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New classics for faithful Catholics and other fine Catholic books

A note from the president


ach day the staff of Sophia Institute Press and I have the great honor of working with some of the best writers in the Catholic world to bring you books that inform the mind, nourish the soul, and help you to grow in holiness. It is always exciting for us to showcase, in our catalog, those books that have been under development for quite some time. Many of Sophia’s new releases are already ranked among the most popular Catholic reading of the season. In fact, thousands of souls are finding peace and healing through The Catholic Guide to Depression, and we are already on our second printing of Rebuilding Catholic Culture, a remarkable book that will renew your confidence in the world-transforming character of our Catholic Faith. In case you hadn’t yet heard, last year Sophia Institute acquired two major online websites— and—through which we offer a Catholic perspective on world events, cultural analysis, and advice for celebrating the liturgical year and integrating Church teachings into your daily life. These websites are a natural extension of Sophia’s historical mission, providing both the spiritual and practical resources you need to respond to the challenges of each new day. I hope you will join the hundreds of thousands of Catholics who visit these sites each month. Finally, if you have not signed up to receive our weekly specials via email, please do so at our website: That way, you’ll be the first to know when we release our newest titles, and we’ll offer you deep discounts on Catholic books each week. It’s an email every Catholic reader will want to receive. I hope you enjoy reading our catalog. Whether you need to improve your prayer life or be given the strength to resist temptation, you are sure to find in these pages a book that meets your spiritual needs and helps you to grow in holiness.

Charlie McKinney President


Rebuilding Catholic Culture How the Catechism Can Shape Our Common Life Rarely does a book come along that so succinctly explains the decline of modern culture, articulates a defense of the Church’s teachings, and offers a hope-filled path for building a civilization grounded in Catholic Truth.

By Ryan N. S. Topping Price:


Binding: Paperback, eBook  Pages: 




In these pages, Dr. Ryan Topping does all three, pulling back the curtain on the false philosophies of the secularists and showing that in the West today the most formidable threat to freedom is not failing economies or Islam, but secularism. Our best defense, he claims, is a vibrant Catholic culture, and our best hope for creating it lies in the principles found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In Rebuilding Catholic Culture, you’ll discover sensible ways to begin restoring Catholic culture— right now—in your own life and family, and in our larger communities as well: in the theater, in the classroom, in our hospitals, and even in the public square. This profoundly accessible book will renew your confidence in the world-transforming character of our Creed and in the potency of our Faith to shape and redefine the culture of the West.

“This book deserves to take its place among the Catholic classics.” Fr. Aidan Nichols, O.P., Prior of Blackfriars, Cambridge

“This extraordinary book should be read by every Catholic parent, pastor, educator, politician—in fact, everyone.” Michael O’Brien, author of A Father’s Tale: A Novel

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The Church Under Attack Five Hundred Years That Split the Church and Scattered the Flock Here’s an unabashedly Catholic history that documents scores of sustained and unprecedented assaults on our Catholic Faith these past five centuries and delineates our Church’s brave response to each one. These past five hundred years, from Luther to Marx through Darwin, Hitler, and Rousseau, wave after wave of cynical anti-Catholic men and movements have wrought havoc even worse than that of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, leaving our once noble Christendom a ruined city, devastated politically and spiritually, morally and intellectually.

By Diane Moczar Price:


Binding: Paperback, eBook Pages:




They’ve ripped the heart from our culture’s chest: the Catholic Faith that once gave life and strength to her body. They’ve wounded even the Church herself. Celebrated Catholic historian Diane Moczar counters here with her unflinching sketch of these five woeful centuries with sound reasons for hope. For, as she demonstrates, even after five hundred years of sustained persecution, our Church has not merely survived but continues in many places to flourish. Almost two thousand years ago, Tertullian noted that the “blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church,” a truth borne out these past five hundred years. Time after time, as Moczar shows, persecution has not snuffed out the Faith but has brought forth great saints, whose holy deeds and brave examples frustrated their persecutors by communicating to the besieged Church a vigor greater than that of her persecutors. These pages, then, will renew your confidence that the Church is, indeed, Christ acting in the world and that no matter how strong or ruthless or vicious her opponents, she will not be vanquished but will endure to the end of time.


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Treason: A Catholic Novel of Elizabethan England As Stephen Long steps ashore in England one gray dawn in May 1581, he wonders how many more Catholics will have to die to make Queen Elizabeth feel secure. He trembles at the thought that soon he may be numbered among them. For in the days ahead, each time Stephen hears confession or celebrates Mass, he commits yet another act of high treason against the British Crown, for which Queen Elizabeth’s swift penalty is gruesome torture and painful death. By Dena Hunt Price:


In the light of that same dawn, just a few miles north, a heartbroken Caroline Wingate lies awake in her unhappy marriage bed, wrestling with thoughts of a different — perhaps crueler — martyrdom.

Binding: Paperback, eBook 

Although from her earliest years Caroline has known herself to be called to cloistered contemplaPages: 208 tive life as a nun, some years ago she was forced by ISBN:  978-1-933184-92-0 her father into a politically “safe” marriage with an upright Protestant, from whom she must hide her Catholicism — and her true vocation — lest she, too, be “Treason is one of the most executed for her faith.

powerful historical novels I’ve ever read. It brings to vivid and shocking life the age in which Shakespeare lived and in which the English martyrs died.” Joseph Pearce, Writer-in-Residence, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

In a few days, circumstances will force Caroline and the young priest together. With death hastening toward both of them, the beautiful fates of these two faithful Catholics confirm what we today too often forget: our faith is the most powerful force in the world — more powerful than politics, wars, or empires. More powerful even than the hard, cold will of Queen Elizabeth.

In this gripping, heartrending tale, Caroline and Stephen show us that it’s not power that writes the true history of the world; it’s faith: faith and the love that faith alone can awaken and sustain.

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The Most Holy Eucharist Here is your key to entering fully into the greatest mystery of the Roman Catholic Church: the transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Whether you struggle to see Christ in the Eucharist or simply desire more out of a Holy Hour, this book will show you how to let the Holy Spirit transform your life through the inexhaustible richness of the Blessed Sacrament.

By Fr. Thomas J. McGovern Price:


Binding: Paperback, eBook Pages: 


ISBN: 978-1-933184-90-6

Huge in scope and yet simple and readable, this book covers virtually everything there is to know about the Most Holy Eucharist—and it does so while weaving together the harmonious teachings of the Word of God and the Doctors of the Catholic Church, and even the latest insights from Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The Most Holy Eucharist will clear up the dark clouds of unacceptable doctrine and practice while arming you against the Evil One, who sows seeds of doubt and tries to prevent you from being in union with Christ. The wise Opus Dei priest Thomas McGovern explains for you: 99 How the saints of the earliest Church instructed their catechumens to approach the Eucharist. 99 Bread and wine: why they were chosen to embody the memorial of our Redemption. 99 The role Christ calls you to play in the mission of his priesthood. 99 Simple ways you can unite your sufferings with Christ at every Mass. 99 How the Mass is a participation in the one and only sacrifice of Christ on Calvary. 99 The three ways in which Christ presents himself in the Eucharist. 99 How Jesus could offer his Body and Blood at the Last Supper when he had not yet died. 99 The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: why the graces flowing from it are even more abundant than those offered through Holy Communion.


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Reflections on the Christian Life: How Our Story Is God’s Story Discover life’s meaning, and the meaning of your life In our hearts, we know that every event in our lives is providential and that each of us plays a critical role in the unfolding of the story God has written. We believe that God’s will is anchored deep within our soul, and so too is the desire to know it and to live it.

