s stall, Zaelly-Rose was on her first break for the day and decided to take a walk along the Charlestown Waterfront. She would have no problem finding somewhere to relax and enjoy the sunshine. She decided to find a spot under a gazebo but was stalled as they were all occupied by groups of old men playing Dominoes. The click-click and slap of the Dominoes as the hit the table made her jump as she made her way to her alternate destinationthe sea wall. She did not have much with her; just a tiny bucket for her shells and her tiny Notebook and pencil. Zaelly-Rose wants to be a Storyteller so she writes down all the stories about the adventures of her six animal friends. She could hear the flapping of the many flags that lined the walk as the island breeze swept the hot air toward the Ocean. As she looked up at the St.Kitts and Nevis flag she was reminded her of her friend Jendi the Crapaud.

Zaelly-Rose started chuckling to herself as she replayed the adventure in her mind; she pulled out her Notebook and started to write‌

Colour Me

The Missing Colours! Written by Zaelly-Rose

Jendi is a 7 year old frog from St.Kitts and Nevis and one of Zaelly-Rose’s good friends. Locally known as a“Crappo” which is the local was of saying, “Crapaud,” and also the French word for frog.

Being a Crapuad is fun for Jendi as living and breathing on land and in water is no easy feat, only special animals can do that. Frogs like Jendi can breathe using their lungs and also through their skin.

She lives both on land and underwater and enjoys jumping and swimming. What makes her so Special? The ability to make herself invisible which is an awesome skill because it helps her when she plays Hide-and-Seek. The colourful splotches on her body, also match the colours of the St.Kitts and Nevis’ flag. They can change colours so that she can blend into her surroundings. It’s called


During the summer Jendi plays with her friends daily. They played for long periods of time all around the island of Nevis, exploring and learning about their island home. After eating a big lunch Jendi decided to take a walk along the shores of Gallows Bay. Maybe a few of her friends were already there getting into something fun! On the way she paused to pick up shells and watch the tiny crabs skittering into their holes as she stepped too close them. As she made the trip across the warm sand every so often she would hop as an errant wave splashed her bare feet. Most children on the island spend a lot of their time in or near the sea.

Most could swim from a very early age and other tricks like floating and diving were almost innate.

Recently, the newest fun thing was Surfing!

She soon spied about half-way

She started running slowly to get a better look at what was happening. As she got closer she recognized her friends Piko the Pelican and Marlee the Monkey,

as they each rode a giant wave up onto the shore.

some activity down the beach.

Jendi dropped her pail of shells as she slid to a stop on the silky grains. Piko and Marlee made surfing look so fun and easy! Jendi wanted to try it, but for some reason she felt a bit unsure. She would love to try something new today she decided, despite that niggling feeling that she was forgetting something. The two friends shrieked in excitement as they saw their friend waving to them from the shore. The three animals were always happy to see each other! They loved playing together and never missed an opportunity to do so. As the waves broke onto the shore the monkey and bird tumbled onto the sand. They quickly sprang to their feet and ran to meet Jendi where she waited on the warm, charcoal sand.

What makes Piko so Special??

Piko the Brown Pelican from St.Kitts and Nevis. One of his favourite hobbies is diving for fish at the Charlestown bayfront. Not only is he the National Bird of St.Kitts and Nevis, but his beak has a special pocket where Piko stores all the treasures he finds on his daily flights. He loves flying low over the Ocean and watching all of the sea creatures swimming underneath. He collects shells and pebbles and hides them at a secret spot on Booby Island.

‘Booby’ is the local name for Pelicans so that is how the oversized rock that sat between the twin islands got its name. It was also where most of the Pelicans in the federation of St.Kitts and Nevis roost.

Marlee the Monkey lives in St.Kitts and Nevis. She usually hangs out in the hills of Nevis Peak or Mount Liamuiga. She loves relaxing in the Acacia or Mango trees in the lower Woodlands on either island. A lover of fruits Marlee has a few favourites, such as Guinep, Plums and Golden Apples. The little green Vervet Monkey was a master at climbing and swinging and practises flipping and leaping everyday, because she plans on becoming an Olympic Gymnast when she gets older. Her tail is also a Lasso that she can use to swing through tree branches ; she can climb to the very top of any Tree! It’s like having an extra Arm!

What makes Marlee so Special??

