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Fall Shopping Guide 2014

From the Editor As August shifts into September, the sensations of fall begin to be seen in the earlier setting of the sun and the ever later rise the next morning. With the temperatures gradually refraining from extremes, the reminder that our favorite sweaters for layering can just about be pulled out of the closet. The beauty of the fall season is that it brings with it a sense of maturity, as though we are now, after a leisurely summer, prepared for the expectations and opportunities that await. From the job’s demands and windows for growth and success, to the college students whose degrees come into even clearer focus. We are each given an opportunity yet again to do it better, to be a better self, to apply all that we have learned to curate a life and an environment that is more in alignment with our values, dreams and hopes. And while some may look at the new season of designers’ collection and the shopping attention it heightens as a simple hobby, I would have to wholeheartedly disagree. After all, first impressions, our individual presentation is a sort of armor or way of putting on our game face if you will. The clothing we choose each day is to set the stage for what we wish to accomplish, how we want to be perceived and who we will become. So while the fashion seasons may not be the most important event in our lives each year, they undoubtedly offer an opportunity to both enjoy ourselves and curate our best selves. And that is a lovely combination indeed. As an advocate for building a capsule wardrobe for both the spring and fall season, there is a wonderful gift when we bring together the essential elements for the first time. This initial process of shopping for the 10-15 investment items that can mix and match into a variety of outfits may take time, but upon its completion, the true fun of shopping for one’s wardrobe begins. How, you may be wondering? When you have the essentials – the skirts, pants, blouses, and dresses that you will need, you can then begin to assess what has worked well for you, what is

worn out and needs replacing and what should be deleted entirely. In other words, you are refurbishing your wardrobe so that it will be tailored even more precisely to your lifestyle and signature style of dressing. Now you can add that stunning print pencil skirt from Clover Canyon because you know that you live in pencil skirts and can easily pair it with a handful of different blouses. Now you know that you don’t like cardigans, so you will feel more confident investing in pull-over cashmere sweaters from France. While you may only purchase one or two items each season, each season you will feel confident with every purchase because they heighten the quality of your options and leave you feeling and looking your best without a doubt. So let’s begin the shopping and perusing, shall we? In this year’s shopping guide, you will find as you have in the past, two lists – “Splurge” and “Save”. Based on the assessment of whether or not each trend will be something that is timeless and would be easily worn for years to come, it will be placed on the “Splurge” list and to the “Save” list if you most likely will only find it worth wearing during one or two seasons (at the most). As you shop, be sure to click as well, as you will be able to shop directly from this newsletter – saving you time, and, if you bookmark it for later when it may go on sale in November and December, money. Curious about a runway look? Click on the image to discover the designer. Thank you for subscribing to the semiannual shopping newsletter. I do hope you enjoy.

Shannon Ables The Simply Luxurious Life, Founder & Editor

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The List: Splurge & Save Editor Picks TSLL Shop September 2014 Covers The Book 2014 RTW Fashion Weeks TSLL Style Posts The Simple Sophisticate, podcast Final Thoughts . . .

SPLURGE SAVE " " " " " " " "

statement knits animal prints camel coat tall boot patterns print dresses black gray=charcoal, slate

" " " "

shearling florals & nature furry coat red

SPLURGE statement knits

SPLURGE animal prints


tall boot



SPLURGE gray = charcoal, slate


SPLURGE print dresses

SPLURGE camel coat

SAVE shearling

SAVE florals & nature

SAVE furry coat

SAVE red




The Book Readers Have Been Asking for . . .


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How can you have a rich and fulfilling life? The choices you make, not your income or financial assets, are the most powerful determining factor for your quality of life. Women have never had so many options. Yet we often experience a kind of paralysis, an unconscious willingness to follow societal dictates rather than become the CEOs of our own lives. When we mindlessly follow the dots, we smother our innate gifts and miss opportunities to fulfill our true potential. There is another way—choosing to live a simply luxurious life. This book will show you how to invest your time and what to eliminate from your life. It will enable you to: " " " " " " " "

Design a life of purpose that is aligned with your passions and talents Become financially independent Enjoy cultivating a healthy mind and body Build and maintain strong, loving relationships Create a chic, timeless signature style Design a comfortable home that is a true sanctuary Travel in comfort and style Discover simple pleasures that bring joy to each day

You can curate the life of your dreams by being purposeful and selective, no matter where you live, your income, or your relationship status. Luxury and true fulfillment are ours for the having if we know where to look and how to make the right choices.

2014 Fall RTW Fashion Weeks NYC LONDON



TSLL Style Posts With time and patience, you can become your very own stylist. Below are a handful of posts from the archives that will help you curate a signature style and a capsule wardrobe that will reflect your personality without being trendy so that you can rest assured the essentials you invest in will be chic each season year after year.

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