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wellness See BIG differences with little to-do STORY:

By Jennifer Bradley Franklin


ost-holiday resolutions are upon us, but I’m still fighting exhaustion from a holiday season packed with parties, shopping, entertaining, and yes, working out. So I set out to find ways to make a health and appearance impact, with relatively little effort. Here are some of the no-sweat offerings I investigated in and around Buckhead.

BANISH FAT I’ve never had strong feelings one way or another about cosmetic procedures, since I never intended to partake personally. However, I’ve always loathed my inner thighs (a crotchety relative once told me I had “chunky thighs” when I was a child, and I’ve never quite gotten over it), and no matter how many hours I log at the gym, my feelings about my legs never seem to change. A friend of mine loved her results from a cosmetic procedure years ago, so, with some fear, I made an appointment at the Women’s Institute For Health (WIFH) in Sandy Springs. I instantly felt at ease when I met Dr. Jay Kulkin, who has done nearly 4,500 SmartLipo procedures, a laser-assisted form of the otherwise major fat removal process (which involves the WELLNESS TO GO: somewhat violent process Good Measure Meals of removing fat manually). 404.815.7695 From start to finish, my cedure was just 27 minutes. I was awake, chatting with Icebox Cryotherapy the doctor, and felt almost 3872 Roswell Road nothing, thanks to the local Atlanta 30342 anesthetic (truthfully, my 404.890.7066 last trip to the dentist was worse). Dr. Kulkin made a WIFH tiny incision in each leg, 1140 Hammond Drive inserted an ultra-thin laser Atlanta 30328 filament and then removed 404.832.0300 melted fat. I drove myself home, worked the rest of

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the afternoon and resumed most normal activities the next day. Make no mistake: this is surgery, so it’s not something to be taken lightly (especially with prices starting at $2,800 for one area). And, Dr. Kulkin is scrupulous, only taking on patients who are candidates—those who are close to their ideal body weight and who have fat deposits that can be removed. (I know: I originally went in to WIFH for a consult on Cellulaze, a surgical laser procedure to reduce cellulite, something the doc assured me I don’t actually have.) My post-surgical weeks were manageable—my legs were swollen and sore, similar to how I’d feel after a really intense workout. As the swelling went down, I became more and more pleased to notice my new, slimmer look, and I look forward to seeing full results by the spring, about five months post-surgery. Perhaps the best part of having had SmartLipo—other than the great confidence boost—is how inspired I feel to keep making healthy choices.

EAT WELL Sometimes it’s tough to eat well when I’m running from one thing to the next. Enter Good Measure Meals, which shares a Buckhead headquarters with (and helps fund) the non-profit Project Open Hand. The company uses local and organic ingredients when possible to create fresh, packaged meals, which are available for pick-up in more than 90 locations around Atlanta, including Pinnacle Fitness and The Forum at Lenox. The service is ultra-flexible: choose from 1,200; 1,400; 1,700 or 2,100 calories per day, based on your health goals, with assistance in person or over the phone from one of the 11 on-staff dietitians. They offer vegetarian, diabetic and non-seafood options, in addition to the “healthy selection” menu, which you pick up in microwave-safe dishes twice a week.

Depending on the caloric level and quantity, the meals start at $7 each; there’s no minimum to order and you’re allowed to pause membership at any time. I looked forward to each dish. Some of my favorites were shrimp and grits with blackberry cobbler, and lemongrass chicken with edamame risotto. I also loved that all of the “diet” pitfalls—getting hungry, portion control and being on the go (read: giving in to unhealthy convenience foods)—became non-issues.

FREEZE IT Standing in a freezing (-300°F) tube doesn’t sound particularly appealing. But when I heard it helps reduce inflammation postworkout and burn extra calories (to the tune of 500 to 800 in 24 hours following a session) as your body uses energy to heat up, I knew I had to try Buckhead’s Icebox Cryotherapy. It was simple and painless: I put on furry boots, a robe and gloves and stepped into the space age-looking cryo machine. Once inside, I handed my robe out to one of the staffers (each is a trainer at a local gym) and my three chilly minutes began. It was definitely cold, but time flew by as I chatted with studio owner Alia Alston, who stood just outside the machine making sure I was all right. Then, after I dressed, I did a short warm-up on a stationary bike and got ready to experience the benefits. I “cryo-ed” three times in researching this piece (starting at $50 per session). The first time I noticed a marked reduction in soreness from a particularly tough workout. The second time, friends commented how “glowy” my skin looked for days afterward (a byproduct of increased circulation). The final time I found that it helped ease a headache. I felt invigorated after each session, and I can see why it’s popular with anyone looking to push training and weight loss to the next level. n