The Bogs mangrove swamp covered the entire length of Gallows Bay, and was just on the other side of the sand a few feet up the shoreline. Every year when the Moon was positioned just right, it caused a ‘High Tide’. The waves at the beach were bigger and the sea floor a lot further down. It ran from the South end of the beach to the Northern end of the beach where the higher sea levels caused the two bodies of water to ‘meet’, They formed a shallow river of warm, salty soup of the fresh Bog and Sea water. The three friends headed over to the spot where the waves met the stagnant waters of the Bogs Pond. Jendi and Marlee arrived at the watery divide just as Piko landed a few feet away. He joined the two friends as they both stood close to the bank of the river trying to spy a Pond Bass.

Not many people had ever seen the elusive fresh water fish were rumoured to live in the Bogs Pond year round. The stuff of legend, it was said that they could grow as big as a shark. During times like this when the Pond flooded or ‘burst’ as the locals called it; sightings of the large fish were plentiful. The flapping of wings caught Jendi and Marlee’s attention. They both realised at the same time that Piko was no longer laying next to them on the grainy mattress. Turning toward the sound they both watched with amazement as Piko dove suddenly into glassy calm of the water beneath him. Disappearing up to his shoulders he re-emerged in a flash with a beakful of water and a medium sized fish secured in his gullet. Tossing his head back, he quickly gulped his wriggling snack in a few swallows, before settling back next to his friends.

The friends spent a while laying silently on the sandy bank peering into the rushing water. The back and forth movement of the water was hypnotic and soothing Boredom soon set in as after a long five minutes no fish had been sighted. Just the tumble of sand and rocks went by in the passing wash. With a sigh the friends all looked balefully at each other.

Jendi turned to her friends and suggested that they have a jumping contest.They might as well do something fun while waiting to see the fish. In no time the friends were running and leaping across the watery divide, being extra careful to not wet their feet on the jump over the rushing water.

This was a rule to disqualify each other and also a safety measure for Jendi. Whoever got wet was out of the game. They each took turns jumping back and forth from one side of the tiny stream to the other.

The line moved further and further back making each jump more difficult than the next. Despite not quite knowing why, Jendi was careful not to let the saltwater from the ocean touch any part of her skin.

Pretty soon only Jendi and Marlee were competing. And Jendi was determined to win! This was the jump that would win Jendi the Best Jumper title! Jendi got ready and took off running and making sure to plant her feet on the line fully. As she soared through the air she could hear the awed sighs of her friends. When Jendi got right over the water a blur of silver flew up and out of the water just beneath her. She jerked mid air- lost her focus- and fell straight down into the water with a shriek and splash. As quickly as she had plopped into the salty waves Jendi swam up to the surface taking a deep breath. She scampered out of the water laughing and looked back into the water to see what had made the commotion.

Her friends all stood around, staring in stunned silence as Jendi realized they were staring at her and not the water. “Your colors are gone!”, shrieked Marlee the Monkey, slowly pointing toward her dripping friend as the friends all stared and shook their heads in shock and agreement. Horrified Jendi looked down and realized that all of her previously brightly colored patches had faded to a light greyish shade. Now Jendi remembered why Mommy always told her to stay away from the Sea and more specifically ‘salt water’. It really was NOT good for Frogs like her. How was Jendi going to go home and face her mother? Once glance from her and it would be obvious rules had been broken, which meant she was in trouble. With this in mind Jendi quickly shook herself as dry as she could and started thinking of a plan.

After a few minutes pacing in small circles on the warm sand, she settled on the edge of an overturned wooden fishing boat. The idea hit her suddenly- and Jendi hopped around in excitement. She remembered something that her Granny had told her at bedtime one night. For use in absolute emergencies only her Grandma had entrusted her with this information. And Jendi definitely thought that this was one of those times! Her colours matched those of the National Flag so, all she had to do was find things that were the same colors as her missing patches and perform certain special acts.

Then, the colors would reappear and Jendi’s mom would never know what had happened. It all had to be done before Jendi went home today! Jendi could only think of one way to achieve this. She decided that she and her friends would journey to The Elquimido T Willett Pavilion formerly known as Grove Park.

