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2017 Fire Annual Report


manufactured at GORE. There were several significant

Research Institute (UL), National Institute for Occupational

outcomes from this trip that have benefited SFFR. FPET

Safety and Health (NIOSH), National Institute of Standards

Ackerman continues to add value to the Fire Protective

and Technology (NIST), Skidmore College, Harvard Medical

Equipment Technician role with his hard work and

School Research, Globe Manufacturing, and the IFSI

dedication to networking within the fire service.

(University of Illinois). This data will be studied and compiled

Battalion Chief Michael Clauson and Firefighter Jordan

for the next white paper that will reveal findings that,

Jacobsen were invited to participate in the 2017 Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) research project; PPE cleaning and hood study. The research project is a monumental $1.3 million project funded by the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG). A total of 30 firefighters from across the nation were invited to participate in this project. Several leading research and development agencies made up the research group such as Underwriters Laboratory Firefighters Safety

without a doubt, will have positive outcomes for fire service personnel regarding PPE cleaning care and maintenance, and Nomex hood design and several other health and safety areas. Throughout the involvement with other fire teams during the week-long research project, the two SFFR members built relationships with outside agencies that will add substantial value to our organization and others in the health and safety field. In the later part of 2017, SFFR was awarded a grant through AFG for Resiliency Training for all members of SFFR. Beginning in late 2017, Battalion Chief Michael Clauson and several members within the Health and Safety committee worked with to schedule and develop this training to meet the needs of SFFR personnel. This is a first of its kind for SFFR to bring awareness to behavioral issues and how to work through them utilizing this resiliency training. The training will be delivered in 2018 during the week of March 12–16. Captain Troy Scandin was the recipient of the City of Sioux Falls 2017 Excellence in Safety Award. This is a very prestigious award where candidates from all City departments are nominated. Captain Scandin has been a significant ambassador for the health and safety committee for many years. This past year Troy spent five months working on a Hearing Conservation Program for the SFFR organization. He conducted a needs assessment and developed and outlined a strategic plan to get it done. He presented the goals, objectives and outcomes of the project that would eventually become a formalized program and policy. He appropriately conducted a budgetary cost estimate and requested the necessary funding to support this research project. He organized the research with Risk Administration Services (RAS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to gather data with specialized equipment such as a decibel meter. Troy outlined specific work areas the firefighters work in to measure noise exposure levels. He meticulously utilized the Continued on next page

2017 fire annual report  
2017 fire annual report