By Anthony Esolen Price:


Binding: Paperback, eBook Pages: 


ISBN: 978-1-933184-85-2

“Reflections on the Christian Life is written by today’s best Catholic writer in the Englishspeaking world — and this is his best book yet!” FR. C .J. McCLOSKEY III

In these pages, acclaimed Catholic author Anthony Esolen claims that the story of your life has already been written and can be discovered — by considering the life and person of Jesus. Only in God does the world possess meaning, and therefore only in relation to God are our lives genuine stories. Here, Esolen offers a brilliant reflection — in ways that only he can — upon what it means for any of us, and for all of us together, to dwell in a world of stories. And he shows how we can take events in the life of Christ as the touchstone for all that happens to us on our journey from time to eternity.
     Indeed, this book will finally awaken in you the unshakable confidence that despite even the tragic stories of this life, the good things you’ve known and loved are not gone forever: all that is lost will be found; all will be restored; all will be perfected. Truly, there will be “a new heaven and a new earth” (Rev. 21:1). Like the star that led the Magi to Jesus, the wisdom in these pages will lead you to Christ. It will instill in you hope that increases with every step.

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Who Is the Devil? A grand battle is raging — right now — for the future of your soul: not an abstract battle of ideas and principles, but a tough, personal struggle that pits God and you against Satan and his minions. Worse: the nearer you grow to God and the closer to victory, the greater are the traps the Devil lays in your path.

By Nicolas Corte Price:


Binding: Paperback, eBook Pages: 




With God’s help — and the help of the good angels, who are truly your friends and guardians — you can repel the Devil; but to succeed, you must first come to understand Satan’s devious ways and recognize his subtle paths of attack. Armed with that knowledge, which Nicolas Corte gives you here, you’ll soon be able to identify temptations early and equip yourself to repel them long before they grow strong enough to overthrow you. Soon, the Devil’s trials will cease to be for you occasions of sin, becoming instead (as they did for scores of saints) providential opportunities for genuine spiritual victories. In the pages of Who Is the Devil? Nicolas Corte will also show you: 99 A simple way to banish fear of the Devil … no matter how scarlet your sins. 99 Your own personal devil? Did you know it’s not just Satan trying to bring you down? 99 How some angels sinned, and why their sins — unlike ours — theirs are unforgivable. 99 Witches and sorcerers: the powers they don’t really have (and the dangerous ones they do!). 99 How, long before the Internet, the Devil assaulted St. Anthony with obscene images. The saint repelled them (and shows how we can, too). 99 Satanism: what it really is and how  even ordinary folks like us unknowingly fall into it. 99 Exorcisms and the priests who perform them: actual cases considered. 99 Finally: how, despite the subtlety and raw power of Satan and his minions, you can be assured of salvation.


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The Catholic Guide to Depression Countless Christians  —  including scores of saints — have suffered profound, pervasive sorrow that modern psychiatrists call “depression.” Then, as now, great faith and even fervent spiritual practices have generally failed to ease this wearying desolation of soul.

By Aaron Kheriaty, M.D. Price:


Binding: Paperback, eBook Pages:




In these pages, Catholic psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty reviews the effective ways that have recently been devised to deal with this grave and sometimes deadly affliction — ways that are not only consistent with the teachings of the Church, but even rooted in many of those teachings. Extensive clinical experience treating patients with depression has shown Dr. Kheriaty that the confessional can’t cure neuroses, nor can the couch forgive sin. Healing comes only when we integrate the legitimate discoveries of modern psychology and pharmacology with spiritual direction and the sacraments, giving particular attention to the wisdom of the Church Fathers and the saints.

This book also affords friends, loved ones, pastors, and spiritual directors the knowledge they seek to give depressed persons the understanding, help, and comfort they desperately need.

Here, with the expert help of Dr. Kheriaty, you’ll learn how to distinguish depression from similarlooking but fundamentally different mental states such as guilt, sloth, the darkness of sin, and the sublime desolation called “dark night of the soul” that is, in fact, a privileged spiritual trial sent to good souls as a special gift from God. You’ll come to know how to identify the various types of depression and come to understand the interplay of their often manifold causes, biological, psychological, behavioral, cultural, and, yes, moral. Then you’ll learn about exciting breakthroughs in pharmacological and other medical treatments, the benefits and limitations of psychotherapy, the critical place that spiritual direction must have in healing, and the vital role that hope — Christian hope — can play in driving out depression.

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Always Inspired: Why Bible-Believing Christians Need the Catholic Church By Basil Christopher Butler In arguments both lucid and thorough, this book shows why the Bible can never be the sole criterion of faith nor serve as a sufficient foundation for the full Christian life to which Jesus calls us. Paperback, eBook 120 pages | $14.95 $4.95

The Aquinas Catechism By St. Thomas Aquinas Deeply insightful, straightforward, and with clear explanations of the Apostles’ Creed, the Commandments, and the sacraments; this book gives you a basic course in the Faith, taught by the Church’s greatest theologian. Paperback, eBook 336 pages | $19.95

Aquinas’s Shorter Summa By St. Thomas Aquinas This book contains Aquinas’s simple summary of the Faith. He covers the Trinity, Providence, the Incarnation, the Last Judgment, and much more. It’s a concise statement of the key doctrines and elements of the Faith. Paperback, eBook 432 pages | $24.95

Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths By Dave Armstrong Contrary to what many believe, Catholic doctrine is not made up by popes and theologians, but is derived entirely from revelation, as this book shows. In it, Dave Armstrong gathers in one place countless passages from Holy Scripture that point directly to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Paperback, eBook 464 pages | $24.95


A Biblical Defense of Catholicism By Dave Armstrong With a mastery of Scripture equal to that of the most committed Protestants, author Dave Armstrong here shows that the Catholic Church is the “Bible Church par excellence” and that many common Protestant doctrines are in fact themselves not biblical. Paperback, eBook 320 pages | $24.95

The Catholic Verses By Dave Armstrong Dave Armstrong here explains 95 key Bible passages that confound all who would use Scripture to criticize the Church. These passages have drawn countless serious believers out of their Protestant congregations and into the Catholic Church. Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $21.95

The Church on Earth By Msgr. Ronald Knox With clarity and verve, Msgr. Ronald Knox shows that the Catholic Church is not just an assembly of Christians, but is directly the handiwork of God, deliberately designed by Him as a hierarchical institution headed by the Pope. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $12.95 $9.95

Fire of Love!: Understanding Purgatory By St. Catherine of Genoa Purgatory was revealed more than five hundred years ago to a canonized saint! St. Catherine of Genoa’s sensible view of Purgatory, tainted by neither childish superstition nor modern skepticism, reveals the glow of God’s love in the purifying fires of Purgatory. Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $5.95

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The End of the Present World By Fr. Charles Arminjon This marvelous book, which grew from a series of conferences preached by Fr. Charles Arminjon to help his parishioners turn away from this life’s mean material affairs and toward the next life’s glorious spiritual reward, will show you how to read the signs of the times and prepare you to bear yourself as a Christian no matter what the future holds.

“Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life!”
 –St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Paperback, eBook 336 pages | $19.95

God’s World and Our Place in It By Archbishop Fulton Sheen

The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools By Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

Archbishop Sheen shows that Christianity makes good sense — even to nonbelievers. Indeed, Christianity alone can explain goodness and evil in the world; it alone makes sense of our impulses to love and sacrifice, and our failures to do so.