Jendi quickly went over the outline of her plan. She explained how the three friends would play one of S.Kitts and Nevis’s favourite past times-the game of cricket-to get them back. Always up for a challenge and adventure and with Jendi leading the way, they walked across the Southern end of Gallows Bay. The carcass of a wrecked cargo boat boat was perched on the coral and rocks that acted as a natural barrier for the incoming waves. The 3 friends barely noticed the scene however, as the boat had been in that same spot since they could all remember. They hopped over the little stream of hot water that flowed from the Bath Springs - and also formed part of the Bath Swamp to get to the road - and turned Eastward toward Bath Village. Above their heads, White Egrets returning home to the Magroves, flew in wide circles as the friends made their way past Mrs. Butler’s house. The faint sounds of off key piano notes floated over the brick wall as they made their way through the village- another piano lesson was in session.

They couldn’t help but sing along as the melody to ‘O Land of Beauty’ filled their ears. They sang loudly and with gusto, it was a song everyone knew despite the sprinkled discordant notes. The National Anthem of St.Kitts and Nevis was agreeably one of the few songs that each citizen of the federation knew word for word. It’s authour Mr. Kenrick Georges had struck the perfect chord with his tribute to the twin islands pride in their Independence. Every morning the song was immortalized at every school on the two islands and no function that was worth attending EVER skipped opening with the solemnly inspirational song. As they approached the Round-a-Bout that marked the junction of Upper Bath, Lower Bath and Bath Plains the friends could were still singing at the tops of their lungs. Their singing ended just as they crossed the street waving to a group of elderly Domino players sitting on the side of Kevin’s Bakery. The three friends then headed down the path to the Bath Stream.

They quickly emerged from a path along the Bath Stream just across the street from Powell’s Gas Station, a stone’s throw from their destination.

They crossed the road and tiny bridge onto the playing field of the local high School. A group of women in matching uniforms were slowly jogging around the otherwise empty field.

It was a female cricket team warming down from their practise session for that day. The friends were too late; how disappointing. Crestfallen the friends turned to look at each other clearly wondering what the next move would be. As the women passed close by on another lap around the grounds, Jendi could pick out a few members of the historical Leeward Islands Women Cricket team. As the last woman ran by she slowed down to greet the friends. Jendi gasped softly, it was Senaldo Willet, (daughter of Mr. Elquimido Willet), the team Captain of the cricket team. With huge grins the friends all replied and looked at each other in disbelief. Maybe today wasn’t so bad after all they thought. With a that single thought in mind the friends were soon stepping across the scholld road abd passing through the gate of the ‘Park’. The field was far from empty the friends noticed as they headed up to the Eastern bleachers of the Park as they took in the sight of the set field of players.

As they crossed the even carpet of green the three friends could see that one of the two teams that was about to play was the National team of St.Kitts and Nevis; the SKN Patriots. They were all decked out in their colorful practise Uniforms which like Jendi shared the colours of the St.Kitts and Nevis National flag. While not all the players were instantly recognizable to the friends they were able to spot local born batsman Kieran Powell, doing his warmups. Piko pointed out veteran players Stuart Williams and Kieth Arthurton who were also on and around the pitch. It looked like a practise match between the older and younger players. This was bound to be an exciting match! Piko quickly flew down and spent a few minutes darting around the team Capt Chris Gayle’s head as he hastily detailed the plan they had come up with.

1. A match is played between two teams with each team having eight or eleven players. 2. One player from each team is the designated captain. 3. One team fields while the other team is the batting side. Hi My name is Tali!

4. The fielding team bowls the cricket ball at the batsmen who try to hit the ball with their bat. 5. The fielding team is trying to get the batsmen out while the batting team is trying to score as many runs as they can without getting out. 6. One bowler will bowl what is called ‘an over.’ One over consists of six balls.

The Basic Rules of


Hi My name is Kaya!

7. The object of the game is to score more runs than the opposing team. 8. If a ball is hit to the boundary along the ground it is worth four runs. 9. If a ball is hit over the boundary it is worth six runs. Hi My name is Zsa-Zsa! 9. A game must have two Umpires stood at either end of the wicket. They count the number of balls in the over, make decisions on whether the batsman is out.

He returned to the waiting friends and explained that Gayle had agreed to let the friends play with the team to help Jendi get her colours back. The friends quickly hurried off to their positions and soon the grassy field was dotted with players as both teams sent their men to the field for play. The friends had decided that for the first colour -Green-the friends needed to make 2 or more runs from 1 Ball. Jendi would bat for this Inning and one of the SKN Patriots would be her partner! The tiny, multicoloured frog slipped into a SKN Patriot Uniform and walked to her position infront of the Stumps. She was ready!

