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Kolhapuri Product Development Brief - Our class was taken to kolhapur to see the craft of making kolhapuri chappals and develop our individual products working with the craftsmen of Koalhapur My design ideology - Times have changed , while the craftsmen still stuck to traditional designs. To cater to today’s crowd i developed products keeping the traditional elements intact but exploring with new concepts , materials and designs. Target group - Young adults in the age group of 16-25 years old Products - Block heels , Mousepad , Earrings and Wallet Aim - To develop accessories for today’s generation , using traditional kolhapuri elements , thus spreading awareness of the craft among the people aswell as spreading awareness about today’s market to the craftsmen.

BLOCK HEELS Materials - Suede leather, wood , rubber Main elements from the craft - Veni , Chakras , traditional kolhapuri punches

Materials - Suede leather , buffalo hide . Main elements from the craft - Veni , Chakras , Colourful Gotas

While a single glance at the heels would immediately strike you with the native Kolhapuri chappals, the tassels and the colour add a modern touch to it. Traditionally inspired yet modern in look , these heels can be sported on any western apparels be it jeans , skirts , shorts and what not . Made to suit the tastes of our young generation it promotes our crafts as well.


MOUSEPAD Made in suede lether , the chakras , veni , gotas and punching add a traditional touch of the craft to the mousepad.The elements are used to not only add aesthetic appeal but also to add functionality to the simplicity of a mousepad. 3D MODEL

Shoulder Duster Earrings Materials - Metal rings , goat hide Main elements from the craft - Chakras , Veni

These shoulder duster earrings represent all the tan colors of the kolhapuri chappals and employ the traditional veni and chakra at its base giving it a unique look but also serving as a constant reminder of the kolhapuri chappals to the people.

Wallet Materials - Buffalo hide , Goat hide Main elements from the craft - Veni , Gotas , chakras and Tradtional kolhapuri chappal punches

Gotas , another refreshing and catchy element of the kolhapuri chappal is showcased prominently in this wallet . The veni is used to add a comfort factor for the users. Also, the wallet is longer than the wallets used nowadays, keeping in mind our newly printed currency notes . This simple yet chique wallet is modern yet stuck to its roots.


BAG CONSTRUCTION Brief - The objective of this study was to stitch our own bag hence learn how a bag is constructed , the various steps involved and materials used. Process - Choosing a bag to replicate Understanding materials involved Deciding dimensions Cutting patterns on Brown paper Making markings on the muslin using chalk Making a mockup using Muslin Material sourcing Marking on rexine. Cutting , stiching handles , pockets , chains first Stitching all sides Bag chosen - Totebag Material - Rexine Colours - Blue and cream Tools required - Bobin & Bobin case , Nylon thread , No.16 needle and thread cutter.

Longer straps enables to fish in the purse for things without having to remove the bag from the shoulder.

RANGE DESIGN Brief - The objective of this subject was to design a range of products simliar in certain attributes for a hypothetical user

Furniture Toys Concept brief -Wouldn’t it be fun if kids could make their own furniture, decide what they want , understand what they need or simply just play. I have designed a range a furniture toys for kids , most of who are fidgety and always need something fun around them. Make a mess , then clean it too Target group - Kids in the age group of 4-8years old. Aim - To make space saving, light weight interactive furniture for the kids. Kids are often fidgety , therefore they could have fun furniture around them to keep them engaged , without making much of a mess.


The Rolley

Used for sitting as well as resting

Product brief - The kids could roll it over and play around with the rolley . No matter which position they leave it in , its ready for use. Used for Sitting as well as resting. Product specification - height - 2.5 ft , Width - 2 ft , thickness - 3.5 cm Materials used - Thermoplastic ,Foam and Fabric

Lightweight , child playing with the rolley

A Game of Cards The Rolley

Product brief -No less than than a game of lego , this keeps the children occupied while they make their own furniture be it a chair or a table. Fun and challenging , keeps their mind at work

Product specification - Approx ,1.5 x 1 ft, Varies from slab to slab to make the furniture.

Materials used - Plastic

The four positions of use are displayed above ( front and back) including stool chair position, arm chair positions and a rocking chair

The DICEY SEAT Ptoduct Brief - The 2 in 1 chair , saves space ,providing with two different type of fun chairs for the children inluding armrest chair aswell as a rocking chiar . This furniture piece is always in use no matter which position you leave it in. Inverted rocking chair at the top. Product Specification - Without dismantling - 3.5 x 1.5 ft ; With Dismantling ,rocking chair - 2.5x 1.5ft, Smaller stool -2.5 x 1.5 ft Materials - Plastic Grooves given for the children to climb easily onto the chair

Product brief - Another space saving furniture which allows seating space for in all 4 children . Made for nursery’s and playschool , its apt for a children’s rrom . Knob given for the chair to be pulled out and pushed back in its outer shell after use. Product specification - Height - 3 1/2 ft , Width - 3 ft., Materials - PVC , Orange lLED Lights

ERGONOMICS Brief - The objective of this study was to improve existing products for the comfort and efficiency of the user in any working environment. We had to chose 2 products , study the user , problems and focus on the comfort of the user. Products - The products i chose to work on were , Hanger and Screwdriver. Design Process - Research on history of the product Studying materials aand manufacturing processes User study Problem identification Data Collection(Quesstionnaire , personal interview , observance) Refined problem statement Design ideations Final concept Protoyping 3D Modelling

Design ideations

Screwdriver Problem identification - Uncomfortable length and width of screwdrivers. Pain , numbness , blisters caused due to repeitive torque movement. Improper grip. Difficult to use for left handed people. Stiff material Aim - To develop a screwdriver which gives better grip and comfort to the user while performing the task. Aslo working on different/better materials.