Here the archbishop responsible for Catholic education worldwide distills the Church’s teachings on Catholic education and explains the five marks of all good Catholic schools and the standards by which to judge a school’s Catholic identity.

Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95 $9.95

Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $4.95

Heaven Sense By J. P. Arendzen Adhering to the teachings of Christ and the Church, Fr. Arendzen shows us that Heaven is grander and more intense than bland modern notions of it. Teeming with vibrant life, it’s a fitting reward for souls who persevere in faith and love. Paperback, eBook 112 pages | $9.95 $4.95

How to Read the Bible By Roger Poelman After introducing us to Christ through the Gospels of Luke and John, Abbé Poelman turns back to Genesis. Each chapter is short and to the point, and passages of Scripture are selected for prayerful reading, so that by the time we arrive back at the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, we understand Christ to be truly the center of human history. Paperback, eBook 128 pages | $13.95 $4.95

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The Mystery and Destiny of the Church By Sr. Rosena Marie This remarkable book explores the reality of God’s loving intervention in creation and illuminates His millennialong plan for redeeming it. Sister Rosena Marie takes the Church’s founding, her sacraments and teachings, and the evangelistic mission she carries out to this day, and explains the part they play in God’s plan for our salvation. Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $17.95 $14.95

Priest By Michael S. Rose Contrary to media reports, priestly virtue continues to flourish across America. Although its ranks have thinned, there still remains a thriving priesthood of faithful men who are worthy of our support and who deserve our gratitude. Paperback, eBook 208 pages | $14.95 $4.95

The Quotable Newman Edited by Dave Armstrong

The One-Minute Apologist By Dave Armstrong More accessible than thick theological tomes, more substantial than tracts, and better organized than other “quick answer” books, The One-Minute Apologist is the one source you’ll find yourself turning to whenever you have the need to defend the Catholic Faith quickly, credibly, and well. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $18.95

This book serves as the definitive guide to Blessed John Henry Newman’s central thoughts and ideas. In these pages, you will discover Cardinal Newman’s reflections on more than 100 theological topics ranging from Angels, Absolution, and the Bible, through Confession, the Eucharist, Infallibility, and the Inquisition. Paperback, eBook 448 pages | $24.95 $19.95

Rapture By David B. Currie

The One-Minute Philosopher By Montague Brown You can make better sense of the world and better decisions in it by coming to understand and learning how to explain — in less than a minute each! — over 160 truths that most of us find hard to grasp and even harder to explain. Paperback, eBook 224 pages | $18.95

These pages constitute the world’s most careful and thorough scriptural study of the rapture and show that if you accept the Bible, you must reject the rapture. God has not filled our future with darkness and disaster, but with light, mercy, and hope. Paperback, eBook 528 pages | $24.95

The Scriptural Roots of Catholic Teaching By Chantal Epie With abundant references to the Gospels, this comprehensive, guide proves that (contrary to Protestant claims) the Catholic Faith is fully Bible-based, and clearly shows that only the Catholic Church truly interprets the Bible correctly. Paperback, eBook 304 pages | $18.95 $4.95


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Understanding Miracles By Zsolt Aradi There are more false claims about miracles than nearly anything else — claims by skeptics and believers alike, few of whom know what the Church actually says about miracles. This book gives you the most comprehensive, careful, and thoughtful discussion of miracles today. Paperback, eBook 346 pages | $19.95 $14.95

Surprised by Truth 3 By Patrick Madrid Ten former Protestants tell why they became Catholic— and why others should, too! These tales will do for you what these converts had to do for themselves: answer the most common objections to Catholicism—and answer them in terms that non-Catholics find familiar and easy to understand. Paperback, 272 pages | $17.95

Search and Rescue By Patrick Madrid Patrick Madrid explains why prayer, friendship, and common sense are among the most effective, time-tested methods for bringing family and friends into — or back into — the Church and shows you how best to use them! Paperback, eBook 288 pages | $18.95

St. Augustine Answers 101 Questions By St. Augustine of Hippo From over two hundred works, Fr. Cliff Ermatinger has gathered and translated Augustine’s teachings on prayer, and now presents them here in a simple question-and-answer format. What emerges is nothing less than a rich new “catechism on prayer” by one of the Church’s greatest saints. Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $14.95

Surprised by Truth 2 By Patrick Madrid

What Is the Bible? By Henri Daniel-Rops Some people look at the Bible and see a collection of stories that teach us how to live good and happy lives. Others regard it more as a historical record, and still others prefer to stress that Scripture is the voice of God revealed to mankind. In this classic work you’ll discover that the Bible is all of these things and more. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95 $4.95

Ugly as Sin By Michael S. Rose The problem with new-style churches isn’t just that they’re ugly — they actually distort the Faith and lead Catholics away from Catholicism. Michel S. Rose, in these eye-opening pages, provides you with solid arguments and practical tools that you can use to reverse the dangerous trend toward desacralized churches — and to make our churches once again into magnificent Houses of God! Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $18.95 $4.95

This collection of testimonies by people who’ve found new life in the Catholic Church is one of the most potent weapons for the Faith ever crafted! These authors give you an insider’s view of the fatal weaknesses in the creeds and belief systems that beckon unwary Catholics every day. Paperback, eBook 320 pages | $18.95

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Commentary on the Four Gospels By Cornelius a Lapide Cornelius a Lapide created a Scripture commentary so complete and scholarly that it was practically the universal commentary in use by Catholics for hundreds of years. This fourvolume set features leather covers, satin ribbons, sewn binding, and headbands. Hardback, 2,800 pages | $225.00

Douay-Rheims Hardbound Bible The Douay-Rheims translation is widely considered to be the very best ever produced. This beautiful genuine bonded leather hardbound edition is a perfect gift for Christmas, First Communions, Confirmations, weddings, and birthdays. Hardback, 1,392 pages | $44.95

The Sources of Catholic Dogma By Henry Denzinger This is a comprehensive sourcebook on authentic Catholic dogma that includes all articles and creeds of the Catholic Faith beginning with the Twelve Apostles, all dogmatic definitions stamped with the Petrine authority of the apostolic decrees of the solemn Magisterium, papal bulls, encyclicals, and letters. Hardback, 760 pages | $39.95


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Catholics and the Culture War (DVD)

These are perilous times to be a Christian of any stripe, much less a Catholic. How did we get here? And what are we to do? In this DVD, apologist Tim Staples confronts the problem in the only way he knows — head on and armed with Scripture and the teachings of the Church, as he takes an eye-opening look at how we lost so much ground in the United States. DVD, 60 min | $19.95

Why Be Catholic? (DVD)

Don’t you wish everyone you knew was Catholic? In his groundbreaking DVD, Why Be Catholic?, apologist Tim Staples offers an engaging and simple solution: “Catholicism has the cure for what ails each of us.” Using an entertaining speaking style, backed up by logic and science, Tim leaves his audience with answers to our most fundamental questions. DVD, 90 min | $19.95

Bible Blueprint for the Mass (CD)

You go to Mass every Sunday and follow the liturgy, reciting the prayers, the Creed, and everything in between, just the way you’ve been taught. But how much do you really know about why we worship the way we worship? In this CD, join popular apologist and teacher Karlo Broussard as he takes you on a journey through the scriptural foundations for the highest form of Christian prayer — the Holy Mass. Audio CD (3 Compact Discs) | $19.95

Lepanto: The Battle That Saved the West (CD)

