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By yourself a gift this year!

Credits Pages 8-17 Christmas Getaway / CC Finds-

Cozy Christmas Getaway – TCC Xmas! By SnakeLegs Funky! By abuk0 Tgm-Dress-11! By TugmeL Tgm-Dress-12! By TugmeL Merry Christmas! By abuk0 New Year Patterns! By Satlif Christmas Gift Boxes for Adults and Children! By Janthie78 Happy Christmas Deco Set Recolorable! By jomsims Christmas Dream Village Set Objects! By jomsims Christmas Collection! By Odey92 Shiny Christmas Set! By Ekky_Sims Christmas Lights! By lisa9999 Merry Christmas Gifts! By Vita Sims 3 Formal Mermaid Dress! by Vita Sims 3

Olde Towne Toystop and Gifts Download – angelllite7

Pages 20-31 Christmas Patterns

Snowflakes 1 - Leroysgirl Snowflakes 2 - Leroysgirl Poinsettia 1 - Leroysgirl Poinsettia 2 - SugoiZiua Sheet Pattern - SugoiZiua Pillow Pattern – ung999 Pajama Pattern – ung999 Tree Pattern – ung999 Stars – Janthie78 Green Gift Pattern - VanillaSims Angels, Stars, Moons, Ornaments - evi Gold and Red - Jezibomb Whimsical - Jezibomb Geometric 1 - tdyannd Geometric 2 – tdyannd

Gingerbread Park

Download - TattooedLioness

Family Room Makeovers Home Style Christmas Nutcracker Wall Garland Fireplace Garland Small Table Top Christmas Tree Christmas Wreath Santa Sculpture Snowman Figure Skinny Tree Victorian Tree Décor Rug Breakfast Tray Blue Christmas Candles 1 Candles 2 Table Top Tree

Blue Christmas Continued… Living Room Tray Fruit Bowl Console Table Ladder Shelf White Christmas Shelving Unit Pictures 1 Pictures 2 Pictures 3 Pictures 4 Pictures 5 Wooden Tree Hanging Balls Icicle Lights Wine Bottles and Glasses Poinsettia Cookies Wall Plates Toys Ball 1 Ball 2 Ball 3 Ball 4 Christmas Basket Gingerbread House Ornaments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Clock Furnishings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Holly Jolly Christmas Rug Tablecloth Stars Candles Balls Christmas Frames Wreath

Pages 34-41 Christmas Models

Chassity – TattooedLioness Merry Mae – Tattooed Lioness Mystiek – Tattooed Lioness

Formal Mermaid Dress! by Vita Sims 3 Spiral Earrings! By Vita Sims 3 Victorian Earrings! By Vita Sims 3 Victorian Necklace! By Vita Sims 3 Pages 42-55 CC Clothing Finds Rustic Topper Ruffle Coat with Vintage Belt Christmas Dress Dirtybit


Fun Kids Poses - Boy Cute Kids Poses - Girl Romantic Poses - Parents

Credits Pages 56-70 Contests

Cover Contest Cover Photo by Mom2Elias Family Joy Contest cherryberrybloo ciane Shooter’s Contest Jenara Frost Lily Calvert Mistle Claus

Up For Adoption

Delilah - Pepper Rocket Dog - Pepper Tony - Pepper Flora - SpringFairy Hurtis Isi - SpringFairy Samson Hoofbeat - SpringFairy Rocket Johnny - SpringFairy Cashew Fudge - SpringFairy Cotton Candy - SpringFairy Chloe - TattooedLioness Dusty Tail - TattooedLioness Lucky Paws – TattooedLioness

Christmas Pets Peppermint Patty - TattooedLioness Peppermint Candy – SpringFairy Holly Wreathford – SpringFairy Candy Cane – SpringFairy Winterly Miracles - SpringFairy Rosy Setter – SpringFairy Snowball Pearlson – SpringFairy

Pages 84-90 Featured

LoveEvil's Treehouse Hollyberry Mistletoe - V. 2 Will's Christmas Avatar

Winter Wonderland Download – Rflong7 Showcase Thread

Pages 94-118 New Year’s Models Elizabeth – aanderson09 Chloe – TattooedLioness


Blake – TattooedLioness

Family Funtime, Inc.

Download – pepper090889

Zodiac Models Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo

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Simultitude Issue 1  

Our first issue is now released. This issue's theme was Christmas. We hope you find many great and helpful things in this issue. We'd love t...

Simultitude Issue 1  

Our first issue is now released. This issue's theme was Christmas. We hope you find many great and helpful things in this issue. We'd love t...