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to purchase a food truck. They called it Swamp Daddy’s Cajun Kitchen. COLLAGEN is the most abundant protein in the body and the key structural protein found in skin, joint, muscle, bone, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Natural collagen production slows as we age until the body is unable to repair or replenish this vital protein.

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NATIVE COLLAGEN means that the collagen is manufactured to preserve its natural state. NATIVE TYPE 2 COLLAGEN is broken down by our natural digestive process to provide the building blocks to repair and replenish collagen throughout the body.

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Once Del’Inkka started serving up her home-style Cajun from the 18-foot trailer everything again seemed to fall into place. A unique but limited menu, Sioux Falls’ love of food trucks, and job flexibility helped build her success. For three years, Swamp Daddy’s proved to be a real crowd pleaser. Still, there was the winter. “I had to make another decision. The food truck was only generating seasonal revenue. Should Swamp Daddy’s become a restaurant? We decided to move forward with the restaurant.” It’s been over one year since Del’Inkka sold her food truck in favor of brick and mortar. Now located in the Jones421 building on North Phillips in downtown Sioux Falls, Swamp Daddy’s new urban spot is located in a trendy food hall with a marketplace concept where people gather to sit, hang out or eat. Del’Inkka admits with the restaurant, her family and her volunteer work, there is limited girls’ night out. But that doesn’t matter at this point. The now socially conscious influencer feels she is wired to survive and thrive in changing times. “My family and I are truly blessed to have so many opportunities to make an impact. I have been especially fortunate to have my mother-in-law Gwendolyn help me with the food truck and watch the girls,” she says. “Having her support has allowed us to be involved in the community.” These days, Del’Inkka is convinced she truly has followed her dreams. “I want my daughters to be inspired by that.” Del’Inkka’s message to others: “I encourage every woman out there to know that she has a voice and the power to change the world. And it’s okay to focus on yourself, your dreams and your aspirations.” n

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Sioux Falls Woman Magazine - February/March 2019  

The largest magazine readership in the Sioux Empire!

Sioux Falls Woman Magazine - February/March 2019  

The largest magazine readership in the Sioux Empire!