On October 7, 1571, the most important sea battle in history was fought near the mouth of what is today called the Gulf of Patras, then the Gulf of Lepanto. On one side were the war galleys of the Holy League and on the other, those of the Ottoman Turks, rowed by tens of thousands of Christian galley slaves. Although the battle decided the future of Europe, few Europeans, and even fewer Americans, know the story, much less how close Western Europe came to suffering an Islamic conquest. You can listen to this exhilarating story in this CD set. Audio CD (3 Compact Discs) | $19.95

What You Need to Know about Exorcism (CD)

Is belief in the Devil a relic of a superstitious past? Has science made the Devil obsolete? Is Satan merely a metaphor in the Bible for the mystery of evil? In this riveting, seven-part interview with Patrick Coffin, Fr. Gary Thomas reveals not only the reality behind the Rite of Exorcism but the recurring patterns of demonic activity in the daily life of every Christian. Audio CD (2 Compact Discs) | $14.95

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Angel in the Waters By Regina Doman In its mother’s womb, a tiny baby grows, explores the waters, and talks with the angel who is there. These gentle illustrations and wise words tell the story of that baby and the angel in the waters . . . a story that will delight all young children, because the journey from conception to birth is their story, too. Also available in Spanish. Paperback, eBook 48 pages | $7.95

Bible Stories for Little Children

In charming words and classic images beloved by children for over a century, here are Bible stories that will fill young children with a sense of wonder and a deep, abiding confidence that God truly loves them. Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $11.95

The Book of Life By Henri Daniel-Rops In a magnificent feat of imagination and scholarship, Henri Daniel-Rops takes us back to the very foundation of Christianity, to the secret meeting of a persecuted community, and back even further to the life of the One who changed the world forever. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95 $4.95

A Book of Angels: Stories of Angels in the Bible By Marigold Hunt Modern believers may be tempted to look upon angels as one of the more fanciful elements of Scripture, but this illuminating and entertaining collection of angel stories from the Bible helps children to know and to revere angels. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95

The Book of Saints & Heroes By Andrew and Lenora Lang These marvelous legends and exciting true stories of Christian saints and heroes will provide many hours of delightful reading to believers and non-believers alike! Paperback, eBook 336 pages | $21.95

The Children’s Catechesis 2-pack

The Book of Books By Henri Daniel-Rops The Old Testament retold! In these pages, the greatest adventures of Hebrew history unfold vividly before your eyes. Through this book, a master storyteller recounts the sacred tales of Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the Covenant made between God and His people. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95 $4.95


The Children’s Catechesis 2-pack is a great way to introduce your child to various aspects of the Faith. The pack includes two books from Second Spring Catechesis: The Mass Illustrated for Children (second edition— updated for the new Roman Missal) and God’s Covenant with You. Paperback | $14.95

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Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls By Caryll Houselander

Crossbows and Crucifixes By Henry Garnett

Twelve delightful stories for Catholic children. Simple but not shallow, each touches on a Catholic theme, introducing children to the tender love that Jesus has for them and to the love for Him that can burn even in the hearts of children like themselves.

In this adventure for all ages, author Henry Garnett brings to life the drama of a nation where unjust laws forced good men and women to choose between their country and their Faith, and where young people heard early and well the call to heroism that Christians must be ever ready to heed.

Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $10.95

Paperback, eBook 208 pages | $14.95

More Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls By Caryll Houselander More of Caryll Houselander’s delightful stories of princes and gypsies, bishops and bears, and Catholic boys and girls to remind us that especially in young souls the Faith is quite strong, and evil is never a match for goodness. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $10.95

Christians Courageous

Golden Legend of Young Saints By Henri Daniel-Rops For two thousand years now, young Christians have lived — and often died — for Christ, and with a courage that many adults find hard to muster. The tales of these saints are told here, along with those of many others who, although young, have joined the ranks of the greatest saints: some by dying for their faith; many more by living for it. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $13.95

By Aloysius Roche These pages bring vividly to life stories about courageous Christians from the earliest days to modern times. Although written primarily for youthful readers, this is sure to be of interest to all those to whom the achievements of Christians are a matter of pride and encouragement. Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $14.95

A Life of Our Lord for Children By Marigold Hunt This rich retelling of the life of Christ will make sense of Scripture for your children and help them be more attentive during Mass when they hear the same tales directly from the Gospels.

Saint Thomas Aquinas By Raissa Maritain Because he was big and strong and sometimes slow to speak, Thomas Aquinas’s schoolmates called him the Dumb Ox. Not long afterward, he came to be called Doctor (which means “teacher”) because he could understand complicated things quickly and explain them well. Preaching often and writing no fewer than eighty-five works of philosophy and theology, he helped change the Church and the world. Paperback, eBook 128 pages | $12.95 $4.95

Paperback, eBook 208 pages | $14.95 $9.95

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My Path to Heaven By Fr. Geoffrey Bliss This “retreat-in-a-book” helps children ponder the truths of the Faith and calls them to live lives of holiness in accordance with those truths. Captivating woodcuts illustrate the meditations. Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $14.95

Twenty Tales of Irish Saints By Alice Curtayne Alice Curtayne has collected stories that reflect not only the holiness but also the gaiety of the saints — appealing to readers of all ages — and she tells them with the poetry and feeling that mark the work of every true Irish storyteller. Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $14.95

St. Patrick’s Summer By Marigold Hunt In this surprising adventure catechism, between lessons taught by Abraham, St. Patrick, St. Cecilia, and, of course, Eve, the mother of all mankind, two children travel back in time to witness exciting scenes from salvation history. Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $14.95 $9.95

Stories of the Child Jesus By A. Fowler Lutz Every Christian culture has given us touching legends and charming stories of the wondrous deeds of the Child Jesus. Here author A. Fowler Lutz collects the best of these legends from around the world. Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $10.95 $4.95

The Tripods Attack! By John McNichol The Tripods Attack! is the first volume of the Young Chesterton Chronicles, a delightfully inventive fiction series for teens to adults that re-imagines the famous Catholic author as a young man living in an alternative Edwardian age of steam-driven wonders.

The Young People’s Book of Saints By Hugh Ross Williamson These beautifully written stories of 63 saints follow one from another, linked through time in such a way that children easily obtain a vivid picture of the history of Christendom as it unfolds in the lives of individual men and women from the first century right up to modern times. Paperback, eBook 240 pages | $15.95 $9.95

Read-Aloud Book of Bible Stories By Amy Steedman Too many religious books for young children trivialize the story of salvation and its many tales of mystery and majesty. Not these classic read-aloud stories that have proven their worth for over a century now! These pages weave tales of Noah and Moses, Solomon and David, and Daniel in the lion’s den, and even take young readers along with Peter, Paul, and the Apostles as they carry the Good News to the ends of the earth. Paperback, eBook 306 pages | $19.95

Paperback, eBook 384 pages | $19.95


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Christopher By David Athey This marvelous work of fiction describes a modern love story and a quest for the Holy Grail. Christopher is a tribute to a genuine love and to the Faith that shaped the best of our Western civilization. Paperback, eBook 384 pages | $19.95 $9.95

Awakening By Claudia Cangilla McAdam A young girl — taken back to the time of Jesus — gets a first-hand account of the Crucifixion. She struggles on in fear, as she tries to save Jesus, while trying to avoid the deadly grasp of the soldiers who want Him dead. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95