The SKN Patriot batsman, her partner, walked up to the crease across from her- it was Kieran Powell- and he was up to bat first! The bowler from the other team ran up and threw the ball toward Kieran who swung his bat effortlessly and hit the ball with a smack, sending it blistering across the grassy field, toward the Southern park wall. He signalled to Jendi to run, as he pelted down the pitch toward her with his bat extended infront of him. As she caught her breath now at the opposite stump, Jendi heard the startled gasps of the other Patriots as they stared.

She followed their startled stares and looked down upon herself. She giggled with joy as with a tickling sensation the colour Green seeped into her skin. She ran a few fingers lightly down one arm. She had to make sure that she was not seeing things! A quick glance at her fingers proved to her that this was really happening. Her plan was working and she would have her colours back in time!

The three friends were off to a great start! They would have this challenge solved by Supper. Once the excitement wore off Jendi re-focused on the game. It was now her turn to bat for the colour Red. She got into position and faced the her partner from the opposite side of the pitch. As she looked up, the bowler now opposite her turned around and walked away down the field. Jendi gasped to herself as he turned to face her. She recognized him immediately!

It was Stuart Williams who had now started slowly running towards her. Stuart Williams is another talented cricket player who had made Nevis proud. He was also a former West Indian Cricket Player and was considered a Local Celebrity! This made Jendi very nervous; but she was determined to get her colours back! With a deep breath, she readied herself in front of the stumps as the first ball came her way. She swung hard and wide but the ball passed over her bat without connecting. Twice more this happened, with the fourth clipping the top edge of her bat and slicing off to the left.

She also forgot to be worried and turned her attention back to the Bowler at the other end of the Pitch. This time her eyes never left the ball as it rushed toward her down the pitch.

It was a six!

In what seemed like a blink Jendi lifted her bat and swung as hard as she could. She tracked the ball as it flew in an arc right over the Southern park wall. Jendi hopped around in front of her wicket in excitement as she watched the Umpire wave his hands above his head to signal the score! This time she felt a definite tingle as the Red colour inched its way onto her skin. Jendi grinned as she found herself thinking about the heavily laden Cherry trees that were just outside the Park wall. After this game she decided that she would have to enjoy some on her way home. The three friends were estatic that they had already regained two of the five colours and had even started to really enjoy the game. The 3rd colour they would go for was White. Luckily the team opposing the Patriots were wearing their ‘Whites’, the more traditional attire for Cricket.

Jendi or one of her friends would play on the opposing team and would have to make a good ‘play’ to get the White colour back onto Jendi’s skin. This could be by bowling out a player, catching out a player or throwing a good pass to another team-mate. It was decided and Piko slipped into the white uniform of the other team. Kieron and Jendi were still batting, and the players got ready for the Inning to start.

Kieron took his place infront of the stumps; and Piko behind them; everyone on the field was ready for action.

Piko barely had time to focus on the red ball as it flew toward the batsman, who swung hard at the oncoming missile. With a faint pop it bounced off of the cricket bat, shot over the bat’s edge and headed straight for him. He stretched his open hands and broke out in a wide grin as the ball fell into his feathered grip. The white gleam of Jendi’s teeth matched the splotches that slowly filled in as Piko flew over to the Goal-Keeper and dropped the ball from his beak into his gloved hands. Piko and Jendi both started cheering and yelling Jendi’s name. Screams of,“You can do it Jendi!’, filled the air. Marlee started doing Cartwheels while cheering which made Jendi chuckle.

As the players on both sides settled down for another Inning, Jendi spied Marlee in the distance. The tiny green Vervet monkey was climbing up the Black surface of the Cricket Scoreboard, on the South Eastern corner of the field. She had been racing up and down the Scoreboard, placing and replacing the white tiles in between plays making sure that the current score was always on the Board. It was simple enough. Using her ability to swing and climb up high, the spectators watching the game had Marlee to thank for keeping track of the runs during the ongoing Match.