3D Model Product Brief - The curved handle provides a better grip for the user , and helps exert force while using the screwdriver . It is also layered with foam to provide comfort and solve the problem of blisters , numbness etc. Product specification - Length - 12 cm . diameter of curved handle -3.2 cm Materials - Plastic , steel rod , foam

Prototyping Materials used : MDF , Foam . steel rod

Can be comfoartably held by both left and right handed people.


Hanger Problem Identification - Slipping of clothes from the hanger No place to hang lingerie , shawls and dupattas’ No place to hold the hanger while using it. Unable to hang skirts , tank tops and accessories. Aim - To look into the problems related while using a hanger .To make a multifunctional hanger for women that enables them to hang different type of clothes and accessories at the same time .


3D Model Product Brief - This hanger is specially designed for women keeping in mind the problems encountered with woman apparels like shawls , scarfs , dupattas , lingerie and hanging accessories along with certain dresses. This hanger also gives a place to be held and has a comfortable grip. Product specification -Length , 40 cms (Average shoulder width of Indian woman, 75th percentile) , handle diameter - 3 cm (avg palm length frip of indian women, 5th percentile). Materials - Plastic with a flocked surface . Provides friction and prevents clothes from slipping.

Prototyping Materials used - MDF . steel hooks and rods , foam.

Extra hooks as a part of the hanger for women to hange jewelry , etc to pair with clothes and be organised.

HARDWARE DESIGN AND PRODUCT DETAILING Brief - The objective of this study was to understand the working of various products and the mechsnisms involved which make it function in the way that it does. Therefore to develop a product based on such closed working mechanism. Products - Chopping tray based on push button mechanism.

Design Process - Taking up 5 products having closed mechanisms Exploration sketches ,guessing each possible mechanism. Finally opening products to see the actual mechanism. Detail sketches of mechanisms. Improvising existing products using mechanisms Developing user persona Design ideations Final concept Protoyping 3D Modelling

Concept sketches

Final concept

3D Model

Prototype made using sunboard

Product brief - Improving the chopping tray by incorporating the push button mechanism through a push button handle at one of the corners. On pushing the handle in , it further jolts out completely , enabling the person to hold the tray with its help.The top faces of the board , turn at a 45 degree from the centre allowing all the cut vegetables to fall in the pan by itself. Product specification - tray - 24 x 24 cms , handle - 16 x 3 cms Materials - PE Top view of the 3d model of the push button mechanism and its working.

Perspective view

CRAFT STUDY Brief - Taking up two crafts and studying them to combine them to develop a single product falling in the following categories -Cultural transformations -Techno-vation -Sustainable approaches amd Practices. Product - Pocket cigar box(under cultural transformation , craft as a luxury) combing the two crafts ; Pinjrakari and khatumband from Jammu and Kashmir and Japanese joinery from Japan. Product brief - The cigar box has a refillable ligher placed inside the box . The box opens and closes based on the fixing mechanism of japanese joinery craft . On the front , is the intricate geomatric carving of the pinjrakari craft. Used to store 4-5 cigars the box indeed is a sign of royalty and luxury. Product specifications - length - 13cm , breadth - 8cm , width - 2 cm

FREELANCING MY WAY IN KOLHAPURI CHAPPALS Brand - Paytaan Brand Design Ideology - Including kolhapuri chappals as a part of daily wear footwear and continuing to mantain its traditional design and colours yet providing variations. It aims at maintaining traditionality and adding comfort. Brand Target segment - Caters to men , women and children of all ages.Working towards focusing on youth as they are the largest population in the country

Exploring with new variations

Experimenting with the VENI to create newer strap designs and shapes . Combing newer pattern embossing on the sole of the chappal.

Working on creating new punch designs and patterns.


People even today believe that if not these four colours , the chappals are not original kolhapuri chappals. Thus the authenticity is highly maintained by keeping the colours in mind .

Prototyping is done using buffolo leather for the sole of the chppals and goat leather for the straps.

BRANDING & packaging Brief - The objective of this subject was to develop a hypothetical Brand for our range of products that we have already developed . To create , brand logo , visiting cards , brochures , along with the packaging as well as window display of the store. Brand name - PHILYRA Philyra , meaning the Greek Godess of crafts .As the name says it , the brand brings to you exotic craft creations from different parts of the world in the form of shoes , handbags , jewelry for the women. Brand Logo Visiting card explorations


Brochure design

Front Colour Scheme Cobalt Blue - Reflecting the colours of the sea since philyra is a sea godess . White - Reflecting purity Back


WINDOW DISPLAY Maintaining rhythm and continuinty by using the trademark , Pentagon of the brand. Boxes and handbags for packaging

Brief- The objective of this assignment was to take up an existing brand , while changing the stakeholder and redesigning the packaging and product if needed.


FINAL PACKAGING Using the mascot , Elsa , popular among young girls , i have provided the information of moisturizing harmless makeup , for the parents to know the nature of the products provided by Lakme.The lipstick imprint at the top is used to display the different shades. Broader box due to broader lipsticks , to give a better grip for the children to hold. Sliding lipsticks , easier for the children to use.




DOCUMENTATION TECHNIQUES Learning the importance of using different text styles , sizes , colours . Learning visual hiearchy and skills of professional documentation.

Brochure design for a hypothetical holiday home in Kannur , showcasing its features , facilities etc.

Brochure design


Learning about vector graphics creating brochures,logos, etc.

Learning all the tools of photoshop and exploring it with different assignments.


Final portfolio  
Final portfolio