Simply Buckhead March/April 2021

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The acquisition of a new home - or the renovation of an existing residence - is one of the most intimate and enriching creative endeavors a couple or individual can undertake. It becomes a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into personal values and aspirations, and to consider how these can manifest through aesthetic preferences for their environment. A true transformation of a house into a home involves great art – art that speaks to the heart and soul. Such works can act as the cornerstones of, or anchor, a home. For those lucky enough to live here, Atlanta is the undisputed cultural capital of the South. Buckhead is the epicenter of collecting art in this part of the country, in part because it is home to the highest concentration of prestigious galleries in this region. The Buckhead galleries are driven by owners who have devoted decades investing their time, energy, passion, intellect - and their personal resources - to advance an advocacy on behalf of artists and collectors alike. The Buckhead gallery community and its passion for art is inseparable from the long-term cultural vision for our region. For these reasons, when people consider acquiring great works of art, Buckhead should be the first place they look.

Above: Thornton Dial Boukil, Bamana Boli Below: Steven Seinberg R i g h t : To m S w a n s t o n