It was important that the Runs of each Player and Team were clearly displayed so Black tiles with White symbols were used as they are easy to read in bright sunlight. As Marlee placed the last tile to reflect the current score after the last ball of the Inning, a familiar tingling alerted Jendi to the fact that her Black splotches were back! The 3 friends ran off the Cricket field exclaiming loudly and laughing. They had had so much fun playing and almost all of Jendi’s colours had come back! The only Colour missing was the Yellow. As the friends reached the bleachers they all came to the same conclusion as to how to get the last colour Yellow back. The Western section of the Park waslined with towering Mahogany trees that must have been 100’s of years old.

But along the Eastern Park wall were fruit trees, like Clammy Cherry trees and Mango trees. The Mango trees stood with their leafy branches hanging low with ripening fruit. Jendi and her friends headed straight for the line of trees, eager to sink their teeth into the sweet flesh of the juicy fruit. Jendi stood beneath the green, leafy shelter of the tree branches and looked up at the hundreds of yellowing fruit hanging down. In a flash Marlee disappeared in to the lush foliage and just as quickly re-appeared suspended from her tail. She held two of the ripe yellow fruit in each hand. She also saw Piko’s shadow as he skimmed low over the tree tops plucking a beakful of yellow fruit. The pelican’s gullet was soon stuffed with mangoes that he emptied ed into the hands of the retreating Patriots as they headed back to the Pavilion.

He didn’t forget the Umpire who was also the Groundskeeper - Mr. Denzil Tuckett -who made sure that the field and especially the Cricket Pitch were kept in perfect condition for play. Without him and his dedication to his job and the game of Cricket, the Park and field would be a barren wasteland. Catching the ripe fruit Piko offered he turned to follow the players leaving the field, to change clothes and out of their ‘kit’ or cricket gear. They waved to the three friends as they thanked Piko for his gifts of the juicy mangoes. He soon settled next to her with a full pouch of mangoes. Just as Jendi and Piko both settled on benches beneath the shade of the leafy branches, Marlee swung down onto a rock beside them. She rubbed the shiny mango across her chest before raising it to her mouth. Sticky juices ran from her lips as her teeth tore into the green skin, exposing the fleshy meat inside.

Jendi and Piko were both also enjoying their fresh fruit! Using their fingers and teeth to peel the ripened fruits, soon only the sounds of their hurried slurps and satisfied moans filled the air as they chewed on the deliciously tender,mango meat. The friends licked and sucked the liquid sweetness off of their fingers, enthusiastically. It wasn’t long before the Yellow splotches in Jendi’s skin began to make their re-appearance. Marlee and Piko erupted into cheers and dance as their friend hopped around in excitement! All of Jendi’s missing colours were back! Now they could all relax until their now full bellies didn’t feel quite as stuffed. The urgency of the day was past and they could not be more estatic. None of the parents had to know what happened today ; but Jendi had taken to heart all that she had learned from the events of the day. Always follow the rules-although it helps to remember said rule. Especially because you may cause yourself harm.

It was good to always remember and obey rules, especially from the adults in your life that care about you. Jendi loved her colourful skin and she was determined to never lose them again. She would absolutely return to the Equimedo T Willet Stadium for another rousing game of Cricket. Playing the game strictly for fun and not as a task was what she preferred. Most of all she learned that there was nothing that she couldn’t achieve by setting her mind to it; and doing the work. It really helped when you had awesome friends like Marlee and Piko! After lounging under the Mango tree for several minutes chatting and laughing as they recalled their antics of the day, it was soon time for the friends to go to their homes. They got up and walked over to the standpipe just inside the Northern gates of the park. After washing their hadns the friends dried their hands on their clothes and walked through the galvanize exit.

Zaelly rose and rolled her neck in a slow stretch as she snapped her notebook shut. Her shadow was a bit longer and she noticed that the sun had dipped quite a bit lower in the azure space above her. It was time to head back to the market and Grannys stall. She made her way past Anderson’s big, yellow School Bus that was now a restaurant; they made some of the best Saltfish cakes on the island. Zaelly-Rose waved hello to his wife Shirley, as she skipped past the the converted vehicle and crossed over to the sidewalk along the Cotton Ginnery Mall. The enticing smells coming from their mobile kitchen followed her and reminded her of her missed lunch. She made sure to watch for traffic before cutting through the little side road that lead straight to the Market. Zaelly Rose got back just as her Granny finished tending to a tourist couple. “Thanks and enjoy the island.�,she told them as they walked away with their purchase.

