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Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad £89 THE MANUFACTURER SAYS This is an easy-to-use back

pad designed to help east stiffness, muscle soreness and promote healing in your horse’s back. The Back Pad incorporates four powerful VITAflex magnets. Completely flexible and protected inside a waterproof pack, these magnets can be placed where healing is needed. The magnets offer strong, circular, permanent magnetic fields of alternating pole sequences that increase tissue penetration. Size One size

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Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Quarters Pad £59 THE MANUFACTURER SAYS This pad extension attaches

simply to the Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad. It includes a 25cm powerful VITAflex magnet that can be positioned anywhere over the hindquarters, down to the stifle, to aid healing. Size One size

These pads are so easy to use – simple to put on, easy to store and don’t take up too much room. Both pads sit neatly on the horse, moulding to his contours. The magnets are moveable so you can place them over the area you want to treat. I used these pads on four different horses regularly – two with sensitive backs, one with a skin complaint, and one very highly strung gelding. Using the pad clearly made all the horses more relaxed. Each dropped their head and looked totally chilled. I was most surprised by our hot gelding who calmed down almost as soon as the pads were put on him. For the horse with the slight skin complaint, I used the pad over the top of a thin dressing after reading the instructions. Using the pad seems to have resulted in a clear improvement of the affected areas. For the polocrosse ponies this set will be invaluable – perfect to use after playing to relieve tired muscles, and for relaxation, too. The pads are versatile, you don’t have to buy the quarters pad, the back pad will work just as well on its own. However, the quarters pad is vital for me, as this area is worked very hard during polocrosse matches. I think the price is really reasonable, comparing it to magnetic rugs, which are more expensive. It suits me as it fits so many horses – there was only one small mare we couldn’t shorten the straps to fit.



Your Horse magazine - July 2010 issue  
Your Horse magazine - July 2010 issue  

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