Viper By John Desjarlais Just before All Souls’ Day the names of nine parishioners were entered in their church’s Book of the Dead, seeking prayers for their souls. The problem? All nine are still alive. Until they start getting murdered . . . one by one . . . in the precise order their names were entered in the Book of the Dead. Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $14.95 $4.95

The Blood-Red Crescent By Henry Garnett Armies of Ottoman Turks threaten Europe from all sides, conquering Christian towns and forcing their people to convert. Guido, son of a wealthy Venetian merchant, finds himself alongside Don John of Austria, who will lead the Holy League in its last desperate fight to save Christian Europe: the legendary Battle of Lepanto. A tale showing that when Faith is threatened, extraordinary valor may be demanded of any one of us — even the very young. Paperback, eBook 196 pages | $14.95

Rachel’s Contrition By Michelle Buckman After the death of her daughter, grief-spawned delusions cause Rachel to lose her husband, her home, and custody of her son. Help arrives from two unlikely sources: a young teen, Lilly, battling her own demons, and a tattered holy card depicting St. Thérèse of Lisieux. As Rachel grows closer to Lilly and comes to know St. Thérèse, unbidden memories from her edgy past reveal fearful mysteries of seduction, madness, and murder . . . and a truth that will haunt her forever. Paperback, eBook 352 pages | $14.95 $4.95

The Song at the Scaffold By Gertrud von Le Fort

The Spanish Match By Brennan Pursell In this novel based on actual events, Brennan Pursell has crafted a moving tale of faith, courage, danger, and hope, a tale in which the fate of nations hangs on the love of two young people: Prince Charles of England and Princess María of Spain.

This classic Catholic novel unfolds around Blanche de la Force, who enters a Carmelite convent amid the chaos and horror of the French Revolution. Blanche is so timorous that she seems unsuited to the rigors of religious life and horribly misplaced as the Reign of Terror begins to stain France with the blood of a new generation of martyrs. Paperback. 144 pages. $12.95 $4.95

Paperback, eBook 512 pages | $24.95 $9.95

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Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know By Diane Moczar This book shows that from the first days of the Christian era, at key moments when civilization hung in the balance, God has intervened — sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically — but ever and always He has come forward Himself or given strength to those who were faithful to Him. Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $15.95

The Bones of St. Peter By John E. Walsh This is the engrossing true story of how determined researchers finally solved the puzzle of St. Peter’s burial and rescued his bodily remains from centuries of oblivion. Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $18.95

Can a Catholic Be a Democrat? By David Carlin

G. K. Chesterton, Theologian By Fr. Aidan Nichols Chesterton, who was one of the great converts of the twentieth century, draws us directly into an encounter with the Word of God, showing us the faith of the Church as most of us have never seen it before. Fr. Nichols has gathered the most powerful theological passages from the many works of Chesterton and included his own concise explanations of the keen and sometimes surprising ways they illuminate the most profound questions ever asked by man.

Democrat David Carlin’s clear, gracious arguments will help you explain Catholic positions to friends, relatives, and fellow voters, so that you can make your party — whichever one it is — less hostile to the beliefs of faithful Catholics.

Paperback, eBook 240 pages | $19.95

Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $15.95 $4.95

This marvelous book explores those great converts who changed not just the Church but also the destiny of human civilization. Professor Moczar tells the story of early Christianity’s faith, courage, and cunning — chronicling the labors of missionaries and martyrs (with no small help from Providence) to spread the gospel and lay the foundation for the most magnificent culture human history has ever known.

Christianity, Democracy, and the American Ideal By James P. Kelly, III James Kelly examines the thinking of Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain, who shows that in a society unleavened by religious ideals, an enduring democracy can never take root.

Converts and Kingdoms By Diane Moczar

Paperback, 190 Pages. $14.95

Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $12.95 $4.95


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Islam at the Gates By Diane Moczar Historian Diane Moczar pulls back the curtain on one of the most important acts in the drama of Muslim aggression against the West: the five-hundred-year-long siege of Europe by the Ottoman Turks. Islam at the Gates chronicles the heroes and villains, the battles and atrocities, the tragic errors and timely miracles that marked the Ottomans’ incursions from Europe’s borders into the very heart of Christendom; and then, by the grace of God, their eventual repulsion and final defeat. Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $18.95

What Jesus Saw from the Cross By A. G. Sertillanges Never has there been spiritual reading as powerful as What Jesus Saw from the Cross, the book that will intensify your love of Jesus by burning the events of His Passion into your memory and imagination. Written by Rev. A. G. Sertillanges, this acclaimed devotional classic gives you vivid and dramatic details not included in the Gospel. “I am happy to recommend this book. In it, we enter into the heart of Jesus during His Passion and discover how precious we are to Him.” –Mother Teresa of Calcutta Paperback, eBook 252 pages | $18.95

Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church By Jimmy Akin This groundbreaking work presents the teachings of the early Christians in a way unlike any other book. It flings open the doors of the crucial but littleknown age covering the birth of Christianity and the triumphant march of the gospel throughout the ancient world.

What Went Wrong with Vatican II By Ralph M. McInerny This riveting book will show you why the Church has been in crisis since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) — and what must be done about it. Dr. Ralph McInerny here reveals the causes of the devastation in the Church. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95

Paperback, 450 pages. $24.95

A Voice for the Faithful Catholic Laity Daily commentaries at remind Catholics of their heritage and give them confidence to defend the common good, a just society, the teachings of the Church, the family, and the sanctity of life.

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Bless Me, Father, for I Have Kids By Susie Lloyd

By Love Refined By Alice von Hildebrand

Got questions about Catholic family life? You’ve come to the right place! In these pages, Susie Lloyd will charm and edify you with her offbeat — but always pitch-perfect — take on the joys and challenges of raising a Catholic family in today’s world.

This remarkable book shows couples how to transform stumbling blocks in their marriage into stepping stones of love. It reveals the beauty and importance of high ideals and offers practical tips to help couples live up to those ideals daily.

Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $15.95 $9.95

Paperback, eBook 216 pages | $14.95

Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water! By Susie Lloyd Come along as wry homeschooler Susie Lloyd faces the trials of family Rosaries, and tangles with snide education experts, gruff confessors, and pushy relatives who tell her it’s time to wake up and join the “real world.” Lots of humor here! Paperback, eBook 224 pages | $15.95 $9.95

The Catholic Homeschool Companion By M. Wittmann and R. Mackson More than forty veteran homeschooling parents help you foster your children’s moral and spiritual development, teach kids in special circumstances, and handle other common problems homeschoolers face. Hardback, eBook 512 pages | $24.95 $14.95

Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood By Sheila M. Kippley Sheila Kippley shows that not only is breastfeeding the best care you can give your baby; it’s also good for you as a Catholic woman. Learn how nursing will deepen your love and develop your habits of meditation and prayer. Paperback, eBook 128 pages | $10.95

Holiness for Housewives By Dom Hubert van Zeller Written especially for women in charge of households, this book will help you discover a path to sanctity in your vocation as a housewife, show you the meaning of even boring work, help you pray in the midst of turmoil, and much more. Paperback, eBook 104 pages | $11.95

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How to Raise Good Catholic Children By Mary Reed Newland First published fifty years ago, this is a treat for today’s parents: a wise, readable book that draws its wisdom from the Catholic home rather than from psychologists. Here is an excellent commonsense approach to raising good Catholic children. Paperback, eBook 352 pages | $18.95

Love, Marriage & the Catholic Conscience By Dietrich von Hildebrand

A Mother’s Rule of Life By Holly Pierlot

Once you master the wellcrafted explanations in these pages, you’ll put to rest any lingering doubts or difficulties you, your family, or your friends may have about the Church’s stance on contraception. You’ll come to see God’s hand at work in this hotly debated area of Church teaching.