With a smile she turned to Zaelly-Rose. “Oh, you live somewhere?” her Granny exclaimed. With a giggle Zaelly-Rose ran into her Granny’s waiting and open arms.“Yes! I live with you!”, she replied. That was her Granny’s way of reminding Zaelly -Rose to pay closer attention to the time when she was away from the Market without her Granny. As if on cue a gurgling sound emerged from Zaelly-Rose’s tummy. It had been a while since she had eaten breakfast and she licked her lips in anticipation of what Granny had packed for lunch. Granny had already turned away and reached under the stall to retrieve her ‘Bundle’. Zaelly-Rose went close enough to peer over her shoulder and watch as Granny unwrapped a green cloth that held 5-6 Johnny Cakes. Zaelly-Rose’s excitement was dimmed a little when she realised Granny had no ‘Relish’ or meat of any kind, to pair with the tasty round biscuits.

Almost as if she had read her mind Granny turned to Zaelly-Rose and handed her 2$ worth of change. Without even pausing Zaelly-Rose quickly grabbed the money from her hand, dashed out from behind the stall and through the back of the Market. Most days Zaelly Rose avoided the twin silver doors of the Abatoire. The building was used to butcher meat like mutton, steak and pork the double doors stood guard to a mysterious place that Zaelly-Rose had never entered. She skirted around the corner of the building and through the back area where she could see the fishing boats returning to shore. She soon spotted a familiar boat the “Estelle�, among others being pulled up onto the beach. Quick as a shot she skipped across the gravel that paved the area and before long her toes were sinking into the warm sand. Her Uncle, Bing, was already unloading his catch, and he looked up with a smile before handing her 6 silver fish, called Jacks.

With a huge smile and thank-you she accepted the offering and with a laugh headed toward the roasting pit. The enticing aroma of slowly cooking seafood wafted into Zaelly-Rose’s nostrils as she got closer. There was already a small crowd assembled around the charred metal bars, each person waiting for their catch to finish cooking. She could see the appointed ‘chef’, Teacher carefully flipping each fish on the makeshift Grill. When it was her turn, Zaelly-Rose handed her 2$ and her fish to Teacher to roast, and as usual stared in amazement at his hair. It hung in long, silver ropes all the way down his back, just brushing his heels. Most times he had it wrapped into a big bundle gathered on the top of his head, covered with his Knit cap. Zaelly -Rose was always tickled to see it unfurled to it’s full length. The braids swayed with his every movement and the scent of coconut oil filled the air along with the roasting meat. After a few moments Teacher turned and handed her a furled Banana Leaf.

Grinning widely, she clutched the warm treasure gingerly and took careful steps back toward the Market. She waved absentmindedly at several drunken who longed around sunning themselves infront of Vic’s Bar, the wooden Rum Shop at the base of Prince William Street. As she spied Zaelly-Rose re-entering the Market through the main gates, Granny grinned and held her hands out for her share of the fish. She then handed 3 Johnny Cakes wrapped in some brown paper to her waiting Grand-daughter. Her own Johnny Cakes were on the now unfurled banana leaf resting in her lap. Zaelly-Rose grabbed her little stool and positioned it a little further into the corner. This way she could eat without an audience if Granny got anymore customers. As she took a few bites she realized that she had no juice to accompany her meal. Just as she looked over to her Granny to ask; Granny held out a bottle of Miss Lake’s ginger-beer to her.

She closed her eyes in a moment of bliss as the first gulp of the ice cold liquid washed down her throat -so refreshing. The two women sat in a companiable silence as they ate, both watching the coming and goings of the people, tourists and locals alike. Zaelly-Rose looked on with particular interest as Benson the Butcher walked through the gates. With wide eyes and a suddenly fast beating heart she watched as he entered the silver double doors of the Abatoire. She didnt really understand what happened inside the building, in fact she had never been inside it. But she knew instinctively that she didn’t want to know. Just then Zaelly-Rose heard a loud commotion coming from the direction of the Fish Market. Looking over she saw that the Fishermen had now made their way to the building to clean and sell the remainder of their catch. The sounds of several voices shouting bids in the air let her know that sales were ongoing.

