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eter that is inserted in the leg and is then threaded up to the heart. This allows for a faster recovery time and results in less time in the hospital for patients. “Everything went good,” Betty says. “And it’s still going good.” With these great results, Betty can now have a higher quality of life. She remembers a time when doing the simplest of tasks, such as making bread for her friends, was a struggle. “I couldn’t do it before,” the 80-year-old says. “My arms would get so tired, and I would get out of breath. I was having such a hard time.” And while the valve is doing its job to keep Betty moving, she—just like anyone with heart problems—needs to be vigilant about her health. Sitting around the house and watching TV is the biggest enemy. Getting out and moving can help make you feel better and keep your heart in shape. “I try to do the best that I can,” Betty says. “Now that it’s a little colder out, I can’t walk outside, but I walk around the house and do a few things. You have to stay active. If you aren’t active, you could go downhill really fast.” Just the beginning Since Betty received her valve replacement, the team at Sanford has completed more than 40 TAVR procedures and remains the only heart hospital in the region where it is performed. This minimally invasive approach is expected to be the standard in the future as technology continues to expand. As for Betty, she is excited to see what her future has to offer. “I had such a hard time breathing. Now I can talk and I can visit,” Betty says proudly. “Now I’m just working on making it to my second anniversary.” sfw

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Sioux Falls Woman Magazine - Feb/March 2014  

The Largest Magazine Readership in the Sioux Empire

Sioux Falls Woman Magazine - Feb/March 2014  

The Largest Magazine Readership in the Sioux Empire