A Mother’s Rule of Life is a pattern for living that combines the spiritual wisdom of the monastery with the practical wisdom of motherhood. With the help of your own Rule, you can get control of your own household, grow closer to God, come to love your husband more, and raise up good Christian children.

Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95 $4.95

Paperback, eBook 224 pages | $18.95

Marriage: The Mystery of Faithful Love By Dietrich von Hildebrand This book describes the sublime vocation of marriage and the essentials that make it a source of profound happiness and lasting peace. It’s a must for anyone who is eager to live worthily this great mystery of love. Paperback, eBook 116 pages | $12.95

The Year and Our Children By Mary Reed Newland Mary Reed Newland wrote numerous beloved books for Catholic families, but The Year and Our Children is her undisputed masterpiece. Read it, cherish it, share it, put it into practice — and give your kids the gift of a fully lived faith, every day and in every season. Paperback, eBook 352 pages | $19.95

One Man, One Woman By Dale O’Leary With clarity and force, Dale O’Leary tackles the many myths surrounding this contentious issue. One Man, One Woman shares her knowledge and experience of every facet of the gay-marriage debate: politics, psychology, biology, religion, and social science. Paperback, eBook 336 pages | $19.95

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The Art of Praying By Fr. Romano Guardini Perfect as an introduction to prayer — or as a guidebook for those who already pray — this book offers down-to-earth guidance on every aspect of prayer. Learn to overcome distractions, meditate well, and much more! Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $15.95

The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer By Fr. Lawrence Lovasik This book clears away misunderstandings about prayer, showing ways you can avoid common obstacles. You’ll learn why prayer is necessary, how to practice essential forms of prayer, and more. Paperback, eBook 224 pages | $14.95 $4.95

Fulton Sheen’s Wartime Prayer Book By Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Written by Archbishop Fulton Sheen, this pocket-size prayer book for soldiers and civilians was first proven in combat in World War II and hallowed by the suffering and prayers of countless Catholic fighting men and women on ships and aircraft, in fortresses and foxholes, and in prisonerof-war camps across Europe and the Pacific. Leatherette, eBook 196 pages | $9.95

How to Pray Always By Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J. Fr. Raoul Plus’s no-nonsense prayer manual dispels the false notions of prayer that we all have and shows how we can, in fact, pray without ceasing — even at times when exhaustion cripples us and cares threaten to sweep us away. Leatherette, eBook 144 pages | $10.95

The Little Catechism of St. Thérèse By St. Thérèse of Lisieux This Act of Oblation by St. Thérèse of Lisieux was one of the key hallmarks of her attaining the heights of holiness in such a short time. By reading and praying these pages, you, too, will develop a deeper trust in the merciful love of God. Pamphlet, eBook 28 pages | $2.95

How to Pray Well By Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J. By showing us in these pages the saints in prayer, their struggles and their insights, and by drawing on two thousand years of Christian experience, Fr. Plus is able to make his spiritual advice both concrete and universal: suited to each of us as if we were speaking with him face-to-face. Leatherette, eBook 192 pages | $10.95

Classic Catholic Meditations By Bede Jarrett, O.P. These meditations will help you banish your spiritual lethargy and grow closer to God. This book will calm your soul, enrich your faith, and help you pray. Paperback, eBook 478 pages | $24.95

A Pocket Retreat for Catholics By Fr. F. Maucourant Here’s your solution if you wish you had time to make a retreat, but you can’t tear yourself away from your responsibilities. These brief meditations are perfect for bringing a retreat to wherever you are! Paperback, eBook 288 pages | $14.95 $9.95


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Meditations for Advent By Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet Carefully selected to lift your soul to God in those hectic days that stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas, these forty daily meditations will keep you mindful of the real meaning of Christmas while affording you an admirable distillation of the doctrines and piety of our Holy Catholic Church. Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $12.95

Prayer and the Will of God By Dom Hubert van Zeller Prayer is our lifeline to Heaven, but most of us find prayer easy to neglect and even to forget. Here you’ll discover the true meaning and the proper ways of prayer. You’ll find out how to overcome distractions and how to deal with disappointment when your prayers seem not to have been answered. Finally, you’ll learn how to accept God’s will, no matter how puzzling it may seem. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $12.95 $4.95

A Year with the Bible: Scriptural Wisdom for Daily Living By Patrick Madrid This vibrant and spiritual collection is the perfect daily companion, packed with the wisdom of the Scriptures, the Word of God. Beautifully bound and embossed, this daily devotional offers rich passages from the Bible accompanied by thoughtful meditations by Patrick Madrid, world-renowned writer and scholar. Premium Ultrasoft, 338 pages | $39.95

The Prayer of the Presence of God By Dom Augustin Guillerand Here’s the secret of the Carthusians’ remarkable prayer of the presence of God, a habit of tranquil listening that allows God to enter our souls and establish His presence there. Essential reading for all who seek to know and love God as they ought. Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $15.95 is a leading online resource for those seeking to integrate Christian principles into their own lives, grow in their understanding of Church teachings, and understand world events from a Catholic perspective.

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The Basic Book of the Eucharist

How to Make a Good Confession

By Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

By Fr. John A. Kane

Fr. Lovasik helps you recognize Christ’s presence in the Eucharist, emphasizing Christ’s Sacrifice and showing how you can receive everything that God offers you in the Mass. Paperback, eBook 224 pages | $15.95 $4.95

Transform confession into a profound experience of God’s love. Here you’ll get solid guidelines to help you make the most of this sacrament and carry its grace into your daily life. Try it! Soon you’ll start winning your battles against sin. Leatherette, eBook 144 pages | $10.95

Mass Revision By Jimmy Akin This essential resource provides an overview of the Mass from beginning to end, showing you exactly how the Church says it is to be celebrated. Topics include the introductory rites, the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist, who can and cannot receive Communion, the concluding rites, as well as the hot-button issue of liturgical abuses.

How to Get More Out of Holy Communion by Peter Julian Eymard You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to break out of the dullness that obscures the glory of meeting our Lord in Communion. You’ll learn how to approach Communion not as a duty, but as a preparation for Heaven. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95

Paperback | $17.95

Transforming Your Life Through the Eucharist


By Fr. John A. Kane Stir the embers of your love for the Eucharist into a bright glowing flame. Fr. Kane explores the humility shown by Christ in the Eucharist, opening the way for you to receive more spiritual fruit from Communion. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95 $4.95

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The Truth About Thérèse By Henri Ghéon Discover the burning secrets of St. Thérèse’s soul. Ghéon shows that behind the smile of Thérèse of Lisieux was an intense soul living a life of heroic grandeur amid dull and all-too-worldly associates—a soul driven by a burning love of God even as she wrestled privately with great physical and emotional pain. Thérèse is the saint most fitted for our day, a model for those of us whom, whether we like it or not, God has called to hidden lives of quiet drama, desire, and holy sacrifice. Paperback, eBook 168 pages | $18.95 $14.95

Angels and Their Mission By Jean Danielou These pages lean on the works of the early Fathers of the Church to show us who the ministering angels really are and how — in every instant and in every way — they are working for your salvation and mine. Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $14.95

A Bedside Book of Saints By Rev. Aloysius Roche This, truly, is a bedside book of saints, meant to lift the spirits of souls wearied by the day. These charming, often humorous stories of eminently human saints will ease your soul and help bring you good dreams, giving you fresh hope for the morning. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95 $9.95