She recognized a few of the voices and chuckled to herself. Gar, Snapper, Dr. Fish, Grunt, Goat Fish, Mackerel, were some of the fish names being requested, making it easy for her to identify the source of the increasing volume. Despite the ongoing din, Zaelly-Rose who had now finished her meal started to feel full and drowsy. Her long day sitting in the song writing added to her exhaustion and she moved her stool closer to her Granny and laid her head in her lap. Granny lightly stroked her hair as she softly hummed a hymn that lulled the little girl to sleep in no time. Making sure she was deep in slumber Granny got up and carefully lay Zaelly-Rose down on a makeshift pallet of empty crocus potato sacks. It was a spot underneath the Stall perfect for a little body to rest out of sight and undisturbed. Over the next hours a few more customers came by and made purchases and Granny kept up a steady back and forth across the aisle conversing with the other sellers.

The loud blast of a Horn shook the rafters of the Market and caused Zaelly Rose to jump up out of her nap. She looked around wildly and in a confused manner. With a laugh Granny reached over and rubbed her back, “It’s just the 4 o’clock boat Zaelly”, she said. The little girl yawned in confused surprised, that she had been asleep for so long. It was almost time close up the stall for the day and begin the journey home. She lay on the tiny pallet enjoying the cozy space and a few more moments of rest. Her eyes shot open as she heard a distinctive cackle. Zaelly Rose shot out from under the Stall and ran into the open arms of a tall, thin, charcoal-skinned woman. It was Malika from the Dominica Boat! Dressed in colorful flowing skirts the woman’s gold tooth flashed as the sunlight bounced off of her wide grin as she greeted the tiny girl. She balanced a medium sized basket of choice produce on her head with ease. Each item was personally selected and packaged for delivery to Granny’s stall.

Of course she had a few tasty pastries tucked away in her pockets for Zaelly-Rose as well. Malika set the basket down next to the stall and began catching up on the latest gossip with Granny. As she munched on the coconut tart that Malika had surreptitiously handed her, Zaelly Rose listened as she explained that this trip from Dominica was not like the typical trip. She explained that the cargo of the boat was solely for the vendors at the Nevis Market as a gesture of congratulations on their Independence Anniversary. They were given free of charge! As she spoke baskets and pallets of fruits and vegetables were being unloaded in the middle aisle of the Market. A few vendors left their stalls during the lull and cold be seen sorting through the containers and grabbing items here and there. The two groups of people, Dominicans and locals, made quite a racket as old friends greeted each other and new friends were made.

As Zaelly-Rose looked on she saw Malika heading toward the Market entrance on her way to gather more cargo from the moored boat. Quick as a whip, she jumped up and ran as fast as she could to catch up with the retreating woman.

The Flag of St.Kitts and Nevis

Eastern Caribbean Dollars or ECD/XCD currency has changed over the years. Can you find the coins that you use everyday and match them to the ones pictured below?

The St Kitts and Nevis Patriots are a Caribbean Premier League (CPL) cricket franchise based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, founded in 2015. The team’s home pitch is located at Warner Park, Basseterre. Founded on 27th January 2015, the Saint Kitts and Nevis Patriots has a roster of players from across the Caribbean.

Elquemedo Willett , is a Nevisian and was born on May 8th 1953. He is a local celebrity for being the was the first man from the Leeward Islands to play for the West Indies cricket team. He made his debut as a 19-year-old against Australia in 1972-73. Willet is considered one of the best Bowlers of his time, who consistently displayed his skills in his five Test Cricket Matches from 1973 to 1974. In 1972, Willet was considered the best of the many left-arm finger-spinners in the region. His skill gave Willet the chance to showcase his talent worldwide. He has played professional cricket on pitches in Trinidad; England ,India and Pakistan. He played for another 14 seasons. Elquimedo Willet’s inclusion in the West Indies side had a massive impact on cricket in the Caribbean’s smaller islands. He was the first of many since him, who have gone on to play Professional Cricket due to his inspiration. Mr.Willet is the epitome of both local celebrity and national hero.

O Land Of Beauty O Land of Beauty! Our country where peace abounds, Thy children stand free On the strength of will and love. With God in all our struggles, Saint Kitts and Nevis be A Nation bound together With a common destiny.

As stalwarts we stand, For justice and liberty, With wisdom and truth We will serve and honour thee. No sword nor spear can conquer, For God will sure defend, His blessings shall forever, To posterity extend. Written and composed by Kenrick Georges

Jendi and the Missing Colours  
Jendi and the Missing Colours