Francis of Assisi By Michael de la Bedoyere This book takes you beyond the nature-lover of popular myth to the real St. Francis of Assisi, model of holiness and Christian courage. You’ll learn the full story behind the famous incidents in Francis’s life. St. Francis of Assisi is a superb model for each of us today: an ordinary man who — by God’s grace — was able to do extraordinary things. Paperback, eBook 352 pages | $18.95 $9.95

The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J. In this book, Fr. Raoul Plus helps us to open the book of the heart of Mary in the simplest yet most vivid ways. We must ponder not only her words, but also the events of her life — her attitudes, her actions, and even her silence. In imitation of our Lady, our lives — like hers — may also come to be full of grace. Paperback, eBook 128 pages | $14.95 $9.95

The First Christians By Marigold Hunt Marigold Hunt, author of A Life of Our Lord for Children, here continues the tale of Jesus and His Church by retelling for children the events reported in the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke’s account of the dangerous early days of the Church. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95

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Meet Mary By Mark Miravalle She’s a simple peasant they call Queen of Heaven. She’s the Lord’s humble servant, yet an icon of female strength. Meet Mary teaches you everything the Bible says about her, what the early Christians believed, and all of the Church’s key Marian teachings these past two thousand years. Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $14.95

The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur By Elisabeth Leseur After Elisabeth died, her husband, Felix, an atheist who had ridiculed her faith, found this diary and was transformed. Here is a map to marital harmony and love for God — especially if you love someone outside the Faith. Paperback, eBook 336 pages | $19.95

Saints of the American Wilderness By John A. O’Brien From letters written by the light of campfires or in canoes, John A. O’Brien has crafted the terrifying, inspiring, and true tale of the dangerous struggles of the Jesuit missionaries seeking to bring Catholicism to the natives of America. Paperback, eBook 272 pages | $15.95 $9.95

Thomas Aquinas By Fr. A. G. Sertillanges There is no better introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas than this classic work, which acquaints readers with the essentials of St. Thomas’s remarkable life and teachings. In clear, bold strokes it demonstrates his importance — as a thinker and as a saint — for Catholics and all those seeking truth in the world today. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $18.95 $9.95

Saints for Sinners By Fr. Alban Goodier, S.J. Christ came not to call saints but to make them — often out of weak, stupid, and sinful men. That’s why the saints are not only models of holiness for us to imitate; they’re reminders that God’s grace can outshine every human flaw. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95 $4.95


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The Catholic Book of Character and Success By Fr. Edward F. Garesché, S.J. A complete guide to mature, responsible, and noble behavior in our complex modern society. Written in the 1930s by a wise Jesuit priest and steeped in the wisdom of the ages, these pages teach young people the timeless principles that have led countless souls to true success and lasting happiness. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $12.95 $9.95

Getting Free By Bert Ghezzi Here’s help for those who struggle against anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations, and more. Bert Ghezzi shows you how you can tap into the Holy Spirit’s power to overcome these difficulties. Paperback, eBook 112 pages | $9.95

Fit for Eternal Life By Kevin Vost As Catholic psychologist and veteran bodybuilder Kevin Vost reveals, God’s command to “be perfect” applies not only to our moral life, but also to our bodies. Dr. Vost explains the basic principles of strength and endurance training and then helps you assemble an effective, personalized workout program that can be performed in as little as twenty minutes per week, leaving you plenty of time (and energy) to be an active Christian parent, spouse, and disciple. Paperback, eBook 264 pages | $17.95

Memorize the Faith! By Kevin Vost St. Thomas Aquinas perfected an easy method for his students to memorize most any information, but especially the truths taught by Christ and His Church. Thanks to the delightful pages of Memorize the Faith!, you can easily learn the Faith by tapping into the power of the classical memory system that helped St. Thomas become the Church’s preeminent theologian and made it easier for him to become one of her greatest saints. Paperback, eBook 272 pages | $19.95

The Temperament God Gave You By Art and Laraine Bennett This book offers a Catholic understanding of the four ancient temperaments that will bring you closer to God and help you discover the path to holiness that’s right for you. Learn how to identify and understand the four temperaments that determine our reactions, guide our choices, color our understanding, and serve as the foundation of our moral and spiritual life. Paperback, eBook 288 pages | $18.95

The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse By Art and Laraine Bennett In no other kind of human relationship is knowledge of the temperaments — the fundamental personality traits, hard-wired into us at birth, that affect the way we respond to the world around us — so critical, and so fruitful, as in a Christian marriage. Only through mutual understanding of our own patterns of reaction, and those of our spouse, can we motivate, nurture, respect, and above all, love each other with the selfless patience to which Christ calls us in the sacrament. Paperback, eBook 208 pages | $17.95

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Am I Living a Spiritual Life? By Adrian van Kaam and Susan Muto If you’re ready to take the next step on the path of spiritual progress, these pages will help you to identify the greatest challenges you face as you seek to live a spiritual life, and you’ll discover sound strategies you can use to overcome each one of those challenges.

Christian Self-Mastery By Fr. Basil W. Maturin You can have a better relationship with God and greater self-mastery — if you follow these simple steps to getting your passions in check and improving your knowledge of your own motives, desires, and fears. Paperback, eBook 240 pages | $15.95

Paperback, eBook 208 pages | $14.95 $9.95

The Art of Being a Good Friend By Hugh Black This book shows you how to transform superficial friendships into soul-nourishing relationships that become for you (and for your friends) a means of spiritual growth. If you’re married, you’ll find here new ways to appreciate the gift God has given to you in your spouse. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $13.95 $4.95

The Art of Loving God By St. Francis de Sales Discover the secrets to growing holier through the simple things in life — work, play, and rest. Learn to avoid the distractions that trouble and weary your soul, and you’ll soon be able to focus your energy simply on loving God!

The Devil and How to Resist Him By Gerald Vann The Devil is real, and this book explores the one time he revealed himself enough to let you see his usual plan of attack, giving you sure ways to counter his temptations  — ways that will afford you greater protection against evil in all its forms. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $18.95

How to Resist Temptation Fr. Francis J. Remler This book teaches you to recognize the elements of temptation — and be on guard against its often unrecognized causes. Fr. Remler even explains how you can benefit from temptation and learn from others as you fight against it. Leatherette, eBook 160 pages | $12.95

Leatherette, eBook 166 pages | $14.95

The Spiritual Life By Fr. Jean Nicolas Grou This book is a tough, uncompromising handbook to help you deal with all the obligations and problems of the spiritual life. It teaches you what you need to know and to do when life’s comforts have been swept away.

Finding God’s Will for You By St. Francis de Sales Learn what God’s will is and how He reveals it — even in the seemingly random events of your life. You’ll see why you should love and trust in God’s will, and you’ll learn a sure method for discovering God’s will in any situation. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95

Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95


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The Good Galilean By Alban Goodier Our Lord was perfect man because He was also God. His divinity was able to show us our human nature as He had desired to create it, with His infinite power. He reveals the nature of man to us, at the same time as He reveals God. That man can show us that goodness is not an illusion, that holiness is worth striving for, that our existence has a meaning and a direction.

How to Find God By Dom Hubert van Zeller These pages give you practical help to look honestly at yourself — and by doing so, to attain the deepest desire of every sincere Christian: union with God Himself. You’ll discover how to grow into the person Christ means you to be — no matter how far you still have to go. Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $16.95 $4.95

Paperback, eBook 112 pages | $11.95 $4.95

The Hidden Power of Kindness By Lawrence G. Lovasik Fr. Lovasik brings you a wealth of simple directions for overcoming unkind habits that can creep into your behavior. His insights will give you years of solid help to grow in charity and transform your corner of the world! Paperback, eBook 256 pages | $19.95

Humility: Wellspring of Virtue By Dietrich von Hildebrand Discover the incredible strength of humility, the only virtue that has the power to drive pride from your soul. This book will help you begin experiencing the joys of humility today. Paperback, eBook 120 pages | $5.95

I Believe in Love By Fr. Jean C. J. d’Elbée

Holy Simplicity By Fr. Raoul Plus The saints assure us that simplicity is the virtue most likely to draw us closer to God and make us more like Him. Relying on the words of Jesus and the lives of the saints, Fr. Plus maps out a sure path to the simplicity that Jesus praised, a simplicity that bestows on all of us who seek it happiness, courage, and inner peace, no matter how complicated our circumstances may be or how crowded our days. Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $9.95

Here is a wondrous distillation of the teachings of St. Thérèse of Lisieux on God’s love and on confidence in Him; on humility, peace, and charity; on the Cross; and on abandonment to Providence. Learn to rest in God amid troubles, living joyfully with Him always. Paperback, eBook 304 pages | $18.95

The Little Book of the Holy Spirit By Bede Jarrett Fr. Jarrett helps you penetrate the great mystery of God’s presence in our hearts. Learn how to listen for the soft voice of the Spirit calling from within, inviting you to know, love, and cooperate with Him in all things, great and small. Paperback, eBook 128 pages | $9.95

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Saintly Solutions to Life’s Common Problems By Fr. Joseph M. Esper Examine over forty common problems, and meet dozens of saints who suffered and overcame them. Benefit from the thoughtprovoking holy wisdom of more than 350 saints, and come away equipped with truly saintly solutions. Paperback, eBook 400 pages | $21.95

The Man Christ Jesus By Cardinal Giacomo Biffi

More Saintly Solutions By Fr. Joseph M. Esper

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi gives us an intimate portrait of Jesus so we can encounter Him in His full humanity — just as His first disciples did — and develop a true and salvific belief in the Christ of faith.

In this book you’ll encounter over 400 saints who, by their example and intercession, will help you resist temptations, resolve problems, and bear with grace, good cheer, and Christian hope the ones of which you can’t break free.

Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $10.95

Paperback, eBook 376 pages | $21.95

Patience and Humility By Fr. William Ullathorne Learn how to develop these virtues — without which heroism, self-denial, and martyrdom are worthless. Learn why Jesus said that to save your life, you must lose it, and see how happiness can be found in self-surrender. Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $11.95

Seventeen Steps to Heaven By Leo J. Trese With these seventeen steps, you’ll be able to prevent your love for God from being diminished by dayto-day pressures. Fr. Leo J. Trese gives you solid ways to root out attachments that separate you from God. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95

The Rosary of Our Lady By Romano Guardini

Spiritual Combat By Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli

This charming book will help to awaken or deepen your devotion to this beautiful prayer. Msgr. Romano Guardini offers clear explanations of the Rosary and fresh insights into the Mysteries found within it.

Here is sensible advice to help you overcome spiritual obstacles and achieve spiritual perfection. Best of all, it doesn’t just tell you what you ought to do in order to live a Christian life — it also shows you how to do it.

Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $11.95

Paperback, eBook 240 pages | $18.95


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Spiritual Secrets of a Trappist Monk By Father M. Raymond Trappist Father M. Raymond shows that the reality of who you are in Christ is much greater than you think. He reveals how Almighty God actually needs you and how you can live your life in the fullness of God’s freedom. He gives you the keys to unlock the mysteries of pain and of success and failure. In a startling way, he even discloses the mysteries of the future itself. Paperback, eBook 408 pages | $21.95

Thy Will Be Done! By St. Francis de Sales Here are St. Francis’s practical, sensitive answers to the everyday tribulations all Christians face. You’ll find holy wisdom on family problems, work, virtue, temptation, mourning, prayer, charity, guilt, and dozens of other real-life issues. Paperback, eBook 264 pages | $16.95

True Devotion to the Holy Spirit By Archbishop Luis M. Martinez This book covers virtually everything there is to know about the Holy Spirit’s role in our salvation — and it does so with a refreshing reliance on God’s Word, not on opinions or subjective visions. Archbishop Luis Martinez shows you how and why your devotion to the Holy Spirit should be profound and encompassing. Paperback, eBook 288 pages | $14.95 $9.95

Unearthing Your Ten Talents By Kevin Vost Kevin Vost here unearths a treasure for those who are struggling to live a life of Christian virtue: He shows you how to discover each of your ten talents and then to understand and perfect them. You’ll quickly develop your noble ability to reason and prepare yourself to live a life that honors God. Paperback, eBook 272 pages | $19.95

Victory over Vice By Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen From Christ’s holy response to each of the seven deadly sins that led to His Crucifixion, Bishop Sheen draws a lesson in how you and I must deal with those same sins, whether we meet them in others or in ourselves. Paperback, eBook 128 pages | $9.95

The Ways of God By St. Thomas Aquinas St. Thomas Aquinas wrote dozens of books, but of them all, this is the simplest, and the one that everyday Christians can use most easily to become more like God. Carry this pocket-size paperback with you to make the ways of God your ways.

Finding Confidence in Times of Trial By St. John of Avila Meet the newest doctor of the Catholic Church. St. John of Avila (1500-1569) led an authentic effort to reform the Church and Christian society during one of the Church’s darkest hours. This carefully translated collection of St. John’s finest letters will help you come to know the man whom Pope Benedict XVI named the thirty-fourth Doctor of the Church and whom Pope John Paul II held up as a model for clerical reform. Paperback, eBook 160 pages | $14.95

Paperback, eBook 96 pages | $6.95

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Comfort for the Sick and Dying By David L. Greenstock Here is a goldmine for Christian caregivers and essential reading for wise souls who want to be ready for serious illness or even death, either of which can come any day, even to those in perfect health. Paperback, eBook 192 pages | $10.95

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics By Henri Morice Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics will banish from your mind forever the temptation to think that events unfold according to blind chance — or even that evil ultimately triumphs in this world. You will come to see the bad things that happen to you in the glorious light of God’s loving Providence. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $14.95 $9.95

How to Make Sense of Suffering By Marguerite Duportal Gain happiness and peace by understanding and conquering any trouble; learn how to avoid the mistakes that make our spiritual burdens heavier. Soon you’ll be using your troubles to unleash God’s healing power in your soul. Leatherette, eBook 128 pages | $9.95 $7.95

Why Does God Permit Evil? By Dom Bruno Webb Hatred, murder, terrorism, and war spring from the sins of men. But why does God let innocent children suffer from the effects of these evils? In this slim volume, you’ll find the most convincing explanation of the mystery of evil available today. Paperback, eBook 176 pages | $13.95

Suffering: The Catholic Answer By Dom Hubert van Zeller This book shows you how to learn from Christ to turn failures into victories and to alleviate others’ suffering by imitating Mary’s compassion. With help from Fr. van Zeller, you’ll soon learn to bear your own crosses with perseverance and hope. Paperback, eBook 144 pages | $12.95

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Sophia Institute Press 2013 Spring Catalog  

Sophia Institute Press 2013 Spring Catalog

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